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The Bar

One shot made for anon.

Request:Anon asked Could I have a Richard x reader where rich has literally been pining after them for months and all his friends know but he’s to shy around them to do anything? But eventually he grabs the reader and gets too shy to say anything so he just kisses them and and and I need fluff tbh

Author Note: I am sorry if this is complete crap. I hope it has enough fluff if not feel free to message me and I will make another. I will make another until you die of fluffiness. :)

You stood cleaning out some glasses listening to the three men behind you.

“Richard, come on man just ask her out,” The taller man basically pleaded.

“Ask who out?” The bearded blonde feigned ignorance.

“You know exactly who, Richard Speight. The reason we have been coming to this bar almost three times a week for the last two months even though it is ridiculously out of our way and not even that great,” the short one who actually protested but agreed to everything said.

“We all know you want the bartender. You have been pining after her for two months now and come whenever she is working, you are basically stalking her,” the tall one joked.

“I am not stalking her,” the man named Richard replied flatly.

“What can I get for you guys? Your usual?” You interrupted the three arguing regulars. You had asked around about them and everyone said they only showed up on the three days you worked most.

“Yes that would be great,” the blonde man spoke with a slight tint of red to his face.

You had been wondering if their conversation had been about you but you had to be sure there was another girl working this bar tonight, time to find out for sure.

You grabbed the three of them their usual beers and popped off the tops, “My name is Y/N by the way.”

“Hello Y/N. My name is Matt, the man on the end there is Robbie and this fellow here is Richard,” the man spoke with a grin.

You focused your attention on the cutest one there. “Hello, Richard. Can I get you anything else,” you flashed your most flirty smile.

“U-u-uh no,” he stuttered out.

They were definitely talking about you, you smiled to yourself. You had dated some but no one had caught your eye in the last year and a half. This guy was something different though, he didn’t hit on you like all the others. You had talked to him on several occasions about each other’s lives.

You knew he was an actor but never went into much detail over it and he knew you bartended a couple days a week while being a senior in college. You also knew he was way older than you but that didn’t matter.

“Hey Y/N my friend Richard here has a question for you,” Rob called.

“Yes?” you smiled at Richard.

“I don’t have a question they are just being idiots.”

“Well okay then,” your smile fell a bit, “Call if you really do need something.”

You walked out behind the bar to grab some of the abandoned drinks lying about the bar. You were walking passed the guys when you tripped. You embraced yourself for the impact of the dirty floor when someone caught you.  

You were propped back up and you turned to face your savior whose arm was still wrapped around you.

“Thank you,” you whispered shyly since Richard’s eyes were boring into your own.

“My God you are beautiful,” he answered back.

Neither of you spoke again while simply just staring at each other. He looked as if he was finally going to ask you out, but nothing escaped his open lips. Another moment went by while nothing was said you could tell the whole bar was staring at the two of you but nothing happened until he quickly pressed his lips to yours.

When you didn’t respond he pulled away, a look of fear on his face. You didn’t want him to get the wrong idea and all you wanted was his warm lips back on yours, so you did the only thing you could think of, you kissed him.

You both just stood there kissing each other only pulling back for quick and sudden breaths before locking lips once again.

“So are they dating now?” Rob asked Matt confused.

Matt shrugged, “I am not really sure what just happened, but it has to be a good thing right?”

Richard finally spoke, “Would you like to go out sometime?”

“Yes,” you answered a bit breathless.

Matt Cohen Autograph Story (MinnCon 2016)

I actually didn’t plan on doing any story telling from auto sessions, since I don’t want to shove it down people’s throats, but here I go, because this is super special to me and I’ll never forget it.

I am completely and utterly obssessed with Matt Cohen, so much to the point where I bought his autograph for this con I attended (MinnCon 2016).

I had decided a while back that I was going to write my favorite quotes from Of Monsters and Men songs on the pages of my journal I was getting signed, since their lyrics are some of my favorites (and they’re one of my favorite bands in general).

Mark slid it by without looking at the words on his page, which makes complete sense to me. God knows what I could have written, plus he doesn’t have all the time in the world, so it’s easy to put two and two together.

Matt, however, was different.

By the time it was my turn for getting his signature, I was pretty tired from crappy sleep and waiting in his long ass line, since there were so many people. I first started out by making a joke, saying ‘oh, I really appreciate you staying to finish your auto session" (since about 10 minutes ago he himself goofed around by pretending to be a con worker, calling out 'raise your hand if you have a Matt Cohen autograph ticket!’ when he popped his head out of the room). He had a joking tone as he replied with something along the lines of “Of course, i would never leave you guys hangin’ like that,” though I could definitely hear some sincereity in his voice (which totally didn’t make me melt.)

He looked down at the page, getting ready to sign, but I noticed that he picked up the journal.

He was reading the damn thing.

Naturally, since I was a nervous wreck, I quickly said “my handwriting’s crap, I’d be surprised if you could read it.”

He said “no, no, that’s really beautiful,” as he signed, and since I assumed he didn’t know what it was from, I replied with “yeah, I love Of Monsters and Men. They’re incredible.”

and he said “have you seen the lyric videos?? Ya know, the ones in black and white with those fantastic crazy creatures in it?”

At this point, I’m mentally screaming, but I say “yeah, i absolutely love them!”

(I probably have the next few parts wrong because I was kinda freaking out, so i’m sure I forgot a few lines/they’re in the wrong order, but you get the idea)

Matt: I actually play those videos for my son. He’s only 1, but I think that music makes a really big impact on people’s lives.

Me: yeah, absolutely. That’s so cool. Have you seen the videos from their new album?

Matt: You mean the ones with people in black and white lip syncing to the lyrics?

Me: yeah!

Matt: I think I remember seeing a video with an older man who had a beard. I can’t remember which song.

Me: I think it was from the one you signed, actually.

Matt: That is so cool. It was nice meeting you!

Me: Yeah, you too!

When i got back to the hotel and it sunk in that all of that actually happened, i looked back at his signature for the first time, and I saw he left me a heart right above it.

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