i am just testing out


happy birthday 2 the best mom ever 💕

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Here’s what I’ve been whittling on! Link’s Wooden Sword from the Twilight Princess game. I looooveee making swords especially out of wood, and have fiiinally got a proper roughing knife to whittle with! No more scary box cutter whittling! I also sprung for a nice piece of walnut wood, stained it a bit with the tannins in coffee (smells nice!) and made some wood polish/sealer from beeswax and olive oil. It worked out better than expected! which is great because I am never patient enough to test things out on scraps first… Just have to do the handle wrap and then I can check it off the list :)


animation experimentation with two of my life mottos 

I’ve been like SUPER stressed lately
I am having shitstorm of tests at school, I just got out from a whole week full of it and also this one is pretty hell-ish

At most of them I failed and that bringed my mood pretty much down, I’m still pretty demotivated and I hope I’ll get a grip in future 

I’m now feeling better tho! Also some peeps around here cheered me up a lot! Also shitposting did lmao 

btw have this, I wanted to work on a serious pic but it’s midnight-

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why ok i’ll do it

sequel to this (if you’re too lazy to read it, it’s basically that Warner’s across the country at the capitol)

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I woke up like this
((cranky, pale, and vaguely resembling the fallen archangel lucifer))



Y´ALL I´VE NEVER ACTUALLY YOUTUBED BEFORE BUT HERE I AM. Just testing things out and getting used to the platform. Pidge looks like she stole Keith´s armor but I promise that´s just the colour palette.

This is a speedpaint for this piece: http://ilikethingsironic.tumblr.com/post/157276780214/i-must-become-a-lion-hearted-girl-ready-for-a

Close. Sam’s face is so close, Castiel can feel his warmth, their noses just short of brushing. Sam’s looking at him, his eyes focused but free of the worry that usually lies behind them, just easy calmness playing among his features now. Castiel supposes he himself looks far less collected as he can feel his face heat up and he’s frozen to the spot, all he wants is to close the last few inches between them but all he can do is focus on Samsamsamsam-

Do you want to kiss me?” Sam murmurs, shifting just a bit closer and brushing his nose ever so slightly against Castiel’s. The angel’s “Yes” tumbles out before Castiel can think about it, his heart beating faster. Sam’s lips turn up into a small smile and once again Castiel acts quicker than he realizes, closing the distance he thought he would never be able to. Sam is there to welcome him.

From Ashes - A Teen Wolf Fanfic (x)

Elsa Kirsch has lived down the road from Scott McCall her entire life. It’s only when weird and frankly unexplainable things start happening to her that the pair are truly thrown together. Will she finally get the boy who’s been her lifelong crush or will new kid on the block Theo Raeken lead her astray?

because I am trash.