i am maid 0f time

> Be broken.

> You had managed to pull yourself out of your ablution block and back into your respite block. You sit at the foot of your bed hugging your knees closely to your chest and carefully examining the floor in front of you to make sure it wouldn’t change or move or anything, even if it was covered in your own vomit you needed to be sure it would stay that way. You tug nervously at the collar of the turtleneck sweater that you put on. It was a futile attempt to hide the damage you had inflicted upon yourself as the drag marks of your own claws were still very prevalent on your face, but it made you feel secure none the less. Now you were just waiting for Aradia. What the hell was taking her so long it she should be quicker for someone who is “made of time.”

The Swan and the Sea Creature

There was once a swan who lived in the edge of a lake, all on by herself. She enjoyed exploring the lake and meeting some of the other animals that dwelled in her lake. One day, she discovered a river that sprouted from her lake. Though she was generally cautious, she couldn’t help but satisfy her piqued curiosity. She decided to travel down the long, winding river, until eventually the swan found herself at the sea.

She began to look around her new surroundings, but unbeknownst to her, she was being watched by a silent observer. Beneath the surface of the water was the Octopus, who had been regarding the Swan as soon as she had entered her territory. Though the Octopus was very strong, and was feared and respected by many throughout the area, she saw something that the Swan had that she wanted. Elegance.

The way she glided on top of the water so gracefully, the way that the other animals didn’t fear her the way they did the Octopus. And her beauty. She was incredible beautiful, in a way that a creature like the Octopus could never hope to be.

The Octopus was very jealous of the Swan, and quickly swam near the surface to meet her. She sat behind her, just peaking above the surface. “Hey,” said the Octopus.

The Swan was startled, and turned around to see the Octopus staring at her through the water’s surface. Being the courteous person she was, the swan replied as politely as possible, “Hello Miss Ocotpus, can I help you?”

“I wanted to tell you that you’re uh, kind of pretty…” replied the Octopus.

The Swan was surprised, and her feathers were a little bit rustled to be honest. “Thank you Miss Octopus. If I may say, you are very beautiful yourself.”

The Octopus wasn’t sure if she was being sincere, or if she was just trying to one up her. With her predisposition of her jealousy towards the Swan, the Octopus assumed the latter. “Thanks, I’m glad you were able to see that.”

The Swan genuinely believed that the Octopus was very beautiful, and meant nothing but a compliment; however, she was a bit a intimidated by the Octopus. The Swan knew that the Octopus was very strong, and if she said something rude it could be bad for her. “Of course.”

The Octopus cut to the chase of why she started the conversation, “So yeah, you’re really pretty and do you think that maybe you would like to be in a black relationship with me..?”

This caught the Swan off guard and she wasn’t exactly sure how to answer, but she didn’t want to disappoint the Octopus. “That sounds enjoyable.”

The Octopus smiled inwardly as the Swan answered her, and raised up one of her tentacles to mimic the arch of the swan’s neck. “Alright, from now on, you’re mine.”

And so the black romance was born between the Swan and the Octopus.

An idea that I had about mine and SJ’s fan trolls.