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  • cassian in rogue one novel, every five minutes:
  • is jyn cold? i think she needs medical help. JYN? WHERE ARE YOU JYN? JYN. DON’T DO THAT, JYN PLEASE. SHE'S GONNA GET HERSELF KILLED. why am i thinking about her so much this doesn’t make Sense, i don’t... understand. BECAUSE *I DON’T* LIKE HER AT ALL. i also don’t need her now, she’s expendable. *shouts* WHERE’S JYN? [shut up cassian don’t show any weakness] *feels rage* WHAT HAVE THEY DONE TO HER? SHIT SHE MIGHT END UP KILLING ME... why can’t i leave her behind?.... i should just leave her behind, right? because that’s a good idea. BUT I NEED TO SAVE HER. stop thinking about her, cassian. hey jyn. J Y N.

blaire: sooooo alek, you gonna finish that? 

alex: yeah claire i am, you should probably slow down anyway


alex: chill, just..take it i can make another 

blaire : oh my god you’re so sweet thank you so much lil elf bby

alex: im taller than you.. 

blaire: barellllyyyyyyy and you’ve got those weird ass ears sooo

alex: ….shut up claire.

Jackson and I helped with some catering event for military families and a bunch of girls were like hitting on jackson with “hey. Hey. Hey. Im 18. So like, im legal now.”

And then her friend goes “oh my god, shut up Kara, you turn 17 like next month.”

And she is all “he didnt know that until you opened your fat mouth”

And i am just sitting there dissapointed in humanity as i look at teenagers who are trying so hard to be statutory rape “victims”. It isnt like Jackson was gonna do anything, but still.

Do not lie about your age, teenagers. Do not buy fake IDs, do not sneak into 18+ places, do not ask adults for sex. You will get someone in so much trouble with that stuff.


Am currently a little emotional and just like blown away by how much you guys loved The Mean Marquis, like I worked on it for so long and wanted to make sure I did a good job and you guys liked it so much and that I just makes me so happy and I’m gonna shut up now


“Now, where are those pesky members of the hamon tribe…?”

((Oh man oh man guys this fusion event seems SUPER NEATO~ I’m not tagging myself into it, because I think I’m bending the rules a bit, but it seems super fun and you should check it out if you haven’t <3))
((In the meantime, I’m kicking my fun off with some PILLARMAN FUSIONS, oh my. Will there be more fusions tomorrow? PROBABLY~))


MerDer Season 10

Derek: (holding up ties) What do you think? The blue or the burgundy?
Meredith: The blue makes you look too handsome. You don’t want the president to be distracted by those piercing blue eyes.
Derek: Oh, you want me to get the job.
Meredith: I want neurosurgeon Dr. Shepherd to get the job. I don’t want my husband Dr. Shepherd to get the job.
Derek: That’s complicated.
Meredith: Yes, well, I’m complicated. I’m gonna take a shower now.
Derek: So am I.
Meredith: No.
Derek: It’s been three weeks.
Meredith: You went back on your promise. I can’t sleep with a man who’s a lying liar.
Derek: What if I put on the blue tie?
Meredith: Nope. (shuts bathroom door)
Derek: You’re having fun. You delight in my pain.
Meredith: I just took off my robe. Now I’m soaping myself up.
Derek: (chuckles) Oh, my goodness.
Confessions of a Curly Secret Santa

Harry Styles - One Shot

A/N: Here’s my Harry Holiday Special!! Feedback is appreciated! xx

“You have to tell him,” Your blond haired best friend insists, frowning deeply when you shake your head ‘no’, “Yes, you do. If you don’t tell him now, he’s gonna find someone else and you’re just gonna be friendzoned and heartbroken, again.”

“I can’t,” You moan, banging your forehead against the table in frustration, “What if he doesn’t feel the same way? I’ll fuck everything up by telling him about my feelings.”

“Babe, I love you, but shut the hell up,” He scoffs, poking your head until you look back at him, “He’d be totally insane not to feel the same way, he’s in the music room alone right now, go talk to him.”

“I am way too sober to have that conversation with him now,” You exclaim wide eyed and slightly frantic, “I’ll wait after the party tonight or something, when I get some liquid courage in me.”

“Fine,” Niall agrees, a determined look taking over his face, “But if you don’t tell him tonight, I’m telling Liam you were the one that scratched his car door and not some random stranger.”

“You wouldn’t,” You gasp, your eyes widening at the thought, “I thought you were my friend.”

“I am, that’s why I’m making you do this, love,” He smiles, rubbing your back affectionately.


You’re standing in a secluded corner of the living room watching people partaking in drunk karaoke when harry swaggers his way across the crowd to lean against the wall next to you, “Hey, love, you look lovely,” He compliments, his eyes giving you a once over, a crooked grin taking over his face as he notices the blush on your cheek.

“Thanks, H,” You smile, your eyes involuntarily checking out his exposed chest, “You don’t look so bad yourself,” You offer him, almost rolling your eyes at the biggest understatement ever, he looks so much better than what you let on. He looks like some kind of God, walking around with overflowing confidence in his tight black jeans and unbuttoned white shirt.

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Leave it up! I am hosting angst day and I am gonna get shit for this cause surely I got no right to do either but now what I don't give a shit: I hereby title you angst queen cause you like a lot of other are fit to wear that title. Idiot anon - there are more than one queen in the world! By nice or shut the fuck up!

Omg lol I am going to use the gif that Steph just sent me…but thank you babe :)

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Drunk Boy

Meanie couple, brown and orange (confessing and jealousy) [Requested by anon]

Meanie- Wonwoo (former Mr. Beanie; Mingyu+Beanie=Meanie) and Mingyu

[DISCLAIMER: This is reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllly long]

Summary: Mingyu and Wonwoo are students at the same school; after a drunk scene together their true feelings are revealed. How would Mingyu react if Wonwoo pretended he didn’t remember anything that happened that day?

A/N: Lord, okay, tbh all this thing (blog) started out thanks to the Meanie couple because they are perfect together and I love them and they should be together but I’m gonna shut up now so you can read.


Mingyu’s POV

Sometimes I find myself stopping and staring, because whenever I look at him, everything else seems just perfect. I wonder if this is a fantasy or some kind of dream, or if I’m in a hospital and this is all an act of my imagination; if that were the case and I am imagining everything, without a doubt, Wonwoo is the best thing I could’ve come up with. The way his eyes sparkle when he talks about his passion, how he looks tough on the outside but is actually really nice, or when he looks away whenever I “playfully” flirt with him.

It leaves me breathless. Leaves me loathing for more, reaching out as much as I can just to get the slightest bit more of him, even if it’s just a touch. Maybe that’s my problem. If I weren’t that thirsty for him I wouldn’t end messing things up.

Okay, it all started a month ago. We were at a school party when a girl shouted something I didn’t really get; next thing I knew was that I had a red cup on my hand. Everyone cheered and drank so I joined. After around 2 servings I started feeling a bit dizzy, but not drunk. The music grew louder and I felt a light push from behind. I turned around and saw Wonwoo standing there with a cup like mine. He was blushing and laughing at nothing in particular.

“You should stop drinking this” I shouted, trying to take the glass off his hands.

“You are very tall” he replied, making no sense whatsoever.

“Thanks” that came out more as a question than a reply. “Let’s get out of here” I said as I pulled him out of the crowd of dancing people.

He stopped and pulled me back ever so strongly that our bodies had no distance in between one another. “No! I wanna dance!” He shouted and started moving, making me blush at the sudden friction. I tried to get away slightly, just slightly, when he pulled me down and whispered a “Just let the moment take you” into my ear.

I suddenly felt soft fabric under my palms. I was dancing; Wonwoo’s arms resting on each side of my neck and sometimes brushing my hair as he moved his hips to the beat of the music. He didn’t complain either when I moved my hands, feeling his body through a very annoying piece of fabric. This kept up for a couple of songs, then I dared to do something I wouldn’t have in any other time.

I slid my hand under the hem of his shirt and traced circles on his hip bone. He seemed a bit shocked at first but I got my permission to keep going once he pressed his lips against mine. In no time the kiss became more intense. We parted when we were out of air, then I bent down to ask “Do you want to leave now?”

He nodded absentmindedly and we left the dance floor hand in hand. We kept walking until we reached a nearby park. We sat down on the swings, staring at the empty sky as if expecting to see a single star. We talked about everything and anything.

“So…” I said a bit unsure “does this mean you like me?”

“Well, yeah. Do you?” He asked with a shaky voice he was trying to hide.

“Of course I do, ever since we met” I replied sincerely. After that we went silent.

At some point Wonwoo moved from the swings to the grass and I followed. We lay there, not speaking a single word. All of a sudden he scooped closer to me to the point where I moved my arm so that he could rest his head in my shoulder. And that was that. Couple minutes later I realized he had fallen asleep and I took him home. I don’t know exactly what that night was all about; I lost track with the kissing and deep talk and hugging, but one thing was certain: that had been the best night of my life.

And here we are now. He has never been a people’s person. As far as it concerns me, I’m his only friend. Lately I find myself analyzing things. He acts as though he didn’t remember that night, but I know he does. If he didn’t he wouldn’t blush and look away whenever I bring it up. Probably he thought I was someone else, someone he actually has a crush on. I think and think but there’s no one aside from me that he’s ever talked to.

I should just get over it. After all, he’s probably trying to forget. My act of self-pity is interrupted when a voice calls out for me. “Mingyu?” Says a shorter girl I believe is in my Biology class.


“Sorry, I was just wondering if I could borrow your notes? I’m about to fail if I don’t start studying but I don’t have any notes and my mom is going to kill me I do fail, pleaaaaase!!!!!” She says rapidly and pleadingly.

“Sure, here you go” I say as I give her may notebook.

“Thanks” she says smiling and hugs me tight, taking me aback, then leaves.

I keep doing whatever I was doing before. Not long after someone steps behind me; I turn around and see Wonwoo standing there looking at the direction the girl left. “Who’s that?” He asks sounding a bit uncomfortable.

“Don’t know” I answer shortly and close my locker. He is wearing our school uniform ever so neatly, as always.

“What do you mean you ’‘don’t know”?“ He says bitterly, making me feel awkward.

“I um well like don’t know her, I think she is in my Biology class or something” I say awkwardly and unsure.

“But she was hugging you” he accuses “she wouldn’t have if she didn’t know you, would she?”

“I… don’t know. We’ve never spoken to each other before, she just asked for my notes”

“Right, because a girl would hug a guy with no ulterior motives” he said a bit… angry? “Do you think she is pretty?” He asks after a moment of awkward silence.

“Umm” I think for a while. Doesn’t he remember I’m gay or something? “I… think?”

“Uh-huh” he certainly doesn’t seem happy, judging by how his face is turning red all of a sudden. I’m afraid to say anything, fearing he might rip my guts out, so we just stay there. “Remember when you said you had always liked me? Was that a lie or you just got tired of me?”

I KNEW HE DID REMEMBER!! I can’t help but smile at the thought of him remembering what I said that time.

“Why are you smiling like that?” He snaps all of a sudden, making me laugh. Before he can say anything else, I hug him to my chest as he struggles to get out of my grip. “Let go of me!!!” He says and I do as told, still smiling “Why don’t you go hug that girl?”

Wait. Is this…

“Wonwoo, are you jealous?” I ask mockingly but I’m very curious about the answer.

“As if” he says looking away and turning as red as the cup he was holding that one night.

“Would you look at that” I say crossing my arms, teasing him even further. “My little Jeon loves me so much!!!” I say pinching his cheeks, so much to his dislike.

“No I don’t! Leave me alone!” He says trying to make me stop. I sigh out of love and hug him fondly, swaying lightly from side to side. He hugs back after a while. “Was she prettier than me?”

“I don’t think that’s possible” I say and I mean it. “I’m so happy~”

“Why?” he says quietly

“Because you care for me. I feel so loved~!” I say and hug him tighter.

We stay there, hugging. There’s no one here anymore either way, so there’s no problem. After a short time I decide to break the silence.

“So you do remember that night”
I say, feeling him chuckle next to my heart.

“Shut up” he says and gets on his tiptoes, kissing me oh so gently. How could anyone not love him?


I FINALLY finished writing this. Now, let’s get real, the Meanie is real. Meanie is love, Meanie is life. In fact, they are one of the main reasons why I started this blog so… hail. Hope you liked it and sorry it’s so long.

-Admin A.

“I haven’t seen you around before”
“Really? You sure?”
“Yeah, I think I’d remember you”

-every fanfiction ever

Me One Month After Watching Charlotte
  • My Friend: 'sup
  • Me: Nothing much
  • My friend: So you finally recovered from Kumagami's death? Thank goodness I thought you're never gonna shut up about it.... Wait, why are you crying? Don't tell me you are still sad because Kumagami died.
  • Me sobbing uncontrollably while pulling out a box of tissue from my bag: What? I am totally fine like seriously look how happy I am now and I don't know who the fuck is Kumagami who the fuck is Shunsuke WTF IS CHARLOTTE Haha I don't know what is that and I AM FINE MY EYES ARE JUST SWEATING
  • My Friend: .....
  • My Friend: Yah sure ok totally
Alpha!Stiles, Amiright?

I mean, come on Stiles is so clever and vindictive and ruthless, imagine what he’d be like as a wolf. Imagine him being turned by Peter instead of Scott, imagine him ripping out Peter’s throat instead of Derek, because you now he would totally be all over that. 

But then, of course, Peter comes back to life, all Alpha hungry, and Stiles is just like… All right, maybe I can work with this. So when the Darach comes, Peter and Stiles shut that shit right down because Peter knows something’s up with this Jennifer bitch and then Alpha pack? 

Stiles keeps his betas under his thumb, and you’d bet he’d keep Peter in check, if only by shoving him into walls and and making him submit. So when Deucalion rolls around, there’s no ‘letting him go’, nah, Stiles tears that fucker’s throat out. 

Alison would be alive, the twins would be alive, Erica and Boyd would still be alive because Stiles would keep track of his ducklings, goddammit. And whenever Peter gets too rowdy? When he gets too power hungry? Stiles just brings him out to the woods, runs him down until his legs ache and press him into the damp ground when he catches him, making Peter whimper and bare his throat, and oh yes, that’s right. 

And maybe as an 18th birthday present to himself, Stiles stops by Peter’s apartment and fucks him into his ridiculously expensive bed, Peter begging for it the whole damn time. Just… Alpha Stiles, Steter, yes. 

well the good news is, now that im not stressing about work and moving around constantly, i dont feel quite stuck in dizzy hell as much anymore

however i am ridiculously cold, and painfully anxious, and my head still hurts??? so i guess thats a thing

Post-Book!Mockingjay picture in which Effie goes to District 12 after the war and stays with Haymitch for ever sometime. They don’t talk much but one day Effie just breaks down and Haymitch is right there, trying to help her even though he’s just as broken as she is. 

I don’t really know… just felt like drawing them

The Signs as things my friends have said

Aries: Don’t dump the body in the river pUT IT IN MY FRIDGE INSTEAD

Taurus: I’m gonna eat YOUR MUM

Gemini: Cheat on me with your fucking wolf cunt. I don’t care. Fuck you.

Cancer: Just packed a tree without u, I had to wrestle it to stuff it in a box

Leo: You need to stop being a little bitch

Virgo: Ok Daddy is working now shut the fuck up- I SAID DON’T SPEAK WTF

Libra: Delete this I look constipated. Wait I always look constipated.


Sagittarius: Oh my god lOOK AT THAT. LOOK AT THAT. GOOD SHIT.

Capricorn: Finding out you’re liked isn’t bad. It’s flattering.

Aquarius: Your mum is savage omg

Pisces: The Racoon’s dick was bigger than mine

Refreshments (DeanxReader)

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“What’s happening knock-out?”

You turned toward the voice and smiled as Dean approached you.

“Just installing this window. And fixing the flat tires. And the brakes. And I’m most likely gonna have to replace the motor. I am definitely never letting you borrow my car ever again,” you sighed.

“I had to make a quick getaway! Would you have rather I gotten caught?” he asked.

“Depends, would you have gotten caught before or after my car was trashed?”

“Hey I didn’t wanna use your car anyway but Baby was benched that week,” he defended.

“You’re right, the poor thing. I guess we just gotta keep you away from driving for now on, for sake of the cars,” you smiled.

“Shut up and come sit with me,” he laughed. You obliged him and took a seat beside him on the steps of Bobby’s back porch. “Here, before you keel over of dehydration.” You took the ice cold can he was offering you and turned it over in your hands.

“’Share a Coke with a winner’” you read. “What I win?”

“The genetic lottery,” Dean said, smiling wide.

“You think you’re so smooth,” you said as you bumped Dean lightly with your shoulder. “What’s yours say?” Dean rolled the can in his hand and frowned.

“It says ‘share a Coke with a hero’. That’s ironic,” he laughed dryly. “Do think it would be sacrilegious if I drank it?” He turned to you, a forced smile on his face.

“I can think of at least 15 people that met you in the last month that would say no.” You smiled softly at him. “Especially the little kid from Greybull. And his mom.”

“It was just a ghost they would have been fine,” he denied. You shook your head at him and ran your hand through his hair.

“No they wouldn’t have Dean. That boy would have been dead within a week if you hadn’t intervened and his mother would have been ruined for the rest of her life. Give yourself credit where credit is due.”

“Maybe someday,” he replied. You stopped the movement of your hand and rested it on the back of his neck.

“Well I guess I’ll just have to do it until then,” you said. You pulled his face towards your until his lips met yours. Dean happily returned the gesture and you could feel him smile against your lips. He pulled back just enough to allow him to speak.

“That’s fine with me.”