i am maybe still shaking a tiny bit

Ganondorf secretly caring about Zant and Ghirahim. And telling himself that its not actually them he cares about, just their ability to keep fighting for him. He’s like, “Yeah of course that’s it, I just can’t let them get too hurt or they won’t be of anymore use to me, haha yeah that’s definitely it”.

So in battle and stuff he keeps an eye on them, and keeps them from getting too battered up. Like when Zant gets too tired out or dizzy and is laying on the ground, Gan kinda lifts him up by his collar and slaps him on the back and is awkwardly like, “You’re fine get back out there”. Or if Ghirahim loses his temper or gets frustrated, he might ruffle his hair kinda roughly, and mutter, “It’s gonna be fine, don’t get too worked up”

And every now and then at the end of the day, he’ll kinda mumble, “Uh…you did okay today…or…whatever…” Then, Zant and Ghirahim get super excited and giddy and are like “YEAH WE DID OKAY!!!” And Gan gets all flustered and yells at them to shut up and stop being so cocky, but secretly thinks that their excitement is kinda cute, but tries to shake that off because No, no, I am the Demon King and I don’t care about anyone but myself, and that’s it, end of story. 

But he still can’t help looking out for them, and knows that deep deep down he maybe cares about them just a teeny tiny bit. But just a little bit and that’s it.