i am melancholic

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Name: Justyna
Age: 20
Country: Poland

Hey! I am Justyna from Poland. Actually I am student in Medical University studying to become a doctor.
Medicine is now a big part of my life but I have other interests too. I really love literature in any kinds (it’s a shame I don’t have much time for it :<) I love TV shows especially Korean. It caught me really deep in Asia, it’s culture, music and aestetics. I love to contemplate world and nature, I am little melancholic and nerd. I am quite shy and introverted but I’m trying.

I found penship by accident but I must admit it intrigued me right away. I need that “invisible” friend in my life with whom I could share my thoughts, interests and stories. I think it would be so much fun! It excites me to learn something about new people and their culure I want to improve my poor English too. Idea of snail mail from abroad is so much style!!

Preferences: I would prefer people around my age but I’m open to others too. Gender, country doesn’t matter. I am amazed by snail mail and I want to contact through it.

They say that the eye is the window of a soul, I am convinced. I see things quite different sometimes , I am melancholic individual , My friends see me as a blunted person- an introverted psyche. nevertheless my taste are quite odd (and sometimes others see it as a shame and i’m being stigmatized) I can say that this is one of the reasons why i’m special and one of the variables of my worth

i have this feeling inside of me

it exists and the next minute, it doesn’t.

but that’s the point, it only disappears once in a while

because it seems to already live in my body and soul.

but i am grateful and melancholic at the same time

for this feeling found a home within me

while i suffer and ache for liberty.

If you’re alone, make sure you’re not lonely

because if you are, I blame myself.