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Merle Rant/Hcs? Sorta?

So something about a very small criticism of Merle’s character really stuck out to me. And I’m not going to “pull rank” or pull any “cards” based on my personal life, but Merle’s deadbeat Dad thing is something I think about a lot and relate to significantly and I still love Merle because of one single fact:

He was a dead beat dad, emphasis on the “was”

I’m not making any excuses for him but there is a fact, Merle was miserable (even more so a misery he didn’t put there himself, Lucretia had a big part in relocating them and giving them their “new” lives and I completely am behind her arranging Merle to be married as a way to tame that wild spirit of him). A miserable man as a father most likely doesn’t translate well at all, especially if it was truly loveless, truly empty for him.

Merle leaving his kids is canonly something he really thinks about as we learn through lunar interludes and there is something Merle does that not only outshines the fact he was a deadbeat father for the 6 or so years he has been away. He comes back. The balls that must take for a man who knows he has failed his children to come back and make that effort, and I call it balls and not just common sense because there are so many dads who run off and don’t ever come back. Merle makes these efforts for his biological son and his step daughter whom he treats which as much as love as his own son. Merle being the “peacekeeper” probably ran off the way he did to avoid a fight breaking out between him and his estranged ex-wife in front of his children.

Merle travels with Taako and Magnus, these men who canonly call him father at one point or another or look to him as a silly dad and I can only image that bittersweetness that builds. I can only image looking at Angus and being so off put by him because Angus probably as studios as he is reminds Merle of his Mavis.

Merle has a man, does something commendable and rebuilds his bond with his family and its not just a present thing, its something at continues on into his future. He builds his future around being there for his kids and never again leaving them.

He was unhappy because he was missing adventure and was stunted in his marriage, leaving his kids, yes it was a bad move on his part. But in the end, he is a happier man, a happier father and is sharing the thing he loves, his success with his children.

I don’t think of Merle as a deadbeat father. I think of him as a father who made some mistakes and at the end of the day loves his children and his friends.

And I know its Taako day but Pan almighty to I love Merle fuuuuuuckin’ Highchurch so much.

td;lr: My Marxist Professor said some wild things

So I have quite a long story for y’all regarding my Marxist professor. In fact, he’s such an interesting person that I’m not going to give him his own tag (#adventures with my marxist professor)… so if you wanna track my wild stories about him, you know where to look lmao.

So on Thursday night, he had scheduled a pub outing with he and our class. I wanted to go because the pub was located about 10 minutes (on foot) from my internship, plus I want good grades in his class and I believe that part of getting a good grade entails getting to know your professor a little better by going to his office hours and seeing him outside of class to discuss class work). 

So anyways, I show up at the pub and he’s sitting at one of the tables so I join him. What ended up happening is that nobody else in my class showed up to his pub outing invitation. It was just me and him. Me, a 21-year old American Republican, and this 32 year-old Greek Marxist. I knew it was going to be an interesting night and quite frankly, I was far from disappointed; it’s made for a great story to tell at parties and to tell anyone, really. I will certainly never forget it!

He buys me a pint of cider. I insisted on paying but he wouldn’t let me! It was really nice of him to do that. The cider tasted great. He ordered a beer. 

Anyways, we get to talking. He notices the Republican elephant necklace I’m wearing and points to it with a furrowed brow and half smile. My reflex was to tuck it back underneath my collar because I was full aware of his political views. Then he goes all “DOn’t worry, I’m not going to give you a bad grade or hate you for your political views! But I do have a question for you… why do you hate poor people?” His blunt question kind of threw me off guard so I asked him if he was being serious or sarcasm… hint: he was completely serious. So I told him that I don’t hate poor people at all. I went on to explain to him about my beliefs in low taxes and a free market, and how I don’t believe in government handouts to those who don’t want to work. 

So we end up in a heated debate. He starts telling me that he hates Capitalism and that he hates the rich because as a direct result, other people suffer. He continues to talk about wealth privilege and how Capitalism promotes that. I acknowledged his argument by saying that I felt fortunate that I was born into a well-off family, but I told him that they haven’t always been well-off. He then exclaimed, “A Republican acknowledging her privilege? That’s unusual! Not only do you benefit from wealth privilege but you also benefit from white privilege! The fact that you have blonde hair allows you to benefit from white privilege even more!” I told him I wasn’t a real blonde and he responded with “Yeah, but you look like a natural blonde so others don’t know it’s fake. If I dyed my hair blonde, everyone would know it’s fake.” 

He then went on to say that he doesn’t like Obama because he benefits from wealth privilege and he also said that Obama is still half white so benefits from white privilege too. He also claimed that Obama is more white than he is, which confused me because he’s full blood greek and I’m fairly certain that the Greeks are more white than a biracial white/black man is… unless I’m completely missing something?

Next he asks me about my views on abortion. i tell him I believe it’s morally wrong and he expresses is bafflement on how I could possibly be female AND pro life. I told him that it’s not a matter of gender, it’s matter of ethics and I believe that abortion is ethically wrong.

We discuss the Second Amendment next. He believes that people should not be allowed to own guns, I firmly disagree with that. That was the gist of that discussion. He tells me that he used guns when he fought in two wars. Which is why he has a cane – he injured his knee in war and had to get it replaced. He told me that I must love the fact that he fought in wars considering I’m a Republican and all. To be honest, I don’t automatically love someone just because they fought in a war and I’m Republican.

After our brief abortion and guns discussion, I ask him his views on Marx, Lenin, and Stalin. He was born in Moscow originally, because his parents were diplomats. He says he grew up with a lot of Communist influence so that’s sort of how he learned about Marxism and began to identify with it. He claims he is a Marxist, Leninist, and a Stalinist. I ask him how he justifies being a Stalinist even though Stalin killed millions of people, even more than Hitler did. I was worried that maybe he would deny Stalin’s atrocities like a Neo Nazi denies HItler’s atrocities, but he didn’t deny them whatsoever. He said in response that “individual life is not worth much” along with a weirdly explained, jumbled answer surrounding that explanation. I felt I may have put him in the spotlight. It made me a bit uncomfortable to be honest. 

He tells me that religion is the “opiate of the people”, as Marx said. I found it funny that he hated religion and capitalism so much considering that he teaches at a private Catholic university.

We go back to talking about Capitalism. I tell him that a person deserves money for their labor and he tells me he disagrees because every person should just willingly help out in society so no one is poor. He says he hates the rich with a passion because it isn’t fair. I retort with saying “So what you’re saying is that if one person is poor and miserable, then we should all be poor and miserable?” He says yes, and his blunt honesty shocked me but I still appreciated his honesty instead of straight up lying about it. 

Later on, things get personal. He tells me about the things that he’s gone through in the past (and boy has he had to go through A LOT OF HORRIBLE things). I’m not going to talk about them here because that stuff is real private and I promised him I wouldn’t tell anyone. 

He then tells me that I am extremely unlikeable because I come off as arrogant, standoffish, and socially… different. I ask him why and he tells me that I’m a really intense person in that my preferred topics of conversation tend to be heavy. I’m also not super bubbly and I don’t act friendly just for the sake of being friendly. He says that it’s a result of me being highly intelligent. Every time he complimented me, he would say “I can’t believe I’m actually saying this to a Republican but you’re very intelligent.” He said it was too late for me to change others’ minds of me and I said that I thought that was unfortunate because I always give people second and third chances in making impressions on me. He tells me that I’m extremely open minded as a person and again, he can’t believe he’s saying that to a Republican. 

He told me that we’re a lot alike in that we’re both really intense and intelligent people and that most people don’t like that and so they don’t want to talk to us that much. I was complimented when he told me I was highly intelligent but kinda sad when he explained how I came across to people. On the contrary, I was so relieved by is brute honesty. I knew I was having trouble socializing with people and I kept trying to figure out why. He didn’t brush things over and I appreciated that. 

We sat in the pub and talked for 4 hours. He told me that, and he can’t believe he’s saying this, but I, a Republican, held his interest and attention for 4 hours and apparently, people rarely hold his interest and attention. 

Ultimately, I have extremely mixed feelings about him. I HATE his views with a burning passion. Sometimes he hurt my feelings. But he was honest and he liked to engage in debate and he’s, although politically stupid in my opinion, generally highly intelligent. The man speaks 8 languages fluently after all! I don’t know what to think, honestly. I’m so confused!

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Fecki n g hell, I'm not obsessed with this freaking AU where Tony-loving-Howard comes to the future. Especially because of that Tony-turning-into-child thing. It's amazing how fluffy it is and I am all. OVER. THAT. And also Bucky feeling miserable over that is... just... I did not expect that heartbreak at the end of such an adorable short man. Gahd! Ugh... I just love how... adoring Howard is... god, I imagine this Howard to sound a lot like Maes Hughes....

I MADE AN AU IN AN AU. AU-CEPTION. (Jesus Christ imagine AU Howard and Maes Hughes in a room, gushing about their children, wallets out and both of them have ridiculous amounts of pictures of them.)


Howard brings Tony back down to the kitchen. He takes a moment to feel heart broken about how obvious it is that Tony’s only recently moved back into the room of his childhood–because there are more clothes from his childhood there than suits.

Natasha sees the dress Tony’s wearing, white with red polka dots, and manages a small smile. “That’s a pretty dress, Tony. You look very nice.”

Tony hides behind Howard’s legs shyly. “Thank you. My friend Jan made it for me.”

“It’s very becoming. The red makes your eyes pop.”

“That’s what Jan said!” Tony exclaims, leaning around Howard to beam up at her, shyness apparently forgotten.

Natasha has to bite back a dopey grin. “Jan has excellent taste. Do you want some milk tea?”

Tony clambers into a seat with no grace whatsoever, not even flinching when Howard rushes to tuck his skirt back down properly. “Sounds gross!” he says cheerfully. “I’ll try it. Are you one of Daddy’s friends? ‘cause you were with Captain America and Sergeant Barnes?”

“…Yes,” she decides, because honestly what else can she say. “But I like to think I’m your friend, too.”

Tony beams at her as he accepts the mug she hands him. “You wanna be friends with me?”

“Why wouldn’t I want to be your friend?” Natasha asks, honestly curious. “You’re smart, funny, adorable. Sometimes we race when we’re wolves. You even let me win sometimes to make me feel better.”

“I win?!” Tony exclaims excitedly.

Natasha ruffles his hair. “All the time.”

Howard has no idea if she’s lying out of her ass or not but he puffs his chest out proudly anyway. “Of course he does! He’s perfect.”

Natasha turns back to the stove quickly so they can’t see her crying with the effort of holding in her laughter because Jesus Christ. These Starks.

Tony takes a sip of the milk tea. “This is really weird!” he decides. He thinks about it for a few seconds. “…But a good weird.” He slurps up more. It’s weird but not bad, and it warms him from the inside out. He doesn’t want to tell Daddy, but he’d been shivery cold ever since the monsters attacked.

Howard pats him on the back. “I’m glad. But remember, you’re supposed to keep your skirt down. We’ve been over this. Some people would be offended.”

Tony huffs, rolling his eyes. “Daddy,” he says primly. “Natasha was the one that got me proper clothes. She’s already seen me naked.” He pauses. “…I wonder why I was a wolf when those monsters attacked.”

Howard gapes at him speechlessly.

Natasha wheezes and covers her mouth with her fist. God, she was gonna pee herself at this rate.

you know what? people really do indirectly force you to grow up fast. and you might not even realize it, but when you come to a certain age, like when you are at college, people suddenly want you to drop all the things that make you happy (i am talking about music, bands, artists, tv shows and such). like they wont tell you what you should be doing but everyone is expecting from you to “grow up” and become a miserable adult like the rest of them.

Believe (Connor)

Summary: You find out a secret about Connor

Warnings: swearing, and I think thats it

A/N: Here it is! I worked really hard on this, and yes, there will be a second part. Enjoy :) @mekiimaki here you go babe


When you were younger, you always wanted to believe in magic. Your parents were supportive, and bought you plenty of books about magic and mythical creatures to fuel your imagination. At age 11, you would play by the lake just a few minutes away from your house, pretending that there was mermaids in that lake. You’d imagine big, beautiful mermaids with blue luxurious tails and hair that was made of silk being your best friends. At school, you would brag that a mermaid was your best friend. As you grew older, though, those days of playing by the lake drifted away. You realized that there was no possible way that mermaids existed. At least, that’s what you thought.

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hey, so i saw your response to an anon a few months ago about tsukkikage where they're both ace, and i was wondering if you had any additional headcanons around that? i also hc them both as ace :)

  • kageyama not even knowing there was a word for not being attracted to people until he heard tsukishima mentioning it, he just thought it was yet another social thing that he didn’t understand
  • tsukishima being very reluctant to tutor kageyama on the sexuality spectrum
  • as per expected tsukishima answers any and all of kageyama’s questions shortly and with as little talking as he can make it
  • however, he does answer all of them honestly and doesn’t dance around issues (which is very helpful for kageyama)
  • I kind of imagine kageyama’s a little ignorant about a lot of things. He’s only ever heard traditional viewpoints since those are everywhere and he’s never been interested in things that aren’t volleyball so he’s never sought out more information. In that sense, a lot of what tsukishima tells him confuses him.
  • “So… I don’t have to want sex.”
  • “No one ever has to want sex, you dunce.”
  • “Not even when I get married?”
  • “Nope. And don’t you mean if you get married? You have to find someone to agree to spend the rest of their miserable life with you, you know.”
  • “Shut up! But what about the wedding night? Don’t the bride and the groom go and… do things?”
  • “Oh god, I am not talking about this with you.”
  • “But…”
  • “Ok listen. Sex should only happen when both you and your poor, clearly desperate partner want it. If you don’t ever want it, you don’t ever have to have it. Got it? Great! Question time is over.”
  • “Um–”
  • “It’s over. Sorry, we’re closed. Tune in tomorrow for more of this riveting conversation… not that I could stop you.”
  • side note: tsukishima is probably so Tired™ of non-ace people saying they don’t understand what he means by asexuality
  • he’s also pretty tired of people assuming that this just means that he’s shy and reserved
  • “i admire how you’re waiting until marriage, i am too.”
  • oh my god.”

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"You're always number one." For Chloe/Sabrina (rare pair amirite?) maybe angst, or some cute fluff idk. Please and thanks :)

More prompts!!! OK Anon, you have no idea how excited I was to write about these two because its such a messed up relationship/friendship dynamic with the two of them, but with so much potential especially when paired with the idea of Chloe redemption! So here is my take on it (It’s more friendshipy than ship shipy but it is the story that called to me!) 

“Don’t worry Bee, you’ll get the hang of it,” Chat Noir said kindly patting her on the shoulder in a comforting, familiar sort of way, “we all had a bit of a learning curve.”

She didn’t trust herself to speak, simply nodding in acknowledgement.

“Really,” he continued gently, “You did great for your first time out.”

“Ladybug didn’t think so,” Bee blurted out miserably.

“Sure she did, she just…” she saw him bite his lip as he pondered his words, “Ladybug has a lot of responsibilities as the leader of our little team, and she can have a bit of a temper sometimes when she is worried about protecting people. She just didn’t want you to get hurt, it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t think you did a good job.”

“She told me that I almost got myself killed, and that she can’t do her job if she has to worry about what sort of idiotic thing I am going to do next.”

“Chin up Bee,” Chat said, “she tells me that like once a week, and I am still here aren’t I?” He flashed her a lopsided grin, tapping her on the end of her nose, and in spite of herself Bee felt her lips twist into a soft smile. “That’s better,” Chat grinned. “Trust me, you are gonna be fine, okay?”

She nodded, a little more confidently this time, and Chat held up a hand for a high five. She raised her own hand and rolled her eyes and Chat pretended to be stung as their palms hit. He gave her a final jaunty smile and a salute as his ring let out a final warning beep, leaping away with his baton to find a safe place to drop his transformation.

Bee waited a few minutes in the secluded corner of the park before doing a final look around and dropping her own disguise. It was only a short walk back to the hotel, so there was no reason to stay powered up any longer.

“Chat Noir is right you know,” her Kwami said, settling on her shoulder, “while we still have a lot of work to do, you did very well for your first time out. Remember a hive isn’t built in a day.”

“I know,” Chloe sighed, “but is it so much to ask to want to make a good first impression?”

“I don’t know what you mean, I think your outfit was completely stunning.”

“Well there is that,” Chloe admitted with a begrudging smile.

Her kwami gave her cheek a quick squeeze before disappearing into her clutch.


She turned to see Sabrina running towards her clearly out of breath.

“Oh, Chloe, thank goodness! I’ve been looking everywhere for you! I was so scared that something happened to you! It was complete chaos, everything was a mess, but of course Ladybug fixed everything as usual. Did you see the fight?”

“Yes I saw.”

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I’ve gotten to the part about Les Mis in the biography and I have A LOT TO SAY and A LOT OF FEELINGS but most I will have to save for tomorrow when I am less worn out, but real quick, this quote though:

“This is the touchstone of all adaptations of Les Miserables, musical or cinematic: to turn Javert, the tenacious respecter of authority, ‘that savage in the service of civilization’, into the villain of the piece is to deprive the novel of it’s dynamite, to point the finger at a single policeman instead of at the system he serves.”

THIS THIS THIS Graham Robb understands me. Like the thing about Javert is that yes, he does cruel things, that is undoubtedly true, and he doesn’t like, get a free pass or anything, but the great tragedy of Javert is that not only does he serve a society intent on punishment of those “miserable” ones it’s that he was BORN as one of those people, born in a jail. Society took one of those “miserable ones” trained him up, and turned him against the place from whence he came. Everyone, including the people guarding or  even defending this society, can get caught up in the wheel with the potential to be hurt. 

Anyway I have feelings, definitely more on this section tomorrow. 

13x04: The Big Empty

Holy shit. Holy shit! That felt like a season 11 episode. A good season 11 episode, even. It had:

  • Brothers talking! To each other! About things that mattered! And caring what the other said and felt!
  • Issues coming to a head and coming out in the open!
  • Dean acknowledging his dickish behavior and apologizing for it and worrying about Sam despite it!
  • Sam actually canonically mentioning that he didn’t get a chance to bond with Mary and that’s part of what’s weighing on him!
  • Misha doing voices! (I love Misha’s voices, this was A+++ made those scenes all the better!)
  • Dean coming around to Jack but slowly and not all at once and it’s not all okay but maybe it’s something they can work towards!
  • And he’s coming around mainly because Jack saved Sam!
  • Sam’s puppy-dog eyes working on everybody!
  • Dean in general being angry and miserable but he still can’t say no to him!
  • About anything really!
  • Also!
  • A good shapeshifter!
  • Played by a WoC!
  • Who is a therapist!
  • Who DIDN’T DIE!
  • And who is still a therapist which is someone they all need so badly!
  • Seriously guys put her number on speeddial (if she agrees)!
  • And pay her, a lot, because damn!

Now I gotta go watch as much Stranger Things as we can get in before we’re off to Thor: Ragnarok, but wow, okay, I am sorry, show, I take it back, you might be going good places this season after all!

ID #99114

Name: Chris
Age: 16
Country: USA

It’s summer break right now? And I won’t be seeing my friends for a really long time. For this break, I really want to be able to talk to people and stop myself from falling into a destructive spiral lol. I’m right now in a Les Miserable kick, but honestly I love almost every musical I’ve ever heard. And I’ve heard of quite a few. I love writing, role playing and the like. I’m currently in the 11th grade now (wow) and am working my way through. I love singing and acting, although I haven’t acted in a very long time. I play piano and guitar. I once tried the clarinet and it just didn’t work out for me. Im almost consistently on mobile so you’ll have to forgive me if I’m a little bit slow. I don’t watch too much television, I do my best to keep up with movies but it doesn’t always work. I know a little bit about a lot of things. I’m an aspiring Biologist/Political science major (haven’t decided) and have very very strong opinions. I’ll try not to bore you too much with them, however. I’ve been told that’s a problem.

Preferences: I mean, I would prefer someone 15-18. I don’t mind the gender or sexuality or anything of that sort. Other than that? I wanna talk to anyone and everyone.

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When I was a kid I went to a mental hospital and I met the only other kid in my section who was also autistic and we roleplayed a lot. Especially FNAF. It was a special interest. The hospital sent me home after a while with papers about autism. I am diagnosed but I feel uncomfortable with the fact that they did that when the biggest thing I talked about was just FNAF. Why is it cringe culture, by the way? 😐 and am I allowed to feel bad about liking FNAF and having autism?...

“Cringe culture” is when 28-year-old men look at 11-year-old children playing and having fun and hate them for not being miserable sacks of shit like themselves so, like, who’s the real “cringey” ones in this equation (spoiler: it’s the grown-ass adult who hates fun). Trust me, anything can be “cringe culture” if a preteen (and especially a preteen girl, and especially an autistic preteen) has ever enjoyed it and a white man with a gun fetish has caught wind of that fact.

You’re allowed to feel bad, sure, I mean it’s your emotions and you’re entitled to them. But trust me when I tell you the day you stop caring what whiny men on the internet think is the day you will be a much freer person.

-Brother Cat

Ikuta Erika’s Blog English Translation (2017.10.17)

Dai Senshuuraku ~♪ 508

Les Miserables 2017’s Big Final Day
All of the performances have ended successfully!

Audience, casts, staffs, all of you
Who gave me a lot of support
I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

I’ve played Cosette’s role for a long time
With lots of fun and excitement
I even discovered my weaknesses and abilities that I lack.

There were lots of things I had achieved because of participating in this work
There are still also lots of obstacles that I need to overcome
I have to give all of my best…!

Everyone in the company who were very kind
As I was surrounded by the people I admire
It was really fun!

Being able to be a part of LeMise 2017
I am very grateful.

Keeping the precious memories I have in my heart
I will do my best so that I can work with them again someday.

Cosette Ayaka-san, Mayuko

As we share the same role, I had a lot of things I am concerned about and wondered if I can get close to them when these two were already supporting me.

I love you both from the bottom of my heart!
Thank you!!

Thank you for the flowers.

From the first until the last day at Chunichi Theater
It is an honor to be able to stand in this historical theater.

While there were many activities that I have missed
Everyone who supported me 
I’m really thankful to all of you!

I’ll do my best to pay you all back!

Erika (。・∀・。)☆彡

ID #70743

Name: Bork
Age: 15
Country: USA

Hey! I’m Bork, but that’s not my real name as you’ve probably guessed lol. (I’ll tell you my real name after we get to know each other more (: ).
I’m just a 15 year old who thinks it’s easier talking to people online.
A few things about me: my favorite color is blue. I have three dogs and a cat (I could show you pictures lol). Anyways, I love drawing and listening to music. I don’t have a favorite music genre, there’s just so many good songs! I’d love to share songs with people, along with listening to your recommendations as well. I loveeee to watch YouTube; mostly Idubbbz, PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, Markiplier, Phillip DeFranco, Jenna Marbles, David Dobrik, Liza Koshy, DrawWithJazza, Jacksfilms, Game/Film Theory and IHE. I also enjoy reading and sometimes writing; my favorite books to read are thrillers, fantasy, random novels, and mystery. When I have time, I listen to podcast like Views, My Favorite Murder, and My Dad Wrote a Porno. I’ve recently been into films and musicals (Les Miserables, Marvel and others being some of my favs). I’m very intrigued by the brain and how people act (one of the many reasons why I love murder stories). I don’t watch a lot of tv but I do like the shows: Criminal Minds, Supernatural, Stranger Things, Friends, The Office and Game Of Thrones.
I’m down to talk about whatever the hell you want, rather it be pointless or something serious, I won’t mind.
I am okay with swearing! No need to censor yourself :)

Preferences: Preferably someone under the age of 18 or around my age.


I hope everyone survived the Holiday! I guess if you didn’t you aren’t reading this. For those who enjoyed it great, for those who didn’t I hope you enjoy this week at least. I know at a lot of jobs it is a nice slow week, so enjoy that, use it to catch up or just chill or whatever. I guess if it was a miserable Christmas and this week sucks at your job I’m sorry. Life just dumps on some people. I am looking forward to a generally slow and relaxing week. I am posting Charli XCX today because she has been loading up her instagram with thankful posts about all the things she feels lucky to have experienced this week. It is nice to see and nice to see someone in a good place. I am not telling you if you are unhappy that you should take comfort in this or that. I have never really taken comfort in the fact that it could be worse. I am saying that if you sit and think about the positives around you though it can help some. Or not, it’s your life. Do what you want. I like Charli though and am glad to see her happy and perhaps finding a way to define success on her own terms. I also find her very attractive. Today I want to fuck Charli XCX.

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What is the secret to becoming as pretty as u?

2:  Is it confidence?

Thank u this is very sweet and honestly everyone I have ever seen is pretty, confidence is just the way you get to see it in yourself. Does that make sense?

I realise this was probably a quick question but I’m about to launch into a whole thing because I think about this a lot so I’m sorry here we go:

Whether or not you think I’m pretty is a subjective opinion, eg, lots of people won’t think I’m pretty, it’s not a stone cold fact that I am or anyone else is pretty. And the thing about opinions is they can change - even your opinion about yourself. I realised this when I was one of those people who didn’t think I was pretty. I was like, why not? Putting myself down is making me miserable so why do I do it? And I started to change my opinion. When I looked in the mirror, I looked for good things, even tiny details: I like the shape of my eyes. I like my cheekbones. I like the tiny dimple I get in the right light/shadow. Obviously I still notice bad things, like I don’t like my chin, or the ‘beauty mark’ on my nose, or my natural smile. But I gloss over them, because that’s what most people do. Most people don’t focus on all the things they don’t like about another face - they focus on what they do like, and compare it to themselves. That’s the other thing: instead of comparing your face to people you think are pretty, compare it to your own face 3 years ago, or 1 year ago, or yesterday. The things you like will still be there and the things you don’t like will become less and less relevant.

Sorry this ended up so long and didn’t even answer the question lmao but I hope it makes sense and we all learn and maintain confidence <3

The Signs From A Libra's Perspective
  • Aries: You guys are hilarious for starters. Always find a way to cheer me up, and even though we clash sometimes you always understand me at the end of the day. Love to explore, and I am so down to follow you anywhere. Killer sense of style, surprisingly amazing/ecclectic music taste. HARD WORKERS. When you guys zero in on something BOY DO YOU ZERO IN.
  • Taurus: My partners in crime. You guys are so deep, and I am so honored I've seen that side of you. You're two steps ahead of everyone at all times, but nobody knows except for me. Total boss ass bitches--unstoppable. When you care about someone you really care about them, but when you don't its hilarious and I live for all the shade you throw! Also the biggest underdogs who I champion 24/7.
  • Gemini: My roof in the pouring rain. Complex individuals who are so misunderstood it breaks my heart. They build up walls but boy when they tear them down for you they are AMAZING. Great listeners, always there for me, HILARIOUS. Always someone I can have fun with, so special to me. I can 1000% let my hair down with them and they can do the same with me. Has no issue telling the truth, so analytical. They have huge hearts but are so lowkey about it. Great sense of style, the greatest taste in music. They are their own worst enemies though, nobody can criticize a Gemini more than they do themselves. LOVEABLE ASSHOLES.
  • Cancer: Though they are stereotyped to be very sensitive, nurturing and that weird "uwu" type of person--I beg to differ. Every Cancer I know is a badass and very practical. Ultra snarky and sarcastic little shits AND I LIVE FOR IT. They always have something rad going on with their hair too, very rebellious. They do have a sensitive though, and they try hard to conceal it by rebelling--but I see you guys it's okay to feel that way!!
  • Leo: IS THERE ANYTHING A LEO CAN'T DO?? When I think of you guys, the quote "Anything you can do I can do better" reverberates in my mind. Leo's are the closest thing I get to a physical version of a reality check. They are the ones who bring me down when my head is in the clouds and I get too idealisitc. Confident in various aspect of life but lack that same confidence in others. Bright minds, extremely intelligent. Sometimes can be very unsympathetic, often overlook emotions. Funloving, they are the center of attention and rightfully so. Charming, know how to get what they want out of anyone. Great taste in cinema, my favorite person to debate with. ALWAYS check in on me even when I don't have the time for them, always make time for me no matter how busy and I appreciate them for it so much. Cunning, excellent orators--such cadence in their speech it blows me away.
  • Virgo: I either love you guys or I....don't. To those that I love dearly you are everywhere at once, you are more than what you fear at night in bed. Brave souls with creative minds--always thinking outside the box! Such Casanovas though like how do you guys get all the bitches??? Teach me your ways! Always listen to my advice. SO.FREAKING.ORGANIZED. Great with money, channel their emotions into their creative outlets. One with nature, really at peace when they are content with their surroundings. Very logical and objective..but not the best with understanding why they may feel a certain way.
  • Libra: Oh hey...you're me?? Awkward. What's up? Every Libra I know is a huge people pleaser. Has a hard time saying no..like a really hard time saying no. Lowkey assholes. (especially Libra guys) We're kind of on another planet sometimes, the worst texters I know but yet we're always on our phones?? Hands down THE STYLISH OF THE ZODIAC OK?? Such nerds though..take their academic careers so seriously. Either super shy--that type of kid who doesn't talk and then says something really real/ funny and everyone is like ?!!!?!?!?!? or THE LIFE OF THE FREAKING PARTY. Passive aggressive little fucks and I live for it when it isn't directed towards me. Great listeners, give you the best advice. Hate when we feel taken advanatage of...usually know when we are being taken advantage of. Fiercely loyal, flirty (WE THINK WERE BEING FRIENDLY OK) Lowkey really sad we can't save the world with our idealistic visions.
  • Scorpio: Like virgos..I love you or I...don't. Your quiet nature reassures me, but I know your emotions are like a volcano. Very hands on, dark, hilarious. Some of you come for advice and listen to me...others not so much. Introverted Scorpios are my favorites, and I live for your insight. Your passion astounds me! As for extroverted types: BE YOURSELF. I PROMISE YOU PEOPLE LIKE YOU MORE IF YOU STOP FAKING IT. Either extemely selfless or extremely selfish--a lot of extremes with you guys. Very vocal, have an issue with being wrong though. (it's ok I do too)
  • Sagittarius: SO.FREAKING.FUNNY. I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH. You know how to party and how to throw one even better. Amazing at whatever profession they choose to go into. Have an eye for colors, more so than anyone else. Excellent cooks, killer makeup artists. Like Geminis, they too have big hearts it just is under alot of snarkiness. Would go to the end of the earth for someone they care about. SO.FIERCE. IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD. However, do NOT wrong them--you will either be dead to them or they will make your life a living hell. They are my driving force, they ask me to jump and I say "How high?"
  • Capricorn: Yes, they are hard workers, yes, they are everything the astrology stereotypes say about them. Capricorns are sweethearts but you have to go on a journey to discover this. They will only show you this side if they deem you good enough, and that is because they don't want you to hurt them. Loyal, oddly incredibly athletic??? SUCH DORKS. Deep down, they need you though, so be there for your Capricorn. When they are certain about who they are they are a delight, when they are uncertain of who they are it is a living nightmare.
  • Aquarius: Oh Aquarius....what can I say about Aquarius. Some of you are my detached weirdo alien bffs...others well damn. The only one of the zodiac who is fully capable of making me the happiest person alive or the most miserable person alive. Your attention shifts a lot, you're never forward, one minute you chase me the next I'm chasing you. We are like cat and mouse. There is a side to you only few have seen, some days I am grateful I have seen it and other days I wish you never showed me it because it makes judging every thing you do even harder. The smartest people I know, walking Wikipedias--super cool, so goofy. Someone who I would sadly go to the ends of the earth for no matter what. You bring out the best in me and the very worst in me. I wish we loved each other in the same way, I wish you loved me like I love you but I'm okay with that at this point.
  • Pisces: Misunderstood souls. Old souls who deserve the world. You inspire me to strive to help everyone all the time and to love everyone all the time. It breaks my heart to see you mistreated because you deserve to be SO HAPPY. Never lose sight of your humanity because one day you will be in a better place and you will need it. Deeply sensitive but not in the critical whiny baby way--they are extremely intuitive and are often overlooked. Brilliant writers, their pieces will move you and bring tears to your eyes. Simultaneously a cutie pie and a freaking BOMBSHELL VIXEN. LOVES SPACE SO MUCH. Empowering. I wish you loved yourself as much as I love you.

I honestly think “Break out of your comfort zone!” is something miserable people say to try to make them feel better about being perpetually uncomfortable.

(I’m happy with both my sense of style and disability access modifications, so I’m good being EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE over here, general populace. I’m sorry but I’m already pleased with who I am…)

New friendos?

SO. I think I need to try to find more like-minded people on this interweb sitey thing and try to make some new friends before I decide its not worth it anymore xD

Some things to know:

I am physically disabled.

I am diagnosed with mental illnesses.

I support every single group included in LGBTQIA++++ as I am in there somewhere.

My Tumblr is a very these-things-safe Tumblr.

Positive or relatable feedback and questions are welcome. Anything negative or threatening, however will be removed and the user will be blocked promptly.

With that said, I am very open and interested in lots of different things and willing to learn and hopefully grow as a person by meeting new people

ALSO Big Nerd. And geek.

Oh boy. About that. Okay heres a list of things that make my heart go asdfghjkl;:

Musicals: Les Miserables, Hamilton, In the Heights, Dear Evan Hansen, Phantom of the Opera, Repo the Genetic Opera

Music: Late 70′s ealy 80′s rock, jazz, metal, rock opera, some country, edm

TV Shows: NCIS, The Good Doctor, Criminal Minds, Law & Order SVU, American Horror Story

Anime: Black Butler, Soul Eater, Pokemon (there are more)

Movies: The Theory of Everything, Frozen, Hunger Games, Harry Potter

Books: Harry Potter, Hunger Games, The Cobra Event, Shel Silverstine, James Patterson, 1984, Lois Lowry, Stephen King

Video games: Cathrine, Minecraft, Kingdom Hearts, Bayonetta, Dragon Age, Sonic, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony, DDR, Nascar

Miscellaneous: Witchcraft, rock/crystal/seashell collecting, candles, collectibles, cosplay, Markiplier, ASMR

So. There’s some things I like. Hopefully we can vibe. My box is always open for asks and messages.

anonymous asked:

You can always quit if it's making you miserable, life is too fucking short for that. And if anybody judges you-give them the finger. Or you can be a stubborn idiot about it like me and waste your time on something that is obviously making you feel like shit. And it's not about being smart enough, it's about passion and desire to learn something. Which I still have, but I am left bitter about a lot of things damn it. Sorry for rambling 😬

no no it’s okay, don’t apologize. i’m gonna talk to people at university that can help me. i’m either gonna just finish this degree or try and see if i can change degrees. i’ll be in school longer and i’ll be in a shit load of debt but i really just do not want to do game design anymore. i want to be an author or an artist though so idk how well it’s gonna go.