i am liking the show more than i expected to though

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B, C, N, Q <33

<3 ;uwu;

B. A character that has helped you deal with your own struggles?

mostly Dean Winchester. even though he’s still not my favourite, it’s the one i first fell in love with in the show and idk, we’re just so very alike. he’s braver than me though and i am trying to be more like him in that aspect.

C. A character you could be related to based on physical appearance?

i have no idea??? you tell me :p

N. A character you hope to become more like as you grow up?

a combination of irene adler and molly hooper… if such a thing is possible

Q. A character who you expected to hate, or had to warm up to?

fun fact; before watching Harry Potter i expected to dislike Hermione. that didn’t happen obviously. also thought elementary!sherlock would be boring af, but he’s the best. <3

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Open Letter to RPDR (s7 ed.)

To whom it may concern-

I’ve been trying to understand why Katya’s elimination has effected me so much. I’m not upset, that isn’t the right word, because I was more or less expecting the undeniable fan favorite to go home in a bitter, heart-wrenching elimination. I am not upset, I’m just frustrated.

Hear me out- I’ve been watching this game show since it originally aired in 2008, right before my 15th birthday. I’ve grown up quite literally with this show, and though by no means have I agreed with every decision in the past 7 years, I’ve stuck by and loved every single episode. I can literally quote almost all of season 6. However, this latest season just seems like one huge mistake. Discussing drag race has become a chore rather than the highlight of my day. I no longer eagerly talk about the queens or do reports for my communication classes on the show. 

This season, I felt at least, was doomed before it began. First, with the delay that I can only assume was due to Michelle Visage’s CBB stand. I’m not mad about that in the slightest, but a premier date should have been set and stuck to by January at the latest. Furthermore, the decision to only air Untucked online (which I know is a subject beaten to death) was probably the worst of the pre-season failures. I know Logo or WOWpresents must be financially benefitting from the YouTube content, however, I have found that more often than not, I forget to watch it. Even if I somehow remember, Untucked is simply boring. I remember complaining about the scripted nature of Untucked last season, but now I think that a bit of material would be good. I don’t care to watch Trixie and Violet talk about the weather or whatever, and I really don’t care to see Kennedy sleeping for 20 minutes.

The actual season has been nearly unwatchable to say the least. I kept tuning in, hoping that it would get better, or simply to hear Katya’s hysterical commentary. However, neither of those things are present anymore. 

Trixie’s first elimination was absolute BS to say the least, however she came back, so I won’t comment on that. What I will comment on is the subsequent elimination of Kasha. I know a lot of people have labelled her a “filler queen,” but guys- she was good. She was funny. If she and Kandy Ho were performing at a club, Kasha would have gotten my $20 tip, and Kandy would have gotten the $5 bill I found in the back of my wallet. Skipping ahead here to Trixie’s second elimination. As a disclaimer, I in no way dislike Ginger, in fact I think she’s amazing, however in both of her lip-syncs, she rolled around stage as her competitor out-danced her. Trixie did so well in that lip-sync, but I wasn’t even offended then.

What I’ve taken an issue with this entire season came to an ugly, puss-filled zit head last episode- the second I start to feel even slightly pleased with the show, it is abruptly taken away dramatically.

For example, Kennedy did A MAN on snatch game. I don’t care how funny you are, Snatch Game implies that you do a woman. I was almost appalled into not watching the rest of the season then after Kennedy somehow won the challenge that she failed at completely in my eyes. You can argue that “drag doesn’t necessarily mean performing as a woman,” but that’s what I’ve come to expect on RPDR. I do NOT want the s8 queens to start performing as men. As Katya so graciously reminded us, “Snatch Game. Snatch. Vagina.”

On to Katya. I’m 100% sure that the people at Logo/RPDR knew what they were doing- a la Ben Delacreme, the fan favorite went home against a queen no one seemed to be behind. I get it. It makes people feel. It compels people to complain and get more press, so to Logo- you’re welcome for this letter. I understand what you’re going for here. However, this is not season 6, and you forgot that I and many others, just don’t care anymore in the way people still cared about Bianca or Courtney or Adore. I’m well aware and have accepted that Ginger is going to win. I am not mad in the slightest. Frankly, I wasn’t expecting Katya to win, as she seems almost better suited as Miss Congeniality. My issue is that I have the gut feeling that Kennedy is going to make top 3, which only leaves room for Violet OR Pearl. I like them both immensely, but neither will win. Pearl hasn’t done fantastically in the competition, and Violet is simply to young to carry the title (she already technically has a crown anyway). 

At least with Katya in the top 4, I would have had a reason to tune in. Now, I have to watch yet another one of my favorites go home next week, and I’ve given up on caring about the  top 3 or winner.

For the first time in 7 years, I’m going to miss an episode. I’m going to miss the reunion/finale except maybe to watch Katya with he Miss Congeniality sash. I can admit that it’s partially because I’m bitter that this season has been awful and unpredictably predictable (that is, the person who you think is going to well doesn’t and is sent home). 

More than bitterness, I just don’t care anymore. I’ve cared about Katya all season because she’s funny, has a heart of gold, and because she’s been heavily featured this season in all her trials and triumphs. Now that she’s gone, I have no one left to root for.

Katya’s elimination was the final straw of a terrible season. Please get this show back together for season 8.


A concerned fan

Celebrities Are People TOO!!!

Hi everyone.  I have been off the grid but following what has been going on,  as life rolls along in my part of Central Oregon.  What I am about to say is just something that I have wanted to post for a while it is just a overall piece of advice for some that are Super Fans and have major expectations of celebrities.  
For more than twenty-five years plus whether it was working in concert security for the likes of B*T*O, John Ford Coley, or the Greatful Dead.  To later in the hospitality business and waiting on the likes of Danny Kaye, David Hartman, Harrison Ford and a Vice-President that became a president to name a few.  I even have partied with a few too.  I have learned that though celebrities and that their life is in the public eye they are people too with a very private side that they are entitled too.  I have observed many who have attended John Lloyd Young shows, and  have heard that things have gotten a little nuts and even have witnessed it at the shows or art shows. I won’t say anything else to what I observed but I want to send out a little advice that may help you from being considered over the top. One: when celebrities are working they are working.  When they sit down at a table and are there to see a show they are guest just like you.  They in most cases have paid good money or are there as guest of someone else.  So please refrain from stepping up to the table and asking for pictures or autographs. Two: When you are asked not to take pictures or video of performance please don’t.  This in most cases has to do with copy right laws and that performers are wanting to protect their body of work as a performer and artist. Or if taking pictures with flash it gets very distracting.  It is hard to do this in this day in age because of technology, but if you genuinely respect the artist DON’T DO IT.  Have the respect and courtesy for the person that you admire.  Three: When there is either security or friends of the celebrity that have been put in place to manage a crowd and or direct the rules that are put in place by the management of the celebrity.  Don’t think that you can do something different from others.  If you want to be remembered as someone that is nice and caring not as someone that is pushy or borderline stalker show your age not you shoe size.
It is a privilege to get close to these wonderful and talented celebrities.  Yet to forget that they are people and that you as a fan feel entitled to crowd their space is so wrong.  Most celebrities are genuine and care about their fans, yet its when you step over the line and expect things that you may think you are entitled to that takes it to a point that makes the celebrity pull back at times. This comes from my observations and getting to know them on a professional bases and talking to people that work around them as well. Thanks for letting me say something, you can take the advice or ignore it, it comes from the heart.
One last comment that has stuck with me from the great Danny Kaye when I asked him years ago what it was like to be a celebrity.  "We put our pant’s on one leg at a time like everyone else.“  

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Vtruxy, hope you are well? I have been reading about the K W video with Derby and cast interview. What is your take? I have thought that the show should have ended this season. Finale was as it should be. The more I see and hear from K W it's like something is off. She talks a lot on giving issues of the day but it seems like window dressing. I am trying to reconcile early season K W with this season. She seems brittle. Is she a New Black too?

Hi Anon. I’m well. You pose interesting questions, though I don’t share some of the language. For example, I don’t see Kerry as brittle and I just don’t use the term new black.

I do agree this Gold Derby interview is more practiced and less open than the first ones. I guess that can be expected when the format and questions are no longer fresh. But the enthusiasm for the show and her character seem also muted. There could be many reasons for that but, while the smile was there, the joy less so.

If I were outlining the arc for the show, yes it would have ended this season. But I would not have wanted it to end on the balcony. It was a sweet scene, but still so much of what would be needed to complete the story is missing.

To me the central story of Scandal is Olivia and Fitz. They find each other, they love, they lose, and in my romantic world the final stage is a fully fleshed out telling of how they reach their epic union. And that feels like about 50 episodes. Shonda wanted a hundred and it seems much of the last two seasons has just been filler before getting to the end game.

This is my final piece for multidisciplinary. The piece shows the viewer the same landscape, but with two different skies. The aim for this piece is to show the public how different the sky could look with and without light pollution.

Ideally I wanted to have more than one piece, but time was an issue and this took me far longer than expected. I am pleased with the texture of the trees, though I feel that the grass could have had more. I also like the contrast between the light and dark areas.