i am melted

nikki-ryu  asked:

Do you think Zen never got so attached to Rika, like the other members, because of his sixth sense? I honestly started thinking about it. I am playing Hyun's route again and am in the part where he has that nightmare, about Unknown kidnapping your character, and calls you really worried (so lovely~~ my heart melts). I am not saying it is all due to his sixth sense, but honestly I think it plays a huge part on the reason behind it

Hmm, I think it’s more so because of his family background. It would explain why he didn’t wanna get too attached. Using his psychic abilities as a reason would be a little bit of a stretch, and it seems like he did trust her. After all, he stayed in the RFA.

But I guess you could still theorise that he was distancing himself because he knew she had questionable intentions, though I don’t know how to back that up.

trapped in a random city in ohio too!!!! trying to keep a good attitude abt it but everyone else is so scared, i dont know what to do i want them to know it’s all going to be ok but i am also preoccupied by melting down


DY’s childish games making TY brighten his mood  


I think I just came. I am screaming. I need to write some bucky smut right the fuck NOW. If you watch this please don’t say I didn’t w a r n  y o u. 

small flame.

have you ever taken the time to really look into this face, though


Can we all take the time to appreciate the absolute beauty of Ignis Stupeo Scientia? Ft. Gladio

instead of getting nicky to text neil incessantly, andrew figures the best way to get neil accustomed to his phone is to sext him. 

He’s – not wrong.