i am literally crying so much

Do you have any idea how much I loved the Seelie Court kiss in the books? How much I anticipated for them to be together despite the fact that they “were” siblings back then. It happened and I literally screamed at my book and was happy and yet totally overwhelmed by the feelings. 

THAT kiss happened in the latest SH episode and idk it was just so underwhelming that I could cry.
I am so unhappy with the Clace development and I really hate the writers for destroying one of my first OTPs. At this point I actually prefer Jaia over Clace just for the fact that Jace deserves so much better than Clary who acts totally hostile towards him. 

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Omg I just discovered ur blog and read all of ur fics and I'm literally crying, and I stayed up till 2 am reading them they're so good, I hate you but I also love you 🖤

Thank you so much!!!! If you really enjoyed them, make sure to comment and reblog, it really helps me out!

I feel everything so deeply. Every strong emotion brings me pain. I hate so much it hurts, I love so strongly it hurts even more, I am so sad I can literally feel the pain in my bones. I don’t want to feel this pain shuttering me to the core but at the same time it is so satisfying, so awakening. I feel alive, like a Phoenix who has gone through the rebirth. I am addicted to it.
The most shocking thing I learned from the 2017 Tony Awards...

Apparently younger Broadway fans do not know the legend of Gavin Creel????

Gavin Creel, whose voice is literally butter, who can make you cry with one well placed riff during Corner of the Sky, who basically invented being gay on Broadway?????

The only person to ever end up dating a fan he met at the stage door (like half a decade later but still).

The OG politically active Broadway Boy. 

The man who dated JGroff before he was even out of the closet.

He closed down Hair and chartered a bus and took everyone to the Equality March! He was a singer songwriter before Matt Doyle even got his first Broadway credit. 

Gavin Creel is the reason any of us are even here. HE is EVERYTHING. 

can you believe Henrik and Tarjei just had like a natural connection right away and they just clicked and they both felt the same can you believe that Henrik was one of last persons who went to the audition and two hours later Julie called him and he got the audition so this means that Tarjei said to Julie “I want him” I’m screaming I’m not very well are you crying because I am

y'all the binder @skellydun bought me came today and i’m literally crying my chest is so flat but not Completely so i legit look like i have pecks omg i can’t even begin to say how happy and confident i am thank you so much dylan you’ve helped my dysphoria so much 😭💕

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I saw your newest tiny McHanzo and I am crying. Literally I am laying in bed with tears in my eyes because they're so cute and gay and in love. Good art. Good art. 👌👌👌

aNON OH MY GOD,,, I HAVE NO WORDS??? thats so sweet and i love u please have another tiny mchanzo just for u  ( ˘ ³˘)♥ 

i’m literally going to be crying all day i am going to miss my boys so much they meant the world to me and i’m so happy they’re gonna get married and adopt a kid and grow old together i’m so happy they gave me this much hope and courage i’m so happy and i love them so much

Thank you guys so much for 500 followers!! 



Have some baby versions of the OWL and MONKEY that we all love. 

I originally thought at first squeaker lui was some little brother of lui (a lil kid who is way more cooler than i am in real life) 

But then In a long period of time, it was him all along doing his voice in high pitch, It’s so cool!

Take it from me who always wanted to voice act.

Fuck 4/20

****Obligatory Discourse Notice: This post is not about people who use weed for medicinal purposes y’all are beautiful and in my experience, courteous people and I hope you feel better soon****

**This is also not about people who consume recreationally in the privacy of their homes, y’all are cool too**

Ok, so, it’s 4/20, and I can’t fucking go to school because SOME ASSHOLES HOT-BOXED THE MAIN STUDIO ROOM IN THE ART BUILDING.

This is not a small room, it’s three classrooms combined into one large, naturally well-lit room, so god knows how much weed they actually had to burn to fill it like that, but it was definitely more than CO possession law allows for.  and at 8 AM this morning, I opened the fucking door to a literal CLOUD of smoke, while at least three dudes ran out the back door.

I’m not sure if it’s an allergy or sensitivity or what, but even hints of Marijuana smoke give me massively painful migraines, so I had to be driven home, and I’ve spent the last five hours on the couch crying and puking and having hallucinations becuase I was in that much pain. Fuck you guys I haven’t been suicidal in years but today was not a good day.

OH, and the department head was right behind me, and she has severe asthma and i just learned she’s in the hospital.

and the campus has closed the art building until further notice/they can clean the place out.  it’s the week before finals.  Nobody is going to be able to finish/turn in their final projects. and even if they manage to air out the building, nobody with an allergy/sensitivity is gonna be able to go in becuase that shit sticks around.  or anyone with asthma or epilepsy or anybody on other psychoactive drugs.

So, yeah, fuck you guys, you’ve ruined the whole fucking semester.

and the thing that really, really pisses me off about this?  Cannabis DOES potentially have some major health/environmental benefits, and widespread decriminalization would be a great thing for a lot of america’s poorer communities, BUT NOOOOOOO, YOU DICKHOLES GOTTA SMOKE IN PUBLIC WHERE IT’S A HEALTH HAZARD AND BE A BUNCH OF IRRESPONSIBLE FUCKHEADS, NEVER MIND THAT GETTING IT OFF SCHEDULE ONE IS GONNA TAKE A COOPERATIVE POLITICAL MOVEMENT LOL 420 BLAZE IT HAHAHAHAHA FUCK ALL OF YOU WITH A RUSTY CHAINSAW.

YOU, fuckass stoner, are the person making it hard to get the actual drug-testing done for the people who need this
YOU are being massively disrespectful and an outright danger to your fellow citizens and 
YOU are gonna get kicked right in the dick if i ever figure out who you are.

Actually, there’s security cams, and when you are ID’d I’m suing your ass for damages because going to the hospital was not fun and expensive.  

*I’ve been seen by a medical professional, they’re not sure what it is, and i have a history of unexpected reactions to drugs, so the can’t give me anything for it.

** I’ve taken a shower and am chugging all the fluids I can to get this to pass, and it is.  my pain is at about 6/10, not 11 now.

*** This is ALSO about the people in the quad lighting up in public, the people who brought the bong into the student union (campus cops got them at least), and anyone who DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF SECOND-HAND SMOKE CHRIST ON POGO STICK YOU SHITHEADS ARE DUMB.

***8ALSO: dear creepy old men who were stoners back in the 60′s who show up on campus to on women young enough to be your granddaughters: FUCK YOU TOO

In conclusion: Fuck 4/20, fuck public stoner culture, fuck white boys who think this shit is funny, fuck the Marijuana industry that pushes this kind of irresponsible consumption, and fuck everything I have to go throw up again.

Day #12

So yesterday was a real emotional roller coaster.
I was thinking about #MothersDay and my thoughts were all good at first, I have a few mother like figures in my life that I am so blessed to have. But then, all of a sudden my brain took a detour and I was literally boo-hoo crying at the thought that one day, my moms, the women who very much contributed to who I am today, will one day pass. … I have never NOT been able to control my emotions like this. I have always been one of those people that in times of high anxiety or stress, something in me switches off, and I show little to no emotion. But yesterday… It was like every time I thought I had it together, thinking good thoughts… nope, brain detours back to traumatic thoughts and she is crying again. So basically I cried a lot yesterday over Mother’s Day.

Good News!
Today I feel better.
I have plans to have dinner with My mom tomorrow, going to go where ever heart desires. She has transformed her life lately with a knee surgery and some major life changes that have got her out camping and doing the things she loves again. It is a beautiful thing honestly, it has inspired me so much to take charge of my own body, mind & spirit. Then on Sunday, We are going over to cock dinner for George’s Mom, she has been in okay health as of late, so not good but not awful. So we are going to go spend some time over there. She doesn’t know we are coming so we hope she is pleasantly surprised. We also managed to get his sister’s in on it, and together were going to grill out and we created a meal with all of the things that his mom can eat. She has a lot of diet restrictions, so getting together for a family meal is a little more difficult, but I think George & his sisters really pulled something nice together, I’m excited.

HRT is a huge milestone for me and I wonder often, how in the deep south I managed to be blessed with not only a loving and accepting birth mother, but in my 24 years I have met and been loved & accepted by so many other mom’s.
Love on your Mama this weekend!

-Elliott Alexander

i am so proud of these boys and the season they’ve had.

they told us to  “#StandWitness” this season and we did? we literally got to witness history as they broke record after record and did better than almost anybody thought they would.

they did so well this season and just got so much experience under their belts, and they’re gonna be able to build on everything this season was next year.

anyway. i’m so so so proud of these boys, and i’m so excited to see what the future has in store for them.

Viktor obviously has lots of money.

And I can see him taking Yuri out on a date one day. Yuri thinks its just a fun, little, outing- they get lunch together, take a walk through the park– but then Viktor suggests shopping!

Yuri agrees because ‘window shopping is fun!’

He’s horrified by the prices of everything, in all the stores they stop in.

Yuri is so glad that they’re only window shopping, because who even has enough money to spend $500 on a bracelet.

Despite that, Viktor casually has Yuri point out things he likes. Viktor even has Yuri try on some clothes or jewelry “just for fun”.

Yuri does and the two of them have a good rest of the day messing around, trying out $2,000 sunglasses, $100 shirts, $200 shoes, etc.

The next day, Yuri wakes up to his room, full of wrapped presents.
Hes confused and like wtf but Viktor pokes his head in the room when he hears Yuri stirring around and is like. “OPEN! Open everything! (^♡^)”

And Yuri does. And hes so shocked and surprised and taken aback because every gift he opens is one of the things he pointed out to Viktor yesterday. Viktor made sure he didn’t miss out on anything.

Yuri is literally brought to tears because Viktor just spent a FORTUNE on him. Yuri insists Viktor bring it back to the stores because its way too much money.

Viktor laughs gently and holds his crying boyfriend, wiping his tears.
“But aren’t you happy, Yuri?”

“I am but–”

And Viktor kisses Yuri’s lips gently.
“Then that’s all that matters. There’s no price to your happiness ♡”

And Yuri just is so appreciative and happy and feeling so spoiled.

Viktor is just cuddling him and cooing sweet nothings.

“Only the best for my Yuri♡”

doing things for a dead fandom

so lately i’ve been watching THE COOLEST TV-SHOW EVER CREATED. i love it so much i can’t even explain myself properly AND i also discovered that none of my friends have watched it AND i have literally no one to cry or to judge paul gross for being such a GREAT MAN with and here i am
doing things for a nearly dead fandom

welcome the best (br)otp i’ve ever seen!!! (and their beautiful wolf)

harry potter books rated by hinny
  • SORCERER'S/PHILOSOPHER'S STONE: ginny became the ultimate harry fangirl in .2 seconds. 8/10.
  • CHAMBER OF SECRETS: harry literally saved her life and also described her face as glowing like the setting sun what kind of poetic shit. 12/10.
  • PRISONER OF AZKABAN: the ridiculous "making eye contact and trying not to laugh when people do weird things" that they do started what kind of soul mate bullshit. ginny made him a goddamn singing get well card when will your otp. 9/10.
  • GOBLET OF FIRE: ginny started relaxing around harry and we all cried. had the opportunity to ditch neville and go with harry instead but like the Perfect Bean she is, kept her promise wtf harry marry her. 9/10.
  • ORDER OF THE PHOENIX: told off harry effin' potter like it was her JOB lbr he was attracted to it. ginny came up with the name dumbledore's army and also was never weird about harry and cho what a respectful. harry was totes in love with her but didn't know it yet. 8/10.
  • HALF BLOOD PRINCE: harry spends most of the book being an idiot and pining and we all cry. SEVERAL SUNLIT DAYS!!!!! WHAT KIND OF!!!!! GINNY JOKING ABOUT HARRY HAVING A TATTOO ON HER CHEST HAS SHE SEEN HIM SHIRTLESS TO CONFIRM?? TATTOO THIS CHAPTER ON MY CHEST!!!! they break up because they're both noble and stupid i'm gonna cry 50/10.
  • DEATHLY HALLOWS: making out in ginny's bedroom aka me sobbing. harry checking the marauder's map to make sure she's okay, hoping she can sense his gaze jesus CHRIST HARRY LITERALLY ALMOST DITCHING HIS ATTEMPTS TO KILL VOLDEMORT BECAUSE BELLATRIX TRIED TO KILL GINNY CHILL PLS!! they get married and ginny loves harry so much she allows him to make questionable name choices we all cry!!!!! 5745938467983476/10.
hamilton + reaction to pregnancy headcanons

prompt: Hamilsquad headcanons for how they react to finding out that you’re pregnant!


  • damn he flips the fuck out
  • seriously
  • he’s probably more excited then you are
  • “i have to tell my parents, and my friends, and brag to Jefferson”
  • despite being overly excited and ecstatic he constantly reminds you he loves you
  • and kisses you so much
  • and just kind of puts his hands on your stomach and he’s just smiling so proudly
  • and thinking about how his child is going to rule the world one day and he will make sure of it 


  • “haha babe, that’s really funny, what’s the real news?”
  • “wait you were being serious?”
  • the “i’m gonna be a dad!” kind of guy
  • is crying and hugging you so tightly
  • is just bouncing off the walls crazy 
  • like the love of his life and him are having a child
  • it’s just crazy for him


  • you take him to the place you first met when telling him
  • he properly just breaks down and cannot stop crying
  • he’s just so happy he doesn’t know how to function
  • seriously
  • he can’t sit he’s just so excited 
  • he doesn’t stop asking questions despite the fact you told him you found out only a few weeks ago


  • his initial shock was quite scary
  • he’s really not the domestic type so he’s just kind of standing there in silence with a blank stare
  • probably pondering all of the possibilites
  • but when he comes back to reality he’s picking you up and spinning you around
  • and reassuring you he’s going to be the best damn father ever
  • and that he’ll always be there for you and your child
  • like you’ve never seen him more in love with something before


  • he just cries  
  • like so much
  • you tell him once he’s back from war and he just doesn’t know what to do with himself
  • he never pictured himself being a father so soon
  • but he is willing to do whatever it takes to give your child the very best
  • he’s just holding you and promising that he won’t be like his father
  • and he’s going to be there for his child whenever and wherever
  • he makes you cry a lot that day


  • “wait.. really?!”
  • physically sits you down and just starts pampering you like crazy
  • “babe, you are pregnant, i am doing everything for you now”
  • “no, you can absolutely not do laundry”
  • he literally tells everyone
  • even Hamilton
  • “my child is going to be so much cooler then your child”
  • he’s just so enthralled with you and your baby bump and he protects you from even the slightest hint of danger


  • is beside himself with happiness
  • he hasn’t looked this alive and awake in a while
  • but the announcement of the baby changed that very quickly
  • he often talks or sings to your baby bump
  • and helps you through everything
  • and reads information about caring for you and your baby 
  • and he’s just so sweet and kind about everything