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❝ as you know, brooke’s probably one of the most popular people in school, something i’m definitely not, and yet she’s my friend. she never cared what clique i was part of, the kinds of clothes i wore, or the fact i have to ride the bus. she looked passed that stuff, and when you think about it, isn’t that what we want in a president? someone who can see past the superficial differences, and bring us together? this year, brooke’s had her share ups and downs, just like all of us, but most of you never saw it. because even when life got hard, brooke never let it in. she was just… brooke, tough, smart, one of a kind, and i don’t know about you but those are things i look for in a leader. brooke davis is my friend, but that’s not why i’m voting for her. i’m voting for because of her heart and her spirit, and because she’s the best person for the job. ❞

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Nancy Drew Characters and Pokemon Go
  • Nancy: Hits every pokestop in the world(literally) yet still forgets to actually catch pokemon or leave the app open to hatch eggs.
  • George: Owns every gyms in River Heights, hatches eggs like their no tomorrow.
  • Bess: Only catches the pokemon she thinks are cute, has ten million weedles, pidgeys, and rattatas because no one wants them and she feels bad. Drives slow to hatch eggs.
  • Ned: Is like level 100 cause theres a million pokestops on campus and even more pokemon. Post pictures of all his pokemon because he's proud of them
  • Joe: Tried the ceiling fan trick and regretted it, nearly crashed the car because their was a pikachu.
  • Frank: Caught them all, literally all of them, no cheating but probably done in a very nerdy and strategic way. Also had to bring Joe to the hospital after the ceiling fan incident.

Title: Bittersweet

“Now you’ve found somebody who can make you happy. That’s the only reason I have stepped aside. You’re the only thing in life that really matters. If you’re happy dear then I am satisfied.

Just as long as the sun comes up tomorrow, and finds someone you love by your side, that’s the only thing in life that really matters.

If you’re happy dear…then I am satisfied.” - Marvin Rainwater and Glenn Reeves

thebrokentemplar - I changed it a little, but I hope I still achieved the atmosphere :D