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Due to the interest expressed in this post, I am going ahead with creating the imagine blog!

For those of you who don’t know what an Imagine blog, it’s a prompt-based account where selected writers will be answering your prompts with little ficlets or drabbles. There’s no profit involved in this, we’re just gonna have some fun!


I’d like to start with about five writers, but depending on how many people reply, that number can be adjusted! There are two options for writers right now which is weekly writing and monthly writing. As the name suggests, you can sign up to be a weekly writer if you want and have the time to write every week. Monthly writers should be able to commit to write for one prompt a month, but they are welcome to do more if they’d like. The goal is to have a steady number of prompts posted every week whether that’s everyday or twice a week. 

If you are interested, please fill out this form. It is due on 02/13/2017 at midnight EST.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • We will only consider writers who are over 18. 
  • Your askbox must be open and accessible. 
  • You must complete the application including all three prompts.

Basic rules of the blog are:

  • We do not fill non-con, dub-con, major character death and/or gratuitous violence.
  • We do not fill reader-insert prompts.
  • The romanticization of unhealthy habits or mental illness are not welcome.

Just as before, please help me spread the word and tag your phlint friends and your favorite writers!

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lol your reply made me laugh so hard. can't you do anything else, bitch? you should just give up & make aranea go for ravus or even ardyn cause she doesn't deserve any of those sexy boys. especially not ignis who's fucking gay for gladio. finally understand that and fuck off with your shitty ship.

Originally posted by yourreactiongifs

{ i can honestly care less about your pointless bitching . just because someone has a straight ship with ignis , you have to start bitching like a little spineless cunt & spread hate around . i wonder if you also write this bullshit to personal blogs who ship highspecs since there are people receiving hate out of community as well . i honestly don’t care what you ship . i don’t care about your opinion at all tbh . right now i am just gathering your messages as an evidence to compare you to people around & find out who you are . seriously , take care of yourself . you’re probably a gladio roleplayer that is so upset that he doesn’t have ignis to fuck , but sorry dude . this ain’t my business . so do me a favor & stop . people are annoyed , i am fairly amused & the fact you’re trying so hard to make me stop shipping my otp is making me ship it even more <3 }

You just need
To study a little longer.
A few more minutes.
A few more hours.
What I really need
Is a few more days
To figure out a way
To keep my head from spinning
Off my shoulders.

Every minute counts
But Iโ€™ve only got about 25 left
Before I have to
Go to work,
Go to class,
Go to the gym,
Go to the store,
Go to lunch,
For Godโ€™s sake,
Just let me go to sleep.
Life is exhausting
When your potential seems to be measured
By letters and numbers.
Right now,
They should put my letter at a โ€˜Dโ€™,
D as in Damn it,
I am trying.
My heart and soul goes into every paper I turn in
And I try so hard to be perfect
But I just

Iโ€™m supposed to push myself
Just a little farther
And by the end of it all,
I will probably have gone as far as I can go,
Plus ten more miles.
Iโ€™ve got the endurance,
Endurance can only get you so far.

—  T.N.B (ofangelsandrainstorms)

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"#seriously tho i should read the last mistborn book but i don't know if i can slog through that right now #i keep putting it off and i know it's just going to be harder to work through when i do get around to it #i know i am going to like it #but vin is a hard protagonist to read for 800 fucking pages" ...Ironic that you're complaining about having to slog through 800 pages with a hard to like protagonist.

Okay but you realize that this message implies you read Ascendant, right? So like… I don’t really know what to say to you, my friend. Clearly I am doing something right to keep you hooked even if you hate Roslyn. Which honestly is a win in my book, since it was never my intention to write a “like-able” protagonist.

Also, have I not consistently said that Roslyn is an asshole who is hard to like? I know she’s unlikable, dude. That’s part of why I want to write her. I like protagonists who make you want to pull your hair out. That’s interesting to me. What she is not is a wishy-washy attempt at hashtag feminism from a man who doesn’t understand how to write a female character. 

If you have legit criticisms about Roslyn, and you can take your head out of your own ass long enough to construct a coherent thought, I’d love to hear them. I know she’s got a lot of problems as a character (and I’ve probably thought about all of them beforehand, you little shit), and hey, I’m not that great of a writer, so there are going to be flaws in literally all of Ascendant. Why do you think I spent a whole fucking year editing the damn thing?

The wonderful thing for you is that you’ve got thousands of fics you can read instead of mine. The fact that you’re not reading those and instead mining the anals of my blog for material with which to hurt me only tells me that I have done something to pique your interest. So. Thanks, babe. Hope I keep you entertained.

Plotting With Trello

That sounds kind of nefarious, doesn’t it? As though Trello is perhaps some mysterious, sexy Italian who you’re teaming up with to cover up a murder.​​

This is Taco, Trello’s mascot. He’s too cute to plot murders.

Well, that might be part of your plot, but it’s not what this post is about, I’m afraid. No, this is another in my series of Writing Tools for Authors, and Trello is another fantastically wonderful (free!) tool that I’m not sure how I ever managed without.

Before I go into specifics, here's a quick disclaimer; I am not being paid in any way by Trello for this blog post. I just happen to think that they have a fantastic product and everyone should know about it :D.

If you do sign up to Trello by clicking on the very first link I put at the top, or on this link here, I can get Trello Gold for a free month (up to a maximum of 12 months if 12 people sign up). That’s it; that’s all I stand to get out of it.

Now yes, of course there are paid versions of Trello. You can see their pricing structure here, but unless you’re a big-business writer, I cannot see you needing more than the Free version or (possibly) Trello Gold. The only real difference between the free basic plan and Trello Gold is that you can save your searches and you have a 250MB attachment limit as opposed to 10MB on the free plan.

Trello Business actually has more functionality at $9.99 per user per month because it integrates with Evernote, Github, Mailchimp, Google Drive, Dropbox and more. If you’re willing and able to pay a monthly fee for it then I would say that is the way to go rather than Gold.

Today, though, I’m just going to talk about Trello Free and all the wonderful things it can do for you as a writer.

First of all, and most AMAZING in my eyes, it talks to EVERYTHING. It’s perfectly synchronized across iOS, Windows and Android devices.


Oh come on, we all know how rare that is. I love Google Docs but it does NOT play nice all the time. I regularly have to go back into my (Android) phone after Swyping out a scene on the go and re-upload it to convince it to sync with my PC. Trello? Perfection. Every time.

Another thing I can hardly believe about Trello Free; it gives you infinite boards. That’s right. No limiting it to 3 (like MindMeister) or 10 or some other number that you’ll quickly find isn’t enough. As many as you want. And you can share those boards publicly, with collaborators if you add them to a team so that they can edit the board, or just for viewing to anyone you share the link with.

You can forward emails to your boards, you can set deadlines on any card you add to a board, you can even enable voting on cards! Who knows, maybe you’re That Author who just has so many amazing ideas you can’t decide what to write next and you’re willing to let your fans vote on them!

I use Trello boards to store ideas, prompts, random lines of dialogue and scenarios, and whatever else comes into my head. You can use it to make shopping lists, organize tasks, or set yourself deadlines - as many as you need. Check out some of Trello’s collection of Inspirational boards here for heaps of ideas.

I honestly believe that everyone can find a use for Trello in their daily life, but writers especially.

I’ve recently started using Trello to organize story ideas and plots before I start laying them out in Scrivener, though, and in this post, I want to share with you how I use Trello to keep track of my characters.

I made a new board called My New Book and I added some lists to start organizing cards under. What you call these lists really depends on what kind of writer you are. You can use Trello any way you want.​​

You can see that in the Characters list, I added three cards (for now). My MC, a Love Interest (I am a romance writer, after all!) and a Rival.

Now, if you already used my method of using MindMeister to create a character, you can totally cheat and attach a screenshot of your MindMap right there in the card.

Click on the relevant card to open it up, and then on Attachment. Upload your MindMap screenshot from wherever you stashed it and hey presto. You got a character card.​​

Could that be any easier? Seriously?

Now, if you didn’t make a MindMap for your character, you can go in and add physical description, character traits, all those details in the card comments instead, or as well, if you don’t want to keep re-editing and uploading your MindMap when you think of something new to add. Add in a photo, if you’re using a ‘muse’. Just make sure that you own the rights to the image if you’re sharing it publicly or you’re opening up a can of copyright worms you don’t really want!

You can (and probably should) rename the card with your character’s name once you’ve chosen it. Now, anytime you think of something new about your character, or you want to check (for example) what color you described the love interest’s eyes as (*cough* why no I’ve never forgotten that crucial detail in the middle of a story, what makes you ask? *cough*) you can just click into the card and there it is, all laid out in one convenient place.

One convenient place you can carry around with you absolutely everywhere, thanks to Trello’s multi-platform integration.

So what are you waiting for? Go check out Trello today! You can stop by and let me know how much you love it later :)

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Hello, I follow you but am not black. I have an autism spectrum disorder and sometimes fail to follow social cues very well. I just wanted to know if it was inappropriate to comment on or share your thoughts and perspective.

Since ableism often triggers me, my blog isn’t specifically about Autism, but I do make posts about it from time to time. It’s stressful to relive the gaslighting and ableist abuse from Allistics. But you’re more than welcome to follow if my blog helps you. Just remember it’s for black women and the different experiences they go through with being black women. I don’t think it’s inappropriate for non-black people to comment on any post of mine if they’re sharing pertinent and relevant opinions on various topics I write about. They should just know that what they say won’t be prioritized over black voices. I’m obligated to ignore it or throw it out. Most of the time, if I find the post supportive, I will share it. :)

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Can I just say bless you for saying a word about this? I've never got a good feeling about this person (mostly bc I had a rule 63 blog as well a while ago, and they had this super agains policy that really weirded me out). I could go on about a few things but honestly all I can say is bless you and thank you (also different anon from the one you just addressed, but I just got up to date with the entire thing rn)

LISTEN FRIEND !!   i am here to defend all of you, it if may be the last thing i do !!   no but honestly thank you for coming forward with this, it really means a lot.   what they’re doing and how they’re downright dictating how people should and shouldn’t portray their characters and write on their blog, is not okay and people should be warned about this.   i said i didn’t want to add fuel to the fire, but here i am ––––––     once again, thank you ! please know you’ll always have support in me !!

Random Writings - Public Service Announcement

Hi, so like I know no one will read this or answer to this but um… I am a person, who doesn’t get out much, barely has any friends that I talk to all the time and I’m just… Generally depressed. And some things happened that I don’t feel like talking about right now and I’m more depressed than ever and my… Best friend Angel, told me I should go online and on Tumblr to meet new friends but… I’m nervous. What if you all won’t talk to me? Or just scroll my messages? I don’t know if you’ll want to see my blog anyway. So… I made this PSA.

Client #1

Name: Christianna
Age: 14
Sex: Female
Grade: 9th
Likes: Writing, Reading, Drawing, Talking, Cooking. Fairy Tail!!!! (Anything fun with the exceptions of anything sexual or things similar)
Reason To Want Friends: I don’t want to feel lonely every day; I tried the councilor’s help but my fears are restraining me. I would like to have more followers and gain a nice friendship with many people. I don’t judge, I’m nice, sweet, but really I’m not mean much. And I’m willing to be friends with those who want to.
What I want in a Friend: Someone who cares, willing to try and make the friendship work, someone that’s not too mean, who likes the same things I do, willing to know more about stuff like I do.

I really hope this works. I really hope you guys will give me a chance. If you do, I’ll be so happy, and you will not regret it. (And if I do make new friends, I guess I have to repeatedly thank Angel, cuz I’m pretty sure he told me a lot that I should do it.) Now I wait…

What I want to do in the Summer of 2015

Since my summer break is in about four weeks, I wanted to write about the things that I want to do this summer. Not only to share it with you, but to have it written down for myself. 
I think I have around six weeks of summer break, if I am correct, so got lots of time to do these things, hopefully.

- Read.
Read in the garden. Read just before going to bed. Read in the local park (<- I definitely should do that more often). Take a book with me everywhere I go, I guess. 

- Write.
I am currently working actively on two stories. I still want to continue working on rewriting one of the stories I wrote in 2012 and I got a lot more idea’s and of course write more posts for this blog! 

- PWS.
So everyone who’s graduating needs to work on this project during their senior year. Well, at least in Holland. It’s what they call ‘profielwerkstuk’. It’s basically a  research on a particular subject of your choice. I got to put 80 hours in it and we’re allowed to start during our summer break. So I want to at least get something done, because next year is gonna be a little harder than this year.

- Fun things with friends.
I’m planning on visiting one of my friends on the other side of the country in the beginning on my break. But I definitely want to do more with friends. Just walking around the town maybe, or go to the beach. Sit in the park.

Which brings me to the next thing;
- Get outside more.
I tend to stay inside, watch Netflix, read, write or whatever, so I definitely want to change something about that.

- Eat more fruit.
At the moment, the only piece of fruit I like is bananas, but I’d love to eat more. Like strawberries or raspberries? Maybe water melon?

- Take more photos.
Because why not?

There are definitely a few more, but these are the ones I really want to focus one. 
Let me know what you want to do this summer!!



Firstly I owe everyone a MAJOR apology. I have been gone for far too long, and that wasn’t fair. Thankfully I only have just over a month left at uni, so I am hoping that I should be able to write a lot more prompts and become more active after that.

Thank you to everybody for your patience and HOW DID WE GET TO OVER 9000 WATCHERS?! XD I love you all :) 

I’m going to put it down to one prompt per day, just until I get back from uni and get a good buffer behind me. Thank you to everybody who submitted as well, those will be coming up on the blog soon hopefully.

Thanks again to everybody for your patience, I’m really sorry about this.

Why feminism is necessary

Anyone who knows me personally or has spent a bit of time reading previous posts on this blog will come to several conclusions about me as a person.

I have a rather large vocabulary

I am a feminist

I am obsessed with novels

I am opinioned

I am fairly open with my view of the world

I am all for breaking away from our society’s standards of what we as young people should be doing

Therefore I am surprised by the fact that I have not done a post like this so far. I suppose I just had no interest in receiving the comments that are generically associated with posts like this. However in an attempt to speak to the people such as myself, I am going to write this anyway.

     I can recall being a young girl and preferring baseball to jumping jacks and wearing a T-shirt and shorts to dresses. I remember being mostly shunned by the girls for my apparent lack of femininity

and made fun of by the boys over stupid things. They would make sexist comments like “I didn’t know girls could sweat” or the one that I will never be able to forget. “You are a girl you should be at home taking care of your husband not going to medical school” oh yes one of the boys I went to school with actually told me that (you can imagine how well that went over). It was infuriating as a young woman with ambitious aspirations to be told that I couldn’t do something just because I missed an apparently vital body part between my legs. I thought that intelligence and hard work is what determined whether or not you succeed, but no apparently it has everything to do with your sex.

     I was never treated like a breakable china doll like so many other young women. I was taught to be strong and intelligent, I was taught to care about myself and respect myself . Perhaps I have my mother and grandmother to blame for my “masculine way of thinking” as a ‘acquaintance’ of mine once called it. You see my mother and grandmother were both married young to men that were seemingly unable to stay faithful to them and they both learned that they had to work hard to get anywhere in life. They both came from poor families and worked hard and ended up at the top of their chosen industries. They are extraordinary women that defied to odds to get to where they are without the help of a man.

     I want to clarify that I am by no means saying that all males have this outlook. I also not saying that woman are better than men because I know someone is going to make that interpretation of this post. All I am saying is that you as a woman, you are according to many people, the weaker sex, the less intelligent sex, the less ambitious sex, and the less successful sex. DO NOT BELIEVE THOSE LIARS!

     I am now addressing everyone of any sex, race, religion, and sexual orientation. You as a person can do extraordinary things with your life  and change the world and by listening to those liars you are letting them win! You are letting them have a say in what you can accomplish and who you get to be in your life. You want to be a doctor be a doctor, you want to be a writer be a writer, you want to go to the army go to the army. Do not let anyone tell you what you can or cannot accomplish.

     If anyone tells you otherwise do not waste your brain power on them! Just humor them and then prove them wrong!

With good intentions,


Because I’ve seen a couple of people on my dash talking about it recently, I thought I’d make a post on what tumblr fic authors should remember when changing their theme.

Unfortunately, unlike with ao3, tumblr formats aren’t standard. While that’s great for personalizing your blog, that can also make text inconsistent and sometimes difficult to read. And if you write anything of length on tumblr, you’re probably going to put it under a “read more.” This means that people get redirected to your blog for the full text – and if it’s difficult to read stuff on your blog, then sometimes people will decide it’s not worth the effort and just quit reading, which is definitely not something any author wants!

So here are some important blog aspects to consider:

1. Text Size

A lot of people who design tumblr themes use smaller font sizes, from 8-12 pt. Unfortunately, this isn’t exactly the easiest to read. As a rule of thumb, I’d remember your high school teachers and not use anything smaller than 12 pt. On more than one occasion, I’ve had to try and zoom in on my screen to read a fic – and then found out that I’d zoomed in too far and cut off part of the text. Eventually it became too much of a hassle and I just quit reading. You definitely don’t want your readers to do that.

2. Text and Background Color

On a lot of themes you can change the background and text color! Which is great! Unless your text color is cream and your background color is white. There have been blogs that I’ve gone to where I literally could not read any of their posts because of this problem. So, in order to allow people to read what you’ve written, contrast the text and background colors as much as possible. While pastel on pastel may look good, remember that some of us with less good vision have a difficult time deciphering it. So, light background/dark text, and dark background/light text.

3. Text Spacing

You know how ao3 has nice even spacing between paragraphs? (I think it’s probably about 12-14 pt. spacing?) Well, some themes don’t have that. Granted, I think a lot of themes generally do, but some slip through the cracks and only leave 2-4 pt. spacing. Which is hell on my eyes. It’s like when you run into a fic on ao3 without paragraph breaks – you “nope” out of there as fast as possible, unless you’re really dedicated. So try to keep your paragraph spacing to at least 10 pt.

4. Distracting Imagery

I’m not sure if this is true for other readers, or if it’s more just a pet peeve of my own. But have you ever been on a blog that has so many images and gifs embedded into its theme that your eyes hurt afterwards? Don’t be that blog, especially if people are trying to read stuff on your blog for an extended period of time. A couple images or gifs at the top usually isn’t too bad, but occasionally gifs that follow you as you scroll down the blog can be distracting when you’re trying to read. Maybe that’s just me though.

If you want good examples of blogs with themes that are still fun and unique, but are reasonably legible, then I’d suggest checking out: bleep0bleep, petals42, foxerica, and stilesinwonderland


so, i am Officially Unemployed (nobody panic, this is in the plan, Mama Scrooge Ofgeography scrimped and saved for this part of the plan) which means that for the next few weeks, give or take, i am going to have about 200% more time to hang out on this blog actually making new content. and i thought, gosh, maybe i should see what these dummies are even hanging out here for.

BEFORE YOU SAY IT: i know. the stories. i promise that as i think of them i will write them. i can’t publish them regularly only because sometimes it hard to remember the things that have happened to me. stories are best told when someone says something and you’re like oH!! OH!!! THAT REMINDS ME!!!!! so, don’t worry. they will stay. as they come up, i will tell them. 

so with that off the table, in terms of original content (don’t worry/i’m sorry, i will continue to reblog hockey things but i DO PROMISE TO TAG), what do you guys like the best? 

I JUST WANT 2 GIVE THE PEOPLE WHAT THEY WANT. so BESIDES THE STORIES, is there anything on here you want to see more of?

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Who are you? Where we can see your work?

[Who am I? What have I worked on?]

[Why am I anonymous?]

Why should you listen to me?

Well, a lot of developers on the interwebs have liked, reposted, and retweeted many of my posts. For example, my past writings have been reposted and shared by devs from:

and a bunch of smaller developers and other industry-related folks (like the lovely folks at Extra Credits on youtube). If you care about others’ opinions, of course, that might go some way to placate you.

If you were hoping to find a name and a face to try to discredit, discount, or dismiss my writing… I’m sorry. You won’t find it here. I prefer to let my writing stand on its own. You’re free to disagree if you like. I just present the truth as I have observed it from my years of experience in the industry. 

If you really are curious about the insides of professional game development, try reading the archive. There’s three years worth of posts to go through ranging from ‘how do I get a job in the game industry?’ to ‘how does this feature actually work?’ to war stories about the hacks and weirdness that comes from shipping a game. You might want to [try the FAQ first]. [Decision paralysis is a thing], after all.

But if you’ve got an axe to grind? Sorry, there’s nothing for you here.

Small blog announcement - For the regular blog followers, I’ll be on vacation next week and will be reposting those aforementioned war stories about the hacks and weirdness.

Edit: By popular demand.

Here we go again.

Once more this is now no longer about what Mark said. You can agree with me or not about whether what he said was right or wrong. I’ve made many posts today about why I didn’t like it. As far as I am concerned thats it. Matter closed for me. 

But now people are being vile towards each other. There is a blog now with the sole intention of calling out Marks fans. My dash is full of arguments, comments, and just bullshit. This is the reason we have a bad name.

Stop sending hate. Stop giving that blog attention. Stop driving good people away. 

There are only so many times I can sit here and write the same post before I just have to walk away. 

In some peoples options Mark done goofed. In others some are being too sensitive and ‘should take the joke’. Both valid. Both fine. You can shout one and respect the other. Don’t give people shit for saying one. 

There was a time we were respected. Fandoms looked to ours because it was full of good people with the best intentions. We need to get back to that. We need to learn from the Jacksepticeye fandom and The Grumps. 

We need to be Heroes again.

Oosh out
Thank you for existing

((Whoa when did this happen?!))

Originally posted by bloodshedcarnage

((I honestly can’t thank you guys enough! I don’t know what to do for these things so I’ll just make a list of all the amazing people))

The great people I interact with

@ptaroyalsiblings They were the first one to message me and they were so nice and funny. They do a really good Chara and Asriel so go follow them!

@metta-ton-of-leg they are a really good Mettaton blog who I have two ongoing rps with. Just follow this cutie.

@sonofxaymaca An amazing OC blog that should be more recognized. They did a really good job of setting up the character and actually writing out amazing rps. (i’m sorry about how late i am on that though. i’m working on it)

@askptamei  Another OC pta blog. The way the mun portrays the characters is amazing. The characters are Mei the mom and the two kids Haru and Rina, and they are all well written.

@askfnaffennican A multi-character ask blog who is very patient and very amazing

@its-showtime-darlings A mettaton blog who is literally one of the best. 

@askptaslayer A PTA ask blog who is very nice and just amazing

@soccer-mom-undyne Undyne who is a soccer mom. Need i say more? Haha They are a really cool blog ily

@ask-ptagasterr A gaster ask blog that is a very well written muse and I’d love to see more of them

Now onto the ones I am too scared to talk to but are all amazing

@ask-pta-chara@nxcecream | @slybones | @cutelilghosty | @pta-undyne | @ask-frisk-the-human | @hiddenbxnes | @dyaxdragonoftheuniverse | @etherealraubtier | @luckiest-cat | @workaholic-serpent | @short-skeleton-sans | @prince-asriel-dreemurr | @freedom-price | @alphys-the-scientist | @hiddenocs-undertale | @gr1llby | @undergroundxsuperstar | @strikeaposeforme | @spagooty-pappers | @flamboyantandroid | @napsta-blooky-22 | @deadlysuperstxr | @ask-pta-onionsan | @comicsansical | @illegal-hotdog-vendor | @mercifulambassador | @ask-pta-riverperson | @ask-pta-nana | @adirtylambandapsychiatrist | @noarmsnoproblems | @murdererchara | @cuteskeleton07 | @napstablook-the-dapper | @determined-for-redemption | @multimuse-multifun

((Again thank you all so much for the 100 followers))

Emoticons and Orchestras - part 6

You can follow the blogs to go along with this - @somesiriusmatters and @welsh-writer

All five other parts should be found in the tag emoticons and orchestras

I still haven’t heard about the dinner

It’s 2 am!!

I did not believe for one moment that you kept normal hours

I don’t even know why I talk to you

So many insults

That one wasn’t an insult!


You get a pass this time

What’re you gonna do next time?

Who knows

Stop replying

Wow, now I’m scared

Tell everyone on Tumblr that you’re English

OK, OK, how was the dinner?

Sneaky change of subject there

Humor me


It was pretty brilliant, actually.  We were ten minutes into the salads and the PM - or Davey as I like to call him - kept asking me about school. Because Eton is like, the rival school

This is so weird

Hush, you

So he asked me about the music program and Reg about the cricket team and really just talked to us until our it was time for the main course

My dad was livid

And that’s a good thing?


You worry me sometimes, you know that?

Just further proof that I’m doing something right

OK, I really am going to bed.  James said I have to go for a run tomorrow

He lives by you?

Oh no

But he needs me to possibly be on the football team for a bit so I need to be “in shape”

And he’s scary

That’s horrific

Do you like running?

Oh yeah, it’s on the top of my list.  Right below taking an ice bath and plucking my mum’s chin hair

You’re disgusting

So I’ve heard

I’m also going to bed



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I just found your blog and short fics and love them! I was especially amused by your little drabbles about how some of the most shippy songs (the magnetic NicoMaki one and Anemone Heart) were written. If you don't mind writing, how do you think Storm in Lover was written, out of curiosity, given that it's [weirdly] shippy and sung in part by Umi?

apologies for my incredible lateness with this reply but thank you so much! iโ€™m glad youโ€™ve enjoyed those lil things!! when it comes to storm in loverโ€ฆ dw, friend, i got ur back yo

Keep reading