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SMH Cell Phones

what a dork am I that this is been sitting in my drafts for so long, here y'all can have it :)))


  • has an iPhone 7 Plus 256GB for all of his recordings, music, podcasts

  • is the clumsiest fuck on planet earth but he LOVES the look of the matte black iPhone with no case on it so he has the case off more often than he should

  • his screen? Literally always cracked (Dex finally convinced him to get a fuckin glass screen protector which he has to replace like every other week)

  • All of the cases he does put on his phone are thin and clear or clear with patterns that compliment the all black phone bc aes or die (current case is clear with BLM written in gold, fight me)


  • has an iPhone 7 128 GB in red

  • actually has no clue how to text without emojis and he loves iMessage (he sometimes wishes he went for the plus but it doesn’t fit in his pocket)

  • case is white with a clear Canadian flag so the red shows through (Lardo got it special made as a gag gift but he loves it)

  • keeps a glass screen protector but he’s never had to replace it bc he’s perfect


  • has an old gold iPhone 5s 32 GB. (it’s way too small but it was her first real smartphone so she’s really really attached to it)

  • It’s kinda beat up and it has paint splotches all over it from when she was more reckless with it but she keeps a case on it now

  • has a screen protector

  • Aforementioned screen protector is always cracked

  • She switches out her cases constantly, especially now that they’re so cheap

adding a read more bc wow this is long lol

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House of Cards in the Wind

TITLE: House of Cards in the Wind


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other way to deal with you. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

RATING: Teen and UpNOTES/WARNINGS: This story is the result of an imagine I saw on another blog theartofimagining13. The credit for the imagine goes to the author on that page.
Warning death of minor characters and violence in this fic

Contact was finally made with Thor, who stood in shock as he surveyed the damage in front of him. “Loki did this?” He asked in disbelief looking at the defeated Avengers.

“Not exactly, he had help,” Rogers explained, even with his stronger body, there had been some sort of spell on Loki’s blade that meant that the wounds took a considerable time to heal.

“What do you mean, an ally? I did not think he had such a thing.”

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Back to College ~

Classes start back up for me next week. I’m getting ready to buy all the new notebooks, a few pens, definitely a new pair of jeans, and let’s be real, I’m investing in some blackout curtains because naps are part of my survival during the semester. 

BUT. What other ways do I need to prepare (and maybe you do too)?? Here’s a quick reminder list for all you students out there, possibly going into panic mode because how in the world are we supposed to balance everything and still get decent grades (even though we somehow always manage)?? 

I know there’s like 50 dozen of these going around right now, but I thought I’d put in my two cents. Here’s my college prep list for this semester:

1. Don’t. Panic. This is a major one for me, I’m definitely an over-thinker, a worry wart, a the-world-is-going-to-end-if-don’t-have-everything-together-at-all-times type of person. So this week I’m doing some quick research into my classes so I don’t go in blindsided, and I feel a little more prepared. I’m going shopping for a few supplies I need (mostly just notebooks, cause I’ve done this college thing for a while now and have way too many pens, highlighters, sticky notes, etc.), and I’m also buying a few new pieces of clothing as a little motivation to not just roll out of bed next week, run a brush through my hair, and leave the house. The more prepared I am, the more confident I feel, the less I panic (usually). One last thing on my don’t-get-overwhelmed-yet list is to take a small day trip. My boyfriend and I are planning to head to the beach all day on Sunday (my classes don’t start til Wednesday, so maybe do this one a few days beforehand so you don’t go to class the next day exhausted and sunburned). One last hoo-rah for the end of summer. Treat yo’ self.

2. Start early. Plan everything. Typically, the first week of the semester consists of like 5 syllabi, maybe a couple reading assignments, and a list of all the overwhelming things you have to look forward to for the semester (i.e. those 12+ page final papers if you’ve taken the psychology route as I have…why did I do this to myself). Get out that planner I know you’re all smart enough to have (HINT HINTTTT GET A PLANNER), write down when all those assignments that are due and start picking tentative dates as to when you’ll begin on them. I highly recommend this for the big assignments so that when you get to that day in your planner, you’ll be like, “wow this day already huh? Welp, it’s in the planner, so I better get going on it.” If it’s in the planner, do it. If it’s not in the planner, schedule it. Hanging out with friends? Put it in the planner. Not in the planner that day? Don’t do it. If it’s important, it should be written down. Check your planner daily, edit it whenever needed, keep it with you at all times. If you’re at your desk at home then it should be open next to you. Live by the planner. Like, 99% of the semester, anyway. It’ll really help you.

3. Go in with the mindset that you cannot read every detail. I’m a details person. I like to read everything in my textbooks, take insanely detailed notes, and to be honest my notes end up looking like a paraphrased version of the entire book. Don’t do it. Sometimes you’re just going to have to skim the readings in order to get all your work done. I’ve had quite a few professors suggest reading the first and last sentence of the paragraph. If it seems really significant, go back and read the whole thing. If not, just keep moving along.

4. Do your work in increments. Ever heard of the Pomodoro Technique? Don’t worry, I hadn’t either until last year. Basically, just set a time limit for yourself, say 45 minutes. Set the timer on your phone and set your phone across the table from you so you don’t reach for it absently when your mind wanders. *guilty* When the timer goes off, set it for a short time, maybe 10 minutes, and use that time to relax. I suggest taking a quick walk outside. It helps clear your head a little and you’ll come back more refreshed and ready to work again. This will also keep you from getting burnt out in the first couple weeks and set a steady pace for the semester. 

5. Allow for a few full day breaks during the semester. Personally, I love taking day trips. I have plenty of exciting cities around me, the beach pretty close by on one side, the mountains on the other, lots of restaurants to try in different towns, and places to just walk around (and catch Pokemon. Anyone? Just me?) I get restless and I get overwhelmed easily. So I try to plan a little trip every month or every couple months to get away from everything for a day. Can’t seem to manage a full day? Do a half day. But get away every so often. Trust me, your friends, family, boyfriend or girlfriend, or whoever it is you’ve been neglecting during the semester because of your excessive workload, will love you for taking a break. 

6. Take care of yourself. This is a common one I see in posts in like this, but seriously, don’t forget about it. It’s critical to your survival (literally) and to your mental and physical health during the semester. If you’re living off of coffee and 2 hours of sleep each night, it’ll eventually catch up to you and you’re going to crash hard. Let’s hope it’s not during finals… So seriously, eat a few healthy meals a week at least, drink lots of water, and for goodness sake please get a decent amount of sleep each night. All nighters really don’t do much for you (unless you’re an art major, then I can say I’ve been there and you might not have much choice…those projects are no joke).

I’m rooting for you! YOU CAN DO IT!

Here’s to what will hopefully be a fantastic semester that we’ll come out of even better (and more intelligent) than when we started! Woo!

Silly Love Songs

There are exactly twenty-two cassette tapes in the shoebox under the passenger seat of the Impala. There have been exactly twenty-two cassette tapes in that box since Dean was twenty-five and bought a copy of Abbey Road and Combat Rock from a record store in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Most of the tapes were John’s, inherited right alongside the Impala, the soundtrack of a life on the road: Motorhead and Lynyrd Skynyrd; Black Sabbath and The Kinks; there’s even some Springsteen in there that Dean is pretty sure belonged to his mom before everything went to hell. Dean (and even Sam) can pick some of them out without even looking: Kashmir’s label has worn off from being handled so many times; Back in Black has a noticeable chip in the left corner; Heaven and Hell is weirdly heavier than the rest. Dean’s lived by this music; driven back and forth across the country to the sounds of those tapes. There are exactly twenty-two cassette tapes in the shoebox under the passenger seat of the Impala, until one day, there are exactly twenty-three.


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one // p.j  chapter one

I always hated airports. Such a hassle to get form point A to point B. Add a passport, and you’re signing up for a headache. I was flying from Philadelphia to Korea. South Korea. A new job opportunity. Helping ease the weight of a KPOP group, and helping with their choreography. I didn’t look up the BTS boys, simply because I didn’t wanna have any thoughts before meeting them. I didn’t wanna have any expectations, simply because you could be one way on camera, and another way in person. I did this with every one of my clients, to give them a fair chance to impress me. One thing I knew..

These boys were talented.

My heart raced as I grabbed my suitcase and looked around. The manager sent a car for me, all I had to do was locate the driver. Handfuls of signs written in Korean flashed before my eyes. I took a deep breath. I knew little Korean, so I was screwed. Then, in English writing I saw my name.

Lia Castro.

I took a sign of relief. I slowly walked up to the man, and he smiled at me.

“Lia?” He asked. I slowly nodded. He motioned for me to follow him, and led me to a truck. He placed my suitcase in the trunk, and opened the door for me.

“Thank you” I said shyly. I got into the car, as did he, and he began driving. Silence filled the car and after a few moments he cleared his throat.

“Have you ever been to Korea?” He asked.

“No it’s actually my first time..” I said

“Like what you see?” He asked. I nodded.

“It’s beautiful. Question.” I said.

“Ask away.” He said.

“How are these boys? I haven’t searched them or anything..” I said.

“They’re.. entertaining. But genuinely talented” he said. I slowly nodded.

“Okay..” i said slowly.

We pulled up to a studio. Big hit was on the outside.

“They want me to leave you here, I’m going to take all your belongings to the dorm. Go ahead and get acquainted with everyone, give the woman at the desk your name, and she’ll direct you.” He said. I nodded.

“Thank you so much” I said. He smiled and I walked inside. I walked slowly up to the desk, and the woman gave me a warm smile.

“Hi.. I’m Lia.. Castro..” I said. She nodded and handed me a pass.

“Straight down the hall, make a left, first door.” She said. So quick.

“Oh.. thank you.” I said. She nodded and continued typing. I began walking down the hall, following her directions. I could hear music.. loud music.. and laughing. My heart raced. I walked to the door, and tried opening it.


“Min yoooongggiiii!!!” I heard a voice yell. What the hell? I knocked and a few seconds later, still heard nothing. The music blasting from inside the room. Frustrated I knocked once more, harder. I heard the music shut off, and whispering. Nothing. I knocked once more, getting slightly irritated, and in the midst of knocking, the door swung open. I jumped, dropping my hand.

“Hi.” I said. The boy before me was tall, and lanky. I recognized him, because he was known as Mr. worldwide handsome, which I could see. Behind him, 6 more boys scattered about.

“Oh hello.. who are you? Did they let a fan in again?” He asked. I tried to keep from laughing and shook my head.

“No.. I’m lia? They hired me to help with choreography? Well not help, but make you guys even greater than you are?” I said. He looked back at the guys, and one looked up from his phone, holding a thumbs up.

“He sent an email out. Her names Lia.. Castro?” He said. I nodded. The boy looked down at me.

“Well hello. My name is Jin. I am big brother of group. Come in.” He said. I walked in, beginning to feel uncomfortable, because there were seven gorgeous boys standing before me. Each one of their outfits were looks, and this was dance practice?

“Hi Jin..” I said. I looked over the group. The one who had the phone, cleared his throat.

“I’m min yoongi. But call me suga if that’s easier.” He said. I nodded.

“Nice to meet you..” I said. He was blonde, and once he smiled, he revealed a gummy smile that could make anyone melt. I looked over at the following member. He was younger in the face, but muscular. Dark hair, and a cute smile.

“This is jungkook. Golden maknae, international playboy. And… He’s afraid of girls.” Jin said. A smile grew onto my face.

“I don’t bite. Trust me” I said. I heard him whisper a faint
“Oh my god.” Before waving. I smiled, returning the wave. He was adorable. A tall member stood next to him, he looked like he was a model. Mysterious almost. Brow hair framed his face.

“I’m taehyung.. or V.. yes V.” He said, holding up two fingers to make a V. The boys began dying and I nodded.

“Hi v” I said smiling.

“I’m rapmonster. Rap mon. Nam joon. Your future husband, whatever you prefer” he said. The boys hollered. I felt my cheeks heat up. The driver warned me that they would flirt, especially since I was foreign to them.

“Right.. hi..” I said.

“I’m your hope.. your angel.. J-Hopeeeeee” the following member said. I knew I was gonna love him.

“J-Hope.. right they want me to work a lot with you and.."I looked over at the last member. He was standing by the speaker, phone in hand. Dark hair, parted off the middle, framing his face. Full lips. And a cute little nose. It was almost like he took my breath away.

"Jimin? Am I correct?” I asked. He put his phone down, and walked over to me. He took my hand and shook it, never breaking eye contact.

“Yes. Jimin. Nice to meet you..” he said. A small smile growing onto his face. I felt my face grow warm, warmer than when Rap mon flirted with me.

“You too..” I said in almost a whispered.

“Well it’s clear she’s off limits.” Suga whispered. The guys began laughing, and jimin smiled bit his lip, and walked to his phone. I took a second to let my heart rate slow before I looked at the group.

“So who have you worked with? How do we know you’re good? No offense..” j hope said. I shook my head.

“It’s not problem, i get it. You could literally look me up on YouTube. I major in ballet, and hip hop. Dabbled into different cultures of dance..” I started.

“Funny. Jimin did ballet.” Jin said. I could see Jimin raising his fist in the air, almost as in to signify a victory.

“I’ve worked with many household names. To name a few. Selena Gomez. Ariana grande. And Justin Bieber.” I said. I heard a gasp, and my eyes focused on jungkook.

“Justin Bieber?” He asked. I nodded.

“And how old are you?” V asked. I smiled.

“I’m 20… in American years so to you guys I think I’m 22?” I said. They began speaking in Korean and rap mon cleared his throat.

“Guys that’s rude..” he said. They all said quick apologies and suga spoke up.

“How do we know you’re honest?” He teased.

“Well. Look me up.” I said. The boys quickly crowded around on the floor, surrounding a laptop. After bickering on how to spell my name, (instead of asking) they found me. My most viewed video was my showcase as a senior. Ballet and modern piece. They watched video after video, and then 7 pairs of eyes stared at me.

“Work with me. I suck at dancing.” Jin said.

“No no me.” Rap mon said. He and jin began arguing, and I laughed because Jin was speaking so fast, that his head was going up and down, causing his hair to move.

“Don’t worry. I’ll work with each of you, and if I’m liked enough then I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon” I said.

“Oh trust me, you’re liked enough..” I heard someone said.

“I just ask one thing.” I said.

“Yes?” They asked.

“Please dot underestimate me. I’ve been underestimated by many artist because of, 1. My age. And 2. The fact that I’m a female.” I said.

“Don’t worry. We won’t” Jin said. I nodded.

“Good.” I said.

“Well it’s time to go. Where are you staying?” J hope asked. I handed him the paper with my address and his eyes lit up.

“You’re in our dorm building across from us” he said. A devilish smile grew onto his face.

“… yay?” I asked. They all began laughing.

“We do prank wars. You’re a fresh victim.” Jungkook said. I was surprise he spoke.

“So fun.” I said. Little did they know that I was a pro at it. I’ll let them think I’m helpless.

“Do you wanna ride with us?” They asked. I shrugged.

“I guess? I got left here by the driver..” I said. They nodded, and led me to a car. There as only room for them, so suga sat on Jin’s lap.

“You’re lucky you’re nice.” He said. I smiled and answered small questions the whole ride.

Oh helllooooo! Welcome to my story. The story is starting in September of 2016, so before they won the billboard award and when they were a tad younger. I hope you guys enjoy this story! (also her names Lia, like me because I started this on Wattpad, so yeah lol) & alsoooooo @everythingismixed-up advised me to post so yeah! I hope you guys enjoy. If you like, or are curious as to how things play out message me & I’l update ASAP.


That Kind of Soft, That Kind of Silly [Peter Maximoff x Reader]

Author’s Note: It took me 5 million years to do Econ homework because the questions were worded so weirdly and I still have a lot of reading to do for some other classes which really sucks but I thought I would take a break to write this. And now I’m really tired and kind of just want to go to sleep. Great.

Word Count: 1,606

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anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips when you've had a fic plot stuck in your head for like 6 months (literally) but you can't execute it properly? (And it's a good/original plot imo I've never seen any fic like it). Should I just wait until someone has their requests open and suggest it? Or just give up all together? It's really making me so frustrated

If you have been planning to write it yourself and believe it to be a good, original plot as you claim, then suggesting it to another writer as a request is the worst case scenario. What I mean is that, down the track, if you suddenly have this overflow of inspiration for the idea and the writer you suggested it to has already gone ahead and completed the request, you will be consumed with regret as you are pretty much stuck. There is no way you can really go about writing the idea without having it compared to the ‘original’ piece. So please, consider offering the idea to somebody else as your last resort.

Dot point absolutely every little thought you have about the idea so you can at least get something down onto paper, doing so will also help to clear up some space in your mind and seeing it all physically written down can truly assist in piecing it all together. Every now and then, come back to the list of dot points and write down more until you have an accumulation of thoughts (whether it be lines of dialogue, slices of scenes, descriptions of the characters, etc.) that you can start working on, going through an elimination process where you cross out parts that you think will not fit the bigger picture. But most of all, try to not give up! I know it can be frustrating and it feels like it may never work, though one day, you may wake up and think, “Oh, that’s precisely how the story is going to go,” and write the entire thing in one sitting. I can definitely attest to that!

Plus, great ideas take time to execute, from months, even to years! ATTTS has been my best idea yet and it began from a very small oneshot that I wrote back in 2015 – two years later, and I am still struggling with getting the finale together since I am so stuck on how to write it, I am obsessed with making the end perfect. So trust me when I say you are not alone in this and I wish you the absolute best of luck in writing your idea! (I would love to read it once you do)

Breakfast (Part Two)

Nothing is more embarrassing to Nathan than this moment right now, standing outside this kid’s door, holding his apology in a brown paper bag, at the literal ass-crack of dawn. At least no one but him is actually awake-Well, him and Warren. He can hear the guy jammin’ out to some techno-remix of the “Bill Nye” theme song at medium volume. Its kind of adorable, but mostly obnoxious.

Let’s hope for his sake, none of their cohorts wake up to see him waiting there and looking like an idiot.

His thoughts travel to his response for when Warren actually opens the door. What will he say? Chances are it’ll start with an insult and end with a door slam. The whole dorm will wake with laughter and cruelties. Maybe taking his meds before this encounter was a bad idea. Nathan should just turn around and wait for another day, actually plan this out before he makes a fucking fool of himself.

Sadly, he has no chance to do this, music shutting off abruptly.

The door to Warren’s dorm opens and Nathan is met with the brunet himself staring down at him. The other’s initial expression is confusion, which inevitably turned into annoyance, “What do you want, now? I said my apology, we’re even.” His eyes trailed down to the paper container Nathan was clutching onto like a lifeline, face full of disgust. It was shoved towards him seconds later, pink knuckles digging into his chest. Warren thought it was weird that the other gave no immediate response, putting his hand underneath the bag so it wouldn’t drop to the floor when Nathan let go.

Why wasn’t he letting go?

In his head, Nathan knew this would go horribly, but not this bad. He felt his stomach churn and threaten to throw up some day-old acid. Maybe even a lung or two. Figuring this out by himself is terrifying, head dipping down to quietly scold himself for making this harder than it has to be. Next thing he knows, he’s pushing Warren back into his dorm and following. His roughness was uncalled for. He knows this. But in no way shape or form is he in the right mind to say sorry for it.

The blond does end up dropping his apology in Warren’s hand, turning and shutting the door so the anxiety of people finding him is gone, as long as he’s quiet, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. No doubt, the brunet will have words about this intrusion. Wonderful. Just what he needs.

“Nathan, what the fuck? I didn’t exactly invite you in here by opening my door. And what’s this all about?” Warren holds out the small bag, shaking it gently for emphasis, “If you’re trying to make me hide your drugs then you can just forget-”

“No!” Nathan interrupted, “The bag-No. Open it, open it. I wanted..augh.” His voice trailed off, trying to find the right words to say in order to get his point across.

At least the other heeded his instruction, opening the bag and sitting on his bed to look at the contents. The gift got Warren to relax a little, smile even, pulling out a soft cookie with icing on it. He examined the treat briefly, “Why?”

Nathan dug the tips of his fingers into the pad of his palm, cracking his knuckles out of habit against his sides, “Its a fucking apology for being a dick a few days ago. Something I thought you’d appreciate. If you don’t want it I can just take it back. Or like, if you’re allergic to anything. Fuck. Why didn’t I think of that? I don’t even know what shit they put in there. Do you even have any allergies? Like-It looks like dough and sugar and icing. What the fuck else is it made of besides blue food coloring? Stop staring at me and eat it, fucker. Shit. I mean-nevermind. Just ignore me.”

“And you tell me that I talk a lot.” Warren chuckles lightly through his nose, bringing the treat to his mouth and biting off a piece. He uses his free hand to pat the place beside him for Nathan to occupy, and he does, with slight hesitation, although it seems to go unnoticed.

“You do. I just happen to fuck over myself about 20 times with every sentence I say. Your ramblings actually make sense.” His tone may be harsh but its not on purpose, thoughts swimming in his head while he tries to figure out how to make this less awkward.

Thank god, Warren comes in for the rescue.

The brunet holds out a quarter of the soft cookie he was eating, moving it into Nathan’s view since he had been staring at his lap while he talked. A small gesture saying “It’s cool. You did good.”

The other does indeed take the treat and bites it, slipping off his shoes and criss-crossing his legs on the other’s mattress. He feels that this is okay since the both of them are at an equal now, moderately okay with each other’s presence. “So, why were you listening to “Bill Nye” at 6 am again? Need to fill up your Science quota for the morning? I knew you were a geek but really?“ Nathan looks over at him, a small smirk pulling at the corners of his lips.

Warren stumbled on words trying to defend himself, rubbing the back of his head and letting out this soft, nervous laugh, "Its just incredibly catchy, okay? I have like 4 different remixes in my library and they’re all amazing. Here, wait, you gotta listen to this one. It’s actually not as cringy as you might think.” He sets down the bag holding the rest of his treats and walks over towards his desk, unplugging his phone from the computer and grabbing headphones. “You gotta give the track a real hard listen. Trust me, you’ll love it.” He takes back his seat and hands over the headphones, trying hard not to let his mischievous intentions show on his face or in his tone.

Luckily, Nathan caught onto none of it, slipping each bud into his ear.

It takes about 2 seconds into the song before he knows he’s getting fucked over, smacking the wires away so the buds remove themselves, “You ass!”

The brunet just laughs, dancing in his place as if he could hear the song as well, wagging finger guns in Nathan’s direction, “We’re no strangers to love. You know the rules, and so do I..” He sang, trying to imitate the well-known singer, Rick Astley. The ruse earns Warren a tiny shove to the side and a bit of his cookie being stolen, and although he has plenty more, the boy still whines, “No fair, this is my apology gift. I didn’t steal your coffee!”

His guest stuffs the stolen piece into his mouth, barely swallowing before speaking, “When you give a mouse a cookie, he always asks for milk. Speaking of-”

“Fuck you.” Warren cuts him off. No way is he getting Jerry over here a glass of milk. The boy can suffer with that dry mouth for stealing his treat.

“Only if you ask nicely.” Nathan says. What a flirt, although its an almost entirely empty comment.


Warren returns the shove he was given and laughs, “Oh, so now not only are you a bully, you’re also a man-whore. Quite the reputable resume you got there. If you need cash, I know a few possible clients that would just love getting stuffed by the Prince of Arcadia Bay himself.” Who knew the guy had such a vulgar vocabulary. All the more reason to appreciate his existence.

Nathan allowed himself to laugh, even if it was just brief, “That offer sounds very tempting, I’ll get back to you on that.” He steals another piece of the cookie and pops it into his mouth to which Warren responds with the entire rest of his cookie being shoved into his own mouth so Nathan could no longer steal. The blond let himself laugh once again. This time, at the brunet’s chipmunk cheeks, inflating his own to mimic the boy.

Warren couldn’t resist squeezing the air out of them, both ending up laughing like children at the dumb noise it made.

Nathan feels as if this morning was a lot better than the last, seeing no issues in the near future if they continue with this adolescent humor. He finds it strangely comforting, being able to open up and have a genuinely nice time with someone without drugs or alcohol. Although, something that is bothering him is the fact that he never knocked at the door before Warren had opened it. Maybe he had stopped him from doing something important and now he’s wasting time on a druggy who brought cookies. Nathan finds himself forced to ask.

“So, what were you up to before now?”

Warren jumps up at the question, quite literally, standing off the bed as if called to attention by some drill sargeant, “That’s right, I was actually on my way to take a proper shower before the other’s had the chance to completely take over the bathrooms. Uhm.” He stepped away from his bed and towards the towel that was resting over the back of his desk chair, “You’re welcome to stay if you want to, just don’t touch anything that looks important and stay off my computer. That browser history is a doozy.”

Nathan let out an amused huff, rolling his eyes and falling back onto the boy’s mattress, “I won’t touch your shitty tech-top, but you might loose another piece of your apology. There were originally about six in there but I chickened out the first time and ate my feelings.” He snorts, acting a lot more relaxed than usual. It must be something about this kid; being man enough to admit that to himself off the bat proves it. Maybe its the buckets of cologne on his shirts or the fresh laundry smell of the sheets that affects him. It has to be something in the air around him. The guy seems smart enough to create some type of love potion. Wizard.

But before his thoughts are done assessing themselves, Warren is muttering something inaudible and walking out the door. Nathan isn’t worried though, the other was smiling. The silent comment must have been sweet and he missed it.

What a shame.

//Note: The previous chapter has been updated if you didn’t read it already! Please do!!//

Let Me Try: Prologue/Chapter 1

Summary: While travelling the world as a backup dancer, Lauren (G!P) finds out her parents have died in news breaking train wreck. In act of desperation to feel a part of some form of family, she reaches out to reconnect with the only person she thinks can fill that void, her ex and baby mama, Camila. Only thing is, reconnecting may not be as simple as she hoped it to be.

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A New Court, Part VII

Part I    Part II    Part III   Part IV  Part V   Part VI   Part VII   Part VIII Part IX

Hey guys! Thank you so much for reading this!!! You all are such darlings, I can’t ever thank you enough. I will be linking chapters 6 and 7 to the other chapters tomorrow, so no worries! But all the previous chapters are linked above. Enjoy!

Tamlin burst into my room just as I was wrapping my dressing robe around my body and rinsing my mouth out with water, sweeping me up in his arms and twirling me around, his face alight with happiness.

It had been a week and a half since I last saw Rhys—a week and a half since I’d been able to touch him, and it was killing me. And Tamlin’s touch made me nearly cringe.

Even the thought that Tamlin could touch me and Rhys couldn’t made me cringe.

I must have made a noise because Tamlin dropped me as though I’d burned him.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “I’m so sorry, I got carried away.”

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Awkward Texting Conversations ~Baekhyun~ ✎...

Sorry for taking so long to write a part two to “Awkward Plane Rides”. I hope you guys like this second part.

-Admin S      

➳ This is part two to Awkward Plane Rides. Click here to read that scenario~

“I’ll be waiting for your text!”

Those were the last words Byun Baekhyun had said to you, right before he got off the plane and left you there speechless. It was now exactly two months since you had seen him on that plane, but you could swear that you still remember every detail from that long and awkward plane ride.

         “If you’re not going to study, you can just put the book away, you know.” Your best friend, Hana, waved one of her hands in front of your face and used the other to poke your cheek. “You look a little tired. Just go to sleep.”

         You blinked and shut the book that was sitting on your lap. “I’m exhausted,” you said.

         “Then sleep,” Hana replied, as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. She got up from your bed and walked across the room to sit on her own. “Tomorrow’s the weekend, so we have no classes. I think some people are planning on going out to eat somewhere together. Are you coming?”

         You lied down in your bed and pulled the blanket up to your shoulders. “I don’t know.”

         “Well, I might go, so you should go.”


         “Because best friends are supposed to accompany each other to these kinds of things.”

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brace yourselves: this is going to be a long fucking post.

i found out about Shia LaBeouf’s #IAmSorry exhibit exactly a week ago. it opened on tuesday last week but since there was barely any press until wednesday, it didn’t come up on my radar until late afternoon wednesday. that’s when i decided i’d try going on thursday.

for those of you who live under a rock and haven’t heard about this, shia opened an art exhibit on beverly in LA. it was located right across from the LA buzzfeed office, which is funny, because i think buzzfeed was the first “news” outlet to break the story about shia’s plagiarism. basically, shia plagiarized daniel clowes and gave him no credit. someone caught on, called him out, and then the internet exploded.

shia then took to the sky and used a sky writer to apologize. it said “i am sorry daniel clowes.” then, shia took to twitter and plagiarized other apologies from history and posted them one after the other on twitter. then, he announced that he was “retiring” from public life all together. then, he started showing up to red carpet events for his upcoming movies with a paper bag over his head that read “i am not famous anymore.” then, he started giving weird answers at press conferences and leaving during them without giving any warning or reason. then, he started tweeting over and over “I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE” usually once per day. then, he opened this exhibit called “#IAmSorry”

the exhibit, from what i had read, basically was shia in a very small room sitting at a table, with the “i am not famous anymore” bag over his head, bawling his eyes out. you go in one by one and pick an object off a table (each to represent different movies he’s been in- a transformers doll, a whip, a bottle of jack, a vase of flowers, a bowl of mean tweets, etc) and you can take it in and interact with him while he sits in silence at the table and cries. this also was supposed to be a nod at marina abramovic’s performance art piece that was the same concept of taking an object in one by one and interacting with her AKA another form of plagiarism on his part.

now, a LOT of people have said how stupid and idiotic and weird this is. however, i never think that on first thought. i’m always intrigued and always give the benefit of the doubt to the person involved and assume there’s a bigger meaning to it. i guess i really am an ~artist~

anyways, i thought i was being smart by showing up at 10 am thursday morning (it opened at 11 am). however, when i got there i was #65 in line. well, no problem i thought, i’ll definitely get in. however, what i didn’t know at the time was that there was NO time limit. meaning the first person in line could go in and literally spend from 11 am until 6 pm (when it closed) with shia and no one else would get to go in. since the exhibit was free of charge, you could imagine a LOT of people were lining up for this!

anyways, i need to first speak about how being in line in itself was definitely a part of the exhibit. i definitely feel like shia would manipulate the line (i heard that inside he would sometimes grab onto people’s arms and make them stay inside the exhibit longer, even if they were planning on leaving after 5 minutes). therefore, by keeping people inside longer than they promised (a lot of “pacts” were made in groups of people promising to only take 5-10 minutes since everyone wanted a chance inside!) it would cause riots. and i mean RIOTS. someone tried to fight a security guard! …are you serious???? the security guard was like LOL I’LL LAY YOU FLAT ON YOUR ASS BACK UP. people also showed up WASTED and hiiiiigh as fuck off cocaine and weed and etc. everyone was smoking in line. people driving by would honk at us, yell at us, tell us we’re stupid, ask why we’re wasting our time on some idiot like shia, someone even threw a dildo at us and tried smashing the window of the exhibit. it was fucking insane. the line truly was primal and brought out animalistic traits in everyone. people running on no sleep, no food, no water, sitting in the sun, getting backstabbed by “friends” made in line when they would spend 1-2 hours inside with shia (someone brought in a sketchbook- really?! you selfish asshole.) and etc.

however, there were also moments of community formed. so for all the negatives there were definitely positives. the times when people ACTUALLY stuck to the pact and only spent 5 minutes each. the time we exchanged numbers, facebooks, and instagrams and actually became friends. the time people would come back from ralph’s or starbucks with coffees and food for other people in line- people they didn’t even know! the time when people let me be the “line leader” (lol are we in kindergarten?) and i took down everyones names and wrote numbers on their hands to avoid cutters/cheaters. we had each others backs just as much as we stabbed each others backs. it was such a fucking crazy experience.

so, my first day there on thursday definitely was a day of CUTTERS. it seemed like the line was never moving and that’s because so many people’s “friends” showed up and cut the line. or reporters would schmooze their way throughout the line just to get to the front and guarantee their spot inside. michael yo was one of them:

so like, it was cool seeing michael yo since i’ve listened to him since i was like born, but like…. dude. no. GO TO THE BACK OF THE LINE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. apparently andy dick showed up one day and said “i don’t wait in lines” and tried to go in the back but luckily the security guards were fucking AWESOME (shout out to ken!!! i hope you see this!) and were like “ummm no. bye.” ray j, keegan allen, jaden smith, kylie jenner, tyler the creator, and etc also were in line. not sure if they made it inside ever! i would have LOVED to see what tyler the creator would have done to shia in that room lmfao….

the guy in the picture above was one of the people shia plagiarized from. this poster board shows his original work compared to all of shia’s tweets/all the times he plagiarized him. he was walking around and handing out flyers for his book (good way to advertise- eh? i guess it’s true any publicity is good publicity!) i asked him if he was pissed or flattered when he found out shia had done it and he said at first he was flattered and then he got pissed. i asked him if he was going to go into the exhibit or just keep standing in line informing people of what he did and he said he wasn’t sure. i think what he meant was “i’m not sure because if i go in there i’ll punch him in the face and i don’t want to get in trouble.” i wonder if he ever went in!

anyways, so after 4 hours of waiting in line and forming a little friend group with the people around me i told them good luck and that i hope they get in and that i had to go to work. they said they for sure would get in (they still had 4 hours and they were around #40 in line).

the next day, friday, i decided to be smart and show up at 6 am…. but apparently i wasn’t the only one. at that point i was #21 in line. i couldn’t believe it! the first guy in line had gotten there at 2 am and the rest at ¾/5 am. and you would have never guessed- most of the people in line were my friends from the day before!!! i couldn’t believe they hadn’t gotten in. everyday i went back it was so fun because we would catch each other up on crazy stories from the line/from the exhibit (people would tell us what happened inside once they left)/etc. i couldn’t believe the shit people did lmao…

as you can tell, my spirits were much higher this day because i thought “oh, i’m #21, i’ll definitely get in.” what was extra cool about showing up so early on friday was that at around 7 am shia would start interacting with us via the mail slot of the gallery.

he would stick his ipad through the mail slot and play us music while sticking his fingers out and grabbing on to whoever placed their hand there. yes, i touched shia’s hands and yes, they reeked of cigs haha. he always played really calming but kind of sad music. it was exciting to hear the mail slot open (he would do this about once every hour leading up to the opening of the exhibit). sometimes we’d play music back for him and he’d come back and stick his eye up to the mail slot to show us he was crying. it was insane. i know he’s a kendrick lamar fan so i played him “money trees” hoping that get him to come back, but it didn’t. oh well!

this is what the table of objects looked like from the mail slot. so you’d walk in this room, choose an object, go through the first black curtain, which led to a second black curtain, and behind the 2nd one is where shia was in the small room.

i had a really really REALLY good feeling about friday. this is when i made the list of people in line and numbered us to avoid cutting. we all made a pact together to take only 5-10 min (15-20 TOPS) since we were all on day 2/3 of waiting. at one point, someone said that mia goth (shia’s supposed girlfriend) was in line and she ended up switching with #13 so she ended up hanging out with us.

SHE WAS ADORABLE!!!! and she made a joke about having no eyebrows so i kinda am obsessed with her now. lol. someone asked her why she was waiting in line and her response was a giddy “to see shia!” she was so down to earth, so young (she’s only 19), and so innocent! she had never seen any american reality tv so i was showing her clips of “my strange addiction” as she told us how she’s english and brazilian and just recently moved to la. i think she knew that we knew who she was but we just treated her normally and interacted with her like we would anyone else.

everything was going smoothly with the first 6 people. and then #7, the whore, decided to go inside and ruin it for everyone. this girl (keep in mind she was in line with her boyfriend of i think almost 5 years) (AND ALSO KEEP IN MIND IT WAS VALENTINE’S DAY) went in and said her plan was to put lipstick on, kiss shia’s forehead, and then we’d report back if he rubbed it off or still had it on throughout the day. 10 minutes go by…. 30 minutes go by…. 40 minutes go by…. hmmm.. where is this fucking bitch? we were starting to get LIVID she fully 100% threw us all under the bus so she can be a selfish whore. her boyfriend sat there quietly and we joked “oooh what do you think she’s doing in there!” to which he responded “i’ll kick his (Shia’s) ass if anything happens.” so we kept waiting… and at around 50 minutes she emerges from the front door in a hurry (you’re supposed to leave out the back alleyway) and she looks A MESS. someone even said “what the hell happened to you?!” her make up was smudged, she had lipstick all over her face (meaning shia kissed her and then kissed her face) and her hair was a hot mess. aka THEY GOT DOWN AND DIRTY FOR ALMOST AN HOUR. for the first time, they had to close the exhibit and didn’t let anyone in for about another 15 minutes…. i’m assuming shia had to finish jacking off or something? and when the couple was leaving in their car you could see them screaming and fighting… like happy valentine’s day? wtf.

AND the worst part was seeing mia’s reaction. she started blinking back tears and eventually started crying. i felt so fucking bad. i couldn’t believe what a backstabber that whore was she had been hanging with mia all morning and SHE HAD A BOYFRIEND LIKE WHAT ARE YOU DOING. anyways…

everyone in line started referring to her as “the whore” and everyone was fucking pissed. she ruined it for everyone! so, once again, i couldn’t make it into the exhibit as i thought i would because people were selfish and took more time than they could ever actually need. but once again- i guess that’s apart of the art and the whole purpose of the exhibit. see how people really act under pressure, who is there for you, who back stabs you, etc. like i’ve said before: it was insane.

i decided to take my anger to TMZ and tell them the story. i was wording it as “shia labeouf, mia goth, and a whore at his exhibit.” i got in contact with a few reporters and they all thought it was a super juicy story and were interested in posting it but since i had no pictures or videos it was kind of a useless story. fast forward a few days later i got a CALL from TMZ asking about it and they thought i meant an actual hooker went in and fucked shia…. LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOO. the second i explained to them that it wasn’t actually a hooker we were just calling her a whore they basically were uninterested and hung up. oh well. i still thought it was a juicy story ;)

anyways, the next day i had work all day so i couldn’t wait in line. my plan was to go at midnight so that i was guarenteed to get in before work on sunday. however, when i got home from work with my chipotle, i was scrolling through the instagram tags of the exhibit and saw people were already lining up. SO unprepared, i threw my food away (you don’t understand- i love chipotle. throwing it away means that i MEANT BUSINESS) i grabbed a blanket and a pillow and sprinted to my car and sped all the way there. when i arrived (at 9 PM) there was only a few people in line and i got to be #15.

see that bundle of grey blankets? the one with the entire body including head under it? that’s me. at like 2 am. trying not to die of frost bite. I WAS SO NOT PREPARED and it was so cold but it was so worth it. as usual, we all became a “family” in line and had each other backs and promised to stay under 20 minutes and etc etc (of course though, three girls before me took an hour each. oh well… so much for trust…)

eventually, the 7 am time frame rolled around. we heard the mail slot open. this was it! the last day. we made it. I WAS FOR SURE MAKING IT IN TODAY. today was different though. shia did the usual play music through the slot and hold hands but he also started giving us stuff today. he passed a rolled cig (or was a it a joint?) through the slot, someone smoked it, and then passed it back through. THAT was awesome.

then, he poured the entire bottle of jack through the mail slot. i swear at first i thought he was peeing lol but then i realized that was a rather large stream of liquid to just be pee…. it reeked of whiskey the rest of the morning.

then, he slipped this through the slot. it had pages marked and annotations throughout the book that i’m assuming shia made. very interesting…

and then, when the exhibit finally opened, we found out that the usual table with objects on it wasn’t there. there was only 1 object: the bag he had been wearing over his head. and when you walked in: he wasn’t wearing it. EEK! so now we all knew that we were going to be looking straight into his crying eyes with no barrier… talk about intense?!

so the first few people were each spending around 5 minutes, the line was moving great, and then we had the people who spent an hour each. some just cried, some got naked and made out with him (i wonder how many people he made out with??? but like, i can’t lie, if drake or jake gyllenhaal was doing this i 1000000000% would have done the same lol). and then finally IT WAS MY FUCKING TURN. i had never felt so nervous in my life. i wanted to vomit. i was shaking. my hands were sweating. my armpits would not stop sweating. i was actually freaking out. i had to pace up and down the line until the security guard told me to go in (of course the girl before me took an HOUR so i was “on deck” for an hour aka WORST FEELING EVER). finally, i got wanded down, he gave me a pep talk, and i was sent in.

there was a really nice woman standing at the table and she said “you can either take the bag in with you or leave it here. shia is behind the curtain. no photography. enjoy.” so of course, i decided to take the bag. my hearts beating writing this as i remember how nervous i was pulling back the curtain.

and bam. there he was. shia. fucking. labeouf. just sitting in this tiny room with me in a nice ass tux crying. tears rolling down his face! he looked SO SAD it was actually heart breaking. i sat the bag down and i couldn’t help but to smile. like, this was SHIA FROM HOLES. SHIA FROM EVEN STEVENS. SHIA FROM DISTURBIA. SHIA FROM TRANSFORMERS. like what i grew up with- he was right in fucking front of me. CRYING!

it was one of the craziest experiences of my life. i don’t want to go into detail about what was said because it was personal. but what i can say is that i took 8 minutes (i kept checking my phone because i didn’t want to screw everyone else over like other people had done in line) and i made him smile through the tears a few times. i hugged him a few times, but never cried. i thought i would. but i was just too happy and intrigued to be experiencing it all that i didn’t get to reach that type of emotion while in there. the rest of the day i spent kind of in a daze. did that really happen? did i meet shia labeouf? but he was crying and not speaking? i made his sad soul smile? i told him things i haven’t told anyone? it was just insane….

the next day, the first day the exhibit was closed, a sky writing was noticed that said “#startcreating.” i 100% think shia did it and i 100% think i know what he’s up to now.

i feel like he could be commenting on movies nowadays. everything is a fucking remake. where do you draw the line between original idea, inspiration, and plagiarism?

maybe he’s acting for a revolution: NEW IDEAS! stop taking the same thing and recycling it over and over and over. maybe he’s pulling a beyonce and made a secret original movie no one knows about and plans on releasing it after all this is over.

i knew from the start this was definitely calculated on his part. everyone said “oh he’s the next amanda bynes” but no… she literally cracked and lost her mind for a hot minute. he never has acted that way. everything he’s done is planned out and not “crazy.” he’s creating and living art and asking others to do the same.

i’m so fucking excited to see where he goes with this because i will forever and always be able to say that i was a part of this crazy exhibit!

so to wrap up this post, thank you, shia. for being brave, being open, being RAW, being honest, and for letting hundreds of strangers meet you, interact with you, cry with you, laugh with you, hold you, hug you, embrace you, or even taunt you and yell at you. it was extremely brave to open yourself up to both positivity and negativity. i can’t wait to see what you have planned for the future!

#243: "I've been yours since day 1."

Ashton: You’re not really sure how it happened at this point. Ashton had come home distraught and stressed after a day at the studio, refusing to even look at you as he holed up in his home studio and drummed his heart out. With a sigh, you left him alone, knowing that if you disturbed him, it would just make things worse. When he finally came out, he came stomping down the stairs and made a beeline towards the fridge, barely acknowledging your presence before demanding to know why there wasn’t any food. And all you had said was that you weren’t able to go food shopping yet since he’s been coming home late, and somehow it ended up becoming a screaming match with you asking Ashton why he even bothered sticking around. You had to admit that you were a bit scared; you had never seen Ashton this angry before so you weren’t really sure what to expect. Add that to the fact that you were crying–well, that snapped him out of it really quickly. And when you whisper out, “Just leave, Ash. I can take a hint,” his heart almost breaks and it takes him a while to work around the lump in his throat to say, “I’ve been yours since day 1. I’m not going anywhere any time soon.”

Calum: “I think that’s the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said to me,” you laugh, continuing to trace shapes on his bare chest as he rolls his eyes. “You know, I’m trying to be romantic, (Y/N),” Calum sighs jokingly. “Most girls would die if they heard me say this to them. But you just joke about it. You’re a horrible human being.” “Okay fine, I’m sorry,” you surrender, looking up at him and placing a kiss on his jaw. “Please, keep going on about how much you love me; continue to inflate my ego.” “I don’t appreciate your sarcasm,” he mumbles. “But really, what I said is true. Ever since I saw you for the first time, I knew that my life was going to change and I was definitely in love. I didn’t know that last part at the time, or I was just scared to admit it since I hadn’t even talked to you before. And you just make me so happy and want to be a better person and I love you so much so-” “If you’re going to ask me to not find another guy that’s better than you, I don’t want to hear it, Hood,” you interrupt him. “Because that’s never going to happen. I’ve been yours since day 1. Well, maybe it was day 15.” “Shut up.”

Luke: You were pretty surprised to find mail that wasn’t junk; especially when you discovered that it was a letter from Luke. You laughed a bit to yourself when you saw that he had messed up when writing your home address, shaking your head as you rip open the envelope and take out 2 pieces of paper. “Hi (Y/N),” the letter greeted you, Luke’s handwriting making it a bit difficult to read. “It’s been about 3 months that we’ve been on tour now and we’re literally in the middle of nowhere as I write this. I suddenly remembered you saying that you wanted me to send you a letter at least once, so here it is. I miss you a lot (the boys say that they miss you more, but don’t believe that). I really wish you were with us or I was with you because it’s really hard to sleep in these bunks in general, but even harder to sleep without you. And I just realized how sappy this is sounding, so I’m just going to stop before I go on to say how much I love you and how I’ve been yours since day 1 and crap like that (even though it’s true).” You kept on reading, smiling more and more as you read about what they were up to, already scrambling to find your phone so you could call him.

Michael: “I know that 6 months is a long time,” Michael whispers as he wipes away some tears that had escaped. “But we can do this. We’ve been through so much together already, babe; I’m not ready to let you go because of distance. In fact I’m not even ready to let you go. Like ever. Because I am so in love with you and I know for a fact that you feel the same way. Right?” You nod, continuing to sniffle as you remain silent, letting his words wash over you. “And this is going to sound really lame but you’ve had me since day 1. I love you so much and I care about you probably more than I care about myself. So please, don’t give up on us. Our relationship is too important to me; you’re too important to me. Okay?” “Okay,” you croak out, nodding as he gives you a small smile and kisses your forehead. “Good,” he mumbles. “We still have two more days. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.”

A/N: Michael’s was so shitty I am so sorry. I’ve been studying for midterms which is why this got uploaded so late. But let’s be real, I’ve been uploading late for a couple weeks, so I think you should just expect it by now whoops. But yeah, midterms start tomorrow woohoo and I get to go in late on the first day!!!! But yeah, I hope you guys enjoyed this preference and please like it if you did, we really appreciate it. Requests are always open! -Isabelle xx

The Meat Cute - Chapter 1

A/N: Alright readers, we’ve got a significant time jump here. Eight years have passed since Emma met Killian, and they haven’t seen each other since. If you’re curious what happened that night or during the intervening years, fear not - we’re going to be doing a lot of flashbacks, so eventually the whole story will be told. Kind of like a certain TV show we know and love… Flashbacks/Memories will be in all italics, so hopefully the fractured timeline won’t be confusing.

WARNING: This chapter contains a little bit of “smut glitter” and a dash of angst.

Read from the beginning: ff.net / AO3 or on Tumblr [Prologue]

Present Day

“So Walsh proposed last night.”

Emma hears Mary Margaret’s excited gasp through the cell phone wedged between her ear and shoulder. Most friends wouldn’t appreciate a phone call at 6:30 a.m., but with Emma busy at the restaurant (her restaurant, though that still feels strange to think about) from lunch time until late at night coupled with Mary Margaret’s teaching schedule, early mornings are about the only quiet time that the two of them can have an actual conversation.

After a beat of silence her friend responds with, “Wait - why am I sensing that this is a bad thing?”

Emma sighs heavily. “Hang on.”

She fumbles with her keys in the dim light of pre-dawn attempting to lock her yellow Volkswagen Beetle without dropping her cell. She’s certainly not stalling for time to answer Mary Margaret’s overly perceptive question. Not at all.

Hearing the clunk of the ancient vehicle’s door lock sliding into place, Emma decides that maybe a quick but direct answer is better. Might as well just spit it out.

“Webrokeup.” The words run together into a single blob. Emma hears Mary Margaret’s slow exhale followed by a soft slurping sound. “Geez, are you literally sipping tea and judging me right now?” Emma turns and leans back against the car, swiping a stray piece of hair back underneath her ballcap.

Mary Margaret huffs indignantly, but Emma can still make out the clink of a tea cup being placed back into its saucer in the background. Thought so.

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Author Spotlight: Lady--Divine

Welcome to the Author Spotlight! We have with us today @lady–divine  and we’ll be featuring their work throughout the week! All posts will be tagged: Author Spotlight and the author’s name, and just a reminder that if you’re interested in signing up, you’re welcome to drop me a line! Also, you can check out past spotlight authors on the navigation bar on the right of the main page.

Author Spotlight: Lady–Divine

I think I’m going to cheat and pretty much put my bio from my Tumblr blog xD I am a writer, a musician, and a Domme. Bass clarinetist, soprano, fanfic writer, aspiring novelist, professional Dominatrix. Loyal mother, daughter, and dedicated wife. Klaine, Kurtbastian, and Coldflash writer. I’m also a photographer, as well as an activist/advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, victims of domestic abuse, families affected by autism and cerebral palsy, and sex workers.

Fic Prompt: Outlandish alternate meetings –

You stabbed me with a fork!  You accidentally ran me over with your razor scooter! (It wasn’t an accident)  I don’t know why, but I keep finding your underwear on my front lawn! And I know it’s yours because you have your name and address written in the label!


Spotlight Fic: Take Me Over

Summary:  Kurt’s life isn’t at all what he wanted. He is stuck in an unexpected relationship with his dreams almost permanently on hold and a job he took mostly out of desperation. But a trip to L.A. to get the autograph of his favorite television star might just change his entire life - but will it change for the better?

This is one of my oldest, longest, and most popular stories. I will finally be putting it to rest soon.

This story is inspired, in part, by my life – the trailer, the squealing car, the community college choir, the kids – they’re all mine xD But the character of Kurt, the way he plies his trade as a professional crossdressing dominant, is based in part on someone that I used to know a long time ago.

I like that Kurt and Blaine (and Dave) are all their characters from the show at heart, but also real, believable people. It also showcases something that I don’t think we see genuinely in a lot of fic – fanfic or published media alike – and that’s the struggle of a professional sex worker trying to live a life outside of sex work as well as raise a family. It’s something very personal to me. I also feel that Kurt and Blaine fit the narrative I created exceptionally well. Even though I’m closing this one up soon, I keep writing one-shots because I don’t ever want this story to be over. I think there is so much, not just in Kurt and Blaine’s Dom/sub relationship that can be explored, but with the whole family. This story is set to soon have a wonderful cover by Freakingpotter, who does amazing art for a lot of my stories, and whom I love with my whole heart and soul

Find more of @lady–divine’s works on AO3my nsfw blog for 18+, also includes soft BDSMposts and my own minor ramblings xD, and my sfw blog which is mostly fandom stuff and writing (both mine and other people’s). 


Q and A with Lady–Divine

How did you get into the Glee fandom?

I really just fell into it one day. My favorite character in the series when I started watched was Lauren because, at the time, she was the character I related to the most – dominant, doesn’t give a crap, and on the wrestling team. Add an instrument, and that was me in high school xD I think I was looking for Lauren/Puck fanfic and I stumbled on Scarves and Coffee.

What drew you into writing in general?

Like a lot of writers here I’ve been writing forever. It was just part of me existing – writing and reading, or acting things out with my dolls (wow, that doesn’t sound the same on paper as it does in my head xD). I was really big into science, and writing is a huge part of that as well. My parents tell me and my (ex)sister that we started writing before we started talking, with singing in between. I still have journals from before I can even remember writing in them. The most legible ones start at age 6 and go up from there. A lot of it is poetry…bad poetry in my opinion xD

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