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Hey :) Just saw a swap au by a very talented artist (iacediai) and idk if you already know about it, but I'd loooove to read your thoughts! Have a nice day/evening/night!

Ahh! Yes! I’ve seen that post. It’s actually sitting in my drafts waiting to be queued, because I p much add things to my queue in batches of 100-200 about once a month. (Here’s a link for anyone who’s not sure what we’re talking about.)

First of all, A++ designs, I love them so very much. Loverboy Hunk and Sunshine Pidge are probably my favs, but I love them all.

I don’t have thoughts specifically about that role swap combination, but a while ago I saw pepplemint’s role-swapped!Lance art, and boy did that give me ideas. Specifically for a limited role swap AU where the only real *swap* is that Lance went to Kerberos in Shiro’s place.

  • Lance and Keith trained under Shiro after graduating from the Garrison. They were rivals, not least of all because Keith and Shiro were so obviously friends that Lance felt ignored outside of training
  • Shiro was originally supposed to pilot for the Kerberos mission but was in a car crash or something similar that injured his arm to the point he needed to have it amputated. This was, like, six months before launch, so at first the mission is just delayed–there’s no one to take Shiro’s place, and everyone at first is hoping that if the Garrison pays for the top of the line prosthetic maybe Shiro will still be able to go. (After all, they’ve already pumped so much money into this mission and into Shiro specifically.)
  • But Shiro’s recovery is slow, and PTSD + reduced dexterity mean he just can’t fly at the same level as before. So the Garrison decides they’re going to find a new pilot and have Shiro train them, since he knows better than anyone what this mission is going to require.
  • This is about the time the show would have started–one year after the original launch date. And the Garrison needs some gimmick for the media to “salvage” the mission from a PR standpoint. Shiro was literally the face of the Kerberos mission, and the public is more concerned about his recovery than the Garrison’s expedition (which is… you know, a good thing? But the Garrison cares about the publicity. They want the Kerberos mission to drive recruitment and all that.)
  • So they go to the next graduating class of fighter pilots and say, “Hey, guess what? One of you is going to be the youngest solo pilot in history, and you’re going to go farther than anyone else has ever gone. Ready? Cool. Now duke it out for your spot on this crew.”
  • (In more PR-friendly terms, obviously, but that’s the intent.)
  • Keith and Lance are the two top contenders, so both get to undergo training with Shiro. They’ll both have the full training, just in case there’s another car accident or something, and the Garrison is running it almost like a reality show, getting the public invested in the Big Question of Who’s going to pilot the mission???
  • The decision is ultimately Shiro’s, and he’s as pissed off about the spectacle of it as Keith is. (Lance, conversely, is absolutely loving the attention.) He doesn’t know what the public opinion is, and frankly, he doesn’t care. (It’s about 60-40 favoring Lance, but the Garrison bigwigs are split the opposite way, because Keith is Iverson’s golden boy the same way Shiro was–just a little less inclined to put up with bullshit.)
  • Lance is sure Shiro’s going to pick Keith. Frankly? So is Keith. Both of them are shocked when Shiro picks Lance.
  • Lance and Keith have a big fight after it’s announced, and they didn’t talk once in the last month before launch.
  • It’s now about two years later than canonverse–Lance is 20 for most of the mission, but they launch when he’s still 19, purely for the headline “Teen Pilots Landmark Mission to Kerberos”
  • The Galra still attack, and the disaster still goes down in history as pilot error.
  • Pidge didn’t have to sneak into the Garrison–she entered openly a year before the mission launched, has her own crew, and is the top communications cadet in the Garrison. She wants to wreck shit when Sam, Matt, and Lance are declared dead, but Shiro talks her down. (He stayed friends with the Holts even after he was removed from the mission, and through him Pidge knows Keith.)
  • So Pidge takes a week or two off from classes to grieve and to talk with Keith, both of them stoking the flames of their anger. Pidge doesn’t buy the official story and when she returns to classes she starts hacking the Garrison computers–secretly–looking for the truth.
  • Keith, in contrast, fully believes Lance was at fault and blames him for killing Pidge’s family. He doesn’t think any of them survived, and he has no outlet for his anger, so he starts going on long flights into the desert–which is where he stumbles upon the Blue Lion’s cave.
  • Hunk graduated along with Keith and Lance, having been Lance’s engineer as in canon. He spent the year/year and a half after graduation working on Garrison ships, but when Lance “dies” he quits and opens a restaurant/gets a job as head chef at a restaurant instead. He can’t stand working at the place that reminds him of his best friend.
  • Shiro is a regular patron at Hunk’s restaurant, and the two are pretty good friends, all things considered. He knows Pidge and Keith distantly–Keith mostly as “Lance’s rival who’s actually a pretty cool guy” and Pidge as “Shiro’s friend who’s always on her computer looking at technical diagrams.”
  • Pidge and Keith both wind up at the crash site in the desert as they do in canon. Lance has visible scars and a white streak in his hair, but he has a cybernetic eye and maybe a prosthetic leg, too, instead of the arm Shiro has. Keith and Pidge break Lance out mostly to get answers about the Holts, and once they have him, they kind of panic because, hello, they’re now fugitives.
  • Keith calls Shiro and tells him exactly nothing except that Lance is at their shack in the desert. Shiro was at Hunk’s restaurant when he got the call, and Hunk overhears. He rips off his apron and demands that Shiro bring him along, so the five of them are once more all together in the Blue Lion’s cave when she chooses Shiro.
  • Shiro still kind of thinks of himself as Lance’s mentor and it takes a while for them to get used to the changes. Because Shiro is still happy and mostly healthy and he wants to protect the younger paladins, Lance especially, but he can’t deny that Lance is far more suited to protecting the rest of them. He knows the enemy, he has practice fighting, he’s a scary good sniper and just as deadly in the heat of battle. Lance ultimately becomes the team’s leader, while Shiro acts as their emotional support.
  • There’s also friction among the younger paladins–a much deeper rooted conflict between Keith and Lance than in the show, and Pidge’s festering resentment about the Kerberos mission (she knows it’s not Lance’s fault, but she and Keith fueled each other, so she can’t quite let it go). Hunk is 100% on Team Lance, so he initially doesn’t get along well with Keith or Pidge, and Lance just isn’t interested in repairing bridges other people burned for him. It falls to Shiro to play peacemaker and get them all on the same page.

And yeah, idk where the plot goes from there except more or less the same way canon goes, but there’s lots of angst. ^.^’

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glads and Guzman finding out their s/o owns a flower shop?

this speaks to my soul tbh,, i love those flower shop aus! plus plants and humid places together smell, just so so good nice ask top tier ask! thank u!

Flower Boys


- Is kind of in awe at his S/O having something so secure and something they worked for actually like work

- Is 100% the kind of boyfriend who comes in and starts asking what every flower and plant means because, what else would his S/O know

- turns out they don’t work the front desk and informational stuff as much as they raise and prep the plants - they always smell like earth and fresh air, and he’s surprised and noticeably pleased when he’s led back to the greenhouses that their work just smells like them 

- probably spends a lot of time with his S/O in the greenhouses, tending to the flowers and bulbs, just idly chatting while gardening. It’s cathartic and such a safe place to be that literally he forgets about everything for while, for once.

- he ends up buying the Gardening Gear, not quite overall’s and a straw hat level but he’s got the apron, visor, a pair of sturdy gloves with a whole set of professional level tools for gardening

- “u don’t even work here,,,”

- shhhh concerned coworker, let the man be happy and garden with his S/O, who is ur boss anyway shhh


- He probably finds out through the gang tbh, and is probably a little annoyed that nobody told him for this long. if it  were a recent development, that’d b one thing, but a flower shop doesn’t just pop out of nowhere and fall into your lap.

- wanted to send the grunts in as recon but literally, they’re always over there anyway, and the mansion is filled with flower and plants now - it’s a fucking menace bc if you trip over one of those plants, there will be a tussle depending on how much the grunt it belongs to loves it (plot twist!! they are just full of fucking love for these plants!!!)

- Guzma decides to actually visit your shop after bringing it up one day with you and when he comes by, the shop is empty and looks like a warehouse with some flowers placed around it and he’s like???

- turns out! the gang had bought a decent amount of plants, but the foot traffic had been attracting a bunch of people too! and his S/O, foolishly, thinks he put the crew up to it and of course this asshole is like ‘yes. of course. what else would a good boyfriend with a gang do.’ 

- He buys a bunch of prickly cacti that weren’t the typical beauty standard (browned segments, atypical shape) and uses them to brighten up his room at the mansion and he names them after his favorite things about his S/O

- the loiter boyfriend who his S/O has to shoo away bc he scares the customers, but at lunch breaks they just gossip and flirt over the counter with each other

- the guy who probably gets mad when people bring in sick plants that He Knows they bought from his S/O, like how dare?? they not take care of this thing???


i love one (1) team 🏎 ❤️

there is a time, when I won’t make fun of Saturn (( as a cat))…..  today is not the day.

“Alright, here’s your fortune: you’re going to live a happy life filled with a loving and caring family.”
“…I have already acquired that.”
“Aw, Cas, you sap.”


Moving Forward

Set after the eventual future scuffle in which Darrington proves himself to be a valuable addition to the team.  LOOK I AM GRIEVING IN MY OWN WAY LET ME HAVE THIS

She plops down next to him, quivering in his freshly-sullied armor, fixing her braid and brushing debris out of it as he stares, dazed, at the bodies that lie before them.

“It was never like this when I–when we–I mean–”

“When you paid innocent men to get slaughtered so you could kill monsters to get your rocks off?”  Vex’s voice is icy, as always when directing any words at all to this flippant memoir-writing dickwad.

He lowers his head.  “I didn’t think–”

“No. You didn’t.”  Vex lets out a huff.  “You thought this was going to be a shot at glory.  Guess what, Darrington?  Lives are on the line.  Lives of people with families.  People who matter.  People who you can lose forever if you make one mistake.”

There is a pregnant pause.  “I’m sorry,” He murmurs.  “I didn’t… I’m sorry.”

More silence.

Vex glances over at the man, once full of bravado, rattled and broken beside her.  It’s pathetic.  She should leave him like that, let him marinate in his own misery, go crying home to whatever palace is filled with servants to soothe his aching wounds … 

She sighs and grits her teeth, glancing down at the word carved into Fenthras.


“Well,” she finally begins, tone brightening a bit.  “You can apologize by smoothing out that last shot I got in when Doty writes this all down.  Make it sound cool.  Maybe I hit him in the bollocks instead of grazing his shoulder.”  She glances over to read Terrion’s reaction.

He gives a shaky laugh.  “I mean I value my journalistic integrity above all else–but I think I could make an exception.”

They both smile.  Silence fills the space between them again.

It is Vex, once again, who breaks the silence.  “Terry?”


“What’s your mother’s name?”


I BET YOU THOUGHT I WAS DONE WITH THIS SERIES WELL GUESS WHAT I did too so we were both wrong *dances*. Almost all of the teams in KnB have meanings behind their names: Seiho’s teammates all have names related to castles in Japan! 

I did not add this in the photoset but Coach Matsumoto’s name comes from Matsumoto Castle located in Nagano. 

Other teams are listed here:

Here I was, right, minding my own damn business, sorting all the stacked-up mail… ignoring my bills… not unpacking my bags… ordering pizza instead… y’know, normal shit, when I get a notification on my phone from Twitter, tellin’ me that Kehlani’s come out with a new fiyah track. Now, my whole day’s thrown for a loop; because all that shit I was meant to be doing but wasn’t, will remain undone, because I have to cry over how amazing this song is. Also, I’ve missed the food trucks in The Village. And you guys, too… I guess… so… did you miss me?


I like to imagine Drew’s first impression on the YLW team went something like this… (based off of this)

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Anthony Trujillo - Vegas (pt. 2)

Six months passed.  Six months before anybody in the house caught on to the fact that you were pregnant.  The first one to mention it was the one, the only, Nicholas Crompton.

“Wow,” he said, “You guys are really taking the pregnancy joke seriously.  Moving with time and everything.”

You sighed and rolled your eyes.  “Nick, it is not a joke!”

“What’s not a joke?” Jake asked as he walked into the office.

You paused.  “Jake, can you call everyone in here?  I need to make an announcement.”  You and Anthony had planned how you were going to tell everyone.  You hadn’t picked a date to tell them yet, but no better time like the present.  You had everything you needed already set up secretly in the office.  

Soon, everyone piled into the office.  Some sat on chairs, some stood, and some sat on desks. 

“Is everything okay?” Erika asked, looking at you from her spot on Jake’s lap.

You took a deep breath.  “I have an announcement to make.”  You walked over to where you and Anthony had set up a banner to fall, and pulled a hidden string to reveal the words It’s A Boy!

Kade immediately shot up from his seat.  “You’re pregnant?”

You nodded, smiling.  “Six months along.”

His eyes widened, and he ran over to you.  “I’m gonna finally be an uncle!” he said excitedly, giving you a hug.

You smiled and hugged him back as everyone began to clap, and Anthony stood up beside you.  

“But that’s not it,” you said.  This next part, you hadn’t told Anthony about.  You’d decided it on your own.  “One month before my due date, I am leaving Team Ten.  This is not a good environment to have a child in.  Anthony is staying in the house, but he’ll hopefully be coming to see me very often.  All of you are welcome to, as long as you don’t bring a ruckus with you.”

Jake looked at you with wide eyes.  “You’re leaving Team Ten?  Because of a baby?  Tatum and Oakley are here all the time!”

You sighed.  “They’re not here when you’re cutting holes in the wall with a power saw or waking everyone up with your dirt bike.  This isn’t a good environment for a baby, and I refuse to make you guys stop having fun just for a baby.”

Anthony looked at you.  “You never told me this.”

You looked at your stomach.  “Because I knew you’d convince me not to. I’m already looking at an apartment, I’m about to buy it.”

He shook his head.  “I’m not going to tell you to stay.  I’m going to ask to go with you.  I can come hang out here and live with you and the baby, because it’s my baby too.”

You shook your head.  “I can’t be the thing to break up Chance and Anthony.  You love that channel-”

“I also love you.  More than the channel.”

You put your hand on his shoulder.  “I have to quit everything to become a mother.  I have to quit Team Ten, I have to quit YouTube, hell I don’t even know how I’m going to financially support myself.  I can’t bring you into that life with me.”

He shook his head.  “You don’t have to quit any of those things.  Just come by with the baby every now and then, you can still be on Team Ten.  Make videos that are less loud and rowdy.  Being on Team Ten and uploading to YouTube will financially support us.  I never said I’d quit my channel if we moved out.”

You put your hands on his shoulders.  There were tears in your eyes as you looked into his.  “I can’t do these things to you, Anthony.  This chapter of my life is over.  The part where I’m having fun, doing crazy shit every day, that’s over.  I have to find a stable job, and raise the baby normally.  I can’t make you give up everything, too.”

“y/n, we’re married!  Everyone else in this room that is married is jokingly married.  We got legit married.  Legally married.”

You nodded slowly.  “We’ll go to the courthouse tomorrow to file for divorce.”

Jake stood up.  “Stop, stop!  y/n listen to yourself!  You have a loving husband who actually wants to give up everything for you and your baby.”

“I can’t ask him to give up his best friends.”

“There’s plenty of people on Team Ten who don’t live here.  Nobody said Anthony’s channel will be any different.”

Chance nodded his head slowly.  “Yeah.  I think you should take Tony.  You can’t leave your baby without a father just for YouTube.  That isn’t fair to any of you, or the Chanthions.”

You looked around the room at everyone nodding in agreement, then let out a sigh of defeat.  You looked at Anthony and hugged him.  “We’ll go check out the apartment I was going to buy, see if you like it.  You better still do YouTube, because I won’t be able to.”

Anthony nodded and hugged you tightly.  “I will, I promise.”

You took a deep breath, then let out a light laugh.  “Look at where a week in Vegas landed us.”

He smiled and nodded in agreement.  “Married with a little boy on the way.”

I’m gonna start putting whether requests are open or closed on every imagine.  I have said SEVERAL TIMES on both wattpad and tumblr that requests are closed, and I’ve gotten four just today.  I have 20 in my queue.  I won’t accept more until I do those 20


Also I know this probably isn’t what you guys imagined for a part two to this but really it’s all I could come up with

Danny Phantom Pokemon Teams

-Danny Fenton/Phantom-

Starter: Decidueye
Haha, a halfa for a halfa, right? A Pokemon that apparently half dies when it reaches its final evolution.

- Lunatone - in reference to Danny’s love of space

- Staraptor/Swellow - dark in coloration, but not a dark type. A tie because they both have the contrasting colors and are both flying types.

- Arcanine/Houndoom - Danny loves dogs- another tie because either could fit.

- Starmie line - another space reference…it is believed that this line of Pokemon can communicate with..something up there. No one knows.

- Marowak - I can see Danny relating to this Pokemon for some reason…though they’re circumstances are similar, both know what it feels like to be left alone.

Sam Manson

Starter: Greninja
Remember who tried to save the frogs haha. Joking aside though, Greninja’s aesthetic fits Sam quite well. Especially the shiny-

- Honchkrow - A dark flying type…need I say more?

- Galvantula - A giant spider- bug/electric. Some of these are pretty obvious as you can see. Ariados would make a good candidate as well if you’re willing to trade electric for poison.

- Carnivine - A venus flytrap pokemon. Sam loves plants and…nature in general.

- Gothitelle - It’s in the name though… surprisingly, this Pokemon is not a dark type.

- Mismagius - You know I had to throw a ghost in here. A mismagius matches Sam’s aesthetic perfectly.

Tucker Foley

Starter: Salamence
Tucker was a hard one to decide for. Though, I figured he’d go for the sleek looking Pokemon. It was this guy or Emboar honestly… aesthetically, none of them match Tucker tbh.

- Magnezone - Prepare to see a few steel or electric types here. Or in this case, a mix of both. The Magnemite line as a whole would be a good Tucker fit.

- Porygon - A Pokemon that was born from a computer. Need I say more.

- Cofagrigus - Egypt anyone? It’s pretty obvious haha

- Heliolisk - Another electric type. Electric-Normal actually. An interesting combo to say the least.

- Vikavolt - A highly geometrically shaped bug type. This guy’s extra sleek and kinda fancy looking. And it’s typing fits Tucker. Plus, its preevolutions - Grubbin and Charjabug are modeled after batteries.

Just something to satiate boredom and maybe…give me ideas of my own for teams. Keep in mind, I am not a competitive Pokemon player.


Summary: You have a kid who is a lot like you. He tells everyone what is on his mind, especially a certain metal armed soldier. 


Author’s Note: This is just something I wrote when I got down. 

Y/S/N: Your Son’s Name.

Y/S/F/N: Your Son’s Full Name. 

Originally posted by sebastianobrien

You were in your apartment dozing off when you felt a heavy weight on your legs that made you jolt from your dream state. 

“MOMMY GET UP!” Y/S/N was jumping up and down on your bed after you lifted him from your now sore legs and sat him on the middle of the bed. 

“I’m up, I’m up!” You blinked the sleep away as you found the strength to get out of your beloved warm bed at your sons request. You waddled to the bathroom to get ready for the day. Y/S/N brushed his teeth with you as he made goofy faces at himself in the mirror while you danced to some music blasting from your phone. You brushed your hair out of all the knots it made while you were peacefully sleeping and you finally caught Y/S/N so you could do the same. 

“Got you, you little booger!” You wrapped your arms under his armpits as you picked him up and placed him on the bathroom counter. You got him to stop struggling with your mommy stare. You lightly placed your hand on his scalp as you brushed out his unnatural large knots. 

“Can I go with you to work mommy?” Y/S/N asked very quietly as he looked into your eyes with such hope. You sighed as you thought it was time for him to see the rest of the team. Some of your friends knew you had a son but they never met him. 

“Yes but you have to behave.” You caved into your sons puppy dog eyes. At your answer he jumped from the counter and started to whirled his arms around along with his legs, he looked like he was being chased by a swarm of bees. You adored his dance as he got so excited to met the Avengers. 

“Alright love bug, you ready to met your family?” You stood straight up and mocked a soldier standing at attention. He giggled but followed your lead as he mocked a lousy salute and a ‘yes ma’am!’ followed soon after. He ran into his room and backed a bag in case he needed it or in case you allowed him to stay the night. You didn’t have the father in your life considering he was a one night stand. You didn’t have any family besides the Avengers. 

You packed a bag as well. Your son was three years old and he always got himself dirty somehow, even in the cleanest place. You packed almost a weeks worth of clothes, some food you knew he loved, some action figures and anything else you needed. You and your son walked hand in hand down the street, the tower wasn’t that far away. It was about ten minutes that you arrived into the entrance and F.R.I.D.A.Y. happily greeted you as you stepped in the elevator. 

“Would you ask the team I request their presence in the lounge area, please?” You spoke to F.R.I.D.A.Y. as your son was wondering were the voice was coming from. He jumped on the balls of his feet as he couldn’t contain his excitement. While you couldn’t contain your fear, you didn’t want him to met them due to the danger and what if they didn’t like him? The elevator doors opened and you decided that there wasn’t any turning back now. 

You entered the lounge and kitchen area with your sons hand clutched in yours. He made oo’s and aaaah’s as he noticed everything was very clean and techno. You didn’t take your eyes off of him as you watched his reaction, it was very adorable. It didn’t take long before you were on the couch of the lounge area with Y/S/N sitting right beside you, asking where everyone was. 

“Y/N!” Everyone rushed in all at once and suddenly you became more aware of how silly you were to hide your child from your family. They went to see you fully when a little replica of you sat holding on to your arm for dear life caught their eye. They all toned it down and sat in their usual spots so you can introduce them one by one. 

“Y/S/N this your Aunt Wanda.” You made a notion for Wanda to come forward. She kneeled down in front of your son as he looked at her with those big blue eyes you loved so much. She showed him her power by waving her hand and making his favorite animal appear in a red like smoke. He was mesmerized by her ability and mumbled a ‘wicked.’ That’s how you introduced everyone to your son. One by one, you would tell him who they were and what they can do. They politely gave him some space and they took it slow knowing this is a lot to take in. Everyone was introduced except for Bucky, he must be on a mission. You wanted to introduce him mainly to Bucky since you had feelings for frosty since he arrived. Okay, you were madly and deeply in love with the soldier but no one knew that.

“Mommy, are they going to leave us like my daddy did?” Your son began to get sad as he began to fall in love with his new family. At his question you gave him a small smile as you petted his Y/H/C. 

“Of course not baby boy.” You smiled brightly as he mirrored the same smile. 

“What the he-” 

“BUCKY! HEY!” Steve luckily cut him off before he ruined the small child’s mouth. 

“Mommy he cusses like you do!” You sighed as you chuckled at your child’s bluntness. You nodded as he removed himself from your lap and ran to grab Buckys hand. He started to pull him towards your direction but he failed badly at trying to move the brick wall. 

“Uncle Steve help me!” He called for the other super soldier who just laughed and nodded as he did as your son requested. Before Steve could grab Bucky’s other hand, Bucky gave him a ‘don’t you fucking dare.’ glare. He let the child pull him towards the couch you were currently sitting on. Bucky dropped his weight onto the couch which caused you to bounce a little. As Bucky sat beside the other armrest, your son climbed in the middle of you too. 

“Mommy aren’t you going to tell me who this is?” Y/S/N tilted his head, looking at you like you were an alien. Behind your son you can see Bucky furrow his eyebrows deeply as he looked at the back of your child’s head. 

“This is Bucky. Bucky this is Y/S/N.” You introduced the two boys to each other as your son turned to Bucky. 

“You are the Winter Soldier, right?!” Y/S/N was so close to the assassin that he could easily place himself in his lap. Bucky looked at the child with wide eyes as he began to nod. Your son smiled so big, it had to hurt his small face. You chuckled at his starstruck trance. 

“You’re my favorite and you’re my mommy’s favorite too.” At your son’s statement the team feigned hurt on their faces but then smirked at the child’s confession that you made to your son. 

“Y/S/N..” You warned your son to behave but he didn’t listen. 

“My mommy always tells me that your an angel but you went to war and you had your wings taken from you. She said that bad men hurt you and you fell from grace but you are still good. She said all the scars you have are from the demons and that you fought them to protect everyone and you are the best superhero! She also tells Y/F/N that she’ll die if you don’t ask her out soon. Please go out with my mommy!” Everything he told Bucky was the truth but your son has obviously been eavesdropping on your conversations. 

“Y/S/F/N!” You grabbed him from the soldiers personal space and sat him in your lap hopefully where he can’t embarrass you any longer. Y/S/N huffed as he relaxed in your lap, deciding that struggling won’t do anything. The whole room was silent until your little blunt demon spoke again. 

“Bucky.” Your son got his attention and he turned his head to look at the toddler in your arms with a questionable look. “My mommy says she thinks your metal arm is sexy.” Your eyes went wide as did the whole teams did too. You sighed as you remembered the conversation you had with Y/F/N about Bucky and his arm, you had just put Y/S/N to bed or at least you thought you did. You released your son from your grip, it would only get worse if you trapped him in your hold. The team decided they’ll spend time with you and Y/S/N later as they made their grand escape. 

 “You are so grounded.” You were massaging your temples as you found it hard to believe that he said that. 


“But Y/S/NNNNNNN.” At your imitation, your son pouted as he crawled into Bucky’s lap and stuck his tongue out at you. Bucky became very amused with the situation and began to wrap his arms around Y/S/N’s waist and stick his tongue out to you with him. 

“Okay I am hurt that my own son and my team mate ganged up on me.” You didn’t realize that the team left you three alone until you heard your voice echo.

“Oh come on Y/N.” Bucky’s smooth voice made you turn the other cheek. 

“Moooooommy.” Your son whined your name as you continued to not look at the soldier or your toddler. You shook your head at your sons weak attempt to get your attention. 

“Hey Bucky you want to know all the other things my mommy says about you? She says that she lo-” You scooped your son up from the soldiers lap and made your way to your guest apartment here. 

“BUCKY AVENGE ME!” Y/S/N dramatized a death scene as he pretend he was dying. Bucky laughed as he followed in pursuit. 

“I told you to behave and you spill all my secretes.” You tucked your son in your queen sized bed as you explained why he was in this situation. He huffed and whined that he had to go to bed early but he eventually went straight to sleep. You sighed as you shut the bedroom door, finding Bucky looking through your photo’s on your wall. Rarely did anyone come in your room, even if you weren’t here. 

“Hey doll.” Bucky heard you coming closer as he examined the photos of you in college with your friends. He smiled a loopy sized grin that made you weak in the knees and warm in the stomach. 

“Hey Bucky, look I’m sorry about Y/S/N. He can be a little blunt.”

“I guess he takes after his mom then?” Bucky chuckled at the memory of you telling someone that they looked like a hooker with that much makeup on, it was one of your friends. 

“Hmm.” You hummed in agreement as you rubbed your palms nervously at the awkward tension in the room. You glanced at the soldier who didn’t wander his eyes from you. 

“Doll, would you and Y/S/N like to go to lunch tomorrow?” Bucky wrapped his arm around your waist as he spoke. You were flushed against him as you nodded at his question, you had pint tinted cheeks and you grinned like an idiot.

“Good, now get some sleep doll.” He kissed my forehead as I wrapped my arms around his waist and giggled like a school girl.  You nodded with a smile as he pulled away from your forehead. He chuckled and went to leave when your son’s voice made you both jump. 

“Can we have grilled cheese for lunch tomorrow? That’s the only way I’m going. Mommy likes your grilled cheese anyway.” Your son was at the bedroom doorway as he rubbed his eyes with his right hand and held his blanket in his left hand. You jutted your help out as you gave him your mom glare. He straightened up and rushed into the bed he was in before he caught you two in a cute moment. 

You both laughed at your sons behavior as Bucky made his way to the door to leave. You shyly gave him a goodnight kiss on his cheek and closed the door to get some well deserved rest for tomorrow. You snuggled up to your son as you dreamed about what tomorrow will hold when your son turned in your hold and had a wide grin plastered on his face. 

“You’re welcome Mommy.” 

“Hmm? For what?”

“Giving you a new Daddy for me.”


ファイヤーエンブレム覚醒 x ベイマックス | Fire Emblem 13 x Big Hero 6

^o^ Hearing the new FE coming out got be really excited, but I still wanted to draw BH6. So, I compromised with myself.


more variant covers for the pink ranger mini-series by boom! studios + a description of the plot

Kimberly has retired from the Power Rangers to pursue life as a professional gymnast, but Zordon calls her back for one last mission to defend a mountainside where a long-resting, ancient, evil Zord lies dormant. To get back into the action—and, for the first time, lead her own team—Kimberly has to dust off the rust, plus create a practical, handmade outfit in the process!