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Um, so sorry to bother you but I rlly wanted to ask about something and you seem RLLY understanding so I hope it's ok! I was just wondering if you have any advice as to how I can be a better ally to the LGBTQ+ community? I'm nervous bc since I'm not rlly a member of the community I'm still confused about some things and I'm afraid to make a mistake and offend people so I'm v v sorry but I wanna be better so I'd love any advice (if it's not any trouble ofc ) Thank you and keep being amazing! ❤️

uhm, gosh,, thank you, and what a question!! i can’t speak for The Entire Community so another cool thing would be to ask other people, as well !! but as a bit of a run down?

  • please don’t speak over us ! in general, as an ally, you’re s’pposed to boost our voices
  • when you see something going on–please speak up!! please!!! it’s better to know we have someone on our side than not!
  • yes, “reblog if you support…” is nice but if it’s not being applied in real life then it’s no use, is it?
    • in the same way, shipping your favorite same sex characters together is not being a good ally.
      • (especially if you only write nsfw with them, i’m not going to get too into this, but yeah.)
  • i shouldn’t have to say this but i’m going to anyway : do not out anyone without their permission. if you are not told, “i am okay with everyone else knowing i’m gay / trans / etc” then do not do it.
    • also, always check yourself !! you can be a good ally even in small ways–using certain language is always nice! go gender neutral whenever possible
    • don’t ask for someone’s sexual history for them to “prove” that they are whatever sexuality they tell you they are,, it’s not cool and you wouldn’t do that to a straight person (if you tell me you would it’s not funny and i’m not laughin’)
  • there are going to be people in the community who won’t like you because you’re cis + het, and it’s mostly due to being mistreated by said people,, just be understanding of this, okay? you’re not obligated to interact with them–in the same way they’re not obligated to interact with you. just leave each other be and avoid discourse over that
  • listen my friend if you’ve got a gay (i’m using it here as a blanket term) friend please don’t expect that they’ll have a crush on you or anything It’s Not Cool
  • my personal pet peeve is when people erase the fact that intersex people exist so as a bit of a personal thing for you to remember : please remember intersex people are real and, “there’s lots of genders but only two sexes” is FALSE
  • and be open to criticism!! if you’re being told that you’re wrong / you said something bad, please don’t fight with the people who you’re supposed to be a good ally to !!

if any of my followers have something to add on in the replies + another ask OR if i said something wrong, please let me know !! (but be kind, please)


this applies x2 if you’re white / white-passing because often if people of color (not to say if you’re white-passing you aren’t, but y’know) speak up for themselves, they’ll be seen as “aggressive”, etc

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Omg i am an english lit student and our lecturer was talking abt the grammys a while ago and she mentioned beyonce s speech and said "i dont like her/listen to her music" and everyone in the hall nodded in a "yeah obv none of do haha" way? i... never wanted to leave a place so bad in my life...... Like. I am not making this up all fax no printer if you do not like beyonce you are boring and i feel sorry for you and i am so happy for myself

OMG ME!!!!!!!!!! i genuinely would’ve left if i were u sljkdnflksjdnfsdjknf like how do ppl…. live like that…. this reminds me of me post-grammys 2015 when i was in a politics lecture and my prof also brought up mother bey right , but this 1 student had the AUDACITY 2 say beck deserved album of the year cause he “actually wrote his own music” and let me tell u anon…. i never talked in that class until that day like i made sure they *HEARD from me

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kid from em ! ( adopted )

  • Name: Nicholas Bennett.
  • Gender: Male.
  • General appearance: Look at that face claim. How do I put beauty like that into words???
  • Personality: Cocky, wild at heart, but also knows when it’s time to settle down and get serious. He’s really helpful to people he’s loyal to but at the end of the day he just wants to have a good time.
  • Special talents: He’s a master at mixing drinks. Also, dragons love him.
  • Who they like better: Khailee.
  • Who they take after more: Khailee. (Khailee’s the fun, no rules mom okay)
  • Personal headcanon: His parents were killed several years ago so they took him in. He’s now one of the most sought after bachelors in Zenan.
  • Face Claim: Reece King.
Custom OC ask meme

Howdy, this is my own ask meme I made to help me wrap my head around some of my ocs! This one is mostly geared towards me Ghost Trip kiddos since I need to draw them a bunch/try and get use to writing them, but idk you can reblog the questions if you want. Some of the questions I picked up from places, but some are new, so ask a few!

1: Who’s easiest scared? Alt: who’s the bravest?

2: Who’s the hardest worker/most talented/potentially accidental success? (Like who wins and why)

3: How do they react to being in charge?

4: Most embarrassing memory that crops up when they least expect it?

5: Their top 5 _______?

6: What’s their favorite genre?

7: What kind of blog would they run?

8: What’s their most important possession?

9: What couldn’t they live without?

10: What’s their bedroom like?

11: Morning routine?

12: What gift would they really like for their birthday? Alt: what kind of gift would they give someone else?

13: Favorite game/movie/book/franchise?

14: What class would they play in an RPG?

15: Do they have a mantra or catchphrase?

16: At what point would they draw the line when it comes to achieving their goals?

17: Who’s always ready to fight or argue over something?

18: What couldn’t they do even if their life depended on it?

19: What kind of person do they fancy themselves? How accurate to life is it?

20: What’s their favorite joke(s)?

And there you go! Ya’ll can poke my kids for funny noises. (please ask one question at a time though, I am drawing responses <:3c)

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what's a 21 year old doing watching frozen though...

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