i am literally your queen now

  • Me, reading the first chapter of "Thrones of Glass": Ah well. This will be good, I think, but right now it looks like another love triangle, I'm-so-special YA book. Definitely not knock-your-socks off good.
  • Me now: This masterpiece literally changed my life. I am literal Aelin trash. I am literal Rowan trash. I will defend this book with my life. S.J Mass is a God. RoWAleIN. Recommending this book to everyone I know, because this thing is the best shet since the Bible. All hail this series.
Clarke and Lexa fight:

Clarke: Lexa, we need to talk…
Lexa: Clerk, OMG not now I’m just about to open this CANDLE package that I ordered from Amazon!
Clarke: What is your problem Lexa?! All you do is talking about those STUPID candles! 
Lexa: What…did you say?
Clarke: I am trying my best here and all you do is candles,candles,candles..
Lexa: Well, maybe I would do YOU if you took a fucking BATH! Your hair is greasier than burger at McPolis!
Clarke: OH YOU DID NOT JUST GO THERE SISTA! You are such a DRAMA QUEEN! Literally Roan was there fighting you and you layed on the ground all dramatic when literally you could stand up in 0.3 seconds and kill the shit out of Roan with your bare hands!
Lexa: Well at least I DID NOT DO IT FOR MY PEOPLE!
Clarke: Well I am not the one who cut her NIGHTGOWN up to my fucking right lung and put GLITTER on my fucking neck in order to get laid!!!
Lexa: Oh whatever, I need someone whose gonna understand my PICK UP LINES anyway!!

Literally if you post something of Mitch from his “fetus” years

I will unfollow you and others will come and attack you in your sleep…

No seriously though, Mitch has said multiple times he doesn’t want videos and pictures of him in that awkward in between stage. The Sing Off doesn’t count because that was televised.

Please be kind to our queen and respect his wishes.

When you’re in Denial Rowan Whitethorn Style

Aelin: Alright well come to bed

Rowan: What? No, I can’t share a bed with you

Aelin: Why not!?

Rowan: It sends the wrong message…because thats not what we are

Aelin: But–

Rowan: No, its different here now. We can’t be like this, I have to put my foot down. You’re my queen, I am you’re warrior. We have eyes on us, and people can’t think I share your bed. Its inappropriete and i wont abide by it. I wont budge on this

Aelin: Fine, but i don’t feel like making up a couch for you to sleep on, so come sleep in my bed and I’ll wear basically no clothing and flaunt my body for you

Rowan: Okay

*Literally sleeps in her bed every night after*