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Moving Forward

Set after the eventual future scuffle in which Darrington proves himself to be a valuable addition to the team.  LOOK I AM GRIEVING IN MY OWN WAY LET ME HAVE THIS

She plops down next to him, quivering in his freshly-sullied armor, fixing her braid and brushing debris out of it as he stares, dazed, at the bodies that lie before them.

“It was never like this when I–when we–I mean–”

“When you paid innocent men to get slaughtered so you could kill monsters to get your rocks off?”  Vex’s voice is icy, as always when directing any words at all to this flippant memoir-writing dickwad.

He lowers his head.  “I didn’t think–”

“No. You didn’t.”  Vex lets out a huff.  “You thought this was going to be a shot at glory.  Guess what, Darrington?  Lives are on the line.  Lives of people with families.  People who matter.  People who you can lose forever if you make one mistake.”

There is a pregnant pause.  “I’m sorry,” He murmurs.  “I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

More silence.

Vex glances over at the man, once full of bravado, rattled and broken beside her.  It’s pathetic.  She should leave him like that, let him marinate in his own misery, go crying home to whatever palace is filled with servants to soothe his aching wounds … 

She sighs and grits her teeth, glancing down at the word carved into Fenthras.


“Well,” she finally begins, tone brightening a bit.  “You can apologize by smoothing out that last shot I got in when Doty writes this all down.  Make it sound cool.  Maybe I hit him in the bollocks instead of grazing his shoulder.”  She glances over to read Terrion’s reaction.

He gives a shaky laugh.  “I mean I value my journalistic integrity above all else–but I think I could make an exception.”

They both smile.  Silence fills the space between them again.

It is Vex, once again, who breaks the silence.  “Terry?”


“What’s your mother’s name?”

“Alright, here’s your fortune: you’re going to live a happy life filled with a loving and caring family.”
“…I have already acquired that.”
“Aw, Cas, you sap.”



I like to imagine Drew’s first impression on the YLW team went something like this… (based off of this)

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there is a time, when I won’t make fun of Saturn (( as a cat))…..  today is not the day.


I BET YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH THIS SERIES WELL GUESS WHAT I did too so we were both wrong *dances*. Almost all of the teams in KnB have meanings behind their names: Seiho’s teammates all have names related to castles in Japan! 

I did not add this in the photoset but Coach Matsumoto’s name comes from Matsumoto Castle located in Nagano. 

Other teams are listed here:

Danny Phantom Pokemon Teams

-Danny Fenton/Phantom-

Starter: Decidueye
Haha, a halfa for a halfa, right? A Pokemon that apparently half dies when it reaches its final evolution.

- Lunatone - in reference to Danny’s love of space

- Staraptor/Swellow - dark in coloration, but not a dark type. A tie because they both have the contrasting colors and are both flying types.

- Arcanine/Houndoom - Danny loves dogs- another tie because either could fit.

- Starmie line - another space reference…it is believed that this line of Pokemon can communicate with..something up there. No one knows.

- Marowak - I can see Danny relating to this Pokemon for some reason…though they’re circumstances are similar, both know what it feels like to be left alone.

Sam Manson

Starter: Greninja
Remember who tried to save the frogs haha. Joking aside though, Greninja’s aesthetic fits Sam quite well. Especially the shiny-

- Honchkrow - A dark flying type…need I say more?

- Galvantula - A giant spider- bug/electric. Some of these are pretty obvious as you can see. Ariados would make a good candidate as well if you’re willing to trade electric for poison.

- Carnivine - A venus flytrap pokemon. Sam loves plants and…nature in general.

- Gothitelle - It’s in the name though… surprisingly, this Pokemon is not a dark type.

- Mismagius - You know I had to throw a ghost in here. A mismagius matches Sam’s aesthetic perfectly.

Tucker Foley

Starter: Salamence
Tucker was a hard one to decide for. Though, I figured he’d go for the sleek looking Pokemon. It was this guy or Emboar honestly… aesthetically, none of them match Tucker tbh.

- Magnezone - Prepare to see a few steel or electric types here. Or in this case, a mix of both. The Magnemite line as a whole would be a good Tucker fit.

- Porygon - A Pokemon that was born from a computer. Need I say more.

- Cofagrigus - Egypt anyone? It’s pretty obvious haha

- Heliolisk - Another electric type. Electric-Normal actually. An interesting combo to say the least.

- Vikavolt - A highly geometrically shaped bug type. This guy’s extra sleek and kinda fancy looking. And it’s typing fits Tucker. Plus, its preevolutions - Grubbin and Charjabug are modeled after batteries.

Just something to satiate boredom and maybe…give me ideas of my own for teams. Keep in mind, I am not a competitive Pokemon player.

Stronghold- Loki x Reader(f) x Steve   Ch.3

A/N: this chapter includes the teaser from a few weeks ago. I hope you guys enjoy this because the next chapter is going to be super angsty. 

A huge thank you to @hymnofthevalkyries for being my beta on this fic! You’re the greatest Momma V!


-Over all: emotional and mental abuse, violence, anxiety and nightmares. There will be fluff eventually, I promise :)

-For this chapter: fear of rejection, I don’t think there are any other things I need to warn you about but let me know of you see one .

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  Thor held her hand tightly as they traveled to midguard. She was thankful for his grasp, having only traveled through the bifrost once before, when she was brought to the palace. She hated the journey then and she hated it now, it made her head spin and stomach churn. However, she refused to get sick when they finally landed in a large feild somewhere in midguard. 

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maximus029  asked:

I love getting an inside look at quests from your blog. Any way you wouldn't mind going over what your day is like/how you get your ideas implemented into the game?

Thanks! I’m happy to share! This is actually a two part question, so I’m going to address the first to contextualize the second.

Here’s a typical day at the office for me:

I get in to work between 9 and 10. I can get in early if I want, as my schedule is fairly flexible, but I try not get in any later than 10. This job is intensely collaborative so it’s important I’m there when everyone else is there.

First thing I do is start up my tools. We use an editor to make changes to WoW, and we can view those changes in real time on our own personal desktop servers. Mine is called Jen’s Blanket Fort. While tools are firing up I check my emails. I get anywhere from 10-50 a day, depending on where we are in the development cycle. Most of them pertain to best practices, feedback, company events, scheduling (Outlook is my life- if it isn’t in the calendar it doesn’t exist), and general sharing between other departments within the WoW team.

Once I’ve addressed all my emails, what I do next depends heavily on where I am at in the development cycle. A quest chain goes through a number of phases before players see them, and any of these steps can be repeated in the process of iteration.

Planning- If I just received an assignment or an older assignment needs more iteration, I will spend some time planning. This usually entails writing up paper designs for my quests which give a high level overview of things like number of quests, game areas I’ll be using, which characters I’ll be leveraging (or creating) and any other important flavor notes that frame the ‘sell’ behind my chain. This is also where I indicate where I’ll be doing crazy one-off quests that may require some additional development time (see: most of Suramar). This phase can also include research, idea generation, and bouncing ideas off other people. It’s pretty nebulous when you’re done planning, but the goal is to get the folks upstairs to agree to let you build the thing. Once they agree, it’s onto the next phase.

Implementation- Making the thing. The editor we use is a robust but challenging tool. There are a hundred ways to skin a cat, they say, and that is no less true for making a quest. Implementation means turning those written plans into reality. Put creatures in, make them do stuff, write quest text, make sure you can do the quest, combine into a chain. It sounds simple but this is ultimately where I spend most of my time. If the implementation reveals problems in my plan, I go back to that phase. If the implementation gets done, I move onto the next phase.

Feedback- Once I’ve implemented a thing, I send off instructions to my team to tell them how to play through it on their client. Multiple people will play my content and send me feedback in varying levels of detail ranging from high level story feedback to the nitty gritty details of naming conventions and spawning. 

Usually we will solicit a minimum of two rounds of feedback- First is early feedback (called First Pass) in which the quest chain is playable only in the literal sense. Most of it is ‘stood up ugly’ but the extra details that make it ready for players are typically absent for the sake of time. This is where the guys upstairs get a first look at how I use the characters I do, which mechanics I create, and how everything fits together. The focus is on whether or not it is an acceptable iteration of the core concept I was asked to build.

If things are still looking wonky at this point, we can go all the way back to the planning phase or start over on our first pass. But if the feedback is relatively minor then I’ll implement it and send the content back out for second pass review. At this point a larger swath of the team usually has a look at it and I get more feedback of the ‘I liked this but not this’ variety. It’s all useful, but the goal of first pass feedback is usually aimed at standards, whereas second pass feedback is aimed at making the content ready for players.

At any point in the feedback timeframe I can go back to earlier phases. How long a chain stays in the feedback phase depends largely on its complexity, context (is it a chapter quest for a zone? The expansion? Or is it a side quest most players won’t even see?), and whether or not other things surrounding the chain don’t change. During early zone iteration for new expansions, for example, things can happen that might completely change how you approach building a chain, or the story you were trying to tell is no longer the case. This is fairly rare but does happen, which is why we make it a point to get things out for feedback as early in the development process as humanly possible. It’s called ‘avoiding the grand reveal.’

Polish- Now, we’ve been through multiple rounds of feedback (at least 2, potentially more) and we’re ready to start really dressing things up. This is where things like spell visuals, super complex spawn actions, easter eggs, and other super specific details often get put into the game. This is picking off the designer’s wish list, things that aren’t necessary for the quest chain to play well, but ultimately would be nice to have. This phase can be as short as a few days but rarely lasts more than a few weeks.

Bug Fixing- When the content gets into a stable enough state that things won’t be changing super drastically, we send our content out to quality assurance to start the testing process. We get bugs pretty constantly, so I tend to fix them as I get them instead of letting them build up. This phase will last as long as the content is out. I fixed a Legion launch Suramar bug last week, for example.

Here’s the kicker, though. I can be working on multiple pieces of content in multiple phases at the same time. I can be in the planning phase for one chain, polish for another, and bug fixing for another and that’s just a normal day. We try not to have more than one chain being created for the first time at the same time, but it’s quite common to get a thing to first pass, then move on to making the next thing while gathering feedback for the first thing.

And somewhere in there, I get lunch.

On top of creating my own content, I am very much part of a team. I’m available at my desk to soundboard ideas for other people. I frequently bounce ideas off my coworkers in return. We share each other’s work via play tests, so a good chunk of my time is playing things other people have made and providing feedback for them. Fridays are usually where a lot of play testing happens.

I also frequent the forums and wowhead to check up on things I made that the players have access to. I keep tabs on general sentiment surrounding not only my content but the game as a whole and try to keep that in mind as I make things going forward. It’s mostly the Game Director’s job to pilot the ship, but one of Blizzard’s core values is that every voice matters. If I notice something that I personally don’t like, I make myself part of the solution.

One of my favorite things to do is watch people stream my content. During the opening days of Suramar on the Beta, we had a stream up on the quest pit TV to watch.

Some days are more focused than others. Ultimately I choose what I do and when, how fast I make things, how much time I give to each step, and how much feedback I choose to respond to. A huge part of being good at this job is being humble. These people I’m working with are just as smart or smarter than I am. We’re all working toward the same goal of making an awesome experience for our players.

As for my own ideas? You learn to make each assignment your own. We all play within a specific set of rules. I could put trolls in Suramar, but ultimately it would be a tough sell and no amount of passion would convince the folks who write my paycheck to let me make it happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t get to make trolls, ever. It means I need to embrace the assignments I am given and make the most of it. Find interesting textures within them. I don’t play many elves in roleplay, but I worked on Suramar for a year.

You choose to give it your all. Choose to love the thing you’re making. Find the fun. And that is how my ideas get into the game- because they jive with what everyone else is doing.

This ended up being very long, but if you made it this far, thank you.

TL:DR- No work day is the same. I make what they tell me to make and I am dang good at it. 

carryonbydefault  asked:

Since I'm bored I'm giving random asks to accounts I follow lmao. Would you rather Simon get his magick back or Ebb be still alive?

Oh my goddddd I cannot believe that you are Sophie’s Choicing me right here in my own inbox?  MY HEART

For the record, I am 100% Team Ebb Lives over Team Magic Simon unless we’re talking about some kind of reanimated zombie corpse Ebb bc then I’d much rather see Simon have magic than see Ebb eat her own goats.

Simon getting his magic back is on the very top of my wishlist for a sequel though! The thought of Simon staying magicless forever is killing me slowly every moment of every day. 

post scriptum.

i have another blog now.
like this post and i’ll follow you?
i also have an unlimited job contract which is kind of rare in italy, especially when you’re 20, don’t have a uni degree and the only person who has that type of contract in your team is your boss. i am my own favorite life glow up. happiness and stability are real.
i hope you’re ok and i always think about you.


ファイヤーエンブレム覚醒 x ベイマックス | Fire Emblem 13 x Big Hero 6

^o^ Hearing the new FE coming out got be really excited, but I still wanted to draw BH6. So, I compromised with myself.

I didn’t ask for a single present from my parents

All I wanted was for my dad to put aside a couple of hours and draw with me

He promised

And now he’d rather watch Monday Night football than do the ONLY thing I asked of him for my birthday

I’m so upset right now


more variant covers for the pink ranger mini-series by boom! studios + a description of the plot

Kimberly has retired from the Power Rangers to pursue life as a professional gymnast, but Zordon calls her back for one last mission to defend a mountainside where a long-resting, ancient, evil Zord lies dormant. To get back into the action—and, for the first time, lead her own team—Kimberly has to dust off the rust, plus create a practical, handmade outfit in the process!


#17challenge: day 02 // favourite unit


Here are all the new gems I created! :’)

this took forever.

Something I Just Realized:

Everyone is talking about why Collins kidnapped Toby. (Personal opinion: way better than Paige.)

But anyway. Mark is obsessed with Walter, they were the smartest and all. And Collins hates all of them, but he really hates Happy.

Happy pulled Walter out of the rabbit hole. Made him see how unhealthy this behavior was, and likely is why Collins was committed in the first place. Even indirectly, Collins blames Happy for the falling out, his life with Scorpion, and more so Walter, ending.

And now that Happy has Toby, he wants to take that from her like she ‘took’ Walter from him.

Plus, Toby is extremely important to all of them, so it’ll definitely effect Walter despite how much the two seem to fight. Walter loves Toby, he’s family. There’s no denying that. Taking Toby hurts all of them, especially Happy, but all of them.

It’s a way to get back to Walter and onto the team as much as it is a revenge plot against Happy.