i am near sighted

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(why 11? such an odd number)

1. I have never seen snow in real life (only pictures ;3;)

2. If you don’t already know, I have a bearded dragon named Alphys :3

3. I am near sighted and I wear glasses B^)

4. I collect rocks/gemstones (i was collecting before steven universe!)

5. LOZ link to the past is my favorite game

6. I have a sister @jazzhands966 go check her out ;)

7. I am always wearing socks

8. My favorite dinosaur is a Parasaurolophus

9. I only started doing digital art last February 

10. I found out about Undertale by watching the Game Grumps

11. I love every single one of my followers! u3u


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And whoever wants to do it


Swan Queen: The Garden (A Shattered Sight AU)

(I am aware it is nowhere near perfect, and it’s also very short, but it took a shocking amount of effort so please be nice!)