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Imagine getting lost in New-Orleans and meeting Elijah.

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So, I just wrote this. It’s nothing.

Words: 341

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Imagine you just moved to New-Orleans and you get lost while visiting the town, running into Elijah Mikaelson.

You were walking in the colored streets of New-Orleans, looking up at the blue sky, enjoying the warmth of the late afternoon and the smell of food and the people laughing mixed with the sound of music. You had lived in this city when you were little for a year and you could barely remember it. But you knew you loved it there. You didn’t pay much attention to where you were going, enjoying the beauty of it, and when you decided it was time to go back to your apartment you had no idea where you were and no idea how to go back.

You walked by shops, restaurants and bars you couldn’t remember having passed by earlier when you started to panic a little. You tried to stay calm, figuring you could always ask your way to someone, and as you were looking around for something, anything, familiar, you ran into someone. You quickly looked up and met with a tall, handsome and strong man who was looking down at you with his brown eyes and an amused smile.

“I’m so sorry,” you breathed out, blushing a little. “I wasn’t looking where I was going.”

“It’s alright,” he said. “You seem lost.”

“Uh, yeah,” you admitted. “I just…moved here and thought I would take a walk and…I got lost,” you laughed, nervously, embarrassed.

“It’s a big city,” he told you. “Maybe I can help you find your way.”

“Thank you,” you nodded before you told him your address and he gave you the right direction. “Thank you again.”

“It’s no problem, Ms. …?”

“Oh, (Y/L/N),” you said. “(Y/L) (Y/L/N).”

“It’s nice meeting you, (Y/N),” he smiled. “I’m Elijah.”

“Nice meeting you too, Elijah,” you smiled back. “Thank you for your help.”

“My pleasure,” he nodded. “Maybe I’ll see you again, soon,” he said, taking your right hand and bringing it to his lips. He kissed the back of your hand and you looked down as his eyes met yours. You blushed and nodded as he released your hand.


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baby + nick amaro please :))

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You never pegged Nick as the type who was good with babies. But once again, Nick Amaro was out to prove you wrong. He knew just how to hold Noah. Knew just what to do to make the toddler smile and laugh. It was a whole other side of Nick you’ve never seen before.

As your partner glanced over, he noticed you watching and his smile widened. “He’s pretty cute, huh?”

Nick’s words snapped you back into reality, and you realized that maybe you were watching him, and not Noah. Blushing, you straightened up. “I didn’t know you were so good with kids.”

Nick threw you a look. “‘Course I am. I have Zara, don’t I?”

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I see these bird training videos and have to laugh a bit. Can’t do most of them with Molly. A simple step up is a lot of work for her. She runs out of energy fast. And that’s a basic command, which she knows just does only when she has the will and stamina to. And then you look at the tricks. She can’t run, fly, lift her feet forward, open both wing or climb. So those aren’t really happening. I am working on rough target training, and she knows kisses and understands how to ask for some things (joint attention and body language). So it’s something. If she really had it her way though, she’d chill in her cage all day, and that’s not happening.

considering how hard it is (and sometimes impossible) to trigger a sneeze in your sleep it just fuels the suspicion that this sly motherfucker

isn’t sleeping at all

he was probably posing all along i mean look at him who sleeps like this in front of their crush 

goddammit viktor 


Quick confession: he leaves me breathless and renders me speechless all the time

#snl_성추행 (#snl_sexualharassment) is trending #1 in Korea right now

I’m so shocked that I don’t even know what to type but here’s a brief summary of what happened.
Today some backstage videos of Infinite and B1A4 on SNL went viral in which the female staff members can be seen how they grab the boys genitals, cheering loudly and celebrating how they managed to get a touch of it. I think it isn’t necessary to add that both, Infinite and B1A4 looked BEYOND uncomfortable, some of them even covering their crotches while the staff members just continue to clap and laugh.
I am fully disgusted. I can’t believe that these kind of things really happened backstage, that the boys needed to brush it off with some pressed laughs and that they went out there and finished this show like nothing happened. This is sexual harassment and should under NO CIRCUMSTANCES taken lightly. I just hope that these staff members get fired and B1A4 and Infinite get a more than proper apology from SNL or even better TVN because I don’t know what is wrong with their heads to brush it off as a joke because things like these are not funny. TOUCHING SOMEONE WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION NO MATTER IF MALE OR FEMALE ISN’T FUNNY. IT’S HARASSMENT AND SHOULD BE PUNISHED ACCORDING SO.
And just imagine how many times this must’ve happened without any video evidence. SNL is cancelled, over for me.

leave it to me.

yuuri: so, how was your date?

yurio: that’s not any of your business, pig

victor [whispering]: leave it to me

victor: he’s right, yuuri. its not any of our business, besides i’d be pretty upset too if i had to cover up such a big hickey

yurio [running towards his room]: fuck!

yuuri [looking at victor]: i didn’t saw any hickey

victor [smirking at yuuri]: i think his date went just fine

There is this boy at my school who I think is the most attractive boy in the whole universe. He has tan skin that just seems to maintain its color no matter what time of year it is. His hair is a chocolate curly brown, that he runs his hands through at least 200 times a day. His eyes are a caramel-brownish shade that I truly melt into and am lost for words when ever I look into them. But he also has this laugh that is literally one of a kind, and not in a cute way, its high pitched and almost girly but its still music to my ears and always brings a smile to my face. When he talks to his friends, he always makes the funniest jokes and, when he needs to be, nice/helpful to them.

All my friends say that he isn’t attractive and has no like able qualities, and they just cant understand why I like him. I can never seem to figure out why they don’t think he is attractive or funny, it literally blows my mind.

But to be completely honest, I’ve never even had a conversation with him. Im not even friends with the people he’s friends with. I dont think I will ever be able to work up the courage to talk to him and tell him all the things I love about him.

So he will never know that while his friends are mocking his laugh, I’m falling for it. Or when he is smiling, I want nothing more than to be the one making him smile. Never will he know that when he runs his hands through his hair, its my dream to run mine through it too.

So if you are ever thinking that nobody will ever love you because you haven’t been asked out on a date or a stupid boy in high school hasn’t confessed his undying love for you, don’t think that someone doesn’t think of you as an amazing attractive person.

While you’re sitting in class laughing with your friends, someone may be falling in love with the sound of your laugh(even if its a funny one), or the way your eyes light up when your truly happy, or even the way you run your hands through your hair.

Don’t ever think your not good enough just because some boy/girl hasn’t told you how amazing you are.

Husband was looking for me all round the house so he could show me something he’d made but he couldn’t find me so he just shouted really loudly, “Fantasy and Sci-fi are the same genre!” and the rational part of my brain doing laundry was like “I’m not responding to a meme, wait where am I going—” as I ascended up the basements stairs like the wrath of god, and he just turned like “there you are” and I’m SO MAD THAT IT WORKED

fanfic prompts for writers

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  1. we pretend to be a couple to get on a couples game show and win the prize money
  2. laundry mix-up, we have to find a way to exchange our bags, but I don’t know how to tell you your DC underwear sucks- marvel is better
  3. I need to save you from the beep test before one of us passes out
  4. you are the announcer at an event, I am the participant, you accidently hit on me during the game/fair/dance & I go to talk to you after I stop laughing
  5. “okay, so you’re looking for our daughter who time traveled here?”
  6. you are the witch/wizard on 9th street and I am the poor patron who’s cursed been cursed by a succubus. Help me.
  7. your sexy dance is giving me a migraine, I go to show you how it’s done
  8. We are both in limbo and our deaths were somehow connected, we don’t know how, but we might as well go together to find out
  9. I am the museum curator and you can’t sleep inside the exhibit!! Stop moving the displays around at night for fun 
  10. DND game gone wrong
  11. revolution is upon us, I am the plucky newspaper reporter sent to stab you, you are the moderate trying to stop the bloodshed
  12. “Okay, I have to draw your freckles. Right now.”
  13. there is a rogue Roomba in our dorm playing music in the middle of the night, I go to try and track down the owner

I am so, SO happy for Amethyst. Now she’s seen that not all Quartzes are like Jasper- hell, there’s one that looks like a pearl, and another Quartz that looks just like her! The other Amethysts that were ‘born’ around her were happy to see her! She’s not any more 'broken’ then they are and they were all laughing and joking with her!

This is so important to her self-esteem and I’m so glad!!!!

“Just do what I’m doing,” Alicia says, fighting to keep herself from laughing.

“I am!” Bob’s looking at her with eyebrows raised so high he looks like the ‘after’ photo of a botox catastrophe. “I feel like I’m doing exactly what you’re doing.”

“That can’t feel natural. Relax your face. You’re supposed to look surprised, not horrified.”

Whatever gene gives hockey players their talent must feed off their acting abilities; she’s worked with a few in her day and none of them could manage more than some stiff lines delivered with blank stares. It doesn’t seem to get better with practice, at least not in Bob’s case.

The doorbell rings and they both stand quickly, giving each other reassuring looks before making their way to the front door.

Jack stands in the doorway with Eric, and Alicia pretends not to notice their hands linked together until the timing is right.

“Maman, Papa, you know I said I wanted to introduce you to someone special?”

“Of course we remember Eric, dear,” Alicia says fondly.

“We’re dating.”

Alicia schools her expression into a practiced look of polite surprise, and pinches Bob as his cue to do the same.

“Uh, Dad? What’s wrong with your face?”

isak and even are in isak’s room, browsing through the “thrillers” section on netflix (because even says he’s in the mood for a little suspence) and there’s a knock on the door and they hear linn say “hey, did you guys take my box of cookies?” and the truth is that said box is right there on isak’s lap, and isak looks at even and mouths “oops”. when he opens the door, the box in his hand, he tells linn “it’s been there for like a month and i wasn’t sure whose cookies they were but, hm” he looks inside the box and continues “there’s a couple left” and he hands it to linn and she just stares at him for a few seconds, expressionless, and says “it’s fine, keep it”, turns around and leaves 

isak asks even “am i an ass?” and even laughs a little and ruffles isak’s hair and says “nah, just a hungry teenager”. and isak moves away from even’s hand and looks at him with a mischievous smile on his face and he replies “totally hungry” playfully, before he leans in and gently cover even’s nose with his teeth, not really bitting down and even doesn’t try to free himself, simply teases “it smells like chocolate chip cookies in there. actually, it smells like stolen chocolate chip cookies” and isak takes his mouth off his nose and replies “hey! i thought you said i wasn’t an ass”, all pouty and grumpy and even can’t help but smile at him. “you aren’t, but you did take linn’s cookies. and now she doesn’t have any”. isak sighs, rests his head on even’s shoulder and says “we could go get her another box?” 

they do end up going to the store, but instead they buy the ingredients they need to make the cookies themselves (except for eggs, which isak says he already has at home). and then they’re in the kitchen, and even places the ingredients on the counter, opens the fridge and grabs two eggs, says “catch!” before he slowly throws one in isak’s direction. isak does catch it and looks at him with wide eyes and warns “if you make a mess, you’re the one cleaning” and even simply cups his face, plants a quick kiss on his forehead and his nose and his mouth and his chin and says “i won’t”. and then they make the cookies, even telling isak the measurements. “two cups of chocolate chips”, which isak adds to the dough, and then he adds an extra handful, says “it’ll taste way better like this. more chocolate, better cookies” and even chuckles. “yes, chef valtersen” 

when the cookies are done, they knock on linn’s door, a platter in isak’s hands. even asks “liiiiinn, our dear linn, are you hungry for some amazing, delicious homemade cookies, made with a lot love and a whole lot of chocolate chips?” and there’s a short silence before they hear her say “thanks, but i’m not really hungry right now”. isak looks at even and shrugs and he tells linn “well, we made a lot, let us know when you want some, okay?” and they hear a muffled “mmhm” from behind the door 

they start to watch the usual suspects, isak all cuddled up against even, an arm around even’s stomach, a leg wrapped over his. a few minutes later, linn’s knocking on the door and asking “cookies kind of smelled nice, can i have some?” and isak tells her “come in, linn!” she doesn’t flinch when she sees them on the bed, linn really doesn’t mind displays of affection as long as they’re silent. even hands her the platter and asks her “hey, feel like watching a movie?” and linn frowns a little. “is it moulin rouge again?” and even replies “nah, it’s not moulin rouge”. he opens his free arm (the one that’s not holding isak close) as an invitation and linn sits next him, cookie platter on her lap, and even wraps an arm around her as she bites into one of the cookies. isak lifts his head up a little, and when even looks at him in the eyes, they exchange a knowing smile 

I just want to tell you that I love you. I know I pretend like I don’t but I do. And I’m sorry it took me so long to say it but I couldn’t risk having my heart broken until I realized I was breaking your heart instead. So, this is it. This is my profession of love for you. My frozen-in-time, all-or-nothing, embarrassing confession that I am in love with you and that I have been for years. Ever since that trip we took to the farm on halloween, the one where you got scared and I laughed, but what I never told you was that all I wanted to do was hold you and keep you safe. That was the moment I realized that I needed you and I’ve just been scared that if I ever said any of this you’d leave. That maybe I wouldn’t be good enough because you’re amazing and I’m just me. But now I see it. You look at me the same way I look at you. I was too blind to see it before but it’s not just me. We’re in this together. So please, just tell me I’m not crazy. Say you love me too.
—  All I ever wanted.

One of my favorite things about Shakespeare is how he works his stage directions into the dialogue.  Like, in Macbeth, he says the hallucinatory dagger looks as real “as this that I now draw,” so you know he’s meant to be drawing his dagger.  It’s usually nice and subtle.

But I can’t. stop. laughing. at Oberon’s line in Midsummer where he says “I am invisible and will overhear their conference.”  Like.  This regal fae king is just letting you know. That he’s invisible.  So when nobody notices him lurking there… you know.  He’s invisible.  You can see him, because you’re the audience.  But no one else.  I am invisible.