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So today, @deerstalkers-and-jumpers gave me the brilliant idea of going to St. Barts hospital (where TRF was filmed) to see the graffitis that some fans wrote, and I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED 

I am tagging some people that I think might be interested in seeing this silly photo i took, if you don’t wanna be tag please tell me 

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if i’m forgetting someone, I’M SORRY.

Sherlock and John talking about you
  • John: you like her don't you?
  • Sherlock: no, she is simply a colleague
  • John: who you went out with
  • Sherlock: we didn't go out, we simply had lunch
  • John: at a nice restaurant
  • Sherlock: it wasn't that nice
  • John: molly said you talk about her
  • Sherlock: it not that often
  • John: she said it's all the time, and Mycroft said that he saw you walking with her
  • Sherlock: we were only walking
  • Mary: it's never only walking. Walking leads to talking. What were you talking about
  • Sherlock: it wasn't a big deal. Only about our childhoods and our hopes for the future
  • John: it's not nothing. It's quite something actually, you hate talking about you childhood
  • Sherlock: I trust her
  • Mary: so how much do you like her? I'm not John, I can read you like a book
  • Sherlock: it's nothing serious. I only enjoy being around her
  • John: for now, it will escalate. You should ask her out
  • Sherlock: perhaps if it will get you off of my case
  • Mary: you really like this girl?
  • Sherlock: I suppose so
  • Mary: We'll get on with it. Now!
ID #65572

Name: Ellie
Age: 16
Country: UK

I’m from London, I’m 16 and I’d love to have someone to talk to all the time.
I’m really into TV shows like Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, Steven Universe, and pretty much any other show you can ask about. I also like reading, sports and I guess I’m really into music (basically all genres). I also play the ukulele and I’m trying to learn a bit of guitar.
I’m really into physics and maths but I don’t really know what I want to do yet.
If you want to chat about any of this or anything at all with me then that’s cool! If you want to know anything else just ask

Preferences: Anyone from around 15-18 is great, but a bit above or below is cool. I’m fine with anyone no matter what sexuality or gender or anything else, and I hope you are too!

So I was having tea on the balcony, at work. At some point a pretty big bee flies in and lands on my coworkers’s purse, close to her arm and I warn her. She’s like “what, it’s only a fly?!”, so I look at it again and it’s clearly a big ass bee and I insist on her moving away, but she sighs and repeats “Maya, it’s only a fly, can’t you see? Calm down”, but I insist again, because “dammit, look at it, it’s huge and got stripes! It’s yellow, for god’s sake!? It’s at bee???”. And as it keeps flying around, I just decide to get up and leave to finish my tea inside, where I oddly start feeling like this silly exchange is in some ways familiar to me. And right when I hear a scream and my coworker runs inside with a proper sting on her forearm, the big fly/bee tattoo debate came back to me and now I’m here sipping the last drops of my tea, shaking my head, ready to wait for the moment a few asses will be bitten by Harry’s bee.


Credence: I have done nothing wrong. Ever. In my life.
Graves: I know this and I love you.

(Parks and Recreation; season 6, episode 2: London, Part 2) 

Guilty Kiss

A/N: I AM A FILTHY SINNER. A part 2 of Guilty Kiss was requested, and I have delivered by sinning and writing smut. There’s smut in this one, so I’ve put it under a read-more! Please send in more requests - I love reading all your ideas and penning them down in my book. Please get me a date with Tom Holland too.

WARNINGS: Smut. Implied sex.

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Why I hate LND

the australian recording is decent and all but someone tell me why Erik talks like Jar Jar Binks I can’t even take it seriously

erik: cOMe with mE, i waNT to sHOW You sOMetHINg….

i love my country so damn much. it’s not perfect at all, lord knows i have more than a handful of issues with it, and it for sure has a long way to go in terms of being better.

but the strength of the british people, the commitment overall to love that we have after every attack, the refusal to let our spirit be destroyed? the spirit that says “You may be attacking us with knives but i spent £6 on this pint of beer so if I’m running, I’m taking it the fuck with me”, the spirit that says “Oh you attack our children whilst they enjoy a concert? Fuck you, we won’t be cowed, we’ll put on another concert, a bigger concert, and we’ll celebrate love at it” - i love that spirit so much. my country isn’t perfect, but god damn do i love it with my whole heart