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Now that I am able to breathe again, let me just say that this was so unexpected that I have already blown through 2 of my New Years resolutions. I really don’t swear much, but I will throw it out there when I get really impassioned about something (or dealing with idiots), and I have used the “f” word more in the last 3 hours than I have since Christmas. My other was to give up sugar, but I broke out the vodka and made a nice cosmo to toast this amazing evening!

I don’t know , and don’t care why all of this is happening, but I am just giddy. Seeing Sam and Cait together like this has been fabulous, and I am just over the moon. Sam looks better than we have seen him in months, and his look (love the leather jacket!), hair, and the sheer joy on his face makes me swoon! And Cait…OMG!! Ya’ll know that I think she is the bomb, but when she decides to sex it up….look out. KA-BOOM is an understatement, and just watch Sam if you don’t believe it.

As for the others there tonight, I am CONVINCED that they are supportive of these two, and nothing more. So, they get no more flack or print space from me.

If people watched these two gorgeous people walk this red carpet and still think there is nothing between them…they are fucking idiots….period!!

So, I am off to bask in all of this SamCaitness, and try to figure out how to get my ass to look like that. Until then, I am having another drink, and a cookie!

Love you all sweet shipsters, and raise your glass. It has been a monumental day!!❤❤❤

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So hi, I just wanted to ask that do you think your personality traits or values are more important when it comes to your hogwarts house. My traits are more like ravenclaw and my values are definitely hufflepuff, so I don't know which one I am. Thanks

I’d say it’s a bit of both, but values is more important.

Hermione: on the face of it hermione’s a very stereotypical ravenclaw personally I don’t think her traits entirely line up to ravenclaw but in the stereotypical sense they fit but although hermione enjoys learning etc her values place bravery as more important than knowledge.  “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things - friendship and bravery and - oh Harry - be careful!” to hermione, being brave is more worthwhile than intelligence so she was sorted in gryffindor

Wormtail: when you look at wormtail he doesn’t seem a likely candidate for gryffindor. like at all. but wormtail always surrounded himself with people he admired, and he was always incredibly impressed with just how gryffindor his friends were. no, he may not have been brave himself but he valued that trait in others and aspired to show the same kind of courage as his friends

there are other examples as well; fred and george could easily have ended up in slytherin imo, and neville could very well have been a hufflepuff. although your traits do play a part in your sorting, it’s primarily about your values and the kind of person you aspire to be

Shit happens, you get stepped on, your heart breaks, you lose sleep, you cry more than your eyes can handle, you don’t eat as much as you need, your body and mind and soul get sick. I look in the mirror and I see millions of people in my own reflection. They share my black eye bags and slumped shoulders, defensive words and silence, angry faces, shaking hands, dependency on drugs and alcohol, my sadness, my pain, my everything, I am not alone. Most of the human race is drowning in the same pool.
—  who is to blame?

This week on My Life is a Mess, I talk about yesterday’s women’s march, realising that I’ve been much more ‘feminist-ish’ and ‘political’ than actually feminist or politically active, acknowledging that I am a privileged, white, lazy-ass who has no idea what activism really takes, and determining to do something about it. 

I guess the summary should read “In which Rose determines that Women’s March 2017 needs to be the beginning of a different approach to abso-fucking-lutely everything, (otherwise it’s just me making a point and not backing it up) and also pleads with people who are further down the road of being useful women in pursuit of change to please help me so I don’t fall into the trap of speaking for people rather than standing alongside them and why isn’t there a manual for all this?”

But that’s not really catchy so…

Happy Sunday!

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Hi Greg, I am finding social media is hindering my real life. I spend time on my various platforms, and I realize that it has become my reality, rather than real life. I put more effort into my online friends, giving the right impression of my life and living my life for social media. And tonight, I just feel so stupid. I think it is time to face what I've been running away from in my daily life and build a real life for myself.

I feel that that’s a good place to be. A good place to start a journey, the long journey inward. The journey inward starts when the outward journey has reached its end in frustration and exhaustion. Don’t feel stupid, you’ve just begun, this is normal, this is simply how it goes.

so CNY is coming up and i’m not at all looking forward to the “why don’t you dress more like a girl?” and “do you have a boyfriend yet?” and “if you dressed more like a girl you would have a boyfriend” comments from my relatives (wtf i am unarguably femme you just gotta grow out of that straight girl aesthetic) SO

new year at hasetsu headcanons!!!

  • yuuri helping out around the inn to get it ready for the new year so mama katsuki takes viktor out to shop for new year clothes
  • viktor is super excited. like SUPER.
  • mama katsuki fondly calling him vicchan is very important :>
  • viktor sees this kimono in the window of a shop and its so pretty like?? its cherry red and its got all these pretty flowers embroidered all over and its got these long flowing sleeves that are almost to the ground and its just PERFECT????
  • shopkeepers like hmm are you sure you don’t want this one its very popular and points him to a perfectly plain looking navy yukata
  • viktors like but this one makes my waist look slimmer and its way prettier and he’s just so excited so everyone is like okay and he gets his kimono
  • on new years day viktor puts it on and shows it off to yuuri and yuuri is like??? and pulls mama katsuki aside
  • “mom why did you let viktor buy a furisode?!!”
  • “oh but you should have seen how excited he was, sweetie, does it really matter?”
  • so yuuri quietly tells viktor that furisodes (particularly of that design) are usually worn by young and single girls when they come of age so he’s basically in the equivalent of a dress and sorry mama katsuki apparently didn’t say anything??
  • viktor is like oh okay but it’s so pretty and i like it
  • so yuuri just shrugs and accepts it, and everyone just shrugs and accepts it
  • off they go for the new year festival with yuuri in his yukata and viktor being excited and happy in his gloriously pretty furisode
  • he gets lots of compliments from strangers at the festival :>
don't ask me why - trailsofpaper (Sanwall) - Band of Brothers [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

i accidentally wrote a webgott fic??? im more surprised than you are, i can assure you. but in keeping with the times, it contains Webster punching a Nazi fuck in the face.

I think… one of the interesting things about online messaging and texting is that sometimes, writing out your feelings to someone is actually so much easier than speaking them. Like, I cannot easily express myself through verbal words. I stutter, I panic, I say “nevermind” because I can’t bring myself to admit the words out loud. But with online messaging, I can blabber on the keyboard like a stream of consciousness, and I can express myself to my friends in a way that’s sometimes very hard for me to do irl

Which is why I’m so defensive about this whole belief that face to face communication is more real than online interactions. In a way, yeah, it is, because it’s more literally “real,” and im not at all gonna deny the value in irl relationships. But online communication has genuinely allowed me, a socially anxious person with a fear of opening up, to develop meaningful relationships with people, and you don’t understand how grateful I am for that

You know I’m pretty sure Marinette spends FAR more one-on-one time with Chat Noir than any other specific guy she knows, even if most of said time is spent kicking various akuma in the face, and I am just picturing her sloooowly and subconsciously starting to expect all boys to be cats. Like. Dudes are cats. That’s just how it is. That is a totally normal way to interact with boys, obviously?? 

“Girl, what the hell,” Alya says as Marinette distractedly gives Nathaniel headscritches after he comes over to attempt to talk to her while she’s concentrating on a design. Nathaniel is too busy internally screaming to say anything himself. What is this, what is this about, what does this MEAN????

Somewhere Adrien Agreste spends an entire photoshoot seething with pure feline envy and has no idea why.

Day Forty-Four

-I was greeted by a girl who promptly forgot that she had met me and lit up as she greeted me once more. This routine repeated for the remainder of the transaction, but the glee on her face could have kept me doing this for hours. 

 -An elderly woman announced to the world at large that she was tolerant of nothing. Judging by her face, I have no cause to doubt this.

-While zoning accessories, I discovered a hat with pockets. More than anything, I am upset that they do not make these in men’s, or at least large enough for my inexplicably large dome.

-A young boy was too excited to wait upon being handed his purchase, so he donned his Black Panther mask without removing the box. I am glad to see that T’Challa has begun taking espionage advice from Solid Snake.

-I inadvertently convinced a man that I am a magician as I was able to move his bag to the end of the register without him noticing. I know better than to reveal the tricks of my trade, but I will say that it may have had something to do with the large counter that plainly blocked his view of everything on my side.

-A child stood in his cart, shrieking in bursts. His mother interrupted him. He calmly informed her that he was not done, and resumed his work. The mother seemed to respect his honesty too much to try to suppress him further, and I cannot fault her for this.

-Today I either rang up Christopher Lloyd fresh off the set of his new film in which he portrays a homeless gravedigger or a man who hears that a lot.

-A girl pointed out the sticker she had taken from a box of toothpaste and placed on her shirt. I handed her one of my stickers with the intention of her having twice the sticker-to-child ratio. Instead she took this as an upgrade, throwing the toothpaste sticker to the ground and proudly smacking her new badge of honor to her chest. 

-I witnessed a man eagerly power walk into the store only to immediately and just as eagerly power walk right back out of the other doors. 

-An elderly couple purchased two years worth of dog food. There were no sales, coupons, or promotions. They simply wanted to be prepared. 

-My task for my shift was to organize the accessories section. I spent six hours arranging color gradients and it may well have been my single most soothing shift to date. 

-At the end of the transaction, as I handed an old man his receipt, he exclaimed that we were now cooking. I want to know what had been so lackluster about everything leading up to that, or what his grand plan was that began with the receipt of his receipt. 

i feel half dead. but dont worry, its the inside half. my beautiful face is fine










Yuri internally *Yes it was silly*

I wish you never Retire AKA “YES I AM FOREVER YOURS”

PERFECT!!! \(T^T)/

It’s 3:43 am, I stayed up to watch this and this was so so so worth it! My love for this show keeps growing more and more! I LOVE YURI!!! ON ICE 

  • What she says: i'm fine
  • What she means:
  • AND ANOTHER THING the reboots got wrong is perpetuating the idea that Jim Kirk is arrogant and cocky when he actually has a lot of insecurities. He's always trying to do better, to be better, not because he's living up to someone else's standards but because that's who he is at his core. If he can't save someone or if something goes wrong, he is the first to blame himself and to make damn sure it doesn't happen again. He isn't arrogant. He's good at his job and, more than that, he's a good person. JJ Abrams is basically that Klingon who called my captain a "swaggering, overbearing, tin-plated dictator with delusions of godhood" and I am chekov downing vodka and trying not to punch him in the face

can we talk about bellamy blake who loved books more than anything, who thought stories and books was the only way to escape reality and were his safe place, who was the best student in the arc, who probably wanted to become a teacher and had dreams of rising above his station, who probably had a big goofy smile on his face everytime someone gave him a new book and slept with a book beside his bed everynight, can we talk about how he had to give all that up out of love for his sister, can we talked about how he was forced to work to provide for his family and set his dreams aside, can we talk about how he never complained about it cause it meant his sister was happy and safe and fed, can we talk about how bellamy blake has the biggest heart in the whole world and is ready to give up everything for the people he loves? 

[TRANS] VIXX - Milky Way Lyrics

Yeah, you’re my bright light
We’re walking on the Milky Way

Since the day I started walking with you step by step, everyday
I feel proud for no reason
I feel confident whatever I do
Could it be that you came inside my head
To tickle me
My lips keep going up smiling
It won’t come down

(Girl, you are my bright light)
Even I shine, I’ll make you shine brighter tonight
(Girl, I am your bright light)
You just shine for me, girl
No more question, answer
We’re the answer for each other

Yeah, don’t doubt our relationship
I won’t ever turn back if it’s you in front of me

All the stars in the black night sky
Gather it all, it all
I’ll shine brighter for you
Baby, you’re my, you’re my
My face reflected in your two eyes
It’s all full of twinkling smiles
More than anything in the world that shines
For me, it’s you, just you

Your beauty hits me endlessly,
A lovely hurricane
I can’t get over you easily, I keep falling deeper
You come into my heart again
And increase my temperature
My heart keeps beating hard
It can’t calm down

(Girl, you are my Starlight)
The whole world in a blue light tonight
(Girl, I am your star, right)
I’ll make you shine forever, girl
No more question, answer
We’re the answer for each other

I’ll pay back your love by making you feel even more
Moved and touched than how you made me feel

All the stars in the black night sky
Gather it all, it all
I’ll shine brighter for you
Baby, you’re my, you’re my
My face reflected in your two eyes
It’s all full of twinkling smiles
More than anything in the world that shines
For me, it’s you, just you

Ah, I like you so much, I can’t control myself
 You with such pretty hearts, be my baby nuna
Ah, I like you so so so much
Break all the apartments
I like you so so much, break the Earth
I already told you, I’ll turn the whole world into our galaxy
I don’t want anyone else
I wish upon the night sky again
Our times we’ll spend together is longer
Than the times we’ve already spent

Every time, like an unimagined gift
I draw closer to you, my girl
These steps towards stars
Shining highway
You’re my Milky Way
Is this how you feel
You smile at me like a little child
My heart that holds you inside
Feels like it will melt

Whenever, I’ll watch you
As I shine, so bright
Wherever, all we need is
To be together, so bright
Days filled with more happiness than sadness
There’ll be more things to laugh about from now
For us, so right

All the stars in the black night sky
Gather it all, it all
I’ll shine brighter for you
Baby, you’re my, you’re my
My face reflected in your two eyes
It’s just full of twinkling smiles
More than anything in the world that shines
For me, it’s you, just you
Quick note: In the chorus, “I’ll shine brighter for you” is 너를 더 눈부시게 할게 which could also be translated as “I’ll make you shine brighter” ♡

Translator: marrymeN @starlightsgift
Hangul Lyrics: Naver 

shin soukoku

Dazai: Just as I predicted, atsushi and akutagawa are a formidable team worthy of the name shin-soukoku. they have a partnership just like ours!

Chuuya: *rolling his eyes* yeah right

Atsushi: get out of my way akutagawa!

Akutagawa: no YOU get out of MY way!

Atsushi: youre even more pathetic than I am!


Atsushi: NO WAY

Akutagawa: YES WAY







Atsushi: *doing an impression of akutagawa* uuuu dazai san please notice me, i love you dazai-san, oh dazai-san please let me lick your shoes, just this once



Dazai: pretty impressive, right chuuya?

Chuuya: … when you said “a partnership just like ours” you… weren’t kidding

I saw it in her eyes when we bumped into each other inside a busy mall. You told me that she’s your new and you love her—more than you loved me before. She smiled but I knew that those eyes wanted to tell me something more. Stories of us that you shared to her when you first met each other. I knew that she heard my name more than twice and seen my face without me showing around. That she imagined what kind of a lady I am, and how you fell in love with someone like me. Yet there’s one thing I hoped she will realize. It was the thing I’m thinking—that all day long. That you fall in love with ladies having curious brown eyes who always listen to your long stories and believe your pretty lonely lies.
—  ma.c.a // A Lady Like Me