i am made of wax


Are selca ships still open? >//////

here are your ships for svt, exo, bts and got7!! i am mad you look so good in glasses i look like i am made of melted wax

also your blog title made me snort i read chogiwa and i 
also exosexo on youtube lmao

Seventeen: Vernon

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i love couples that wear glasses i r8 8/8

EXO: Chanyeol
when i first saw this i saw your profile pic chanyeol u meme and then i was like chanyeol it was between him and baek lmao

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look how beautiful what’s the truth chanyeol r u a meme or a god

BTS: Jungkook
you both are so adorable omg

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whats the truth 2.0 body builder or flower boi

Got7: Jaebum
jaebum is actually a cutie but most of the time he’s whats the truth 3.0

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:) mod kimchi