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I get so discouraged sometimes. I look at pics of myself and think “god I am still so fat! What is wrong with me”. I feel like the most unattractive and most plain woman that has walked the planet. I am working so hard to change that inner voice but it is difficult. Super difficult

What helps me sometimes is seeing how far I have come. Not just with my weightloss but even my confidence. Yes even though I still beat myself up… I am in so much better of a place now.

Working everyday to feel lovely and worthy of love. Baby steps


A lone Pacifica, and then a few Reverse Falls AU Pacificas.

I am unsure what clothes she’d wear in the AU so I just kind of went with gaudy 90′s clothes. ( and one outfit that is pretty much just like canon Dipper’s, and tbh I like that one the most )

Ideal relationship

Id love to say “I’m not that complicated” but who am i kidding? The reason i am complicated though, is because of everything i have been through, i deserve to be complicated and it was necessary to raise my standards. I’ve settled for less than I deserve once and i never want to make the same mistake again. First off, you can look at other girls, soak in the beauty but don’t let me see, and when your with me make me feel like its ME who is the most beautiful girl. Don’t give up that easily, if you give up i give up. Make me a better person, tell me when I’m wrong in a sincere way, and kiss me when I’m right. Deal with my morning “look” and my restless sleeping. Be patient with my insecurities, god knows i have a shit ton of them. Let me be right sometimes, i do admit when i am wrong. Send me cute texts and surprise me on random occasions. Meet me half way. Help me focus on my priorities and my school work and motivate me to be healthy and active. Don’t call me clingy just because i want to wrap my arms and legs around you, embrace me also. Don’t make me feel like i am in a competition with anyone. Don’t tell me what to do, instead give me suggestions and reasonings behind your thoughts. Mostly, let me in, and i will let you in, do not make me regret it and do not break my heart. It is extremely fragile to begin with. Kiss me (with tongue) and rub my back. Let me take my naps on you and don’t get grossed out when i get up and left a little drool on you. Travel with me, encourage me, accept my family and accept my flaws. Listen to me talk about endless possibilities of space and the world. Be mine. Don’t make my worried heart worry anymore than it already does. Don’t fix me, let me be, just love me for every little imperfect flaw that make me me.

Three’s Company, Too.

Ah! Can you do one where reid or Morgan(I don’t know which would be better)are showering and they pull the reader in with them and they have very passionate smutty sex. I don’t need it right away cause I know you’re busy but I’m very excited! Thanks!

Yes, I most certainly can, though I am going to switch it around just a bit, but I think you will enjoy it.  I know there was a nonniepot sometime ago that requested another relationship like this, so this is for you as well!  @lipstickchick007 and @cherrywhisp…here it is, comin’ ‘atcha!

Knocking on Morgan’s apartment door, you shuffle from foot to foot as you hear scurried footsteps behind the door.

You had gotten several text messages, all with scrambled letters, and you knew something was wrong.

After all, Morgan never messaged you unless it had to do with Reid.

Hearing a crash as your head whips up from the ground, you draw your weapon and raise your foot up, thrusting it out as you scream.


Tumbling to the floor as the door whips open, you face-plant in to the middle of Morgan’s house, scrambling to your feet as you hold your nose, the blood pouring in to your hand.

“Y/L/N!” Morgan roars, helping you off of the ground as the blood from your nose drips down your arm, “Holy shit, hold on.”

As Spencer takes your elbows and ushers you to the couch, he holsters your side arm for you as Morgan comes back with a cool, wet washcloth.

“Here,” he says as he removes your hand, wiping it off as Spencer presses a tissue softly to your nose.

“What the hell, guys!?” you manage to get out, involuntary tears streaming down your face as your eyes dart from Morgan to Spencer.

It was only then that you realized that Morgan was shirtless and Spencer didn’t have pants.

“What the hell?” you asked, your voice a bit more confused as you furrow your eyebrows together.

“What are you doing here?” Reid asks, glancing hesitantly at Morgan as his eyes lock on you.

“Morgan sent me a slew of messages with random letters.  I thought that he was in trouble!”

As Morgan scrambles for his phone, he finally feels in his back pocket as he groans, pulling his phone out and looking at the screen, viewing the dozen or so text messages Spencer’s hand had sent while groping his behind.

“Shit,” Morgan mutters.

“So you guys are alright!?” you ask, your eyes worried as you stand from the couch, your nose throbbing but not longer bleeding.

“Yeah, yeah we are alright,” Spencer says.

“So, what gives with the messages?” you ask as you look over at Morgan, ushering to his phone as he slowly glances back up at you.

“Uh…it’s a long story.  Sort of,” he says.

“Well, I don’t really have time,” you say, glancing down at your blood-stained shirt as you pull it back, realizing that blood from your nose had also trickled on to your chest.

“Fuck,” you groan, rolling your eyes as you wince at the pain in your nose.

“Here, you can take a shower,” Spencer says, ushering you towards the bathroom door, “And I’ll get you a new shirt to wear.”

“Guys, I can just go home and-”

But you couldn’t finish your sentence before they shoved you into Morgan’s fairly luxurious bathroom, your feet stumbling on the tile floor as the door shuts behind you.

“What are we going to tell her?” Morgan harshly whispers.

“I mean, she’s here, we might as well tell her now,” Spencer murmurs.

“But what if she thinks we’re freaks!” Morgan yelps.

Furrowing your brow as your jaw drops to the floor, you begin to take your clothes off as you kick them to the side, continuing to eavesdrop on their conversation as they continue talking down the hallway.

“I mean, maybe it’s a sign that she’s here,” Spencer says plainly.

“What sign!?  You mean the sign you created when your groping hands butt-messaged our crush!”


Pressing your ear to the door as you try to steady your breathing, you hear one of them take a deep breath and sigh.

“Just let her clean up.  We might as well come clean with her,” Spencer says plainly.

You never envisioned Spencer to be the one to reason with Morgan.

Searching for a towel, you put the pieces of the puzzle together as you wrap it around your body and open the door, stepping out in to the hallway.

As the guys whip their heads towards the opening door, their eyes widen as they watch your scantily clad body step out in to the hallway.

Locking eyes with both of them, Spencer’s face flushing and Morgan’s back straightening, you smile weakly as you wince, another pain ricocheting through your nose.

“It all makes sense now,” you finally say.

“What does…?” Morgan trails off.

“The little things.  You know, like the mysterious flowers on my desk sometimes, and the random cups of coffee Spencer magically knows that I need after huffing to you about how I wished I would have had more caffeine that morning.  The constant checking up on me from you two and the random drop-off of Morgan talking about his weeknight conquests.”

Looking between the two of them as they eye each other, they slowly look back at you as Spencer steps forward.

“So…what conclusion have you drawn?” he asks plainly.

You noticed Morgan’s breathing pick up from the rise and fall of his chest.

“I know that the two of you are pretty friendly with each other, and it’s very convenient that you two are always rooming together.  Plus, I caught you guys kissing a couple of months ago when I ran by your room.  The door was propped open slightly, and I was trying to find the ice machine.”

“So that’s who passed by,” Morgan mutters.

“But I also know that, while the two of you have been together, Morgan has still had conquests and Spencer has still attempted to date,” you add.

“Which means that the two of you, while with each other, are dating others as well.”

Watching them eye you closely, your lips crook in to a smile as you finish your thought process.

“I’m going to take a shower,” you thumb behind you, “And if you guys want to join, then that is fine.  I’ll take it as an apology for possibly breaking my nose…” you trail off as you wince again, “…and i’ll also take it as a sign that the two of you will be taking me to dinner tomorrow night.”

And with that, you walked back in to the bathroom and left the door ajar, dropping the towel to your feet and striking up the shower as Morgan and Spencer look at each other, a light smile crossing their faces.


Running your fingers through your hair as you wash the conditioner from your roots, you sigh as you turn your back towards the falling water, the warm water relaxing the knots in your back as you close your eyes.

And then you hear the bathroom door creak open.

Without a sound between the three of you, you hear clothes and belt buckles drop to the tile floor, followed by the sound of the shower door slowly swinging open.

Keeping your eyes closed as you hear them step in, you feel who you think is Spencer brush by you, his body pressing against your back as Morgan reaches out for your hands.

“Will you go out on a date with us?” you hear Derek ask.

Keeping your eyes closed as you smile, you feel Spencer lightly press his lips to the nape of your neck as you sigh lightly, Morgan’s other hand slowly trailing from your cheek down to your collarbone and fiddling with the dip in your shoulder ever so lightly.

“I would love to,” you breathe, the warm water bathing your erect nipples in heat as you open your eyes, finding Morgan smiling as he takes another step towards you.

With no words exchanged between either of you, you watch him dip lower as he presses his lips to yours, shivering as Spencer’s hands roam down your back as he slowly wraps his long around around your waist.

Deepening Morgan’s kiss as Spencer latches on to your neck, he sucks your pulse point between his lips as he rakes his teeth across it, your moan swallowed by Derek’s luscious lips as your legs begin to shake.

You didn’t even care about the pain in your nose anymore.

As Spencer’s arms trail up your torso, he slowly finds your breasts as he kneads them slowly with his soft hands, his fingertips tracing the outline of your nipples as you raise your arms, right arm hooking around Spencer’s head as your left hooks around Derek’s neck.

Feeling Derek let go of your lips, you groan in frustration as he trails down the other side of your neck, peppering your skin with kisses as you lob your head back, Spencer coming around the side with yet another kiss.

“Beautiful,” you hear Derek murmur lowly, his hands roaming your entire torso as he slowly steps to your left, leaving room for Spencer to snake around to the front.

As Morgan dips his hands down to your ass cheeks, his strong hands enveloping both of them as he squeezes, you squeak lightly as they both chuckle, their warm breath sending shivers down to your core.

“Incredible,” Spencer sighs, his breath entangling with yours as his tongue works heavily across the roof of your mouth, your teeth clattering together desperately as one hand wraps around your waist while the other dips down and finds your right thigh.

Hiking it up and wrapping your leg around Spencer, Derek helps you with your other leg as he presses his chest in to your back, trapping you in between the two of them as their lips ravage your body, Morgan flicking his tongue in to every crevice of your body while Spencer spent time, marking every space he found that made you jump.

Your body was overloaded with ecstasy.

Throwing your head back as your quick gasps turn to heavy pants, you hear the water slowly dwindling down as it shuts off, your eyes opening as you look up at Spencer’s dripping wet face.

“Hang on,” he murmurs as Derek slides beside you, throwing the shower door open as he steps out.

Wrapping your arms around Spencer’s neck, he walks behind Morgan as the three of you traipse in to Morgan’s bedroom, the bed coming in to view as Spencer slowly lays your soaking wet body down on to the mattress.

As you close your eyes again, feeling Spencer’s head dip down your torso, you feel a second set of hands spread your legs as Spencer’s nose nuzzles your soaking wet lips.

As he places a light kiss on your outer layer, you find yourself jumping at the sensation as Morgan chuckles lowly, his hands slowly lifting you up as he settles your head in his lap, his fingers running themselves through your hair.

“What should we do with this?” Spencer asks coyly, looking up at Morgan as you whip your eyes open.

“I think she needs a little lovin’, don’t you think?” he says back, mockery in his tone as you begin to whimper.

“Awwww, Spencer…we aren’t being very nice,” Morgan says, dipping down and kissing your forehead lightly.

“I suppose we should give her a little treat,” Spencer replies, his eyes darkening as you cast your gaze down to him.

“Please,” you breathlessly beg, your hip bucking towards him as his eyebrows arch themselves in the air.

“Well since you asked nicely…” he trails off as you watch him dip his head down.

Feeling his tongue part your pussy lips, you moan out lightly as you drop your head back in to Morgan’s lap, his fingers dancing all over the sensitive areas Spencer had marked on your upper body.

A map.

Spencer drew a fucking map for him.

Wiggling and jumping as Spencer’s face piles deeper in to your core, your breathes become moans, which quickly turn into incoherent syllables as Morgan continues to play with your sensitive areas, his fingers drifting over your breasts as he kneads them with his warm hands, Spencer’s tongue darting all over your sensitive clit as he grasps on to your hips, pulling you closer as you yell out in to the room.

“Oh my god!”

As your core contracts down, your body giving way to the many sensations it was feeling, Spencer holds you close as your legs flail, your hands reaching up and grasping Morgan’s forearms as you buck wildly against Spencer’s tongue, his lips latching on as he sucks you in, your body trembling as your back arches off of the bed.


Breathing heavily as you collapse back down, your body trembles in weakness as Spencer finally lets up, his tongue retracting as he slowly crawls back up your body.

“Now that,” he says, kissing your lips, “was worth it.”

“Now wait a second, pretty boy,” Morgan says, “What about me?”

What about him?

“Oh, poor Derek hasn’t gotten to play,” Spencer mockingly pouts.

“Not fair,” Morgan mumbles.

“Not fair at all,” he growls as he leans down, his legs ripping out from under your head as he crashes his lips down on to yours.

“We’ll have to remedy that,” Spencer whispers in to your ear as Morgan throws himself to the foot of the bed.

“Baby girl?” he asks, his voice normal and worried.

Throwing your heavy-lidded eyes open as you look up, you see Morgan and his quite impressive erection situated between your legs.

“Is this alright?” he asks lowly, his eyes searching your for any sign of backing down.

“It’s perfect,” you say, a genuine smile crossing your face as he breathes a sigh of relief.

“Do we need-?”

“No, we’re good,” you cut Spencer off, leaning your head back to look at him as your eyes widen, feeling Morgan slowly press himself in to you.

Holy.  God.

Groaning with every millimeter, you lay your knees on to the bed, spreading yourself for him as Spencer runs his fingers through your hair, bending down to kiss your forehead as your eyes roll in to the back of your head.

As your breath hitches with every slow and deep thrust he makes, your eyes half-hood themselves as Spencer smiles down upon you.

“That’s it,” he coos in your ear as you press your face to his lips, “Just let it wash over you.”

The electricity coursing through your system would be enough to light up a city block.

Feeling Spencer shift, you whimper as the loss of his touch, until you feel a different sensation.

A…flicking sensation.

Throwing your eyes open as you see Spencer’s head bent down, you realize he is eating you out once more.

Groaning as Morgan begins to thrust harder, Spencer latches on to your clit as your hips buck wildly, your hips leaving the mattress altogether as your hands grab for any sheets possible.

“Oh my god.  Oh…oh jesus.  Oh…oh fuck!”

Panting and heaving, your eyes rolling in to the back of your head, you lob your head over and see Spencer’s ass in the air.

His perfect, porcelain ass.

And you get an idea.

Reaching out for him, you take a handful as you tug him over, his head whipping up as you grab his leg and throw it over your face.

Watching him grin was absolutely intoxicating.

As he situates himself above your head, his dripping length skimming across your lips, you open your mouth wide to accept him as he throatily groans, his head dipping back down between your legs as Morgan grips on to Spencer’s back for leverage.

Sucking and swirling as the drool begins to pool in your mouth, your hands reach around and grab at Spencer’s ass cheeks, your fingertips digging in to them as his hips begin to thrust, his dick lightly skimming your teeth as he pumps in and out of your mouth, your cheeks hollowing out as you suck him for everything he is worth.

“Oh god Y/N,” you hear Morgan growl.

“Mmmmmmm…” you hear Spencer moan.

The vibrations from his voice were enough.

Rearing your hips off of the bed as Morgan pounds him hips in to yours, Spencer’s dick muffles your cries of passion as your walls clench down on Morgan, your throat closing around Spencer’s dick as he moans and wails in to your wet pussy.

“Oh, christ!” Morgan calls out before he digs his teeth in to Spencer’s back, causing Spencer to rear up from your pussy and cry out to the heavens.

“Oh, Y/N…” he breathes through gritted teeth, his warm seed shooting down your throat as you try to suppress your gag reflex, the drool spilling out of the side of your mouth as your eyes roll in to the back of your head, stars bursting as Morgan finishes dumping himself in to you.

Feeling Spencer start to shrivel back to normal, your hips collapse back down on to the bed as Morgan slowly pulls out, his body dropping to one side as Spencer rolls off on to the other, their cum dripping from both orifices as you heave to catch your breath.

As the three of you lay closely on Morgan’s bed, a mixture of sweat and sexual heaves panting in the midst of the darkened room, you feel Derek reach out for your hand as he entangles his fingers within yours.

“You are going to look beautiful tomorrow,” he purrs, his body turning towards you as his thumb reaches out to wipe the drool off of your cheek.

“Just as beautiful as you look now,” Spencer muses, a smirk across his face as he turns himself as cuddles in to your other side, his hand wiping away the drool off of your other cheek as you swallow hard, a smile crossing your face as you begin to absent-mindlessly chuckle.

“Oh holy fuck,” you breathe in between giggles, earning a chuckle from them both.

“’Holy fuck’ is right,” Morgan reassures you.

“How is your nose?” Spencer asks, a tone of concern in his voice.

“No clue,” you say, shaking your head as you shrug.

“Don’t care,” you follow up with it once you caught your breath.

“You can sleep here tonight, if you’d like,” Morgan muses, his lips pressing themselves to your temple as you sigh deeply.

“You wouldn’t have a choice,” you muse, lobbing your head over to look at him as Spencer nuzzles his head in to the crook of your neck.

“Fine by me,” Spencer murmurs in to your skin as Morgan dips down to pull the covers over the three of you.

And as you all drift quickly off to sleep, the smell of sex in the air as it permeates the room, you feel the two men you trust the most hold you close as they shroud your body with theirs, protecting you from the outside world and kissing your body until you fall asleep.

I’ve ranted about this before but the whole old people v young people continues to enrage me

look. I live in the SF Bay Area, I’ve worked in both SF and the East Bay, all in the service industry. there is absolutely zero difference between how entitled people act based on age. it’s all completely based on things like race and class (though not so much gender or sexuality, given where I am). I interact/have interacted with a lot of entitled millennial assholes and the stereotypes are not unfounded. meanwhile some of my most courteous and kind interactions have been with older folx. I mean don’t get me wrong, entitled older people are just as bad. I’m just saying, age is not a fuckin factor.

this brought to you by too many of my peers being assholes. thank you and good night.


Review: Three dark crowns by Kendare Blake.
2.5 stars

Warning: There might be some minor spoilers ahead but not really spoilers but ya know. My feelings about stuff that happened even though I won’t say what exactly happened (that doesn’t make any sense, like this book).

There’s many things wrong with this book. I might as well just list them:
1. NOTHING happens until the last 30 pages or so.
2. Joseph. I hate Joseph.
3. Mirabella: how am I supposed to feel about her? I’m torn between ‘oh she’s actually the most sane among her sisters’ and 'kill this deceiving, manupilative b*tch’ (along with Joseph)
4. Worldbuilding: zero
5. Zero connection to any of the characters.
5. The author seems torn between wanting to write a cute, romantic story and a dark, twisting tale. CHOOSE.
6. The world and magic system and everything could have been so interesting IF ONLY IT HAD SOME BACKGROUND.

The only thing I liked about this book is the idea for the story, and Jules and her mountain cat.

I basically gave up on this book but then MAJOR PLOTTWIST and finally some action happened at the end, and now I still need to read the second book. Damn it.

Libra Sun & Aries Moon Confession, submitted by a follower

When it comes to being fair, I will discard tact for truth. If someone isn’t being fair to another and I am approached about the situation, I will listen to both sides of the argument and weigh in with my opinion. What most people don’t consider when asking for my opinion is that I do have the right to tell both parties that they are in the wrong and exactly why they are, even if they don’t necessarily want to hear it. Even though I want to keep my life balanced and not start conflicts, I can never seem to hold my tongue. I feel like I’m always opening my large mouth to try an defend something and sometimes myself. I feel like I can’t help but boil over my own edge. [info on sun and moon signs]

I like to imagine a painter being hired to paint Thayet and  coming and meeting her and just


and eventually he (or they or whatever i dont really care) manages to bow  and say in an adoring, awed sort of  voice, “Your Majesty,” (here they kiss her fingertips) “I am afraid none of my paintings shall do your beauty justice.”

And it’s not flattery at all; they truly mean every word of it.

Because that’s how I feel whenever I try to draw Thayet, or see a fancast of her.

(the painter’s wrong, though; they paint the most wonderful piece of her riding bareback with a bow in her hand and the wind in her hair and she looks like a goddess, every bit as beautiful as she is in life)

(400 years later scholars and historians argue over whether or not it’s meant to represent Chavi Westwind, or the Threefold Goddess as the Mother or the Maiden)

(Eventually someone takes the painting from its frame to do restoration and finds the small note on the back that titles it ‘the Peerless Rider’ and remembers that the queen in the time of the Lioness was known as ‘the Peerless’ and that settles the debate for a few years)

(Then they start arguing over whether it’s Thayet as a solldier, or as Chavi, or as the Mother. Scholars never stop arguing.)

Day 3 - Favourite Generation:
Generation One;

Fuck, okay this was a hard choice! I love all 3 generations! They are all so significant and magical for different reasons! I’m part of the minority who absolutely love generation 3; it’s so relatable for my generation (I’m 16), and I love the characters! I love generation 2 also, but I find a bit to cliché for my liking. Don’t got me wrong, though, I absolutely love it!
However, generation 1 is my absolute favourite! It’s the reason I fell in love with skins and it’s the one that got me emotionally involved with the most! Everybody who was involved added something significant to the storylines and it was beautiful to watch! It made me feel all sorts of different emotions, but gave me an overriding feel of joy (except the last few episodes). I will always remember Generation 1 as the generation that made me fall in love with Skins, and I am grateful to everyone involved with it for that reason!

cosplaydiva21  asked:

What do you think a game of Cards Against Humanity at Agori Tree would look like?

I can’t believe i let this get buried in my ask I am including some people that are dead or unknown just for the fun of it and leaving out characters that i haven’t really seen characterized so I don’t write them wrong. I am a few chapters behind so if some characters I don’t write have been expanded on i’m sorry for not including them.  

Aogiri Tree:

Tatara: nobody really expected Tatara to get involved in the game and most of the Aogiri members were perfectly willing to do it behind his back, but someone ended up giving them away. It was most likely Eto, though nobody dared to voice their suspicions aloud.

They knew well enough that those who disagreed with Eto had a tendency to disappear.

Tatara would actually be shockingly good, to everyone’s surprise

Eto: It was Eto that ended up telling Tatara about the game. Eto was also shockingly good at the game and would probably come in second place.

Ayato: Due to Ayato being considerably younger than the other members of Aogiri they tried to ban him from playing, but, of course, he would have none of that.

He’d end up beating most of the people that said he was too young to play, mainly out of spite.

Miza: She’d just leave halfway through the game. Nobody would really know where she went.

Naki: Poor Naki would likely be oblivious about half of the cards in his hand. He’d probably end up playing on a team, just because everyone felt bad for him.

If they others wouldn’t let him play on a team it would be likely that Gagi and Gugi would still try and help him out as much as possible.

Eventually people would just start giving him cards just to make him happy. As expected he would be delighted when he suddenly started winning, completely oblivious of the fact that people were letting him win.

Hinami: She’d end up winning, nobody would have expected it. She’d spend half of the time teasing Ayato. He’d be very annoyed about that. He’d try and tease her back, but she’d just keep pointing out that she was winning and he’d shut up. 

Noro: He’d be really good too. Everyone would totally suspect him to be really good though even before they played and would be on the watch. 

Yamori: He’d probably only be there to make sure nobody messed with Naki to be honest. He’d probably also be there because the younger ghoul begged him to come. 

Gagi and Gugi: They would just sit next to Naki and try and help him, they’d just support him and be great 

hey cosmere peeps

though don’t get me wrong i love any and all elend fan art, but it gets me to thinking as i see the pale skin and the light brown hair on most of them

am i the only one who pictured elend middle eastern?

i’m only using that term because i can’t figure out how else to say how i saw him when i read it, because i know race doesn’t exist on scadriel in the same way it does ours. i just see him with the brown skin, black hair, and dark eyes, so i figured it was the wording that made the most sense.

if you see him pale and brown haired that’s totally fine! that might actually be the way he was described it’s just been a while since I read the books. i’m just wondering if i’m the only one.

also both vin and elend are ace!!

INFJ: unconventional love

As an infj, sometimes I legitimately feel like I love people the wrong way. In my head and my heart, I know I care so deeply and love so intensely, but a lot of people don’t recognize that.

I don’t seem to show my love and care and affection in conventional ways…so to some people, it really looks like I don’t love or care. But I do! I care so deeply that it hurts.

I guess love, like everything else for INFJs, is something that mainly takes place inside of me. It does have an outward appearance, too, but most of it takes place somewhere in my brain and my heart.

I guess that’s why I get so confused sometimes. Because to me, I love so much. But to other people, I don’t love at all. And sometimes it makes me question myself…like, maybe I was the one that was wrong the whole time. I don’t know, though…I don’t think I am.

I want to help the people I love. I want them to be the best versions of themselves, so that they can finally be satisfied with their life’s efforts. I want to validate the people I love, so they don’t feel strange or weird or uncomfortable in their own mind and skin. I want to understand the people I love, so I know how to make them happy in the moment when they need cheering up, and what to avoid that will make them unhappy. I want to listen to the people I love, so they know they are worth being listened to. I just never want the people I love to have to feel anything unpleasant. If they are feeling any kind of negativity, I want to be there to help them solve their problems. I don’t want to do it for them, because I know the lessons we learn in life usually come through struggle. But I want to be there to make the load a little easier to bear. The person that doesn’t leave their side when they’re suffering, even if for no other reason than they won’t have to be alone while they’re going through it.

Love, to me, means changing somebody’s life in a meaningful way, hopefully for the better. If I have to be the person that suffers in order for someone else to learn something, I’ll gladly do it. I don’t mind sacrificing my own wants for the people I love.

I might not always be physically affectionate, and I’m probably always a little too honest, but I view the people I love as extensions of myself. They are part of me. Anything that makes them suffer makes me suffer, too. I am them, and they are me. Which means I will use whatever resources I have to make life happy for them, to help them avoid pain…because it literally makes me feel it, too. If I love you, you are part of me, and I’ll do just as much for you as I would do for myself. Simply because there’s no differentiation in my mind. It’s just what comes naturally.

anonymous asked:

is it wrong that I'm a lesbian but I've been telling a few of my guy friends that I'm bi because I get the sense that they're low key hitting on me and if I ever just try to slip the fact that I'm a lesbian into convo they'll be like 'wait i thought you were bi' and then i just panic and say I am cause i'm worried they'll stop hanging out with me and being my friends if they knew i'm a lesbian (even though i've made it clear i think of them as just friends)

hi sunshine!

no, it’s not wrong! i think sometimes we have to do what is most comfortable for us even if it’s not what we want and we can’t be honest about our identity. if it makes you uncomfortable trying to tell them you’re a lesbian, i completely understand. i hope that they wouldn’t stop being friends with you but i understand that fear. it’s hard to figure out how to relate to guys without feeling like you’re subject to their attraction, and have to make yourself palatable to that. it’s an unfortunate reality that guys often either a) fetishize lesbians or b) can’t imagine any woman who doesn’t exist for their own approval. so lesbians often get ignored/shamed for not being subject to male desire (although of course, we all are because of we live in a heteropatriarchal society and none of us can escape the male gaze). it’s completely up to you whether you tell them you’re a lesbian or not, and i don’t think you’d be wrong not to. i’m sorry that they make you feel like you can’t and that’s the world we live in. if you do tell them and you do start to notice that it seemed like they were only interested in being friends with you when they thought you could be attracted to them, then that is absolutely on them and you deserve better than that. i hope that wouldn’t happen but it is definitely a reality so i understand your fear and i respect your choice either way. i’m sending you a lot of love and support!!

- your sis xxx

죄수 joesu (convict) 남자 namja (man) 

To most I’m scum. Employers raise brows when they read it, and girls don’t bring me home to their parents. That’s okay though. I don’t care about judgement. I just need to become better. Then one day, I will prove the judgement wrong. Until then, I am what I am.


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MBTI types as happy Audrey Hepburns

So this one is to thank all of you for completely BLOWING UP my Types as Oscar Wilde quotes post. I mean, I posted it, it had 2 notes, then I went to bed and now it has 252?!!!! That’s insane and I canNOT thank you guys enough!!!!!!!! Especially since I only joined the tumblr MBTI community like 5 days ago, I really am ready to burst!!

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favourite people in the world, as you’ll know if you’ve read my About Me page. She’s an IxFP, but most people lean towards ISFP and I tend to agree, though most of the characters she plays are INFPs. And you can never, never go wrong with Audrey Hepburn! So here are some very happy Audrey Hepburns!

















Honestly - in reference to the long con theory - I have never been happier to be wrong in my life.  I had a tiny niggling suspicion that the theory was wrong when we saw Killian murder his father at the last second.  The emotional flip here - the expression on his face when he hears his father speak his brother’s name to his half brother - is just begging to be paralleled.  

But I still pressed on, hanging on to the theory boat for dear life.  But when Killian broke through the darkness - to see that struggle.  To see him holding the terrible power of all of the Dark Ones in his hand, to see it quivering with the effort to keep it contained.

To see him staring death in the face.  I can guarantee the Dark Ones are howling in his mind, compelling him with everything they have to take back the sword, to let them go free.  And to see Emma struggling with that same darkness, spurred on by the nigh unbelievable emotional fortitude we witness here.

It’s just so much more meaningful, so very true to who Killian Jones is.  A man with an incredible capacity to both love and hate.  A man who is susceptible to darkness, not because he craves the power, but because he fears the control that those who wield it can have over his life.  We’ve seen him fall so very low.  But that endless fount of love he harbors within - well, love is strength, after all. And that shone through during his final moments, when the love between the pirate and the savior overcame a darkness more deep, more sinister, more irredeemably wretched than any we have seen thus far.

It’s beyond gorgeous, the quintessence of the hope we see in this show, of the belief that, yes, good does inevitably triumph over evil, that love really is more powerful than fear, if wielded by those who are brave enough to give in.

I’ll never be over this.

ok listen its not that i dont ship het ships, i dont really take gender or anything else into account when deciding what i ship it just happens. thats why i got some weird ships and my otp is hetero (or…are they…)

but i am so tired of the ship Strong Female Character, sometimes she’s really snarky and badass, sometimes she’s aloof and mysterious, but always So Awesome but has…..a soft side…. and Sadboy, even though maybe he’s got a terrible personality and he fucks up, he’s just trying his best. like there’s nothing wrong with that but i was just listing off the most popular het ships in mtg and every single one of them was that

listen. no more StronG Female and sadboy. why not, two strong girls? 2 strongsads? a sadstrong and a strongsad? a sadstrong, a strongsad, and someone who is neither strong nor sad and has no gender? we can do other things. thers so much more in this world besides the same tired trope

i hope no one takes this the wrong way like i love 1d im gonna be goin hard for them until the day i die and the last thing i want is for them to break up BUT at the same time i like… cant wait for solo harry?? like i cant wait to see how much he rises bc he has the most incredible stage presence and just has that ability to get people to like him and i cant wait to go to a harry concert oh my god i just am so ready??