i am just feeling nostalgic leave me alone

I was feeling nostalgic and decided to listen to Shut Up and Drive (whyyyyy am I so addicted to it??) and now I desperately need a Sterek AU with street racers Derek and Stiles and experienced-racer!Derek and cocky-novice!Stiles. 

Ugh, seriously, give me flirty!Stiles who thinks he’s going to beat Derek easy, but then gets his ass handed to him and proceeds to badger Derek about technique tips and stuff. (While making as many car-related innuendos as possible, of course.) Part of Derek just wants Stiles to fuck off and leave him alone, but the rest of him wants to bend Stiles over the hood of his camaro. 

(That’ll come later. Maybe after a car chase with the police. Stiles is the worst back-seat driver, and Derek just wants to shut him up in some rather creative ways.)


Derek rocking his leather jacket and gloves. Erica and Boyd breezing by in a  BMW Z4. Lydia being the best mechanic in the business, but she’ll only fix you up if she gets to take a spin afterwards. Kira leaving everyone in the dust with her all-electric Tesla Roadster. 

Maybe at the very end Derek and Stiles have a rematch and whoever wins tops.

(Spoiler: This time it’s Stiles.)

Basically I just need a Sterek AU with sexy, illegal drag racing and all the car chases. (And road head. Road head would be nice.)