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Bridget’s Diary

TW: Mentions of Sexual Assault


I’m going to go to a party tomorrow.

I can’t believe I’m doing this! I know parties are places of temptation, but my friends are all going and I just can’t help myself. They’re all purity club members, we’ll keep each other on the straight and narrow. I’m so excited, and at the same time I want to throw up because I’m so nervous. My parents obviously don’t know I’m going, I told them I’m staying at my friend Holly’s tomorrow night. I will be, kinda, just… after the party.

I will seriously throw up. This is so exciting. I just have to remember that I’m a fine china tea cup, not Styrofoam and disposable. I’m not easy, and I will remain pure until Jesus chooses my soulmate. ♥

For now though… I have to figure out what I’m going to wear!

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mizukinii  asked:

Hello may I request a Mc who is made fun of because of how short she is? RFA + V + Saeran Also I started a blog like this! Do you have any advice on writing?

Oooh! I feel this because I am very tiny..:”(
Meaning Seven is about an exact foot taller than me so put me next to Jumin and Zen and oh my god height difference

(I’m never made fun of in a mean way though! I’m just teased a lot because I’m small enough to have my own separate climate)
My advice to you is to first make sure you have content on your blog! This will, of course, show people the kind of writer you are! Follow a lot of people that you like! Whether that be artists, writers, whatever the case may be! Follow people that have the same interests!
If you see a window of opportunity to make a friend, then go for it! 
Also, when you’re tagging things, be wise about it! (I’m not very wise with my tagging) I think only the first five tags are counted on a post! Unless that’s changed but I don’t think it has!
Don’t get too discouraged if you get anon hate! Focus more on the people who like you’re writing! Not the people who feel the need to put you down!
Don’t be too impatient! If you don’t have many requests coming in at first, don’t worry! They’ll be there soon enough! If you start to get impatient then you might start feeling insecure about your writing, or you might not have the motivation to keep the blog going! 


  • Yoosung feels you on a personal level
  • He isn’t as short as you…..but…..
  • The world *coughcoughZenandJaehee* seems to think that, as a male, he is obligated to be no shorter than about 5′8″
  • “l i s t e n i had no control over my genetics so if you both could just shut your mouths-” (the chatroom where Jaehee just comes in without a hello and roasts Yoosung for no reason with her opinion on everything wrong with him has me feeling a certain way, that is not how things are gonna run in my house, leave Yoosung a l o n e)
  • If anyone teases you,
  • Yoosung get’s ready to fight
  • By fight i mean awkwardly tell them that it isn’t nice
  • Yoosung isn’t someone who’s quick to just start swinging, so it starts off with “H-Hey..you don’t need to tell her/him something she already knows!”
  • He tries his best


  • “Nobody’s allowed to call my babe short but ME!”
  • Is fully aware that both males and females are capable of flirting with you by teasing about your height *depending on their intentions* but he gets much more hyped up if it’s a guy
  • “Is this guy bothering you, jagi?” “Oh! N-” “Listen, I don’t know who the hell you think you are, b-”
  • If someone is actually childish enough to make fun of you and mean it in a rude way, Zen might get close to punching them?
  • “Who cares that much about someone’s height?!”
  • “You tease Yoosung about his….”
  • “……..That’s different!!”
  • At home….he likes to make short comments though
  • “Do you need help reaching that, jagiya?”
  • Now you can say he’s just being nice, but, no, you know Hyun Ryu’s tone and that tone is r u d e


  • Jaehee isn’t exactly the tallest person you know
  • But she’s not really..short either. 
  • As far as you’ve seen, she’s never had to scale the counters to get a can from a cabinet
  • You do, though
  • “MC…Do…do you need help-”
  • “NO, I’M FINE.” *Stttrreeettttccchh* *reeeeaacccchh*
  • Jaehee thinks it’s actually extremely cute
  • She won’t admit to it though because she is a collected, calm, professional work-lady
  • but it’s cute
  • Jaehee doesn’t really get why anyone would make fun of you for it? It’s just your height, she doesn’t think it’s anything abnormal
  • but then again she’s made comments about Yoosung’s height before 


  • cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute cute-
  • *clears his throat* “do you..need help reaching that, MC?”
  • *secretly takes a picture that comes out blurry but he doesn’t care because at least he gOT IT*
  • Jumin’s a tall guy but, in South Korea, Jumin is a very tall guy (The average height for males is 5′7″ so yeah Jumin is tol) 
  • This height difference is something he never knew he had a thing for but now definitely knows he has a thing for
  • It’s definitely recognized by the press, too.
  • Just about everyone who keeps up is fully aware that Jumin Han’s wife/husband is a little s h o r t i e
  • If you’re uncomfortable with it being pointed out, then you better believe Jumin will do all in his power to stop the media from commenting on it
  • *He gets a huge kick out of the fact that you have to stand on your tippy toes to kiss him, it makes him so happy okay*


  • He is the one who teases you for it
  • “Awww honey look at how smmmaalll..”
  • Seven’s EDM *Short for Embarrassment Defense Mechanism* is teasing
  • Otherwise his face might take on the same shade as his hair everytime he looks at you
  • Seven adores the fact that you’re small, though, because he can just scoop you up like 24/7
  • His clothing is also pretty big on you too and oh my god, cute???????
  • He likes to be that ass around the house who takes something that he knows you’re about to get annnnd puts it on the highest shelf
  • “Are you kidding me”
  • *snicker snicker snicker” “are ya gonna get it, lovey………”


  • Admires your size because it’s so cute
  • You’re so little…aw…
  • If you guys are out somewhere and he has his camera, he likes to capture quick moments where your next to something very large (maybe a statue in the park or a tall shelf in the bookstore)
  • V gets extremely embarrassed because, often times, he’s left to watch you in pure bliss and you’ll turn around to see him just..looookin..
  • “O-Oh, um-” He then turns around as his face goes pink while he tries to pretend like he wasn’t just staring at your cuteness
  • When he and Jumin are together he’ll often start daydreaming so Jumin’s gotta step in like
  • “What is it that you’re thinking so intently about?”
  • And V just…
  • s p i l l s and m e l t s as he talks
  • “Jumin, she/he’s so small and cute and…ughh..” He has to cover his face or put his head down on the table


  • “Does it feel good to be so small”
  • “Oh sorry can you not reach that”
    “Can you help me, Saeran?”
  • *He does help you don’t worry*
  • Saeran thinks it’s funny, like his brother does, but Saeran sounds more like he’s making fun of you, even though you know he isn’t. (he’s not that mean, jeez)
  • “Are you pulling a chair over- You can hardly even drag the thing, let me do it, jesus”
  • Likes to casually rest his chin on top of your head and stay there
  • It’s an odd habit but he couldn’t give a shit less, it makes him feel happy inside
  • Keeps his hand around your waist in public and especially in crowds because he’s lowkey worried that he’ll lose you somewhere, god damn you’re small
let me tell you about the sunshine girl.
you can see her when your eyelids flutter shut, after long days of giving yourself away she is there to lend herself to you in the simplest of ways. she will not let you decline. kindness radiates from each atom in her body. you can’t help but wonder how a single girl is the embodiment of the solar system.
and the stars, you see them in her eyes, the way they bring brightness as a gift to the banquet of the night, there is no present like a galaxy. the sun is a star but it is our star, her star, your star.
she is the power behind each flower in the garden, the driving force behind the striking color palette of each petal. the love in the leaves that brings them together, the strength in each stem that allows them to reach for the stars.
and the dim morning sun behind the window pane, the seven am wakeup call, the most subtle alarm clock that nature will provide. whisper, darling, a tap on my shoulder, you can see her with your eyes closed, you will know she rises. she will wait for you every day.
i am in love with the sunshine girl.
—  sunshine girl
  • “You don’t get to tell me who’s overreacting. You’re under-reacting!" 
  • "All murder is illegal. Also, attempted murder." 
  • "Well, that’s just mean. And kind of weird." 
  • "We cannot tell you. We’re not allowed." 
  • "Murder wasn’t my intent." 
  • "I meant nothing by it." 
  • "We have forgotten so many things." 
  • "I guess I was wrong earlier—I don’t know. Weird, right?" 
  • "I have conflicted feelings here." 
  • "It is not a feeling I wish to experience again." 
  • "So, let’s not waste any more time." 
  • "I don’t remember what I was just saying." 
  • "That is—ugh. I’ll have to think about what that is." 
  • "You need to run." 
  • "This day started bad, and it does not appear to be getting better any time soon." 
  • "You can guess what happened, I think." 
  • "I know that there is more coming, as always. This is what I know." 
  • "Don’t look. You will not at all like what you see." 
  • "It’s all a shame, whatever it is. Such a damn shame everything is." 
  • "You are weak. You are nothing." 
  • "I know I am safe. Sadly though, I am not okay." 
  • "I don’t know. But I’m trying to find out, okay?" 
  • "I know what is what." 
  • "You know, it would upset me if it weren’t just who you are." 
  • "I could do so many things to you without you feeling it. Remember that if you remember nothing else." 
  • "You seem kind of— I mean, lately. Lately you’ve been—" 
  • "It’s awful when you can see the reason for someone’s feeling toward you while knowing wholly that they’re wrong." 
  • "I do my best with what I have. I don’t have much." 
  • "I’ve been working on something I’d like to show you." 
  • "Denying that you are guilty is a major sign of guilt." 
  • "Ask me what?" 
  • "I mean, I know. I know everything." 
  • "I wish I did not know." 
  • "You know, I don’t want to talk about it just yet." 
  • "It’s a shame anything had to change. I sure do dislike change." 
  • "Not saying that it is a long time—uh, who knows what a long time is even? Not me! But it just seems that way, that’s all." 
  • "Here I am, as I thought I might never be." 
  • "These days, the world seems to never be ending for some and not others." 
  • "The world is a worse place now than it ever was before, but far better than it ever will be again." 
  • "The past is always better than the present. And the future is the worst of all." 
  • "I extend my deepest sympathies. Not that my sympathies will do you any good." 
  • "Have you ever remembered a life you did not lead?" 
  • "It was a better day earlier. Back when I hadn’t heard that story." 
  • "This present, this now, is no good. No good at all!”

anonymous asked:

Number 41 from the 50 dialogue prompts pls ! Maybe Evie has a panic attack and Mal is there to comfort her or vice versa? Whatever you feel works best!

Here you go! I hope you like it! I don’t know what I’m in such an angsty mood with my pieces lately, but also I do know because angst is my specialty. It’s soft angst though, so there shouldn’t be any crying. Thank you so much for the prompt :)

41: “I feel like I can’t breathe.”

Warning: Mention of minor/borderline OCD

(This is also posted on my Ao3 account: KHart; The link for the collection it’s in, “Am I Beaten, If I Believe In Us,” is in my bio)

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Lily Evans appreciation post - kind of

Snily shippers have been getting on my fucking nerves lately, so sorry but no. They keep suggesting that Lily Evans was somehow suppressed by James Potter and you know what I’m passionate about? Lily Evans’ independence.

I want to say that I am completely against Snily for many reasons but I do not want to sound like I want you to stop doing what you love, please do by all means, it’s your blog and you are free to write about whatever you want even though I do not approve. I love Jily so I write about them, so you have the exact same right I do. What I am against is explained below:

  • I pity the fools who think Lily Evans was affected by what people around her thought, did or said.
  • Lily Evans was her own person, she was not attached to anyone or idea because she had her own ideas, lots of them.
  • Just because Lily Evans was an exceptionally kind and caring woman does not mean that she abided by the thoughts of people she cared about.
  • She cared about Snape, but she didn’t share his views, she tried helping him get out of the mess he is in, he didn’t. End of story. 
  • Don’t come at me with “he was bullied” shit because Harry James Potter was abused by his legal guardians for 10 years straight (and I’m only talking about the worst part when they weren’t afraid of him) but he still apologised to house elves and was considered an exceptional human being by other people and magical creatures alike. (yes, canonically)
  • She cared about James but was against the bullying he did and bigotedness he had. She didn’t care for him until he changed his ways. DON’T YOU DARE TELL ME HE DIDN’T. 
  • Lily Evans made her own decisions when it came to her life
  • Lily Evans wouldn’t have been with James Potter if she didn’t want to.
  • Lily Evans would have been with Severus Snape if she wanted to.
  • Lily Evans did whatever the hell she damn well pleased and she made sure everyone knew that.
  • So please for the love of kittens and everything holy to you, stop portraying Lily Evans weak, she’s a very strong female character.
  • Lily Evans is who I aspire to be, please respect that.

It’s late and I’m probably overthinking things here, but whatever. I absolutely love Jack’s playthrough of Observer, but I’ve noticed how there hasn’t been a Part 4 in two weeks (Part 3 had been uploaded on August 26th). And so here I am jumping to conclusions like what happened with Bio Inc, thinking “Oh hell, what if he has an idea to somehow bring Anti back while playing that game?”

I know, I know, the chances of that are at an all time low. Plus the game seems to be long, and Jack was quite busy with PAX and all, so logically, maybe he just hasn’t had the time to continue playing it. Maybe Part 4 will be up in a week or two, who knows? It’s just it’s late, I’m tired, and I was just realizing how we haven’t gotten the next video in awhile. And given how there’s a bunch of glitching effects in the game, and many of us - including Jack himself - automatically thought of Anti, my mind went drifting off to conclusions.

But hey, I can dream!

For the first and last time:

I think I am dealing with this now:
I am a man. I tend to call myself a boy sometimes, maybe to make up for the lost childhood I never had. Like many transpeople I had a phase - about two years long - where I tried one last time to just “be a girl”. I tried to be ultra feminine. Even though I have used male names for myself since I was about eleven and hated people calling me by my birth name.
But really? I am a man. Statistically, I am older than most people here and I am old enough to know who or what I am. Also old enough to not deny myself simple pleasures because some presumed child is against it.

I have been to therapy, I have talked to gender specialists, I have socially transitioned and am living my life as the man I am for three years now. In university, with friends, in my job, with my family.

To doubt me, people are a little late I suppose.

There is nothing wrong with a man being feminine - even though I don’t even see myself as that. I am no Arnold Schwarzenegger but whatever. So…I do not even know where this comes from as none of my clothes were bought outside the men’s section. (Because I like it that way not because I have to)

I am adressing this now, so it will not come up again. Telling me you do not see me as a transman is the most ridiculous shit to me. Deary, I do not exist to please you. Neither I, nor transmen who really are feminine need this bullcrap in our lifes.

To all the nice people sending me messages over this: Thank you. I was very confused and I have to admit I felt rather uncomfortable that someone could just swoop in and vomit their invalid opinion into my inbox.

anonymous asked:

If I may throw my theory into the ring: the galra that looks like Keith is a distant relative. I say this as Keith is completely human looking so the galra DNA had to be in the bloodline long enough for it to get diluted down to only the actual DNA and no galra like features

We honestly don’t know how Galra genes work…… but from what we’ve seen so far I think you might be right, the other half Galra looked a lot more like their Galra parts than Keith does :0 Then again there was that moment in s1 where it looked like his hand turned purple after the quinessence touched it…………… so maybe he’s more Galra than we think, his true appearance just hidden for whatever reason. 


“All Things Go” - a time stuck wings AU

Basically, I fell in love with two different Gravity Falls AUs and instead of trying my hand at writing separate fics for both of them, I mashed them together.

Here is Chapter 1!

This wasn’t the first time Mabel Pines had found herself in deep trouble. It was, however, the first time she’d found herself in such deep trouble alone. Dipper wasn’t around this time to help her think of a good way out of it. She didn’t even have Soos or Wendy to fall back on. She was entirely on her own.

It had all been because of a stupid fight and an even stupider mistake. And as she fell through time, the journey seeming unnaturally long, Mabel couldn’t stop thinking about just how dumb the entire situation was, and how much she regretted all of it.

She landed in an unfamiliar place rather painfully on her right wing. The tape measurer she and Dipper had nicked off of that time traveler weeks ago landed on the ground a few inches away with a crunch, smoke pouring out of it. Mabel could only briefly worry about how bad that probably was as she scrambled to her feet, trying very hard not to move her sore wing, as she snatched up the machine. “Ow,” she grimaced and stuffed it into her sweater pocket. It was extremely hot, so much so that touching it had burned a little bit.

She was in the middle of some unfamiliar city, and it was late. The sky was dark and starless, nothing like the night sky of Gravity Falls. The air smelled faintly acrid, and it was freezing. Whatever year it was, she had arrived on the verge of winter. “Where am I?” she whispered, biting down on her lip and looking around, as though she would see some sign telling her exactly which city she was in.

Or what year. Time travel and all that. A month ago it had been fun. Now it was mildly terrifying. “It’s okay,” she tried to reassure herself, slipping into an alley and sliding to the ground with her back against the wall. “I just have to go back and everything will be okay.” Her wing wasn’t so sore anymore, so it seemed she hadn’t done any lasting damage. Mabel wriggled her hand into her sweater sleeve to use as a sort of protective mitt as she pulled out the time machine. It was still warm, but not painful to touch anymore, so she started fiddling with it.

She pulled out the measuring part of it, estimating she had maybe gone fifteen years into the past as she pulled it to that mark and pressed the button on the side. At once, a jolt of electricity shot out of it into her fingers and up her arm, and she yelped and dropped it, rubbing her hands and staring in horror at the machine. She hadn’t moved at all. It was broken.

She was stuck.

The realization struck her like a punch to the gut, and she scooped up the broken time machine and stuffed it back into her pocket, starting to shake from both cold and concern, as she tried to process this. She didn’t know where or when she was. There was no way to get back to her time.

She would never see Dipper again. She would never see Grunkle Stan or her Great Uncle Ford, or Wendy or Soos or Waddles.

It had been a stupid fight. And she’d lost everything for it.

Panic settled in. She was alone. And now she was very, very afraid. She curled her knees into her chest and buried her face in her hands, breaking down completely. “I don’t know what to do,” she gasped through choked sobs. She felt like she could barely breathe. The cold was starting to cut through her sweater, seeping into her core. She curled in further on herself, trying to conserve heat. “I don’t know what to do…”


Stan Pines was doing particularly well for himself that evening. Hell, he had a pocket full of cash and a full belly for the first time in two weeks. He would have been whistling cheerfully if he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. The wings were bad enough. They were big and all too noticeable, as Golden Eagle wings were quite the rarity. He was fairly certain that the security detail at the casino hadn’t figured out he was counting cards – he’d been careful to lose enough before winning big so he wouldn’t be suspected – but he had found it never hurt to be just a little paranoid. He was pretty sure they wouldn’t have let him cash out if they’d suspected him of anything, and he didn’t appear to have anyone tailing him, but he wouldn’t truly breathe easy until he was crossing state lines again.

As he passed an alley on the way back to the place he’d parked his car he thought he heard the sound of someone sniffling. Huh. Did he dare?

The curiosity proved to be too much, and he backtracked. He didn’t really expect much. Probably just a cat. He peered into the dark alley, listening for the sound again. And a sound did come, but a vastly different one – the sound of choked sobs. That was no cat.

He hesitated, thinking through all the ways this could be a trick, but figured it was just too damn strange to be one, so he slowly proceeded into the alley. Jesus, it was a kid.

She was crouched behind the dumpster, crying into the sleeves of a pink sweater that looked a few sizes too big for her, her small body trembling violently. And yet the most shocking thing about her was the pair of beautiful scarlet macaw wings spread out behind her, shuddering with every sob that racked her body. He’d never seen anything quite like them.

“Um… hey. Kid,” he called out softly to her, not sure what else to do. He’d feel wrong leaving her like this. “You okay over there?”

She gasped and her head shot up, her expression one of terror.


A part of Mabel had known she’d eventually have to get up and leave the alley, but she had hoped that she could cry herself out before then. She needed, first and foremost, to find out what year it was and then where exactly she had landed if she had any hope of making it back to her own time. She couldn’t be sure if she had even been born yet. Somehow, she doubted it.

She was still pretty immersed in her overwhelming fears and was still several minutes from even trying to stop her crying, but the voice cutting across the alley jolted her out of her misery and she shot her head up in fear. Someone had found her. It could be literally anyone, and they could be out to hurt her.

So she was rather taken when she looked up, expecting to have to make an attempt at protecting herself, and instead looked into the face of a man who looked very much like her father. She almost cried out “Dad!” before she realized that, while alarmingly similar, it was not him. This man had a bigger nose, a squarer jaw, and thicker eyebrows. Not to mention different wings. That was the real giveaway.

His wings were magnificent, even if they did look a little worse for wear. They were enormous and bronze, and even though they were tattered and a little ragged they were still beautiful. Powerful.

She knew him, but she didn’t know how she knew him. She had to know him. He was too familiar for her not to somehow know him. She just couldn’t quite put her finger on it. But just because she knew him, that didn’t make him safe.

“Who are you?!” she demanded, her teeth chattering so the question came out shaky. She tried to stand up, but it was like her legs were refusing to be legs. The fact that she was so cold she could barely feel them certainly wasn’t helping. She got halfway up before her knees buckled and she fell back to the ground, growing more frightened every second. This eliminated any possibility of running away if she needed to.


Stan’s heart ached with pity as he watched the girl try to stand and fail. From the sound of her voice, he could venture a pretty decent guess that she wasn’t just shivering because she was crying – she was freezing. Well, he didn’t blame her. Snow was due any day now, and she was wearing a skirt. “Take it easy,” he said as reassuringly as he could, slowly approaching the girl so he wouldn’t startle her further. “I just want to help.”

The girl’s expression melted from fear into confliction, and she shrunk further in on herself. Her feathers ruffled as he approached. “St-stay back,” she stammered out. The closer Stan got the paler she looked.

He stopped, not wanting her to be frightened of him. He felt bad for the girl. He knew what it was like to be scared and alone, once upon a time. “I’m not gonna hurt you,” he assured her, slowly shrugging his jacket off his shoulder and over his wings and holding it out to her. “Here. Let’s warm you up a little.”

At last she cracked a tiny smile and inched forward, closing the gap between them enough for her to take the jacket. She got her wings through the slits in the fabric and slipped her arms into the sleeves, mumbling contentedly. Stan’s lips twitched up into a smile. The jacket was far too big for her, the sleeves hanging well past her hands and the fur lining at the bottom knocking against her knees.

“Thank you,” she whispered, smiling shyly up at him.

“Yeah,” Stan said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I am gonna need that back, though. Once you’ve stopped shaking so much.”

She nodded, wrapping the jacket tighter around her thin shoulders.

“What are you doing out here, Kid?” Stan asked, kneeling down so he was at her eye level. “You lost or something?”

She started chewing on her bottom lip, her eyes welling up again. “Um… kind of,” she sniffled, shaking one sleeve down so her hand went free and she could wipe at her eyes.

“Well, uh, if you need a lift home I can give you a ride,” Stan offered, wishing he had a way to stop her tears. Unfortunately, his suggestion only seemed to upset her more, as she started crying again.

“I can’t go home!” she whimpered, burying her face in her hands. “I can’t!”

God, this kid had it bad. “Hey, it’s alright,” he tried to comfort her, awkwardly reaching out a hand and patting her shoulder. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.” She nodded, but her face remained in her hands, and Stan sighed. “What’s your name, Kid?”

She let out a shuddery breath. “M-Mabel,” she said, keeping her last name to herself. He didn’t blame her. He knew what that was like.

He was going by Earl Paisley nowadays, and he was accustomed to introducing himself as such, so when he told her his real name he was a little shocked with himself. He hadn’t intended to, really; it had just slipped out. “I’m Stan Pines.”

The girl gasped and her wings perked up at once, and her head shot up out of her hands. “Grunk—!” she yelped, and then cut short. Stan stared at her, surprised by her sudden change in demeanor. She was staring back, her eyes sparkling with something Stan wasn’t accustomed to seeing anymore – adoration.

He grunted as Mabel barreled into him, her arms around his neck as she buried her face in his shoulder, nuzzling her cheek against his shirt. “It’s so nice to meet you, Stan Pines,” she mumbled, sounding so relieved and happy that Stan didn’t know what else to do except for hug her back. Somehow he felt highly affectionate towards her.

“Yeah. Nice to meet you too, Kid,” he said, rubbing her back a little bit.

From somewhere outside the alley, down the street, Stan heard voices approaching. Paranoia settling in again he pulled back from the kid and stood up, looking down at her. “Come on,” he said, grabbing her hand and pulling her quickly from the alley and down the street towards where he’d parked his car. “You can stay with me for a while until we figure out what to do about your, er… situation.”

“Okay!” Mabel said eagerly, grinning up at him as he pulled her down the street.

Stan let out a long breath as they hurried along. What the hell had he gotten himself into this time?

I’m trying to be more confident in my art. Idk I guess it’s one step to getting over my depression or whatever the fuck is going on in my head.


So like-
Even before I bought Arms I totally fell for Spring Man because omfg he’s suCH A FUCKING CUTIE RIP-
I bought the game officially yesterday and have been playing a ton of it lately. Of course I’ve done nothing but main my boy but I really need to try and practice being the other fighters-! (I’m a total speed fighter though, so I may stick to just trying the fast ones.)
Guys no seriously dear lordy this boy is so ridiculous I love him so much-
Everything that comes out of his mouth makes me so happy I’m love him.

Any-who part 2.

Of course I made another self-ship with Am, and I pair her with this cute boy. My headcanon is that is real name is 'Johnny Springer’. His entire life he always wanted to be a famous boxer even before the Arms incident, so he would constantly be at a run down gym in the local area owned by a closer family friend. As he got older and more serious about the boxing business, he helped said family friend rebuild the old torn down gym with his own bare hands. That’s why the gym got it’s name 'Spring Gym’ after Johnny when he started getting the nickname 'Spring Man’ for how he 'Springs into a fight’ (or 'the bouncer’ for how he 'bounces back’). He would do some underground/hidden fights to get his name out there. He was never too good in school and was never really too focused, letting his family down a lot despite how hard in return he worked for cash for them or such. I’m still figuring out his backstory/family relationship, if they were poor and he helped out the most he could, or if he came from a successful family but was the 'odd one out’.
Anyway, he gets his Arms when he’s around 16, giving him enough time to learn how to really use them. Also, it gives Max Brass enough time to set up the tournament and shit and get the news out there. If Spring Man has 'always dreamed of hanging one of the championship belts on a pedestal of his own’ or whatever, then this shit must’ve been going on for quite a while.
Like I said, a lot of ideas are coming and going and I’m still trying to look online to find more lore of the characters and stories. We’ll see what happens lol.

Any-who part 3.

Am is just a normal girl. She’s like Ace Attorney Am in terms of, she’s just an art student trying her best to get through life without killing herself lol, no superpowers, no ARMS gene, nothing. She actually meets Johnny/Spring Man when he saves her life one day from almost being hit by a car or something.
He was totally smitten by her. One look and he was a blushing mess when they were face to face (the dude bolted off like a fucking embarassed nerd). Am was left confused and taken aback (lmao Am is totally able of giving that look to some guys, but I’m definitely not-). They happen to meet up again later by chance and get to talking.
They move in together before Spring Man/Johnny enters the tournament because I love domestic shit and these two cuties living together gives me life. She’s his #1 cheerleader and is at every tournament he’s in. She actually watches from the entrance hall where he enters the ring from, staying hidden so that nobody sees her. He’s pretty famous at the time of the tournament, so she keeps herself hidden to hide from paparazzi or interviewers and whatnot.

Any-who part 4.
THE REASON FOR THIS PIC: Someone drew this on Tumblr: m-keane.tumblr.com/post/162182… a pic of Spring Man in a totally Greaser look and Biff even makes a comment in the game of how 'smooth’ Spring Man is saying 'There’s not a single hair out of place on his Pomp!’
So I caved and drew Grease!Au Am and Spring Man.
Don’t ever think you’ll catch Am wearing something as girly and bright as this ever again. You’d have to force her.

Spring Man- Arms/Nintendo
Am and this pic- Me

@nuzzlecas replied to your post “it’s 9pm, someone motivate me to study”

dude. sooner or later you’re gonna regret not studying for whatever you’re supposed to study for. this can easily turn into beating yourself over it and we both don’t want that to happen <3

I actually have to read a lot of text for tomorrow’s class and though I’m halfway through it’s so hard to focus (since it’s late), like I read when I could, I’m just not sure if I’ll be able to finish it because I am at that point where I have to read everything 3 times to understand 

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Crushing; Part I

Baekhyun walks down the hallways with his books pressed tightly against his chest, his head pointed down at the ground and his lips pressed together as he makes his way around the large crowd of people. He never liked being around so much people, so high school for him is spent isolated from everyone with the exception of his child hood friend, Kim Jongdae.

Speaking of the devil, here he comes right now, prancing with joy in his steps as he lands besides Baekhyun’s dainty body. “Hey Baekachu, your early today.” He says with a cheesy smile.

“Not really, your just not that late today.” He brushes him off causally, stating the obvious.

Jongdae clicks his tongue as they squish between the overwhelming number of people around them. “Whatever, its not my fault that these fanfictions are so god damn addicting. You never know what’s gonna happen next, so you just can’t stop reading! I didn’t even know it was three AM last night until my brother told me to sleep already.” Jongdae is a dreamer, and even though he likes to read yaoi about groups like EXO and BlackPink, Baekhyun still admired him for having such high creativity.

“Your obsessed.”

“Guilty as charged.” He retorts proudly, and Baekhyun’s shakes his head at him as they enter their classroom and take their seats right next to the window as usual.

Five minutes pass by as Jongdae tries to push this new Fanfic he came across last night up Baekhyun’s face, until someone bursts inside with news to tell everyone.

“Chanyeol is doing it again! He’s about to beat the school’s 30 second record!” Everyone bolts towards the window automatically at his announcement, and all Baekhyun has to do is turn his head to the side to catch the said man running as if his life depended on it across the race track. His eyes glimmer as they watch Chanyeol’s blurry body run until he hits the finish line, with the exact time of 28 seconds.

The students around him cheer and clap at another one of Chanyeol’s successes, and Baekhyun is nothing short of amazed. Chanyeol is the school’s biggest athlete. He not only runs track, but he is the star quarterback for the football team and the captain of the basketball team. How someone is able to be so perfect in more than one sport, Baekhyun has completely no idea. He doesn’t even know how to throw a ball with hurting his arm somehow.

“There goes your boo, Baekhyun. You surly picked the brightest out of the bowl.” Jongdae says to him, causing his eyes to widen as he whips his head over to him.

“Y-Yah! What are you talking a-about? Shut up!” He says nervously as he swats the troll on his arm. Jongdae only smirks at him.

“Your the one who needs to shut up. I know that your crushing on the school’s superstar, there’s no hiding the way you look at him.” Jongdae doesn’t mean to tease him in any shape, way, or form, no. In fact, he is ecstatic to finally see his best friend opening up to someone other than him. It’s about time that he got himself a man. “You should talk to him.”

Baekhyun bites down on his bottom lip and focuses his gaze back on Chanyeol outside of the window, who is talking with his couch while the other track members surround them in a huddle.

He shakes his head quickly at Jongdae’s words. “N-No, I can’t. He’s friends with Jongin, and we both know how mean he is. What if he’s just as mean as he is? I don’t know anything about him, I don’t want to get involved.”

Jongdae blows him a raspberry and waves his hand dismissively. “Trust me, Chanyeol is nothing like that Kim Jongass.”

Baekhyun doesn’t consider his words at all, not even for a second. He’s never spoken to someone else in this school willingly before, and frankly, he doesn’t know how. He can’t see himself socializing, so approaching someone like Chanyeol is out of the question.

As he thinks to himself, he doesn’t see the smirk that Jongdae is wearing as he looks at his introverted friend maniacally. Looks like he’s got some work to do.


It’s twelve o'clock, which means that it’s lunch time and Jongdae’s cue to meet with his book club. That leaves Baekhyun to head out to his sanctuary: the library.

He has his lunch of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and some juice with him as he takes out the newest book that has caught his interest: “The Great Gatsby.”

He reads over the first three pages in peaceful quietness, until someone suddenly taps him on his shoulder and pulls his attention away from the book. When he turns his head to see who is bothering him, he nearly chokes on the bread in his mouth.

“Hey, your Baekhyun right?” The man asks, and all Baekhyun can do is nod slowly as if trying to comprehend the situation around him.

The man smiles brightly and invites himself over to sit next to him. “I’m Chanyeol, and I was wondering if you could help me with pre-calculus? Pyun saesangnim kind of arranged it so that you could be my tutor. Did he not tell you about it?” His words are coming out too fast and Baekhyun’s speeding pulse isn’t helping at all either.

“N-No… he d-didn’t tell me about it…” He manages to say while at least attempting to establish eye contact with him, but inevitably failing. “B-But I’ll, um, I’ll help you…”

Chanyeol grins another one of his million dollar grins and lays his books on the table. “Great! What do you say, come by my place around six'ish?” He says, not really asking for his permission as he rips out a half sheet of paper from his notebook to write his address down on. “It’s pretty close to this area, so it shouldn’t be hard to find.” He hands him the paper and Baekhyun shakingly accepts it.

“Alright, I’ll see you later. Thanks Baekhyun!” He stands up and leaves on that note, but Baekhyun is just sitting there stupified, not knowing what exactly just happened.

The only thing he is sure of is that he just single handedly put himself in the worst case scenario that he could have possibly ever put himself in.

His mind is too discombobulated to even notice that Pyun saesangnim quit his job about a week ago, nor does he even catch the evil grin hiding behind one of the bookshelves, cast upon him by none other than Kim Jongdae himself.

‘Plan get Baekhyun tied down is a go.’


Authors Note:
Hello everyone! I’m sorry that I haven’t written anything in the past two days, I fell really ill and I couldn’t even pick up my phone nevertheless type anything on it. So I created this little fic here to make up for it! I hope that you guys like it so far! (:

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did you go to uni? i am jw because ik that you have a job but i’ve never seen you talk about uni. also i’m in uni right now but my mental illness is kicking my ass and i really want to drop out for the time being

i haven’t! and i actually do want to go back to school. i’ve been thinking about special effects makeup for movies a lot more lately. and i know it seems like everyone and their dog wants to do that, but i’m so passionate about it and i think i am pretty good… so i think i’m gonna save up a bit and maybe try going back to school for that. i’ve been out of school for so long though fjdksjfd it’s scary thinking about it.

as for you, do whatever makes you healthiest bb.

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Do you feel as an abstract painter there is less pressure to talk about current events through your work? I have this issue where I want to do this but I feel like I’m just attributing an opinion to a painting/ my particular viewpoint doesn’t contribute enough to a larger narrative

I guess it’s maybe less expected? But I mean I think there are figurative painters who also don’t feel or experience a pressure to address the world at large. Like you’re saying, I’m cautious of my own perspective because of how I navigate the world because of things that are somewhat out of my control.

As the painter though you’re allowed to do whatever you want. I experience a lot of that “I am one voice how can MY pov matter or really affect any kind of change big or small?” Lately though I’ve decided I don’t care so long as I’m being incredibly critical of what I put out there before I put it out there. I think what really gets people into trouble or disqualifies someone’s work is making too much use of this misconception that as an artist, you have the right to remove your the filter on your thoughts and emotions and desires when really I think a good artist is going to be ultra cognizant of those filters. I think if your perspective comes largely from a place of love and you have a willingness to listen more than you speak and are prepared to be wrong and accept that admission with grace, your voice as an artist is one of value.