i am loving this show so far it's so good

I am currently at the airport waiting for my 6am flight to italy while i try to process last night. A lot of words have been already said about Niall and his music and how much I love all of it and him a lot a lot a lot but I actually want to thank him cause last night was a real REAL pleasure and an honour to be front row for his first london concert as a solo artist. Niall is an incredible talented musician, songwriter and personality, I love the way he carried himself on stage, the adoration in his eyes when he looked at us screaming and singing and applauding even if we didn’t know the words of the song, the same adoration he had the first time he faced a big crowd years ago and that seems to never have left him through the years. He’s insanely beautiful (I knew it but he’s even better from that close), he improved his voice and singing skills A LOT, his music is GOOD and I love how easy and graceful everything is during his concert. It’s like being in a room with him just chilling while he plays some tunes for you and you don’t know them but you still listen cause he’s that magnetic. Flicker is the masterpiece of his setlist, Slow Hands is a JAM everyone loses their shit over and its so good live, Too much to ask will be an amazing new single, I need love is so Kings of Leon I wanted to scream, I could die for On the Loose and On My Own is so Irish and so Niall I am glad he decided to close the show with it as if he was saying this is me, hello . I am very very proud of him, the success he’s having and the way he’s handling all this. He’ll go far and I truly can’t wait.

i’m now caught up with miraculous ladybug season two and BOY OH BOY DO I LOVE THIS SEASON SO FAR!!

(i’m going to be posting spoilers now btw, you have been warned)


Black Sails meme: Favorite Scenes - Mr Cregg, VIII

Lying sack of shit was Mr. Cregg.

I was so excited about Supergirl as a show because I’ve loved the character since I was a kid watching Superman the Animated Series, but the writers clinging to this Mon-El thing has been hella disappointing.

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Here, more Bellarke questions. Everybody talk about Bellamy's actions but... What about her? Pining!Clarke. Can we talk about how she loves him and shows her feelings too? It's just less obvious. @ S4, Give me explicit pining Clarke. Let her see Bellamy shirtless™

you are a good smart anon with all the right priorities, bless

i am all about pining!clarke, and my opinion on her recovering from her previous and tragic romantic entanglements quicker than bellamy will recover from his are pretty well documented, and i stand by those opinions

CLARKE LOVES BELLAMY SO MUCH and it breaks my heart that he so rarely gets to see that, so rarely gets to see how far she’ll go for him

  • he didn’t get to see how distressed she was that tristan was killing him when they fought at the dropship, that she cared so much that even finn saw it and went to help him
  • he didn’t get to see her cry when she closed the dropship door
  • he didn’t get to see her cry in mount weather because she thought she’d gotten him and finn killed
  • that hug was truly the first indication he had of how much she cares
  • then she said he wouldnt be by himself, and that she couldnt lose him too, and then sent him away anyway which had to be so confusing; we know what was going on in her head (LOVE IS WEAKNESS) but he didn’t
  • he didn’t get to see how distressed she was without him, so worried that she’d sent him to die, so challenged to make decisions without his input and support
  • he didn’t get to see her face when she finally heard him over the radio
  • he didn’t get to see how that conversation changed everything, renewed her confidence, got her back on track and good to go
  • he didn’t get to see how many times she tried to justify letting that bomb drop on tondc because no matter what she had to save him
  • he did at least get to see that relief on her face when they reunited in mount weather, that look like she could finally breathe again
  • after three months of her absence and everyone always assigning all responsibility for mount weather onto clarke he almost certainly doesnt know how much it meant to her that he pulled that lever with her
  • they never got to talk about how much it meant to her that he came for her, once with roan and later in polis, and she was still in her avoiding-feelings mode when they met again until he cracked through that shell
  • now her affirmations come with a side of his disbelief, when she says she needs him and they can fix this and she trusts him
  • but that hug, that hug helps him start to believe again, again she makes the first move to show that love and affection and affirmation
  • then START WITH BELLAMY BLAKE, he didn’t even get to hear it, didn’t get to know that he’s the person they most thought would break her
  • but she needed to hold his hand, and at least he knows that

clarke griffin has always been the one to make the move, to initiate the hugs, (though he’s getting there too with the handholding and his actions) but i wouldnt ever expect him to be the one to act on his romantic feelings for her. i’ve always seen his love for her as something steady and undemanding, just part of who he is, without him feeling that pressing need to act on his feelings

clarke is the one that acts in her relationships, making the first move when she’s interested and ready, and i think that’ll be the same with bellamy. she recovers quicker, and with any luck we’ll get to see her pine for bellamy, whom she loves, whom she wants to be with, but doesnt want to mess up or hurt him because he’s so important to her, her best friend

she loves him SO MUCH let her show it and LET HIM SEE IT and let it not get taken back again at any point ever

but boy howdy when she sees that boy shirtless or god forbid playing with children or holding a baby or he does something just so kind and selfless and just so bellamy she’s :)) just :)) not :)) going :)) to :)) be :)) able :)) to :)) stop :)) herself :)) and who could blame her amiright


Natasha Negovanlis: It means the world to me. It’s so fantastic to have a fan base that pushes me to finish projects and to do other things and to be a good person. It’s a fan base that I didn’t expect to have because of my classical music and comedy background, so most of my fans previous to the show were middle aged, a lot of them were men. So it’s really cool to be a role model of sorts and as a lady who does not identify as straight, it’s pretty great to get to be open about who I am and have people accept me for that.


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I know the Gilmore Girls was a topic on the board for a long time. Well, I am now in season 2 thanks to you and my wife. I never thought I'd get into, but it's great. I love how real the characters feel. Luke is my favorite character so far and Lorelei is hot. Just wanted to let you know, you have another Gilmore Girls convert.

I’m getting so many questions and comments about the Gilmore girls because of Netflix that you would think I created them :-)

 I am happy, that after years of having my manhood besmirched, that people are seeing that the Gilmore girls is as good a show as the West Wing was.

 Gilmore girls makes True Detective look like King of Queens