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[au] extras from this gifset

What my friend thinks of the symbols for the signs

Aries: Looks Pokey, don’t  want to get hit by it (makes a lot of sense)

Taurus: excercise ball (as I know taureans, this is even funnier)

Gemini: Looks like a mirror (fair enough)

Cancer: face, broken glasses, or grammar Nazis fighting (I-I guess it works?)

Leo: He tried to find something other than “sperm”. He failed. (…yeah.)

Virgo: Has a leech stuck on it. (maybe everyone asking for their help?)

Libra: backbending yoga. (Sure, they’d do yoga)

Scorpio: cool, reminiscent of some “poem” by Aram Saroyan (I guess… If the “poem” is violent haha)

Sagittarius: female symbol skewed or an arrow with a thingy. (Well… okay?)

Capricorn: “Goats do not belong in the sea.” Very adamant on this. (so they don’t belong????)

Aquarius:  ooh squiggly lines (100% perfect)

Pisces: “It’s a fish?” (okay. You do you, friend.