i am never doing this colouring again it's disgusting


Finding my favourite photos from this weekend is just impossible, however a large post is due

I knew that we would all get on well because we know eachother pretty well because tumblr is a big parade of ones life but jesus, I honestly thought there would be some awkwardness but nope, none at all.

Kirsty kirstyintheskywithbutter saved me from a panic attack before we even met due to not being able to find my way out of the train station, ending up with the trams, going onto a road where a man shouted in my face and not having a clue where I was (joint with 0 sense of direction, I was pathetic). She also made me shit my pants because whilst I knew she was tall, she towered over me and it was quite scary. I held down her dress whilst she lifted my HUGE case into the car cause tbh, do I even lift?

After being rescued we finally got the apartment and I found out that where I initially stood waiting for half an hour before getting lost, was literally just around the corner from the apartment.

Maria whatmariadidnext was next and I spotted her cute little self from a mile away and she was doing this little run towards me and my heart melted, it melted again when I heard her voice. Big cuddle was due and then back to the apartment.

Aby pizzafuelledduathlete was next in her bright yellow raincoat and we went to get her just after we did a food and vodka shop, highly surprising. Long time waiting for this one, skyping and making pizza wasnt a patch on real life loves.

Natalie volumeun is more babein than I could have ever imagined and after I think almost three years of having her fabulous butt with me on tumb, and I on hers - it was amazing to get to meet her. She got a nakey cuddle with me in my towel and exclaimed about me being extremely small.

We went out for dinner and ate cheese, all you can eat meat, suffered from meat sweats, had a conversation with kirsty with my eyes as we showed eachother the fat on our meat at exactly the same time, and I asked for the entire side of fat on the gammon as kirsty sent the chips back to the kitchen in disgust.

Klaudia lovethatburn was next and she turned up in the morning before the colour run, she was all I had ever imagined and more. Her laugh made me laugh like I have never laughed in my life, no I am honestly serious when I say its YEARS before I laughed that much. Her attempt at my accent saying keto is excellent and she misses out the ‘t’ with perfection. She arrived with spinach, unsweetened almond milk, avocado and goodies.

My colour run prep was brilliant and something I am gonna do again for the 10k in two weeks. Aby is a babe and introduced me to some electrolyte fizzers, I had MCT powder with plenty of water, more water, magnesium, potassium, omega 3 and multi-vitamins. I felt like I could have run a half marathon.

Lacey justlacey is such a babe, completely what I imagined, always smiling and always being a love. I am so happy she came to do the run with us.

The run itself was more like doing intervals, purely due to having to queue through each colour but it was still SO much fun and such a great experience. I bombed to the finish line even though there seemed to be no real indicator of a finish line. Running by Maria was a dream and I was envious of her long pins against my little pistons that seem to move but get nowhere.

I got to finally meet a long term follower Leanne bublea who had a little cry on me when we finally got to hug! It wasn’t for long but it was lovely.

We all ran/jogged/sprinted back along the canal to the apartment. Aby shits all over me with sprints and her legs are absolutely amazing in general. Maria was scared of a pigeon with a manky wing, geese wanted bread but we all explained that we are keto and later fed them pastries from the balcony, one donking a goose right on the head because Abys aim is magnificent.

It was just so nice to meet such gorgeous people with such gorgeous personalities and whilst I felt like thay lazy supermodel who did nothing in the house on ANTM its just because everyone is just so sweet.

The main highlights were:
Me actually calling Kirsty, Kristy like as standard
Keto Brownie and double cream
Me accidentally photobombing Klaudias colour run photo and her scaring the shit out of me screaming EXCCCCUUUUAAAAASE ME in her accent and having a completely purple face.
Buying keto food and being surrounded by people who can talk about keto and weigh food and look at the amt of carbs on burgers etc.
Kristy cooking and being the Mother hen
Natalie eating halloumi and then realising chilli was in it
Us spending more time getting ready than going out (totally my fault)
Me getting orange dye wazzed in my eye
Butt appreciation post
Natalie and Kristy cutting through then waiting for me and Maria to ‘catch up’
Drinking cold vodka and Gin with Lemonade
Klaudias laugh
Kirsty reading out anon messages
Everyone looking sexy as fuck
Eating sausage and fried egg at 3am
Buying knickers with bunnies on in Primark with aby
Being tune forked
And Maria was a highlight to me just in her presence and geordie accent.
As were all the girls.

This shit will happen again with these girls (more photos to come).