i am moonchild


i have reached 600 followers and i feel the most humbled person currently n i just want you guys to know how much i adore each and every one of u little stars, each of whom who shine with their own warm light n i just :^)))

for this occasion, i am going to be opening up my requests to everyone, not just mutuals but everyone who follows me, and for any group you would like me to write for you. 

i lov all of u n i hope u have the most beautiful days in life.

i am also going to tag here the people on here who make my experience here on this site so much more brighter and magical and who i would not trade as friends for the world.

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if i havent tagged u blame it on my melting brain, but know that i lov u far n above, i just :^)))

get to know me!

i’ve gained a lot of followers in the past few days, so here is a little post introducing myself! ✨🌿

name: margot/maggie

job: starbucks barista and museum intern

zodiac sign: cancer sun, cancer moon, scorpio rising (cancer mars/venus too, i am a moonchild 100%)

my witchcraft: mostly kitchen/cottage magick! i love to cook and provide for others. i also am a lover of the tarot and astrology. my craft comes through in my love for history - i love the spiritual energy from antiques/antiquing, i am very interested in past lives, love folk magick (esp. appalachian witchcraft), and want to learn more about communicating with spirits.

my favorite crystal: obsidian or carnelian!

i love: pad thai, gingham, cranberries, my boyfriend jack, road trips, hiking, fall-scented candles, soy chai lattes, hand-writing and designing my grimoire, and folk music

fun fact: i am in the process of creating my own tarot deck out of collage and illustration!

feel free to message me, i want to be friends with y’all! tarot readings are always open too, just be patient. 🔮

I see this life like a swinging vine
Swing my heart across the line
In my face is flashing signs
Seek it out and ye shall find.

Yamaguchi Tadashi // art © dalisay17
[ Hinata // Kageyama // Yachi ]

the first child - a rei ayanami fanmix

listen on 8tracks - coverart


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