i am lost !

Have you ever wanted to erase the past so badly that you’d be okay with losing your memory altogether?
—  another-broken-hello


MxMS: Anybody that would like to reblog this without my stupid thoughts, forgive me. But… I am sitting here, it’s way too late to even think and… I got hit. There is loneliness on the horizon, some kind of longing for something I’ve never had, it makes me want to laugh but my throat is too tight.
I just think these people (not characters, people) are too precious to me. And this artist, I can’t even comprehend how could anybody so talented live on the same planet as I do.
They say talent is only about patience but fuck, I don’t know, I- my thoughts are ragged. I am officially struck by a metaphorical lightning.
So I think I’m just gonna hop into my bed and maybe the tears will finally fall down, letting me grasp something, anything.


so i realised something maybe i’m just reaching lmao but remember when yoongi was doing this thing and ‘jin called him’ when he was wrapping up the show and jin asked “why did /you/ call?” and yoongi answered “why did i call? we talked about this” and not “you’re the one who called me” which i concluded that maybe yoongi called jin before the show and maybe jin didn’t pick up and i am HURT i am HURT cos YOONGI called JIN. I don’t know wHAT FOR BUT I WISH I KNEW

anyways enjoy the domestic 'alright, love you’ and 'see you soon’ cos i cannot take them


They hurt me
They remind me
They haunt me
They kill me.
That’s all I have now
I just have memories
I don’t have that moment anymore
I just know how I felt,
What was said,
And who I was with
And it kills me
Some moments I want back,
I don’t want them at all
They kill me
Maybe not on the outside,
But on the inside,
I’m being torn apart
My mind is hell,
I have wounds on my heart
That I’ve tried to sew shut,
A mess in my head,
And broken trust
My memories tear me down
Day after day,
Night after night
I can’t take it
They haunt me,
They hurt me,
They kill me
Slowly from the inside out
They won’t go away,
They are here
To stay

-By: Holly Forsman