i am loki now so kneel

Jane/Loki, ‘The Chain’

for @iamartemisday

The Chain - Fleetwood Mac

Jane didn’t know why she kept falling for guys who didn’t live on earth.  First Thor, which had ended badly.  

And now Loki.  

Loki, who was by all accounts, infinitely worse for her.  

But here she was, waiting with bated breath for him to come back.  Even though his promises had never been fulfilled before.  He never came when he said he would.  So she was left out in the desert with her telescope and her van and her thoughts.  

Her thoughts were never kind in these moments.  

She gasped when the skies above her swirled and broke apart.  The Bifrost opening up onto the ground where it always did.  

Loki stood from his kneeling position.  “Am I late this time?”  

She pressed her lips together.  “I’m here, aren’t I?”  

“Well yes, but you’ve been known to remain well past our agreed upon meeting time in the past, only to passive aggressively reveal my folly.”  

“You’re not late,” she reiterated, her tablet slipping from her fingers as she moved towards him.  

He met her in only a few strides, his arms wrapping around her tightly.  

Agony & Ecstasy - Chapter Four

TITLE: Agony & Ecstasy 
AUTHOR: freudensteins-monster
GENRE: Angst, smut with overtures of violence.
FIC SUMMARY: After the events of TDW Loki finds himself bored with the routine of ruling and seeks out an old flame to torment, but finding her broken he seeks to make her whole again, whether she likes it or not. 
AUTHORS NOTES/WARNINGS: Torture references. Sexual references. 

Prologue | Chapter One | Chapter Two | Chapter Three 

Chapter Four

Loki could feel the nervous energy surging through his vein like electricity. He hastened through Odin’s evening routine, dismissing his servants as quickly as possible. One handmaiden always lingered, anticipating some “extra” orders before returning to the servant’s quarters. This evening she was even more obvious in her desire to “be of service” to the king. The news of the appointment of an official courtesan had made its way around the palace in record time and it seemed the handmaiden wanted to try one last time to make it into king’s bed before Odin officially took his whore. Odin angrily swatted away her eager hands, sending her scurrying, her face red with embarrassment.

Alone at last Loki shuddered under his glamour, the very thought of taking lustful attentions meant for his father figure turned his stomach. Foolish creature. He pushed all thoughts of the silly little maid out of his mind, her eagerness and blind obedience of little interest to him.

Wherein lies the challenge? Loki mused, a smile playing on this lips as he thought about what awaited him across the hall. Sigyn’s newfound stubbornness intrigued him, the rage that lingered just beneath the surface of her cold exterior was strange new territory he wished to explore. But maybe tomorrow night, he smirked thinking about all the other things he wanted to do to her in the meantime. It had been far too long since he had last had a woman, longer still since he had had one that had stimulated anything more than his anatomy. Loki began to pace before his chamber doors, his lustful thoughts almost whipping him into a frenzy. He wondered whether Sigyn would be wearing the dress he had chosen for her or whether she had ripped it to shreds and tossed it on the fire. Perhaps she would eschew clothing altogether and be waiting for him, wearing nothing but a strategically placed bed sheet. One could always hope

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A message from your King...

So I go onto my Tumblr dash today and all I am greeted by is this ass!
No not some pathetic donkey, some strange man’s ass.
And everyone is now talking about this Sir Thomas Sharpe…
“Ooh he’s so handsome and devilish!”
“Ooh look at that ass!”
“Ooh I want to touch it!
"Ooh I want to bite it!”
You pathetic bunch of mewling quims…
Once upon a time it was all “Loki! Loki! Loki!”
But oh no, now it’s all about the Sharpe ass!
There are some that have remained loyal to me and I will remember you…
Pledge yourself to me again…
In the end you will alway kneel…

Your King Loki


Darcy started as Loki’s reflection suddenly appeared in the mirror. She turned around quickly. He stood before her, his usually domineering presence strangely muted by his uncomfortable expression.

“You have a lot of nerve showing up here, mister,” she sneered. “After you just up and leave without so much as a goodbye. Jane told me you died. She and your brother were fools for believing that. And I suppose you are high and mighty king of Asgard now? You’ll forgive me for not kneeling before you. Please leave.”

Loki took a step toward her, hesitating before speaking. “I’m sorry, Darcy, I truly am. Please tell me how much time has gone by.” Darcy was almost impressed by how genuine he appeared to be. “I will make it all up to you. Come with me, rule by my side as Queen,” he pleaded.

“An all-powerful God with the ability to travel between realms, and he doesn’t know what day of the week it is,” she scoffed. “I want no part in this, you hear me?” she said, throwing her hairbrush at him. It passed through him in a flash of light and clattered to the floor.

“Oh, a double, of course. Can’t have the King dropping everything to visit a lowly mortal. Get out,” she said, carefully hiding every trace of emotion from showing on her face.

Loki bowed his head in resignation, and disappeared.

The door to the room creaked open and a little head peered in. “Mommy? Who were you talking to?”

Darcy looked up and smiled at her daughter. “No one, honey, I was, uh, I was on the phone. You ready for bed, princess?”

“Mommy, I’m not a princess. Princesses are daughters of kings,” Irie said, climbing into her mother’s lap. “Well, I don’t care what anyone says, you’re my favourite princess,” Darcy laughed, and Irie gave her a big smile, her eyes lighting up with joy.

Darcy smoothed her daughter’s hair and tucked it behind her ears. Irie’s eyes looked just like hers, the grey-blue of the heart of a tempest. But unlike Darcy’s reddish brown hair, Irie’s was dark as a raven’s wing. 

“Goodnight, princess.”

“Goodnight, Mommy.”

The King & The Prophet

AU Loki Fan Fiction by Elfpunk

A/N: The first part took place before Thor… This one takes place after Thor The Dark World… Hope you like it. Much more smut in this one :D

Loki sat comfortable on the throne as the doors to the hall burstopen. A girl barged into the mainchamber followed closely by two guards. Her long purple dress fanned out around her like a cloud of billowing smoke. Loki felt his heart sink, his breath catch in his lungs. His eyes went wide before narrowing to glare at the woman who approached hastily.

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