i am literally so ready

No offense but I love Taylor Swift so much I am literally ready to lay down my life for her I just want her to be happy and thriving she is a precious angel she is like a pearl in the middle of a clam who must be polished and treasured and worn around the neck at fancy parties so that others can look at her and say wow how nice

  • Me: I think I'm gonna work on being a better person by letting go of my anger
  • Some asshole: *does unnecessary stupid shit for no goddamn reason*
  • Me: It's time 2 murder

Droughtlander Art Challenge
Week 8 - Past Conscious Thought

Was out of town this weekend with no internet, but had to draw something from the new trailer as soon as I finally saw it this evening! UM WOW, September can’t come fast enough!

Have a wonderful week, we’re one week (and some new footage!) closer!!


i heard faceday got changed to faceweekend which is neat cus i didn’t have time to take any pics yesterday whoops so yeah here’s me n the boys


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But remember Phil's response to dans love declaration tweet? Literally the death, sun, and balloon emojis lol I am so ready to see what he tweets Dan for his birthday if that was his response

remember when he tweeted a screenshot of him blocking dan? phils a fucken twitter savage

🌸 hello! welcome to my studyblr! 🌸

my name is heather, and i’m a high school senior! i decided to make a studyblr because i have been studying art and design for many years, and i am also a lifelong enthusiast of learning, studying, and stationery. so, i thought, why not? follow me on my journey :”)

 personality types

mbti: intp
zodiac sign: gemini (libra rising & capricorn moon)
house: ravenclaw
 temperament: choleric


i absolutely love learning and knowledge. they are the greatest joys in my life :) i actually love studying so much tbh i’m just a big nerd lmao here are the classes i’m taking!

my senior year classes:
➢ ap biology
➢ ap psychology
➢ ap comparative government & politics
➢ film literature
➢ art history
➢ advanced painting & watercolor

interests & faves 

i am literally interested in so many things lol get ready

➢ music: kpop (bts!!), soundtracks & osts, youth lagoon, bastille, generally really instrumetal vibey music
➢ hobbies: reading, thinking, learning, drawing, drinking tea, journaling, listening to music, designing
➢ topics of study: evolutionary biology, paleontology, criminology, philosophy, psychology, and ecology!
➢ art: realism, fine arts, & painting!

 blogs i love! 

@studyquill @studywithinspo @emmastudies @studylustre @tbhstudying @snowystudiess @jiyeonstudies @lentilstudies @equaticns @bookmrk

Thanks for reading!!! 

The One On The Boat

Pairing: Jace Wayland x Reader

Summary: Jace tries to come to terms with the fact that Valentine faked your death and took you away as a child when he finds you well and alive on the boat - the only question is whether he’ll trust you or not after believing you were dead for so long.

A/N: I am literally so in love with Jace this season I could cry. Get ready for new imagines! (Also, should I do a part 2 to this?) 
As always, love you guys xx

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’Join me and my son’?” you scoff, mimicking Valentine, “It’s not like he’s running a family business!”

 “Quiet y/n,” Finn sighs, “You’re dead if he hears you.”

 “I don’t think him killing actual Shadowhunters is a good idea.”

 “Soon he’ll be able to create them and it won’t matter whether you’ve been here from the start or not,” he hisses, pointedly.

 “Well, that’s bleak.”

 “You’re just mad that Jace barely looked your way,” he scoffs. You pick up a sweater out of your suitcase and peg it at him but he just slaps it away.

 “That’s probably because he doesn’t recognize me after you basically hid me in a bunker for so long.”

 “Valentine was like a father to us. We had to follow him when he left the Shadowhunter world-“

 “And grow up to be the new generation of Circle members and fulfil his wishes blah blah blah,” you groan, “It really wasn’t your choice, Finn.”

 “I’m your older brother – of course it was my choice,” he says sharply, “Now finish packing – Valentine wants us to join him in training Jace tomorrow.”

 “Training Jace?” you frown, “What does that entail?”

 “I guess we’ll find out,” he shrugs, heading out the door. You sigh, lying on your bed.

 Finn had always been a follower – but he’d practically turned into Valentine’s lapdog since he hit puberty. Somewhere deep down you understood that he just wanted a father figure – someone to be proud of him- but it got annoying since you didn’t agree with anything Valentine believed in yet had to choice but to stick around for your brother and due to the fact that Valentine had raised you.

 Until the age of 10 you’d grown up with Alec, Jace and Isabelle but when Valentine faked his death, he took you and Finn with him. For a while you laid low – there wasn’t any intense training or torture – just what felt like long road trips when you were on the run.

 But now, with everything back in full swing, you were scared. Finn may have been okay with following Valentine blindly, but you weren’t and with Jace joining you, you couldn’t reach out to the Clave or anyone at the institute in fear of being reprimanded as Valentine’s right hand.

 Was pretending to be Valentine your ideal weekend? No. Did you enjoy being a bald, 40 something year old man? No.

Was there a possibility you could get killed doing this? Yes.

 But you had no choice in the matter.

 While Valentine was pretending to be Clary  and helping Jace ‘escape’, you, Finn and a few others were playing his decoys.

 Unfortunately, things turned sour when Jace stuck a sword through two of the decoys.

“Son of a bitch,” Finn says, about to lunge for him. You pull him back, “That’s enough – no more of us should have to die for this stupid game,” you sigh. Finn pulls you back but you rip your arm out of his grasp.

 “JACE!” you yell, stomping toward him. He spins around and shoves his sword through your stomach.

 When he pulls it out his eyes widen.


 So maybe coming out of the shadows still looking like Valentine was a mistake, but there wasn’t much you could do about it now.

 “Silly girl,” Valentine huffs, unveiling himself from being Clary. Jace stares between the two of you, “H- how – how is she still alive? I – I thought-“ he looks at you, “ I thought you were dead!?”

 “Clearly, whilst you’re a great fighter, your loyalties aren’t with us,” Valentine sighs, “Tie him up,” Valentine calls out, waiting for two men to get a hold of Jace, “Finn, come make sure your sister is okay,” he says, walking off.

 “Finn?” Jace mutters, becoming further confused, “Y/N!” he calls out, watching you blink in and out of consciousness.

 When you come to, Finn is by your side wearing a deep frown.

 “You’re lucky Valentine didn’t throw you into the water after you-“

 “Ruined his little game that killed 2 of our people?” you snap, “Oh, I’m sorry for saving your life!”

 “You could’ve died. You’re healing rune didn’t kick in for hours!”

 “Hours?” you raise a brow, “Jace, is he-“

 “Valentine is teaching him a lesson,” Finn leers. His eyes widen when he notices you pulling the drip out and standing up. He steadies you by the shoulders, “What are you doing?”

 “I’d like to go sleep in my own room, if that’s okay with you?!” you say sarcastically. He nods, letting you walk past him. Once you’re out of the room, you speed down the hallway, using your enhanced heading to try and listen in for Jace.

 You hear Valentine telling his people ‘it’s enough’ and to ‘string him down in an hour’.

 ‘String him down?’

 The only place he could be strung up was the basement level of the boat.

 You wait until there’s silence to walk in and sure enough, there he is, strung up from the ceiling with his head hanging low and blood splattered everywhere.

 “Son of a bitch,” you mumble, cursing Valentine. Jace’s head bobs up with a low groan.

 “Y/N?” he sighs, sounding relieved, “I’m so sorry – I didn’t – I didn’t know it was you. How are you – I don’t-“

“Shhh,” you hum, cupping a hand over his mouth. He winces at the contact. “Sorry,” you whisper, pulling your hand away, “Just let me get you down first.”

 He bites his lip to keep from groaning as you untie both hands and he drops to the floor in a heap.

 When you try to help him up, he pushes you away, “Don’t-“ he says through gritted teeth, spitting out blood, “Not after what I did to you.”

 Despite him acting like it was because he didn’t want to hurt your again, you doubted it was something else.

 “Are you scared you’ll hurt me or that I’ll hurt you?

 He glares at you through his long lashes, “How are you alive?”

“Valentine faked mine and Finn’s deaths along with his,” you sigh, “Just let me activate your healing rune and then we can talk, okay?” you ask hesitantly, kneeling down beside him. He nods and your eyes skim his body trying to locate it.

 “Here,” he says, guiding your hand towards his ribcage. You glide your stele over it and he inhales sharply before exhaling in relief.

 “Tell me,” he says, “Now. I need to know I can trust you.”

 “You can’t,” you shake your head, “You can’t trust anyone here. My loyalties, they’re – they’re to my brother and his are to Valentine.”

 “Well, I want to trust you,” he says, “So tell me.”

 “Not here,” you say quietly, helping him up. You stagger towards your room, struggling with Jace’s weight. You place him down on your bed but he tries to climb off, “You should be lying down. I stuck a sword through you,” he says, tugging your hand towards the bed.

 “I’ve pretty much healed completely,” you lie. Jace could see you wincing but doesn’t argue when you push him back down – even as a child, you were stubborn.

 Jace closes his eyes and listens as you explain how you were forced to follow Finn and Valentine and how all this time you’ve been on the run.

 “So you’ve had no say?” he asks.

 “I have to take responsibility for my actions, Jace – they’re mine, after all. It doesn’t matter who influenced them and you’ll do well to remember that.”

 “What do you mean?”

 “What you do here – what you do from now on – it’s all on you. It doesn’t matter who forces your hand because it’s your hand, Jace. Everything you do, it leaves a scar.”

 He nods quietly, watching your eyes well up with tears.

 “Why haven’t you ever tried to escape?”

 “I did try – a lot, when I was younger. Each time I failed, Valentine would break me- slowly.”

 “I know the feeling,” he sighs.

 “You don’t,” you shake your head, “And you have to get out of here before you do.”

 “How?” he asks. You run the tap, wetting a cloth and gently wiping away the smudges of blood on his face.

 “I’ll help you.”

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 6, which is just on 7x23

Occasionally I run into a piece of media that I decide is part of my personal stash of gifts from the universe, and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 7, Episode 23, ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’ is one of those.

So as you can imagine I had a lot of REACTIONS, enough to merit just posting these notes up on their own, ‘Doctor Bashir, I Presume’-style. ENJOY. I sure as heck did.

7x23 ‘Extreme Measures: Part 7’
- if this is remotely like what I expect it’s going to be I already know this one is gonna kiiilll meee
- I can’t wait
- oh bless, it starts with Julian recording his Chief Medical Officer log. wait have we ever gotten any insights into Julian’s personal log? THAT MUST BE A TREASURE TROVE OF HILARITY. someday he’ll probably give it to Ezri to listen to the way he gave Jadzia his old Academy journals, and she’s gonna be like, oh criminy
- Kira’s still wearing the Starfleet uniform Garak made for her, which means my heart still patters happily whenever I see her. well, more than usual I mean.
- Odo calls him Doctor in person but Julian when he’s talking to Nerys, oh Odo
- [breathes out] the way this show deals with pain and dying and loss is always so heartfelt, I’m just!

I don’t think I should have started watching this episode already one drink deep because every beat feels like I’m being hit with a new water balloon of feelings

- Sisko: “is there any other resource I can offer you?”
  Julian: “no I’m good, I’ve got Miles”
  Miles: “…and I’ve got something I think we should tell you”
  Julian: “MILES WHY”

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After going home and talking to her sister, Norah’s head was more jumbled than it was before. Had she really been dead for four years? And how was she here now? Was she the only one who had came back from the dead like this? And what had she done in the first place to warrant being killed in the first place? None of this made sense to her. And she didn’t know where to start to make things make sense. All it did was make her antsy and anxious. So she took a shower and changed her clothes, surprised that her room was still kind of in tact after all this time, and left the house. Now that she knew that she was so much that she had missed out on, it was kind of like seeing things from new eyes. A fresh perspective of the place where she was born. But Norah was so distracted, she didn’t notice the person in front of her until she had already collided with them. “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention!” She mused before checking to see if they were alright. “Are you okay?”