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Be careful with your spoilers, guys!

Okz, I finished him faster than I expected hehe….and it didn’t take two hours….maybe 45 minutes or whatever. Anyways it still looks like crap cause I can’t draw good what-so-ever….so…yeah. welp…I think I’m going to sleep….it’s way too late for me…and I can hardly keep my eyes open. G’ night peepz.
Goth by: @nekophy

I KNOW THIS QUOTE IS OLD BUT I STILL LIKE IT anyway i hope you had a merry christmas 

So, I’m not going to be that guy who says, “I’M QUITTING TUMBLR FOREVER B/C SOMEONE RE-POSTED MY WORK.”
But, honestly, guys, I’m flattered. Really. But, if you scroll to the bottom of each page you’ll see this:

It specifically says not to re-post any of my work outside of Tumblr. That means: no Facebook, no Instagram, and especially no Pinterest. 
I don’t want to be that jerk who puts big ugly watermarks on good fanart b/c someone needed to get some likes on a social media page.

Bottom line is: I put in the hours to make something of quality, that I provide for free and all I’m asking is that you hit the reblog button. I check each piece on a weekly basis and have had art stolen, sold, and and re-posted without my permission over the years. I’m not going to get my panties in a twist over it, but I will report you relentlessly and block you from this blog if you decide to repost my work. 

I’ve got two big comics planned and I’d rather not have to watermark them so that everyone can enjoy the content. Please be kind and like/reblog here. Thank you.

Some days ago I unfortunately broke my 3 years of no self harm but I am okay with that. I remembered why it is such a horrible thing and that my demons are still growling at me. Many times they have won and many times I have won. Since that night however instead of getting angry with myself I threw myself in art. I did many charcoal drawings but I wanted to try my new drawing tablet. Needless to say this is Ethan from @crankgameplays… for my first time using a tablet I am not mad at it. I need a lot of practice though. Anyway I drew him because in the past week his videos helped me laugh and gave me something to look forward to. 

Thanks for that sir

Max sitting with the Milking Mothers and they teach him how to knit.  He starts knitting for relaxation and makes random things.  

Furiosa finds a brightly colored cozy on the stick shift of her new war rig.  It’s so weird but so precious she can’t remove it.  

War pups with misshapen knit hats on.  

Big, tough, War Boys with little black knitted baggies tied to their belts.  

Max makes new fingerless gloves for Dag, in a really garish bright green yarn since she works with the plants.  She doesn’t really like them but wears them anyways because a gift carries the giver’s warm spirit in it.

Max leaves a light yellow pouch for Toast…she is confused but oddly delighted.  No one has ever given her a gift before.  

Capable requests a shawl and Max tries to make something somewhat “pretty”, so he asks his knitting mentor how to make something different, but he ends up making something that looks like an old fish net.  Capable still loves it because it’s unique.

The next try he nails it, perfect shawl, in Cheedo’s favorite colors.

He makes a few more for the Vuvalini and some of the younger girls at the Citadel.

He makes one more, out of dark blue and aqua-marine colored yarn with flecks of light green and tan.  He’d been saving this yarn for a while.  It reminds him of the ocean where his home used to be, but it also reminds him of his new home, where he is now.  He puts it away and insists he just made it to keep his hands busy, but everyone else knows why he made it.  Capable snatches it when he’s not around and leaves it for Furiosa, with a note that simply says, “from Max”. 

Hi Guys! Well, looks like I got myself into a new multi chapter, lol. I hope you guys enjoy!

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