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kristaleamd: When I see #famouspeople on TV visiting #cancer patients, a small voice in my head tells me - it’s all publicity. This was different. There was no media, no cameras, & we weren’t even allowed to take videos. He came discretely & left the same way. No fanfare. And he made one of our brave warrior’s #MakeAWish come true. He played her a song on the piano and on a guitar and sat a while just to talk. I’m familiar with some of his songs but I’m not what you would call a fan. Well I am now. Thank you for being kind Mr. @harrystyles. ️⭐

kristaleamd: When I see #famouspeople on TV visiting #cancer patients, a small voice in my head tells me - it’s all publicity. This was different. There was no media, no cameras, & we weren’t even allowed to take videos. He came discretely & left the same way. No fanfare. And he made one of our brave warrior’s #MakeAWish come true. He played her a song on the piano and on a guitar and sat a while just to talk. I’m familiar with some of his songs but I’m not what you would call a fan. Well I am now. Thank you for being kind Mr. @harrystyles. ⭐️

One Way Glass

Alrighty. I’ve been hesitant to write this, but at this point I might as well.

For a bit of time we’ve been hearing from different YouTubers about how the YouTube system has been very… iffy lately.

I am writing this as a fan and talking about what it is like being a fan with this platform and what that turns into.

I don’t talk about Jack or Mark until the end, so feel free to skim around if you’d like. I kind of got a bit ranty ^^;

Being a fan in the current era is like you and the content creator are being separated by a wall of glass. As time passes and more people show up, the glass on the creator’s end gets foggy. There comes a final point where you can see in, but the content creator can not see out. It happens so gradually that most content creators rarely realize how foggy this glass has become. The ones who don’t notice it trek onward.

The content creators who are oblivious to this sheet of glass just continue on with their content with little to no feedback, and if they are given any they won’t publically acknowledge it. 

Then there’s the bad bunch. This group of content creators has seen the glass, and they are all fully aware that it’s there, but for the most part they ignore it. It only becomes bad when they abuse the use of the glass to their advantage.

The final group (and group that will be discussed for the majority of this wall of text) is the group of content creators that have literally done everything to break this wall. They accept and acknowledge feedback, thank their fans, involve them in their content at every opportunity, and treat them like human beings rather than just numbers.

They will do everything they can to reach over the glass, and for the most part a lot of them succeed.


The problems are not on the shoulders of the content creator in this group. The problems are the fans.

While the creator sits and works, completely unaware of what is happening on the other side of the glass, the fans will physically do anything to grab the creator’s attention. They will bite, scratch, claw, steal, and insult just to get what is now commonly referred to as a “Notice.”

Notices are great. They can lead you to success on a post, new followers, and new people in general to talk to.

But as mentioned previously, some will do anything to gain notices. It’s these disgusting people who decide to steal and take from others, who are deserving of attention unlike themselves, and claim it as their own and continue onward. Then after being told that the content is stolen the creator does nothing to change it.


This is in no way 100% accurate about that third group. Let’s add a group 3.5.

This group is filled with people who get noticed merely because of having talent, a sense of humor, maybe some other form of WOW that manages to catch the eye of the content creator.

Now, to specify about Jack and Mark’s communities.

We normally sit on the opposite end of the glass with piles of blank paper and rainbow crayons. We are constantly creating, sharing, and talking with one another and it is honestly mind-blowing.

All of us are constantly present and a part of what comes out of the glass.

Until either Mark or Jack decides to throw a match over it.
Then shit hits the fan and we all sprint into the theory bunker only to find that for some reason all of the fire extinguishers are gone and then remember that’s because of how often our side of the wall tends to be set ablaze.

I am so proud to be a part of both of these amazing groups of people.

Happy Thanksgiving!

I want to say that I am so thankful for the friends I made on here! To my mutuals who are always there! Even if we are not friends yet, you still are lovely and I appreciate you! You lovely creatures deserve all the best! You deserve to be happy and healthy both mentally and physically, you deserve to have your bellies full of good food this day, and you deserve sucess and financial stability for this holiday season and the year to come! You all are sweeter than sugar, kind to your head to your toes, have hearts of gold, creative geniuses, actual geniuses, generous souls, grateful souls, lovely as an budding lilac, and brilliant as a newborn star.

I am thankful for the wonderful fan fiction and gorgeous fan art you all create, it never ceases to amaze me! You all never cease to amaze me!

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Hi, I don't want to get you into dramas or be rude, but I'm considering waching Supergirl because I loved Wonder Woman but when looking for information I found many criticisms even saying that Supergirl is in a toxic relationship. I am a victim of abuse and want know if it's true because I've heard it can be a trigger and that scares me. I know there is a kind of war between the fans and your blog is the most objective and respectful I have found. Sorry for my English.

Hello, my love!

First, your English is great, so no worries there! 😁👌

First I will start out with your original reasoning for considering watching the show. If Wonder Woman is what is attracting you to the show, sadly I have to say that I would keep my distance from Supergirl. It’s possible that season 1 of the show will have the elements you seek, but most of those left with season 2 or at the very least were very inconsistent. Outside of also being a show with a female superhero as the title character, unfortunately, Supergirl simply cannot even begin to compare to Wonder Woman. 

Now to focus on your major concerns. There have been quite a few criticisms in the media and on social media regarding the show’s second season – primarily Kara’s relationship with M*n-El. It has indeed been labeled as toxic and abusive and many fans have questioned and criticized the notion of putting Kara in a relationship with him for various reasons, including the type of person he is and his history (womanizing misogynistic (former) slave owner) is the general consensus among those that feel that way.

I’ll state some facts and omit details, just in case. In the very beginning of season 2, Kara and M*n-El: 

  • Physically fight on multiple occasions
  • Scream and argue at one another 
  • Can at times be verbally and emotionally abusive toward one another out of anger or spite and–
  • More than once he goes against her wishes to do as he pleases.

There are examples of most of these before and after they are a couple. People interpret these moments and their motivation differently, as they will. They will speak to how they see it and their own experiences, which is fine. But regardless of how anyone sees it, they happened. If any of that sounds like it may trigger you, again, I would not watch past season 1. Of course, the season has its great moments, but the relationship and the guy involved get a great deal of attention.

I hope this helps you make your choice, my love. If you decide to watch the first season, I hope you enjoy it. Thanks for stopping by! 💗

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I am fine with these kind of stunts vs anything else. IMO the hets are like whatever, too busy worrying about merch & tix. Frankly if it gets us closer and quicker to Karlie making things ofc, I am down for it. I won’t be complaining at all.

Yes, like we had already posted recently, it’s always better than any photo op, like the crazy ones she used to do with Calvin and Tom….

I also think that they have to diversify the stunts, bc articles planted in tabloids don’t get a lot of attention, nor likes & RTs…just from the fans, but the GP doesn’t care about him at all, so the articles don’t work as well as they did with the previous beards…They have to be more creative..

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Hey! I’m a huge fan of your fics! You writing style is so fun to read, and your characterisation is spot on!!!! I don’t know if you take any requests, but if you do could you write a dennor thing where they are very tired college students and are cuddling (and ignoring all the work they gotta do) to recharge? My personal head-canon is that Dan is a med student and Nor majors in human psychology, but please write whatever you like.

Oooh, thank you! :)

I am happy to hear this. I am trying to make the kind of stories that people can enjoy and get good feelings from.

Yeah, I take requests! And then I use senseless, dictatorship kind of power with deciding what, when and how I will fulfill :)

I am not a big fan of College AU (but heck, I am also avoiding the school work), so this is very short and I didn’t went on details about what they study because the education system here is quite different and I don’t even know what people do in college (I guess it would be close to our Bachelor studies at Uni), also I couldn’t decide what names to use so I am “sneakily” avoiding all the situations where one would call another by name. Heh he.

“Where are you?” the Norwegian asked when he noticed the familiar pair of shoes at the door, but nobody ran to meet him. Usually his Danish boyfriend didn’t miss the chance for hugs and “welcome home” kisses, as he called it, so the Norwegian frowned and walked into his room. The apartment was small so there weren’t really many places for the Dane to hide into. They had a small kitchen that doubled as a living room whenever they felt like hanging out together there, bathroom that included a shower with strange noises, and then there were two bedrooms; one for the Norwegian and one for his Finnish roommate. Officially that was how they lived, but after some rather strange happenings they had found out they were dating guys that also lived together, leading to them sharing the apartments in a bit different way; the Dane spent more time with him, while the Finn usually ended up into the apartment few blocks away.

He noticed the blanket covered body in his bed right away after stepping into the room, and he dropped his bag at the door before walking over.

“Are you alive?” he said and poked the area he assumed was the Dane’s waist. The body moved and groaned before the man poked his head out.

“Hi”, he said and smiled.

“What are you doing?” the Norwegian asked.


“From what?”

“Responsibilities.” The Dane knew that he would get a talk about that. Out of them two, the Norwegian took things more seriously, even if the Dane too managed well with his studies, and it was common for him to comment on about lazing around. That was why the Dane was surprised when instead of the normal reaction of disagreeing, the Norwegian only commanded him to move, and took a place next to him. The blanket was large enough to cover them both completely when they stayed close to each other, and soon it became hot under there, but they didn’t mind. The Norwegian’s nose snuggled against the Dane’s neck, and he wrapped his arms around the man’s body.

“You wanna hide too?” he asked.

“Just for a moment”, the Norwegian replied calmly.

“What you got?” the Dane asked, and the other man knew what he meant without more details.

“I have a report to hand in before tomorrow”, he said, “and somebody should clean this apartment.”

“I got some assignments too”, the Dane muttered, “and I guess I should start to prepare for that exam next week. I heard it is gonna be a tough one. Didn’t you say you will have a field trip in couple of days or soon?”

“On Thursday”, the Norwegian said with a small nod, “I will have to make notes for that and prepare a lunch I can take with.”

“We will have to go shop”, the Dane noted, “I don’t think we have much in the fridge.”

“I will have to make a run to the post too”, the Norwegian muttered, “and don’t forget that we are out of cleaning stuff. Have to buy those too.”

“Cleaning stuff?”

“Yeah”, the Norwegian muttered and closed his eyes, “and it is your turn to clean here.”

“I don’t even live here”, the Dane protested.

“Oh, so you are okay with me kicking you out now?”

“No”, he said with slightly whining tone and hugged the Norwegian tighter, “I can not go home. Finny is there. Things gets too lovely dovely there.” Norway chuckled and reached to pet the Dane’s hair.

“Okay, stay here then”, he muttered and yawned.

“Wanna nap?” the Dane asked, quickly catching on that his boyfriend was too tired to start to work on the assignments right then.

“There are so many things to do”, the Norwegian protested, but he didn’t sound like he really wanted to get up. In fact, he was moving closer the Dane, trying to find the perfect and most comfortable spot. His boyfriend let him move around and once he had settled again, he kissed his temple and sighed happily.

“Just forget about things for now”, he said, “you can do everything later.”

“Okay”, the Norwegian murmured, ready to fall asleep. The Dane moved the blanket off their head, so they could have fresh air, and soon they were both sleeping soundly while the tasks waited to be done.

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You're back!! BLESS!! (I love your writing!!) May I ask for headcanons for Looker and Nanu who have a pregnant s/o? Like, finding out, prep, fluff throughout, The Big Day, that kind of thing? I'm a sucker for fluff like this~

(keep this a secret but i am such a big fan of pregnancy fluff? its so cute!!)

- nearly faints when he finds out. it’s likely an accident, given his mobile lifestyle, so he’s unsure how to take it! he’s happy though, he’s always wanted kids, but its a huge responsibility…
- extremely attentive, buys “how to be a dad for dummies” and asks for pointers from other parents. he’s so nervous, you’d think he’s the one pregnant?
- one thing he handles well is mood swings. from calming you down to lifting your spirits up, he’s sure he can tame any mood your condition comes with
- he’s out on a job when the big day occurs! he get’s the speediest boat he can find to get to you, and makes it just in time to see his baby born. he almost cries (almost)

- thinks you’re pranking him until he shows you proof, which at that point he just kinda malfunctions doesn’t know what to say. yeesh
- while he’s not a father, he’s babysitted babies plenty, including young acerola! he still researches what to do, but he’s not completely new to child care
- when you start showing, he almost laughs out loud with how grumpy his meowth get when they can’t lie on your lap anymore. they end up on your shoulders instead
- you go into labor in the middle of the night, scaring the shit out of nanu. being where he lives, he can only get you to a pokemon center rather than a hospital in time…thankfully, nurse joy doesn’t turn you away lmao! it’s a hectic experience.

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your writing is so good!! you are so talented!! thank you for blessing byeler fandom!!!!

ahhhh thank you! I try my best, so I’m very glad I can contribute something enjoyable to the byeler fandom! you are too kind, anon :)

Those who follow me probably already know that I’m a giant sucker for Parent/Child relationships. So you know… When Tonraq called Korra “sweetheart” while watching his baby possibly dying, I was pretty much done.

Kind of like when Joel called Ellie “baby girl” and you just shut down like “yep. that’s it. I am emotionally spent.”

Yuri on Ice Midsummer Night’s Dream was such a nice official art and both Yuri and Yurio were soooo adorable! But yeah, Yuri Katsuki with similar clothing but adult sized! His eros is showing and I am dying XD although, if he portraits a kind of love, dressed and acting like this, I feel ludus would be a better match… I don’t know, what do you think? :/

I’m trying out a different style because I do weird things like that sometimes. While I usually do more of a semi-realism style (not my comics but coloring) I thought it would be fun to do something slightly different and focus more on a messy anime kind of theme. Plus I’ve been wanting to do something kind of like this for awhile now (the whole Japanese kind of theme I guess) which btw, I am NOT an expert on Japanese attire, so if I messed something up forgive me. ^.^

Lana Del Rey says Donald Trump helped shape her album ‘Lust For Life’ — and the world needs feminism more than ever.
The singer has returned to the world of music with her fourth studio album in five years.

By Jacqui Swift for The Sun (UK).

LANA DEL REY’s latest album glitters with an all-star cast.
On ‘Lust For Life,’ her most impressive album yet, Lana teams up with heavyweights such as The Weeknd, Stevie Nicks, Sean Ono Lennon and A$AP Rocky.

They are the first collaborations in her career so far, which spans five studio albums, including four in the past five years — an impressive work rate for the Los Angeles-based star.

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A little gift for @hernyart, who came out with an awesome idea of putting his characters in a western setting. Boy, I hope this becomes a thing.