i am literally crying so much


Mutuals send me a number, and I’ll make a post talking about you.

You literally inspire me so much??? I am so in awe of you tbh??? FAWL is a fucking legendary masterpiece and you’ll never be able to understand just how much I love it. It’s truly my favorite fanfic of all time. I’ll never forget the end of Chapter 9… I don’t think I ever cried so hard from a fanfic before??? I was literally an emotional wreck the rest of the day and I just kept going back and re-reading the last few sentences and crying my fucking eyes out. Your writing made me want to start writing again (I still don’t have the courage to post anything tho COUGHS) which I am so thankful for…!!! You are also just an amazing human being. You are so strong and determined, yet kind and open-minded, and I really admire you for that. You also have the most amazing sense of humor; I’ve learned not to drink water when you show up on my dash bc I srsly might choke to death bc I’m laughing my ass off way too hard. I really do treasure you a lot!!! You have a very important place in my heart haha. TYSM for being my friend and senpai~~~ ;///u///; <33333333333

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Have some baby versions of the OWL and MONKEY that we all love. 

I originally thought at first squeaker lui was some little brother of lui (a lil kid who is way more cooler than i am in real life) 

But then In a long period of time, it was him all along doing his voice in high pitch, It’s so cool!

Take it from me who always wanted to voice act.

things i am literally crying over rn

- yoongi and namjoon remembering the exact date of their first album release

- yoongi and namjoon at home, wondering if they’d ever perform at MAMA

- yoongi telling namjoon he’s worked hard and it meaning so, so much more than even we know

- the bond between the two of them, formed over years of fear and hope and pain and endurance

- yoongi finally being able to cry on stage, because this is reality, and it hit him so hard, that he couldn’t even speak

can you believe Henrik and Tarjei just had like a natural connection right away and they just clicked and they both felt the same can you believe that Henrik was one of last persons who went to the audition and two hours later Julie called him and he got the audition so this means that Tarjei said to Julie “I want him” I’m screaming I’m not very well are you crying because I am


“Hey, hey, please listen. It’s Mimikyu’s rap!“

“I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m the loner, Mimikyu! The sun, the sun is a little scary, I like pitch black places much better! I want to become good friends with everyone, so I am playing dress-up as Pikachu. Don’t these clothes look a lot like it? I made them myself, aren’t they great? Don’t take them off, though, absolutely don’t, If you saw me, you could be cursed!”

“I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not a monster, I’m Mimikyu! I’ll protect you with big claws, I’ll help you out with Thunderbolt, Because I grow into a Pokemon you can rely on! Please make me your friend.” 

“I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! Let’s become friends, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m the loner, Mimikyu! I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not a monster, I’m Mimikyu! I’m not Pikachu, I’m Mimikyu! Let’s become friends, I’m Mimikyu!” 

Take good care of Mimikyu!


When you realize that there is only one more episode of Bungou Stray Dogs season 2

I love Marichat so?? much?????

It’s like, both of them are the side of the mask that the other is not interested in?

Like, both of them feel discarded and invisible and ignored by the person they love and somehow they have that in common even though they’re literally being rejected by each other (but they don’t know that, so). 

So Chat is feeling pretty bummed out by Ladybug not seeing him, and there is also this girl Marinette who is crushing on his civilian self so hard, but she is unable to string two sentences together when he’s Adrien.

And then he finds out that he can talk to her and get to know her when he’s Chat because then she opens up and is not afraid of being herself and she’s just awesome and he’s drawn to her for some reason and it’s so different from talking to Ladybug, because Ladybug seems to be constantly on edge and it’s hard to figure out what will irritate her, whereas Marinette is just pure energy and some sarcasm (which is always good and welcome) and

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And Marinette is hopelessly in love with someone she doesn’t even know how to talk to, and he’s so popular and kind and gorgeous and she just feels so inadequate and keeps making a fool of herself in front of him like, all the time. She might as well be the Invisible Woman when it comes to Adrien. 

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But out of the blue there’s Chat in her civilian life too, and she knows how to talk to him because he’s her trusted partner, and he tones the flirting down a notch and he’s not nearly as annoying as when she’s Ladybug (even if she could do with a 70% pun reduction, thankyouverymuch), and she can see that there is a person behind the cat, she realizes he’s a human too and not just a fighting machine. She sees the hero from the perspective of a normal person and that is new and enthralling and

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And they’re basically the gateway ship to 

a) The Reveal™ (because the more they get to know each other, the more details will slip…) and 

b) A romantic relationship, since they really need to get their shit together and learn how to talk to each other for fuck’s sake

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In that gif you can already see that it’s starting to work. Adrien now sees Marinette, takes the time to drink in details about her life even when he’s in a mission with Ladybug. ^

This ship has given them the perfect clean slate that can help them come together and really get to know each other well and fall for each other at the same time in a way that will allow them to build a strong foundation for their future relationship, because it’s basically them?? learning to love the part of the mask they used to ignore and dismiss??? finally reaching some very much needed balance and appreciating every angle of the other’s life and personality??? and I just love it? so??? much?????

I don’t think people understand how important it is… to be told ‘yes, you could be right’ rather than, ‘no, you’re wrong’ when it comes to interpretation. I’m so fucking grateful that we have such caring, open minded people like Toby in the cast. For him to assure us that we’re not crazy for shipping two characters is so important. For him to let us know that our opinions are valid means so much. I have literally never had that with any other show before so *blows kisses* thank you thank you thank you

hello please consider how tendou satori (aka my beloved son, love of my life, literally the best thing to ever happen to me) - the very same person who was ridiculed all throughout elementary school and junior high and alienated from his volleyball teams - must have felt to have the entire shiratorizawa support crowd chanting his name when he blocked hinata’s quick at such a crucial moment

i just realized the darkling literally adds ‘alina’ to every goddamn sentence he makes (”i sought morozova’s amplifiers for you, alina”, “what have you come here for, alina”, “i am ancient, alina”, etc. etc.) and that’s just so extra i can’t even fathom it like we get it, you love alina, you love saying alina’s name, alina’s the light of your miserable emo life, alina is so!!!!!! alina alina alina.  black heretic my ass, all i see is a lovesick emo boy who’s the embodiment of the [thousands of pictures spill out from pockets] meme and just can’t w/ him


I am so so glad that my sweet boy found a home with people who actually care about him and love him with all of their hearts. This poor boy has been through so much heartbreak, loneliness, abuse, and neglect, that just having the option of being able to live with the Fujiwaras both breaks and mends his heart.

Touko and Shigeru love Takashi so much and I’m so glad that this sweet child is finally happy in a place where he gets so much love and affection. These two literally saved him and he is so grateful for everything they’ve done for him.

I am sitting here literally crying over this photo 😭 the cat expression is like
“This is it. This is what I’ve lived for”
It’s casually reaching out for help, but willing to accept its fate
The other cat in the background
There’s so much

Okay so seeing a trans guy actually play a trans guy on a show is so nice and literally everytime he shows up on screen i want to cry with happiness cause its just so so so nice seeing an actual trans person play a trans character
I am so happy that @lilskeletonprince made it. Like i don’t know you, or really much about you, but thank you for puttinf yourself out there and i’m so proud of you.