i am making this a thing now~

Scion game. We are trying to break in to a building we suspect is run by titanspawn. We decide on a plan to enter from the roof, with our heaviest hitter taking the lead.

Player: “Ok, so I am going to dive off the roof, grab the edge and swing feet first through the window and punch the first thing I see.”

ST: “Now, to be clear, do you mean the first thing that threatens you? Or really the first thing you see?”

Player: “The first thing I see!“ 

The player makes it through the window.

ST: "Ok, uh, make a karma roll. Ok, now roll to attack.”

ST: “Right, so, you crash through the window and punch a toddler. He goes flying down the stairs while his mother screams.”

Isak was the one to nose bleed - is he also the one to get hit in the face by the internet?

Okay so an anon brought this up with me and now I am dying because it all makes sense 

so remember how in the trailer Even got hit in the face with a selfie stick?

well we all interpreted this as someone getting hurt because of the internet…and because it’s Even getting hit we thought he was the one involved in this buuuuut


Isak was the one to bleed not Even right?

So what if Isak is the one involved in this “hitting someone in the face with internet” thing

and then of course we had this clip

Which showed Noora giving Sana her password and was also released on a time that means some kind of code for hackering

which made us all think “oh my god Sara is gonna hack Noora or Sana is gonna hack Noora oh no ahhhh” (literally that was me no joke) 

But now i’m thinking


in this clip Isak lets us know that Sara is two faced

He uses the word online and talks about how she sent him all these messages about Vilde and all her ‘friends’ 

He knows all about the russbuss gossip and every little thing Sara has said behind all her friends backs. he has the messages that could expose what Sara is really like and maybe help Sana in….i don’t know revenge? getting the russ from Sara? showing her true colours? maybe

But yeah what if Isak gives Sana those screenshots?

or what if Sana hits Isak in the face with the selfie stick and hacks him

(but seriously if Isak does get hacked can they do him a favour and change his profile pic while they are at it oh my god pls) 


Isak was the one who said you can’t run from the internet girl…..hmmm

Smitten Kitten (Chapter Two)

I’m so glad everyone liked the first chapter! I am still a little nervous about this fic, shifter-verse is not something I’m familiar with so I’m kind of making things up as I go lol

Trying to tag everyone who liked/commented/reblogged, but if I missed you on the list let me know!
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Check out Concept Art for this fic HERE by the lovely @striving-artist


“Now guys.” Colonel Rhodes sat in front of them on the couch, his hands clasped loosely in his lap. “Tony would like to stress that making fun of him in his shifted form is unacceptable. He can’t help that while you, Steve, are a Lion, and you, Bucky, are a Wolf, he is nothing quite as scary. Tony would also like to calmly emphasize that–”

“If either of you fuckers calls me a pretty kitty again I will end you!” Tony shouted from the doorway. “I swear to—”

“Tony would like to calmly emphasize–” Rhodes repeated louder. “That calling him kitty is a very fast way to piss him off, so please don’t do that anymore. Showing you his shifted form was not something he had necessarily wanted to do, even though he has agreed that it was necessary to facilitate his healing. That being said, he is understandably nervous about showing it to you again, based off your reaction this time.”

The colonel was speaking with all the tact and diplomacy of someone who had been explaining Tony’s shenanigans to the press for years, and both the soldiers were having a hard time not laughing.

“Tony, is there something you would like to add, or have I covered the basics?” Rhodes asked politely, and Tony just huffed and turned on his heel, slamming the door behind him.

“Yikes.” Bucky murmured. “Made him angry, didn’t we?”

“Goddamn it, you two.” Rhodes dropped his head into his hands, all diplomacy gone now that Tony had left the room. “I cannot believe you reacted like that. Giant bastards that you are reduced to cooing and squealing over a damn cat!”

“We weren’t squeal–” Steve started to protest and Rhodes sent him a look.

“I saw the video feed. Never in my life have I seen two soldiers go from protective mode to adorable mode so quickly in my life.”

“Okay. We did get a little ridiculous.” Steve conceded. “But come on. Have you seen his animal form?”

“He is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. And I used to bring home orphaned kitties all the time.” Bucky said with a sigh and Steve rolled his eyes.

“Excuse him. The Winter Soldier is completely helpless against kittens, fluffy dogs and babies.”

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Okay so like....

Its getting towards the end of the school year and since I don’t work in the summer, I have to budget myself starting now to make sure I am okay to pay my bills. I do collect unemployment but ita not enough for my bills and other things like food I need to like… live lol

I have to get an oil change and get my radiator flushed with the antifreeze and all that and it’s gonna come to 100$ all together. I could use a bit of help with that so I wont have to worry about it this summer. If anyone can help me out just a bit, I would appreciate it :’( reblogging helps too!

My paypal is hibiki-chan@hotmail.com

Thanks so much ;;


I was incredibly fortunate to have two amazing teachers when I was in school. Teachers that went way beyond making me memorize things that I needed in the next exam. I am talking about teachers who made me think. Teachers who made me look closer. Teachers that I would now call rather “mentors” than teachers.
One of them definitely shaped huge parts of my personality, and I often hear the echo of his voice in my head. Some of the things he said have become “mantras”, things that I live by, and that I stick to almost religiously. Maybe one day I will elaborate on that.

What just struck me a couple of minutes ago was that as kids… we have no chance, right? We have to accept what is THERE. We have to battle through school, we have to try to get along. Which is good in parts, because… well… that is what life is, right? Battling through, sometimes. And we have to learn that.

But as adults we don’t have to accept teachers and mentors. We not only can choose, we have to consciously choose. And maybe get rid of those who hold us back and don’t respect us by clearly not caring about what _we_ need. That is what we owe to ourselves. We only have this one life - at least in this incarnation.
We have to find the one person that fits. A guide. That certain someone who is able to help us to become a better person. Who makes us think. Who makes us look closer. Who challenges us. And who really cares. The funny thing is, and that is also what I realized… We, as adults, we now choose our teachers (or can do that). They don’t choose us. It is a liberating and at the same time frightening thought. Because suddenly we have the responsibility.

We have to find that certain someone who will not reject us for asking questions or for challenging them. Not even - and particularly not - for questioning THEM. Who is patient, and up to the challenge.
Because a real teacher, a real mentor will always want to learn from us as well. A real teacher, a real mentor wants two things:
Help you become the best version of yourself, and they will want to constantly grow, expand, and become the best version of themselves. And that is only possible by reflecting and “bouncing off each other”.
I kind of have the hunch, that these… these symbiotic relationships… isn’t that what it is about in life? Challenge and growth.

I am tired. So tired.

Just writing this out on the internet because I need to feel like I’m telling someone. Not a ‘real’ someone, but still better than just my personal journal.

I am tired of my family. 

I am the oldest child of three. I am 24 years old. I graduated from Uni three years ago and have a great job. I earn the same -if not a bit more- than my father. My parents don’t own a house so they have to rent a place and because my dad doesn’t make much, I stayed to help with things instead of moving out on my own. We were really poor before I graduated and now we’re a lot better. Not great, but way better than before.

I pay half the rent (it’s a pricey one, mind you, since we wanted to get out of the dangerous neighbourhoods for my nephew’s sake). I pay for groceries and necessities for the whole family monthly. I pay home services. I buy shit all the time for the house. I take them all with me when I want to eat out because mum gets upset if I don’t and of course the whole check’s on me.

Now, I don’t mind helping out my parents. Everything I have and will have is because of them. I am nothing but grateful to them because I know the sacrifices that were made so that I could have a better future (me and my siblings, those ungrateful little fuckers). I have an 18 year old brother who’s been in and out of high school for four years now and he drinks/smokes like a motherfucker (with dad’s money). I have a 22 year old sister who’s a high school drop-out with no job (and no intention to get one) and mother to a 3 year-old kid. Guess who’s paying for their shit? Me!

I cannot save any money because of them. I am living from paycheck to paycheck and I’m permanently stuck with them because I cannot for the life of me even think of moving out and leaving my dad alone to handle all of this by himself. 

I have looked out for my siblings so much and they don’t give a crap. All they do is spend money that isn’t theirs to spend. All they do is live in a house they pay nothing for. All they do is leech off my dad and me and I’m SO TIRED. 

They are not kids anymore and I don’t know what to do. If I want a future for myself I have to get out of here but I can’t. I don’t know what to do. I am going crazy. 

I feel guilty. I should be proud that I can help my family financially and grateful that we’re living a better life now. I just think it’s unfair that it’s all my responsibility when both my siblings have had the same opportunities as me. They both could have finished high school. My sister could have a Uni degree by now and my brother could be a freshman at Uni as well. They chose not to, and now I have to handle the consequences of THEIR choices. It’s not fair. I feel guilty but it’s not fair.

My hair is falling out.

Thank you all for one year...

It has been one year since I made an intro post to this blog. A decision that was made impatience to use one of my characters, and excitement to join this community that I have enjoyed watching for almost two years. And I have to say that I am happy that I made that decision. 

I have always enjoyed the things that you guys put out. The stories, the characters, the humor, and the events in between. It’s always been something I look forward to seeing everyday and It’s so cool that I can contribute to this now. And the fact that I can share with my friends outside the community the things you guys do and how much they like it as well makes me feel proud to be a part of it. And some of them have even told me that they would like to join the community as well. And that is awesome to me.

I will say it is sad that I have seen some blogs go for one reason or another, but I am also excited to see others come join in as well. 

I do have a lot more I wanna say and for the sake of not flooding people’s dashes with a wall of text I’ll leave it under a read more. It may get sappy but I feel now is a good a time as any to say these things. 

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hello rue, are you on that ace-discord too?

i’m not no!

i am considering making a server specifically for my ace followers only tho… but it will take some time for me to organize (and figure out how discord works!?) and then see if anyone is interested?? no doubt it will end up being a small & very lowkey group 

but this is probably gonna be a thing happening in the far future (like a couple weeks at least) since im super busy right now, so it’s good to have other options too!

The whole Aria was pregnant thing

AD said what was in the file would put Ezra in jail, but if Aria had an abortion over 5 years ago no one can prove that Ezra was the father, unless Aria already told someone. But if she told wouldnt Ezra be in jail now? So if that is the secret in the file it makes no sense that Ezra would end up in jail because of it or am I missing something?

So I’m a week out of university and am finally settled in to being at home, which means I can finally make a post about selling these things!

This is a handmade Bucky Bear plush, and for now I’m only going to do FIVE due to the amount of fabric I have and due to health reasons (I can’t sew for too long because of back problems). The price is $35, and it is limited to USA only!


  • 14″ tall and 18″ long (from leg to leg)
  • Made of no-pill blizzard fabric and felt (nose, mask, bottons, lapels, belt)
  • Primarily machine stitched with buttons, nose and mask hand stitched on with embroidery thread
  • Due to the handmade nature of this variations will occur

If interested, please shoot me a message!

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My secret: I'm a huge fucking lesbian. I can't even say it to myself in a mirror I'm so ashamed. My family will never love me, I'll never get to come out, I'll never have a healthy relationship. I honestly hate myself so much bc I can't admit out loud how fkn gay I am.

I’ve stared at this for a while trying to figure out how I wanted to answer this… but look, you may not have said it out loud, but you said it. And no matter how close you are with your parents, they don’t define you. They may not like who you want to be with, but your happiness is the most important thing. Everything probably sucks right now, and it may for a little.. but do what is best for you to make your future worth while, it’s your life, not theirs.

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Do u miss Luna? 😔

Oh nonnie, you are too sweet!! This just touched my heart 💜

I am fully in love with Luna, and I will sorely miss her content, but we have our own line of communication too. But i do have hope that things will calm down and that sweet Luna will grace us with her presence again. And you know what? Honestly, I am all the more motivated to make this fandom a happy, kind, and positive place.

If you have negative emotions, I fully believe in your right to voice them. But I also know that I personally have also been affected by some of the negativity and it can become a vicious spiral- and I don’t like that either! So I’m taking it upon myself to make sure that from now on I am very intentional with making this fandom overflowing with all the things we love.

I dont have nearly the creative mind or talent that so many people in this fandom do, but if I have to make ridiculous art, pathetic edits, and hilariously bad smut fics to make people smile then I will absolutely do that! 😂

The Edge of Seventeen Tag by @alwaysimming

I was tagged by @lxcysims

So of course I’m gonna do Mollie cause she’s the most adorable thing ever!

So she was a bit of a nerd. She was quiet and shy and just loved math and science (ok am I making my sims just like me now?)

I tag: @simseternity @edgemoodlet @edgypandasimmer @emmasimming @tinybittoxic (sorry if any of you have already done this) and anyone else who wants to do this just say I tagged you

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When you get this reply with 5 things that make you happy and sent this to the last 10 people in your notifications

:0 Only five??? Alright, let’s see…

1. Bugs. All kinds of bugs. They’re just so cool and cute.

2. Seeing little kids play with Pokémon stuff, knowing that they’re sharing my childhood

3. Throw blankets. I am currently using four right now.

4. Spumoni ice cream


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Okay so in the NS/P Theme video (I think) there's one part where Brian is shown knitting, and it's just a super huge headcanon I have now. This murderous ninja boy relaxes by curling up on the couch with yarn and needles and just makes stuff. (Beanies for Danny maybe?????)

OH MY FUCKING GOD YES YES YEEESSSSSS!!! holy shit i am totally here for this. He’s not super good at it but it helps him sort of gets his mind off things and keeps his hands busy while he meditates, and then sometimes he’s in the zone for so long that he’s made a scarf (the first one was A Mess but he got better!!) 

so ultimately he just grows fond of it and does it in secret for a while, and Danny is so curious as to who keeps giving him knitwear, and NB just shrugs like “fans maybe? idk”

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Robert and Aaron's friendship is one of my favourite things, 'cause at first they don't seem to have many things in common. I wish we had an expert on lip reading to tell us what they talk on background scenes.

honestly same?????! the fact that they are literally best friends and in love with each other is the best, i feel like during the affair i was like “well they don’t have much in common other than sex and angst idk” but now i imagine them making fun of shitty telly together in the evenings and sharing favourite movies and talking about cars 24/7 

i feel like that scene was probably just ryan and danny goofing around but i’m all for someone who can lip read letting us know 

melodyepic  asked:

Pass the happy along! When you get this, reply with 5 things that make you happy and send it to the last 10 people in your activity! 💙

Ah thank you!! I’m really happy today since I just finished my last final so here we go:

  • Cats!! Big, small idc i love them
  • Tech, esp when it’s revolutionary and has something to do with robots
  • Music 
  • Socializing, talking and infodumping about theories

HAPPY EASTER!!♡ U( ˃ㅅ˂ ✿)U

Not Yet

“Are you in love?”

“Not yet,” says Cas.

“What’s - what’s that supposed to mean?”

Cas considers him.

“It’s just,” says Dean, “I kinda - you made me think like you’d say yes, man. I really thought -”

“You misunderstand me,” Cas says. “Or perhaps I should have answered more completely. I… am falling in love with you, currently. But I am not yet finished.”

“Finished?” It’s put an end to the look of hurt in Dean’s eyes, at least. Now he just looks confused.

“Well,” says Cas. “In love is something that sounds final. An end point, a… goal. But I am not at the end point yet. I can’t be, because every day I fall for you… more.” He clears his throat. “I notice something new about you, or you say something you’ve never said before, or you say something you have said before. The things that make me love you deeper are very diverse in nature.”

Dean, by this point, looks struck dumb. Cas continues, to fill the space.

“So I’m not all the way in love, not yet. I don’t know if I ever will be. But I am falling in love with you, Dean. All the time.”

Dean likes it. Cas can tell by the way he smiles down at his hands, as though at a joke, like he can’t believe it.

“Ask me,” Dean says. Cas doesn’t waste time pretending not to understand.

“Are you in love?” he asks.

Dean smiles.

“Not yet,” he says.