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For the record, anyone who is a fan of my Bucky fic “All That’s Best of Dark and Bright” should really thank @abovethesmokestacks for consistently cheerleading/asskicking me through this chapter.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she were absolutely exhausted by all the work she’s put into pushing me forward, so she definitely deserves a lot of love for that.  I will never be able to properly convey how grateful I am for Pia and all her help.

And a thank you to everyone else who has left me kind words of encouragement through a 6-month chapter drought

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Hi Steve! I am a big fan and you have been nothing but kind to me when I wanted something signed for me. I even have one of your judges playmats that I got in Vegas during MM release. Anyway, I am a vendor and I only approach you when I know you are free becaus being someone who gets approached alot myself, I understand that freetime is few and far between. Despite this, I have always wanted a Chosen of Markov altered to be Prince with the love sexy symbol in the backround. Are you willing?

Sounds fun!  You’ll want to come early and sign up for a time to get the artwork done.  You don’t need to stick around, you can leave the card and head back to your booth.  We try our best to keep your standing in line to a minimum.

I just found out that Carrie Fisher has died, and I am absolutely devastated.

I actually got to meet and work with Carrie (and Gary) a few years ago while volunteering at a comic con, and it’s a day I’ll hold on to for the rest of my life. Carrie was, really and truly, everything you think she’d be, and more. I helped with her photo-op, making sure the fans were respectful & orderly, and Carrie was just a riot. She was witty and sarcastic, telling jokes and laughing, greeting everyone with such kindness (especially us workers). She really didn’t have to; after all, it’d been almost a 10 hour day & she was a HUGE celebrity. But she took the time to greet every person, and acknowledge every worker, which not everyone does. I remember her patiently explaining to young children why they couldn’t pet Gary, and telling dirty jokes to a fan in a slave Leia costume; I remember that mischievous twinkle in her eye, and how much she adored Gary. Carrie even stayed after the venue hall closed FOR TWO HOURS to make sure that every single person in line got their photo/autograph. After a grueling day, she still wasn’t grumpy, all smiles and witty banter, because she didn’t want anyone to feel like she treated them badly. 

And of course, she was feisty; she did what she wanted, and definitely didn’t take any shit. She took a break right in the middle of the photo-ops b/c she wanted to, refused security on her smoke breaks, and kept trying to distract the camera man and workers by telling us jokes; and the only thing she would drink was Diet Coke out of a wineglass. (#iconic)

The picture of her I’ll always remember is her, walking from the photo-ops to the autograph table, holding a wineglass full of Diet Coke and Gary trotting along at her heels. She exuding such power, and grace, after such a long day, that I was blown away. It was such an iconic, incredible image; Carrie honestly looked like she ruled the universe.

So RIP to an extraordinary woman. The world gave her hell and she gave it hell right back. She was kind, funny, witty, mischievous, and utterly one-of-a-kind, and I loved her for it; she was living proof that things get better, and keep moving, even when you hit rock bottom. 

Goodbye, Carrie Fisher. 💔😢


I’ve got a challenge...

I am thinking of a series…Can you guess it? Here are some clues:

  • the cast is mostly male
  • main character is bright, energetic, and cheerful
  • there’s a ton of characters (some have only appeared once)
  • most of the characters seem human, but are not actually human
  • they live among humankind, but can never be human
  • hint hint: anthropomorphism
  • they’re also extremely old, but never age
  • they did experience WWII at some point…
  • not much of a story arc, mostly slice of life episodes (although there was a slight story arc at the beginning of the series, it kind of sidetracked)
  • stories are filled with little historical tidbits here and there
  • tons of Christmas and Halloween episodes/events for some reason
  • has an English dub
  • has a theatrical movie that’s extremely wacky, even compared to the context of the original series, and leaves people (even fans) more confused than anything else
  • the fandom can agree that the animation has improved over the years
  • shipping arguments can cause a fandom war
  • tons of fan videos on YouTube
  • it is SUPER popular in Japan
  • very elusive creator

What am I thinking of?


It’s Dralentine’s posting day! This was my gift for the wonderful, INSANELY TALENTED and kind and all around incredible human being, @julietsemophase. I actually could not believe that my gift went to you, like holy shit I screamed. I am so elated to have had you as a giftee! Thank you for bringing such wonderful Drarry literature to our eyes and so many smiles to our faces. <3<3<3<3<3

The Bulletin Board

In Draco’s opinion, the best part of the small flat in which he and Harry lived was the bulletin board next to their front door. Harry had insisted on hanging it up when they moved in, saying Hermione had one in her bedroom when they were younger and it helped to keep life from getting too messy. Draco wasn’t sure what he’d meant by that (Harry was the messiest person he’d ever met), and although he found it tacky and strange (as he found most muggle inventions), Harry put it up on the wall.

Draco wasn’t sure what it was for, exactly, but for some odd reason it seemed to make Harry happy, so he never took it down. For the first couple of weeks, there was a singular picture of Ron and Hermione with a cactus sticker Draco’d won in a claw machine at the pizza parlor for Teddy’s birthday. He finally began to catch on after a bit and the board became the place on which they hung and stuck the things with which their most positive memories were tied.

Pinned in the middle was a photostrip taken in a booth at Hermione and Ron’s wedding with a muggle camera. Draco wasn’t sure how it worked and was still confused to this day as to why the picture wouldn’t move. He didn’t like the way his face was frozen in that stubborn frown before Harry shut him up with the next flash. That night was full of drunken dancing and karaoke, and at one point, Draco had an epic duet with Ron  to a muggle song neither of them knew the words to.

Harry had a knack for finding some of the most humiliating pieces of Draco’s past and pinning them permanently to the board with magic when he wasn’t looking. He’d dug through Draco’s old trunk and found the Pro’s and Con’s list Draco had made regarding his feelings for Harry sometime during fifth or sixth year. He’d also somehow kept the drawing Draco had folded into a paper crane and blown to him like a kiss during their third year in school (the ridicule for that one never truly seemed to end) along with his very own “Potter Stinks” badge he’d acquired during fourth year. They were all big hits during dinner parties with their old schoolmates.

When they first started dating, Harry had insisted on taking Draco to the reptile house to check up on the snakes because he hadn’t been since he was a kid. Draco turned his head for what seemed like five seconds and when he looked back at Harry, he’d gotten a python out of its enclosure and started a . According to Harry, it hadn’t been the first time he’d done it (Draco still had questions about that), and Draco snapped a picture of Harry and the friendly python, deeply entrenched in what seemed to be a simply enthralling conversation, with his disposable camera. The flash had startled the snake and he ended up escaping. The picture was up on the board the day they came back from the developer.

The board next to their door was a shrine of the best things: Pride buttons, a necklace Teddy had given Draco for Christmas, notes left around the house, all little tidbits of the their tangled timeline. Each addition was a new milestone; a reminder that they didn’t need to leave every part of their past behind them, because not every part of their past was full of negativity or hatred, and their future didn’t have to be, either.


Nothing like de-stressing with Altean!Lance. I couldn’t decide which hair I liked better so I did all of them :3c

such a beautiful, positive woman was taken from this world all too soon Johannah you have loved so many people tirelessly, while you had the weight of the world on your shoulders you were a beautiful light in all of our lives as fans, i am sure you were a wonderful, loving mother and just an overall amazing human being you seemed like a selfless, kind woman i hope you are free from pain now and continue to look down on your children and husband with love

Rest In Peace and Loving Memory Johannah Deakin

Steve Aoki is the definition of how to treat fans right. I can’t count the amount of times people have called us crazy, obsessed, delusional, etc. Which in many cases resulted in hate. Which (for them) proved their point.

But Steve has been nothing but kind and respectful and understanding. He understand where we come from and that means a lot. And the result is amazing. Cause in return everyone loves and respects him. He didn’t come in with a preconceived idea about boybands and their fans. He was open and honest and respectful. The result is that everyone loves him. I am so grateful that Steve Aoki exists and I’m so grateful he has never judged us, but started embracing us from the start.

And the thing I’m most grateful for is how he has been an amazing friend to Louis. He literally canceled shows for Louis and that deserves a lot of respect.

Harry Styles’ parents have instilled the best qualities in him. He is such a hard worker, never complains, and always gets the job done. He takes challenges head on (competing in x factor, acting, doing a solo album). And he does it all without stepping on anyone on the way up. He’s always kind and gracious, and I know this because everyone he has worked with has spoken on that fact. I am so proud to be his fan. So, so proud. 

okay so i think we all know by now that tarjei is an amazing actor. but here’s the thing, he’s an amazing actor.
basically, there aren’t many videos or interviews of tarjei, most of what we get is videos of isak valtersen(and i am not complaining). but there are some videos of him being himself; videos that fans have recorded when taking pictures with him and some interviews. and one thing that have really stood out to me is that he is a completely different person when playing isak, and when he’s being himself(lol obviously). and i know that’s kind of the whole point of acting, to be someone else, but it’s not only the things he says etc. it’s how he smiles, how he moves, how he touches his hair, it’s all different.
and the thing is that when he’s playing isak, he’s doing it so well. because there’s not a moment in skam where he over acts or that makes you think “ugh he’s such a bad actor”. because he has the ability to change himself. he hasn’t just got the ability to show emotions or to have a believable dialogue with someone. but he actually changes himself. and let’s keep in mind that this kid is only a seventeen year old actor from norway that was completely unknown just two years ago. he’s amazing. 

I usually make a point to avoid getting into this kind of drama. 

That stops now.

If you’ve been following the kind of people I follow, or if you’re part of new fandoms that experience a sudden explosion in popularity and number of fans - Undertale. Steven Universe. RWBY. Fire Emblem. Overwatch. Disney. Gravity Falls. Star Wars. Marvel. Etc -, you will have seen something like this.

Every time, without exception, there’s a small group of people who think they are entitled to say what is right and what is wrong. Who erect themselves as judge and jury of what is GOOD and what is PUNISHABLE. And now, they may well have erected themselves into executioners.

There was a tumblr user by the name of tyrant-rex. Emphasis on WAS. If you go to his blog you’ll notice it’s deactivated. That’s because he did it, right after leaving a suicide note.

Rex shipped Pewey. That is Pearl/Mayor Dewey, both characters from Steven Universe. Pearl is a canonical lesbian character. Mayor Dewey is a guy. And that, it seems, was all the reason this toxic part of the fandom needed to want him dead. They showered him in hate and this is the result. Rex may well be DEAD because some people decided a fictional ship was worth more than a human life.

And the most sickening part? They’re not sorry. They revel in the pain they’ve caused. They try to justify it.

“But Pearl is a canonicaly lesbian!” Doesn’t justify killing a person over it.

“But it was lesbian erasure!” No it’s not, just as shipping two heterosexual characters in a gay relationship isn’t heterosexual erasure. And even if it were, it would still not justify killing a person over it.

“But seeing that ship hurts me!” If a non-canon drawing of a fictional ship is enough to cause you pain you should go to therapy because you are obviously not well off on the head. Oh, and it STILL DOES NOT JUSTIFY KILLING SOMEBODY OVER IT.

I mean, really, did these people even think about what they were doing? What they are celebrating? If he’s dead, that’s a whole person gone from the earth. Did he have friends? Family? Loved ones? Hopes and dreams? And now those people will never see him again. His goals will never come to be. And why? Because of a ship? Because people on the internet couldn’t stand others loving things they didn’t like? Can you think of any subject more STUPID to hate somebody? To drive somebody to death?

This is not the first time the SU fandom drove someone to the edge of suicide. And I tell you right now, it’s not going to be the last. This is gonna keep happening. And you might be reading this and thinking I’m overreacting. I wish I was. I wish I had no reason to make this post. But Rex, and those who came before, are the horrible proof that no, I am not exaggerating.

And just like they came for him, they will come for you. Because you drew Connie’s nose too small, or her skin too light. Because you drew Pearl with boobs, or Mei and Rose skinny. Because you made Frisk’s eyes too asian, or Hanzo’s eyes not asian enough. Because your humanization of Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps is not the color THEY want it to be. Because you dared to ship the “wrong” ship. Because your opinion is something they don’t like.

I honestly don’t know how to close this, so I’ll just say, if anybody’s shitting on you or trying to get you to hurt yourself, block them. Your mental health and your life matter so much more than all the fictional characters in the world.

Carrie Fisher was my idol. Words cannot express how important she was, and how formative the character of Leia was for me. Leia is the reason I’m a Star Wars fan. She was what grabbed 8 year old me and pulled me deeply into a universe from which I will never emerge, a universe that has seen me through so much. And it was her character who has grounded me most of all. 

Carrie’s portrayal of Leia opened my eyes and showed me a new kind of heroine, one unlike any I’d seen before. I related so deeply to her and she helped form me into the confident, caring person I am today. I will always be inspired by her and that inspiration and legacy will never die. This is a character who I know did the same for countless people around the world. I can say with no hyperbole that Princess Leia is a life changing character.

And beyond that, Carrie herself was an inspiration. She was so talented, such a beautiful writer, so breathtakingly funny, so strong and so needed. I am blessed that I got to see her in person at Celebration last year and I laughed so hard my face hurt by the end of it. She was always a gift and the world lost some once in a millennia talent and warmth today.

I am still processing my grief over this but I know I will always value and treasure the gifts that Carrie gave us, and that her legacy will never die.