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Forget you

This is going to be long but… like… you don’t have to read it. Its really personal tho so… yeah…

Ok So… most of you don’t know this, but I actually have a twin brother who is only a few moments younger than me. Though we are polar opposites, he is my best friend. He’s the person I call when I am lonely. I’m the person he calls when he’s stressed. All of my weaknesses are his strengths and vice versa.
When I discovered Lolirock I was instantly drawn to Mephisto and Praxina. Its so rare to see brother/sister twins done well in media (NOTE: Yes we’ve seen Gravity falls. Yes its wonderful).  Its little things that other twins (I’m sure!) will know. The little side glances they give each other that need NO words. The bickering, but never crossing the line. The baseless threats… the scheming, even against their own leader… when you’re a twin the rest of the world comes second. Your twin feels like a separate part of you. Not a half or like a missing piece or something… like you have all these spare pieces that somehow makeup another human being who you don’t need to explain yourself to. The person who knows you SO well that they know every. single. thing. that. makes. you. CRAZY. And the person who knows you so well that with one word everything can feel better.

I was bewitched with how much they reminded me of me and my brother. The first example came from the episode ,“Batty,”

Mephsito: “Why do you always get to go first?”
Praxina: “Because I’m older,”
Mephisto: “WELL I’M TALLER!!”

This is literally a conversation he and I have had 100 times in our lives. I showed him the clip, he couldn’t believe it and demanded to know what the show was. He definitely teased me about it for its childish nature, but we started watching it here and there when we hang out, but only good twin episodes…  
Finally we got to Forget You this last weekend, and he got extremely emotional watching it.

You see, around the time we were close to finishing highschool, I… slipped into a horrible depression and let myself slip away from all the things I cared about. I wanted to feel normal. River was the only person who noticed. He was the only person who tried to help me. I was good at faking my smiles and playing the part, so everyone else made excuses and brushed him off as being silly or seeing signs that weren’t there. They all liked me better this way. I was easier, I was nicer… but I wasn’t me. River could tell, and he desperately did everything he could to help me, but it only made me resent him.

When Mephisto yells at Praxina, “I need you to remember who you are!” my brother started to get misty-eyed (I literally sobbed the first time I watched it tho). He looked at me and we had a silent moment. It was uncannily similar to the last argument he and I had after my “accident.”

I did something really bad. It almost got me killed. I don’t want to get into it, but I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and my recovery took a year. My brother was the only person who stood by me in that time, despite our extensive family. They’re good people… but they took it all pretty hard and pretty much gave up on me for what I had done. I didn’t blame them. I still don’t.

But River was there every day. Eventually, he was the only one. He would talk about goofy stuff for hours, just trying to help get my mind off the things that were polluting it. And I would lay there silently. I was so lost and broken and sad I couldn’t stand him. I would usually pretend to ignore him, or say something mean. He never seemed to mind too much. He was just so happy I was alive. He never gave up on me, though. Not once. And every day before he left he would ask if he could kiss me goodbye. I always told him no, so he would just say he loved me and that he was so happy I was ok. But I wasn’t ok. And in my mind, I thought I would never be ok again. And I was furious and jealous of him.  
One day, sitting in the hospital room, he made a very harmless joke about something and I responded with a very nasty insult, with only the intent to wound him. He got very quiet and sat still for a long time. It was the first time I had seen him cry since we were children.

“You know… everyone is mad at you. And I’m mad at you, too… but I love you too much to leave you. So You can give up if you want, but I will never give up on you… because I don’t know how to be without you.”
He had been fighting for me for so long at that point, and he was tired. He was completely exhausted. I finally could SEE it. I don’t know why I couldn’t before, but in that moment I finally realized all he had done, and I saw the last of his energy spent.

And he left, without asking if he could kiss me. And I cried. I thought I pushed him too far. I thought I had lost him like I had lost everyone else. I felt so alone.  
But the next day he came back, with 3 cups of jello (2 for him, 1 for me), that big stupid grin on his face and stories about our classmates from the day. He made a joke about the boy who I had once dated, and for the first time in months, I let myself honestly laugh. It felt so good and strange and suddenlly all I wanted was for him to talk more. He laughed a lot that day, and made jokes about stupid things. We watched a horrible lifetime movie and mocked it the entire time and I don’t think I have ever laughed so much. I still felt horrible. I still hated myself… but I didn’t feel alone anymore, and I didn’t know how I ever did.

And when he asked if he could kiss me goodbye, I told him “sure,” and he blew a raspberry on my forehead. He laughed so hard and said, “I have been waiting to do that for DAAAYS!”

Things weren’t suddenly better over night…I was too broken for that. I would still have my moments of cruelty and I would still wallow in my own self-pitty, but my brother was always there to remind me of who I was, who I really was. And with him, a few good therapists and lots of time and hard work, I was able to put the brunt of it behind me. And that never would have happened had he not revealed to me how hurt he was for me.  

Watching Forget You with him brought back that time for us both. It was emotional and tense watching it, but when Mephisto dropped to his knees, panting in exhaustion after dispelling all of his energy, only to have Praxina see his pain and willingly go back to him, River and I made the comparison.
Its exactly what I had to do.  River fought for me until he had nothing left in him, and it was what brought me back to him. a

I don’t have a point to this… I guess… just… the twins are magical to me. That episode was insanely close to home. I’ve never related so closely to any kind of relationship on a show ever. And even if my brother will not watch anymore episodes (not his cup of tea) he loves Forget You. Its just nice to see something we can relate to on that level.  I think Its a really special show for SO many reasons, and I am heartbroken to see Praxina driven to madness by the thought of her brothers death. Honestly, if that happened to River I would probably become a psychopath as well. a

In my brothers’ words, “I would fight ALL the sparkly princesses for you!”
Me too, bro. Me. Too.

Dylan and his damn cookie

this it came out very shit and v late okay i’ll shush and let u read ;)

Request: Omg! Omg! Ok, How about a imagine where you’re in class and Dylan slips a cookie onto your desk and you’re very
introverted and have trust issues with people showing you kindness and you emotionlessly ignore him and continue your work
, Accidently knocking the cookie off your desk and attracting Dylan with your aloof persona in return.

Trigger warnings: nahp


The same class, another day, the same subject and the same bullshit. Kids screaming and throwing shit across the classroom didn’t phase you anymore. You didn’t talk that much. Everyone in the past was a bitch in their own way so just not talking to anyone solved that problem. Sure you had your fair share of friends that you hung out with during lunch and your free periods but other then that? You really couldn’t care less.

Sitting in your usual spot towards the back of the class, you sat minding your own business waiting for the teacher to walk in. The typical crowd flooding the classroom causing it to get louder.

A tall figure made it’s way past you and sat in the seat beside you. You looked over and saw the boy who showed up to every lesson, never skipping one class. Bit unusual for a senior who never skipped class. Usually seniors would
prep themselves up before the year started and then once they realised how shit it is they give up and just skip school entirely.


You remembered his name was. A few of his buddies sat beside him making small, quiet talk but not disturbing anyone. He took out a small pouch of cookies and nearly inhaled them. The sound of the bag being crumpled back up and shoved in his pocket indicated the teacher was in the room.

The lesson started and halfway through your focus, a familiar crumpling sound was heard again. You looked over and saw the damn kid was eating his cookies again.

A slight drop in your paper just beside your arm was felt. You looked and saw a bit of a cookie. You pushed it to the side of your desk and wiping the majority of crumbs that were left on your paper. You thought it was odd, but didn’t think anything else of it. You didn’t trust many people and had a hard time letting people in. You just left it at the corner of your workspace and you were going to worry what the hell this cookie business was about later after class.

Throughout the remainder of the lesson, you kept noticing the boy beside you was looking over almost every 2 minutes. Finally the lesson was over and you packed up your books and things accidently knocking the piece of cookie over. To be honest, You didn’t care to much for talking and you didn’t feel like striking up a conversation with a kid you barely knew about a cookie. You really didn’t care and you left it trying not to draw attention to yourself so you can just leave the classroom without having to get into some fight with someone.

“Hey! Hold on!” Someone shouted just as you exited the classroom doors

“Can I help you?” You asked trying to seem like you were oblivious to what just happened inside.

“You knocked my cookie off your desk.” He said sounding a bit pouty like a child.

“Sorry.” You laughed trying to get out of the conversation and walking away.

“Hold on! Is it something I did?”

“No. Just because I accidently knocked over a cookie you randomly gave me out of nowhere off the desk, doesn’t mean I don’t like you as a person. We’ve never talked. I just didn’t feel like talking today. Nothing personal towards you or your cookie.”

“Would you like to?” He paused awkwardly not finishing his sentence as he had wanted to. “Talk to me I mean. You can sit with us at lunch if you want.” He says turning his head and nodding towards 3 other boys having their own chats near the lockers. “You have like cheerleading or whatever don’t you? Who would want to hang out with us anyways. You seem cool and I like that you’re not tryna flash your tits in front of every guy in the class so I just thought-”

"You really think I’m that type of girl just because I rejected your cookie? No I’m not a cheerleader, no I’m not just going to show anyone my boobs and actually, yes i would gladly get to know you. See you at lunch.” You smiled turning and walking to your next class.



Changes (Part 2) (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

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Summary: (Y/N) had powers and wished to be part of the Avengers but the opportunity appeared in the worst moment possible… when she became the only guardian of her best friend’s daughter.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Words: 2450

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This is Changes part 1

Changes (Part 2)

“Em… how do you feel about moving out?”

You watch as she looked at you with wide eyes and sunk the spoon in the ice cream cup hitting the glass at the bottom with a sonorous ring.

“Do… do we have to?”

“Of course, we don’t have to if you don’t want to” you hurried to clarify “We will decide it together, but I need to tell you a secret. Can you keep a secret?”

You felt relieved when she nodded, seeming more interested than sad or angry. It was obvious to you that the reaction that she was going to have was probably not the best. You were worried that she’d felt betrayed, so you thought that maybe this was the best way to get into the subject.

Plus, how do you tell a 7 years old that a group of superheroes needs your help to fight bad guys? Maybe a 7 years old would believe it faster than an adult.

“Do you know why Natasha, Bucky, and Steve were here this morning?“

"Bucky said they need you to become a superhero”

Very subtle of him.

You took your time to finish your own ice cream before you added something more to that explanation.

“They want that… and they want us to move in with them. I told them that I needed to talk to you first… so, what do you think?”

“Auntie (Y/N), you already are a superhero,” she said with a giant smile.

“Come here,” you said moving the chair to make space for her to sit on your lap.

Her pigtails were high in her head before you carefully unmade them and combed her hair with your fingers. Luckily, she doesn’t have her mother’s hair, her hair falls to her shoulders in soft and malleable waves, not like your best friend’s uncontrollable mane. You smiled nostalgically.

“Would you like to move in with the Avengers? You have the last word, sweetie. They know you’re my priority”

“What’s a priority?” she said turning to face you with a confused look.

“A priority is when you have something” you explained bopping her nose softly with a finger “that is more important than the rest of the things”

She placed his head on your shoulder.

“I think that I want to”

“Well, do we have a deal then?”

She nodded.

“We didn’t agree on this. I can’t go on a mission right now”

“You accepted, kiddo. Two minutes ago. Plus, there’s no way you can get hurt in this kind of missions. And it’s going to be just 3 hours.”

You sighed and lower your voice to not wake Emily up, who was sleeping in her PJ’s on the sofa. The television in front of her still playing the movie Bolt. You placed a blanket to cover her before you caressed her cheek and took a few steps to the other side of the room.

“I’m not a kid anymore, Mr. Stark. In fact, I have a kid… and I need stability for her. I can tell you have the best intentions but the fastest that you’ll get my help is tomorrow afternoon if one of you take the responsibility to look after Emily when I’d be out. I won’t leave her alone or with a stranger and I am definitely not waking her up right now”

The line went silent for a minute after you spoke.

“Are you even listening to me?” you whispered angrily to the phone.

“(Y/N), It’s Natasha here. How are you? How’s Em doing?”

You sighed.

“Hey. I’m good. She’s sleeping on the sofa. She’s kinda excited about all of this. She was weird in the beginning, too quiet and thoughtful, but now she’s all excitement and superhero stuff”

“She has plenty of that. She showed me the tee she was wearing under the school shirt”

You let a little laugh leak from your lips. She didn’t mention, but Emily had shown you before Nat’s sign on it, right on the left side of her face .  

“I know what you’re trying to do… won’t give you my help till tomorrow afternoon and if I know who’s taking care of Em”

“I wasn’t expecting anything less…  We will go to the mission with Bucky and Clint. Sam, Wanda, and Steve will be with Emily all the time. Is that ok with you?”

“I… yes, it’s ok. They can handle a 7-year-old”

“I have to ask you something… Can you change someone else’s appearance?”

“Sure thing. For about an hour I can change myself and someone else; if it’s just me I can do it for 4 hours and a half; if it’s not me but someone different I can do it for about 2 hours I think. All depends on the situation and the rest I’ve gotten before”

“Do you think you can transform me for an hour and a half?”

“I think that I can manage that! But I can’t change your body structure, height or weight if you need to fight or run because you won’t feel your body like your own. You’ll feel like it was belong to a stranger”

“Ok, what about my face? I can use a wig for my hair”

“So easy!”

“Glad you’re feeling like you need a challenge. What about Bucky’s face at the same time?”

“I have to change me at the same time? Or just you two?”

“We need you too”

“I’ll do my best but I can’t assure you a quantity of time.”

“That’s enough for me. Get some rest, tomorrow’s gonna be a big day”

“See you tomorrow Nat. Please let your friend know that I’m sorry for delaying the mission”

“Don’t worry, he understands.”

Your eyes opened when the sun warmed your body through the window.

You stretched your body still in bed and extend your arm to your left to took your cell phone from the nightstand beside you.

Nine o’clock.

Standing up, you made a few steps to Emily’s room and cautiously opened it a little to take a look at her. 

She was fast asleep, her lips a little parted and her arms holding a pink stuffed little giraffe close to her chest.

Unmaking the way, you went straight to the bathroom that was inside your room and took a quick shower. When you finished, you put on some clean clothes and dried your hair.

“Auntie (Y/N)!” a little figure stormed into the room and hung onto your legs.

“Hey, little one. Is everything ok?”

She nodded and hug you tighter 

“Look!” she exclaimed opening one of her hands a showing a molar to you “I lost a tooth!”

“OMG! Did it fell this morning? You have to wait for the Tooth Fairy!”

Her excitement grew as she felt yours. How you love this kid, it was unmeasurable.

Both of you went to the kitchen to have breakfast together, some cereal and fruit. 

“Sweetie, we have to put some of our things in a backpack. I have to help Natasha, Clint, and Bucky with something today. Is it ok if you stay with Steve, Sam, and Wanda?”

She nodded.

“You will get back, won’t you?”

“Of course, Em, I won’t leave you. Ever. It’s a promise.”

“I’m scared” her voice trembled and was almost a whisper so you made an effort to get what she said. Tho you didn’t need to. A wave of fear from her hit you so hard you had to grip the table.

You wiped the tears that were flowing from her eyes and let her hug you as you round her with your arms.

“I know, sweetheart. It is ok to be scared. But you’re way better than your fears. You’re such a brave girl, as strong as all your heroes, and as smart and beautiful as your parents. You have the greatest heart. And there’s no way I’m going to leave you, honey. I’m so proud of you. I love you”

“I love you too, auntie”

You put the silky red long dress on and fixed your hair and make up.

You were somewhere in Boston, inside a small house in the suburbs. Getting ready for the mission you’d have in the night.

“Do you guys think she’s ok?” you asked to the closed door as you looked at yourself in the mirror.

You loved the backless dress, the way the fabric fell when you moved.

“Relax, (Y/N).” Bucky said from the other side “I bet she’s having fun with the guys. You can call her when we are finished with this.”

You placed the gun holder on your thigh with the gun loaded in place.

“Sorry, I’m just worried. It’s not that I don’t trust you but I bearly know you. I know that she’s safe, but still…”

You opened the door and crossed it with secure steps, enjoying the sudden change in the color of Bucky’s eyes, his pupils getting bigger despite the fact that his face was almost unreadable.

He was wearing a black formal suit and a red tie. You noticed that his metal hand looked like it was made from flesh before you look again to the suit, the cut of the jacket accentuating his shoulders and chest. You looked him in the eyes when you finished admiring his clothes. You were so sorry that have to transform his features.

“You look great” Clint praised.

You took a look at him. He was lying on the couch with a semi-formal suit and his shoes hanging from a side of the furniture.

“Not great,” Bucky interrupted “stunning, gorgeous”

Did he just call you…? You blushed fiercely and have to look away.

“Thank you guys, you’re looking very handsome too. Your dates are very lucky”

“Can’t tell the same from mine”

Laughing you turned to see Nat coming from the other door.

“I love these entries” she winked at you.

She was wearing a black long dress with a big neckline.

“Are you ready to kick some ass?”

You nodded and you all made your way to the party you have to get into. Clint was driving the car, so that gave you the practicality to look at their faces. When you reached the place, Bucky got off the car and opened the door for you.

“Beautiful lady…”

 “Thank you, handsome sir”

 You took the arm Bucky was offering to you, you took notice that it was the right arm and not the left one.

Clint laughed to the “that was so embarrassing” that Nat let out but you two never listened.

“C’mon love birds, we need to get our asses to work so you can flirt later”

You went as red as your dress and avoid their eyes, looking to the ground as you walked the streets still clutching Bucky’s arm.

When you get to the corner, you waited for Nat and Clint and then concentrate on her face as you close your eyes and try to change her features without ruining her efforts with the makeup.

You opened your eyes and agree with the result. Then you passed to Bucky. Lord forgive me, you thought before you made the sin to change his face.

“Ok, this is just awesome”


Then you concentrate in your face.

“Let’s go guys. This is time-limited edition.”

Natasha made her way first, followed by Clint. You waited a few minutes before you imitate her.

“(Y/N)” he called you before you entered the building “Please forgive me if I make you uncomfortable in any way”

You were well aware that you two will have to act as a couple meanwhile Nat will try to get information and Clint will be incognito, that  meant that you will have a lot of PDA.

"Bucky, I’m ok with this” You assured him “Are you?”

“More than ok, I just don’t want you to think that I’ll take advantage of the situation”

“I know you won’t. I trust you”

You felt his mix of feelings, his confusion and hope, his fear and his proud, the disbelief. You didn’t realize until now that you were probably one of a few that would trust him before you really know him. Of course, not everyone gives him that trust, not in this job, and not with his past.

He took a deep breath and smiled to you. You could watch his true smile under the fake face your power have given to him. And it felt right.

“He’s lying,” you said to your comm.

Nat nodded almost unnoticeably.

Goosebumps appeared on your body as Bucky’s fingers stroke tenderly your back and he led you through the dancefloor.

Despite the situation, you were having fun. Dancing in Bucky’s arms and listening to his breezy comments. You find yourself wishing you were enjoying this with him as a real thing. Maybe it was all the emotions or maybe just the fatigue of using all your powers at the same time.

“Bucky, I don’t know how long I can do this for. I’m really tired. It’s been almost two hours” you whispered in his ear.

“You’re doing an awesome job. Better than you thought, better than you ever did. You’re so strong.” 

Your knees got weaker and Bucky’s left arm hold you standing in place. You felt Clint’s voice through the comms.

“Tasha you need to hurry up”

“Shit, Bucky… your face…”

He sighed relieved when he saw Nat‘s face was still not hers.

“It’s ok, this is still an awesome job. You did great. We’re going to wait for Natalia to finish and we’re going out so you can rest. Is that ok?”

You nodded slowly and he dropped his face into the curve between your shoulder and chin. 

“Can you cover my face with your hand?”

You complied with his request tracing the border of his face with your fingers as you got closer to his face. He tilted his head a little and draw nearer.

“Tasha is out. You can go now”

He rolled his eyes and you giggled a little. Trying to get all the leftovers of your energy back, you transfigured his face again before he helped you and your shaky legs through the dancefloor and to the exit.

“J-James…” you stuttered a few blocks away from the ball.

Your sight was blurred and you were really dizzy.

“You ok?” he asked concerned “You’re so pale”

“No, I don’t know…” the grip of your hands on his arm got weaker despite you tried to make it tighter “I’m… I think I’m going to…”

That was the last words you could produce before everything went blank as you fainted.

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