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Relentless | Calum Hood Series Pt.11

                                               Part E L E V E N 

Request: Being the cousin of Ashton Irwin was exciting, especially when invited to their tour to hang out with his best friends. You found yourself becoming fond of Calum Hood, who finds you annoying from your constant appearance. But what would happen if you stopped giving him that attention?

Word Count: 3k+

A/N: im back, hello! im so, so, so sorry for the slowness of these parts! school is crushing me rn and my recent break up is no help. but, i decided to let you guys in on a little personal side of me: im implementing some of my lyrics into this part (i write music a bit, too), so i really hope you like it! 

Parts: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen, fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty. [DONE]  

                                                    I M A G I N E

At the airport, 6:23 A.M.

At 11:11 P.M., Calum tweeted a photo of you and him kissing with the caption, “made a wish, got a wish.” 

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geekyyoungblood  asked:

Do you have any evak + the boy squad headcanons that you feel like sharing? I need more of that in my life

Omg I live for this

  • So lets be real. Even fits into the squad perfectly. He is literally the perfect mix. He talks about political issues with Jonas, whips up the best waffles in the entire world for Mahdi while giving him a lovely dick joke that makes him LOL haaaaard. And then of course there is Magnus - who just omg Magnus has never held so much love and admiration for anyone as much as he does for Even. Like I imagine it being similar to Eskild and Isak’s bond but slightly different because Magnus is just like completely in love with Even. not even kidding, if he has a problem he will just be like omg Eveeeen what do I doooo? and then he will say something like “oh just tell them how you feel Magnus, be straight up.” And Magnus will be all “OMG you are a genius!” and then Jonas is literally standing there completely bewildered like “I just said that! what is this? wheres my love? where’s my attention? where’s my respect?!” and then Isak is just like “chill, Even is his guru” But I digress…
  • Okay but sometimes Isak gets a little ??? jealous. Like he is just all “give me back my man Magnus.” Seriously these guys are all over Even, sometimes it leaves Isak craving for attention. Magnus is telling Even everything he did that day, from the moment he brushed his teeth to the awkward 3 seconds in history where he accidentally brushed his hand against a girls boob. and Even is listening intently, while also listening to this new song Mahdi found and wanted to get his opinion on and reading the new article Jonas wrote about the oppression of women in society today. Like the boy is swamped. And Isak just wants to !!! love his boyfriend. Like guuuuuys stop. Sometimes he just gets so done, he will like pout and squint his eyes and make those very annoyed loud huffing noises that only irritated married couples do haha until Even realises that his baby isn’t getting enough attention and he will like stop everything he is doing and pull Isak gently towards him, sit him on his lap and wrap his arm around him. And then he just casually goes back to everything he was doing, now with Isak sitting contently in his arms. Then Magnus will just stop what he was saying and gush over evak and asks questions about how they are doing. Until he gets super inappropriate and starts asking things about the kind of sex they do because he saw this documentary the other day that talked about this thing he never heard of so he googled it and it came up with-  “Magnuuuuuus stop We are not telling you how we have sex. Please just drop it” Isak would say super annoyed, his cheeks turning a bright pink while Even laughs and mouths something super cheeky to Magnus over Isak’s head. haha oh gosh I love those two. 
  • Of course Evak can get super cute and loving and flirty and the boys are just like “oh mah gawd we get it you guys are cute. Stop rubbing it in our faces. ugh couples” And then Isak is just like ummm excuse me this is my baby right here, imma love him all I want and ya’ll can just mind yourselves because he mine. and then he just gives Even another nose kiss just to spite them haha. Omg I actually live for thirdwheel Jonas because can you imagine him getting a taste of everything Isak went through with him and Eva in season 1? Ahhhh what if there was like a  repeat of that scene where Isak walks in on them except…it is Jonas walking in on Isak and Even! ahhhh i’m screaming. I’m sorry I am getting too excited about this but what an experience that would be for all of them? Jonas would just be like “oh fuck sorry guys” and just like smiling all proud for his bestie while Isak turns into 40 shades of purple, and Even is literally laughing his freaking head off. ahhh he loves seeing his baby awkward and shy. It’s so cute because he has nothing to be shy about. and it’s just ahh it’s a funny journey. And then of course Isak will come to school to see Jonas talking in hushed whispers to Mahdi and Magnus, who of course is listening super intently. They all sit up straight and stop whispering when Isak reaches them and Isak hits them all with his squinty eyed ‘I smell bullshit’ meme face and then Magnus begins looking him up and down, his mind trying to imagine everything he just heard and Isak is just like ‘ahhhh gawd!” and like hits Magnus on the head and hides his face in embarrassment. ahhh I love them.

Okay this got super long and I think I wrote more about Magnus and Evak but haha I love him. I hope this was okay 💚

Send the Pain Below - Part 1

Word Count: 4359

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Warnings: Drug use, stalking, language, violence

A/N: Here’s my first Jensen x Reader! There’s not too much in this part, it’s basically building up to the reader becoming an addict, so it’s kind of slow. Sorry about that. I reallllly didn’t want this to become a series but apparently I can’t help it. For purposes of this fic Jensen is single and childless, no hate to queen Danneel! 

Italics are social media posts/comments. 

Y/T/H = your twitter handle 

Send the Pain Below Masterlist

“Hey Facebook!” You waved at your phone with your free hand and stood up, flipping the camera to face away from you into your trailer. “This is the set tour I promised would happen an hour ago, but it got a bit held up!” You spun around in a circle a few times, showing the inside of your trailer. “So this is my trailer. Forgive me I’m kind of a slob.” You chuckled and opened the door, stepping outside. “Let’s see if we can find someone worth talking to around here.” You started walking and reading the comments, trying to respond to as many as you could.

Eli Mason: You’re beautiful


“Aww thanks, Eli!” You responded, running into Jensen.

“Jesus, Y/N! Watch where you’re walkin’!” He snapped at you in the grumpy yet hilarious way he always did.

Eli Mason: Don’t talk to her like that.


“Fuck off, Jackles.” Laughing, you shoved your hand against his chest and he leaned in, wrapping an arm around you. You flipped your camera back around to selfie mode and shoved it in his face. “Say hi!”

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The Gym Meeting

Jackson held her bags all the way into the airport. She went late at night so he could follow her, she had said a sad goodbye to the boys. Mark disclosing that he would miss her the most, because now who was going to keep Jackson’s crazy ideas at bay? 

Jackson sighed, holding her hand into the airport, wheeling her bag behind him. He followed her past security and customs, and finally stopped looking quite forlorn as they stood there staring at each other. 

“I want you to say that you’re coming back. Maybe not tomorrow, or the day after, but that you will.” He held tighter onto her hand and for a second she was sure, that he wouldn’t let go. 

“So, in three days?” She chuckled, but he didn’t laugh.

“Come, to the concert at least, you’ll be front row, I can promise that. At least, I can see you then.” He pulled her into his arms, mask still covering his face. 

“You know I will. I’ll cheer you on.” She had to go, she was running behind already. 

Jackson held her tight in his arms. Could she feel his heart? Were the pieces shattering individually? His head was spinning with the idea that, she was actually going to be leaving. She leaned back in his arms enough to pull his mask down, she pressed her lips to his. She was breaking his heart, somewhere inside Jackson wished she didn’t kiss him, because then he wouldn’t remember this pain. He deepened the kiss, tasting her, he didn’t want to forget this moment. When he let go she was wiping her eyes. 

“Don’t cry.” He whispered, pushing her gently away from him. 

She began to walk away. “I love you.” She called. 

Jackson pulled his mask back on, and lowered his hat on his head. “I love you, too.” He hid his tears, as he turned around and walked away, unable to watch her fade into the distance. 

The next few weeks he threw himself into work, promoting the tour, music videos, interviews, photo shoots, new songs, the tour had begun in Korea and then he was off to China. He tried not to think of her, only when he performed because he hoped she knew this was all for her. They talked every day, they were still together after all, but of course at home there was a time difference. They went a week without talking, and she had a job now back in Houston. 

“So, how is work?” He asked her one morning for him, night for her. 

“Tiring, but I’m saving a lot so, that’s good.” She was in her bed, getting comfy for the night. 

“We haven’t face timed in awhile. I want to see you.” He listened to her groan.

“I probably look a mess, can we face time tomorrow?” Jackson became irritated. 

“You said that yesterday. Why can’t I see you? Someone else with you now?” He almost heard her teeth grind. 

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that. No-I’m not. What’s wrong with you, why would you say something like that?” She almost yelled remembering it was nearly 11pm at night. 

“I’m upset!” Jackson yelled into her ear. “I’m stressed, I’m tired. I want you here, with me! Where you should be!” 

“Jackson, we’ve been over this.” She sighed heavily. She understood where he was coming from. 

“I want to go over it again. Look, the concert there is in two weeks, I’m going to send you a ticket, and I’m going to make sure you can come backstage. Come see me, I’m not asking.” She had never really heard him talk like this. 

On one hand it was making her blood race with anticipation, and on the other it was pissing her off. 

“You’ve never ordered me before.”Rolling her eyes, although she knew he couldn’t see her. 

“Clearly you don’t remember the nights that I do, then.” He chuckled. 

She laughed, then he did. They were better, they never fought long. She sighed into the phone. “Fine, you can see me in all my ugliness.” 

Moving the phone from her face, she pressed the face time button, waiting on him to answer. 

“There’s my girl.” Jackson was smiling wide, Mark walked past in the background, backing up, waving at her.

She waved back, ducking down more in her covers. “Don’t hide I want to see you, wait I’ll move.” 

Jackson walked into a different room. “What are you wearing?” 

“Dear god, Jackson, this isn’t going to be that kind of party tonight.” 

He tried to puppy lip her, to no avail before giving up. “Fine, never let me have anything.” 

She laughed, sliding out of the blankets enough to let him see she wore one of his shirts. 

“I wondered where that went. You should mail it to me, before you wash it.” 

She covered her face. “Stop, my god you’re embarrassing me.” 

They talked a little while longer, before she said she had to sleep. Work in the morning. Jackson kissed the screen of his phone and then proceeded to try and make Mark, Yugyeom and BamBam kiss the phone as well, before hanging up. 

The day before the concert, she got off of work early, the downside being that she had to go in the next day. She wasn’t going to be able to stay long after the concert, in order to drive home and get enough sleep. She hated retail, but she managed to secure a management position that was earning her good money. More money she made, faster she could see Jackson. 

She went home, and hurriedly packed a small bag for the one night she was going to stay in a hotel in Dallas. A good drive a little over three hours. As she drove she listened to BTS, feeling a little guilty that she wasn’t listening to Got7, but hey she was about to see them in concert. She checked into her hotel, and apparently other fans had as well, girls in the lobby, talking excitedly about the guys.

“I’m so ready to see Mark.”

“OMG BamBam and those legs.” 

“Yugyeom has to do a sexy dance, I demand it.” 

“I hope Jackson has on no shirt, or gets it wet.” 

She smiled to herself, as her phone rang, and she answered it. 

“Where are you?” Jackson said quickly. 

“I just got to the hotel, I’m going to shower, I have food with me so I’ll eat and sleep. I’m excited to see you, tomorrow.” 

“I wanna see you now.” She could hear people talking around where he was. 

“Do you know where I am or something?” She looked around the silent hallway, as she stepped off the elevator. 

“No, I’m at my hotel, but I can sneak away. I’ll have Mark come with me, He’ll do it. Please.” He pleaded with her. 

“Jackson, you are in a foreign city that right now is full of females, who are wanting to see you. The minute you get lost, and someone tweets a picture or snapchats it, youre doomed. You’ll be in trouble. Babe, please, give me a minute and we can face time. I promise.” She walked into her hotel room, half thinking he had actually found her and was waiting. 

“You’re no fun. Mark said the same thing.” He blew his breath into the phone. “What are you going to wear tomorrow?”

“You’ll be the death of me.” She groaned. 

They couldn’t talk long, but she did give him a video peep show, to which he watched excitedly. They would go from Dallas and then to Atlanta the next morning, so she couldn’t spend the night with him, but Jackson wished. The next day she slept in till 2pm. She hadn’t been to Dallas in awhile, so she walked around downtown a bit before going back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.

She was wearing a red and white t-shirt dress, and white hi-top converse. She carried a small black clutch purse, face flawless and jewelry to match. The ring he gave her was still on her finger, gleaming brightly. As she made her way into the venue, a woman sitting next to her complimented her ring. 

“It’s beautiful. Are you married?” 

She moved the ring around on her finger. “No, it’s a promise ring.” 

“He must be a keeper.” She grinned, thinking ‘if only you knew’ to herself. 

She was front row, right near the stage, as soon as they came out she saw his eyes, scanning the rows for her, and she ducked her head, chuckling so he wouldn’t see her. As he did a number, she kept seeing him, look for her, becoming seemingly frustrated as he did so. Finally when he came back on her end, she screamed his name and waved around, it took her two tries before his eyes landed on her and he winked. Girls around her screamed and pointed to themselves, but she knew who it was for. 

The show was fantastic, and she waited for it to clear out before walking to where he told her to, and telling the stage manager her name. She was asked to wait, and next thing she knew she was being taken to the back, where they were cleaning up. 

“Wait here.” The man told her, asking her to wait in a narrow hallway. 

“There you are.” Jackson opened a door, at the end to her left, and she felt her mouth go dry. 

After three long months here he was in front of her. She ran to him, his arms going around, her waist, he wasn’t so sweaty anymore, his arms crushing her to his chest. He swept her inside his room, kicking the door closed. Jackson wasted no time, his lips going to her throat, hands grabbing her breasts, he moved them backwards against a waist high table, seating her roughly on it. Immediately, his hand found it’s way up her dress, and tugged on her panties. 

“Jackson.” She breathed heavily in the crook of his neck. “Slow down, we have a little time.” 

“You don’t know, what I’ve thought about all night. Let me have you right now.” His heated eyes, as he pulled away from her, burned her all the way to her nether region. 

“Hello! How are you? I’ve missed you.” She pushed him away, pulling down her dress, sliding off the table. 

Jackson let out a frustrated groan. “OK. Hello. Did you enjoy the show? I saw you trying to hide from me.” 

He grinned at her, turning to grab a Gatorade from an adjacent table. She grinned, shrugging her shoulders. “Thought I’d scare you a little.” 

He took long drags on his drink. “It worked.” 

“Aren’t you tired?” She licked her lips, she was eager to finish what he wanted, but she was also just hungry for his presence. 

“I am, kinda. Used to it, I guess. Not tired for what I want though.” He turned famished eyes back on her body. “I like what you’re wearing, it suits you.” 

His eyes settled on her ring, and he smiled coming over to take her hand. “Some part of me, wondered if you’d wear it.” 

She took her hand from him, looking down at it. “Why wouldn’t I?” 

He shrugged, tossing the bottle into the garbage. “No one is to disturb me until I come out, they know that. This couch is comfortable and the lights in here dim.” He walked her backwards towards it, slowly. 

“I don’t have much time. I have to drive back to Houston, they are making me work tomorrow.” Jackson, raised an eyebrow at her. 

“How far is that? Didn’t you tell them, you were going to see your boyfriend?” He looked hurt. 

“I did. They don’t care, I’m also assistant manager, and the head manager is a bitch.” He sighed, sitting down on the couch. 

“Don’t.” She sat down next to him, turning his face towards her. “I’ve missed you.” She slid her hand, into his lap and over his crotch. “Don’t waste what time we have.” 

Jackson, quickly stood up, and dimmed the lights. He peeled his shirt over his body, as he walked towards her. His hands found the bottom of her dress, peeling it over her head, careful not to mess up the curls, he knew she had worked on the night before. His hands working her bra off, mouth clamping down on a breast, she gasped, wrapping one leg around his waist. 

“Tell me you’ve missed me.” He whispered, working his pants down his legs, as she moved her pelvis against him. 

“You know I have.” She turned her neck to the side, the feel of his tongue on her skin, making her wetter. 

Jackson hooked a finger under her panties pulling them down her legs. “Tell me you want me.” The same hand brushed over her slit, his thumb on her pearl rubbing gently. 

She couldn’t control the sounds coming from her mouth. Her gasps loud in the quiet room. “I need you.” She moaned. 

He pressed his body flush, against hers, raising his hips just enough to rub against the wetness of her womanhood, before sliding in. Jackson’s whole body quivered, goosebumps breaking out over his flesh. He moaned into her ear, lips capturing the soft flesh of it, as he pulled out to the tip of his length. She tried to raise her hips into his, eager for him to push back, but he held her body down with one hand. 

“What do you want?” He was teasing her, moving the tip in and out of her painfully slow. 

“Not now, Jackson, please.” Her nails dug into his arms.

“Say it, baby.” He moved from her body completely, palming himself, rubbing his member. 

She groaned, one hand over her eyes as she felt her body scream at her, begging for more. “I want it, daddy.” 

Jackson smiled, at her, not saying anything he moved his body over hers, pressing his chest to her. He grasped her hands in his own and entered her in one fell sweep. His mouth on hers, he shoved his tongue into her mouth, savoring the moment. The feeling. He was back with his girl. The place he had wanted to be for the past three months. 

In the aftermath of their love-making, they laid naked on the couch. A soft rap at the door sounded, making her sit up quickly. Jackson chuckled, his hand rubbing her back. “That’s Mark, letting me know I have five minutes.” 

He sighed, sitting up, turning her face towards his, he captured her lips in another kiss. “I’m going to miss you. I can talk to you, while you drive home.” 

“I’ll call you, if I get tired. You get some sleep. You just performed a concert.” He shrugged, standing up, to put back on his clothes. 

“My hair is a frizzy, sweaty mess I know it.” She squinted her eyes, as he turned up the lights a little. 

Jackson turned around shirt in hand to look at her. “I like it, it’s the ‘I just had amazing sex with Jackson Wang’ look.” 

She rolled her eyes. “I’m so lucky.” 

“You are.” 

As they left the room, a bodyguard was waiting. Jackson pointed to him. “He’s going to walk you to your car, and watch you leave. He won’t leave until he can’t see your lights anymore. So don’t worry.” 

“Aren’t you sweet?” She turned towards him, leaning her head on his chest. “Have a good flight, I love you and I’m going to miss you.” 

Jackson hugged her tight, his face on her head, her curls, some now indeed frizzed out, tickling his nose. “I love you too, drive safe.” 

The whole night, she felt the soreness in a good way, halfway home, Jackson called her concerned because she didn’t call him. She could hear Mark and BamBam in the background making kissing sounds, teasing him on the phone. She missed being around them. Their camaraderie, how they joked with one another. Even Junior, and his usually scowl mood, and JB with his quiet grim reaper stare. She arrived home, with 5 hours to sleep before work. As she hit the pillow, she grabbed her dress off the floor, smelling it, hoping to catch his scent one more time before falling asleep. 

The next few months went by quickly, she had saved enough to go back to Korea, although she would have to live elsewhere. She had applied for school again there and had yet to hear back. The semester started again in one month, she was nervous. Could she afford to go back? She didn’t and could not put a strain on Jackson to help her. As she crunched numbers in her room, her sister peeped her head through the door. 

“What are you doing?” Her sister was a shade browner than her, but taller. No one would have thought the 17 year old was the younger sister. 

“Going over some numbers.” She sighed, tapping her calculator.

“To get back to your boyfriend?” Her sister sat down on her bed, smoothing a hand over her newly dyed red hair. 

She looked up at her sister. “I like the color on you, and yes, something like that.” 

“Thanks.” Her sister watched her awhile, clearing her throat before talking again. “If you love him, why don’t you just go back and figure it out from there?” 

Why didn’t she just do that? She looked at her sister for awhile, shrugging her shoulders. “I couldn’t let him take care of me. I have to finish school.” 

“You can do that. All they have to do is accept you. As for him taking care of you.” The younger sibling picked up her hand with the ring on it. “I think he already wants to do that, no use in prolonging it.” 

“I wish, it was that easy.” She sighed, closing her eyes and rubbing them. 

“Maybe it is, you overthink everything. I say you go back, tell him ok let’s do this and come back home for Christmas and stuff with beautiful half Chinese babies.” The younger sister stood up shrugging her shoulders. “Or maybe I don’t know.” Before she left her room, she tapped her temple. “Think about it.” 

The next day a letter from the University came, she left it on her dresser all day, afraid to open it and read what was in it. Finally before bed, she closed her eyes opening the envelope, she held her breath reading over the first few lines. 

It was getting cold in late September and Jackson wished he had worn a thicker jacket. Instead he pulled his hoodie up on his ears, watching his breath escape through his mask. He looked up at the gray sky wondering if it would snow. Just as he rounded the corner, going back to the dorms, he heard a voice cry out to him.

“Just coming from the gym?” He looked up, who was that?” 

The figure walking towards him, obviously warm in those clothes, but those hips, he knew that thickness. 


“Who else?” 

He broke into a run, smashing into her. He heard the air leave her body as she gasped. Jackson felt tears coming down his face, as he held her close to him. “I have’t talked to you in two days. I thought you were mad at me, for playing too much on face time. What are you doing here?” 

He held her away from his body to see her face. “I got accepted into school, I got a scholarship actually from the US, overseas studying program. It’ll fund me for the next two years here. I will need help on a place to stay though.” 

His mouth pressed to her, kissing her hard he, squeezed her body again. “So you’re really staying?” He let her go, holding her hand close to his chest. 

“As long as you’ll have me.” She grinned up at him, waiting to hear his answer.

Jackson blew his breath out. “Baby, why you thirsty for me?” Laughing, as she rolled her eyes at him. 

That was the end of The Gym Meeting. Thank you all so much for reading, commenting, and following the page for more. I truly appreciate it! I will be starting another story soon, hopefully with Jay Park! 

dating nct dream; chenle ver.

this is probably gonna be kinda really long

-this boy is probably as clueless as jisung smh

-but he knows the simple things!!

-hand holding, hugging, etc


-how he fell in love~~~~~

-as in love as an 01 liner can

-ok so chenle first met you at school

-well, the first time he saw you he didnt really meet you

-so he was wandering down the halls like the cool kid he is!!!

-and he was about to go in the music room bc what else does this nerd do with his life

-he had the day off from training too so like

-why not mess around in a place he loves!!!

-so he’s about to walk in but then






-how cliche is this smh


-and he immediately mELTS

-“omg angels are real i cant tell anyone abOUT THIS”

-so he slowly opens the door just a bit and looks in and sees someone sitting on a chair, back turned to him and has headphones on

-so you dont notice him at all bc your back is to the door and your headphones are top notch af!!!

-chen’s just standing there at the door like a creeper and all he can think about is “i wanna marry them”

-he listens to you singing your lil heart out for a lil bit longer but his smol heart cant handle it

-he’s already too in love with you


-and you just didnt notice at all

-so he runs back to the dorms and bursts through the door dramatically screaming “I NEED HELP”

-the rest of the dream team are like “omg what’s wrong are you dying”


-he doesnt know he’s in love and i just what a cutiepie omg

-jaemin stares at him for a second before falling on the floor laughing

-mark’s trying to contain himself but it’s too cute to not laugh 

-“chen chen listen to me i think youre in love man” -jaemin

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN” -chenle, pterodactyl screeching

-mark tries to calm him down while also getting the juicy gossip 10/10 “it’s ok dude, tell hyungs who it is

-and then jisung like, slides in and is like "yeah chen tell HYUNGS WHO IT IS” which makes chen hit him

-chen gets kinda sad and freezes “oh my god… i dont know”



-so he spends the next 5 days trying to find out who it is

-asking everybody to sing for him, getting dragged away by jeno and renjun

-“we’re sorry for him” -ren and jeno trying to do damage control

-“NO I NEED TO FIND OUT IF THEYRE THE ONE” chen, as he’s struggling against his friends

-ok so like, that obviously fails so chen’s sad for the next 5903 years

-and he’s like “im never gonna fall in love again”


-“that’s so much work tho” -hae

-“*cue ren grabbing him by his collar, eyes bloodshot and clearly distressed* YOU TRY BEING THE ONE HE GOES TO WHENEVER HE MISSES HIS ONE TRUE LOVE YOURE GOING TO HELP US WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT”

-jaemin has to drag him away but ren keeps screeching

-so one of the boys sneak into like, every vocal class to listen to everybody sing for like 2 weeks but they still cant find the one 

-chen keeps saying “NO IT’S NOT ANGELIC ENOUGH IT’S NOT THEM" 

-so he nearly gives up bc he thinks it’s just not meant to be :ccc

-also, chen’s the type to walk pass the music room dramatically, staring at the door as he does so 

-so he’s doing that one time but woah. W O A H!!! HE HEARS THE VOICE AGAIN

-“omg fuk chen be a man and aSK THEM FOR THEIR NAME” -chen, screaming at himself

-so he slowly opens the door and woAH IT’S YOU

-he knocks on the door but you dont notice, your headphones on again so he takes a deep breath and walks over 

-he taps your shoulder lightly which makes you sCREAM AND FALL OFF YOUR CHAIR

-chen is so red omg

-“im so sorry i didnt mean to do that!!!!!!!!”


-“im so sorry omg!!!!!!!!!!" 

-"it’s ok man” -you, laughing really hard at yourself and him

-“im… im chenle and ive been looking for you for like… forever-” chen turns ever redder bc it sounds so creepy coming from his mouth

-“i know who you are. how do you know me?" 

-chen’s brain short circuits and all he can think about is "OH MY GOD YOU KNOW ME” and he accidentally says it out loud

-“everybody in this school knows you, youre in nct dream…”

-he feels embarrassed bc he didnt remember

-you glance at the clock and see that it’s almost time for your guardian to pick you up 

-so you just tell him “well i have to go but im y/n. i come here every tuesday if you need me." 

-and you grab your backpack and sling it over your shoulder

-and he looks like a fish opening his mouth and closing it trying to say something but you just look so cool doing that and im!!!!!!!

-so just as youre about to leave he’s like 

-"i really like your voice”

-he like BLURTS it out he sounds all choked up and stuff omg

-and you pause for like, an hour before you turn around and look at him 


-you sound really shy and cute and adorable omg

-the last thing you say is "i like yours too” before you walk away like nothing happened

-as soon as you close the door behind you and leave, chen COLLAPSES


-the rest of the dream team probably crawl out of the closet or something inside the room 

-they stare at chen’s half-dead body for a bit before jisung says something

-“is he ok" 

-"lol when is he ever” -ren

-so chen’s laying on the ground in a ball

-and mark’s just like “i never signed up to be a parent when i auditioned but w/e dude”

-so he walks over and picks chen up like it’s their wedding day or somethin smh and has to like, carry him back home

-so every tuesday he meets up with you in the music room 

-at first you were like “uh but why would you wanna be here when you can be with your idol friends”

-but after a bit you got used to it

-and you would like, wait for him to arrive before you started doing anything

-and your school is probably one of those school with vending machines and stuff smh fancy af 

-so whenever you bought a drink or a snack, you’d buy one for him too

-which makes chen just falls in love with you even more bc “omg, they think of me when im not there woAH "even tho it’s just like, a drink or something

-so the first few times, it would just be you singing and him listening 

-but after the fourth time he swung on over to you in the music room you were like "dont you wanna sing too?”

-and chen’s just like “omg, uh i sing a lot already and i really like your voice”

-but youre just like “i like your voice too. do you wanna sing with me?”

-so when he hears you say that, he’s like “oh.. oh…… i………IF YOU WANNA”

-and you know that song jungkook and lady jane sang on masked singer (here’s the link if you havent heard it: x)

-well youre like “do you know this song??” (HINT IT’S THE SONG I LINKED ABOVE WINK) and you sing a smol part of it for him

-he literally melts in his seat bc your voice is so angelic and you sang the part of the song where it was like “im in love”

-he manages to nod tho

-so you two sing together (what a bunch of cuties omg) and after you guys finish, chen is LITERALLY ON CLOUD 9

-and all you say is “we sounded nice together” before grinning and he just awkwardly chuckles and scratches the back of his neck 

-“yeah, yeah we did" 

-and when you leave this time, youre like "i’ll see you later chen” and leave 

-chen’s dying again bc “omg they called me chEN INSTEAD OF CHENLE WE’RE PRACTICALLY MARRIED”

-when you guys pass each other in the halls you two smile at each other but dont interact much bc he doesnt want crazy fans to hurt you :cc

-this lil duck’s way of confessing was so cute and cliche

-the next tuesday, he was like “i gotta do this today!! i must confess!!!!!!!!” so he like practices what he’s gonna say over and over again

-he probably uses ren as a practice test

-and when it’s finally tuesday, you head to the music room but chen’s already there!!

-“oh hey what’s up man” -you


-“you look really nervous”

-and he just like shrivels up into a ball but he is a man!!!!! he can do this!!!!!!!!!!!

-and he like, sings you a really cute ballad and asks you out

-your heart is pounding and your face is probably really red

-youre standing there and not saying anything so chen gets really scared

-but then you say “oh my god” really quietly and then “of course you idiot oh my gosh” and shove him lightly

-after you two started dating, chen tries his best to walk with you to school and walk you home too what a cutiepie ;-;

-just saying now chen is a clueless MESS (in the cutest way possible!!!)

-like, if he sees a doggo on the way to school with you


-it doesnt matter if the guy with the doggo is scary


-if there’s a van with the sign “free candy” in badly written handwriting


-whenever you two sing duets all chen can look at is you

-especially if it’s a love song

-youre always on his mind and he cant ever find words that explain how much he loves you so he tries to write songs for you

-for your one year anniversairy he wrote a song for you and sang it in the music room where you two met

-he smiles really hard when he sees you, his face squishes up and it’s sO CUTE UGH

-he hugs you as a greeting after you two started dating

-i feel like chen would love giving you forehead kisses omg

-if he’s going away on a trip or a tour or something, he’d leave voice messages for you of him singing or telling you he loves you or something oh my gosh

-he’s such a sweet boy and he loves you so much

-he would honestly give you the world 

-and you would too!! because you love him just as much as he loves you ♡

I love marichat so much because just the thought of it makes me laugh. I mean can you even imagine?? 

  • Chat being confused af by sassy Marinette who gives him dead-eyed stares each time he makes a pun when she’s so flustered around Adrien. Like he’s so confused?? !? What is it about Adrien that could intimidate someone who isn’t even phased by a superhero lol

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My Good Boy (Part.2 - End)


Artist : Jay Park

I check my phone and it’s just 5% battery left. I forgot to recharge my phone because there’s no signal here and I left it on my room. If I know that I’ll lose on the mountain only with my phone as a light flash, I’ll charge the battery till fully charge. No, I won’t go to the mountain alone in the middle of night if I know I’ll get lose. Give up looking for fire woods, I try to go back with following my foot step on the snow but most of it gets covered with snows that keep pouring down. I’m alone in the middle of mountain surrounding by darkness. I shake my head try to remember the road to back but it’s only makes me dizzy. I couldn’t remember it. All roads look different since it’s covered with snow now. My legs begin hurt from walking too far so I sit under a big tree; keep my phone’s lighting on and shaking it higher to give a SOS signal hope somebody passes by. I’m so stupid for leaving the nursing house without telling anyone. If they didn’t notice that I’m missing until morning, I’ll die frozen here. It’s been 1 hour since I’m leaving the house, guess no one looking for me. I’m getting scared as time pass. My imagination gets wild. What if a wild boar or tiger showing up? They could be live here right? They’ll tear me apart or eat me alive for sure. I shake my head again now to erase those imaginations and hug myself tighter so I could feel a little warmer.

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Finally (Chanyeol Scenario)


Hi omg i was hoping you would open your ask can I please request a scenario with chanyeol and reader they’re close friends who like each other but haven’t made a move Reader is invited to their concert after seeing chanyeol performing playboy and artificial love plus his abs reveal . She can’t help but feel turned on she gets flustered around him after the concert he noticed and takes advantage of the chance to finally make her his. I hope its ok would be happy if you accept it thanks 


this took actual years, i’m so sorry. i have been really sick lately and my ass has been too weak to do anything but I’m better now. 

- Admin JC 

Word Count: 1900+

Genre: Fluff | Smut

Excitedly, you drove to the café; where you were going to meet Chanyeol. He told you he had some good news to tell you so you couldn’t wait to see him. You saw the café and swiftly parked in front. Before you got out of the car you checked to see if you looked okay. You walked in and looked around for Chanyeol. Once you saw a big hand waving at you you simultaneously smiled. When you reached the table, Chanyeol got up to give you a hug. Then he pulled your chair back for you. 

“Wow what a gentleman.” You said giggling at Chanyeol’s blushing face.

“Yeah, yeah. Anyways! It’s been a while, how are you Y/N?” He said trying to play it off. 

“Horrible, now that I saw you.” You jokingly said pulling a frown. 

“You’re annoying sometimes you know that?” Chanyeol said dramatically sighing. 

“Wellllllll, you said you had something important to tell me?“ 

 "I see someone is eager. We haven’t even ordered drinks yet Y/N.” Chanyeol then flashed you one of his breathtaking smiles. 

“I can’t help it! You know I’m a curious person okay.” You said trying to act as if his smile didn’t have an affect on you. 

“Let’s get drinks first.” Afterwards he called over the waiter. You both ordered iced coffees. 

“Okay tell me now!” You said eagerly. 

“Okay, I got you tickets for EXO’s upcoming show!!!” Chanyeol said enthusiastically. You opened your eyes widely, and almost choked because of how excited you were. You went over to where Chanyeol was sitting and gave him a tight hug. 

“I thought they were sold out?!? You’re the greatest Chanyeol!" 

"I did some work and managed. Okay um Y/N? I kind of can’t breathe.” You let go of him and smiled widely. 

“Oops.” Once you got him from your ‘meet up’ with Chanyeol, you called your friend Lisa. After telling her the news she started fangirling with you. 

“What if they show their abs Y/N? How will you ever survive?” You almost got a nose bleed at the thought. 

“I’m most likely going to end up doing something embarrassing.” You sighed and silently hoped you wouldn’t pull something stupid at the concert. 

“I want to lick Xiumin’s abs…” Said Lisa drifting off into her own world. 

“O K A Y, anyways I’ll call you on Saturday to tell you everything." 

"I’m just stating facts okay! And yeah you better not forget." 

"BYE LISA.” With that you layer down on your couch happily. Thinking of the concert made you feel all giddily. You started moving around and giggling on the couch like a crazy person. After getting yourself together, you got up and made yourself a snack. 

It was the day of the concert and you couldn’t be more excited. You had already put out your outfit the night before. You quickly slipped your clothes on and put on some light make up. You jumped excitedly in front of your mirror before leaving. When you arrived at the venue you instantly called Lisa. 

“I. Am. Here. Lisa." 

"Oh my god Y/N, I’m like shaking and my ass isn’t even there." 

"I have to get everything out right now because I can’t embarrass myself in front of Chanyeol." 

"Of Course You Can’t.” It was as if you could see Lisa in front of you giving you a smirk. 

“Stop. Okay I’m going to scream for as long as I can, will you join?" 

"Well of course. I’m going to scream ‘I LOVE XIUMIN’, therefore you should scream 'I LOVE CHANYEOL’." 

"That is embarrassing Lisa. What if he heard me." 

"You are in the parking lot Y/N, why would he be there? He has to get ready.”

“Okay true, let’s start at the count of three." 

"1,2,3!” You guys said in sync.

You bought some fries at the concession stand near your entrance (to your seat). Sipping on your coke you made your way to your seat. You scrolled through your timeline while you were waiting for the show to start. You started tweeting about how excited you were and even took some selfies. You quickly put your phone away after hearing the music start.

Your heart started beating rapidly when you heard “Artificial Love” start playing. You knew you weren’t ready to see Chanyeol and that cane. It was going to trigger you big time. The worst part you were in the front row, so you were going to get a FULL view of it. Yet you kept your eyes glued to Chanyeol the entire time. The way he moved he hips around filled your head with dirty thoughts. You felt yourself getting aroused at his swift movements. Chanyeol turned his head towards you and saw you in the crowd. He gave you a smile as he continued to grind on the cane. You silently cursed him in your head; it was like he knew what he was doing.

To your misery today was also the day Chanyeol was going to reveal his abs. You told yourself you wouldn’t turn into a fan girl when he revealed them, but you couldn’t contain your emotions. You started jumping up and down screaming like a little girl. Caught in the moment, you didn’t even get embarrassed. You were glad Chanyeol didn’t see you, or so you thought. 

Backstage you looked around anxiously for Chanyeol. You heard someone call out and you quickly turned to see who it was. To your surprise it was Xiumin.

“Hey Y/N! I’m glad you could come!” You smiled widely at Xiumin. 

“Hi, I’m glad too! By the way do you happen to know where Chanyeol is?” You couldn’t wait to tell him how great he was and how proud you were. 

“Yeah he’s actually waiting for you in the dressing room.” Xiumin said kindly.

“Oh okay thanks. It was nice to see you again Xiumin!" 

"It was nice to see you too Y/N.” And with that you made your way to the dressing room. Of course on the way you got lost and had to ask for help, but eventually you made it. You knocked on the door twice. Chanyeol called out a 'come in’ through the door. You walked in a saw Chanyeol looking sweaty and wearing a shirt with the first three buttons undone. You felt yourself blush thinking about ways you could make him sweaty. 

“You were amazing out there!” You said forcing yourself to calm down. 

“Really? You think so?” Chanyeol chuckled at you. 

“Yeah, um especially your dancing.” You said flustered. Chanyeol gave you a confused expression. 

“Why are you all the way across the room?” You usually always took the chance to hug and initiate skinship with Chanyeol, so it was weird for him to see you so distanced. 

“Oh! Sorry.” You sat next to Chanyeol and awkwardly looked up at him. Chanyeol thought about your previous comment. Then he thought about your red face when you guys made eye contact during 'Artificial Love’. Suddenly he gave you a small smirk. You gave him a confused expression. 

“Uh what’s up?” You said hesitantly. Chanyeol then placed his hand on your thigh and brought his face towards yours. 

“Why are you being so shy Y/N?” He said in a low voice. 

“I don’t know wh-what you’re talking about.” Slowly you turned your head away from him, but he quickly brought it back with his hand. 

“I don’t think I’ll be able to control myself anymore.” He said tilting his head slightly. 

“Chanyeol, what are you doing." 

"I’m going to do what I’ve wanted to do for a long time Y/N, but only if you let me of course.” He flashed you a beautiful smile that literally took your breath away. 

“Tell me what that is.” You whispered getting more comfortable with the closeness. 

“Making you mine.” He said with a blush growing on his face. 

“Then do it.” And with that you slowly closed the space between you two and kissed him. The kiss was filled with sweetness and passion. You almost felt intoxicated with his taste. Everything felt so right. You never wanted it to end.

You sat yourself on Chanyeol’s lap and continued your make out session. He started pulling your shirt off at a slow pace. Then he turned your bodies so he was on top of you on the couch.

You instantly wrapped your legs around him while your fingers got lost in his silky hair. You finished unbuttoning the rest of the buttons on his shirt and started kissing his neck. Chanyeol let out a deep sigh as you sucked on his collarbones.

He moved his hands towards your jeans and pulled them down. He pulled back and took a moment to admire your body.

“You’re so beautiful Y/N.” He gave you a look filled with love, longing, and lust. You smiled widely and pulled him back in. Pulling his pants down you continued to give him love bites all over his neck. You didn’t even care that people would notice them, all that mattered was this moment. Chanyeol put his hand on your bra strap and gave you a look that said 'can I?’. You nodded and smiled at how cute he was. 

He easily undid your bra and started playing with your nipples. You pushed your head back against the cushion. You softly moaned his name, and you felt him groan against your nipple. You could tell it turned him on, because you felt him get harder against your leg. 

“I can’t wait any longer Y/N.” Chanyeol looked at you straight in the eye. You took time to realize what was happening. You finally had him where you wanted him for a long time. Inside you were screaming but on the outside you had yourself collected. 

“Neither can I.” You said still staring deeply into his eyes. He took a condom from the table next to the couch and slipped it on. He quickly took off your panties. He placed his tip at your entrance and slowly thrusted into you. After a few slow hesitant thrusts he rapidly picked up the pace. You started grazing your nails against his back. You tried to keep your moans in because you didn’t want anyone to hear. But once you were reaching your climax, you couldn’t contain them. You moaned out Chanyeol’s name in a desperate tone. 

“I’m close too baby.” He said as a response. 

“On the count of three okay baby?” You gave out a small okay. 

“1, 2 … 3!” He felt your walls clench around his length. Keeping eye contact with you he rode off his high. He took the condom off and tossed it into the trash can. He turned to his side and looked at you genuinely happily. 

“I’m so glad you’re finally mine.” He said with a gummy smile. 

“Hey! You never even properly asked me out.” You said teasing him. 

“Okay, well. Will the great Y/N become my girlfriend?” He asked in a formal tone. You giggled at him and gave him a small hit on the shoulder. 

“Ow don’t abuse me! I’m just doing what you asked of me!” He said holding onto his shoulder over dramatically. 

“You’re so annoying, but yes I’ll be your girlfriend." 

"Well we should probably get dressed or we will have some awkward explaining to do if another member comes in.” He said chuckling. 

“Right! Whoever’s last is a rotten egg!” You said after quickly getting up and collecting your clothes. 

“Hey! That’s not fair you started before you even finished your sentence!!!” You looked over at him and gave him a smirk. 

“Sucks to be a loser!”

-Admin JC

An Unlikely Matchmaker-Phan

Genre: Fluff, pure fluff

Words:  1527

Warnings:  Will make you puke glitter its so cute 

Summary: Pastel!Dan never knew that a little eight legged creature could bring him together with the cutie next door, Punk!Phil. 

A/N Ugh , this sucks ass but whatever i’m posting it anyways

It was a beautiful London afternoon in the middle of April. The birds were chirping, children were laughing , and Dan Howell was screaming.

“NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE” The young boy yelled as he backed up to the tiled wall. No there wasn’t an axe murderer in the bathtub. No there wasn’t a wild bear ready to attack. It was something much smaller. The size of an american penny in fact. It was a completely harmless house spider.

Dan, in fact,  had arachnophobia. This meant pretty much that spiders scared the living shit out of him. Only living on his own for about three months now, he had never encountered a spider in till now.

Shrieking , Dan runs out of his bathroom into the living room. He grabs his keys and exits his apartment, walking to the apartment next door. Dan reluctantly knocks, fixing his flower crown that lies on top of his head. After a minute, a ebony haired man answers the door. The man was wearing a muse t-shirt , had tattoo sleeves, a blue streak in his fringe, and piercings: canine bites and a nose ring. Dan was intrigued by the older man, wanting to get to know him better.

“Hey… aren’t you new to the complex?” The man asked, arms crossed. His blue eyes sparkled in the fluorescent lights of the hallway. Dan becomes lost in the tattooed mans eyes, almost hypnotized by the sight. After realizing he was staring, he answers the man’s question.

“Yeah… I moved here about 3 months ago. My name is Dan.  Dan Howell.” The younger boy bites his lip and looks down at his own pastel doc martens.

“Cool. My name is Phil. Phil Lester” Dan looks up at Phil, their eyes meeting for a couple seconds. Phil soon breaks the silence.

“Well…what brings you to my doorstep Dan?” The brunette takes a deep breath.  

Fuck, I am going to make myself look like a total loser in front of a potential boyfriend.

“Well… thereisabigassspiderinmybathtubandIhaveabadcaseofararacnophobiaandIwaswonderingifyoucouldkillitforme?”

Phil lets out a little chuckle, blushing a little bit.

“Slow down cutie, all I could understand from that was ‘ kill it for me’ so… “

Dans eyes open wide

Did he just call me cutie?

“Pretty much I am scared of spiders and I want you to kill the little shit”

Phil bites his lip and raises an eyebrow.

“Sure, cutie. Lead me their.”

Phil puts his hand out for Dan to hold. Dan hesitates but he soon grasps the man’s hand and leads him to his apartment. As they enter, Phil gasps in awe.

“Your apartment is beautiful, Dan! I love it”

Dan smiles a hundred miles wide

Dan drags the older man to the bathroom, letting go of his hand and hiding behind the door.

“Its in the bathtub. Just… PLEASE KILL THE FUCKING THING!”

“Okay cutie, whatever you say”

Phil takes off his black combat boot and inches toward the bathtub. When he gets to the porcelynn tub, he sees the eight legged creature crawling all around.

“Die yah lil fuck”

With that, he slams the shoe on the spider, causing Dan to jump. Phil lifts up the boot and throws the dead arachnid into the trash.

“Is it dead?”

“Yes , my love.”

Dan slowly creeps out from behind the door, seeing Phil as he puts his shoe back on. The boy walks over to the man, who is now  standing up, and looks up at him.

“Thank you.”

“No problem.”

Phil clears his throat.

“So… I was thinking… would you like to go to starbucks with me?”

Dan blushes


“So… lets go!”


They walk into the crowded coffee shop and walk up to counter, hand in hand.

“Hi! What would you boys like today?”

Dan smiles and looks at Phil.

“Well we would like two venti caramel macchiatos, extra sugar in his.”

“What are your names?

“My names Phil and his is Dan”

“Will that be all for you today?”


“Your total will be €5.95”

Phil goes to take his wallet out of his pocket, but Dan stops his hand.

“I got it.”

He takes out his pink leather wallet and takes out 6 pounds, handing the money to the cashier.

“Keep the change”

Phil wraps his arm around Dan’s slim waist and leads them to a table.

“So… what type of things do you like ,Dan?”

“Lets see…I like tumblr, My Chemical Romance,Muse, Attack On Titan…you know, normal things.”

Phil grins.

“You like muse too? Whats your favourite album? Mines ‘Origin Of Symmetry’.”

“Same, oh my fucking god!”

“What’s your tumblr, Dan?”


“Cool, i’ll follow you. Mines amazingphil”

The two boys talk for a couple more minutes until they are interrupted by the lady at the counter.

“Two caramel macchiatos for Dan and Phil!”

They both grab their drinks and walk out of the glass doors of Starbucks.

“So… where do you want to go?”

“Well there is this water fountain two blocks away we can go to if you want?”

“That sounds like fun! So lets go!”

They both walk to the fountain , still holding hands, talking about the random shit they were talking about before.

“So that was the time when Chris accidentally asked out a girl when he was drunk, even though he is gay as fuck” As Phil finishes his story, the couple gets to the white fountain.

“Hey, maybe we should get my friend PJ with him? They would be perfect together to be honest”

“That would be fun”

The two sit down on the edge of the fountain, Dan cuddling into Phils shoulder.

“Hey, do you want to take a selfie?”

“Sure babe.”

Phil pecks Dan on the lips and puts his arm around his shoulder,

Dan grabs his iphone from his pocket and goes to his camera.

“Say cheese!”

They both smile and the camera shutter goes off.
“Ugh, we are too perfect for eachother”

“I know right?”

They just sit there for hours, talking about their lives. Before they knew it, their drinks were gone and it was pitch black outside.

“Phil, I had a really fun time. This is actually the first time I have been out in months.”  

“Me too.”

Phil then does the unthinkable. He connects their lips together. Dan is filled with shock for a second, but soon complies and places his arms around Phil’s neck. They disconnect after a moment and just stare at eachother.

“How bout you stay the night at my place? It will be really fun.”

Dan smiles


Phil then calls a cab.  As they were waiting, they just stared into eachothers eyes. Sooner or later, it gets their.

“Get in the cab , you lovebirds” the cabbie playfully yells out the window. The voice was very familiar to Phil. It almost sounded like his friend Chris.

Phil pushes that thought aside and gets in the cab with Dan.

“Hey Phil.” the cabbie says . Phil looks at him and what does he know. It was the one and only Chris Kendall

“I see that Phil ‘ im too cool for love’ Lester has found a cute little boy toy”

“Shut the fuck up Chris”


“Okay, so Dan this is Chris, Chris this is Dan.”

Dan smirks

“So I heard about your accidental girlfriend from last year”

“Fucking hell Phil” Chris mumbles under his breath.

“ What? Am I not allowed to embarrass my best friend for the entertainment for my boyfriend” Phil makes sure to emphasize on ‘boyfriend’

“Whatever, so do you want me to drive you guys to your apartment?”

“That would be great”

The whole ride , Dan , Phil , and Chris just talked about everything from embarrassing experiences to hot guys.

Sadly, their chat came to an end when they pulled up to Dan and Phil’s apartment building.

“Oh no. We are here” Chris says “I guess I will just message you Phil in the morning”

“Okay , Chris”

Phil pops the door open and steps out, holding it open for Dan.

“My majesty.”

Dan giggles and steps out of the cab, immediately being picked up by Phil bridal style.

“Use protection!” Chris screams out the window. Phil just rolls his eyes and continues to carry Dan to his flat. When they get inside , Phil brings Dan to his bed room, setting him down on the bed.

“ Do you want a shirt you can sleep in?”


Phil grabs a MCR shirt and throws it to Dan. Dan immediately takes off his clothes, except his boxers, and pulls on the shirt Phil gave him.

“You look hella cute in my clothes omg”

“Thank you Phil.”

The older boy does the same as Dan, except putting on a shirt with cats, and lays down in his bed.

“Come over and cuddle with me, don’t be shy.”

Dan crawls over and buries his head into Phils chest, feeling him breathe in and out.

“You know I love you , right?”

“Yep. I do too Phil”

“I know.”

And right then,  Dan drifts off into sleep, with all of he wonderful memories of that day.

Who knew that a pesky little house spider could bring two people together?


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Phan fiction masterpost

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Drarry AU: Harry was away for weeks on his Auror mission and Draco, though he would never admit it, was missing him so much that he was on the verge of tears if Harry was still not returning. Draco swore to kick him out of the house forever, but what a pleasant surprise he received when he retuned home from work!

“FUCK YOU POTTER,” Draco yelled at the empty house before leaving for work. 

He wished for Potter’s response, even if it would result in him being insulted, because for fuck’s sake at least Potter was here.

It had been weeks, four to be exact, not that Draco was counting, yes he was definitely not counting, that Harry was away from home. Draco never hated Harry’s job this much. He was surprised that it took him so long to see that Harry’s career would definitely be the ultimate spoiler of their relationship. God damn it. Draco missed him. Draco missed him so much that he had been sniffing their bed sheets and sleeping on Harry’s pillow every night just to take in whatever little of Harry’s scent left. 

Occasionally, when Harry was less busy with fucking other men (that is what Draco thinks he is doing) busy with work, he would send an owl or firecall Draco to check on him but regardless of all these, the physical distance between them was tearing Draco apart. Never did he think it would be possible for him to be so dependent on a single person in this world. And that person has to be Potter for fuck’s sake. Whenever he asked for a specific date that Harry would be returning home, Harry would brush it off, as he wasn’t sure exactly when his work would end. 

“It could be today,” Draco tried to comfort himself as he looked out of the window thoughtfully, biting his thumb, “BUT IT COULD BE FUCKING FIVE MONTHS LATER AS WELL, FUCK YOU POTTER IF YOU’RE NOT COMING HOME TODAY YOU’LL NEVER COME HOME EVER.”

Draco had let himself be too hopeful in the past and he learned his lessons well. Whatever, if he’s not coming home, that’s it, Draco decided. Lightning flashed across the sky and thunder soon followed. What a gloomy day that had drastically contributed to Draco’s already gloomy mood. Soon, Draco found himself distracted by piles of work on his desk as the sound of rain drops splattered on his window. 

Meanwhile… At Malfoy-Potter’s house…

“Gosh, does England’s weather gets any worse? After all these weeks and it is still as shit as ever.”

Harry was drenched from head to toe, leaving water along the way as he made his way up to the bedroom. He’d better get out of these clothes before he caught a cold. Definitely not his plan to spend his well-deserved holiday being sick when he can finally be fucking Draco 24/7. 

“OH MY GOD. THAT LAZY FUCKING MAN!!!” Harry screamed as the mess in the bedroom greeted him when he opened the door. Clothes were everywhere on the floor, dirty underwears, clean socks, bathrobes, towels, everything that Draco could possibly have used and left behind, he left them on the floor. 

“I can’t believe it. All these while he had been lying to me that he was keeping the house in order,” Harry grumbled as he bent down to pick up the clothes. 

He decided that a hot bath would be first needed before he could proceed with laundry and maybe some other basic chores to at least make his house looked like somewhere humans could dwell in. 

As he sank into the warm water, Harry couldn’t help but let out a heavy sigh. He had been so tired and busy with work that he couldn’t even properly catch up with Draco these few weeks. On one hand, he left guilty to leave Draco behind and that he had paid so little attention to his favourite in the whole wide world. On the other, he too, felt sexually frustrated. He needed the man in his arms, he needed the man by his side to challenge him in all possible ways, to annoy him and to give him the motivation to complete his work faster. Though, in all honesty, Harry had never been so motivated to work that he finished what was supposed to be completed in two months within a month because he was desperate and eager to get home to Draco. He decided that tonight would be romantic and sweet. Firstly, he would clean up the house. Secondly, he would make them a nice dinner. Thirdly, they could cuddle, talk, and make love afterwards before calling it a day. 

Sounds like the perfect plan, Harry grinned at himself as the images of them making love flooded across his mind. 

By the time he finished bathing and doing laundry, it was almost 5pm. Draco might be back anytime because he could leave his office any time. It was hard to estimate. Harry decided to go with the normal, which left him with another hour to prepare his romantic meal before surprising Draco at the door. 

Some time later…

“Hmm, why does this fucking house smell so good? I must be delusional. Nobody is home to be even cooking for me,” Draco lamented as he unlocked the front door. 

“OMG. WHAT. HOW COME HE’S BACK ALREADY. IT’S ON 45MINUTES PAST!” Harry screamed internally as he panicked after hearing Draco’s voice immediately as the door unlocked.

He wasn’t done cooking, first. Second, he was not dressed at all because he left everything in the washing machine… so on some level, he looked very indecent. Although to be fair, it wasn’t as if Draco never saw him naked, but to be caught naked in this kind of situation was rather… unplanned and embarrassing

Okay fine, you guys left me with no choice, but never in my life would I do this again, Harry cursed inwardly and thought this could be the only way he could make things less awkward, hopefully. 

“Welcome home darling,” Harry tried in his most seductive tone ever as Draco greeted him at the kitchen’s door.

… awkward silence … awkward silence … awkward silence …

Draco just stared and stared at the naked figure in front of him. Toned, muscular lean body leaning against the frame of the kitchen’s door. The muscles clearly defined, the butt looking fine and desired to be touched, the hair looking as messy as ever. This could only be one person and the voice confirmed it. It was Potter, his Potter, here, at home, in the kitchen, naked, greeting him… is this even real….? No. He was definitely not expecting this after a crazy long day at work. 

“Pott..er..,” Draco began, ‘you’re back,” he stated as a matter of fact-ly. 

“Yes, Dray, I’m back!! Aren’t you happy?” Harry smiled at Draco cheekily. 


“WOAH, Dray calm down!” Harry made his way towards the now raging Draco. 


Before he could even finish the sentence, he felt himself being pushed backwards, falling onto the sofa when a heavy figured landed on him, sealing his lips at the same time. 

FUCK HIM IF HE THINKS HE COULD GET AWAY JUST BY KISSING ME, Draco struggled against Potter, turning his head away as he tried to push himself up, “GO AWAY YOU MEAN HEARTLESS MAN.” 

“I’m sorry baby, I swear I’ll never leave you alone in this house again okay? Please? Look at me,” Harry’s hand pinned Draco’s above his head as he leaned forward to press kisses against his cheek and neck, “you don’t know how much I miss you, oh god, you smell so good.” 

“If you really missed me that much you could have come back sooner,” Draco still looked royally pissed. 

“It’s not like that. I have work. I couldn’t just quit because I miss you. Everyone on the team is away from their family, their loved ones and no one is complaining!” 

“Whatever Potter, get off me.”

“I don’t want.” 


And before Harry had the time to digest everything and reply, Draco was kissing him hard, body swiftly grinding against his own. All he could do was to kiss him back with equal passion and made up for all these time they had lost. That was before he tasted something salty in his mouth. 

Shite. He’s crying.

Harry had known him for so long, lived with him for so long and he knew Draco hardly ever cried unless he was really extremely upset. Looks like Harry had done it again because the last time Draco cried was when they had a huge fight and Harry ignored him for days. He tore him apart to see Draco crying and knew that instant to never doubt Draco’s love for him. He also swore to himself to never make Draco cry again. Now, he never hated himself more. 

“Draco, stop,” Harry tried to break away from the kiss but he knew Draco too well. 

He was not going to stop. He wouldn’t want Harry to see him crying. He would continue distracting Harry by kissing him. 

“No. Stop,” Harry brought his hands up to Draco’s cheeks and rubbed away the tears that were flowing, “I’m sorry, please, don’t cry?”

“I’m not going away anymore, forever, I promise you. I miss you as much as you miss me and it is killing me inside, so stop crying, because you’re making me cry. It hurts me so much to see you this upset. I can’t believe I made you cry again. I’m such a bad lover,” Harry smiled weakly at Draco as he pressed a kiss on each of Draco’s eyes. 

“I’m sorry for screaming at you too. I just missed you so much I don’t know how to express my feelings. My heart is cringing painfully inside when I saw you because I’m so happy that you’re safe and you’re back, but I don’t know how long you would be back for because I know I can’t go through this whole process of living without you again.”

“Draco, I love you.”

“Love you too.”

They both leaned towards each other for a kiss to seal their promises. 

“Let’s get to bed,” Draco suggested as he looked into Harry’s eyes and smiled for the first time in weeks since Harry left. 

“Wait! I was cooking, oh my god, my food will be burnt by now!”

“Good. I don’t want to eat your lousy cooking anyway. Go to the kitchen and switch off the stove before you burn our house down.”

Draco lifted himself off and pulled Harry up. He couldn’t help but laughed a little when he saw Harry’s butt bouncing as he made his way to the kitchen in quick small steps. 

“Harry, wear some clothes please. I don’t want our neighbour to see what belongs only to me,” Draco smirked as he took off his pants and underwear, before throwing the underwear at Harry, “for old time’s sake.”

Harry laughed as he put it on, feeling warm inside out.

“I’ll wait for you upstairs,” Draco winked and disappeared up the stairs. 

Whatever Harry’s plans were for a romantic dinner was definitely not happening tonight, for the dinner seemed to be inedible already. Well, at least he had a feast waiting for him in the bedroom. 

By the time he cleaned up the mess in the kitchen and arrived upstairs, Draco had finished bathing and was drying his hair by the side of their bed. 

“Come here, let me do it for you,” Harry said as he sat down beside Draco. 

“Yeah continue to let you spoil me rotten and then leave me behind to die again with zero survival skills,” Draco grumbled unsatisfactorily.

“You really have zero survival skills. The room was in a mess when I returned. Looks like I can never leave you alone again.”

“That’s the plan,” after a pause, Draco continued, “for life. But for now, the plan is…”

With that, he settled onto Harry’s lap before pushing him down onto the bed and kissed him in all eagerness.

They were making up for lost time, kissing with all the passion, grinding against each other with all the energy, before Harry found his hand slowly sneaking into Draco’s pants. Oh this butt, still as touchable as ever…

“Not so quick Potter,” Draco declared as he swatted his hand away.

“What again?” Harry asked, obviously sexually frustrated, “it’s been weeks! Let me touch my baby!” 

“Oh? I thought you didn’t know it has been weeks. But as a punishment, tonight, you’re not allowed to touch me.”

Harry groaned but inwardly, he was filling with excitement. Draco was usually never this eager in bed, and he was only more than happy to let Draco have his way tonight. After all, he was sure it was going to be one of his best nights ever. 


“Hands at both sides above your head.”

Harry did as he was told and he heard Draco mumbling something before his wrists were bounded to the headboards of their bed. 

Fuck, wandless spell. That was hot. Harry could feel himself getting harder. Since when did the bastard figure it out? This must have been how Draco was feeling for the past few years when Harry performed wandless spells just to watch Draco getting so aroused and eager. Now he was definitely getting his revenge. 


“Patience darling. Firstly, lift your hips up so that I can take off my underwear though it fits you perfectly well.”

Draco smirked proudly as he saw Harry’s member eagerly up and even leaking a bit at the tip. 

He gave Harry a quick kiss on the lips before whispering into his ears, “Baby I’ll fuck you so hard tonight.”

Harry felt himself shivering at Draco’s words. Fuck. His sexy low voice was enough to make Harry come. 

“Now let me examine my property closely,” Draco kissed his way down Harry’s body before disappearing beneath the covers. 

Harry couldn’t see what Draco was doing, but he knew he was dying inside because he had yet to feel Draco’s hand or mouth on his member and he desperately needed Draco’s touch. But soon enough, he could feel hot breaths against his dick before Draco’s tongue was circling his tip, biting so very lightly that made Harry moaned in arousal. 

“Fuck! Draco!”

He never got a verbal reply but Draco was sucking him hard, hands massaging his balls gently. He could feel the back of Draco’s throat and tried his hardest to not thrust into his lover’s hot mouth even though he desperately wanted to. 

Whatever plans he had for tonight were not going to happen. Romantic and sweet? More like messy yet fucking hot and sexy. It didn’t matter. This moment was perfect to him. All Harry found was himself drowning in moans and Draco was forcing all sorts of sounds out of him by being so fucking talented. 

It was indeed a long night ahead for them. 


Taylor Caniff (Smut)

Request: hey I’m literally yout fan omg you’re awesome!!!!! can you do a imagine that taylor are virgin but (y/n) isn’t and she teach him how to do somethings?? (srry my bad english i’m brazilian)
I was about to pound my head against the walls if our fucking neighbor doesn’t stops with their stupid song, I literally listen to the same song every single day I even know the whole lyrics. I sigh in relief when a few moments the music stops, great now I can have some sleep. Beep Beep Beep. “What the hell is it 7 already” I whispered to myself. I look at the phone viewing Taylor message telling me to sleepover his house. it’s like 11pm and my parents are asleep if they found out in the morning I’m not here they’re going to kill me. but ehh who cares yolo.
I packed my bag and opened the window to snuck out but I forgot there wasn’t a freaking ladder, I tried to pull myself up but I couldn’t. I left myself go and feel on the harshly on the ground. Ah, gravity. Thou art a heartless bitch. “Fuck” I mentally cursed as saw bruise on my hip was starting to form.
I walked to Taylor’s house which wasn’t that far from I live like a 6 blocks away.
I was right in front of Taylor’s door, am I really sleepover or should I go home I said to myself, am I brave? Or am I pussy? definitely not pussy.
I knock on the door reveling a Shirtless Taylor with a boxers, one of my weakness. “Hey baby” he said before pecking my lips.
we proceed to his room, I let my bag on the floor, throwing myself in the bed next to Taylor, we talked for awhile when suddenly I couldn’t resist to touch him “Are your parents home” I whispered, straddling his thigh. he shakes his head laying his hands on thighs. one thing that got me concern that me and Taylor haven’t had sex or he’s not very open about sex. “Taylor why haven’t we had sex” I said, but immediately regretting what came out my mouth maybe it’s to early to have sex.
He sighs looking at me. “I don’t know” he breathe out, turning his head not daring to see my eyes. I cup my hands on his jaw turning him to face me. “Please tell what’s wrong, don’t you love anymore” I said getting quite upset. “No baby no, I love you so much is that….I’m a virgin” he said as red tint appear on his cheeks. I couldn’t believe Taylor was a virgin. Taylor knows I’m not virgin but why would he kept it a secret. It’s not that really embarrassing i really wish right now I was virgin. “Teach me, baby please, babe tell how to make you feel good, tell what you like, what your favorite position” he rambles, I could hear the tone of neediness in him, I was actually surprised he wanted me to teach him.
“Okay, but are you ready” I said holding his large hands. he nodded, I lean in kissing him . I could feel fireworks through my body just like how I felt when we our very first kiss. my hands roam around his toned chest, drawing the outline of his abs.
He tugged on my shirt, balling the material on his fist lifting it above my head, throwing it across the room. I reach to my bra unclasping it, sliding my bra down my arms. he gain a little bit of confidence his hand landed on my breast squeezing it softly. rolling my nipple between his index and middle finger making me moan.
I kneeled down taking his boxer off, letting him sprang free. I wrap my small around his length pumping up and down as soft moan escaped from his lip along his profanities. 
I lick a bold stripe from his base to tip, tasting his precum. I take him in my mouth, bobbing my head taking my hands to pump the rest that couldn’t fit in my mouth. I look through my lashes locking my eyes with him. “Fuck your mouth is amazing” he groaned, bucking his hips slightly hitting the back of my throat. he twitches a couple of times, I wanted to tease him so I took him out my mouth, i chuckled as he whine at the lost contact.
“I want to eat you out baby” he said, sitting up pulling my pajamas down, he gasped when he notice I wasn’t wearing undergarment. “No panties you’re very naughty” he said, laying me on the bed, pulling my legs apart. “Just do what you think will make me feel good” i said, he nodded before rubbing my clit with his thumb. He licks my fold. i moan as he inserted his fingers in my dripping core. “Fuck do that again, but harder” I moaned out, making him curls his finger plunging his finger at fast pace. his tongue works on my clit flicking back and forth. I tried to hold back a few moan but end up failing. “Shit stop” I said in between moans as I was getting closer but he ignore me and starts sucking on clit roughly and picking up his pace on his finger. I scream out his name after riding my orgasm by slowing moving my hips on his warm tongue.
I flip us over starting to grind against his hard bulge. He kiss my lips making me taste my self. “Are you ready?” I said, positioning myself on his member. “Yes” he said, slid down on him causing us to both moan, “baby you feel so good” he said against my neck as i slowly rotated my hips. he turns us over thrusting into me . he rested my legs on his shoulder finding a new angles to hit directly my sweet spot. I could feel getting by clenching tighter on his length. I roll my head back and scream out his name pleasure as i climaxed, between him riding into my orgasm he hit high, breathing heavily in the crook of my neck, “That was amazing” he said slowly pulling out, laying next to my exhausted body. “So fucking amazing” I responded, pulling myself onto his chest falling asleep.
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  • tbh bad boi? nah more like just a little trouble maker who loves to dance and be a little shit bc he thinks he’s cool.he gets into battles.. dance battles and u’re not gonna lie he’s really good. and u’ve seen him dance and he gets so happy whenever anyone compliments him but half the time he’s asleep or practicing dance in the courtyard where u’ve sneakily seen him dance 
  •  one time he caught you sneaking in and you tripped so badly ur hurt your knee and he ran up to you and picked u up and helped u get to the buses and asked if he should come along but u declined bc it’d be more awkward and u were embarrassed enough and next day he asked if u were alright and u were blown away that he cared so much even though u hardly knew him.
  • he sat next to u and he was never still always shaking his leg or mumbling something and shaking his head.. he was known as the “Second Michael Jackson” of the school bc of his smooth moves and u agreed bc he was really good.
  • is always knocked out on the back of the class with a little bit of drool on the side of his mouth but he looks so adorable that you once took a pic but he woke up as he heard the sound of it and the asked. “did u just take a picture of me sleeping”? and u ran out of the class at the speed of light and never came back.. well actually u did bc u had class but u avoided him and he didn’t push u asking about it either. 
  • so one day you see that ur school is keeping a competition on dance and u already knew dino would be joining it as his name was first one written and a few others as well, and there were choices wht kind of dance it was duet or solo and other genera’s etc. so u knew if dino was there nobody else could win and u were glad bc he deserved it as he practiced all the time after school and even in lunch.
  • one day he sat next to u and asked “hey! Y/N u coming to the dance competition next month”? and u were like “nahh, i don’t think i’m interested to watch it”. and he smiled and said so nicely that u couldn’t refuse “come watch me.. and you could cheer me on since nobody else will”. and u went red on face bc he laughed and said “i asked u to come cheer me not marry me Y/N.. although i wouldn’t mind if u want to”. so u quickly say.. “um i’ll see if i can”. and he gets up and says “i’ll take that as a yes then! see u there.. u better be there or u’ll break my heart” and holds his chest and closes his eyes as if he’s in pain
  • and then gives u a quick wink and leaves the class and u wonder if u should go and cheer him on… it couldn’t be that bad.. so at lunch u go to find him where u knew he would be and there u saw from the entrance he looked so determined and serious.. something u hardly saw as he was always smiling or laughing like a dork but u just stood there watching him until he caught your eye and stopped and turned around smiling all big and walked over to u.
  • “what’s up? wht are u doing here”? and u answer “i will come to cheer u in the competition” and he even smiles more still breathing hard “well of course u would. i mean i am ur crush right?” and u freeze bc wht did this little shit say?” and u start to stutter bc ur too shocked “wht.. wht do.. you meAN?” and he comes forward trapping you between him and the wall behind u putting his hands on either side of you and whispers “u took a pic of me sleeping.. why else would u do that?” chuckling as he couldn’t hold back his laugh.
  • and u push him back and run once gain bc.. god he makes u so embarrassed! and u hear him laughing him more behind u as u’re running away and then when u’re going back to class u get a text from a unknown number saying “bring me food i haven’t eaten since morning… pls” signed dino and u sigh bc this kid will srsly hurt himself he keeps this up.. so u go to the school’s small shop which had a few snacks for him and walk back to where he was.
  • when u enter he’s laying down and then looks up when u enter and sits up clapping his hands and you hand him the bag of snacks but he pulls u down along and u have to sit with him as he starts to much on the food u brought him and offers u and when try to take a bite he quickly puts it back in his mouth and laughs through a mouthful of food… and u feel so betrayed but he offers again and this time actually gives u a bite and soon u have to leave for class so y’all go back to class
  • and everyday u have to bring food bc he doesn’t bring his own and u wouldn’t want him to faint or anything so until the day before the competition u to see him after school so u can wish him luck for tomorrow but u see he’s isn’t there?? u look around but u don’t see anybody.. so u look around and try to find him but only see empty hallways and ground so u think he might have left and decide to go home.
  • while going out you notice dino but he isn’t alone.. but he’s been surrounded by a bunch of older kids that aren’t from ur school as they have diff. uniforms.. u see from the back watching carefully making sure they don’t do anything do bad or u’ll kick their ass! well.. try to.. and u watch until one of them grabs his collar and he looks scared so u walk up to them and push them apart and say “we got a problem here?” trying to sound tough but it came out a little weak.
  • they all look at u up and down and the one who had been rude comes forward and says “someone so small like u should stay away or u’ll get hurt” chuckling and u say “i might be smol but i can fight” and u try to stall them as u keep hearing dino whispering “Y/N.. go away or we’ll both die”. but u ignore him and keep pretending to be strong until the other boys says “let’s  see how strong you are” and u agree and pull dino behind u and say “run when i tell u to” and he nods agreeing.
  • and u get ready to fight one of them and u’re about to charge when u look up and scream “OMG!! principal ma’am!! …we’re just playing!!” and when the other boys get surprised looking up u turn back and grab dino by his collar and pull him along with u running as fast as possible and he runs after u following where ever u were going and soon u guys reach a small shop and hide in there.
  • while u were hiding behind the shelf’s u hear one of them come in and u push dino even further in the small sapce and hold ur breath scared to death and he too holds u tightly close and when u think it’s safe to come out u slowly come out of the small space and sigh in relieve and look at dino who looks lost and u ask “wht? why are u looking at me like that?” and he simply answers “that was the most brave thing i’ve seen anyone do.. u could have gotten hurt”. and u just laugh saying
  • “well somebody had to save ur ass and i guess it’s safe for u to go home.. so are u still coming tomorrow?” and he smiles brightly and says “ofc! and u better be there too!” and gives u a tight hug before leaving and u too leave after him waiting for the next day and when the day of competition comes the school is hyped af. the entire day is spent watching others  practice and preparing for it.
  • so at 7:00 when it starts u enjoy it to the fullest and wait for the last performance since it was dino who would go last so u waited until the host announced it was time for the last performance u watch as he walks in and starts to dance and u’re amazed once again as to how smooth he is and the crowd keeps cheering him on and on and at times he’d catch ur eye and send a wink and when u winked back he couldn’t help but laugh while doing a stunt.
  • and after it’s done the crowd goes crazy with cheers and shouts and you cheer as well and then the time for announcing the winner comes and u’re hoping he’ll win with all ur heart and he does!! the judges announce his name and ur literally heart jumps out of ur chest and u watch him get his trophy and he looks so happy. and when he comes down the stage u come through the crowd and run up to him and tackle him in a hug, and he hugs u back and u stay like that for while until u pull back.
  • and he smiles saying “i won!!” and u say “ofc, u won! u had to.. i mean u were best” and he nods and garbs ur hand and pulls u along with him to meet someone?? and u see a old couple talking and when they see u guys they pull dino in a hug and congratulate him and u’re wondering who they are?? and then dino turns to u and says “Y/N these are my parents and mom and dad this is my GF??” excuse me? punk wht da fuk u say? and they both smile sweetly at u and say “oh my she is PRETTY.. no wonder dino talked about you all the time”
  • and u just blush and are frozen but u manage a “thank you”. and then y’all go to dinner with his parents and when he later comes to drop u off at your house he says “i.. i hope u’re not mad that i called you my gf.. “ and u just laugh bc he looks so scared so u just ruffle his hair and say “it’s alright and maybe i agree with u”. and get out and wave him bye and he still looks shocked.
  • and then y’all become the dancing couple bc he’s always dancing and making do the same at first u were shy af but soon u got used to it and whenever u were going to class together half the time u’d be dancing but then realize that u’re getting late and then run to class and come crashing in at the last moment right when the bell rang and sit in ur seats trying not to laugh bc it was both dangerous as u always almost got detention for being late all the time but it was super fun at the same time so whatever!.
Cameron Dallas Smut for Anon ♥

This is like my first time actually publishing a serious smut, so sorry if its bad..

“Y/n! Hurry the hell up! If we don’t get a picture with them in the next 8 minutes, they’re going to leave!!” Tarah (best friend in the story) yells back at you from a few spots forward.

You heard her loud, and clear, but you were mesmerized still after an hour, by the one and only Cameron Dallas. You’ve been a Cam girl since day one, and this was your first time seeing him in person. 

As you caught up with Tarah you were literally two feet away from Carter, Hayes, Nash, Cam, and Carter’s girlfriend had tagged along with him to this Minnesota Comic Con. 

As the security guard that was supervising the picture taking section, set up, currently. He had signaled you both to move forward to get ready for the pictures. Before you sat down with the boys, you took a selfie with Deborah. 

“Cameron’s staring you down..” Tarah leaned over, whispering in your ear.

You turned around quickly to face the four of the boys, and it was true, Cameron was eyeing you from head to toe. He looked as mesmerized with the sight of you, as you did with the sight of him earlier. 

You, and Tarah walked in front of them, and Hayes immediately got up taking you each individually into a huge hug. Then Carter hugged you both, he didn’t look as excited as he did when the actual event was going. You assumed he was tired, reading the emotions in his dark brown eyes. 

“Hi gorgeous! What’s your guys’ names?” Nash stood up, towering. 

Tarah spoke, “I’m Tarah.” then points at me, “and this is y/n.” you smiled, and didn’t want to leave the embrace of his hug. He smelt, absolutely amazing. 

Cameron didn’t stand up or anything. He patted the small space between him, and Carter smiling at you. You had an extremely shocked facial expression, which made Cameron giggle as you tried to sit in the space. As you were sitting down, Cameron moved his lower half of his body, so you were sitting on his lap. 

The camera guy and lady, had to go do something for one of the other venders. Which gave you time to talk to Cameron. While Tarah was dazed, and extremely lost in the conversation she and Hayes here having.

“So.. Y/n is it?” Cameron asked you placing an arm around your waist. 

You chuckled a bit, “Yeah..” you were flushing red, you could feel it.

“That’s beautiful.” he said cheekily smiling up at you. Without giving you time to say something else, “I’m Cameron.” he said now placing both arms around your torso, never taking a glance away from your eyes.

The way, he looked so lost, and adorable made you belly laugh, “I knew that.” you managed to get the words out between laughs.

“Oh.. right.” he said obviously feeling a bit embarrassed. He pulled out his iPhone, and handed it to you.

You shot a questioning face at him, “Wait, what am I supposed to do?”

Carter interrupted behind you, “Oh! He wants your number y/n!”

“Uh.. Yeah.. What he said!” Cameron said is midst of the awkwardness.

You typed in your number, and immediately afterwards the photographers snapped about five pictures, shooing you and Tarah out of the reserved area, handing you your phones, and pictures.

You were startled as the announcer over head said to the hundreds of girls still in line, “We are sorry to inform that we’ve run out of time for today! We promise pictures tomorrow!”

*Later at the hotel*

“So, what’d you and Cameron talk about?” Tarah asked you, finishing drying her nails.

“OMG DUDE, I TOTALLY FORGOT! HE PUT MY NUMBER IN HIS PHONE!” you screamed feeling stupid for forgetting something like that.

“SERIOUSLY!?” Tarah exclaimed, clearly excited for you. “I swear I just heard your phone go off a minute ago though." 

You practically flew across the room unlocking your phone to see an unfamiliar number texted you..

- Guess who?! I really want to get to see you again. Your gorgeous! Meet me at the surf place across the street, in a few minutes? 

                  -Cameron Dallas 

You looked in the full body mirror in the bathroom, noticing an outfit change wasn’t necessary. You made a few quick adjustments to your eye makeup. 

You grabbed your drawstring Nike bag, containing your wallet, phone, charger, sweats, and some other things. You had the door halfway open.

"Y/n? Where yah headed?” Tarah popped out of the bathroom on the other side of the room, brushing her hair.

“I’ll explain later Tare, i’ll be back soon.” you smiled at her closing the hotel room door. 

You were currently on the street entering this surf board shop. It seemed empty, so you called out, “Cam?!?” you shouted two or three times before you actually got a reply.

A very familiar voice from tons of videos answered, “Woah, I didn’t think you would actually come.” he walked out, shirtless, rubbing the back of his neck. 

“Who would pass up Cameron Dallas?” you asked, in non belief of what he was trying to say.

“More like who would pass up y/f/n y/l/n!” he laughed making it seems so obvious.

“What do you mean?” “You don’t even know me..” you awkwardly looked at the floor.

Cam pulled up following history on Twitter, and other social medias. He had followed you on everything. “I don’t know you, huh?”

“How the fuck did I not notice you followed me?” your mouth was open so wide, it seemed to you it had dropped to the floor.

Without saying another word, he got extremely closer to you. As much as you wanted to say something, you were still in awe of what he had just told and showed you.

As he was about a centimeter away from you, he wrapped his arms around your torso, like he did in the pictures. “W-what are you do-” you tried questioning him, but he cut you off by an instant lip connection. 

You weren’t expecting at all, but of course kissed him back, a few seconds past. You thought it would have stopped and ended at a kiss, but he was continuing. 

He was making patterns under your shirt, along your spine, which gave you chills.

As Cameron, started to caress your breasts, you tried to mutter out stop”. He wouldn’t let you get a single letter out. He was trying to find the sweet spots on your neck, earning moans to leave your mouth. 

He reconnected your lips, picking you up, legs wrapped around his torso. You squirmed a bit, getting nervous as to where this was leading to.

He was sliding your top off of your body, exposing your red lace Victoria Secret bra. 

You started trying to push him away, but, he was much much stronger than you. Not letting you out of reach. You had no idea what was happening, but it was almost like you couldn’t scream. Something was holding you back. 

It felt like your voice had completely disappeared, as he began taking not only yours, but his shorts as well. He smirked at your red lace thong, matching your bra. He almost in two swift movements, had your small remaining amount of lace. Baring your toned tan skin. 

“Ca-cameron..” you whispered trying to keep him off.

“Am I doing something wrong?” he asked, looking a little worried.

“Th-this is embarrassing to say out loud b-but..” you were about to confess.

“Y-yeah?” he looked at your eyes, trying to read deep emotion.

Awkward silence filled the air before you spoke, “I-im, i’m a-a, virgin..” you glumly buried your face in your hands.

“Trust me y/n.. I’ll be gentle.. It’ll only hurt for a second or two..” he assured you, moving a strand of hair behind your ear. You nodded, letting him continue.

He began to finger at your entrance. Making you arch your back slightly. “Damn, your even tight around my fingers.” he laughed. “Nothing has ever been up there before..” you blush, slightly laughing at his comment.

He replaced his fingers with his tongue. Making sharp quick movements. Making you arch your back even more. You had never orgasmed before, but you could feel it coming, “Ughh. Cameron, i’m coming!” you squeezed your eyes shut, gripping the cloth on the table under you tightly.

He suddenly stopped licking, and brought his lips back up to yours letting you taste. 

“Are you ready?” he asked you, his masculine body hovering over yours.

You couldn’t make out words, you just nodded, squeezing your eyes tight.

He begins thrusting his member into you. You admit, he was right about hurting the first few seconds. He was only half way inside of you, when you began to get pleasure. 

“Deeper Cam!” you moaned out.

He grinned at your short statement, and began thrusting much faster, and deeper. 

Even though he was the first, you could tell he had a bigger size than most. He broke a sweat through 15 minutes of “mitionary” and “doggy style” positions. Until, he began sucking on your nipple, and along your jaw line, and collar bone. Leaving dark purpley blue marks. You kept moaning his name, over and over again. 

For the second time, you felt the deep pit in your stomach come back, “Cammm, i-i’m gonnna cum!!” you bit your lip.

He got close to your ear, feeling his hot breath, “Scream my name baby.” he quickly stated sucking on your sweet spot. 

Almost immediately afterwards he went further than ever before, hitting your g spot, repeatedly. 

You both screamed something at the same time..

You; “OH. CAMERON!!” you shouted out in complete pleasure.

Cam; “Omg, I’M COMING!!” his manly shout eachoed.

At that very moment you came onto eachother.

Falling onto you, panting, you felt hot. 

“Round 2 in the shower y/n?” he asked winking at you.

“I’m down!” you replied, as he picked you up bridal style, headed to the bathroom. 


Prompt: Ok, it’s kind of strange but I saw this tweet and I couldn’t help but think how cute it would be if Owen did that for Amelia :’) Maybe he invites her over to his new place (assuming he’s moved out of the trailer, set in s12 but I guess before the Riggs issues) and the next morning basically what happens in the second half of the tweet is what happens to them. Mostly adorable-ness. (@previouslyonfanwars

A/N: So I got this prompt ages ago, and I’ve only gotten to writing this now. I am so sorry for keeping you waiting this long but here it is omg! Finally! :D Also, it is fluuuuuff. Well kind of. And I haven’t proofread it yet because I haven’t had sleep in years. (Holy crap this is also very long. I write so convolutedly. Someone tell me to stop omg.). 

She would describe today so far as an overall shitty day.

It was mid-November – gray, cold, wet, humid and just plain uncomfortable. She didn’t think Seattle could get any gloomier but today somehow surpassed all other adjectives she could think of. It was just… morose.

And yet the thing was, she would usually love this weather – cool splats of rain drops striking down the car roof, down her windshield and the car window, while everything blurred down into a sort of myriage of swimming lights. Floating lights. Water lights. Whatever you would want to call it. Except her back was killing her, and seemingly enough, the rainy weather combined with the wintery cold had created a sort of black ice down the roads, causing multiple vehicular accidents that lead to a very long shift on the O.R. She thought the patients were practically trying to see whether they could kill their doctors first before they died themselves. Yes, she was aware, that was morbid, but Amelia was needless to say, exhausted.

Her eyes felt heavy as she pulled up the driveway, and near Owen’s apartment building. She was supposed to pick up a couple tools to fix the wall she and her sisters had torn down. It had felt good, the whole hammering thing, but the walls now had a few rough edges that could probably land the kids in the hospital more than they were supposed to (and that would be saying something, given that all their adult caregivers were surgeons).

She had volunteered because this was Owen, and well… It was Owen. She wanted to be near him, but not be near him. She wanted to see him, but not see him. It was all very confusing at this point especially after that kiss, but all she wanted to do right now was go inside somewhere warm and sit. Had she mentioned that her back was killing her? It was practically throbbing, her hips feeling like they had been stomped all over by a jumping Bailey on a bed and her hips in this silly metaphor were the bed itself. Stepping out of the car and shivering at the blast of icy air that slashed through her cheeks, she rang Owen’s apartment. Five minutes and one flight of stairs later, she was right by his door where he opened for her.

“Hey,” he greeted her, a smile automatically spreading across his face seeing her. Her cheeks and the tip of her nose flushed as the warmth of his apartment welcomed her. Looking around, she absorbed all that she could. It wasn’t huge, but it wasn’t tiny either, it felt just the right size. The walls were brick, sand orange glowing against the glow of his fireplace, lights a tinge of warm yellow, contrasting with the deep blue curtains and sofa. You would think it would clash, but somehow it just made everything feel… Strong, sturdy, safe. She didn’t even know how she’d managed to deduce all that from walls and furniture, but she did. Again, she told herself, it was the exhaustion talking.

“Nice place you found here…” she said as he walked around her, helping her off her jacket. The missing garment left her in her black skin-tight sweater, one of her most favourite pieces of clothing, being both so conveniently warm, yet perfectly figure-hugging. The fact that his face had been so close to her back did not go unnoticed.

“Yeah, after living for almost a year in a tin can, I thought I might upgrade to something sturdier,” he grinned as he watched her face wander around. “Why don’t you sit over there by the couch? I’ll get you some coffee to warm you up while I look for the tools? I have a couple more boxes to get through, and I know I packed some plaster and cement in there…”

“You have plaster… and cement… packed up in a box from the trailer… and into your apartment… right here?” Amelia asked, cocking her head to the side. 

It was slightly unbelievable that the would just have these things lying around the apartment so casually

He seemed embarrassed by the question and looked down to the floor with a shrug, his hand scratching the back of his head in such a boyish manner. He was adorable. 

“Uh… yeah?”

She couldn’t help her smile, and let the situation be. She didn’t need to make him squirm any more than she had to. She’d seen all she needed to know.

“Huh, so I’m gonna go now… To look for… Yeah,” he went into the corridor and down to his room, safely avoiding anymore questions. 

Amelia walked around studying the place, finding it surprising that somehow the whole apartment screamed of him. Military books and surgical books lined a couple of the shelves. There was a kitchen counter, but no dinner table. Big enough flat screen TV, one guitar near the sound system (she’d have to remind herself to ask him about that later), and a fire place. Not a heater, not centralized heating but a fireplace itself, with real firewood on the side. The more she thought about it, the more she knew she would not be expecting anything less from the trauma surgeon.

Sitting comfortably on the couch, she was lulled by the silence and her tiredness. The warm glow of the fire surrounding her was delicious and exquisite warmth and her eyelids felt heavier by the moment. She didn’t know, but she’d fallen asleep on his couch. At first her head had leaned back to the top of the couch and had gradually sled down to the side of the arm rest, body curling up instinctively to shape the cushions into a perfect nest for her fetal position. It was all natural, it was all comfortable, her whole body relaxing and revelling in comfort.

Owen stepped into the living room from the hallway carrying the box of tools and materials he’d stocked for her, and could not find her. He listened in to see if he could hear her walking around the apartment, but there was nothing. Stepping further into the room he saw her chocolate locks falling down the side of the couch’s arm rest. 

She was asleep. 

Walking round the couch, he crouched down to his knees and chuckled. She must’ve been so worn out. 

Careful not to move her too much, he slowly lifted her up in his arms, letting her head fall onto his chest, replacing to the couch as a pillow, and brought her to his room so that she would be more comfortable. He lay her down his bed, taking off her shoes, socks and pants (no, not because he was a perv, but because he remembered she’d once told him that she could absolutely not stand sleeping with any item of clothing that would be wrapped around too tightly on her legs – something about freedom and all that), and satisfied that she would be at her utmost comfort, he left her be.

Amelia stirred awake. She woke, but she refused to open her eyes or move. That had been one of the best naps in her life. Now that she’d rested for a couple hours, she could maybe apologize to Owen for falling asleep on his couch and be on her merry way to the Frat House. Maybe after a few more minutes in the comfortable warmth.

Then she felt her legs brush against each other and realized two things: the first, that she probably needed to wax soon, and second, that she’d felt skin brush on skin and she was probably not wearing any pants. Oh, and that she was in a bed, not a couch.

Looking down, the list of realizations grew longer with the fact that she not only felt something smooth but also something wet. And that it wasn’t just any kind of wet, but the red blood kind of wet, staining the perfectly white sheets of someone else’s bed. Owen’s bed. And like clockwork, he came into the bedroom.

“You’re awake. You looked so peaceful before, I didn’t want to wake you…”

“I am so sorry! I fell asleep, and, and…”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. I may have let you sleep longer tha–”

“I have blood on your sheets.”

He paused for a second, and in a flash he was beside her, taking off the covers to give her a quick examination and rule out the worst possible injuries.

“Are you okay? Are you in any kind of pain? Did you fall? Are you dizzy? Let me call the hospita–”

She stopped him before he went onto a whole different tangent and this became an episode of E.R. instead. “No, Owen, I-I’m fine! It’s just that the blood. It’s… a monthly thing.”


There was an awkward beat. She felt like it was the longest beat in her life, and she felt like she needed to say something. “I am so sorry for staining your sheets, I didn’t know I was going to get my period today. Actually, that may explain all the crankiness and the misery and the throbbing pain on everything… Owen…?”

The man in front of her had suddenly switched into a different kind of mode again, when she noticed he wasn’t really paying attention to her rambling. 

“Get up…” he asked her, taking her hand and lifting her off the bed. One quick motion and the sheets were off, crumpled under his arm as he left the room. Five seconds later, he was back with a fresh set of towels, as she stood there watching him make a beeline directly into the bathroom where she heard water running down what she could only assume was the shower. Then he was out, tugging at her hand again, kindly, but firmly, in total silence, leading the way. 

“Stay here. I hope I got the water right, I think it’s hot enought? You can take as long as you want… And I’ll have some tea ready for when you come out,” he said to her, in all seriousness and matter-of-fact. As if it wasn’t everything a girl could possibly want when she was cramping all over the place. This man knew exactly what to do, when to do it. Amelia could cry. She might actually have teared up a bit.

Washing herself off, she enjoyed the hot water running down her back and her waist. The soreness was slightly alleviated by the strong water pumps, and the feeling of cleanliness added to her comfort. It was her first day and the dull pain of her back would usually go right down to her calves. It explained why the toll of the nightshift in the pit got to her so much last night. Patting herself dry with the towel laid out for her, she dressed on the clothes Owen had laid out for her: a pair of panties she’d probably left in his apartment (she would need to ask when and how she’d done that), a fresh pad, an old t-shirt of his, and a pair of sweatpants. On Owen, the clothes may have been a tight fit, but on her, she felt like she had draped herself in the flowiest of clothes, the sweatpants baggy and loose on her. For this situation it was just perfect.

Amelia stepped out of the room and found the clock on the wall. It read 4:35 AM. That had not been just a nap.

“Is that the time?!” she gasped at him.

Owen chuckled. “You looked like you needed the sleep. I didn’t think it was right to wake you.”

“Meredith is gonna kill me!” she answered. The line felt like a very teenage thing to say, curfews and chaperones and all that. She sat down the counter where he’d laid pancakes and tea. “I promised to bring everything back last night!”

“Already taken care of– called her to say you’d be staying over,” he said while handing her a cup. It was peppermint tea. She couldn’t help but close her eyes when she smelt it, the fresh mint going right through her nostrils and into her head.

“I… Did she say anything?” she asked as she sipped down the cup.

“Just to use protection and not get you pregnant,” he quipped.

Amelia almost choked on her cup, coughing up some of the liquid that went down the wrong pipe. Owen laughed at her reaction, standing up to reach behind her and pat her back.

“Hrmmmm…” she moaned, his hand down her back hitting some of the soreness still there. The unintentionally guttural sound that came out of her mouth suddenly charged the atmosphere with something else. His hand lingered on her back and the patting became less of his palm and more of his thumb, pressing against some of the crevices of her spine and waist.

He watched her eyes close and her head hang loose between her shoulders. Amelia used her elbows on the counter to support herself as she put on all her weight forward, her back arching towards him to offer up some more of her for him to caress. Her breathing was deep and slow, relaxing against his touch. “Is this okay?” he asked.

It was quite obvious that this was more than just okay: Owen could tell she was very much lost on the feeling of his thumbs drawing very pressing circles on her hips. The loud clank of the cup of slightly dropping from her grip brought them both back to the reality that they were both still in the kitchen.

“Oh gosh, I’m sorry,” she said setting the cup straight, some of the contents already spilt on the marble.

“Hey no, don’t worry,” Owen answered, automatically bringing the nearest a table cloth and cleaning it up in one swipe. “See? No fuss.”

Amelia smiled shyly at him. She seemed to be making messes all over the place lately. “I kinda got carried away…”

He grinned at her, watching her blush. “Well, you know, I apparently give really good massages. I should hand out warnings next time – no holding of fragile objects while my hands work their magic.”

She laughed at how adorable he was, but she couldn’t ignore the shiver down her spine at thought of him and massages, and hands and thumbs pressing down her body. “Um, yeah. Except I don’t think the magic has had its full effect yet, you know?”

“Oh really?”

“Yes, really,” she arched her eyebrow suggestively at him.

“Well we can’t just leave the magic half-way through. That would not be right.”

In one scoop, she was in his arms being carried off to the bedroom. “Hey, Owen! Owen! You don’t have to! I was just kidding!”

He just kept on going until he reached the bed and set her there. “Oh, but I do. It wouldn’t be magic if it weren’t done properly,” he answered. “Just lay down and let me.”

Positioning her on the bed so that she was on her stomach, arms up top embracing the pillow on her head, as he sat on one side of the bed and placed his hands on her back. He rubbed her shoulders, gently, warm and strong hands on the delicate skin of her neck, and Amelia sighed. He wasn’t touching her directly but the heat seeped through the fabric as the circles he was drawing forcefully on her shoulderblades undid the knots of her back, muscles being molded to his will under his powerful touch. The circular movement from her shoulders slowly traveled down under her shoulder blades, thumbs pressing directly on the gap between the blade and her rib cage, connecting to the spine. He seemed to know exactly where to press, and her whole body reacted to him in warmth. 

His fingers caressed her ribcage, ghosting down her sides, a few more inches down and he would be pressing against the flesh of her breasts, and he was gentle on the tip of his fingers, as if he knew exactly what he was doing to her. His thumbs drew lines and continued to knead her hard from the inside out, starting just on the sides of her spine, the sensitive area in between the blades (and not directly on top of the actual vertebrae), and out to the edge of her back on a horizontal pattern. He did this motion from top to bottom, passing through under her ribcage, and her tiny waist, until her hips. Slowly, always taking his time. Feeling that her back had now given into his caress, he finally set out to do one of the things he’d learnt during his residency years while filling up some hours on the maternity ward.

Drawing the sweatshirt up her back and slightly pulling down on her sweatpants, he revealed the porcelain white skin of her hips and found the two hollowed dents of her hipbone. The first contact of his hand directly on her skin, especially on such a sensitive area to her made her gasp, but when he used his thumb to press hard right on those two hollowed spots on her hips, she couldn’t help moaning his name.

“Oooh, Owen…” 

He smiled, glad it was working.

Amelia couldn’t believe he’d known exactly where she was sore. She hadn’t even said anything and yet there he was. It was the place. The part of her that had been practically throbbing so much that it had made her miserable all week. And he was rubbing it, pressing against it, kneading circles around it, and she felt the relief running from the muscle of her glutes to her thighs, her calves, all the way down to her toes.

“Right there, oh… Please don’t stop. That feels so good…”

Owen listened to her, pressing particularly hard in the places that made her moan the loudest, until all she could do was just that, letting out the ocassional whimper or shiver when he touched a sensitive nerve. If anyone listened from the outside, they would think she was having the best sex of her life. And maybe she could be, she mused in her head. The sensations she was feeling right now could actually rival an orgasm.

After a few minutes, he shifted slightly lower down her hips, bringing the band of the sweatpands down with him. His skill at finding the perfect pressure points in her body proved to be excellent again, when after palming up her buttcheeks a few times, he found the nerve on the side of her hip bones that ran right to her ankles. Amelia tensed a bit, gasping at the deliciously painful jolt that went down her leg – the feeling slightly like an intense tickling sensation – and his hands squeezed down her neatly defined thigh muscles following the nerve that had awakened to calm it down. He did this a few times too, Amelia arching and gasping every time. He would always couple it with a few cupping motions on her ass that made her squirm, her cheeks being massaged up by his hands, opening up and rubbing together, and by extension the lips of her own pussy. At this point, Amelia was thoroughly turned on.

“Owen…” she whispered, breathless. He heard the need on her voice, but he knew that this wasn’t the right time to ravage her and alleviate his own hard erection. 

What he did instead was press his palms onto her back and rubbed her all over. Up, down, on to her sides, on a swirling pattern, slowly and slowly. Hands firm, he never lifted them up and the motion lulled her to calm down, the little fire he’d created before slowly taken over by a smooth and soothing rhythm instead. She was being hushed into sleep again. The repeating movement was hypnotic to him, and he concentrated on the action itself and not the beautiful woman underneath him. After quite a while of doing that circular motion, he managed to calm himself too. Amelia’s breathing had slowed into peaceful wisps and he knew he’d succeeded.

“Maybe some other time,” he whispered to her, smiling. “You just sleep for now…”

And with that, Owen drew the covers, lying down beside Amelia, and held her close to him to join her in sleep.


MEET & GREET! Submit your meet-and-greet stories to bryanstarsfanpictures@gmail.com. They are posted throughout the week.

I met Sleeping With Sirens and Pierce the Veil November 29th 2014 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at The Rave Eagles Club. It was nothing spontaneous or anything, I met them in the meet and greet but that doesn’t make it any less special. My heart was having trouble beating! I was so nervous and excited. I mainly went for Sleeping With Sirens, but Pierce the Veil is one of my favorites, too. I have been a fan of SWS since 2010, and I haven’t stopped being a fan since. They basically saved me from myself. I wouldn’t be who I am today without them. Anyway, back to the meet & greet story, after waiting in the cold as fuck Wisconsin weather for three hours, the VIP person took us inside. As we were walking through the venue, it really was hitting me that I was meeting my favorite band after all this time. Living in Wisconsin, not many bands come here other than Warped Tour (which I am completely thankful for), so this was like a one time thing for me. The VIP person stopped us in front of the meet and greet curtains. We couldn’t see behind them, obviously, and we stood there in silence wondering if anyone was behind the curtains. Our question was answered when we saw Pierce The Veil walk across the back of the room and slip inside the meet and greet area. Little squeals came out of the mouths of the fangirls and a few small screams, and I started to get nervous. Then everything got really loud and I snapped out of my thoughts. I saw Kellin standing there with a small smile playing at his lips and he was waving at us. I couldn’t help myself. I screamed SO LOUD! The inner fangirl inside me had been unleashed! I didn’t even care. People were staring at me, and quite frankly I didn’t give a damn! But after I actually saw Kellin’s face, I started to panic. I was pacing, my breathing started to become irregular, my heart was beating so fast…I didn’t think I could do it. The line started to move. I started to get closer to the curtains. Soon enough, I was being told it was my turn. I stepped through the curtains cautiously. I looked up and noticed all of Sleeping With Sirens staring at me, smiling. I hid my face, slightly embarrassed, and asked, “Can I have hugs?” I got a little, “Yeah,” from Justin, and so I went up to him and gave him a hug. I turned around to see Jack standing there with his arms spread wide open and he said, “Come here, you!” and I swear that really unleashed the fangirl in me. I squealed and gave him a bear hug. I went over to Kellin and just as I was about to hug him, he pushed a finger into my shoulder. “OOO! Girl, I like your shirt!” It was a shirt from his clothing line. “And it’s signed by me!” A while back, Kellin had this thing where if you bought one of the shirts from his clothing line, he would sign it and I was wearing one he signed. I replied, “Yes it is signed by you!” and then I finally got my hug. It was a damn good hug. Not better than Jack’s bear hug, but it was still a good one! Then I hugged Gabe, and he didn’t really say anything, but that’s okay. He looked pretty tired, I didn’t take it too personally! I went up to Nick and as I pulled away from the hug I gave him, he said, “Did you post a funny picture on twitter this morning?” That morning, I posted a picture on twitter of me sitting in my living room looking at my watch that said, “me waiting to leave for the world tour.” I replied to Nick by saying, “Yeah that was me!” He said, “Yeah I saw that, I thought that was pretty funny!” (the lesson I learned with this and that everyone else can get from this is that they actually do see some of this stuff so YES ROCK ON). After the hugs, I gave the dude who was taking pictures my camera. I recognized him from videos and I follow him on Instagram. I asked, “Are you @ worstdudehiphop?” Before he had time to answer, Jack jumped in between us and faced me and said, “OMG YES THAT IS @ WORSTDUDEHIPHOP!” I laughed hysterically at him and right then and there I think I loved him the most! So I went and stood between Justin and Kellin and right before we took the picture, I almost forgot about the letter I wrote them. “Wait! Can someone take this before I forget?” Kellin looked at what I was holding up, and before grabbing it said, “Of course!” So we took the picture after that. I gave Kellin one more hug. I went and got my camera back from worstdudehiphop, and started to walk away when I felt a hand wrap around my wrist. Kellin stood there looking at me with the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. “I love you,” he said to me. He let go of my wrist. I held my breath after responding to him with, “I love you, too.” I stood there for a couple of seconds trying to lock that image in my head before I turned around to the next camera person for Pierce the Veil. I was having trouble saving the picture with SWS to my phone, probably because I was in complete shock, and I said to the camera person, “Sorry I’m taking forever!” They said, “It’s all right!” I finally saved the picture, and handed my camera to them. I walked over to Pierce The Veil and I said, and a little too breathlessly might I add, “Can I have hugs?” Turtle flopped his arms out which made me giggle and I gave him a hug. Then I gave Mike a hug and he said, “Hi! How are you??” I said, “Good how are you?” Then he said, “Fantastic now!” That made my face a little pink, I could feel it. Right then is when I figured out Mike was my favorite. I hugged Vic then, and he said, “How are you?” I said I was good and he said, “That’s good.” He gave me a big smile. Then I gave Jaime a hug, and again, he didn’t really say anything, and that’s okay. We took the picture then and I gave Vic one more hug. I looked at all of them and said, “I love you guys.” (Later, I looked back at my SWS meet and greet and got angry at myself because I didn’t say it to them.) Vic responded to me with his hands on my shoulders and said, “We love you, too.” I got my camera back and saved the picture more easily this time. I left the meet and greet area and got my poster and junk, and I stood in line to get into the actual venue with my two friends Mariah and Jordyn and they knew I was about to cry. Jordyn pulled me in for a hug and I started to cry. Just a couple of tears escaped and Jordyn pulled away. “It’s okay, Lauren. It’ll be fine, honey.” Someone ahead of us in line (by the way she looked like she was literally about 10 years old) was staring at me. I noticed her. She turned to her friend and said meanly, “She’s literally crying.” I snapped. “Yeah I AM literally crying. Those bands down there saved my fucking life and changed who I am today and if you don’t understand why someone would be crying here then you shouldn’t fucking be at the meet and greet!” She stood there with a scared look in her eyes and I didn’t care. After that, I lost it. I balled and balled and balled and balled. Someone came over to me and said, “I just wanted to come over here and give you a hug because you look like how I’m feeling.” I will never forget that moment. That is what makes a connection between real fans of really good bands. We are always going to be there for each other, no mater what. So she gave me a hug and I smiled at her when she walked away. Before the meet and greet, I met a 29 year old mom who was a die-hard fan of Pierce the Veil. She brought her daughter, who was also a huge fan, but it was mainly her mom who wanted to see them and meet them. I had made a bond with that mom that day, and when she saw me balling in line waiting to get into the actual concert venue, she stopped and pulled a tissue out of her purse and wiped away my tears. “It’ll be okay, honey. I understand what you’re feeling. It’ll be okay.” I wished I would have thanked her. The compassion of these fan bases overwhelmed me. I am so happy to be apart of something so amazing. If I could send all of you to meet your favorite band, I would. I truly would. I literally would wipe out my entire life savings just so you could experience the amazing gift that I got. I got the gift of compassion, love, hope, and faith. I have faith in all of them. They have faith in me. And they have faith in all of you, too. Trust me.

Harry Blurb - His First Time

Request: Yes

Rated: R

Okay, so this was a very detailed and sexual request… It is quite mature, so if you are not into this kind of stuff, feel free to pass right through. xx

WARNING: I am terrible at writing smut, as you will see.

Sitting in bed, watching a romantic comedy, you and Harry were cuddled together in the thin duvet. His arms were wrapped around you, holding you tightly against him, as your head rested on his chest. Everything was calm, relaxing even, until the scene changed on the screen. What was displayed on the screen was no longer the quite first date of the characters, but a rowdy sex scene. The characters made noise, kissing and mating.

You looked up to Harry, whose cheeks were a bright pink as his eyes focused on the uncomfortable scene in front of him.

“Harry?” you said. “You okay?”

“Yeah,” he cleared his throat, “I’m fine.”

After that, you let it be, and finished the movie without another word. Once the television was shut off, you turned to him. “Are you a virgin, Harry?” you asked, not exactly thinking before you spoke. The words tumbled out so quickly, and you were so curious, you hadn’t thought twice about the awkward question.

Obviously caught off guard, he coughed. “What?” he choked.

“Have you ever, you know, had sex?” you restated. You realized that this topic didn’t come up a lot, and although you’d been dating for over a year now, the two of you had never had sex before, so you were unsure of his sexual whereabouts before your relationship.

“Um…  No,” he muttered, barely audible and clearly embarrassed.

“You don’t have to be embarrassed, you know,” you reassuringly smiled at him, in attempt to soothe his nerves.

Just as he thought you were done, you spoke again. “Do you want to try?”

His eyes widened, a shocked look upon his face, until he took in your words. He swallowed. “Sure.”

You smiled. “I’ll show you what to do. First, undress,” you instructed. He didn’t delay as he tore off his pants and shirt, leaving him in only his boxers. Slowly peeling off your clothing, you mimicked his actions. Now you were left in only a bra and panties.

You and Harry had done a few naughty things here and there, sure. But never had you actually had sex, even though the idea often entertained both of your thoughts on a daily basis.  But, who could blame you? You were both hormonal teenagers, eager for love.

He sucked in a sharp breath as you tauntingly unclasped your bra, throwing it to the side. “Now, we’re going to go slow. You’ve never done this before, and I’ll have to lead,” you laughed lightly. “I want this to be memorable, not rushed.”

Harry nodded eagerly, gulping as you slid off your panties. You climbed on top of him, straddling his waist. Biting the inside of your cheek and praying that this wasn’t a bad idea, you pulled down his tight, black boxer briefs that had already began to stretch from Harry’s growing bulge. You inhaled deeply. God, he was big. You’d seen him before, but now, pre-sex, he seemed even larger.

After handing him the condom you had been keeping just for the right moment, your heartbeat raced as you watched him slide it on. "You ready?“ you asked, making sure he wasn’t having second thoughts, even though you knew he had been waiting for this moment for a while.

"Yeah, I am,” he assured you.

“Okay,” you breathed. You lowered yourself onto him, and he moaned the second he was inside of you.

“Fuck,” he mumbled, closing his eyes. Slightly smiling, you began you roll your hips. “Fuck, (Y/N),” he quietly uttered again.

You began to move faster on him, moaning every time he would buck his hips upward to fill you deeper. You bit your lip, watching as beads of sweat began to roll off his forehead. You, personally, had had sex only a few times before, but it was a completely new experience with Harry. Not only was he bigger, but was more fragile and timid with his actions because it was his very first time. Plus, you really loved Harry, and loving your partner made the whole action better in many ways.

You leaned down to kiss and suck lightly on his neck, earning a small whimper from him. “God, don’t stop,” he gritted his teeth, “please.” His breathing pattern was labored, barely controlled, and you watched as his chest quickly rose and fell.

Rolling against him harder, he moaned loudly. His member was stiff inside of you, filling every inch of you. You felt him twitch as he began to come undone. You felt the knot tightening in the pit of your stomach as he repeatedly screamed your name.

You could tell you were both close, almost reaching your climax, as the movements became sloppier and harder. “Fuck, (Y/N), I’m gonna… I’m gonna…” he said his breathing out of control. He couldn’t even finish his sentence due to the heavenly pleasure you were feeding him.

Reaching your high, you let out a scream of Harry’s name as you dug your nails into his skin. From the action, Harry came to and spilled into the condom. “God, (Y/N),” he panted.

Climbling off of him, you laid at his side and wrapped your arms around his torso as you allowed both of your breathing to return to normal. Both dripping with sweat, you clung to each other. “I love you,” you said, burying your face in his chest.

“I love you too, (Y/N). More than you know,” he said, and kissed the top of your head.

Alright, so it’s probably obvious by now that I really suck at writing smut. Oh well. Hope you it gave you feels. Request more blurbs and preferences. xx

The weeb queen and her reign of terror

So my long weeb journey began with my friends and I sitting in the school cafeteria, completely not expecting the two year long disaster that was about to kick start.
It was the 8th grade and my friends and I were just getting out of our weebo stage. I sat there eating my lunch with my twin sister, spunky, and our way too nice friend, patient pants. ((Obviously not their real names.))  patient pants who every single teacher in our huge middle school loves((keep in mind our middle school has only 7th and 8th grade and is about 2,000 students. Big school.)) runs off to talk to our 8th grade counselor. Me and spunky blow it off because it’s totally normal of patient pants to do this. Soon patient pants returns but with the counselor. Obviously I was confused and just plain worried. Long story short the counselor tells us about a new student in our grade who didn’t have anyone to sit with and asked if she could sit with us. Of course we said we didn’t mind and patient pants ran off to bring the new girl to our table…… Oh only if I knew the drama shit storm this girl was going to bring with her and her giant tubber ware of cold pizza. 

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flowerrpuppy  asked:

hey!!! first I want to say that I love your writing!!! and I saw the Ridiculous Sentence Prompts you reblogged and wanted to give you a few for Solangelo!! “So why did I have to punch that guy?” or “Why exactly do you need chloroform at 2AM?” :)

omg thanks try to ignore the fact that i’m shit at actually writing things within an acceptable time frame

i swear i’m just dead from school and also a book series that i’m avoiding because maybe if i ignore it long enough i’ll forget about how emotionally invested i am



“So, uh, why exactly did you need chloroform at two A.M?” Will asked, his voice laced with sleep and distorted from the phone.

I sighed tiredly, rubbing my forehead as Leo screamed again. “It’s not that important. Just, like, give me some. As soon as possible.”

“Nico, I can’t just give you chloroform.”

“Why not?”

Will growled in frustration, but it didn’t sound so threatening because of the fact that he had this sexy sleep voice going on. “I just can’t, okay? Not without knowing why you need it.”

Leo screamed, and there was a loud crash from the TV, and I resisted the urge to knock him out with my fists instead of chloroform. “My roommate is being an ass.”

“How so?”

From the living room, Leo guffawed loudly, and then shouted something unintelligible into his headset. “He’s been playing some games for forty-eight hours straight. And he’s been playing with his friends, so it’s not getting boring for him, and I haven’t slept at all and honestly I’m ready to commit murder.” My voice was hysterical now, and there was this instinct to cry, but I didn’t, of course. That would be weird.

“Why don’t you just come over?” I blinked, Leo’s laughter wonderful background noise for my miraculous realization. “Did you not think of that?” Will asked, and I could perfectly imagine him raising his eyes, and his voice was so annoyingly condescending that I felt like punching him in the face.

“Cut me some slack, I haven’t slept for two days.” Will started to say something, but I hung up on him, already grabbing my things to go over to his apartment.


“Excuse me while I slip into a coma lasting for three days,” I said, shoving my way past Will and heading to the couch. His apartment was quiet and wonderful and honestly I could cry from relief.

“I thought you said you hadn’t slept for two days,” Will said, closing the door behind me and scratching his head. His hair was adorably messy, but thankfully I was too tired for my brain to fully acknowledge that, and my face didn’t get nearly as red as it would’ve.

“Does it matter?” I responded, collapsing face first onto the couch, not even caring what position I was in.

And then I was asleep.


When I woke up, the first thing I remembered was the dream I had. It wasn’t one that I hadn’t had before because, let’s be honest here, Will was very attractive and I was slightly in love with him. Anyway, in the dream, Will and I were dating, and I did all the cute shit with him, kissing included. Of course, this wasn’t the best dream to have when I woke up at his place with him standing in front of me with only a pair of boxers on.

“Hi,” I greeted, sitting up and pretending I didn’t notice his very nice torso. He turned around, his face quickly turning red. “What year is it?”

He cleared his throat, putting down the remote and ruffling his hair a bit. “Uh, the same year as when you fell asleep.”

“Darn. I was shooting for at least two years.”

“You said for three days.”

“Hm, I lied.”

“It’s been a day.” I nodded, getting up from the couch and turning away from him as I silently freaked out inside. “Do you want to have something to eat? I was thinking about ordering pizza for dinner.”

“Food would be great,” I said, regaining my composure and turning to face him again. “It’s okay if I stay the night again, right? I’m sure Leo is still playing his stupid game, and I don’t think I’m ready for that yet.” Will nodded, grabbing the phone and walking away from me. “Are you okay?”

“Of course. Why wouldn’t I be?” he asked, still not looking at me.

“You’re acting strange.”

“No I’m not.”

“Really, Will?”

“I don’t understand what you’re getting at.”

“Am I going to have to force it out of you?”

“I don’t-” He stopped, sighing loudly, and I saw the tensed muscles in his back relax. I mean, sure, the view was great, but I was also glad his resolve to hide things was shaking. “I’m embarrassed, okay?” I blinked, my mind going blank.

“You’re what?”

“Embarrassed!” he said louder, turning around to face me, finally. “I’m super embarrassed because you’ve been at my house for a day, and you trusted me enough to not care about where you slept or what I might do, or anything! I’m super embarrassed because I just-” He stopped hiding his face with his hands, the phone still in one hand. “Can I put clothes on?” he asked weakly from behind his hands.

“Wait, what? Finish your sentences.”

“I can’t finish my sentence like this,” Will said, gesturing down at his practically naked body. “This is serious, and I can’t just say it in my underwear.”

I sighed, pinching the bridge of my nose. “Fine, but you promise to tell me what you were going to say after you put clothes on? You’re not going to avoid the topic like you did when you couldn’t tell me that you were the one who broke my earbuds that one time?”

“This is different!” Will said, already heading to his bedroom, “and when are you going to get over that?”

“Never! You avoided it for, like, a month!” Will yelled something unintelligible to me, and I had a feeling it was just a yell of random sounds, which is exactly what Will does when he’s frustrated. I smiled to myself, leaning against the couch and crossing my arms. I would never admit it, but Will’s screams of frustration were rather endearing. Will was rather endearing. Not that I would that out loud.

Will walked into the room fully clothed and his face red. “You ready to talk to me now?”

“Cut me some slack, I’m dying inside right now.”

I grinned, uncrossing my arms and tucking a strand of hair behind my ear. “Alright, alright. So what was so important you had to put clothes on?” Added to the list of things that I haven’t said because no way am I that confident: After all, I really enjoyed seeing you shirtless.

Now that he was on the spot, Will looked about to cry. “Uh, how about I order the pizza first?” I shook my head, giving him a concerned look. He sighed, ruffling his hair so that it was an adorable messy that made me want to, uh, hug him or something. Yeah, that. “Okay, fine, let’s just get straight to it,” he said, letting out another sigh, “I’m kind of in love with you. Have been for about a year now.”

“Wow, same.” The words flew out of my mouth before I could stop them, and both of our faces went a bright red as our brains processed what just happened. “I mean, I, like, love you, and stuff, too. I mean-” Will grinned, grabbing my face, and kissing me straight on the lips. Like. On the lips. With his lips. I almost wished I didn’t have to breathe so I didn’t have to pull away, totally out of breath.

“God, I was so afraid you wouldn’t like me,” Will said, breathless, a terribly attractive smile on the lips that I had just been kissing. “I can’t believe you actually like me back.”

“I can’t believe you actually kissed me when I probably have gross breath right now.” Sure, it wasn’t the best the best thing to say after kissing someone, but that was the first thing that came to mind.

Will bursted out laughing, his hands sliding from my face to my shoulders and shaking me a bit. “I don’t even care!” he exclaimed, and he sounded kind of hysterical, but I didn’t mind. I was screaming on the inside, so it would’ve been weird for me to judge him for freaking out on the outside.

“Now I’m kind of glad you put clothes on,” I said, blushing a bit as I retracted my hands from underneath the hem of his shirt. There’s no telling where this would’ve gone if he was mostly naked.

“Really?” he asked, his smile getting wider as I blushed harder, kind of infuriated by his condescending tone.


“I’m glad I suggested you coming over instead of giving you chloroform.” He took my hands, and I blushed even more, leaning my forehead against his chest.

“Me too.”


not the best but eh it was ok

please don’t hate me

Thanks for the prompt!!!

5SOS Preferences- You're best friends and he kisses you

A/N: holy banoodle i was so not expecting a request but omg okay, thank you so much for requesting, I’ll try and give my best. By the way I changed Calum’s and Luke’s a bit, I hope you don’t mind, it was just for them not to be all so similar. Okay, let’s do this.



(His P.O.V)

   “Okay, this is it… I have to do it, I have to confess my feelings for her” I thought on my way to her home. We’ve been best friends since forever but what if I ruin our amazing friendship just because of my feelings for her… But on the other hand, what if she feels the same way? I mean, we flirt a lot, she flirts back… does that mean anything?

   I knock on her door and she opens it revealing her beautiful self making me even more than decided that it’s now that I tell her how I feel. “Hi…” I say nervously.

  “Are you okay Ash? You seem nervous.” she asks laughing.

   “Yeah, sure. I’m okay, How have you been? Missed me?” I say trying to relax myself as I come inside her house.

   She chuckles crossing her arms “You wish.”

   “(Y/N) I’m going to do something, please stop me if you don’t want to” I say as I approach her, leaning in for a kiss as I closed the gap between us. She’s stiff and stops me.

  “Ash…” She says looking at me as if she was saying ‘gosh, you’re so stupid, what are you doing’.

  “Oh my god, (Y/N), I am so, so sorry” I apologise leaving her house and heading home.

  (Your P.O.V)

 ”Oh my God… Did- did Ashton just kiss me? Oh my- Why did I stop him?” I think, regretting my past actions as I go get my car keys and drive to his house.

  I stop at his door step and ring the door bell mouthing a speech I had prepared on my way to his house, completely forgetting it as a puffy red eyed Ashton opens the door.

  “Ashton… Oh my god, I am so sorry” I say hugging him.

  “(Y/N)… What are you doing here?” he asks

  “Look, Ash… I have no idea why I stopped that kiss, I mean, I have been dreaming about that moment since we were teenagers. I guess I was scared of ruining our friendship, but you know what? I don’t care… I’m not going to waste a good relationship just because of my fear”

  “Oh thank God” he sighs kissing me again, and this time I definitely do not stop him.


  (His P.O.V)

 I was at a party of some random friend of (Y/N) since she wanted to celebrate graduating from university, and to be honest, the party was a bit too wild for me, which is never a good sign since I am known in my group of friends as a bit crazy when it comes to parties. I spot (Y/N) drunk as tits almost falling as she tries to balance herself in her high heels. I go get her and tell her “(Y/N) please let’s go get you home, you’re too drunk to even remember the party anyways.” I say as I help her into my car and putting her seat belt on since she can’t put it herself.

  I start driving and (Y/N) starts blabbering about how she doesn’t understand how a donkey fucked a dragon in the Shrek movies. “I mean come on, it’s supposed to be a children’s movie, it ain’t much educational if you ask me” she says as I chuckle. “So Calum… Would you be the donkey to my dragon?” she asks flirty and I start laughing hysterically. “Gosh (Y/N), you’re even more flirty when you’re drunk”

  We go to her house and I help her get into her pyjamas closing my eyes every time she offered to see her boobs, which to be honest I kinda did, but I’m not going to be the guy who takes advantage of girls when they’re drunk. “(Y/N)… please go to sleep” I beg her. “Only if you sleep with me” she says cheekily laying in her bed. I sigh “Okay… Just don’t throw up on me”, “I can’t promise anything I can’t keep” she laughs.

  We lay in bed, I close my eyes when seconds later I feel her lips on mine, “(Y/N)! What are you doing?” I say stopping her since I know she doesn’t mean it as she is so intoxicated. “Calum… I like you so, so much” she says desperately. “That’s just the alcohol talking, please go to sleep” I say as we both drift to dreamland.

  The next day I wake up before her and go get some medicine and water since I know she will be really hungover when she wakes up. When I go back to her I see her sitting with a pout. “What’s wrong sweety, drank too much last night?” I ask laughing. “Ugh, give me that aspirin” she sighs. “Calum…” she says after taking the medicine, “about that kiss last night-” I interrupt her “Don’t worry (Y/N), you were drunk I understand”

  “No, that’s not it.” she says looking at me in the eyes, “Calum, I really do like you, a lot”. I stare at her, did I- did I hear that right?

  “Please say something” she says closing her eyes.

  I kiss her… When I look at her she starts smiling, “You- you feel the same way?” she asks with a grin.

  I chuckle, “You could say I will be the donkey to your dragon.”

  “Oh god…” she says embarrassed as I start laughing.


  (Your P.OV)

I was at the boy’s ‘temporary’ house since they moved around a lot as they are on tour and were currently on my town for a week. We were all in the living room chilling when Michael screams “Let’s play truth or dare!”, “Oh no! Come on, I’m the only girl here you will probably all force me to get naked or dry hump one of you guys” I say as the four boys start laughing.

  “Come on, it’s not going to be that bad… I promise” Luke chuckles. I agreed and after Ashton admitting he had a crush on Zac Efron and Michael mixing nutella with vodka, Calum turns to Luke and starts grinning. “Oh no, when you have that face it’s never a good sign” Luke says smiling. “I dare you…” Ashton starts ‘drum beating’ the table for a suspense reaction, “to kiss (Y/N)”. “Oh this gonna be good“ Ashton laughs.

  “Oh come o-” I say as I feel Luke’s lips on mine. He starts laughing and I just stare at him… This was not at all the way I imagined our first kiss to be like… I mean, I’ve always had feelings for him and to Luke… this kiss was only a joke, a dare, but oh my god, if it meant something to me! I start panicking, “Hey guys… I kind of have to go, it’s getting late” I say rushing to go get my jacket and leaving the house. “Wait (Y/N), are you okay? Do you need a ride home?” Luke offers.

  “No, it’s okay, seriously, I’ll see you guys tomorrow” I say with tears in my eyes as I leave the house. I feel the cold wind blowing on my face as I walk home.

  “(Y/N), wait!” I turn around and see Luke running after me. “What happened? Did that kiss make you feel uncomfortable? Oh gosh, I’m such a dick, I’m so sorry, I should just have told Calum to piss off”, you laugh at his remark.

  “Luke, it’s okay, let it go” I say trying to hide my sadness.

  “No, (Y/N), it’s not okay. I know you, what’s wrong?” he asks.

  You sigh, well I guess I have to tell him now, “Luke, I really hope this doesn’t ruin our friendship, it’s just… It hurt - knowing that that kiss meant nothing to you as it meant so much to me because I just can’t stop thinking about you, and every time you’re away I just miss you even more and my feelings become stronger” you admit.

  He sighs happily “Oh thank God!” he screams. “(Y/N) I like you too, a lot, and it hurt so much thinking that you didn’t have the same feelings towards me… Oh gosh, come here” he says. “Can I kiss you now? You won’t cry?” he laughs.

  “Yes, you can kiss me, you idiot” I say as he leans in and this time, I know it means the same for us.


 (You P.OV)

Michael was at my house watching a movie with me, 10 minutes in I notice Michael hasn’t being paying any attention to it since I could feel his eyes staring at me.

  “Michael! Stop staring at me like that, you’re freaking me out” I yell.

  He looks to the tv embarrassed, “I’m sorry (Y/N), I just-” he sighs “I just have these feelings for you and I can’t control them” you stare at him in shock, oh my God, did I hear that right? Michael has feelings for me? The Michael I’ve been crushing on since we met? “I’m sorry- I just really need to do this” he says as he grabs my cheeks and starts kissing me. I feel panic running through my veins, as shock settles I don’t move, I just stare at him when he leans back. “(Y/N)… Oh my god, I’m such a dick, I’m so sorry!” he says standing up and moving towards the door “I’ll go now, we’ll talk later, bye!” he screams closing the door behind him.

  Jesus Christ, I am such an idiot, why didn’t I say anything? I’ve been thinking about this moment since we first met. I go to sleep trying to make myself feel better.

  When the sun appears again I decide to take a shower and start thinking about last night events… When I’m ready I get on my car and drive to Michael’s house.

  I knock on the door and I see his figure, he looks sad, oh gosh, I made him look like that “Mikey…” I sigh as I hug him. “I’m an idiot, I’m sorry… I feel the same way about you… I just - I don’t know what happened, I felt paralysed!” I admit. He laughs, “Damn it (Y/N) you scared me! I thought I would never hear of you again” he says as he kisses me. When we stop the kiss he says “Want to watch the movie again? I promise I won’t be staring at you this time.” I laugh as we repeat last night’s movie, except he didn’t keep his promise and we certainly missed the movie again as we were too occupied with each other.


  Yoo! The worst writer ever is back woop woop. Seriously I wasn’t expecting that request and I really enjoyed writing these so a feedback would be great and if you want any imagines/one shots/preferences please let me know on my ask box.

  Love you all and stay classy! xx