i am just so excited for this


Such great news! 

Good luck with moving to a new place @danisnotonfire and @amazingphil ! ♥


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okay but like, i am so excited to see their new place….i hope phil gets his garden, dan gets his new piano and big room, they get a backyard with sunshine, and the place has air conditioning, and they make friends with their neighbors and have plenty of space for a dog, better storage areas (multiple levels??), a new larger gaming room with lots of new places for phil’s houseplants, a big kitchen where they could bake together & have cabinet doors that automatically close for phil, and no glass doors so they won’t bang around anymore, a high coffee table for their long bodies, and just a place they both love that feels like home for the next several years of their lives

Cool Things

So, backing off on writing fics just to have something to post has cleared my head and kicked off some creativity. I am so excited to share some big things about my quest to become a full time author, and I have so many fun things to announce over the next couple of months!!

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I JUST NEED TO SAY THAT MY FINAL GIRLS HAS ARRIVED AND I WASN'T EXPECTING IT UNTIL THE BEGINNING OF MAY BECAUSE AUSTRALIA IS *SO* FAR AWAY FROM EVERYTHING... I shouted at the reception girls when they told me I had a flat book-type package, and then I shouted at my colleagues that an *unexpected book* had arrived. There has been much shouting today. I am so excited to read this tonight. Thank you in advance for another wonderful world to lose myself in!

ZOMG hooray!

Good book, to make the crossing so quickly.  Good, good book.

Just Friends - Part 16

You may never know how thankful I am @letojokerownsme

“I’m so excited right now.” She says, hopping out of the car as quickly as Jared parks.  “I haven’t been to a fair in ages.”

“Me either,” Jared laughs, locking the car and sliding the keys into his pocket.  “You sure you’re okay to ride?”

“I’m fine. It’s been more than six weeks,” she assures him, pulling him quickly towards the entrance.  “You wanna cover those? They’re a dead giveaway,” she whispers, pointing to the tattoos on his arms.  Jared discreetly pulls the sleeves of his jacket over the triads and wraps his arm around her waist.

“What should we do first?” Jared asks, kissing her temple as he pays for their tickets.  She giggles and squeezes his arm as the attendant checks him out, blushing as she hands his change and tickets over.  “I think she recognized me,” Jared whispers as they walk away.  

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When will we have an update on OFD??????????!!! Im dying over here.. 😣😭😖

Do not fret, my dear anon!

It just so happens that I am in the final stages of editing the next chapter… *wicked, gleeful smile* and I am planning to post it in the next few hours, particularly because tomorrow is my birthday! And I like to offer new chapters of fic on these auspicious occasions (*ahem* meaning my birthdays) because it’s like getting a gift seeing everyone’s excitement and enthusiasm over new fic! :))

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I'm going to my school's prom with my crush in just a few days!! I am so excited but also crazy nervous for this. He is picking me up and and some point during prom, I plan to ask him out as in like for us to be an item. Seems appropriate since we both know and like each other. Hopefully it all goes smoothly :3

aww that’s cute I hope it all goes well :)

so last night was just ass

our school always has this little thing called the Spring Show, where you basically get to showcase your art and stuff and maybe get exposure to scouts/agents/recruiters or whatever, so I was pretty excited like I always am around this time of the year
long story short, not many gave a fuck about my work (sans 3 or 4 people), and now I feel awful lol

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So I’ve made no secret that I love every single word you have ever written. Be it a fic or your tags or what have you. You’re a goddamn word genius.

This is one of those moments where like your absolute favorite celebrity runs into you in the mall and they’re like “I like your dress” and you just die and think about that moment randomly for years and years and you like refuse to get rid of the dress even though you’ve gotten super fat and can’t wear it anymore and your husband is like “Omg why do you have so many clothes?” And you just refuse to give up that dress because once upon a time your favorite person said they liked it.

This is that moment for me.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the rest of it after that initial 500 words. Just getting this message is enough for me. I’m super weird about how much I love your writing and I had to roll around on my bed for a bit screeching when I saw this in my notifications.

So yeah. Today was a good day. Sorry if this freaks you out, your writing is amazing. I’m going to go flail some more.

Been struggling a lot with, well, everything lately but today I ran a six hour workshop helping final year students with their dissertations and they were all so nice and said how helpful it had been and I had forgotten how good it feels when your job actually makes a difference to people so now I am super :) :) :) and even the train chaos and current hour long wait to get home isn’t bothering me too much

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Okay so this isn't really an ask or suggestion but sometimes when I'm on the phone with my girlfriend and we're skyping i just stare at her and start to tear up cause she's absolutely beautiful and I'm so happy that I'm in love with her. Like she's the best thing ever ugh. And she's coming to see me graduate this year and I can't be any more excited

that is so cute and i am 100% here for this

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Lol yea i loved Smallville so the more parallels the better. What do i gotta do to get a Supercorp version of Clark kissing Lois while pretending to be Green Arrow. Idk how that would work in the context of Supergirl but it was the best on Smallville. Clark had that dopey look on his face and then Lois later said he was an awesome kisser lol

It has been so long since I have seen Smallville all the way through so when I am reminded of parallels and possible references, I do get very excited. 😁

Ohhhhh! I can’t even think of how that could be written into the Supergirl narrative but… ALL THE YES! I want it! And if I can’t have it in canon, then give it to me in fics and/or art. I pay in hugs and candy!

My favorite ML Guess Who Challenge fics

All of the stories in the ML Guess Who Challege are great but there are so many I thought I would recommend a few of my favorites. I am excited to find out who wrote these because they are really great.

dropping hints - this one was so much fun! Ladybug asks Chat for love advice. It is great. Just so great. Everything I want in Ladynoir interactions. 

Mint Two-Lips - Very cute and funny smooch reveal. Illustrates a problem with secret identities. 

A Familiar Pattern - Hickey reveal and Adrien wearing makeup. Smoochy smooch smooch. 

I Used To Make You Smile, If Only For A While - Alydrien and ot4. I just really like the set up here, with Chat Noir and Alya getting together. 

It was an Accident - Chat discovers Ladybugs identity and decides to flirt with Marinette. It is adorable. 

Her - Super bittersweet with a really sweet ending. I don’t normally go for angsty stories but this was good because it had a happy ending. 

We Each Write a Letter - The plan was a good plan, but there were unexpected complications. Very cute. 

Just Asking for Some Privacy - cute gen fic. It made me laugh. 

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So, I was rereading "You Could Never Wear My Crown" and it just hit me: Mihashi's designation is S1-761, does the S1 stand for "Spiced from the Gold Ones"? And what does the "761" stand for? Lastly, your plots are always super well thought out, could you tell us how exactly is your writing process? (Super excited for the Nijimura story and the dadship, you're the best!)

Thank you so much, anon-friend! I am so excited you noticed!!! I have been working on this complicated system for the Spliced designations that really only I know about because I couldn’t figure out how to organically explain that in a story and thus never have. So I am actually ridiculously pleased that you figured it out. So yes! You are correct!

Actually, what has also never been mentioned before is the fact that in the Second Teiko, everyone has been Spliced with at least two Projects, often two different Projects, so the first two numbers are indicators of which Project Group they were Spliced with. So for Mihashi, the “S1-7” is an indication that he was spliced with Gold (as the Primary) and Green (as the Secondary). the “61” just means he was the 61st experiment, (not sure total or just in that subgrouping. Haven’t decided yet). 

(Although as a fun Easter Egg, I always tried to include their uniform number in the end number, thus why there is a 1 in Mihashi’s designation, a 4 in Tajima’s, and Shin had 40).

“B” stood for “Beast” meaning they had a lot of animal DNA in there as well. So Rei was “S6-934B” because his Primary was Yellow (it’s what gave him his shapeshifting abilities to mirror the fish people) and Purple (his eyes! Although we can assume maybe he is slightly stronger underwater. All that swimming requires a lot of muscles, I figure). 

And your second question was so lovely, thank you! I am always so happy to answer writing questions! So for me, I always have the opening of the story planned, and I usually mull it over a lot before actually writing it down (usually because I am still working on a current project when I start thinking about how I want to start the next writing project). So writing the first few scenes is usually pretty easy for me because I’ve already thought them through extensively. And then it is very important that I know what the final scene is. If I don’t know how I want to end the story, there is a 90% chance that story won’t end up being finished any time soon. So then it’s just a matter of starting with the opening and somehow working my way towards that final scene that I have planned.

So, for “Don’t Blink” I knew the final scene was going to include Hinata coming back, so once I had started writing it, everything was just a matter of setting up how Hinata was going to come in and “rescue” everyone with his reappearance.

Oftentimes this includes me stopping at some point and finally going, “OK, no seriously, how is this going to play out?” and I actually have to stop and figure that out. For “Filthy Halls” this happened somewhere in chapter three, and I had to spend some time sitting in a coffee shop and trying to think through the plot (I always thought this must have looked really weird, like I was just sitting there, staring off into space). And then I outlined the rest of the chapters after I figured things out.

I usually have a lot of scenes thought through that I want to include, it’s just a matter of connecting them all together, thus why outlines really help me out. 

Thank you again for the wonderful questions! I am very glad you’re looking forward to the future stories! (My plotting things ahead of time is how I already know the Masaomi and Youji story is going to be incredibly long. I have so many things I want to stick in that story without even touching the plot, so it’s going to be massive and I’ve accepted that). 

okay, so I know this isn’t going to do much justice, but..

thanks so much if you’ve ever reblogged or liked my art before. Just thank you so much for supporting me! I’m just forever thankful for everything and anything, and the little things just make me so happy. So thank you so much, I am so excited to see that an art post of mine reached 500 notes!! This is so crazy for me! I am so happy that so many people liked it, liked my art. I did that. it’s just unbelievable. I remember years ago I was extremely excited that my fan art got just 7 notes…. Seriously. It makes me and my past self so incredibly happy. I never would have thought that I would actually make it this far. Just, thank you!