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Not The Romantic Type

Prompt: After being labeled as a ‘non-romantic’ by the reader, Digger Harkness tries to prove the reader wrong by planning a cliche Valentines Day date.

Pairing: Captain Boomerang X Fem!Reader

Warnings: Some cursing, sexual suggestion, but mostly fluff galore!

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Digger Harkness was certainly a man of many talents and you were lucky to be able to call him yours. In one afternoon he could build you a wooden table and four sturdy chairs. He could drink an entire 12 pack of beer and still speak impressively coherently. He made the best damn grilled cheese in the world and never failed to make you laugh until tears were streaming down your face.

He was everything you could ask for and more! The only quality you could say he lacked was a romantic side… Which wasn’t a bad thing? He was sweet when he wanted to be and definitely an affectionate son of a bitch. But, as Valentines day was begin to creep up on you and all the heart shaped boxes of chocolates were on sale at the store you couldn’t help but to feel, well… Like you were missing out on something?

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Easy Peasy

Brief Summary: Tony Stark catches you watching Magic Mike and decides to give you a little show himself. 

Words:  3,108

Warnings: Smut and Fluff? Kinda if you squint. 

Pairing: Tony Stark X Female!Reader

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A gasp escaped your lips, your eyes glued to the TV. A blush spreading across your cheeks as you watched the sexy scene play out before you. Of course, you had to be watching Magic Mike. Natasha had told you it was a great movie but shouldn’t watch it around Tony.Tony your boyfriend of nearly two years, who constantly has you involved in things you shouldn’t be involved in. Like the Avengers, and all of SHIELDS business. No secrets right? And through it all the raid on New York, the Winter Soldier mishap, and even Ultron (Who makes a murder bot anyway?) you two have stayed together and stayed happy.

Another hot scene had you fanning yourself as you sat on the couch, in the living room you and Tony shared on his floor. You almost felt like sliding your hand into your (F/C) PJs pants and pleasuring yourself since Tony was still in the lab. But somehow you managed to hold out a little long. The beat of the music coming from the TV and the way the strippers moved their bodies was such a turn on. And you could feel that warm heat pooling between your thighs as you shifted.

Just as you were about to give up and pleasure yourself, your boyfriend walks in the door with a thing of roses. But you can’t pull your eyes away from the TV.Tony, of course, notices this, normally you’d jump up and embrace him. This time you didn’t and he was a bit jealous. He set the roses down and walked over to see what you were watching. As soon as he saw Magic Mike playing he starred at you, shocked. You were never the type of girl to do this or watch such things. That’s what he was for, making his own mini (not- abusive, and kinda sweet) version of fifty shades of gray. Awakening your inner goddess, and well he loved doing it. Without a second thought, he stood in front of the TV, hands firmly placed on his hips.

“What do you think you are doing (Name)?” He huffed, clearly unpleased. Why would you want to watch a bunch of fake strippers instead of being with your boyfriend? Which of course meant hot sex.

“Tony.” You whined, leaning forward to push him out of the way of the TV. You didn’t care what you were doing, the way they moved their hips was mesmerizing. Even the sexiness that was Tony couldn’t compete with this.

He was a little hurt as she pushed him out of the way, did she really want the movie more than him? He was never the jealous type until you came along. He never wanted to share you and now that’s basically what it felt like he was doing. Moving back in front of the TV he glared at her.

“I’m here you know, I took off from the lab early just to see you. I went and got you roses too, to say I’m sorry for all the time in the lab. And now, now you’re choosing some movie over me? Your boyfriend?” His voice was laced with poison and honey. “This fake movie, with fake strippers. That’s not even what real strip clubs look like! Let alone the strippers! How can you even like that?” You glared at him a moment, but you felt a little bad. Tony did get off early for you, and the flowers. Hell, he even stopped watching porn for you, unless it was with you. 

“Tony it’s just a movie. And I just wanna finish it. That’s all.” But it was clear it was much more than that.He rolls his eyes, crossing his arms over his Arc Rector.

“Those dance moves aren’t even hard you know. Even Steve could do them.” You chuckled softly knowing you wouldn’t get to finish it tonight.

“Steve? Well yeah, probably he’s super buff and super flexible. He wouldn’t have trouble doing it.”

“Clint could too.” He huffed before glancing across the room. Clearly, he was jealous, and probably mad at the fact he put Steve striping into your head.

“Of course Clint could. Have you seen the way he trains with Nat? Or his arm strength.” You hum looking over your lover, finally seeing the jealousy in him.

“I could too.” He muttered under his breath, hoping you didn’t hear it. He knew he wasn’t as flexible as Steve or as strong. And Clint was a close second, but they couldn’t be that hard right?

A laugh rolled off your lips at that. “No, Tony, you couldn’t.” You didn’t mean it in a bad way, but you knew his body. He once even pulled a leg muscle from a position you guys were trying. He couldn’t do half, if any, of the dances they do in Magic Mike. Not that it bothered you, he was great at other things.

“I so could,” he glanced at the TV before nodding “Easy Peasy.” You, of course, raised your eyebrow to this. The idea of him moving his hips in such sinful ways just for you.Well, that got you wet, and now he had your full attention. Even though you knew he wouldn’t do it, it was a hot thought. You stood up moving to go turn off the movie before you felt his arms round your waist, stopping you.“I don’t think so (Name)” He growled seductively, pressing his hips against you roughly. He was easily semi hard and very protective at the moment.You let out a small groan, feeling his body against yours. You were so sensitive from trying to sit through that movie, you forgot about your own desire. 

“Tony I just wanna turn off the movie.”

“No.” He growled again but it was rough, more like a command. A smirk forming on his lips as he stood you up properly and ran his hand up your chest before down to cup your crotch. You back firmly pressed against his chest.You let out a loud gasp, clearly able to feel his fingers through the thin material of your (F/C) Pj bottoms. 

“Tony..” You whisper softly, your hips slightly swaying into his.That earned a small hiss from him, you knew those sexy hip-hugging pants weren’t helping his erection. Even though he tried to keep you still, you turned in his arms and kissed him. Once your lips were on his he lost it, his hands desperately roaming your body trying to pull you closer. Your hands slid down his chest going straight for the button on his pants. He grabbed your hands with a smirk on his lips, which were currently pressed against your neck.

“Baby, I’m hot just like an oven..” He whispered into your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You made this playboy get that hot? “I need some lovin’,” He whispered after a few seconds.He was not doing what you thought he was. You pulled back and looked at him to see if he was really serious about this. “And Baby, I can’t hold it much longer, It’s getting stronger and stronger.” He hummed out softly, oh he was so going to ass an ass cause of the movie. “And when I get that feeling, I want sexual healing, sexual healing.” He sang softly before lightly rolling his hips into yours.You let out a soft moan before chuckling softly. 

“Tony stop playing around and let me have you.” You huffed softly before he ran his hands over your hips.

“JARVIS, play my track.” He spoke to the ceiling before setting you softly on the couch. As sure as you were sitting there Marvin Gaye; Sexual Healing started playing. 

You chuckled quite loudly looking up at Tony with an amused look.“What now Tony? You gonna dance for me?” You teased before rolling your eyes. You honestly knew he wouldn’t ever do anything to make a fool of himself. It wasn’t who he was, and well you kinda wished he would be silly to you.

“I am, actually. Easy Peasy.” He smirked before swaying his hips softly to the beat. He took his white blazer in his hands softly sliding it off his shoulders before flipping it back on. “Just enjoy.” He purred before sliding his hands down, hooking his thumbs on the belt loops of his jeans. Circling his hips to the beat of the music, a small hip thrust between each circle.You could feel your cheeks heating up, you honestly couldn’t believe what you were seeing. Tony, The Tony Stark, giving you a private strip show. 

You fidgeted on the couch, unable to sit still. You looked at him, clearly undressing him as he went on.Your looks only encouraged him more, cause as nervous as he was, he knew you would enjoy this. He finally shimmed his blazer off, tugging on his shirt before lifting it up a little. You obviously couldn’t help yourself as you let out a little cheer for him. That made his cheeks go pink, slowly pulling his shirt off and throwing it to you.

“Woooh! Take it off!” You cheered your boyfriend on, no matter how embarrassed you clearly were. Tony smiled widely before sliding his hands over his hips, slowly popping the button on his jeans. His eyes would slowly crawl over your body, oh how he wanted to quit this stupid show and take you. But he wouldn’t he needed to prove no one is better than him, besides you of course.You felt like you would start drooling any moment. You bit your lip trying to hold back a moan, as you watched him palm at himself through his jeans. His head tipping back with a moan of your name rolling off your lips. You stood up walking over to him, leaning in and kissing him roughly. You didn’t wanna play this game anymore, you wanted him now!He chuckled and interlocked your fingers with his before pulling away from the kiss. 

“No Touching (Name), or you won’t get any tonight.” He whispered huskily in your ear. You were trembling, just wanting his hands all over your body. A soft whimper falling from your lips as he once again sat you on that dreaded couch. You wanted to protest but he wouldn’t have any of it. But instead of stepping back to the spot he was in, he kicked your legs apart softly standing between them. His hands caressing your face before running into your hair as his circle and thrust his hips so close to you.

Shaky hands slide up his thighs, you were wondering if he would stop you but he didn’t. You trailed your fingers over the top of his somewhat exposed boxers before slowly pulling the zipper down. But as soon as you were going to touch him, he pulled away and stepped back into his spot slowly working his pants off his hips. His hands tugging on his boxers before pulling them back up.You cursed under your breath, he was really drawing this out. 

“Tony, please..” You whined softly before he smirks, his eyes dark and full of lust.

“Please, what Sweet Cheeks~” He purred his hand rubbing himself softly through his boxers, keeping direct eye contact with you the whole time. He knew what you wanted, he wanted it as well.

“Get over here and let me have you!” You begged softly, hating the fact that he was working you up so much. But the need in your voice clearly affected him, he couldn’t think straight any longer.

“Come here Kitten~” He purred holding out his hands to you, you jumped up before even taking his hands. A chuckle passed through his part lips before he kissed you roughly, backing you up into the wall. His hips firmly pressed into yours, causing you to gasp loudly into the kiss. Giving him time to slip his tongue in, slowly twirling around yours.God, he had such a talented tongue, and hands which were currently pushing your PJs bottoms off your hips. 

“Mmm,” He moaned into your mouth, his fingertips stroking along your silk laced panties. Okay, maybe you were going to surprise him when he finally got home. In your defense, you haven’t had sex in about a month and you so wanted him to want you.“You got new panties? Just for me (Name)?” He smirks breaking the kiss before his hands slid your shirt up and over your head. “Mmm, I like it.” His dark eyes, frighten and excited you all at once. You have never seen him like this before, but you loved it. His kissed down your chest, his hands resting in the small of your back pulling you closer to his lips as he got onto his knees.You gasp running your fingers through his short hair as his tongue traveling along the top of your silk panties. 

“T-tony.” You moaned softly, tugging on his hair lightly. He growled seductively before easily sliding your panties over to push a finger into you, a soft groan coming from him.

“My god (Name) you are so wet.” He panted softly, pumping his finger in and out of your quickly. Your breath caught in your throat as your head tipped back against the wall. Legs trembling turning to jello as your boyfriend worked on you.Soon even he couldn’t hold back at he pulled his finger out licking it off slowly. “Always so tasty.” He bites his lip as he slides your panties down your legs, god your legs were such a turn on to him. You still had your head back against the wall, eyes closed and whimper for more. You expected to feel his hands lifting on thigh over his shoulder and his tongue on your clit. But instead, he surprised you with removing his boxers and quickly standing putting your leg around his hip as he rammed into you. 

Both your mouths flying open, moaning loudly. He knew he wouldn’t be lasting long, not after drawing it out so long. But to make sure you would finish with him, he slides his hand to roughly rub at your clit to the rhythm of his thrusts.Moan after moan slipped out of your mouth and into his ear as your nails dragged up and down his back. Leaving scratches and red marks with every swipe, which caused his hips to thrust harder. Reaching over to the small end table beside you for balance, you both quickly knocked it over. The rough thrust he was giving you easily vibrated the wall knocking over quite a few pictures.But neither of you cared, you could always clean later, right now you two danced on the edge of release. His thrust easily got sloppy and you could feel that familiar coil in your lower stomach heating up. 

“Tony, god! Ah! TONY!” You cried out as he finally pounded against that sweet spot inside you. Your legs were shaking violently, instead of giving you the chance to catch your balance he scooped up your other leg wrapping it around his waist.Sometimes you forgot how strong your boyfriend really was, he could easily lift you and throw you about, despite your weight. Intertwining your fingers into his hair once more, you yanked him into a rough kiss. Tongues battling for dominance as he roughly gave a few more thrusts into you. Your muscles clenching and tightening around him, letting out a cry of pure pleasure as he took you to heaven and back. 

With a few rougher, sloppy thrust he was seeing stars behind his closed eyes lids, groaning out your name. You both worked your hips lazily through your orgasms before panting roughly. Tony head buried in your neck, your head tipped back against the wall. Your chest rapidly pounding against each other, sweat covering every inch of your bodies.Despite his legs feeling as if they would give out any second he slowly carried you into the bedroom, careful to avoid the mess you both made. He laid you down on the bed, crawling in beside you still panting.

“You tell… anyone. I did that… our sex tape.. will go viral..” He panted softly, curling his body into yours. All you could do is nod as you were breathless. You smiled at him before chuckling softly. “What’s so. funny?” He looked at your curiously, unsure why you were chuckling.

“You were better than the strippers on that movie, and I want another show.” You managed to say all in one breath before your cheeks heated up. He smirks softly and kisses her quickly. His arms snaking around your body, pulling you to lay on him. You happily put your head on his chest, fingers softly touching the corners of his Arc Reactor.

“I want a show too.” He whispered before closing his eyes, running a hand through your wet hair softly. All you did was a nod and slowly drift off on his chest.

~The Next Morning~

Steve and Natasha had begun to worry when Bruce told them Tony hasn’t been in the lab all morning. And the fact that you weren’t bopping around the tower with your cheery attitude. They didn’t know what could have happened, but Bruce remembered hearing a lot of crashes last night. Clearly thinking the worst they rushed up to Tony floor.

Once they saw the mess everywhere, they were afraid something had really happened. Steve rushed to look around before stopping in the doorway of the bedroom, his cheeks going flush. Natasha and Bruce ran to his side before Tony smirked at them and put his finger to his lips.You were still curled up on his chest with a thin blanket draped over both of your guys lower halves. But the part of your chest that wasn’t pressed tight against Tony’s side was in clear view of the other three Avengers.

Natasha chuckled softly before taking both of the blushing boys back to the elevator. “What the hell did they do to their apartment last night..” Steve mumbled before Bruce leaned over and whispered into his ear as his face paled. Natasha kept a smirk on her face, oh she was going to tease you forever now.

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Space Cowboys and Walkmans (StarkQuill)

“So look, if you push this button here, it locks your screen so you dont accidentally hit anything while you’re out doing… whatever it is you do.”

“While I’m out guarding the galaxy.”

Tony’s lips twitched into a smile. “Sure, Star Lord. While you are out guarding the galaxy.”

“Do I detect some jealousy?”

“Definitely.” Tony shook his head with a little smile. “Space terrifies me. Want to be a spaceman, stuck on earth being a cowboy.

“Cowboys are cool.” Peter shrugged. “Besides, no need to worry about space when I’ll keep you warm and safe.” Peter winked at him and Tony looked away, flushing a little.

“Anyway, this little button here will keep your song playing steadily no matter what you’re doing.”

“You know, my Walkman did that too? No fancy technology required.” Peter argued, then he looked sad. “Miss my Walkman.”

Tony stared at him for a full minute. “So you aren’t grateful for this insanely expensive Stark Phone that I personally loaded over a thousand songs that I thought you would enjoy onto it? Is that what I’m hearing right now?”

“No.” Peter tried not to laugh at the horribly offended look on Tony’s face. “No. I appreciate it. It’s amazing.”

“But you miss your piece of shit Walkman.”

“Nostalgia man!” Peter argued. “Aren’t you nostalgic about anything?”

“Suck it, Space man.” Tony huffed and gathered up everything he’d brought to show off and turned and stomped out of the room.

“Nice goin.” Rocket snarked, baring his pointy teeth in a little smile. “Richest, most powerful guy on earth and you insult him when he gives you a present. Smart, StarTwat. Smart.”

“It is not Peter’s fault he is so foolishly attached to items from his childhood that he pushes away all attempts from the Iron Man to give him new things.” Drax interjected. “Just because it is stupid does not mean he doesn’t have the right to be nostalgic.”

“Um, thanks.” Peter sent Drax a look, knowing the guy was just trying to be comforting in that awkward, over literal, blunt way of his.

“I think you should stop flirting with him, and just get our gear fixed so we can leave.” Gamora said shortly, barely looking up from her book.

“I am Groot?”

“Tell me about it.” Rocket narrowed his eyes at the green woman. “Don’t be a hypocrite, Gamora. We all saw you flirting with that scary redhead. Don’t be mad at Peter for chasing some tail.”

“I am Groot.”

“No. No that’s not what chasing tail– I don’t mean Peter literally has a tail to chase.”

“I am–”

“That’s enough.” Peter sighed and ran his hands through his hair miserably. “I hope Stark isn’t too upset. We were having a good time.”

“And you think he is attractive and want to see him naked.” Drax pointed out.

“Thanks buddy.”

“As long as he keeps fixing our gear, I don’t care what you and he do. Just don’t do it here.”

“Thanks for that Gamora. You know, there are two types of people in this world. People who–”

The woman got up and walked out of the room and Peter stared after her.

“That was rude. Wasn’t that rude?”

“I am Groot.”

“Yeah, I’m tired of hearing him bitch too. Let’s go twig.” The rest of the team filed out, leaving Peter alone on the couch, kicking himself for driving the brilliant hottie known as Tony Stark away.

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Perks, Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: Reader is a famous actress and gets shipped with Lin by the Internet.

Word-count: 1,385 (oh boy)

Warnings:  A lot of casual cursing whoops. Are we really going to count how many times I said “fuck” in this? 

Note: Here we go. Part one and it is a doozy. All right, tell me what you think, and shout out to @manuelmiranduh because reading her work was kind of instrumental to how I cam about to write for this fandom anyway? So, girl, thanks. 

Part Two

The Internet was truly weird, and even if you’ve spent a good decade-and-a-half (although when put that way, you sounded way older than you actually were) in an industry that put you underneath the microscope of it, it never ceased to astound you how truly odd it could be.

“Nancy,” you called, and said woman looked up from her phone, “what the fuck is an Elsnavi and why is it all over Twitter?”

In all of your partnership you’ve never seen your agent so uncomfortable.


“More importantly, why are they tagging me?”


“And even more importantly, why are there pictures of me kissing someone?

Nancy scratched the back of her neck, refusing to look you in the eye. She toyed with her phone for a moment, before at last cutting a glance to you. You raised your eyebrows expectantly. Nancy pursed her lips, obviously conflicted. Finally she leaned back, letting her head hang from the back of the couch, releasing a long-suffering sigh. Blearily, she turned to fix you with a watery, unamused stare.

“I didn’t think we’d have to have this conversation, like, at all.”

“Well, we’re having it now.” you said, clicking your phone closed and placing your full attention on her.

Nancy sighed once more, sitting up properly, and looked to be squaring herself up before saying, “You know about shipping right?”


“Well, Elsnavi is a ship name. A name of a pairing.”

“And what does that have to do with me?” you asked, confused.

“I was getting to that point,” Nancy said patiently. “The long and short of it is that people are shipping you as Elaine and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Usnavi from In The Heights.”

You sat for a long moment, simply dumbfounded. You clicked your phone back to life and scrolled through the tag once more, finding an additional hashtag in a few posts that was a touch more worrying.

“What the fuck is Y/N/Lin then?”

It seemed that you had reached the point of the conversation that Nancy, if it was possible, dreaded even more. “Yeah, okay, I’m gonna need to—“ She started gently prying your phone away from you. In your confusion, you let it slip through your fingers without protest.


Nancy breathed through her nose, trying as much to steady you as she was steadying herself. “Here’s the thing,” (She paused, and you had to narrow your stare to coax her into continuing,), “so shipping mostly occurs with fictional characters right?” You nodded. “Well, sometimes fans have a tendency to, um, go over.”

“The Internet is shipping me,” (you pointed to yourself,), “not Elaine, or any other role for that matter.” It wasn’t a question. “And they’re shipping me with Lin-Manuel Miranda?”

Nancy nodded, eyes slightly fearful.

“You’d think they’d ship themselves with Lin.” You sputtered, still quite frozen on your couch. “God, do they know I haven’t even met him?”

“Yeah, they do. Has that ever stopped them before?”

“I guess not,”

It was hard not to be offended by it, although you knew very well it was mostly harmless, but goddammit it was your life, the people you chose to be with, and it took away some form of agency, knowing that people were hand-picking men they thought would look nice with you and bypassing your opinion entirely.

“Is there any particular reason they, ah, preferred Lin?” you asked, not helping the trace of spite that made its way into your tone. Nancy noticed, and stiffened.

“Well, the Elaine/Usnavi one is a bit easier to explain and understand,” she said. “Usnavi’s awkward and energetic and Elaine’s a cutthroat bitch with a heart of gold and, as you will learn, the Internet kind of lives for that dynamic, so they put the two together. Cross-over.”

You nodded along at her explanation, and when she didn’t continue to the more pressing matter, you pointedly glared. Nancy, seeing this, sighed and relented. “You and Lin are a bit more confusing,” You scoffed. Confusing was just the fucking tip of the fucking ice berg. “But to keep a long story short, your pairing is pretty much Elsnavi taken up a couple more notches.” Your eyebrows trekked impossibly higher up your hairline. “All right, a lot of notches, but there’s nothing harmless in it. And I think you’d be a bit more used to it considering all the success Killing a King got. Remember when they were convinced you were dating Josh Hutcherson because he showed up backstage?”

Oh yeah, that entire debacle. Killing a King, essentially, gave you the recognition on the Great White Way you had already accomplished in a couple of other areas. It wasn’t your first musical, but it was your first lead role, and people weren’t likely to forget Elaine King quite yet. This whole Elsnavi business was proof of that.

“It’s not that I’m bothered by it,” Nancy, this time, was the one to raise her eyebrows, dubious. “Okay, I am, but God it just feels a bit… I dunno,”


“Yeah, I guess.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Nancy said soothingly, but with that touch of brusque that made you know that she was over the entire thing entirely, and you should be too. “I already checked over the websites—“

“There are websites?” you gaped.

Honey, this is the Internet we are talking about, of course there are websites. Anyway, I’ve checked all of them over (it wasn’t easy, mind you) and there weren’t any debilitating details.”

“They probably have porn of me somewhere,” you muttered darkly, causing Nancy to shoot you an amused glance.

“Don’t check those links in any case, unless you’re really wanting to ruin your day.”

“I’ll steer clear, thanks.”

With a chuckle, Nancy stood up, reminded you that you had appointments and meetings and whatnot to get to, and lead you to the car.

You managed to forget about the entire Elsnavi, Y/N/Lin thing for about a week. And it wasn’t even your fault.

You were up late, coming back from a screening you were invited to attend, and you were flipping listlessly through the channels, an open bottle of red wine on your coffee table and all the intent to find the nearest episode of Sex in The City and calling it a night, but you landed on a channel with him on it.

And of course, the first thing that came to mind was that stupid photo manipulation of you kissing him.

He looked, well, good, you had to admit. Short hair, the goatee almost gone except for a half-shadow-beard going along his chin. His suit was blue, and goddammit, you couldn’t help but notice that it was a color that very much suited him.

He and Jimmy Fallon were in the middle of laughing about something, Fallon as always overdoing it, and you were going to change the channel. You really were. But they mentioned your name next.

“So what’s the deal with you and Y/N anyway?” Fallon asked Lin, a photo of you flashing behind them. It was you on stage, as Elaine, looking quite cross. Lin laughed, twisting in his seat to get a good look at you.

“I honestly don’t know, man. You tell me, the Internets are always coming up with stuff.” Lin said, settling back into his seat.

“Because you and her are cropping nearly everywhere on social media,” Another photo, this time a manip of Usnavi and Elaine, came up on the screen. Lin twisted again to look.

“Yeah, beats me. What’s funny is that I’ve never even met her.”


“Yeah!” Lin said, laughing. “We haven’t met, although I’d love to. I saw her in Killing a King, she was incredible.”

“Don’t you think all this business would put a damper on the meeting though?”

Lin shrugged jovially, although he did look a tad sheepish. “Here’s to hoping it doesn’t, man. It’d be bomb to meet her in person.”

You changed the channel then, and this time it was a new episode of The Big Bang Theory. You had enough on your mind that you managed to ignore it.

So he wanted to meet you in person? Huh. That’s something.

You gnawed on the inside of your cheek, eyed the bottle of wine. You grabbed it and took a long gulp.


  • Spock: I have not had a beverage.
  • Jim: What do you mean, you had plenty.
  • McCoy: I think he is talkin' about. . .
  • Spock: Adult drinks.
  • Jim: *Bemused, watching Spock and McCoy while radiating love*
  • McCoy: Ya do realize ya can say alcohol? It's simple,short, and easy to say. *bounces* There is Whiskey, Wine, Romulan Ale, Jack Daniels, and Bourbon. AND I am just gettin' started!
  • Spock: Vulcan's cannot get drunk. *Looks over toward Jim*
  • Jim: Humor him, commander, that's an order.
  • Spock: As you wish.
  • Bones: There is Loche Stir. . .
Liar 9/? (Tom Riddle Jr/Voldemort Imagine)

The rest of the day went by slowly but without any hiccups and all the while you were dreading detention. You were exhausted, physically and mentally. Shuffling from foot to foot to the library, you sat down on the nearest chair and rested your head against your folded arms, allowing yourself a moment’s rest.

A moment turned into five minutes, then ten, fifteen and finally twenty before the presence of someone shuffling in front of you had you jump awake. Head thrown up and eyes darting, you slumped as green eyes greeted you.

“Long day I heard.” The boy had a stack of books by his side and you groaned, “You have no idea, Green-Eyes.”

“Sterling.” He said, flicking through pages carelessly before tossing the book and picking up another from his pile, “My name is Sterling.“

“What are you doing here, Sterling?” You asked, cheek resting against your fist. “Same as you,” he sighed, brushing dark locks from his forehead. “Detention.”

A laugh escaped and you quickly covered it with a cough. “Convincing.” He teased, eyes meeting yours for a moment before returning to the pages.

“What’s a Ravenclaw doing in detention?” Raising an inquisitive brow at the boy, you examined the books. All Transfiguration. “I went into the restricted section.” A smirk spread across your face as you scanned the covers, “Why? Looking for something in particular?”

Sterling nodded slowly and was about to respond, but decided to slide an open book across the table to you, tapping the illustration on the page with his finger. A wild dog snarled on all fours under the moonlight, surrounded by other mysterious creatures. Squinting at the text by the interesting picture, you read through it slowly. It was human transfiguration - how to become an Animagus.

“You’re ahead in Transfigurations?” You blinked at Sterling and he smiled lightly, “Something like that.”

Furrowing your brows as you looked from him back to the page, you scanned over the text carefully, intrigued by the contents within the book. Step by step instructions were present and you had to go over the paragraphs a few times before you actually absorbed it. Humming softly as Sterling watched you read, the two of you jumped when someone cleared their throat.

“Y/N, I thought I reminded you of your detention with me this afternoon.” That usually condescending voice sounded irritated or even angry. Snapping your book shut and sliding it across the table to the equally startled brunette, you looked up at Riddle, eyes wide.

“This is where I always serve detention, I thought you’d meet me here.” Tom glared down at you and you suddenly wanted to shrink into yourself, standing and flashing Sterling an apologetic look, “Let’s chat later, alright?” The green-eyed boy stared at you, brows raised, before slowly nodding and taking a hold of the book you’d returned.

Turning away from Sterling and taking the annoyed Slytherin’s side to leave but stopped mid-step to swiftly return to Sterling, arms wrapping around his neck tightly in a hug. The library was silent, save for your breathing and the shocked brunette’s heartbeat against you.

“Don’t move.” You warned before slowly pulling away and meeting his startled eyes. He said nothing, but his eyes told you he understood and you smiled thankfully, intentionally avoiding Tom’s hard face - he hadn’t seen you reach into your own pocket and pluck a small, green critter and hand it to the mocha-skinned boy ahead.

You felt intimidated when you realized Riddle was glaring at you from the corner of his eye as you walked side by side in silence. It seemed as if after a while, the Slytherin couldn’t stand it anymore and broke it. “Future detentions will be held at the library, but we need to redo our Shrinking solution.”

You nodded, sighing softly as the day’s events replayed in your mind. “You told me it was Hornby who put leeches down my back,” the door swung open and you let out a deep sigh, “Did she say why?”

“You and the Ravenclaw boy, Mathers.” He tutted and you raised your brows, “What about him?” The two of you turned into the potions classroom and you blinked, everything was already set up.

“You have everything ready?” Eyes finding his, Tom clenched his jaw, “Of course, I’m not nearly as unorganized as the rest of our class.” You flinched lightly and examined all the jars, the contents and all the creatures you now hated. You kept your distance.

“I find it distasteful.” You nearly stopped mid-step. “Excuse me?” Jaw hanging open, you turned to glare at him. Tom went on as if he hadn’t said a thing and it infuriated you.

“Did Olive tell you why she did what she did?” You repeated through gritted teeth, swiping jars and shakily unscrewing their lids. “She didn’t, no.” The brunette turned the wooden spoon without even the wave of his hand and you were finding it particularly distracting.

“Well I suppose I’ll have to ask her myself, then.” You raised the jar above the cauldron to empty its contents and Tom’s hand shot out to grab your wrist tightly, eyes on the book. “Stop this nonsense now.” You blinked at him sarcastically, “I’m not doing anything, Riddle.”

He pulled you close and with an all newly penetrative set of eyes, glared at you, lips thinned into an unamused frown and eyes wild with colour. “I don’t care how you handle yourself but while you’re with me you will handle yourself with poise, do you understand? I won’t have you tarnish my grades.” Riddle’s tone was low and menacing and yet somehow he was entrancing.

You nodded slowly, trying not to flinch away from his even breaths over your face. “I just want to be left alone.” You confessed, Tom had made you feel ashamed for being bullied, for being made a fool of.

“You’ve always responded exactly the ways they want you to,” Tom released you and passed, his robe caressing you gently and making you shudder. “You always give them a source of entertainment.”

You wanted to argue, to deny all of this, but you knew he was right and you blushed, feeling your pride crumble as you opened your mouth to speak. “What should I do?” Shifting uncomfortably at the silence, you forced your self to face Tom, who was looking from you to the cauldron and then back at you as if contemplating something.

“I wouldn’t know, that Hornby girl wouldn’t dare do to me as she did to you.” You swallowed loudly, you knew Tom was talented, more and more every day, but before your run-in with him you’d have never imagined he was threatening and wondered if he would become violent.

“Why?” You asked meekly and this seemed to for lack of a better word, brighten Tom’s mood - you’d sparked his interest, finally. A faint smirk found his lips and he tilted his head toward the cauldron.

“Because I’m smart,” he started, shrugging off his robe and folding it neatly on a nearby table. “I wouldn’t ever be caught in such vulnerable positions.” As if mentoring a child, he spoke to you in what you assumed was an unintentionally condescending tone. “You open yourself up to attack too often, Y/N. You always have.”

You scoffed and rolled your eyes, “How would you know?” Tom’s smirk faltered for a moment as if he’d been caught out and it took a moment for you to catch on, your heart doing flips. “You’ve been keeping an eye on me?” You nearly whispered and Tom tutted, “Of course not, I hardly care that you spend your free time squabbling with Malfoy but the two of you get so loud it’s difficult not to notice.”

Heart thrumming, you nodded and turned your gaze to the cauldron, internally wishing to press more. Why did the knowledge that Tom had noticed you before this somehow make you feel accomplished? “He’s very easy to manipulate, but so are you.” You frowned, brows furrowed and lips pursed. “How am I easily manipulated?”

Tom’s dark eyes seemed to sparkle in the low light of the setting sun and from this angle, eyes hooded, lips curled, he looked breathtaking. “You just proved it. I called you easy and you reacted exactly as I expected.” You rolled your eyes and forced yourself to look elsewhere, fingertips tingling with a strange heat.

“Pouting is for children, Y/N.” You let out a long groan and dragged your fingers down your face, straightening it before turning to Tom and batting your lashes at him sarcastically. He didn’t seem amused.

You watched the potion brew in an uncomfortable silence, scolding yourself for ruining what conversation with Tom before kicking yourself - like you cared what he thought. You were forgetting too easily who he was and what he’d said to you hours earlier. With a renewed anger, you cleared your throat as the potion turned a dark, acidic green within the cauldron.

Riddle pulled his wand from his folded robes and gracefully traced a pattern above the steaming bowl and the flames extinguished, the spoon retreating from the bubbly liquid. “It looks adequate to me. I’ll deliver this to Professor Slughorn this evening.”

Riddle filled a small glass vial with the thick potion and hummed as he inspected it. “Tomorrow’s detention will be in the library, Y/N. I trust you won’t be distracted by some Ravenclaw or another.”

It took all of your willpower not to shout in anger and so you stood there, sweating and shaking at his petty jab. “I’ll see you then, Riddle.”

Turning with heavy steps, you heaved angrily all the way to the dungeon and mispronounced the password several times in your frustration. By the time it opened you were already undoing your tie and freeing your hair, fingers running through it messily. You groaned and threw yourself onto your bed, rolling onto your stomach and hugging the pillow close.

Your mind went over everything one more time before you fell prey to exhaustion. You thought of the hex, the leeches, the bowtruckle, you thought of Abraxas, Olive, Sterling and then Tom. Your mind lingered on Tom and your confusing mindset around him. You contradicted yourself with him, you hated him but wanted to please him, to impress him so he would raise his perfectly shaped brow at you and smirk with his pale pink lips.

Shaking your head, you replaced him with that odd illustration from the book you’d read in the library. An Animagus, an interesting topic you’d never really paid any attention to before but was now suddenly speaking to you.

Your eyes fluttered closed and you smiled, you’d ask Sterling about the book the next time you saw him.

Pool Parties, Booze, and Kids: A Short Story in Domesticity

Summary: After an invitation from one of Phil’s old Uni friends turns out to be a pool party for his 4 year old son, the topic of kids comes up. And neither of them are really afraid to hold back. 

Genre: Domestic fluff

Word Count: 4k

Warnings: swearing

A/N: This idea just kind of came up after a pool party I went to (are pool parties even a thing in the uk idek). Set some time in the summer of 2014, based on the assumption the book/tour was already an idea in their head. First fic so comments are majorly appreciated?? Anyways, hope you enjoy :’)

Read on Ao3


The summer that year seemed to be exceptionally – and unbearably – hot.

And Phil was not passing up a chance at a pool.

Phil.” Dan leaned on Phil’s doorway, arms crossed and eyebrows strung up. “I don’t exactly want to go to this ‘party’. Who is it even for anyways?

Phil sat on the carpet next to his bed and groped through his dresser, searching for the swimming trunks that hadn’t seen the light of day in god knows when. “I told you it’s for an old school friend.” He was too focused on finding them to focus much on Dan’s whining.

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Dauntless: Daddy Dearest (Part 7)

Eric x OC

Warnings: Language, almost smut, children

I strode forward, dust clinging to my uniform, knowing I looked like shit. The cut on my face itched as it healed, and my boots were caked in mud as I took the stairs three at a time. I was in a hurry, I had to get to Camille and our kid — I was running late.

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What’s happening today in my imagination and perhaps just a little bit of wishful thinking thrown in for good measure. 

James didn’t call her until Tuesday night. He knew she would be busy until then and wanted to give her a second to catch her breath.

“So, how are you feeling?” he asked a little cautiously. They had discussed plenty about this season and he was a little unsure about where she would stand on the whole experience now.

“Should I be lying across a couch for this?” she asked.

He could picture the look on her face and it made him smile. She was still just the same as she was before.

“I guess if it helps you.”

“Honestly, I just feel relief.”


“Yeah. Just like I’m breathing again finally. It wasn’t an easy season for me. I enjoyed getting to know him and working with him and he’s a friend now, but it was a rough road. Plus, it was time, you know? His body was just giving out and so was my mind I think. It was time. I’ve made peace with it.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that,” James told her. It was good to know that she wasn’t overly upset or hurting. “So, who am I supposed to vote for now?”

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Once Upon a December

Basically just Viktor remembering what made skating fun. I’m obsessed with the idea of him teaching itty bitties how to skate in the future.

“Look at me!”

Viktor watched as a tiny blur skated past his vision. He smiled at the student, Tatiana, and said, “Good job! Soon you’ll be faster than me!”

She looked at him with wide eyes. “Really?”

He nodded and she shot off again, leaving a trail of ice in her wake. Viktor shook his head. She’d be graduating up to the higher levels soon. If she kept up this level of progress, she’d be elite material in no time. He just hoped being competitive didn’t take away how much she loved the ice.


Viktor twirled in a circle, trying to get his mother’s attention. She smiled at him and clapped her hands when she saw.

“Good job, Vitya! You’re so fast!”

He giggled and skated closer to the edge of the pond. His mother had found the skates in a local store and had saved every last bit she had to buy them when she saw how his face lit up at the sight of them. He remembered trying them on so carefully, feeling like Cinderella when they fit perfectly. They couldn’t afford to go to the big rink very often, but as long as his mama was watching she let him skate on the pond when it was icy enough. He liked to shake out the snowflakes in his hair and spin around. It felt like he was flying. Like he could let go of everything else in his life and just exist.

Eventually, he got lucky and someone at the big rink noticed him. His name was Yakov  and he wanted to be Viktor’s coach even though he was only seven and still little. He was good at skating, but that meant that he had to go with Yakov to St. Petersburg and that he would have to leave his mama behind. She told him to be a brave boy and he didn’t cry as she kissed his cheek and walked away.

Over the years, he got better, but he found out that being good meant less time for fun and more time for expectations and being the best and the little boy on the lake slipped further and further away.

Until Yuuri.

As the class ended, Viktor skated slowly to make sure everyone got off the ice okay and that any of the kids that fell got up okay. Viktor was very big on the first part of learning to skate being learn to fall. They even had a whole class that just consisted of them falling over and over. They started afraid but by the end everyone was giggling, even Viktor. Falling felt like flying.

Once everyone was off the ice, he made sure they got reunited with their parents before heading off to where Yuuri was waiting for him.

“Hello, my love,” Viktor greeted.

When Yuuri still seemed lost in thought, Viktor’s brow furrowed. “Yuuuuuuri,” he singsonged.

“What? Oh! Hi. I was just distracted.”

“By?” Viktor asked, amused.

“You’re really cute with them.”

“Not as cute as I am with you, my darling.”

Yuuri flushed, but persisted. “I’m serious.”

Viktor shrugged. “They make it easy. Skating doesn’t have to be so complicated, really.”

Yuuri grabbed his hand. “Skate with me?”

And spinning around the ice, hand in Yuuri’s, he felt like he did all those years ago on the lake behind his house. He felt like he was flying.

Falling in love felt better than flying. It felt like soaring.

Five Minutes [Grace/Frankie] - Chapter 9

Thanks for reading, and for all your encouragement. If you like the story, please consider leaving a comment. Hope you enjoy! Full chapter here. Catch up on chapters 1-8 on A03. Here’s an excerpt:

Originally posted by queenoftherebels

She opened the door, immediately confronted by the bass pouring out from the studio, reverberating through the stones beneath her feet like tiny earthquakes. How Frankie could handle such noise with her sensitive system was a mystery, but Grace was learning more every day about her touch and go phobias, the things that really scared her and what brought her back from the edge. She was determined to learn it all, to be the best partner Frankie ever had, because she too was absolutely, every bit worth it.

“What is this song?!” Grace raised her voice above the music.

“It’s called Itty Bitty Piggy!” Frankie shouted from behind the easel. “By one Ms. Nicki Minaj.”

“Really?” she squinted. “What’s it about?”

“I don’t know. Pigs, I think.”

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“How you feelin’..?”

Arshtat Ejinn cannot help but feel the twitch with his arms around her as they were, sighing, “I am… better. Tired, as I am sure you are. But to have an answer, an end in sight… I am more relieved than I can say.”

“Mm, aye, I’m ready to ditch this thing,” he motioned to the greatsword behind him. He could feel himself being pulled toward it, growing a little louder with every passing day. “Six suns,” he mused aloud, curling his arms around her in a gentle hug. “Could stay here for six suns, just like this. That’d make it easy,” he smirked.

Arshtat made an amused sound, “In the bath…?” She smiled at him, “Even an Ejinn would admire such a long time spent in the water. Just six suns…,” she repeated, assuring herself as much as him.

Madoc Parnell gave light, teasing grin, then nodded with a small ‘aye’. He would certainly be counting down the days. Another twitch, another flick of his eyes. He smiled back to her. “Thank you, luv.”

Arshtat tilted her head, running fingers over his jaw again. One hand strayed lightly across his skin, ghosting over that grin, “Why do you thank me…?”

Madoc canted his head toward her touch, his left hand holding the small over her back. He intentionally left his right hand hovering, so as not to disturb the moment with the twitching of his fingertips. “For stayin’ with me. Standin’ beside me. Fightin’ for me. … You give me strength.”

She gently moves her hands down and takes his twitching hand between hers, drawing it against her chest. “There is no thanks needed for that… I told you. This is what I want. This is where wish to stay.”

In that moment, he had many things he wanted to say, but could decide on none of them. He smiled warmly and leaned to touch his lips to hers. His breath was warm, the taste of his lips whatever alcohol he had drank while she was out on the mission.

Arshtat kept her hands around his, pressing close and returning the kiss. The taste of the alcohol both comforting in familiarity and worrying. But she did not question it. “…Shall we go to bed?”

Madoc lingered his lips close to hers, giving her hands a soft squeeze. “Please,” he breathed with a grin, giving her a gentle nudge with his nose.

With @lockerinannis


[[ Request: imagine where Jax loves the reader but doesn’t know how to tell her so he asks Opie for advice ]]

“I need some advice, man.” Jax sat down across from Opie at the table outside of Teller-Morrow. He sighed and shook his head. “I’m in real deep here.”

Opie raised his eyebrows and took one last drag of his cigarette before putting it out. “What’s going on?” 

Jax shrugged his shoulders. “I can’t stop thinkin’ about her, Ope.” His eyes wandered to the reaper on the wall behind Opie as he thought about you. He had fallen hard for you. He thought he could ignore it, that maybe the feelings would go away if he fought them hard enough. But they hadn’t, and now you were all he could ever think about anymore. He looked back up at Opie. “She’s always on my mind. I don’t know what to do, man.” 

Opie let out an amused snort and shook his head as he looked at his best friend. “You poor bastard. Let me guess.” He smirked. “Y/N.” 

Jax smiled. He knew Opie was going to give him shit about you. He always did, constantly telling Jax that he needed to man up and just tell you already. Opie had known Jax was falling for you for a while now, and he also knew that at some point, Jax was going to drive himself up the wall if he didn’t tell you how he felt. Jax knew Opie was right. He should just tell you how he felt about you, but he just wasn’t sure how. You had been friends for years, and he didn’t want to jeopardize that friendship in any way. So he had kept his mouth shut. But that was getting harder and harder every day. He was losing sleep over you, and when he finally did sleep, he dreamed about you. He knew he had to say something before it drove him completely crazy.

“You’ve had a thing for her for years, bro,” Opie continued, lighting another cigarette as he spoke. “I don’t know why you won’t just tell her.” 

Jax looked around the parking lot, watching a few of the other guys climb on their motorcycles and peel out of the lot. “I don’t know.” He looked down at the table in front of him before looking back up at Opie. “I don’t know how to tell her.”

“I’m probably the last person you wanna be asking,” Opie told him with a sigh, glancing around the parking lot before his eyes landed back on Jax. “Shit ain’t been goin’ so great with Lyla.” Jax looked at him with pleading eyes. “Look, just fucking tell her.” Opie said it like it was the easiest, most simple task in the world. But to Jax, it seemed impossible. He would never admit it, but the thought of you potentially shooting him down terrified him. Opie took a drag of his cigarette as he watched Jax. “You don’t have a problem talking to any other chick.” 

“It’s not that easy, man,” Jax sighed. “She’s not just some chick. She’s different.” His eyes twinkled as he spoke about you, but they were filled with worry. He was driving himself mad thinking about you, practically obsessing over what to say to you and how to tell you. “What the hell am I gonna say to her?”

“’Hey, Y/N. I’m in love with you’?” Opie suggested, staring at Jax with an amused expression on his face. Jax sighed and gave Opie a serious look. Opie leaned forward, realizing now just how serious Jax was about you and this conversation. “Just tell her how you feel, bro. She’s cool. She’s not gonna freak out on you.” Opie took a long drag of his cigarette and slowly breathed out the smoke. “Bet she’s got a thing for you, anyway.”

Jax’s eyes lit up. He hoped Opie was right. “Yeah.” He nodded his head, trying to muster up every ounce of courage he had to just tell you how he felt about you. He could handle anything else this crazy life threw at him, but the sight of you made him weak in the knees. “Thanks, Ope.” He stood from the table, determined to find you and finally tell you he loved you before he lost his confidence.


“What’s up with you?” you asked as Jax stood in your doorway, his hands in his pockets and his head bowed. He looked nervous, which was extremely unusual for Jax. He was normally so calm, confident, and collected. Seeing him look nervous made you wonder what the hell was going on.

“I, uh - ” Jax lifted his eyes to meet yours. “I got something I need to tell you.”

You motioned for him to come inside, trying to figure out what he could possibly have to tell you. The way he was acting, you worried it wasn’t something you would want to hear. You led him to the couch and took a seat. You motioned for him to join you, but he shook his head. 

“Uh,” he began nervously pacing the room. “I don’t know how to tell you this.”

Your eyes followed him as he paced back and forth. You furrowed your eyebrows. You felt your stomach begin to anxiously twist and turn. “What’s going on with you?” You reached your hand out to him in an attempt to ease his nerves. “You’re acting crazy, Jax.” 

He looked up from the floor and took your hand. His palms were sweaty, and he couldn’t stop fidgeting. He finally took a seat beside you. “I think I’m in love with you,” he blurted, catching you totally off guard.

Your eyes widened and your eyebrows raised in surprise. “What?” You knew something was troubling him. You could tell from the moment you opened your front door. But this wasn’t what you were expecting.

“You’re one of my best friends, Y/N,” he told you, worried he had already said too much. “You’ve been there for me through all this shit that no one else would have stuck around for.” He flashed you a hopeful, nervous smile and shrugged. “And I guess somewhere along the way, I fell in love with you.” 

You stood there in stunned silence. At some point, your mouth had dropped, and it was now gaping open as you stared at Jax. You didn’t know what to say. He had just shown up at your door in the middle of the day, completely out of the blue, and told you he was in love with you. You were surprised, to say the very least, and you weren’t sure how to react.

“Please say something,” Jax said, his eyes desperately searching your face for any positive sign that you might maybe love him too. 

“You love me?” you asked, trying to wrap your mind around it all.

“Yeah, babe.” Jax sighed and ran his hand down his face. “I do.” 

You gazed into his blue eyes. You let your eyes wander and study every part of his face. Jax was one of your closest friends, and you loved him dearly. As a friend. You had never really considered the possibility of being anything more. But now, here he was, standing in front of you and telling you he had feelings for you. Feelings that extended way beyond the normal realm of friendship. Feelings that were deep and real. You bit your lip. A smile was beginning to form on your face that you just couldn’t hold back. You let out a short laugh and beamed at him. “I don’t know what to say.” You reached towards him, holding his face in your hands. “I love you, Jax.” 

Jax let out the deep, shaky breath that he felt he had been holding in since he had stepped foot into your driveway. He laughed, grabbed you by the waist, and pressed his lips to yours. He pulled back to look at you, shaking his head and smiling a very relieved-looking smile. “Shit, I’m glad you said that.” 

Your Friendly Neighborhood Flash

In a bit of a Barry mood, if you couldn’t tell.
Also, I saw Dawn of Justice the other day, and let me just say, I love Superman even more now.
And Gal Gadot is a total babe.

Title: Your Friendly Neighborhood Flash
Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader
Summary: Reader is saved by the Flash. Barry panics once confronted, calling himself “your friendly neighborhood Flash”
Word Count: 1,524
Warnings: food mention

Your name: submit What is this?

             "Oh shit…“

           The words spill out of your mouth as your eyes widen in shock. King Shark towers above you, demolishing buildings and tearing people apart. Fear sets in and you find yourself running as fast as you can away from the scene. 

           "Where is the Flash?” screams King Shark, reverberations causing the ground to rumble. 

           Before you know it, you’re swept off your feet and drawn into the clutches of the mammoth meta-human. You’re terrified as you’re lifted higher and closer to the mouth of King Shark. If you survived this, you would never eat sushi ever again. 

           "I heard you were looking for me,“ called a voice behind you. 

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The Sparky Chronicles: Pranks

Time cannot erase, the sorrow and pain we feel,

Nor can it make things better, or force our hearts to heal.

Time is now a measure, of the days since you’ve been gone,

Of getting by the best we can, and trying to be strong.

Time should mend a broken heart, that is what they say,

But time will never change the fact that you have gone away.

       Celestia and Gentle had just returned from a trip to Saddle Arabia. It was always fun, and the ponies there a joy to talk to. Gentle smiled as he stopped at Sparky’s room, the door slightly ajar, looking forward to see his son. “Hey Sparky… we’re hom-”

       As soon as he pushed the door open a bucket of water landed on his head. Gentle was a bit shocked, the bucket staying on his head as he slipped, landing at the tail of his son. Solar was in full laughter mode, tearing up as he watched his Dad perform a slapstick act for his amusement. Gentle used his wings to remove the bucket.

       "Sparky…“ Solar finally got to his hooves and gave his dad an innocent look. "Yes?” Gentle could almost see the halo. “We just get back… and somepony wants to be grounded…?” Sparky giggled.

       "C'mon dad it was funny!“ Celestia had come to see what had happened and was laughing a bit as well. Gentle couldn’t be too mad at them as he finally managed to get to his hooves. "Alright alright… you’re getting off easy this time…”

       Celestia giggled a bit more as she went to their room to change out of her formal attire. The door opened and large plastic spider dropped and dangled in front of her face. She screamed and slipped in her panic, falling into the wall upside down. Two guards came running.

       "Your majesty! Are you alright?!“ Tia sighed, not amused, as Solar was once again in a fit of glee.

       "I am fine. Go back to your duties.” they saluted and left. Sparky continued to laugh as a yellow glow surrounded him. “Whoa, mom, it was just a prank! Calm down!”

       Gentle slowly helped her up as she brought her son over to her. He was trapped and knew what was coming. Gentle pulled two feathers from his wings, Celestia taking them both and then started to tickle their son mercilessly. “No! Mom! Stop! I’m sorry!” he was laughing so hard, trying to get out of the spell, but nothing doing.

       After a few minutes she set him down and released him. “I think that’s enough punishment for that… Well, actually…” Solar looked up to Celestia confused. She smiled, a vicious smile, that only a mom could unleash. “I think the kitchen staff need a break from their nightly cleaning.” Sparky’s eyes widened.

       "NOOO! Mom, c'mon! That’s just mean!!“ She smiled and suddenly hugged him to her, giving him a kiss of the cheek. "Gotcha.” He sighed in relief and nuzzled into her. “I really just missed you and dad. It’s always so boring around here. The guards are no fun, and the kitchen staff are big ol’ meanie heads.”

       Gentle smiled as he walked up next to them. “We’ll see what we can do… to maybe bring you next time…” Celestia frowned, some of the places they traveled were a bit dangerous for a child. Her face then lit up. “How about next time we ask your aunty Twi and Lulu to watch you. You always have fun with them.”

       Solar’s eyes widened as he smiled big, nuzzling into his big mom some more. “That would be great! They are so much fun and I can play with Pterus too!!” Gentle smiled. “Well we have to go out of town again… next week I believe… so I think that’s plenty of time to get the okay from them…” He started running around, jumping and giggling.

       "It’s gonna be so much fun!“ Then he stopped yawned loudly. Gentle smiled and picked him up onto his back. "Bed time… how about you snuggle with us tonight… buddy…?” Sparky wrapped his legs around his dad’s neck and nuzzled him, Celestia smiling warmly. “I guess that’s a yes.”

kindasortaameyzing  asked:

Okay if you're still doing that Kaider thing, "I never knew you were ticklish!" (Extra points if cinder is the ticklish one) THANK YOU

Kai leaned into Cinder and she smiled. It was one of those rare times when Torin let them go through various paperwork together. Usually he would complain that when Kai was near Cinder, he could never focus on anything other than her for more than five seconds. She would laugh and promise that they’d get something done before he came back from visiting his husband.

She was regretting it now. Torin was right. It had become extremely hard to focus on trade documents when Kai’s arm was touching hers, and his hair was brushing against her collarbone. She bit the inside of her cheek and strained her eyes on the words frequent aberrations. If she had nothing to show for the evening, Konn-dahren would never let her work alone with Kai again.

Cinder glanced over at Kai’s work. He was too busy staring at her lips to notice.

She shivered. “Kai, we have to get something done.”

He quirked up a half smile. “I know, Cinder. I’m just appreciating your beauty.”

She huffed even though her insiders knotted at his words. “I’m being serious.”

He leaned away from her, but the amused expression was still tattooed across his features, “So am I. I believe it’s called diplomatic grace.”

“Sure it’s not diplomatic flirting?”

He laughed, “You aren’t supposed to know about that.”

She bit down a grin. Kai was just so easy to get lost in. “Work,” She commanded, tapping his document signed by Prime Minister Kamin. He sighed and let his gaze drift to his papers.

They’d almost gone five whole minutes. The timer in her brain told her so.

That was until Kai wove his arm around Cinder and pulled her close. He sighed into her and pouted, “It would be easier for me to focus if you weren’t so distracting.”

She snorted. “You’re worse than Thorne when it comes to self-control.”

He grinned. “I’m better than Thorne at everything else, though.”

She rolled her eyes, “Does it matter?”

He shifted next to her. He started rubbing his hands up and down her side. It would’ve been nice, it would have, if she weren’t…

A laugh abruptly escaped her lips. She covered it quickly with a cough, praying to the stars that he didn’t notice.

“Oh, no,” Kai said, obviously noticing. His eyes held something playful—hopeful. “What was that?”

“Nothing,” She muttered. He eyed her suspiciously before going out on a limb, by full blown tickling her.

The laughter fell out in waves, uncontrollable on Cinder’s behalf. She couldn’t stop. Kai was grinning so large now, he was actually happy about this—“I never knew you were ticklish! How long have we been together? Oh, good stars, Cinder.”  

“S—Stop,” She argued, batting his hands away. She couldn’t remember a time when she’d laughed this hard before. “It’s not something I—I like to—Stars, Kai, stop.”

The tickling ceased, but Kai’s laughter did not. “Your laugh is so contagious. I feel so drugged.”

She crossed her arms defensively. “You can never do that again.”

He looked wicked in the pale light of the Advisor room. His grin was reaching every corner of his face. His eyes held the ecstasy he was feeling. “For that laugh? Cinder, you’ll be lucky if I ever stop tickling you.” And he tickled her again. She scrambled against him, laughing until her sides hurt. “Like a drug,” He muttered between his own laughter.

He stopped when he knew it became too much for her of course. He was Kai, he wasn’t a jerk. Her laughter resumed for a while after he stopped. He could listen to it forever. “Why didn’t you tell me that sooner? Being ticklish is a very important piece of information.”

“It is not. If you ever want to keep a relationship with me, that is.”

He reached out for her, but she pulled away. He rolled his eyes, “I’ll stop tickling you.”

She finally gave up and curled against him.

They spent the last hour of their alone time talking about other useless traits they had. Kai could juggle. Cinder could rap the entire national anthem of the American Republic. Kai could cook the best spicy noodles in all of New Beijing. Cinder was ticklish.

Torin walked in to find them huddled together, paperwork completely abandoned.

“Teenagers,” he muttered.

Kai and Cinder broke into another fit of laughter.


im SUCH kaider trash OH MY GOD 

Commander Cody - Trickshot

Being a Jedi, you rely quite heavily on your lightsaber - which means you’re basically screwed if it gets lost or broken in battle. A blaster from a fallen droid is hardly helpful, seeing as you have no idea how to use it - so of course you get hurt. But somebody, who was very worried when that happens, has decided he can teach you a few new tricks.

Wordcount: 2502

Warnings: Injuries, battles, FLUFF

Notes: Cody’s such a cute lil nerd omg. And I’m going with the h/c here that he’s picked up just a slight tinge of Obi-Wan’s accent and charm :)

You run, breathless, down the corridor of the Republic base, spinning a hairpin turn into your master’s quarters. “Master, have you seen my -”

“On the desk,” Obi-Wan says without turning around. “You know, you really should learn to stop leaving your things lying about.”

“Sorry,” you say, panting. “Thanks for finding it though.” As your breathing evens out, you cross the room and take your lightsaber from the desk - and as soon as you do you feel better. More grounded, surer of your place in the universe. I am a Jedi, you think reverently. Well, almost, anyway.

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Love your blog! Your posts/writing never ceases to amaze me. I was wondering if you could write Itachi imagine where- much to his father's dismay- Itachi continues to visit y/n because he is so infatuated with her? Thank you!

Hey guys, it’s been awhile! Thank you for hanging in there, and I’ll be back as soon as I can.

I’ve been looking at this one for a long time, Anon, hope you’re still hanging in there! Thank you for waiting! I wanted this to have a hopeful ending, so I tried :D


The Uchiha compound sat serenely under the full moon as night marched on. Alleys darkening while the streets lit with moonlight, the stillness of the place went uninterrupted as a lone shinobi wove through the shadows.

He knew he didn’t have to hide himself; the shinobi knew the streets as he grew up on them. Everything was familiar, even in the dark of the night, yet it was the circumstance which made Uchiha Itachi seamlessly blended into the night that prompted such movements. For it was unlike Itachi to blatantly break rules…sure, he was doing top secret missions in the Black Ops that sometimes conflicted with the “rules”, particularly the mission of spying on his own clan for the sake of the village. But all those actions were hidden, under the protection of a higher force.

Tonight, however, Itachi had no such protection other than his own guile.

Perhaps he risked his standing with Fugaku because [Name] offered Itachi meaningful distraction from the turmoil within the Uchiha Clan. She provided an escape for him that even Sasuke couldn’t offer, and it was this exact feeling - the feeling of refuge - that kept drawing Itachi back to her, despite his father’s protests.

“Son, only an Uchiha can keep up with another Uchiha. There are also women from the Hyuga and even Nara Clan who can provide for you well.”

His father’s words pinged around in Itachi’s mind as he continued toward the edge of the compound.

“I want you to stop seeing her, Itachi. This…[Name], is an outsider, and with how the Village and Uchiha are right now, she may get in the way.”

As these remarks surfaced, the young man grimaced.

“I learned that [Name] is not a shinobi. Is that what you want? An unskilled partner who, left unprotected, is more vulnerable to death?”

Shaking his head, Itachi dislodged his father’s voice from his mind as he exited the Uchiha compound. The moon was now an hour past its zenith, and at this the young shinobi knew that he did not have much time. His father had been staying up later lately - due in part to keep an eye on his son, but also with the troubles of the clan besetting him, it was hard to fall asleep. Therefore Itachi had waited longer than he anticipated to leave the house, waiting for his father to sleep as to remain undetected. Because of that decision, it meant cutting some time spent with [Name], a regret Itachi felt burn in his chest.

He positioned his ANBU mask. Then, with a aspiring breath, he launched himself into the deepening shadows of the village beyond the compound. Silently darting from roof to roof, Itachi made haste towards the other end of the village where [Name] resided, hoping that he had not held her up too long and that she was still awake - waiting for him.

Reaching his destination - a small apartment complex in an older part of the village - Itachi searched for the one balcony with the trail of moon flowers cascading from it. On nights when [Name] and Itachi met, she would typically wait for him at the window where she could spot him and vice versa. She had also taken care to make sure her flowers were conspicuous for Itachi to identify which balcony to arrive on, even though he had the floor and location memorized. Tilting his head before jumping to the floor, Itachi scanned the window for any signs of [Name], but saw none.

This side of the building is now in shadow…I need to get closer. Without moonlight, he deduced, it might be harder for both of them to see each other. Alighting on the rail of the balcony, Itachi saw that a thin curtain was drawn over the windows, signaling resignation and sleep.

His disappointment was fleeting, however, as he saw beyond the veil the figure of a sleeping woman gracing a couch. It looked as if she had been waiting there a long time before drifting off into slumber, and at the sight Itachi decided he could not leave. Seeing that only the screen door was drawn, he quietly slid it aside as he stepped into the dim room, illuminated only by the moonlight reflected from outside.

Itachi took a moment to sit down on the floor next to [Name] on the couch. She breathed serenely as she slept, and at this Itachi felt slightly guilty for wanting to wake her, but eventually he began to hum her favorite tune to try and rouse her from her slumber. He increased his volume, and as he did, [Name] began to stir.

He pulled aside his mask as not to frighten [Name], and began to whisper, “[Name]…[Name], wake up, just for a little bit.” The anticipation in his voice held real need: to see her tired doe eyes, hear her hushed voice against the dark, and the touch of her hand against his cheek. These simple gestures are what compelled Itachi to forsake his father’s judgement as they curbed the heaviness in his life, regardless of what Fugaku thought.

“…Itachi…” a weak voice spoke from beneath the covers. Then drearily, [Name]’s eyes flitted open, meeting her lover’s gaze in a hazy, dreamlike state.

“I am here, [Name]. Apologies for making you wait.” Itachi reached out to stroke [Name]’s hair, her bright eyes beginning to come alive as she registered his face. He could tell that she was smiling softly as his hand met her head, his expression becoming more tender and warm. [Name] reached out to his hand and clasped it close to her face, seeming to try and soak up warmth.

“…Mhmmm. Itachi-kun…your hands…”

“Cold, I know,” Itachi said, scooting closer as he leaned his face into hers. “Do you want me to shut the window?”

She shook her head. “No…no, leave it open. I tried to stay awake, Itachi, I promise. But the night…it’s just so peaceful.”

“Shhh.” Itachi kissed her forehead lightly, breathing in her scent. “[Name], I do not have much time. Just stay still.”

[Name] stopped talking, instead moving closer to Itachi and nuzzling into his neck. He lay his head on hers as they exchanged each other’s warmth; in his mind Itachi wondered if Fugaku would change his mind upon meeting [Name].

“…Do you think your father will ever accept me?” As if reading his mind, [Name] mumbled the fateful question.

The young Uchiha sat there for a moment, processing several scenarios of his father, mother, [Name], and himself. It did not take him long to come to a conclusion.

“…I am working on helping my father overcome his close-mindedness, [Name]. I am sure when he meets you, he will be impressed by your charm and wit.”

While no verbal response was given, the physical response was enough for Itachi revel in. [Name] lifted her head out of the sheets and next to his cheek, where she gave a slight, clumsy peck. Pulling back to see his face, Itachi gazed into her still glazed eyes for a moment before leaning in to close the gap between their lips.

“You have been gone in the Old District a lot lately, Itachi.” Mikoto sat next to her son as they fed the koi in their pond out back. “Your father seems concerned.”

Itachi had not yet told his mother about his relationship with [Name], thinking that his father would make her aware of it. It seemed he guessed right.

“Itachi, I understand how you feel - and it’s perfectly natural. However I would ask you to give your father’s advice more consideration.”

Itachi merely sat there, mulling over his thoughts.

“Mother…do you think…he will ever be open to it?”

A phlegmatic pause hung in the air between mother and son, their reflections mingling more spritely in the water below. Itachi looked at his mom in the water as the colors of the fish distorted her pale skin and dark hair. He waited patiently, curious as to how his mother would answer.

“I think you should speak more to your father, my dear.” She placed a comforting hand on Itachi’s back. “Be sure to listen to him throughout. That’s how you get the best answer from him.”

Later that evening, when just Itachi and Fugaku were present, the son breached the precarious subject again with the father.

Much to Itachi’s dismay, the response was as expected.

“She has no rank, according to the Konoha records. And is not a shinobi, but a simple artist and gardener. Don’t you aspire to someone more…more accomplished?”

Itachi remembered his mother’s words, and thought to reply simply: “What do you mean by accomplished, father?”

Fugaku frowned. He sat himself next to Itachi, again gazing at the now golden glow on the fish pond, before inhaling a breath to speak.

“Itachi, even among the Uchiha you are certainly a different breed. Talent like yours is only rivaled by your friend Shisui, and previously by Uchiha Kagami and a few others. You must choose your partner carefully if you are to make a lasting, fulfilling match. You have a strong mind, sharp as a blade, and whoever lives alongside it must be able to keep up with it. Along with the prestige of the clan to uphold, entering the Uchiha clan from the outside is not easy - especially for someone without a shinobi background or clan rank.”

As he listened, Itachi sought to correct his father and argue his outdated ideas. But the warmth of his mother’s voice insisted he keep quiet, having his father finish in full.

“All I am saying, son, is that this girl you so like may not be able to handle the Uchiha. Not just you, but the clan as a whole. Without the experience of clan community, she will likely face not only backlash but also culture shock. Do you want this for her? This suffering?”

“…Suffering?” Itachi was genuinely amused at his father’s choice of words. Confident that he had finished his speech entirely, the young son now presented his mind on the matter.

“Perhaps she may suffer. Perhaps she may have a hard time fitting in, being accepted, and learning the customs of our clan. But she is of a strong will, inherited by being part of the village - like a clan, you can say. If she can survive and thrive in the village, I am confident she can overcome whatever hardships she may face with the Uchiha or me personally. It will make her stronger and sharper…like a blade. Like me.”

Looking into Fugaku’s face, Itachi saw only his usual stoic look. He didn’t expect much from his father expression wise or even a change in opinion, but now that he had said it Itachi was no longer afraid of what his father thought of [Name].

Fugaku sighed, getting up to exit the room. Before closing the door, he stopped, not turning to face Itachi and said,

“While I am still unsure if she is qualified, I look forward to meeting her soon, Itachi.”

And then the room became silent, save for the sanguine sigh of the son.

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