i am kidlocked

baby starjohn with baby sandmanlock uwu

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Can you imagine on Christmas day, kid!Sherlock is receiving rubbish presents from all his stupid relatives, but he’s behaving and stays polite because My said it would make mummy happier and after everyone’s gone My whispers to him “well done, Sherly” and hands him his first ever chemistry kit

sherlock didn’t notice that star!john had very small constellations in his eyes until he made john laugh one dark evening, watching john’s deep blue irises suddenly start sparkling with tiny glimmers of tiny stars, leaving sherlock open-mouthed and his heart racing. the next morning (as john can only sleep during the day), sherlock curls up with redbeard and tells him all about how his john has his own little galaxy in his eyes and how it made sherlock’s cheeks feel hot and “that’s a really funny feeling i’ve never felt that before do you think it is a magical effect that stars have on humans, redbeard?”