i am kind of more proud of this than i probably should be ok

here’s a long list of headcanons because i love my kids
-Lance is slightly taller than Keith. Like, an inch taller. Keith insists that 1 inch doesn’t make a difference but Lance will constantly poke fun at Keith for being ‘short’.
     -Pidge looks into the camera like they’re in the office.
-Lance and Allura are BEST FRIENDS. They absolutely have sleepovers together and complain about their dumb boyfriends.
     -Pidge is also a recurring guest in these sleepovers because they always have THE BEST gossip. 
          -Pidge knows everything about everyone. There’s no hiding from them.
     -Lance is very good at doing Allura’s hair.
     -Lance: *kicks down door* allura you are not going to BELIEVE what keith just did!!!!!
-Hunk and Keith bond over dumb things Lance has done because Hunk is more than happy to share all sorts of embarrassing stories.
     -Lance has never felt so betrayed.
-Everyone catches on to Lance feeling bad about himself sometimes and they all band together to make Lance the most appreciated person on the planet.
     -They made a banner that says ‘we love lance <3’ and honestly it looks like a group of kindergartners drew it.
     -Hunk makes a cake.
           -Keith ‘helped’ make it but that boy can’t cook to save his life ok he just did the icing and it looked terrible.
     -in conclusion they all love lance so much and Lance has never been more proud to call these losers his friends.
-Shiro is the ultimate dad friend. Cares very much but too emotionally distant
-keith is so gay for Lance and he’s open about it to everyone but lance.
     -anytime someone says something about lance Keith immediately shows up to be like “yea lance is amazing right?????”
-Shiro is the embodiment of the ‘i have crippling depression’ meme
     -he makes so many self-deprecating jokes no one knows if they should laugh or give him a hug
           -the answer is both.
-Lance is the kind of person who’s like “haha im such a bad person haha” but as soon as someone else does it he’s all “!!!!!!! YOU ARE AMAZING AND I WOULD DIE FOR YOU”
-Lance has two moods:
     -”i am shit”
     -”i am The Shit”
-Keith has a 32 slide powerpoint on why mothman is real.
     -Pidge helped.
-”mothman is real he sucked my dick in a denny’s parking lot” -keith probably
-Hunk is everyone’s shoulder to cry on. 
     -you need to rant abt something??? Cool hunk will listen and make you some tea
     -relationship trouble??? Here comes Hunk back at it again with helpful advice
-Shiro on the other hand has the emotional empathy of a rock.
     -he has good intentions but he’s so awkward honestly so his advice is just the worst
-Lance has no concept of personal space
     -everyone is used to his constant need for physical contact
     -keith is the victim of this more often than not.
     -Lance claims it’s because keith is really warm but everyone knows that is a Blatant Lie
-There are often debates on cats vs dogs
     -keith, shiro, and pidge are team cats
     -hunk, lance and allura are team dogs
     -coran is the one who needs to break up the argument before there’s a fight
-everyone is basically an older sibling to pidge
     -every single one of them will throw hands at the ready for them
     -there’s no debate ok you mess with pidge and you will be catching The Hands of six very angry friends
-Allura is not to be fucked with ok like she’s nice and sweet and all but will not hesitate to kick ass
-Coran has dirt on everybody. He’s just too nice to use it
-pidge, however, will not hesitate to blackmail everyone with every piece of info they can get their petty little hands on
-Lance is an absolute baby when he’s sick
      -no one is safe from his desperate clinging and begging to be taken care of
      -n o  o n e
-Lance will latch onto anything in the vicinity when he’s asleep
     -pillows, stuffed animals, and keith are his main victims
-Keith will go actual days without sleep until someone (usually lance or shiro) legitimately force him to sleep
     -Lance actually sat on top of keith for hours once to force keith to stay in bed
     -lance ended up falling asleep too
     -pidge still has pictures of them cuddling
     -lance still denies that it happened despite the cold hard Facts
-Lance would rather die than admit his massive crush on Keith “Mullethead” Kogane
     -everyone already knows
-everyone is sick of the klance mutual pining
     -everyone is guilty of trying to play matchmaker at least once
          -pidge is more guilty than anyone
     -keith and lance are dumb and cant admit their feelings and it pisses everyone off

In conclusion i love my children

Fun fair with the Family - Batmom x Batfam (REPOST please READ the explanation right under the summary :-( )

Summary : Batmom decides to take her family to the fun fair…She quickly realizes it might not be her best idea ever.

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Repost because, and this time I really don’t know how, the original post got erased…BUT I had it backed up for once. So here. FUCK. Hum. Sorry. But it had almost 100 notes, and comment people left I didn’t even had time to read because the story simply disappeared…I’m a bit bummed out right now…Is it too much to ask if you could like, reblog and comment again ? I kinda feel bad, it’s not my style to ask those things…I’m so sorry for that, but it’s a bit discouraging, to write something, and to see that apparently it was liked, but to not know who liked it, what were the comments etc etc, especially since this time, I didn’t do anything, the story simply disappeared…Anyway, hope you’ll enjoy, and re-enjoy if you already read it :’-(


Not even an hour in, and you know you made a huge mistake bringing them here. All at the same time. They were going to be the death of you, so much energy…But it was just so rare that you all had some free times at once…You just wanted to spend some time with them.

It all started so well though.


You woke up in the best way possible : with your Bruce’s lips trailing kisses on your neck, shoulders and back, his arms wrapped around you. You shifted around, and before you could say anything, he kissed your temple, the corner of your mouth, slowly putting butterfly kisses on your face, to finally kiss you on the lips.

You melted in the kiss, and squeezed his large frame against you, your arms struggling to wrap around him. Damn that man was big. When he pulls away, you can’t help but grin at him, and he gives you the smile he only reserved to you. A real, pure smile. You nuzzle his neck, and he let out a contended sigh.

-You’re alright ?

-More than alright my love, as always when you’re here.

-My sweet Broosh. You know what I mean.

-I am alright. Not even a single bruise or scratch. The boys are too. Calm night.

-I like those.

-I like you.

-I love you.

-Oh yeah, that too. I love you (Y/N).

-Well, here’s for our morning’s cheesy ritual…We probably should get up.

-I have the entire day off.

-Oh ? Well then, what’s the hurry right ?

He smiles once more at you, and you crash your lips on his, climbing on him to straddle him. One of his hand tangles itself in your (H/L) (H/C) hair, the other goes to your waist and his grip is almost bruising. He cannot stop himself, you always had a strong and immediate effect on him…He rolls on top of you, and you wrap your arms around his neck, your legs around his waist.

-What’s the hurry indeed.

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The Joker x Reader - “Operation Broken Twig”

You were trying to dust off the vaulted ceiling at the penthouse, fell off the ladder and broke your right ankle and left wrist. You’ll be out of commision for a while and The Joker is not sure what to do with you yet: being gentle and sympathetic are definitely not his strengths.

Almost 12 at night

You struggle to move your body closer to J in a pitiful attempt to cuddle. He just watches you squirm, not helping one bit, adamant in not scooting over. The proud recipient of a huge smug grin on his face.

“What?” you ask, panting from the effort when you finally reach your destination that was only a few inches away but took a lot of work due to your present misfortune.

“I’m plotting your murder, Doll, gotta put you out of your misery. You look so pathetic, just like a broken twig. What would be the best way to send you off to a better place, hm?” he pretends to debate, but you realize he’s probably 50% serious.

“No killing,” you yawn, placing your casted arm on his shoulder since you can’t really hug him.

“This thing is heavy, I don’t like it,” The Joker pushes your hand away. You whimper, discontent at his gesture.

“Don’t be mean to me, I am already very uncomfortable,” you remind him and bury your face in his neck, all needy and whiny for once. He’s not used to you like this because…well, nothing like this happened before.

“I was thinking to suffocate you with a pillow after you fall asleep, what do you think?” he pretends not to hear your words.

“No killing I said,” you pout and immediately smile when his arm goes around your waist. “Hey, baby, would you be sad if I’d die?” you inquire, curious to see what aberration he’ll come up with. He always has some smart ass answer.

“Maybe…” You elbow him. “Probably…” You start  a fake cry on his shoulder. “Definitely…” he growls when you bite his skin “…NOT.”

“I know you’d miss me, don’t pretend,” you sniffle.

“Yeah, of couuurrseeee, how could I not miss such a huge pain in my butt?!” he sarcastically answers.

“Hey, are you rolling your eyes?”

“How did you know?” more sass comes your way, thanks to your boyfriend’s supporting attitude. J is a natural when it comes to this stuff.  T__T

“I felt a soft breeze and I figured it must be from your fluttering eyelashes. Auuuchhh,” the laud spank you felt through the fabric of your boy-shorts make you scream. “Hey, that really hurt! I don’t need more pain!!!”

“Perfect, precisely what I was aiming for.” He is very satisfied with himself, you can tell by the tone in his voice. “Since we’re reached such a positive place right now…”

“A-ha,” you mutter, not convinced.

“…I was hoping we can have some fun. I’m in the mood!” he smacks his lips and you giggle, forgetting you were upset.

“Is there a day when you’re not in the mood, J?”

“No, not really. Come on, Y/N, Daddy wants you.”

“Hold on,” you fight to get on your elbow, because, you know, you’re in the mood also but was too lazy to do something about it. Plus, with a casted arm and ankle, it’s not the easiest. ”Stay where you are, I’m coming,” you huff, kind of rolling over and kind of crawling on top of him.

Man, this is more entertaining than any show, J laughs to himself, resting both hands under his head, just lying there, enjoying you straining so much and not doing anything to help. It won’t be fun if he does.

You finally manage to straddle him and take a deep breath, already tired. You begin to pull your tank top over your head with the good hand and your head gets stuck inside it. It’s really hard to do things with one arm.

“J…J…can you help me please? I’m trapped.”

“Naaahh, figure it out, Pumpkin,” he snickers and you get frustrated.

“Help me out! I can’t breathe,” you complain, pulling on the fabric but it won’t budge.

“Good, this way you can put yourself out of the misery and I won’t have to do anything,” The Joker laughs but helps you and now you’re free. “Why do you even wear clothes, Princess? Sleep naked like me, I’m ready to go at any time,” he points out.

“You know I usually sleep naked too, but now that I’m like this it actually feels more soothing wearing clothes, OK?” And you lean over to kiss him but he must say it:

“How are you going to take your underwear off, huh? I’m not helping you, do it yourself.”

“Oh, come on,” you sigh, flustered. “Stop being stubborn and help a woman in need, would you? I know you want to,” you wink, wishing you didn’t have to depend on his whims.

J pushes you off him and you land on your back, felling a sharp pain in your ankle.

“Hey, be gentle!” you admonish him, annoyed he’s so reckless.

“I am! I didn’t break another arm or leg, did I ??!! Be grateful I’m taking care of things,” he pulls on your boy-shorts, licking his lips.

“Taking care of things?!” you almost shout when he eagerly yanks them off you, tossing them to the side of the bed.

“You really look like a turtle on its back, compleeeeetely helpless. I really need to put you out of your misery,” he grins, creeping up on top of you, biting his way up to your neck.

“No killing,” you moan, accidentally resting your casted arm on his back, even if you know he hates it.

“Too heavy,” he mumbles and pushes it away. “Just use your other arm, Kitten, yes?”

“Yes, your Majesty, sorry to…Auuucchhhh,” you fret when you feel the skin burning under another spank.

“Ahhhh, so unfortunate you have an attitude when, in fact, you can’t afford to. I’m gonna punish you and there’s nothing you can do about it,” J closes his eyes for a few seconds, taking it all in, pleased to take revenge.

“Like…ummmm…what exactly are we talking about here?” you gulp, staring in his blue eyes that got darker at the mischievous immediate future he has in store for you.

“You should have worried about it before you opened your mouth Doll,” your boyfriend snarls, getting on his knees.


You hop using your crutches, determined to get on the scale. J lifts his head from his laptop, intrigued at your action. He’s in bed, enjoying a slow morning.

“What are you doing, Pumpkin?!”

“Weighting myself,” you inform him, balancing on the glass plate, waiting for the digits to show up.

“What for?!” J wants to know, intrigued.

But you don’t answer:

“Oh my God, I gained 5 pounds!” you cover your mouth in shock.

“So?” he narrows his eyes, not getting what the fuss is all about.

“I gained 5 pounds since last week!!” and it doesn’t make you happy to say the least.

“I don’t care, get over it; more for Daddy to love,” he chuckles, blowing his green hair off his face. He certainly doesn’t give a crap about this new issue of yours.

“I care!” you frown, worried. “It will be a while until I can take the cast off, what am I supposed to do?!? I can’t work out, I can’t really even walk…There is only one way I can burn calories right now,” and you glare at the Joker since he’s your only hope.

“Let me guess…” he nonchalantly chuckles. “More sex?”

You keep on nodding yes, desperate.

“Want me to land my services even more than I already do?”

More nodding, more despair.

“Wanna kill me, woman?!”

“No, I just wanna put you out of your misery,” you smirk, hoping back to the bed.

J starts laughing, pleased your quirky whit actually delights him most of the time. 

“Come on, baby, take one for the team,” you beg, leaning your crutches against the nightstand, and using your fingers from the good hand to walk them down his abs, pouting in anticipation.

“You are soooo damn lucky I don’t want to kill you 100% of the time,” and you know you’ll have to listen to a very well put together speech, but you gotta if you want to reach your goal. He keeps on rambling: “I have murderous intents to each and single person I know or don’t know, but you…you’re unique: I only feel like killing you 90% of the time.”

“Woooww, you really know how to make a girl feel special J,” you praise him and the sarcasm in your voice is still evident.

Well, you never learn.

He lifts you up on the bed, dragging you in the middle of it, irritated.

“Well, little broken twig, since you obviously have a temper, let me give you a lesson you’ll never forget,” he rips your undies off, anger at your words.

“Does it involve sex…please?” you feel the need to check since it’s crucial for your general well-being.

“Yeah!” J shortly replies, trying to rip your bra but he can’t so he gives up.

“Thank heavens,” you smile, relieved. “Do you need help, baby?” you offer since you don’t want him to change his mind.

“I don’t need help from a helpless twig, I can manage just fine, got it?!” he covers your mouth, staring at you.

“Yes, your Majesty,” you muffle under his fingers. “Auuchhhh,” you whine when the slap is fast to follow.

“You asked for it!” he threatens, pulling you under him.


J got bored so he started drawing and writing on the arm cast: “Batsy is a jerk” ,“I love mister J”( with a heart by it), “I can’t keep my mouth shut”, “I have the best boyfriend ever”, “King of sex,” and he keeps on scribbling. You don’t care; you’re just happy he’s preoccupied with something so you can play on your phone for a little bit.

“Jaaaayyyy,” you kiss his shoulder, avoiding looking at him.

“Hm?” J lifts his non-existent eyebrows, concentrating on his project.

“Baby, could you please go get me some things?”

“If you are sending me on a wild goose chase for tampons or something, the answer is NO!” J growls, adding “No tampons,” to your white cast.

“I’m good on that, I just need more comfortable underwear, bras and stuff from my boutique. Would you go get them for me? Pretty please?” you meow, blowing him a kiss.

He inhales, starting to get grouchy.

“Do I really have to?!”

“Please, I am so miserable with my poor broken limbs,” you play the weakling card. “I want to be comfy, baby, pleeaaseeeeeeeee,” you squeak and he sneers.

“Stop with the voice, it drives me nuts! I’ll go but I need to be rewarded and I am not thinking about a massage. Did I make myself clear, Princess?”

More nodding, more despair.

“Anything you want, I just need my things!”


“Illusion” boutique is your favorite. It belongs to one of Mister J’s business partners, the perfect cover-up for what they do behind closed doors. J is going there tonight after closing to roam around and get you what you want, taking a few henchmen with him, just in case. Not that he needs to pay or anything since it’s implied all is free for the King of Gotham and his girl.

The Joker texted his men an hour before departure:
“Get ready to leave in 60- Operation Broken Twig.”

What the hell is Operation Broken Twig?! they all think, intrigued. But they know better than not to ask the burning question.


The Joker keeps on walking around, stopping in front of a panty display.

“Which ones, Doll?” he points his cell towards the hangers so you can see everything on the camera.

“ Ummm…I want hipsters, size medium, about 7 pairs, the ones with flowers, please.”

“Which ones are the hipsters, Pumpkin?!” he gets aggravated seeing so many styles.

“The ones that look kind of low cut,” you explain, wishing he would keep calm for the rest of his shopping spree. “They have the purple flowers.”

“Then why don’t you say so, Doll, hm?!” he snaps, grabbing a bunch of undies and stashing them in his duffel bag.

“Can you also get me some boy- shorts?”

“Which ones are the boy-shorts, Y/N?!” He’s getting mad.

“The kind I am wearing at night for now,” and it displeases him.

“They all look the same to me!!!” he barks and you sigh.

“The ones with pink flowers and all behind are boy-shorts, baby,” you explain and it’s no use, of course.

J stashes some in his bag again. You try the waters, somewhat nervous:

“Can you also take some briefs with you? The ones with green flowers.”

His mouth opens, speechless. He grabs a pair with only two fingers, disgusted:

“Why in the world they used so much fabric on this one?! Looks like a tent! They could make 50 pairs of the G-strings I like on you, Y/N!!”

“Well, they are very cozy and I need them,” you make a comeback but his stubborn ass won’t have any of it.

“There is NO way you’re wearing this style while I’m still breathing!!!” he tosses the garment to the ground, kicking it with his shoe.

For God’s sake! but can’t vociferate your feelings. At least he’s getting most of what you wanted.

“I need some bras, can you grab the matching ones with my underwear please?”

“What size?” he coldly replies.


He looks through them and begins to toss items in the bag. Of course he’s picking the skimpiest he can find.

“Not those, J! I need the comfortable ones, full cup and minimizers!” you plead, alarmed he’s not listening.

“Minimizers?! Why would you want a minimizer for?!” he rants, actually searching for one. “Daddy wants to see those babies!” he confesses, irked.

“Due to my present condition, I must…”

“Holy Batman!” he blurs out when he finds the bra. “No way you’re wearing this huge thing! My woman can’t be seen with this, not while I’m still breathing!” he drops it to the ground, outraged and steps on it.

You want to cry right now.

“Can you at least get me some sports bras?!” you raise your voice, agitated.

“Sports bras?! You can’t even work out for a while, having sex with me is the most you can do. And I don’t want to see a flipping…” he finds the right tag, reads it and calms down. “Oh, this is a sports bra?! Not too bad, this pink will look good on you,” he concludes, stuffing more colors in the duffel bag.

You lean back on your chair, relieved. Thank goodness, Holy Batman and whoever else. 


“Shit, I gained 3 more pounds,” you scream at the scale, almost tipping over from the revelation of the electronic numbers under your feet.

“Want me to put you out of your misery?” your boyfriend volunteers, aiming his gun at you with one eye closed. “Bang!” he pretends to shoot, but you are aware he contemplates it.

“No, baby, all I need is your services, obviously,” you give him a puppy gaze, jumping on your good leg towards the bed.

“Again?! You already needed my services three times today Kitten!” he scratches his head, placing the gun under the pillow.

You show him his own writing on the cast: “King of sex.”

“You have to help me!!! You really have to! Three more pounds!!!” you swallow the lump in your throat.“It’s imperative you take one for the team!”
“Hmmm, I guess I can…But I am in the mood for crazy stuff and I don’t mean a massage, understand?” he bites your finger when you caress his lips.

More nodding, more despair.

“Yeah, I don’t care, just do it!”

“Happy to oblige then,” he grins, pushing you on the bed and you feel discomfort in your broken ankle and wrist from the impact.

“Hey, be careful!” you whimper, wiggling under him.

“Oh, my, did I break something else?” he fakely sulks, worried…NOT.

“I swear I’m going to leave you when I get better if you don’t…” you mutter, but…

“I’m sorry??!?” he violently takes your t-shirt off, not liking what he hears.

You never learn.

“I planned to be as gentle as possible and I am not the type, but now, I’ll have to punish you again,” and the wide, eerie smirk on his face makes you gulp.

“Does it involve sex…please?”

“Yeah! Duh, I know you have to burn your calories,” he pins your good hand above your head and you sigh, grateful.

Thank goodness, Holy Batman and whoever else.




K-chan news 2017.06.13 where Koyama learns Tegoshi is human after all, and they talk about fathers, funerals and divorces  

So as promised here’s the transcript. I skipped non-essential parts but the two main talks are in full so you can hear it from the guys directly. There might still be minor inaccuracies, mostly because Japanese language itself is tricky but I did mt best.

By the way, the video I attached is missing about a minute, from when they start talking about Sakura Girl. I couldn’t find another one and my audio file is too big for uploading. 

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anonymous asked:

AU where humans have reproduction system similar to asari (females can mate with other species and get pregnant and males can impregnate female of other species) but you still need to do the banging part to reproduce. A romanced Jaal's reaction to learning that and his and the crew's reaction to learning Ryder is pregnant ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) (detailed I know, I actually wanted this as a fanfic but couldn't find anyone to write it)

You got it *finger guns*
Not exactly what you asked but I thought this worked ok. Hope you like it! Excuse the spelling mistakes! Will edit after, I just wanted to get this out while I had the chance.
Thank you guys for all the asks!

The test was staring back at her, and an extremely surprised Lexi was gapping at her.
“Pregnant. You’re… How?” Lexi struggled.
“Come on doc, I’m pretty sure you know the answer to that one.” Ryder sighed.
“Joking. At a time like this? Ryder..”
“It’s ok. The shock is starting to wear off. Well, at least that question on if Angara and Humans are biologically compatible is answered.” She chuckled.
“We still have to be careful. Yes you are pregnant. 2 weeks pregnant from the looks of the scan. But whether your body will be able to carry the child to full term is another thing. Just… Be prepared.” Lexi explained.
“Read you loud and clear doc. I should… Probably let Jaal know. Right?”
Lexi thought on it for a moment then nodded.
“Go on.”

Jaal was in the tech lab as always. Tinkering away at some left over remnant tech Peebee had lent him. He noticed her come in. Standing up for his place at the desk he enveloped her in his arms, like always.
“My darling one!”
“Jaal, you literally saw me 3 hours ago.”
“Every moment without you feels like a small eternity.” Jaal smiled, kissing her softly then pulling away.
He noticed she was looking down at her feet, wringing her hands. Something was wrong.
“So… What’s your thoughts on family. Having one I mean.” She blurted.
“I have one. My siblings and cousins, mothers, you.” He smiled.
“But, what do you think about having more in it. Like… If it grew a little.”
“You are being very… Ambiguous. But if you mean children, then yes. It’s something I see in the future. A bigger family. With you of course. Adoptions may be our only option though, seeing as we are a different species.” He said, holding her hands in his larger ones.
“Biology may not be a problem.” She mumbled.
“Come again?”
Sara took a deep breath, ‘Now or never.’ She thought.
“I’m pregnant. Lexi confirmed it this morning. It’s a mostly human fetus with traces of Angara DNA.” She said, still looking at her feet.
“You… What?”
“I’m going to have a baby. Our baby.” She reiterated.
Jaal was shell shocked for a moment. Questions firing off in his mind but then he looked at her. At her tiny hands. Her chest, rising and falling with air, going noticeably quicker, possibly due to fear. Then his eyes trailed down to her stomach. A baby, their baby, was growing in there.
Their baby.
Before Sara could say or do anything Jaal had her up in his arms, spinning her around.
“A baby! Our baby!” He yelled, grinning wide and proud.
He set her down, showering her face with kisses, hugging her tightly.
“Jaal, you’re happy?”
“Of course, why wouldn’t I be?”
“We’ve only been together a short while. I love you more than anything don’t get me wrong, but this is a… Huge leap.”
“Are you unsure?”
“I want the baby, of course, but I’m worried. My family wasn’t very big on… Togetherness. We loved each other in our own way but they were always very distant. What if I’m the same? Angara are an emotional race. Your children are raised together as a group. What if I’m not able to be like that? I want to love this child with everything I am, but what if bad parenting is genetic?” She sighed.
Jaal’s eyes softened. He kissed her forehead and smiled.
“You are more kind and loving that anyone I know and any child you bore would be honoured to have you as their mother.” He smiled, hand caressing her cheek.
Sara grinned back but then she remember what Lexi had said.
“There’s also that matter of if I can even carry the baby to full term.”
“But… You’re pregnant.”
“Yes, but there are still many things that could go wrong. We’re still a different species. Whether my body will be able to carry the baby is still up in the air. Lexi is still running tests. I just didn’t want to hide this from you. I’m sorry if I’ve upset you now.”
“Darling. You could never upset me. What ever happens… Happens. But I’m confident. I think we will be meeting this tiny Ama Darav Ryder child soon.” Jaal smirked.

About 2 months in and everything was looking good. Jaal and Ryder decided that it was safe to tell the rest of the crew and his family about the pregnancy.
They broke the news over breakfast to the crew. Confused at first, naturally, but supportive. Drack nearly knocked Jaal fluing with the pat on the back he got.
“Stuff strong enough to impregnate cross species. Good for you kid.” He jabbed.
“Ew Drack!” Peebee gagged.
“I’m gonna be an uncle!” Liam exclaimed punching Jaal’s arm.
“Names yet? Girl or boy? Need me to acquire some baby stuff? Crib, toys, anything? I know a guy?” Vetra offered, patting her arm.
Cora and the rest of the crew congratulated them. The news left everyone buzzed and happy for the rest of the day, baby names, gender bets being the topic for the rest of the day.

They were paying a visit to Harval to give Jaal’s mother the great news.
“Jaal, Sara!” Sahuna called as they neared.
Hugging them both she ushered them inside. The rest for the Ama Darav family bustling inside. Sahuna found the kitchen empty and made them tea.
“To what do I owe the visit? All is well I hope?” She asked as she poured the tea.
“Better than ok. Mother… We have some amazing news.” Jaal smiled, holding Sara’s hand, staring lovingly into her eyes.
“What is it?”
“Sara is. With child. With our child. Our species are biologically compatible. She can carry the baby to full term.” Jaal explained.
The reaction was immediate. Sauna jumped for joy, circling them both into a tight hug.
“I am so happy! We must being preparations at once! A blessing ceremony. And bonding ceremony. I must get one of the monks to put the derive together…”
“Hush, let me fuss over you! This is a joyous day! Sara my dear do you need anything. Hungry? Thirsty? Any pain? I have Angaran herbal remedies that will help any discomfort, and come to me with questions.”
“Thank you Sahuna-.”
“Please you are our family now. I am as much your mother now as any of them.”
Sara smiled and thanked her.
“There will be some hard liners that will not approve of this. It may be dangerous with the Roekar on Harval.” Sahuna sighed.
“We know that. There’s always Meridian though.” Sara answered, squeezing her hand reassuringly.
“I just wish they could be here together.”
“Where ever we go, we know your blessing and love will follow. That will be enough. Thank you, for accepting this so graciously. I’ll be forever grateful.” Sara said, glad for her support.
“You will always have my blessing. Wherever you both go.” Sahuna assured.

Jaal and Sara lay on his bed in his tiny room together. The glowing Havarl fauna was the only thing lighting the room.
Jaal’s arm was wrapped around Sara, his other hand was resting on the small but growing bump on her stomach.
“I love you.” He sighed into her hair.
Grinning, she cupped his face in her hands and kissed him.
“Pretty fond of you too.” She giggled.
“Our child is going to end up the most sarcastic being alive thanks to you.”
“You bet your ass sonny.”
“Bet my what?”
Jaal could only groan and bury his head into her neck while Ryder laughed at his expense.
“I love you too.”

On reverse retellings-gender swap

Here on tumblr we’re comfortably throwing around (and taking in) ideas that stretch the mind, and attempt to cross the boundaries of society confines and stereotypes. Which is cool, but sometimes it can get a bit… detached from the actual real world that we’re trying to change (but still, lardely, haven’t, cause change is hard, if not impossible.)

So, basically, tumblr-land can be miles away from the whole rest of the land. It’s important to remember that this is a place of ideas, but not of the realization of these idas. That happens in the outside world, the real world, known also as

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Immediately you’re going: “Oh no, don’t ruin it. Don’t expose it to THEM. THEY don’t get it.”

But they must. Just whining to each other on here, although fun, won’t change anything. Going out and doing stuff will.

So, let’s do an experiment, shall we?

We shall.

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(Trust me, I’m a physicist.)

Let’s take this (amazing, if I say so myself) idea: A reverse retelling of Jane Eyre.

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She is the one with the sercret, mad spouse hidden somewhere, thirsting for her flesh.

She is the one who wanted to grasp that little glimpse of happiness with another man, even though she knew if was forbidden.

She is the one who has to be set on fire (both metaphorically and literally) before she can be free of her demons.

She is the one who needs to be rescued from the horrors of her own life, and they both have equal flaws and good things to bring to the relationship. (In the book, Rochester needs to be freed of his wife, but other than that he’s supposed to bring more to the marriage, not morally, but materially.) In this reverse story, they are equals morally. Although she’s still kind of poorer, so that stays the same, as do a lot of other things, (because Charlotte is a genius and that story is already waaaay ahead of its time, and people would probably hate SO much on it because of feminism and stuff, but they can’t cause it’s a classic and you go, girl.)

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What if he, in reverse, has had a sad, emotionally abusive childhood, and has lived a dry, melancholy life? While drownig in riches (nice contrast there). 

What if he is the unspoilt one, has never given his heart to any woman, nor has be promised marriage to one, although he’s had women salivate after him for years?

What if he is the one who has to come back to her in the end, and find her ruined, and promise to her that she is more worthy of him now than she ever was?

What if he has to rescue her morally and emotionally as much as she? (That’s the only thing that doesn’t happen in the book, Jane is the moral anchor throughout, and he’s trying not to drown in the sea of his sins. But what if she is a sinner too?)

What if, in short, the roles are reversed? What if the woman is the one with the guilty secret? Is she then worthy of love? Do we even dare to consider it? What if the man is left bewildered and wondering if she likes him AT ALL, and asking her to trust him with her secrets, and left at the altar (or near it)? What if he is the second man in her life (the non-virgin antitrope -is that even a word? Now it is) but she the first woman in his?

What if the man, for once, is not the one in need of emotional rescuing, but does the rescuing himself, even though he isn’t qualified to do it? But he becomes someone who can lead them noth to a stronger moral standard. He isn’t the rescuer, but he BECOMES the rescuer. Because there’s nobody that will save him, if he won’t do it himself. That’s what I’m talking about. What if he is their only hope of ever working things through?
What if she is good and kind and faithful, but maimed? Ruined? Is it good/romatic/relatable that he should want her at all? And is she in a place to even be attracted to him, after what has been done to her?

What if they are both ruined, the girl as well as the guy?

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Well, I’ll tell you what happens then.

People don’t GET IT. Most people. Some do. And yay. But most don’t get it. (Or if they get it, they don’t like it.) Ewwwww why isn’t she pure? Ewww she’s married, I don’t read books about girls like THAT. Ewwwww that’s not a heroine, that’s a *** Ewww why would he want her? Ewww Eww Ewwwww


In case you don’t realize what I’m talking about yet, it’s not ok for a woman to have a dark secret, to need rescuing, to not hold herself to a higher moral standard. All the things that make us go “my poor baby” for Rochester, would make us go “ewwwww” for Jane.

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That’s gender swap in the real world, my friends. How do I know that? Because of this. I did it, you see. I did the experiment. And I am thankful every day for people who GOT the story from the first second, like @tea-books-lover @velutluna @pagesfullofstars @celebangel @bassguitarwitch and soooo many others who beta-read, reviewed, or just plain encouraged me with this outlandish idea.

Because, let me tell you.

I’ve gotten hate. (The ewwwws we were talking about, see above. So many EWWWS)

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ewe? close enough. 

I’ve even seen people read the synopsis and go, why would I read a book about a heroine like that? I don’t read books about ruined heroines.

People message me (most of them don’t dare post reviews) telling me they loved the writing but WTH? I reply, it’s reverse. They say ewww the heroine isn’t pure. I say she’s like Rochester, he isn’t pure. They say well, yeah, but he’s a guy. It’s ok for the man. That’s not a Jane Eyre retelling (A LOT of them don’t even get that. They don’t even recognize the Jane Eyre plotline or the characters once I swapped the genders. I mean it when I say it’s a different world out there, you guys. People have no idea. No. Idea.) I say -I usually say nothing, or just bye, but if it’s a nice person who wants answers, I reply- it’s the same story, governess goes to work for rich dude, mad spouse, fire, impossible love, morals, wedding stopped, the works. But it’s reverse.

There’s even lines in the book that are a direct nod to the masterpiece.

“You are my bright angel.”

“You can be mended, if once you were ruined.”

“Take off your mask, little ghost.”

“You tranfix me quite.” (Ok, that’s a lie, I didn’t put that last one in, just love it.)

Aaaaan feels.

Anyway, I am really happy with how this story turned out (and a lot of other people are happy too, it seems -yay- special thanks to the person who left this

 in lieu of a review, you’re my favorite thing in the world, person). And if I can do a TINY BIT to bring about some change in this world, then:

1. Books are the way to do it (or one of the best ways, subtle but powerful), I really believe this, and history backs it up.

2. I am proud and happy and blessed.

3. I don’t mind the occasional thick head trying to push itself into my inbox. Maybe it’s the sign of someone trying to wake up. Or refusing to wake up. But you know what? Something made them almost wake up. And if that something was me… then that’s all I can ask for.

Anyway, I jsut wanted to share a bit of my experience on “the other side”, which something actually went out and did in real life. It changed me in so many ways, and I really hope it might have changed someone else too. Even the littlest bit.

I always reblog reverse story ideas, and now you know why they’re so close to my heart, but I wanted to share my story of actually going out and DOING THE THING. You should always do the thing, even if you’re scared. Also, if you’re scared, I’m here. Talk to me. I know about scared.

Which brings us to:


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Read read read

Then write write write.

Then repeat.

Learn the rules, and break them. Like Charlotte did. Like a boss.

Let’s keep writing new things, let’s break the rules, let’s be respectful and educated, and then let’s think outside the box. Let’s RUIN the box (see what I did there? Pun, anyone? No? Ok.) 

Who’s with me?

‘full potential’  (Jughead Jones X Reader)

Summary- Reader feels bad about herself and has eating issues. Jughead tires to help. 

Warnings- trigger warning!, fluff, eating disorders, crazy moms.

Requested- Yes!

A/N- I have to go to school tomorrow and I missed Friday so I have so much makeup work wow kms.

You always felt like there was so much pressure put on you to be the best. To be the best at school, be the best at making friends, the best at looking good, and the best at staying ‘fit’. 

You never had a problem with eating before, you ate a lot in fact. But recently your mother had been commenting on your size and your diet. 

You thought you ate pretty healthy. You rarely ate junk food. You had an average and healthy weight. But this wasn’t enough for your mother. 

She started out subtle. She would get you salads as sides instead of fries when she ordered take out, she would encourage you to work out and more. 

But then they got less and less subtle. 

She bought you a scale and even dieting pills. 

She assured you it was to keep up to your ‘full potential’ and not that she thought you were fat.

But that didn’t stop you from thinking you were. 

It seemed like you were fatter with every passing day. When, in reality, you were getting thinner and thinner. 

It was unhealthy. Very unhealthy. And your boyfriend, Jughead, knew that.

“Come on, Y/N, just have a milkshake.” Jughead said, as you sat at your regular booth at Pop’s. 

“No. My mom doesn’t want me to eat that kind of stuff.” You assured him, hanging your head.

He groaned, “God, your mom is so uptight. She won’t even let you have a milkshake.” 

You nodded and went back to your homework. 

The truth was, it wasn’t just your mom getting to you anymore. 

It was yourself.

You let every little comment get to you. Even if they weren’t meant to be hurtful. 

You were telling yourself to not listen, but you did. And it effected you. 

“Come out! Show us!” You heard Veronica say from the other side of the dressing room  door.

You were trying on clothes at a store with all of your friends.

You starred in the mirror. 

A girl wearing a tight strapless dress looked back at you. 

You noticed a bit of a tummy sticking out. Juts a bit.

“It’s nothing. Everyone has them. They are just stomachs.” You whispered to yourself as you stared  at the spot.

The words of your mother filled your mind. ‘you should get a salad.’ ‘don’t get that! it will make you bigger than you already are.’ ‘you need to be at your full potential. mentally and physically.’ 

A single tear trickled down your face as you stared at yourself.

“Helloooo?” Betty cooed from outside.

“We’ve been waiting forever!! Now show us how fierce you look!” Kevin called.

You gulped. 

“No, this-this isn’t- good.” You managed to say without sounding too sad. 

“Of course it is! It’s cute on you! And it’s only in your size, so I you don’t get it I’ll be mad.” Veronica joked.

‘only in your size’

you were silent for a while. Then you heard mumbling from outside and then a small knock on the door. 

“Y/N, its me. Open up.” Your boyfriend whispered through the door.

You slowly went over to the door and let him in.

He stared at you for a few moments and then said, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” you croaked, “I just don’t love the dress thats all.” 

An hour later you and the gang went to Pop’s. They all ordered burgers and milkshakes while you stuck with fries and an apple.

The entire gang eyes you as you ate the apple.

“What?” You asked as they all looked at you.

“Is that all you want?” Archie asked pointing at the apple and fries.

“Ya… Is that a problem?” You said back.

“Y/N, this is dinner. Your gonna eat an apple and some fries?” Jughead inquired.

You nodded, “It’s all I want, I’m not that hungry.” 

“Nope. Your getting a burger. You’ve hardly eaten all day.” Veronica said and stood up to order a burger.

You tried to protest but she didn’t let up. You couldn’t get out of this now.

“Now… You eat it.” Jughead said to you as you stared at the burger. 


“No!” They all shouted.

“Just eat.” Jughead whispered.

The image of your mom popped up in your head, what was she going to think after you ate a burger? All greasy and fatty. You were sure to gain after this.

You slowly picked up the burger and took a bite out of it. 

You made a little sigh and you chewed. 

This totally beat diet food.

“See? It’s good right?” Jughead laughed as you nodded.

you completely forgot your mom as you ate. It was as if she and dieting had never existed. 

You finally finished the burger and were as happy as ever. 

“That was delicious.” You said, leaning on Jughead arm. 

“Brugers are the best. Who cares if they make me gain 50 pounds. So worth it.” Veronica joked.

‘gain 50 pounds.’

“Excuse me, I gotta go to the restroom.” You said quickly and dashed to the bathroom.

You shut the door behind you when you got in. You went over to the sinks and looked in the mirror. 

Were your cheeks fatter than before?

 You took the dieting pills from your bag and emptied more than you probably should into your hand. 

You didn’t know how dieting pills worked, and you didn’t care. As long as they would take care of that burger you just ate.

Suddenly the door swung open and there was Jughead.

“What are you doing in here?!” You exclaimed, trying to hide the pills.

“Y/N, there’s something wrong with you…” He said, the look of worry in his eyes.

“No. Theres not.” You told him.

“Yes there is. We’ve been dating over a year, I think I would know if you are acting strange.” He replied.

You could trust Jughead… Right?

“Am- Am- I… fat?” You whispered just loud enough so he could hear.

Jughead shook his head, “Why would you think that?” 

“Am I?!” You exclaimed.

“Of course not! Your perfect just the way you are.” He took you in his arms and kissed the top of your head.

“Jug…”  You cooed.


“I think I need help.”

Jughead let go of you, looking into your eyes.

“Whats going on?” He asked.

A lump formed in your throat as you said, “I think I might have eating problems… or something. It’s because of my mom.” 

You showed him the dieting pills and the bottle.

“Why would your mom give these to you?” He exclaimed.

you told him about your mother wanting you to be at your ‘full potential’. 

“I’m so sorry Y/N. If I would have known…” 

“It’s ok. I just need you to help me keep a healthy mind. And help me eat at the right times… and actually eat.” You told him.

He nodded his head and smiled. 

You then went over to the trashcan and threw the pills in.

“Im really proud of you Y/N.” Juggie said and smiled.

You smiled back.


As the smooth sounds of Avant filled the air I heard my alarm go off indicating somebody was coming through my front door. It was almost eleven o'clock and everyone was gone for the night. Seeing as though I had set the alarm I assumed it was one of my stylist or receptionist coming back because they forgot something. I was on my last client for the night and I was so damn ready to get off my feet and spend the night in my bathtub with the jets on high. Not to mention Gummy Bear been on one heavy today.

As I was clipping the last clip into my clients hair I heard somebody making their way up the stairs.

What did you forget?!

I called out.

Girl I don’t work here! 

I didn’t have to look up to tell who it was and if I wasn’t so physically tired I would have bust out laughing but I let out a laugh mentally instead. She took a seat as I finished with my client. Five minutes later I was done and seeing my client out. 

Now you wanna tell me way you here so damn late?

Damn is that the hi you give your bestie?! I haven’t seen your ass in two days.

I don’t wanna hear it bish! I been calling your trifling ass for two days and even texted you. So yes that’s the hi your ass get.

She bust out laughing at me.

I’m sorry boo, you forgive me right?


She continued to laugh.

But I brought you gummy bears.

You can give me my damn gummy bears but I still don’t forgive you.

Bear your momma is a grouch today ain’t she.

I rolled my eyes.


She started to laugh once again.

No forreal I am sorry. I just need some space to clear my head boo.

To clear your head?

I gave her a raised eyebrow. I knew something must of happened for her to say this.

I don’t know what the fuck is up with Jayhirad. Like since he got his studio up and running along with him working with the guys on the club he hasn’t  been around really the past few weeks. So the other day I got tired of the shit. Like damn at least try to be home at a decent hour one day out the week you know. So I headed over to his studio to pay him a visit and take him his dinner. When I go there it was hella quiet and I didn’t see him so I thought maybe he went with one of his friends somewhere and left his car there. So while I’m pondering my thoughts I hear a females voice but was like I think my ass is tripping because when I listened again I didn’t hear anything. Something told me to go to his office, before I opened the door I heard the elevator. When I opened the door he looked shocked as hell to see me. Not only that this stank ass perfume scent was just lingering in the air. So when I asked him did I interrupt something and why he looked so shock to see me. He tells me he didn’t hear me come in and he was finishing up a meeting. Shit just didn’t feel right and not to mention he seemed so out of it. Like I knew what he was saying was bullshit, just like I felt when he lied about that Kimani shit. The scent was even in his damn shirt.

Wait a minute Bee, in his shirt? The bitch was that close to him that the shit was in his shirt?!

Yes NaNa.

What the fuck, did the room smell like they had sex or something?

No not at all, if it did I wouldn’t have been able to keep from jumping on his ass. Girl I would have completely lost it. He didn’t look like he had redress or anything either.

Humm, did you ask him about it?

I asked him was there something he wanted to tell me, of course he told me no. I told him cool, I didn’t want to see him around the house anymore so pack his shit. He can move into the guess house outside or move completely but I don’t give a fuck anymore.

Oh my gosh Bee you put his ass out.

I couldn’t help but laugh somewhat because her ass was hella quick on shit.

Girl yes, fuck outta here.

Girl you know you are my sister but I don’t know about this one Bee. Maybe some bitch was trying to come on to him.

Ok but NaNa why the fuck wouldn’t he just tell me that?

Girl he a fucking man, you know they start being dumb as fuck when it comes to shit like this. I have no idea what they be thinking because them telling the truth about the shit is always the way to go verses them fucking lying about it. I mean look at the Kimani shit.

You’re right you do have a point but still why would he think it was ok for him to lie about some shit like that after that Kimani shit. I’m so fucking done with him Natalia if I find the fuck out he lied to me about this bitch again. I was so serious with him when I told his ass he has no more fuck ups left.

Well for his own sake I hope he didn’t lie about the shit but it is hella fishy. I know he probably flipped when you told him to pack his shit.

Girl you know he did, he refuses to move. He’s been staying at a hotel since that night.

Has he tried calling you?

Girl yah, he started blowing my ass up the next day so I put him on the block list.

I fell out laughing.

Your ass is a fucking trip Bee. Where is Nina?

Girl probably at work somewhere, I swear she lives there. I’m just so happy to finally see her blossoming back into her old self before she met Troy. She keeps trying to move out on me every week and I act like I’m made at her each time, I’m not ready for her to leave me yet.

We both started laughing.

We talked for another hour along with us promising to meet up tomorrow before we called it a night and headed our separate ways home.


I felt around the bed for my phone with my eyes still closed trying to shut of my alarm. Tired was an understatement. My body felt like dead ass weight and all I wanted to do was sink deeper into the covers and continue to catch z’s. I sat up in bed as I tried to pull myself together.

Today was the day that my father would be coming home. If I wasn’t so damn tired I would be bubbling over from excitement. My sister and I have been counting down this day for 2 months and I could kick my own ass for working so late last night. I was going to make a mental notice to really look in to expanding my staff because I worked more hours now than I did before I owned my own shit. I finally peeled out of bed and did my everyday morning routine.

As I was putting my shoes on I heard a knock on the door. 

I knew it was my sister seeing if I was ready.

Come in.

I called out. When she came in I noticed we were kind of dressed similar.

Oh my gosh again Bee!

Twin minds think alike!

I started laughing.

Clearly. Girl you driving because my ass is gonna tip over before we make it to the car.

So you just gonna leave me hanging and go to sleep on this two hour ride.

Even if I wanted to my eyes are not gonna stay open.

You are the worst riding partner I tell you.

She said laughing.

Well I know what riding I am good at.

I said winking at her.

NINA OH MY GOSH! You are so fucking nasty, it’s too early in the morning for this shit!

I couldn’t help but die laughing at her. Whenever I would say something sexual out my mouth it was like my sister would turn into the littlest fly and be ready to fly the fuck out of dodge. The shit was so funny to me every time. I grabbed my bag and we headed to leave. In another two hours I would be seeing my father after nine years, it still didn’t seem real.  

                                               *Two Hours Later*

I felt Lyyn nudge me which caused me to open my eyes. I blinked a couple of times to adjust my eyes to the sunlight as I looked around.

I already went in, dad should be coming out in a few minutes.

Why didn’t you wake me up?

Bish you were hella snoring.

I started to laugh as we got out the car.

I was not!

Yes you were, mouth hella open and shit.

She started to illustrate while trying to keep from laughing which made me laugh harder.

As we continued to goof around we heard someone clear their voice making us stop immediately and look in their direction. Silence took over for what seemed like minutes instead of seconds.  

So y'all just going to stand there and stare at your old man?!

A smile spread across his face as we embraced him. He kissed the top of our heads as he hugged us tight.

I missed you girls so much!

We missed you to dad!

Lyyn and I both said in unison. It was crazy how he still looked the same as I remembered after all these years, he hadn’t changed a bit.

You ready to go dad?

Yes, let’s get the fuck from here. If I have to look at this place any longer imma fucking start to itch.

Lyyn and I started to laugh as we made our way to the car.

Lyyn this you baby girl! Look at you!

He was checking out her car. My father always since I could remember has been our number one fan. If nobody in this world wanted us to succeed my father did. We could bring home a brown paper bag covered in macaroni noodles and glitter that we decorated, he would make us feel like that shit belonged in the museum of fine arts.

Oh my gosh dad stop!

Hell nah, don’t make me start yelling like I use to do at your dance meets.

I couldn’t hold my laughter in anymore.

My girls are grown ass woman man, I don’t know how to deal. My girls are out here balling, I am so proud of y'all. I don’t care how old you guys are I will still be that embarrassing extra ass father cheering y'all on.

We know dad.

Just making sure y'all didn’t forget that, now let’s go because I have been dreaming about steak and string beans for nine damn years.

We bust out laughing as we got in the car, my father was still a fool.

Dad do you need to stop anywhere before we go to my house.

No but we are going to my house.

Lyyn and I looked over at him.

Your house?

Yes, my house.

He told her the address as she typed it into her GPS. When we arrived my sister and I was in awe. The outside alone was beautiful, I couldn’t imagine the inside.

No dad seriously, who’s house is this.

He chuckled a little.

It’s mine NiNi.

But how? When you went away you and mom lived together, we were a family.

Didn’t I always teach you never to put all your cookies in one jar?


This was me not putting all mines in one jar NiNi. Yes we were a family but I knew what I was doing. I knew it was a chance that shit could go south and I knew deep down that your mother eventually wouldn’t be there if shit happened. I don’t blame her for not holding me down because she begged me time and time again to leave shit alone but I wouldn’t. It wasn’t about the money anymore, we had more than we could spend in a lifetime. I just got to a point where I was comfortable and that’s when I should have cut shit. I’m still set for the rest of my life but I would give all this shit up to get back the years I missed with you guys.


Yes Lyyn?

Do you think y'all will get back together?

Honestly that’s a question that’s way in the water right now. Like I said, I don’t blame your mother for not being there for me. Now everything else she did sets me on fire. Rell has told me bits and pieces of shit but I know it’s way more to it. On top of her keeping y'all away from me, I don’t know what type of shit your mother is on but I do know I don’t want someone in my life like that.

We sat in silence for a few minutes before Lyyn broke it.

Well I’m ready to see your house dad!

Shit so am I, I barely remember it.

We got out laughing. Before we could get to the front door it opened, there stood a maid.

Welcome home Mr. Howard.

She said once we made it to the door.

Thank you Grace.

She smiled before she disappeared in the house.

Dad you have a damn maid, how and when?!

Lyyn started laughing at me.

Since yesterday.

He said winking before he walked inside. We explored this huge ass house until we made it back around to the kitchen where Grace was cooking.

My father excused himself to go take a shower and change. I looked at the food that Grace was preparing and frowned.

That shit didn’t look good or done at all. I looked over to Lyyn and she was obviously thinking the same. I nicely excused Grace and told her she was finished for the day. I could tell she wanted to protest but decided it was best for her to not try me. She gathered her things and made her way out the door.

What the fuck is this?!

Lyyn was holding up a piece of chicken that Grace considered done and I couldn’t help but to die laugh.  

Bish that shit is sick as fuck!

We doubled over in laughter.

Dad is gonna need to find another maid because this shit is fucking horrible yo. Who the fuck she thought was gonna eat this shit! I don’t even see a hint of seasoning any where.

My fucking stomach hurt I was laughing so hard. We gathered up what we needed from the refrigerator to fix dinner and got started.

Another two hours later we were almost finished when my father came back down.

It smells good in here! Y'all ran Grace the fuck away?

Dad she was going to fuck your ass up!

I pointed to the chicken on the plate that she had considered cooked and he died laughing.

Y'all so got damn mean! Why y'all ain’t help her ass out?

Dad I’m not helping no damn maid cook! You paying her ass all this money and you think imma help her learn how to cook? That’s part of her damn job!

He continued to laugh at us and shake his head.  

Dad we gonna hire you somebody else because Grace ain’t making the cut.

You girls are so damn mean………..

Before he could say anything else the door bell rang. He went to get it and came back with my brother in tow.

Oh gosh it just had to be you Ty'Rell!

Don’t y'all start your shit today!

Whatever! Make yourself useful and help take some of this stuff to the dining room.

You see this dad? I haven’t even been here five minutes and they already bossing me around!

Whelp, sucks for you son!

I stuck my tongue out at him and he mean mugged me but started grabbing shit like I told him.

That’s why I hope your big headed ass trip and fall NiNi!

You’re so damn evil Ty'rell!

My father chuckled as he listened at us going back and forth just like old times. When I came back into the kitchen I heard my phone ringing.

I didn’t bother to look nor answer because I already knew who it was from the ringtone. That reminded me I needed to hurry and get everything I needed straighten out so I could change my number.

You’re not gonna get that? This is the third time it has rang in the last two minutes.

I had blocked Troy’s number but that wasn’t enough for him. He now calls my phone from a private number.

It’s nobody dad.

I tried to slip back out the kitchen but he wasn’t having it.

Nina they are calling from private so it’s somebody. I know I don’t know shit about what’s been going on in your life and that’s a conversation we can save for another day but what I do know is I don’t have a problem fucking somebody up for you, your sister, or your brother. I give no fucks when it comes to you guys and you know that. I won’t press you right now but I know you been through some major shit with whoever is blowing you up. If that fucking phone rings one more time I am telling you I am going to answer it and make sure I find this motherfucker who can’t get the picture. From here on out if a nigga is fucking with you or some shit happens you come and tell me. I don’t care when, where or what time of day it is. Do you understand me?

Yes dad I understand.

With that he walked out of the kitchen. I hurried and grabbed my phone to turn it off.

I didn’t want any drama or bullshit to pop off because off Troy’s bitch ass and ruin this happy day for my family. I headed to the dining room to join them and took a seat. We laughed, joked, and brought up old memories the entire time through out dinner.

Afterwards we headed to the theater to watch some movies. 

I couldn’t have asked for a better day with my family. After nine long years our dad was home and it felt like the missing chip was put back for all of us.


Here I sat on a Saturday night stuffing my face with slices of pizza as I continued to watch the movie Get Out. I just couldn’t understand this dude, why the hell did he continue to stick around. My ass would have been ghost as fuck soon as that bitch momma said she hypnotize people. She be trying to read your brain and see your memories in your sleep, no ma'am. Whatever happens to his ass is on him. He gonna act like shit wasn’t alarming when he seen that dude running in the middle of the damn night, ninja that was your sign to get the fuck out! I was pulled out of my thoughts by the ringing of my phone.

I didn’t bother to see who it was before I answered, by the ringtone I knew it was Nice.


Oh no “Hey baby” today?

I rolled my eye like he could see me as I continued to watch the movie.

So your mean ass ain’t gonna say shit?

I continued to ignore him which made him bust out laughing.

Ain’t shit funny Nazar.

He laughed even harder which annoyed me more.

Damn you calling me my whole shit now, you that mad at me Na?

Whatever Nazar.

He chuckled.

Look you can be mad at me all your mean ass want but I don’t care. I am making sure your hard headed ass does what your doctor tells you.

But it was just one damn day Nazar.

I know Na but I’m not taking no chances, besides you get off bedrest on Monday.

I sucked my teeth.

I missed my babes game today Nazar. I haven’t missed a game since he started and you make me miss his last one.

“I missed my babes game”.  

He said marking me.

You get on my damn nerves Nazar. You just mad because I’m not calling your ass my baby.

He once again started laughing.

That’s why Major’s ass so damn spoiled yo, you always babying him. I recorded it for your mean ass.

Whatever you know that’s my baby and I can’t wait to see it.

I bet.

He sounded hella jealous, now it was my turn to laugh.

I know your ass is not jealous Nazar?

When he didn’t answer I continued to laugh.

Your ass is ridiculous.

Whatever him and Jaz always blocking trynna hold you all to themselves.

Although I was laughing I found it cute he didn’t like to share me.

Aww baby stop it.

On the real though, is your ass in bed?

I’m on the couch Nazar.

Your ass is supposed to be in the bed Natalia not on the damn couch.

Oh my gosh come on Nazar I am sitting the hell down. Y'all gonna stop acting like I can’t do shit because I’m pregnant. I wanted to sit up I can’t lay in that bed all damn day.

Your ass so damn hard headed NaNa.

Ok your ass try being 5 months pregnant and feeling like you carrying two babies instead of one. Every time you lay down your ass can’t get comfortable.

I’m not trying to stress you, I’m sorry Na.

That’s what the fuck I thought.

I just want you two to be fine.

Baby we are fine, I would never do something to hurt our baby you know that.

I know Natalia. Did your mom leave for the night?

Yah, my grandmother needed her so I told her to go ahead I’d be fine.

Ok, I should be home in another hour or so. You know this damn bus take forever like shit.

I chuckled a little, he always complained about having to take the bus with the other parents and kids.


I love you and my little mans.

There you go, you gonna stop calling my baby your mans.

I don’t know how many times we gotta go through this, it’s a boy.

You don’t know that Nazar.

I do so he’s my little mans.

I tell you he gets on my damn nerves.

Whatever, I love………..

Before I could finish what I was saying I heard a loud noise like glass had been shattered.

NaNa what the fuck was that?

I don’t know but the shit sounded close as hell like it was one of the windows. I’m getting ready to see what the fuck it was, hold on.

I took the phone away from my ear but kept it in my hand as I got up.

I could hear Nice now calling my name through the phone. As I walked into the sitting room I noticed one of the windows had been completely shattered and there was glass all over the floor.

What the fuck!

Instantly my blood started to boil. This was nobody’s doing but Taysha’s fucking ass. I am so fucking sick of this bitch ass hoe. It was like because she knew she couldn’t whoop my ass she started to do dumb shit to try to fuck with me. I guess she got tired of getting her ass beat. Before I could answer Nice back a man appeared out of nowhere scaring the shit out of my ass making me scream and drop my phone.

When he saw me start backing away he came at me full speed. Before I knew it I felt an excruciating pain rip through my abdomen.

It took for me to see the knife to fully register that he was stabbing me. I couldn’t scream or talk. I could barely breathe as I dropped to my knees and he took off running.

I started to crawl to reach my phone but with ever move I could feel the blood gushing from my stomach.

Tears started rolling down my face because I knew I was losing my baby. I knew he or she wasn’t going to make it and it was a strong possibility I wasn’t either. The harder I cried the more I couldn’t breathe. Before I knew it my body started to completely shut down and I couldn’t do anything.


Dating Mark Tuan(Got7)

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!! Hope you like this! I want to say sorry in advance incase this is weird I might rewrite this bc I am on too much caffeine right now and a little hyper in general today

  • okay let’s start way back when he started crushing on you
  • You’d start off as friends
  • but then one night, let’s say three a.m y'all got some burgers
  • Caps, hoodies, facemask and everything, not looking fine at all
  • you stuffed your face ugly eating your burger
  • ending up with a little sauce in the corner of your lip
  • and he was like “C'mere I got u”
  • and then he was looking at your lips
  • a napkin in your face
  • initally trying to remove the sauce but damn your lips looked kissable
  • and you’re just like
  • “Bruh u done or?”
  • and he suddenly blushed and was like “wtf Mark” to himself and just laughed it off
  • ”I was just mesmerized by how chapped your lips are. Use a chapstick smh”
  • ”You’re not Jinyoung stop trying”
  • so and after that he would look for more physical closeness but if anyone commented on it he would get all defensive like
  • *puts arm around you*
  • “Aww Markie-Pooh is hugging his crush”
  • and suddenly he drop kicks Jackson to the ground and is like
  • “Ew!!!1! Crush??? on thEM????”
  • cue awkwark silence and whimpering from injured Jackson and everyone is just like “wtf Markus”
  • and he would always stare at you for longer than necessary and think about how pretty you looked and how he’d like to trace your face with is fingers and how your lips look so soft
  • and suddenly he would just shake his head and mutter under his breath and everyone is concerned because he be acting like a psycho
  • and then he would tell Youngjae some night while they were laying in their room
  • and because it is Youngjae he would just kind of scream and be like
  • “YOU LIKE Y/N?”
  • and the whole dorm heard it
  • great Youngjae now Mark is annoyed and embarrassed :/
  • So then the whole band knew and pressured him to tell you
  • and he did
  • he just took you out and was like
  • “I like you”
  • and you were like “lol ok. I hope the fuck you do”
  • but he was serious an suddenly you were like “oh”
  • but then you told him you liked him too and he was like “GRReAT LET  ME TAKE U OUT ON A D8?”
  • and you went to that burger place and then he asked you to be his gf and you said yes
  • fast forward:
  • there’s dead silence or you two laughing like dying seahorses
  • nothing in between
  • ”are you ever jealous?”
  • ”why?”
  • ”because…”
  • ”Mark don't”
  • ”Every lady wants a piece of me”
  • ”One more time and I will break up with you I am not even kidding”
  • when you two fight it’s like
  • are you giving each other the silence treatment or just chilling already?
  • no one knows
  • sometimes you don’t know
  • and then other times
  • especially when he messed up and you ignore him
  • he’ll just
  • take off his shirt hug you from the back and whisper
  • ”I know you want me, let’s start talkin”
  • and you don’t know wether to slap him bc what a fuckboy or well…fuck him
  • both if y'all kinky
  • I’m so sorry
  • Papa Tuan loves u probably
  • also probs send you baby pics of Mark
  • or tells you things you can use to roast Mark
  • like ‘little cock’
  • ”Hey little cock how you doin’ today?”
  • ”I’m good how ab- HEY”
  • “You sure weren’t complaining bout that cock being little last night ;)”
  • he is very possesive of you
  • and gets jealous easily
  • ”Did he just look at you?” while throwing his arm around you
  • ”Mark he was like 8 and we’re at the candy isle”
  • leaves so much of his stuff at your place
  • not his shirt so you can wear it but like
  • his socks
  • ”Mark I am sitting next to you, you could hug me instead of Jinyoung
  • ~insert sassy Jinyoung comment abt you being jealous~
  • having a cuddle threesome bc Jackson
  • ”Stop bullying Yugyeom. No wonder he is becoming just like you, Jesus”
  • as he said he wouldn’t want to annouce his relationship until he got married most of your dates would be pretty lowkey
  • neither of you would mind though
  • If you two are alone at the dorm or your place and you see a spider it’s over
  • ”We should call JB”
  • ”Or you could be a strong woman and go get that spider”
  • ”Why me?”
  • ”Feminism”
  • hearing him swear
  • often
  • like… very often
  • ”if I die I want you to date Jinyoung”-You
  • ”if I die I want you to live alone with your 6 cats”-Mark
  • always slapping your butt
  • and grabbing it
  • and squeezing it
  • and stroking it
  • and you get the gist
  • gives you his hoodie
  • ”I’m not even cold”
  • ”Take it that’s romantic”
  • then when you put it on he pulls the strings of the hood until he only sees the tip of your nose
  • and laughs and you’re just like
  • ”Wow very mature Mark” :/
  • but it’s funny tho
  • according to the members he farts the most so you’re probs comfortable farting around each other
  • burping contests
  • he’d be proud when you win
  • ”Hey Mark can you bring Coco next time you come?”
  • loving Coco and giving her all your attention
  • ”Yeah now that she is here you can leave btw. Love u. Bye”
  • having some reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaally inconspicuous couple item
  • like rings
  • but like silver rings that could be from H&M that have your initials on the inside
  • no one will ever know or suspect though
  • romantic Mark
  • like when he got you said rings for your anniversary
  • fuckboy Mark
  • ”Hey lil lady, wanna play Titanic? You’ll be the ice berg and I’ll go down” ;) ;)
  • ”Hey babe, my parents aren’t home”
  • ”Mark you live in a dorm with ur band members what are you on?”
  • being able to tell he spent too much time with Jinyoung when his disses get better
  • baking together
  • ”Let’s start being healty”
  • ”Does homemade burgers count?”
  • ”Absolutely!”
  • watching movies together
  • ”Mark I don’t want to watch a horror movie!”
  • *slowly puts the movie on staring u dead in the eye*
  • ”I will pour Sriracha into your anus while your asleep. Try. Me. Little cock”
  • Suddenly a sappy movie seems like a great idea to him
  • asking you if the selfie he shot is too hoe to post on Instagram
  • ”yes”
  • ”If that’s what you think I will post it :*”
  • posting really lit or racy pics when you want to see him suffer
  • or make him jealous
  • but when he sees thru your lies he’ll be like
  • ”if ur tits are falling out of all your shirts I can buy you new ones babe ;)”
  • dammit
  • buying wigs for the two of you so you can have dates outside
  • My handsomeness is so striking even if they don’t know I’m an idol they want to know me because I am so beautiful”
  • teaching you how to skate
  • laughing when you fall
  • throwing your shoe at him in return
  • ”I wanna bang you on the table”
  • ”But it’s stuffed with my paperwork”
  • Pouty Mark
  • ”And it’s where we eat”
  • poutier Mark lifting his Shirt
  • *sigh* “FINE”
  • ”I wanna have sex but I don’t wanna move”
  • ”We could nap now for half an hour and then commit later?”
  • ”Sounds realistic”
  • no it doesn’t y'all sleeping through
  • Overall: Having a lot of fun with each other and feel no need to have constant conversation and you two are loving towards each other in your own way that no one else needs to understand
Just hold me please.

Hello, Love bugs!

My first request for this blog!  (y/n) = your name.

Warnings- Anxiety, Panic Attack. like two swears. Fluff

George X Reader

Can you have a George imagine where you have a panic attack and he calms you down? Sorry- Thanks princess 😘 

It was probably a mix of everything. Schoolwork, friends, love. It was a lot to try and keep straight in your mind.You knew the blow up was eventually going to happen. You just didn’t know when. It was most likely going to happen at the most inconvenient of times. Unfortunately, you were right. It was potions with Snape. You had already been on edge from the simple fact that you needed to do well in this lab otherwise your marks we’re sure to take a downward turn. You were adding in the root extract when Pansy Parkinson hit your elbow making you put in way too much into the cauldron. It was ruined that easily. You felt your face get red as every sound was blocked out of your mind but the sound of her laugh. Her obnoxious laugh that makes your blood boil while simultaneously making a deep pit inside of your stomach.

“Miss.Y/N. Is there a problem?” Of course, it was Snape. Your only chance of saving yourself was the hope that he saw what that no good bitch had done. Making him feel pity for you. Unlikely of situations but it was worth a shot.

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* Hamilsquad x agender!Reader
* Modern
* Requested by anonymous (both)
* Request: Hamilsquad x agender!Reader where Charles Lee or Thomas or both make fun of the reader and they’re very depressed afterwards and the Hamilsquad tries and succeeds at cheering them up (they/them) pronouns.
* Request: The reader feels really bad about themselves and is insecure and the squad helps cheer them up? If you could make it fluffy, that would be awesome. Could you also use they/them pronouns.

    A/N: I’ll tell you, I glared at my computer screen trying to come up with a more original idea and not as degrading intro but I couldn’t. I’m going apologize in advance if I offend anyone with my intro to the story but it’s Thomas and Charles being assholes…and I apologized if I completely fuck this story up. I’m not sure how good I’ll do writing agender reader, so…I hope I did good and I hope you guys enjoy. I also hope you know my inbox is always open if y’all want to talk or you can private message me.

    Word Count: 1,486 (Sorry it’s shorter than usual. I didn’t know what else to add.)


    You sat in the dinning hall wishing one of your friends was with you. Hercules promised to meet up with you but he had a meeting with one of his professors. He swore it wouldn’t take long. Still, you wished he didn’t have it at all. You hated being in the dinning hall alone. It made you feel more singled out than you already were. It didn’t help when you saw two men walk into the building. One in a god-awful magenta shirt, the other with his black hair slicked to one side. You slouched in your chair, practically begging for the ground to just open up beneath your chair right then and there. Anything to keep those two from noticing you.

    However, that kind of divine intervention didn’t happen. Also, it seemed like at least one of those men could always tell when you were with 100 yards of them. You watched as Charles scanned the room. His eyes landed on you and he his evil smirk fell into place. This kid had called out a professor once. Alexander and John both threatened his life afterwards, but still, he didn’t care what people thought of him. Charles nudged Thomas and nodded toward you.


    You weren’t doing this today. You scooped up your things and made a be-line to the dish drop off to leave the dinning hall. However, Thomas stepped in front of you. Had you not skidded to a stop when you did, you would’ve ended up wearing what was left of your lunch.

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    find boyfriend!jungkook (here) 

    • jimin is a hopeless romantic that finds cute couples in the movies with their elaborate confession scenes to be an example of how he should confess to you, but at the same time jimin has a habit of compulsively acting on his feelings 
    • so do expect his confession to come out of nowhere; you two might even be hanging out with the rest of bangtan, maybe somewhere out shopping and while you and jimin are separated from the rest, you’ll turn to him and laugh about something arbitrary and in that second your laugh will come crashing down on him like a ray of light and he’ll just go ‘i love you’ and you’ll probably drop whatever youre holding but you know 
    • jimin can’t take it back now and it looks like you’re going to have to give him an answer (which is hopefully a,,, ‘good to know - i love you too!’) 
    • your first date is probably way over-the-top because jimin wants to impress and so you’d find yourselves probably at some restaurant in which you’re sure the prices are too high but jimin is dressed in a nice suit and tie and you’re trying not to laugh because this is supposed to be a first date, casual you know, but here he is being so much more than casual
    • but you know it isn’t awkward, because jimin is still the same smiley, adorable person you’ve grown fond of. he makes jokes throughout dinner, but gets red in the ears when complimenting you on your necklace or outfit
    • his voice shakes a little when he tries to get the word ‘gorgeous’ out and you pretend not to notice as he looks away and scratches his neck but omg park jimin you are the CUTEST 
    • afterwords you think it cant get anymore romantic (and ok cheesier) than that but oh no jimin is really gonna make this first date special
    • so somehow you two end up on the roof of the bighit building and you’re like ???!?!? jimin and he’s like don’t worry!!!
    • brings out a blanket he stashed somewhere and spreads it out for you two to sit on and honestly youre still a little confused until jimin points up and with a smile asks you what it is you see in the sky
    • and then it all makes sense you two are stargazing and you’re just like enchanted by the night sky view but jimin,,,,, he’s enchanted by looking at you…………his own personal moon and stars (im getting real greasy i know bare w me)
    • and u know after jimin drapes his coat around your shoulders and you feel his hesitant hand on your shoulder you turn to him and tell him that this is the best date youve had in your entire life and jimin would honestly fall over from joy (and he does when he gets back to the dorm he’s just so happy he jumps on the bed and yoongi is probably like oh my gfod and taehyung is just like DUDE HOW DID IT GO and jimin is just a bubbling mess about how amazing it all was and taehyung is patting his back like !!!!! im so proud and jungkook’s rolling his eyes like stargazing how cheesy hyung but honestly all of bts is so happy for him)
    • your next couple of dates aren’t as ~fancy~ as the first, but jimin sticks to being super romantic and even a little c*rny u could say with like movie dates, taking cute couple selfies in photobooths u find, sharing cotton candy at amusement parks, indoor ice-skating, or you know just sitting in the corner of a cafe completely wrapped up in your own world with him because when jimin is with you it’s just you - no one else like you could be walking the busy streets of seoul pushed by the crowds and jimin only feels and is only focused on your hand in his
    • also ok the first kiss is just as spontaneous as his confession because lbr he’d probably spend days upon days daydreaming about how to make it perfect but like
    • you come over one day to bighit with a couple of snacks for everyone and jimin stops practicing to come over and you know thank you and while all the members are distracted by the snacks and you turn to jimin with the warmest, softest smile he’s just like 
    • frick it im going in
    • and kisses you and it’s like gentle and just so pure and natural that it can’t even be awkward even though u didnt see it coming because kissing park jimin is just right 
    • and after the first kiss honestly jimin just cannot get enough he loves skinship and intimacy and the fact that he can now kiss you whenever is just like mindblowing to him so he does it so much tbh
    • u guys sitting on the couch watching old music shows? jimin leans in to kiss u. it’s 4 am after practice and jimin begged you to come and see him and now you’re eating chicken skewers at the corner grocery both in sweat pants? jimin leans in to kiss you (and steal some of your chicken skewer). all of bts is playing monopoly and u just bankrupted jimin? WHO CARES HE STILL LEANS IN TO KISS U!!! BOY IS SO HAPPY TO !! KISS !! U !!! 
    • also the fun thing about jimin is that you learn that he gives three types of kisses
    • the basic kind are just those gentle brush of the lips kisses, those kisses that are short but sweet and happen all the time 
    • you guys kiss like this in front of the members and just like whenever possible u know like jungkook somewhere in the back will be like ‘gross’ but its not gross its fuckin cute shut it maknae
    • then theres the really romantic kind of kisses where he holds you around the waist, looks into your eyes and leans in with suspense,,,, these kisses are long, focusing on letting his tongue massage yours and are relatively neat with periodic stops to the breathe 
    • jimin kisses you like this when u two are alone, maybe holding each other in bed or after a late night date and no one else is around it’s the special kind of kiss you only keep between yourself 
    • (also if jin saw jimin do this he would be like my CHILD ur too young to know how to do this and ud get scolded by mom over here so yeah - these kisses bts doesn’t know about heHE) 
    • ………and the other type of kiss is when jimin is going wild and he really - really - needs you 
    • these are sloppy, with his hands tangled in your hair and his mouth concentrating not only on your lips but on every part of your body lots of lip biting and skin nipping from this one 
    • you only get to the third kind of kisses when u guys are like super comfortable with skinship and all that and tbh the first time jimin pulls it out youre kind of like ????!?!?!?!?!? holy moly where did this come from but then in the back of ur head its like u expected this 
    • like jimin is /soft/ but then jimin is also park freaking jimin whose swole and runs his tongue across his lip when looking at u from across the room and whose bedroom eyes are just top notch and make ur heart beat so fast and guess what
    • park jimin knows what he can do to you with one single look so yeah RIP
    • but anyway where was i yes so as the relationship progresses you know already that jimin loves skinship
    • so cuddling is a must like jimin always has the need to have some part of his body on urs aka like his arm around your shoulder or his chin in your hair or even like if u two are laying on the floor playing a video game like he’ll put his legs over urs
    • and ull be like jimin let me put my legs over urs instead
    • and hes like noooooo this is comfy and ur like jimin and he just drops the controller and like climbs over so he’s like hovering over you and starts attacking ur face in kisses
    • and tbh like this is jimin’s response to everything: kisses all of ur face
    • and u love it but u like pretend to scrunch up ur nose and refuse to kiss him back and jimin gets whiny and pouty and nuzzles ur nose with his and its so cute
    • until like yoongi walks in on u 2 and is like ohmygof get a ROOM and jimin is like hyung we are in a room and ur like rofl and yoongi is like im done with this goodbye
    • tbh dating jimin means being close with bts esp taehyung and jungkook who like tease the crap out of you two but are so goddamn proud and happy for jimin
    • tbh like jimin brags about u nonstop for the first couple of months of dating that like taehyung texts u the : please turn off ur boyfriend he’s told me about the pretty color of ur eyes like 500 times im going to explode sos 
    • jungkook sorta just makes faces about jimin talking about u or when u two like huge or kiss or do anything hes like love is so gross but tbh jungkook is the first person to remind jimin that ur birthday is coming up or things like that unexpectedly because as much as he goes at his friend for thing and that and laughs at his expense, jungkook is really happy to see jimin finally have someone to support him because jimin has been bts’s support since the beginning so jungkook is happy someone aka u is there to protect his hyung
    • also ok u know what would be adorable like jungkook and taehyung telling u lil embarrassing secrets about jimin like the way he idk drools in his sleep sometimes tbh taehyung takes a photo and sends it to u
    • hoseok yoongi jin and namjoon also all show gratitude to u for taking care of jimin because tbh they know he can be fragile sometimes and idk u make him shine so bright and when he sees ur photo on his phone or when he comes back from hanging out with u hes so much more vibrant and they all just pat ur back like u did good, keep him safe
    • jimin really likes getting handmade stuff from u also like i feel like if u make him a card or a little bracelet or even just write him a letter he’ll like keep all these things from you in a box close to like his bed and if he goes on tour overseas he takes it with him because like its a part of you that you gave to him and he ,,,, loves it
    • once jungkook read the letters as a joke tho and jimin straight up didnt talk to him for like a week
    • you and jimin own the embarrassing ‘he’s mine’ ‘they’re mine’ sweaters tbh 
    • jimin wore his during practice and namjoon stood in front of the arrow and jungkook sent u a pic like ‘looks whose trying to steal ur man’ 
    • jimin practically lives in the bts practice room before comebacks so u dont really have dates or time to see each other in that hectic period but when u surprise him by coming over he just launches himself into ur arms and goes limp like ‘im sooooo tired just let me die here’ and ur like ‘no u gotta practice!!’ and he’s like ‘i know but ur so warm and i love u let me stay here a while’
    • yoongi: looking into the camera like hes on the office while u and jimin fill up the whole room with hearts and like warm love
    • but seriously like ur jimin’s encouragement just ur being makes him wanna do more and be better and he shows u his dance routine and ur just like seal clapping like ur amazing and ok listen jimin lives off compliments and if its u complimenting him??? well that just makes it that much better
    • he gets all blushy, scratching his neck like ‘it’s not that good’ and u jump up to grab his face in ur hands and be like nO it is THAT good and he just looks into your eyes and this smile spreads on his face and he presses his forehead to urs like yeah,,,, i tried my best for u hehe
    • u two just giggling pressing ur foreheads together HOW CUTE
    • u and jimin do like face masks together omf
    • ur pajamas are literally like shorts + one of jimin’s hoodies and jimin’s is just sweatpants so freaking cute
    • also jimin is strong so do expect him like lift u in his arms (mostly to show off how strong he is) but also like if u ever get sick like jimin will overreact and be like: i gotta carry u everywhere no im not letting u take one step i s2g 
    • and ur like rolling ur eyes like park jimin how do u expect to carry me and feed me soup at the same time??? and jimin is so headstrong sometimes he’ll be like I WILL find a WAY
    • but really jimin is super protective and worried he just wants you to be super safe and happy and if u even so much as grimace at something hes on high alert like !!!!! are u ok?? do u need me to call an ambulance?? DO u need me to get jin??? im getting jin- 
    • so a lot of the times u end up having to be like ‘jimin it’s ok please chill’ and hes like ??? i dont chill when my angel is in trouble
    • jimin calling u angel ok moving on
    • also speaking of jin like when u come over and are having dinner with bts u like feed jimin off ur fork and u two giggle and jimin probably wants to pull u into his lap and jin has to like snap his fingers like kids no not at the table roFL
    • u once found jimin laying down on the floor after vocal practice and he was like sleeping so u like covered him with a blanket and curled into his side and when he woke up he just curled around u too and u looked like two sleeping kittens so cute (jin took a pic) (jungkook suggested pouring cold water on the two of you)
    • also jimin likes to workout and exercise so he probably like gets u to go out jogging with him and ur like jimin rip i cant do this anymore and hes like no !!! we gotta go another mile ok!!! and jimin’s so bright his attitude just gives u the energy to do it
    • afterwords jimin probably feels bad he made u run with him and massages ur shoulders the ideal bf 
    • whenever ur the one thats tired from work/school/etc jimin has u lay ur head on his shoulder and he runs his fingers thru ur hair and sings whatever song u want him to in a low, gentle voice and its just so calming 
    • also ok jimin sends u like snapchats and selfies all the gotdamn time and if u dont reply he blows up ur phones notifications so please reply or he’ll run up ur cellphone bill tbh
    • jimin sending u fake crying snaps cuz jungkook keeps being a dweeb and namjoon wont stop nagging and ur like ‘rip bro’ and jimin is like ‘rip bro??? im ur boyfriend?? did u brozone me/??’
    • taehyung snaps u back like 4 min later like ‘U BROZONED UR bOYFRIEND’ 
    • u try not to laugh outloud at work/school because o m f
    • but its ok u and jimin never really fight when u two argue jimin ends up apologizing even when it might not be his fault because all he wants to do is wrap his arms around your waist and just hold u and he cant do that when ur angry and he wouldnt want to sacrifice being with u for anything so he’s fine with taking the blame
    • also like u two probably just silently get over it like u walk into the lvingin room with a tub of ice cream, sit down beside jimin, he wraps his arm around your shoulder and u two put on a disney movie and eat out of the tub as a peace offering 
    • jimin likes it when u sit inbetween his legs he likes resting his chin in ur hair ;; so soft and cute
    • also he does this thing where he kisses behind ur ear and ur like thats ticklish so u get back by like lightly kissing his knuckles or palm and jimin giggles cuz that also tickles but u 2 r so gentle
    • and like tbh as much as it is fun and loving to be with him u know jimin gets dragged down by a lot of stress in his life and u want to be there for him and u want to assure him that he’s the most important, most special person you know and honestly that is what he needs
    • he needs someone who he wholeheartedly trusts to hold him and tell him his value because park jimin is invaluable, he is the kindest soul and when you tell him that he believes it and it just makes him bloom with happiness
    • and that is what we all want right right
    • also he needs someone to protect him from jungkook sometimes oh my god im laughing ur like holding jimin’s head to your chest and like swatting junkook away like in the cartoons thats adorable
    • also u and jimin getting matching necklaces that’d be cute ok im done 

    anonymous asked:

    Platonic hug between Keith and Pidge? Maybe Pidge needs comforting after an anxiety attack or a battle and Keith helps her. Love your work, thank you!

    I definitely remembered this wrong and did during an anxiety attack?  Anyway, two hugs for the price of one!  Awkward sidehug AND long-lasting hold-a-person hug!

    They all knew Pidge took it rough when they encountered Galra slaves and her father wasn’t among them, but usually Shiro went to talk to her afterward, so Keith hadn’t thought about it much.  He hadn’t felt like he had a right to talk to her about it, anyway, not since that time he told her her family wasn’t more important than the whole universe.  That had been a bad play, and while he’d realized that at the time based on how the others had reacted, it hadn’t really sunk in until the Blades’ test.

    He almost went and got Shiro, now.  But Pidge wasn’t just crying, she was shaking, so hard he could see it from the door to Green’s hangar.  That seemed like a whole different kind of bad, and he wasn’t sure getting Shiro was the right thing.  He tentatively stepped into the room, but she was too wrapped up in her head to notice, and he suddenly knew he’d made the right choice.

    “Hey, Pidge, are you ok?” he asked.

    Pidge looked up at him from where she was sitting against the wall, eyes wide.  Her face was flushed and her breathing was a little fast, like she’d been running.  She shook her head, frantically, and his mouth went dry.  No.  She wasn’t.  Of course she wasn’t.

    He walked over her, searching for more words and not finding any.  Finally, he slid down the wall to sit next to her, laying an arm tentatively around her shoulders.  She reached up with the hand next to him and grabbed at his shirt.  "I can’t breathe,“ she said.  "I can’t breathe.  I’m gonna pass out.  I’m gonna die.”

    “You’re not gonna die,” he said, tightening the arm around her a little.  "I promise.  I won’t let you.“

    "I can’t breathe.”

    “You can breathe.  You’re talking, and you can’t talk without breathing.”  As soon as he said it, he knew it was wrong.  It was too logical.  Not the kind of thing you said to someone when they were upset.  But then -

    “Oh.  Yeah.  Then why am I dizzy?”

    “You’re maybe breathing too fast.  That’s not good, either.”

    “I think something’s crushing my chest.”

    He blushed a little as he stared down at her, looking just long enough that she would know he’d checked, but trying not to stare too long.  "I’m pretty sure it’s not.  You look ok.  Normal clothes and all.“

    "I think I’m dying.  Is my heart supposed to be going this fast?”

    He checked her pulse, feeling the wrist of the hand that was tangled in his shirt.  "No.  But I think it’ll slow down if you can just breathe more deeply.“

    ”‘Just breathe more deeply’“ she parroted back sarcastically.  The flush that had been across her face when he walked up was gone, replaced by an eerie paleness.

    Keith bit his lip, then moved on impulse, pulling her almost all the way into his lap so that her side was snuggled up against his chest, his arm still around her shoulders.  "Look, just lean into me and breathe when I do, ok?  We can do it together.”

    He could feel her trying to take slower, deeper breaths, but when he reached for her wrist again, her heart was still racing.  She let go of his shirt, rearranging herself to recline more fully against his chest, and he kept one arm wrapped around her and the other hand on her wrist, feeling her pulse.

    Her breaths gradually slowed and eased, and her heartbeat got steadier and more normal.  He felt a knot of tension relaxing in his stomach and half wondered if Pidge could tell.  He figured probably not, given how freaked out she still was.

    Finally, Pidge relaxed completely, sagging into him and leaning her head back against his chest.  "I’m such a mess,“ she said.

    Keith shrugged. "I think we all are, sometimes.  I used to sleep with my shoes on, in case we got attacked.”

    “That seems like a rational response to being Voltron.”

    “I used to sleep with my shoes on when I lived by myself.”

    “Maybe less rational.”

    Keith figured he probably should move.  But Pidge seemed content to stay here, and she’d always been kind of huggy with Shiro sometimes, and maybe she still needed this, so he stayed put, trying not to move too much so that he didn’t ruin her fragile new calm.

    “Anyway, thanks, Keith.” Pidge said after a moment.  "For … whatever.“  She leaned forward, starting to get up, and Keith tried not to show how much of a relief that was as he scrambled to his feet behind her.

    Before he could figure out what to say, she’d turned a bright smile on him and added, "You’re pretty great, you know that?”

    He panicked.  "You’re pretty … sweaty.“

    Pidge laughed.  "I take it back.  You’re a jerk.  But thanks anyway.  I mean it.”

    Keith blushed, looking down at his feet.  "No problem.“

    She didn’t say anything when he grabbed the socket wrench he’d come in here to borrow in the first place and then bolted, but later he overheard her telling Shiro that she was ok and he’d been "a big help,” and he could let himself feel proud, just for a minute, that he’d done something right.

    Some MBTI Types in Female Artists (still sensing types to come)

     DISCLAIMER: So basically as we all know typing celebrities is a relatively hard thing to do, to use the example of Stephen Colbert who was constantly typed as an ENTP by many websites, after taking the test on television his results was INFP. All that to say that these types might not represent the genuine type of these powerful divas but is what I think a conclusion I take from their career and lyrics and aesthetic or artistic choices. This post is just for funsies and not to be taken too seriously. 

    ENTP -Lily Allen

    The queen of intelligent subversive sarcasm and poking fun at society while simultaneously having a strong message of progress. Lily Allen rose to prominence with her song “smile” which includes the very catchy phrase ‘when I see you cry, it makes me smile.’ that to me is perfect example of how an ENTP would take what could be cliche break-up song and with the oh-so-clever Ne-Ti combo make into some unique snarky phrase. Other songs from her first album also use the typical dark cynicism that ENTPs usually have, like LDN where she goes about her treasured city of London and exposes it for what it truly is with her dark commentary. Her next albums expand on ENTPs vision of the general big picture of society and what they (in this case Lily) believes should change. Her song knock-em-out talks about men’s persistent behavior in pubs and how they badger and pester girls so they have to come up with ridiculous excuses to get them out of their hair. Her most recent work has included more and more social commentary such as Hard Out Here, where there is a brilliant feminist message with air of satire at the same time, she even says in the song “if you can’t detect the sarcasm you’ve misunderstood”. If you are thinking Lily’s music it too emotional for her to be a thinking type, here’re some examples of how she knows what she’s about and doesn’t sugar coat things: Her song URL BADMAN, where she mocks bloggers in the UK who aspire to work for vice, and all they do is sit behind a computer and say ridiculous things about other people, kinda like I’m doing right now, except I’m cute and Lily would probably love me. Another song that exemplifies this is: Insincerely Yours, this song is a perfect example of how ENTPs love to tell the shocking truth in a more humorous way, ironically enough she says “I ain’t being funny” in the song but the truth is Lil, you are being funny

    Anyway, fight me on this, but Lily’s music to me is fabulously ENTP. Witty, intelligent, sarcastic, fun, deep, logical, and bold. 

    some other possible examples: 

    -Kate Nash 

    -Azealia Banks (unfortunately) 

    -me lmao 

    -Bianca Del Rio and Bob the Drag Queen 

    ENFP -Melanie Martinez 

    This one might be one of my more controversial typings, and I am not so sure of this typing myself, being that Melanie could be a variety of different things. One thing is for sure to me about bby Melmel; She is iNtuitive. Her whole album is deeply conceptual and it obvious that Melanie thrives and lives in her imagination. Now according to the cognitive functions iNtuition is very strong within ENFPs and ENTPs alike, being that it is their first function, of course INTJ and INFJ as well but there is a reason I chose Ne and not Ni. I say this because the other typing someone might automatically go to for Melanie is INFP, being that they are usually the freak of the bunch. But I beg to differ, Melanie wears her oddball flag proudly and loudly, although many even herself might identify her (or her music in this case) and an introvert I will beg to differ. Melanie created a whole world for herself with her debut album and though every song we get a glimpse of that world, and get taken on a bit of a journey as she personifies her feelings (her Fi in other words) as a character named Cry Baby. I can see this as a very ENFP thing to do, to intelligently personify your deep mysterious feelings in order to understand them better. Besides Cry Baby her album also pursues social commentary with songs like Mr. Potato-Head, criticizing the way we see beauty as a society. Now its true that her songs also have an tone of darkness, and that is not characteristically ENFP, regardless I still think it fits. I think a song like Soap adds to my Melanie being a extrovert theory, where she says more than she wanted too, because as an Ne-Fi dom you suffer from the paradox of being an outspoken person who also wants to keep your feelings to yourselves because their precious, or something like that. Another song that I think adds to my theory is Alphabet Boy, now in that song she describes a relationship with a douche who thinks hes smarter than her and is obviously pretentious af, and many times because of their relatively bubbly attitude ENFPs can come off a bit ditsy, but the truth is they are highly perceptive and usually quite intelligent. I mean in your face tho pretentious lil bitch that dated her lmao she dragged you with that song. Ne is characterized as having a general big picture of society and usually something to say about it, as an Idealist Melanie would have this, and in her Sippy Cup, she slays us all with her true commentary on society and families by using a fucking sippy cup analogy. 

    SO in conclusion Melanie teaches many things with her album, and to me shes a good example of an ENFP. 

    other examples: 

    -Hayley Williams 

    -Gwen Stefani 


    -Jessie J 


    One might think that this would be one of the harder Divas to find being that INTJ women are rare, and INTJ isn’t usually automatically associated to music but rather world domination and or brooding home alone too tired of facing the general populations stupidity day in and day in, (because they don’t go out) But in all seriousness, BANKS doesn’t overtly empower females, like some of the other Divas do, I think it just oozes out of her with her logically coated songs. Now granted many of her songs focus on relationships and not something typical that an INTJ would focus on like how to find extra terrestrial life on other planets in order to become the king or queen of such planet. What convinced me though, is the fact that BANKS took her experience being a child of divorced parents, and did a thesis on it when earning her BA in Psychology. A great example of her INTJ-ness is her song Brain, where she says “Trying to look smart but not too smart to threaten anything they say” a perfect example of what an INTJ woman has to go through in a society that prefers Fe dominant females, not only that but what she probably experienced dating men more stupid than her, her whole life. A song that shows you should never fuck with an INTJ women is Goddess, that encapsulates the exact iron clad confidence that convinced me her music (and probably her tbh) is INTJ. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the Ni dominance within INTJs usually gives them a sophisticated artistic (if they are artistically talented) cohesion in everything they do, and you can see that clearly in BANKS in how most of her music videos have the same style of monochrome cold sophistication. As well as her outfits, always the somber serious black, cold and intense. Now many may thing ‘Oh but INTJs were put here on earth by aliens and they don’t actually have feelings and BANKS does!!’ well let me tell you something my mistaken friend, they do. I know, shocker. They hide them well though, and they process them in unique ways much like BANKS does in her music. Her new album is proving my theory even more with songs like ‘’Fuck with myself’” which contains phrases I swear I’ve seen INTJs say IRL. 

    Fierce, mysterious, confident, intelligent, consistent, deep, logical, These qualities are very much BANKS, and very much INTJ, do the math, bitch. 

    other examples maybs: 

    -idk man I cant think of any, raincheck? 

    INFP -Aurora 

    Aurora. She is a very recent artist, and I am proud to say I have been following her since she wasn’t too well known in America. She is sort of a prodigy of sorts with a wisdom beyond her years, but with an air of innocence about her still. To me she is the perfect example of an INFP. Her songs encapsulate the world of Fi that they create within their minds, her songs are inside the head of the ultimate idealist, but more than that they are of someone who is extremely imaginative. In “becoming Aurora"she basically confesses to her INFPness, with the opening quote of the video being “for me music has always been a way to understand myself and the world” I’m paraphrasing but as a lot of MBTI savvy people know, Fi is about self-discovery and having your sense of self deeply connected to whatever you do. She calls herself a sensitive person that is deeply affected by everything. That to me is the equivalent of screaming at the top of your lungs “IM A TORTURED INFP”. Ok granted that some other personalities are also deeply affected but she’s affected in a more ethereal way, she gets affected by the wrong doings of this earth because she lives in another dimension where people have butterfly wings and where humanity is noble. She recognizes that her songs are kinda dark but she also recognizes that there should be a kind of hope still. In the beginning of her career Katy Perry tweeted about her, and she was later asked if she was a fan of Katy's music in an interview to which she promptly said “no.” which is the clear INFP need to be authentic to what they like and who they admire. Her songs like Conquerer and Warrior show the INFP sense of bravery to fight for what they believe in, and when they decide to do so they are very brave and indeed warriors. 

    Sensitive, brave, unique, quiet, creative, actual fairys, fierce, spacey, childlike, wise, Aurora, is a glowing example of INFP magic. 

    another possible example of INFP; 

    -Lady Gaga


    -Florence + the machine 

    -Regina Spektor

    INFJ -Beyoncé 

    Hi, yes, I did just type Queen Bey as non Se dominant. I think this is one of the myths I want to eradicate. When did it become commonly accepted that Beyonce is Se dominant? How shallow was this assessment of her behavior? Real fucking shallow let me tell you. To me artists that are obviously Se dominant are artists like Britney Spears, or Rihanna, who don’t conceptualize too much. But Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter has a vision, and it has been obvious the past all-of-her-career. Now yes yes Se dominant people can have visions but not as their primary mode of operating, its not immersed in everything they do like Beyoncé’s is. What is her vision you may ask? Empowerment. Empowerment for females, empowerment for African-Americans, empowerment for African-American females. Its to take her experience in the industry and in her life and use it to empower others to be victors of their situations. Since the early two thousands she’s been telling everyone who’s boss, she is. With songs like Diva she takes a word that can be used to belittle women and flips into an empowering song. Now what that demonstrates is someone who is Ni dominant, the cohesion that all of her albums have when viewed together is astounding, since the beginning of her solo career she has been giving the same message but in different ways. Now as we all know each album has its own theme but essentially the underlying message is the same. Her most recent albums have been extremely conceptual, and the genius in which she’s chosen to go about her marketing and releasing decisions are well thought out and deeply digested. Ni is taking the patterns you’ve observed in the world and subconsciously working on them in the back of your mind to fit your long term vision. When she released in the middle of the night her album Beyoné with many music videos with no marketing whatsoever it was a well thought out subversive creative decision and of course everyone loves to credit men, like her husband for those decisions but it’s obvious that her work has a mastermind behind it, and I am of the belief her INFJ-ass is that mastermind. With the visual album Lemonade, you see people trying to discredit the genius behind the work saying oh well Warsan Shire wrote the poetry blah blah, yes she may have helped, but the whole cohesion of the albums message was created by Beyonce. She knew exactly what she wanted to say, and she said it perfectly. INFJs are the classic example of the warrior who fights against injustice, and Beyoncé’s music is not arbitrary, it has a clear vision of what she wants to change in society in general, its not about the details of her experiences (si) its not about living for the moment (se) but its about how we all can work together to solve some critical issues in society in general (Ni-Fe). 

    The Queen is an INFJ, or at least her music and career seem to be. Holistic, harmonious, private, visionary, metaphorical, committed, deep, compassionate, seeks meaning.  

    Also others: 

    -Troye Sivan 

    -Sufjan Stevens 

    INTP -Lorde 

    Dear Lorde, I have a bone to pick with you. Before I do that I will say that’s a really weird expression. So my bone, is that you need to release new music. I can only listen to Pure Heroine so many times, Lorde. Lorde is an INTP. She is. Her music in Pure Heroine is full of alliteration, and writing techniques that is way beyond someone of your age at the time. As well as an album that isn’t primarily focused on relationships and love, which is what most girls your age I think might be singing about. (that was not a sexist statement being that statistically speaking most girls are ISFJ and relationships would be one of their primary interests) Ti is demonstrated in songs such as Royals, where she cleverly disses many things in popular culture while at the same time contrasting the rich life she observes on TV and her own mundane life. Even her album title Pure Heroine is a clever classic Ti play on words. She likes to be the boss of her own aesthetic to directing her own music videos, and having a very cohesive style. Everyone loves to tease her “awkward” dancing and facial expressions, but I just think its classic INTP, known for not being 100% aware that they are a physical being in a physical world. And also I think her self-expression in her dancing is fabulous, and unique, but that’s besides the point. Lorde is primarily a rational being, which is why I think she’s handled so much criticism fairly well for someone so young, to contrast her and J-biebz who does not take criticism well and reacts emotionally, or even her biffle T-swizz who also reacts fairly emotionally. One of the most memorable lines from her album to me is “Im kind of over getting told to throw my hands up air, so there” why did I like that line so much? because turn on the radio and you have some Se dom telling you to throw your hands up in there, and live in the moment. Sorry Se dom, people like Lorde and I, can’t seem to get out of our heads and imaginations. Are we better than you because of it? No, but there are more of you than there are of us so be happy. Lorde’s talent and skill I would say is primarily Lyrics, her lyrics analyze the patterns around her and what she’s experienced and she cleverly phrases them in a unique way. Her music is innovative, and intelligent, and I’ve revisited Pure Heroine so many times I have memorized every song practically. I will also add that Lorde’s songs are mostly metaphorical, which is where the Ne comes in. She lives alternatively not concretely. 

    Lorde has a sharp tongue and is  a ingenious, independent, original, analytical, curious, critical, logical, witty, and speculative young artist. 

    Other Examples: 

    -Imogen Heap 


    ENFJ -Lianne La Havas 

    Lianne, is a put together woman. Her voice is smooth and her lyrics are delicious. Focused on her relationships she soars through her songs in her new album going through stories and concepts and beautifully describing her put together ENFJness. “Grew a thicker skin, and now its wearing thin” Ok, so everybody who is close to an Fe dominant will have realized by now they carry the weird juxtaposition of being ruthless and opinionated but at the same time being sensitive and to the harmony in the environment, they will call you out, but in a magical mama way, so its ok. If you are looking to feel like you are doing everything right in your relationship and that you are floating in a cloud of love listen to her songs on a loop, from songs like ‘Elusive’ to ‘unstoppable’ she describes shiny diamond encrusted relationships that are something only an ENFJ can accomplish. Their state of total love for their relationships is something you see in her songs constantly as well as the emotional intelligence ENFJs usually have. ENFJs are very much masters of their own fate, and that fate usually is attained by their hard work, vision, people skills, and in Liannes case, a voice that is smoother than liquid gold. If you doubt that she is an ENFJ for any reason, just listen to her songs, really listen. It is about believing in her partners, believing in who they are and supporting and being in love with them, expressed through her metaphors and long term vision. Like the song “What you don’t do”. 

    An angel brought to earth to grace us with her compassion, vision, relationship focused, diplomacy, creativity and her warm nature. Lianne is an ENFJ icon. 

    other examples: 

    -Corrine Bailey Ray 

    -Adele (her music her personality i think is ENTJ) 

    yourlittle-scarletharlot  asked:

    Hah of course darling. So how about, the reader gets drunk and Luci gets protective and jealous over some one sided flirting, maybe from Dean or some creep at a bar.... And he ends up taking her home and looks after her?

    Well, isn’t that interesting? Thank you, hon)) I started with a bit of Casifer here. A bit. I hope you like it))

    You getting drunk in a local bar. And actually drunk, hoping you’ll end up in Heaven after this night. Or Hell. The reason why you aren’t in the mood for just normal ‘drink and go home’ evening is that Lucifer, the Satan you like, possesses the body of your dearest friend, Castiel. Lucifer came by and simply stated the “he’s back, sunshine”, making you face the rough truth.

    “Hey handsome,” a random guy sits next to you, and you turn to him, leaving the empty glass. You have no idea what it had in - either vodka or… well… vodka. it was definitely vodka.

    “Hi,” you nod.

    “What is such a pretty girl doing alone here?” supposedly, he wants to hit on you. Such a cliche.

    “Getting trashed, don’t you see?”

    “Would you like some company then?” you shrug your shoulders. “Why are here? Rude boyfriend?”

    “You wish. The guy I like possesses the body of my friend,” you murmur and gulp another glass. “And I am totally lost.”

    “Huh, what about I find you?” his hand slips on your shoulder and then slides down on your waist.

    “What about no?” the guy literally flies away, and his seat is taken by Castiel. No, Lucifer. “Y/N, good evening.”

    “Mate, I was the first one here,” the drunk slowly walks back, pointing at you. “She is mine.”

    “Not now, not ever,” Lucifer said with his face almost yelling ‘bored’, as he rapidly moves his hand, grasping the neck of the poor drunk. “She is not yours. Walk away and never get back here before I decided to snap your neck,” he turns to you and quickly takes the next glass from your hand. “I think you’ve had enough.”

    “Not for you to decide,” you hiccup and try to catch his hand, but end up just landing your head on the table. “Go to Hell, Lucifer.”

    “I am just out of there. Come on, kiddo. Let’s get you home,” he gently grabs your waist, pulling you closer, as you move to your small apartment. Dizzy after the relocation (and the ‘getting drunk’ part of your evening), you almost fall down and are saved with Lucifer’s hands, as he still hold you close. “Hey, hey, hey… I gotcha.”

    “Go. To. Hell,” you repeat clearly, actually proud of being able to pronounce such a phrase. “I… can’t deal with you.”

    “Why? Because I am possessing Cassie? Trust me, he let me in himself,” he grins and slowly helps you get down on the couch. “It wasn’t like I made him invite me in.”

    “I can’t…” you murmur and close your eyes, feeling incredibly tired.

    “Oh… Right. Getting drunk,” Lucifer grabs a blanket and covers you with it, making sure you are getting warm. “Y/N, why is it a problem? I’ll be out of this meat suit as soon as we are done with Amara. That’s our deal.”

    “Then get back here when you are not Cass.”

    “You’re in love with him?”

    “No! Hell, no! I wouldn’t fall for Castiel,” you get so insulted, you actually manage to sit up straight and glare at Lucifer. “Not now, not ever!”

    “Then what is the problem? This vessel can actually carry me around.”

    “I liked your first vessel better,” you murmur, getting your head back on the pillow and closing your eyes. “It had something… Pure about it.”

    “This one?” you feel the gentle touch of his hand on your head and, as you open your eyes, you can only see his previous vessel, smiling at you, biting his finger.

    “What… What the hell did you do? Am I that drunk?”

    “I connected the image of my first vessel to the personality you know, so now, no matter what vessel I possess, you will only see that one. Do you feel better about it now?” you slowly nod. “Good. I thought I would have to actually leave Cass and look for a somewhat similar vessel.”

    “But Castiel…”

    “Doesn’t mind me being in him, we even shut him out, so that he doesn’t see anything. I will leave soon, but for now I can use his body,” Lucifer rests his hand on your forehead, taking the drunkenness away, leaving you with the crystal clear mind. “Why did you get drunk in the first place? Definitely not because I was possessing Castiel. I used to possess Sam, and you didn’t get drunk than. Well, you tried, but you never got that upset.”

    “No,” he keeps staring at you. “I’m not talking about it with you.”

    “Uhm… Because it’s connected to me. Which means…” he grins, and you realize that he knows now. “You’ve actually fallen for me,” you blush so hard, he knows that he is right. “Despite me being the despicable Satan, you fell for me.”

    “I did not!”

    “Really? Then you totally wouldn’t be touched with the fact that I came here to find you and make sure you were ok with me staying with you?” he asks, smiling kindly at you, as you look away and pretend that your heart doesn’t rush. “And you would not care if I left now?” you flinch, and he leans forward. “And you don’t care at all that I can hear your heart rush? And you don’t want to actually look me in the eye instead of staring at this wonderful wall?” you turn your head, meeting his gaze. And freezing, as he whispers, slowly leaning closer and closer. “And you absolutely don’t care that I want to kiss you now?” your eyes widen, and you shake your head, then nod, then shrug your shoulders, as Lucifer raises his hand and strokes your cheek, brushing his finger against your lips. “So do you?”

    “You’re just messing with me, aren’t you?” you ask, hardly swallowing, not trusting his quiet voice.

    “Actually, yes. I am not honest,” he grins, as you go pale and look away, quite disappointed that you were right. “I don’t want to kiss you.”

    “Then you should probably…” he doesn’t let you finish your sentence. 

    “I unconditionally will kiss you, no matter what you try to say because I know that you want it, too,” before you can murmur something about his overconfidence, he grabs your face with both hands and pulls you closer, pressing his lips against yours, totally overtaking your free will. Or the desire to have it. He doesn’t hold you loosely, but you feel that in order to escape his hands you would really have to work on it. Before you know it, you kiss him back, putting your hands on his shoulders and sliding up his neck. You know (subconsciously) that you are kissing Castiel’s vessel, but it does look and smell like Lucifer. And it feels like 100% Satan material.


    “Yes, you, Y/N,” he strokes your hair, with some kind, soft admiration in his eyes, as you bite your lip, trying to concentrate.


    “If you keep biting your lip, Y/N, kissing will hurt,” he says seriously, and you docilely let go of your lip. “I’m listening.”

    “Why are you here? I don’t get it. Why… If you wanted to sleep with me… You would find a better way, and you definitely wouldn’t get me sober again… Come on, you could also find a much more handsome person to kiss,” you look away, as he grabs your face, speaking slowly, getting the words deep into your brain.

    “Because I wanted to kiss you. And you never let me even get close enough to you. Not until now. And I want to hold you close, to know that you are mine from head to toe, every single cell of yours. And I want to know that I am the only one allowed to touch every inch of your skin, know your every scar and curve, memorize every mole, kiss every part of you that you don’t admire until you give up…” you blush more and more, as his lips gently cover your face with light, soft kisses. “I want you to be mine. All of you.”

    “But why?!”

    “Because I love you, you little idiot.”

    “You don’t.”

    “Please, let’s not decide what I feel. I will win this argument without even trying.”

    “But…” he rolls his eyes and kisses you again, this time much more passionately, overtaking the control and taking your breath away, slowly pushing you back on the pillow.

    “No but’s. You are mine, and there will be no drunk guys next to you ever again. Is that clear?”

    “Uhm… What if Dean gets drunk?”

    “What if I snap his neck?” you laugh and nod. “I wouldn’t, I wouldn’t… For now.”

    “We are clear, Lucifer.”


     A/N; I just spent the entire night writing this. I really probably should have slept but- eh- oh well.

    This isn’t a requested one-shot, nor is it an imagine. It’s just a short little thing. Unless someone wants more or if I just want to write more. I’ve been working on the next installment of How We Came To Be but I needed to take a breather, ja feel?

    If you like it, leave some love! It’s almost 5;30 am here so I need to close my eyes.  

       Chloe Penelope had decided that she was going to wear polka dots every day of her life. At least, that’s what her mom thought. The bright purple leggings were accented with spots all over in different colors. Her lime green shirt wasn’t bare, either. There were plumes of flowers along the collar. None of her outfit coordinated with itself and the three-year-old couldn’t care less.

       Hannah rolled her eyes good-naturedly and stifled a chuckle when she found her toddler waiting outside the kitchen. The woman noticed her daughter was standing with her hands on her hips and completely proud of her outfit choice. Maybe one she’d be the style icon of the decade. There was no talking the child out of her clothing choices once she made up her mind.

       “I’m beautiful, Mommy!” The toddler nearly shouted throughout the entire apartment, even though she was less than 6 feet away from her mother.

       Hannah did chuckle at that. “Yes, Chlobug. You are very beautiful! The most beautiful one here, I do believe!”

       The golden blonde child walked up to the dinner table. “Nuh-uh, Mommy. You are!”

       The woman picked up her daughter and left a kiss on her nose. “We both are. How about that?”

       “Hmm…” Chloe tapped her finger on her chin and looked to be deeply in thought. “Ok! We both are! Are we princesses, Mommy?”

       “Why can’t I be the queen?”

       “Because you’re too young, Mommy. Queen’s are old. Duh.”

       Hannah crouched down to her sitting daughter’s level and looked her right in the eye. “One day, you’ll get the biggest inheritance I can leave you. Keep up the good work, Kid.”

       “Can I have chocolate milk with my Fruity Pebbles, Mommy?”

       “And then that happens. Sure thing, Kiddo. Whatever your weird little heart desires.” Hannah pulled the accommodating breakfast items off shelves and out of the fridge and prepared the meal.

       After Hannah had dropped her charming yet odd child off at preschool, she stopped at the market to grab food that she was pretty sure that she wasn’t going to end up making. Grocery shopping always made her hungry. She learned very early on that if she wanted to retain her sanity, she couldn’t shop with Chloe. She’d have to go during school hours when she was the hungriest and the busiest.

       Chloe wasn’t the pickiest eater, but she was picky enough. The only cereal she ate was Fruity Pebbles, and she preferred it in chocolate milk. She even had a certain bowl that she ate it out of.

    Okay, maybe picky wasn’t the right word. Chloe was particular. That’s not mean to think, is it?

       Hannah shrugged at her inner thoughts and grabbed the biggest box of cereal that she could find on the shelf and made her way to the front of the store, eyeing the wine section as she went. That’s when she saw him.

       The brunette slowed to a stop, and it took her a minute to realize that she was gawking at some stranger in the middle of the wine aisle at the grocery store. She didn’t usually stare at people she didn’t know in such a conspicuous manner, so she hid behind the end cap of another aisle and peered around the corner.

       She recognized him, sort of. She remembered seeing him somewhere before. It was brief, but she couldn’t forget that face. He was either on the tv or guest lectured at the college she took online courses at. He was familiar, but she just couldn’t put her finger on it.

       The man was looking through the bottles of white wine with his tongue stuck out in deep concentration. His fingers were hovering over the labels he was reading, and he looked so adorably lost. The wine bottles were lucky to have so much attention paid to them by such a wonderfully interesting man. He needed help, though. That much she could tell.

       Don’t just stand there like a loon, Hannah. Here’s a wonderful opportunity to meet someone new. It could be quick and painless. Chloe wouldn’t even have to meet him. Not that I’d put her through that anyway. Not again.

       Just do it. There’s no shame in making new friends. Besides you’re curious about where you recognize him from anyway…

       “Uh.” Hannah’s canvas covered feet moved faster than her brain. “You look like you’re having some trouble picking out a wine.”

       The man turned to look at her with a brief expression of surprise then licked his lips.

       Oh, man, she thought. That could kill me.

       He looked back at the bottles and then nodded. “I’m not a big wine connoisseur. I know all the types of wine and what goes best with what food pairings but it’s for a birthday gift. I’m not quite so sure what she’d prefer.”


       “Well, does she like a certain brand or type? Or does she like to try different kinds out sometimes?” Hannah walked up until she was just barely a few feet from him.

       “I’m not actually sure. It’s embarrassing, really. I have an eidetic memory. One would think I can remember what’s had in my presence

    Hannah brushed some hair behind her ear and winced. “I hope she’s not a girlfriend; otherwise you’d be in loads of trouble..”

       The man blushed a little. “Ah, no. She’s just a very good friend. One I wouldn’t want to upset. She deserves the best.”

       “Aw,” the woman smiled earnestly. “She sounds important. But it also sounds like you shouldn’t overthink it. I’m sure whatever you choose, she’ll enjoy it. Just make this choice from your heart and stick a meaningful card with it. Girls can be suckers for cards. Or maybe that’s just me…”

       He looked back at the shelving. “What would you suggest?”

       “Who? Me?” Hannah put a hand to her chest in surprise.

       “Yeah. You’re a girl. You seem like you would make good wine decisions. What would you go for?”

       “Honestly?” Hannah reached up and wrapped her non-manicured fingers around a bottle on the middle shelf and pulled it down. “This one.”

       The man took the wine after she held it out to him and read the label. “Kendall-Jackson Riesling. Why is this the one you picked?”

       The words weren’t critical, just pure curiosity.

       “Well, that’s an easy one. It’s my favorite! If it’s at any restaurant I go to, it’s the first thing out of my mouth. Well, that and cheese sticks. I love my cheese sticks.”

       Hannah met the man’s eyes after her almost daydream and stopped short. “Was that weird?”

    He shook his head and gave a small smile. “No, cheese sticks are delicious. Did you know cheese has historical roots dating back as far as 6,000 BC? And that about 20 million metric tons of cheese gets produced every year? And I guess I should have warned you about that…”

       “About what?” Hannah had cocked her head to the side in brief confusion.

       The man scratched the back of his head and looked away. “About how I just say random things that no one asked about. I just…spurt them out.”

       “If you know it, flaunt it. Intelligence is very attractive. Use it, just don’t be a jerk about it. Maybe you can use it to turn that very close friend into something else, hmm?” Hannah bumped his shoulder in an easy going way.

       “Oh, no. Penelope already has somebody. I’m kind of the baby of the office. She’s very protective of me.”

       “Oh yeah? Where do you work? Or, if that’s too abrasive, what do you do?” He’s single! I can’t do anything about that, but I can feel less guilty about it at least.

       He looked around. “I uh…I work in the F.B.I. Behavioral Analysis Unit, to be precise.”

       “That’s where I know you from!”

       The quick outburst made him jump slightly, and he wondered for a brief second if it was a mistake to say such intimate details to someone he didn’t even know.


       “You guest lectured at the college I’m taking online courses at. You’re Dr. Spencer Reid! I couldn’t figure it out! It was right at the tip of my tongue. And I’m totally spazzing out now.”

       Spencer laughed an honest laugh and held the bottle of wine close to his chest. “Don’t worry about it. Honestly, it’s not as bad as you think.”

       “Oh yeah? Wanna take a bet? I saw you as I was passing this aisle and wanted a reason to approach you because you were so familiar, I couldn’t figure out why. So I hid behind that end cap right over there for 5 minutes. I was trying to figure out when to come over here, if ever at all.”

       “So you were stalking me because I looked familiar?”

       “Well, that and-” Hannah abruptly shut up, and a bright flush overcame her cheeks. “Uh.”

       “And why? Now I’m curious.” Spencer stepped closer to her.

       Well, crap. “And uh…”

       Spencer watched as Hannah licked her lips and hummed to herself. The woman subconsciously rubbed her right arm as she bit her bottom lip. 

       Oh, for goodness sakes.

       “Because I wanted to know you. When you were standing there, in the middle of the wine aisle, you looked like someone I wanted to know.”

       “And now? Am I still someone you’d want to know?”

       Hannah met his eyes and smiled. “Hi, I’m Hannah Cameron, and you are definitely worth getting to know.”

       Hannah reached out a hand, and Spencer took it, shaking it. Her blush faded a tinge, but their eyes never left each other. She hoped he was worth getting to know. Being a single parent tended to be a turnoff, but she just couldn’t seem to shake the feeling that she got. Maybe Spencer was different?

    Obvious - Dean Winchester x Reader

    Title: Obvious 

    Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader

    Word Count: 1,126

    Warnings: None

    Prompt: I’d love a fic where Dean has a huge crush on reader and when she starts getting flirty with Cas then he acts all jealous and just hugs her when she won’t shut up about his obvious jealousy!

    Originally posted by canonspngifs

    “Hey Dean, uh where is Sam?” you frowned taking a look around you as you were able to spot only Dean there, sulking as he really liked to do lately.

    “Supply run.” he grumbled clicking furiously on his computer, fact that made you raise an eyebrow.

    “Then why didn’t you ask me if I wanted something?” you blinked, sitting next to Castiel as Dean still kept a clenched jaw and stared at his computer screen.

    “Would have, if you two weren’t so busy. So we thought it would be better to not interrupt.” he huffed looking up at you and particularly Castiel. Although you could really call it a glare more than anything else.

    “Interrupt what?” Castiel frowned and you shrugged at him.

    “I don’t know.” you mumbled glancing at Dean who was angrily taking a sip of his beer “It’s not like we were having sex. Only heavily making out.” and of course he choked on it. You had such a hard time keeping a snicker in when he gave you that look of disbelief, his eyes wide in total shock.

    “Easy tiger.” you giggled “I am just kidding… sort of.” you mumbled as he gave you a hard look.

    Keep reading

    Derek Grant #1 - Baby, Baby

    Originally posted by vinniehinostroza

    A/N - so sorry I haven’t been as active! I’m going to try to put out some more writings this weekend but I also have a whole bunch of assignments to do so… we’ll see

    this is for anon: hi! could you write an imagine about Derek Grant? maybe something like you’re pregnant and it’s the baby shower? idk, whatever you’re comfortable with! xxx


    “I feel like an elephant.” you groaned as you flopped down on the couch. Your husband, Derek Grant just pouted at you from where he was sitting beside you.

    “Aw, honey. Can I get you anything?”

    “Your baby out of my body!” Derek laughed and kissed you on the forehead.

    “That bad?” he asked while stroking your hand.

    “No…” you admitted, “I just really don’t know how I’m going to be able to get this huge body into a dress for the baby shower. I voted for a pajama  party when Michelle said she was going to throw me a party but apparently a summer beach theme was more instagram-worthy.” you sighed.

    “They just want to be supportive.” Derek reasoned, “And it will be good for you to get out. You haven’t done anything fun with your friends since what, the end of your first trimester? And you won’t want to do anything after the lil’ munchkin comes so this will be fun.”

    “Yeah, yeah. I know.” you resolved and leaned your head onto Derek’s shoulder, “Curse you and your not hormone-crazy thought processes.”

    Derek chuckled at that before kissing you on the forehead once more, “Alright, up we get.” you groaned, “Nope, come on. We are going to go get you dressed into something that you like and I’ll even do your hair for you. Then we are going to drive to Michelle’s house because she is your best friend and did something incredibly generous for you. And then we are going to have fun because all of our friends are there and you deserve it. Ok?”

    “Alright, you convinced me.” you grinned, “You are going to be awesome at this dad-thing.” Derek just smiled before hoisting you to your feet and teasing you as you muttered about how big you felt while walking.


    When you walked into your best friend’s house, you had to restrain yourself from facepalming at the cheesiness of the whole party. Michelle came running when she saw you and almost crushed you in a hug.

    “Alright Mickey we can take like 20% off the enthusiasm, I am carrying precious cargo.” you laughed.

    “(Y/N) we have been friends since we could talk you should know by now that I never miss an opportunity to be extra. Look! I can’t tell you how long I spent on Pinterest, I just tried to make every cheesy thing possible on here.”

    You laughed at your best friend’s antics and looked over your shoulder to Derek. He just shrugged and mouthed that he was going to find a couple of the boys that he convinced to come help him get through the girly party. Michelle paraded you through her living room and backyard where every inch was covered in some kind of cute decoration ranging everything from cupcakes decorated like baby rattles and balloons in the shape of pacifiers.

    “Michelle,  you really didn’t have to do all this. I would’ve been more than happy to chill with all my favourite people watching a movie that is not anywhere near kid appropriate for the last time in awhile.” you tried to calm your bubbly friend.

    “I’m sorry (Y/N), you know I love you but come on! It’s not everyday that I have an excuse to dust off my pinterest account and go full party-planner. As much as this is for you because you are amazing and I can’t wait to be an aunt, this is also a ridiculously cute party and I am LIVING for it.”

    “I love you crazy girl.” you laughed.

    “Oh I know. What’s not to love?” Michelle winked over her shoulder before pulling you behind her into the living room. “Alright everyone, let’s have some fun.” she announced while  forcing you and Derek into the loveseat facing where everyone was mingling around.

    “So, originally I was all for the stereotypical baby shower activities as you probably noticed by the way my house looks like a mommy-blog threw up on it.” everyone who was listening attentively started laughing as Michelle continued on, “Well, I was also going to do baby shower party games but all of the ones I came across were either lame, boring, or just plain weird so we are not going to do any sort of measuring (Y/N)’s waist or making her try to guess baby food flavours.”

    “Oh thank god.” you sighed relieved.

    “Nope, we are going to do an actual fun game that isn’t demeaning to the mom-to-be. It’s like the Newlyweds Game, except these two have been married for for two years so it’s more of a newly parents game.” you and Derek exchanged glances when Michelle handed you both mini whiteboards and erasable markers before sitting on the floor with some of the party guests.

    “Okay, who wants to go first?” you asked your friends.

    One of your old college friends called out, “How long did you wait before telling Derek you were pregnant.”

    You blushed and immediately looked at Derek but he was so confident in his answer that you felt a little bad. You quickly wrote your answer down and looked back up at your group. You and Derek turned to face each other and revealed your answers at the same time. His eyes went so wide when he saw 3 weeks on your whiteboard and you saw that he wrote ‘told me right away’. Your friends all saw this and burst into laughter. You giggled a little bit at Derek spluttering, “3-3 weeks! You knew for that long and didn’t tell me?”

    “I knew before Derek did?” one of your best friends, Sydney, who is another WAG on the team laughed

    “Well… I missed my period the first time and I didn’t think anything of it because that happens sometime. And then I started feeling sick right when you went on that two week road trip and I didn’t want to do it over skype so yeah, 3 weeks.” you tried to explain, “And yeah, I was trying to figure out how to tell you and I needed ideas so I asked Syd.”

    “How did you end up breaking the good news to Derek?” one of his teammates asked.

    “Well, I came home from said road-trip and (Y/N) was acting really awkward because she would say something completely random or like, not really following with the conversation and then giggling to herself. I later realized it was because she was trying to make horrible pregnancy puns and was way too proud of herself.” Derek rolled his eyes but there was a big grin on his face

    “And then we were having dinner and (Y/N) just casually mentioned that the guest room would be great for a nursery so I just kind of agreed because one of our favourite pastimes in the early years of our relationship was talking about our dream lives so I thought we were just being nostalgic. But then (Y/N) rolled her eyes and called over the dog and when I saw something sticking out of Duke’s collar I knew right away.” Derek finished


    “That’s so cute”

    “You guys are disgustingly cute”

    You laughed at everyone’s reactions, “I knew that Derek wasn’t going to get any subtle messages so I had about five backup plans, the final being me just dragging him to the guest room where I had laid out a tiny Grant jersey with little shoes that look like skates with a big sign that said “I’m pregnant!” and the picture of the positive test in case he thought i was joking.”

    “Ah, you know me too well.” Derek was grinning at you now and placed a chaste kiss on your lips.


    When you finally got home you were more waddling than walking, but still had a large smile on your face.

    “How you doing honey-bun?” Derek asked.

    “Back’s sore, but I’m really happy.” you smiled up at him and wrapped your arms around his torso in a hug

    Derek enveloped you with his big arms and you rested your head against his chest. “Why don’t I draw us up a nice hot bath in the big tub while you get us some comfy clothes to change into after and I will give you a massage with those bath salts you like?”

    “You really want to take a bath with this swollen lady?” you laughed



    Next up: Sebastian Aho!