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Some people say that the best way to find happiness is to travel the world with the one that you love. That walking hand-in-hand with that person will create new adventures and special memories. And that by creating these adventures and memories, you will then find the key to a fulfilling life.

But I’m not envious of those people who say and do that. I don’t even need to leave my bed to achieve such happiness. Because here in my bed, I have all I need. Because here in this moment, I can see the whole world in Simon’s hands.

Presenting my shortest fic ever! (0.1k) For @snowbaz-feda​! 
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A/N : a little on shot JISA based around the idea of a winter ranch vacation that Lisa desperately wanted to book a while back. Thanks again to @the-real-tc for always giving me positive encouragement and being my sounding board. I hope you all enjoy


Jacks fingers fumbled as he tried to reply to a text message…he was greatful that Lisa had brought him a new phone {even though she was adamant he wasn’t}, but he was used to his old phone and this new 'lifestyle’ was going to take a bit of getting used too.
Lisa had nagged and nagged him to replace his trusty old flip phone,but just not in time enough for her to get hold of him to book a winter ranch in Arizona….
She was so disappointed that they had missed such a great deal…Lisa was heading to Arizona in 2 weeks for work, but she had hopped that Jack would join her for a further month after that and they could enjoy some time together and escape a part of the harsh Alberta winter….but it wasn’t to be, she sighed as she read through the email her travel agent had sent earlier that morning.

Good morning Lisa,
I am really sorry to inform you, however we have nothing suitable that will fit in with your available dates at this stage….unfortunately the last Ranch similar to what you are looking for was booked late yesterday afternoon.
I will however keep you posted should anything suitable come up at the last minute.

Have a great day,

Lisa closed her computer…
“Jack and that damn flip phone” she muttered to herself
At times Jacks stubborn behaviour could be excused, but this time Lisa couldn’t help but feel slightly despondent…she travelled for work far less these days, the time away from Jack was something she in fact dreaded partly for the mere fact that she missed him like crazy and the other due to that constant worry that niggled at her whenever they were apart. Jack’s past history ( heart attack) and his at time crippling arthritis were something that Lisa couldn’t push far from her mind, in particular during their time apart.
Lisa got up from her desk at 'Fairfield’ where she had been working all morning, she started collecting together all the paperwork and files she would need for this latest trip…she had 3 new potential clients to meet with and 2 auctions to attend….But somehow the thought of spending two weeks with Dan and WITHOUT Jack had dampened Lisa’s mood and very quickly this trip was becoming more and more of a chore.

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Archangel Flare

Ichiruki. AU with a lot of space, and a bit of angst and liberally applied tropes about confined spaces and near death experiences. Thanks to @gunnerpalace for the kick start on the idea, and @hashtagartistlife for the brilliant beta.  This part is ~3.5k. I’m thinking two more parts, we’ll see how wordy I get.

Space is generally pretty boring in Ichigo’s opinion - mostly empty with the occasional planet and sometimes, something hostile to kill, but generally, there’s very little to do out here out on the far reaches of the Central Systems. 

This mission was supposed to be a quick in and out to reconnoitre this system regarding the viability of an H3 mining operation and get back to The Seireitei for a couple of weeks of downtime. However, they’ve run into trouble - the kind of trouble that shows up with weapons powered up, and seems to be able to outmanoeuvre even Commander Kuchiki - Rukia Kuchiki, pride of her house and one of the best pilots in the corps, save himself.  

Ichigo swears as tracer fire lights up his tactical grid. He zeroes in on his own target, lining up and firing with a flick of thought while the remainder of his attention is focused on watching Rukia. 

She’s in Sode no Shirayuki, ducking and weaving as she leads the group of enemy craft through the maze of tumbling ice and rock that makes up this planet’s ring system. Another target pops on Ichigo’s display and he takes his eyes off Rukia’s spiralling trajectory in order to shake off his own tail.

When he turns back, Rukia is nowhere to be seen. Ichigo calls up his sensor array, layering it over his tactical grid and it pings almost immediately with her comm signature. He looks up in time to see Rukia peel away from her pursuers as they come around the far side of a particularly large ball of ice-packed rock. The silver-white skin of her mobile suit flares as it catches the reflected planetlight. 

“They’re still on your six,” Ichigo mutters over their commlink, and he hears Rukia’s acknowledgement before he notices the the telltale energy signature on his tactical grid. There’s a breath of time before they fire, and then Sode no Shirayuki is obliterated in a hail of gravity charges and the flash of her pulse drive overloading.  

“Rukia!” Her name jumps out of his mouth. All he can think is that he has to get to her, he has to get there before her suit runs out of air, she has to have ejected - she had to have seen that coming.

Ichigo swerves towards the explosion, pulling desperately on his control stick, and pushing his suit to its limits. The HUD flashes dire warnings about g-forces, energy reserves and proximity across his eye line and Ichigo dismisses them with a thought, throwing himself and his armor through debris-riddled space to reach her in time.

“Goddamnit,” he snarls, sending his suit into a spiral to avoid a shredded piece of Rukia’s hull. It knocks against his flank and Ichigo feels the crunch of it through the shielding before he slips past it and on to find her. He’s shouting mental commands at the nav panel, demanding that it search for her comm signature in the debris field and ignore everything else.

There’s a ping to his left and Ichigo pulls up short. He turns, both his eyes and sensors scanning, and there she is, suspended in space, the light of the fiery remains of her suit reflecting across the closed visor of her helmet. 

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  • <p> <b>Kakashi:</b> Ok...here it goes..uh..<p/><b>Kakashi(light blush):</b> AHEM gai are you a cactus, because you're succulicius.<p/><b>Gai:</b> ..WHY WOULD I BE A GODDAMN CACTUS? YOU KNOW THAT I AM MAITO GAI! MIGHTY GUY!MIGHT GUY! THE-<p/><b>Kakashi (sighs):</b> Gai..Please stop.<p/><b>Kakashi:</b> I just tried to be-<p/><b>Gai:</b> I know, BUT WHAT THE UNYOUTHFUL HELL WAS THAT?<p/><b>kakahi:</b> I READ IT IN ICHA ICHA AND THEIR LOVER WAS TOTALLY HAPPY<p/><b>kakashi:</b> I HAD TO TRY<p/></p>

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Asami wants to be the big spoon but Korra won't let her

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Asami missed the light switch against the wall on her first try. Her heavily drooping eyes and exhausted body left no room for coordination. Judging by Korra’s huff of amused air from the bed, she probably felt the same. With a roll of her eyes, Asami managed to flip the lights off and tumble into bed. She groaned at the lovely feeling of being horizontal.

“Korra, come here. I want to big spoon tonight” she mumbled. She reached out blindly in the dark for the warm body she loved to feel surrounding her. Some nights however, some nights she just needs to be the big spoon.

“No, I’m the big spoon. Big spoon Korra, that’s me. You come here” the Avatar protested from the other side of the bed. Asami groaned when she felt Korra try and tug her closer.

“Babe, please”

“I am the mighty Big Spoon Korra, no one gets in my way”


“I should get that as a tattoo”


“Come here. Cuddle me” Asami sighed in relief and shuffled across the sheets. Korra pressed into her and melted, their bodies molded against each other with no effort.

“I thought for a second you weren’t going to let me” Asami kissed the back of Korra’s neck as the Avatar’s laugh rumbled between them.

“I’m a sucker for you” They adjusted to be completely comfortable. “But don’t expect this again”

“Go to sleep”

“I should get a tattoo”


“Do you think people will get it if I put it right across my forehead? ‘Big spoon Korra’?” Asami sighed and closed her eyes. She was going to sleep, whether her girlfriend wanted it or not.

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