i am just crying about dean

And the Seventh Day
  • wednesday:*episode airs*
  • wednesday:okay, they didn't talk to each other, which means they'll talk during the season finale, which means it's big.
  • thursday:right? right.
  • friday:totally sensible. not wishful thinking. just solid knowledge of literary analysis and the visual media.
  • saturday:fuck, they're not gonna get together. they're just not. god, i can't breathe.
  • sunday:fuck, they're totally getting together. they must. look at what happened so far, ffs. god, i can't breathe.
  • monday morning:am rational human being. don't need fictional couple to smooch on screen to function in my daily life. in fact, whole thing is matter of supreme indifference to me.
  • monday afternoon:*spends five hours on tumblr liking and reblogging and crying at every single destiel gif*
  • tuesday, 7 am:time to leave the house and think about day ahead like grownass woman.
  • tuesday, 1 pm:maybe dean will just say, fuck this, and hug him and tell him -
  • tuesday, 10 pm:no, that's not like dean at all. more probably the entire exchange will consist of manly stares and shoulder touches.
  • wednesday, 6 am:fuck.
  • wednesday, 9 am:okay, it's not going to happen. it's never going to happen, and it's okay. it's just a show.
  • wednesday, 11 am:it must happen, though. it must.
  • wednesday, 2 pm:i will die either way.
  • wednesday, 3 pm:*writes angry rant about queerbaiting and leaving the show once and for all because enough is enough; includes quotes from the old testament and propp*
  • wednesday, 4 pm:*writes lyrical and joyful text about how much destiel represents, how beautiful it is those two characters found each other despite everything*
  • wednesday, 7 pm:*someone calls, gets their head bitten off; blames it on upset stomach and shameful state of us presidential elections*
  • wednesday, 8 pm:if it doesn't happen, i'll die.
  • wednesday, 8.30 pm:if it happens, i'll die.
  • wednesday, 9 pm:FUCK i can't watch i can't - oh god - it's too soon, i'm not ready
  • wednesday, 9.01 pm:*carry on my wayward son plays*
  • wednesday, 9.01 pm:*cries and curses and breathes into a paper bag*
  • (the rest of this message is not available at this time)
My reaction through the hole 11x23

Okay so here is some of my reactions :

• *Dean says the “you’re my brother thing* TF YOU TALKIN ABOUT??? JUST KISS HIM ALREADY!! JUST DO IT!!
• *Destiel hug* WHAT?? I MEAN ITS GOOD BUT NO KISS??!! NONE???
• *Castiel is expelled by that British bitch* OKAY YOU KNOW WHAT I AM OUT!!!

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Yoo i remember a while back you were talking about how you ship Nathan Drake and Dean and I just started playing Uncharted 4 and was wondering if you've played it yet?

YES AND IT IS AMAZING 11/10 WOULD RECOMMEND PLEASE COME CRY WITH ME ABOUT IT AFTER YOU FINISH. :3 (No but seriously PLEASE DO.) Are you new to the Uncharted series, or have you played the other ones? Also I def need to recruit more people to come on board the Windrake ship, so if you like the idea of them together as much as I do, I am all for discussing cute headcanons and shit. :D

thejourneyof-smilesnotmiles replied to your photoset “Okay. Okay. Alright.” But it’s not, and he knows it. Dean, righteous…”

thank you for this I am officially crying

I’ve gotten so many messages and stuff about this post and I just want you all to know that I literally scroll through every single reblog so that I can read the tags and comments on my metas. I work really hard on them and I love hearing what you guys think about them even if it’s mostly just you yelling at me about emotions.

Anyway, I wanted to say you can find some more destiel metas here, and some extra metas here too if you look around a bit! Go forth and have emotions. xx

Season 12 idea

“Angels really were watching over us.”

Dean brings Mary back to the bunker where it’s all sunshine and rainbows. Sam and Cas are there.

“This is Cas, he’s an angel.”

Cas gets rlly flustered bc double meanings and everything is happy and nothing hurts.

Just fucking kidding. I am crying rn on my bedroom floor about how this show, this entire show, started because of yellow eyes and Mary. I feel weighed down with nostalgia and longing for the old days where it was just Sam and Dean trying to find simple revenge because of their deadbeat, absentee father. The incredible pain that they have went through is amazing. They survived though. But was it worth it 2 or 3 seasons ago? They lost everything and everyone they ever loved. They were down so many points.

Is it worth it now? Maybe. I think maybe is a hell of a lot better than a no though. And that’s more that a lot of hunters can say, even if they went through less.

About Supernatural season finale!!!

I can say that it was the only finale that didn’t made me cry. From the begging I thought that Amara wasn’t really a villian and hearing people say that she could be badass and that Abbadon was a better villian… I agree cause Amara was not meant to be the girl that wants the world to burn she is an all powerfull being, she does not want nor need more power she just want her brother. Also I am so happy for Amara and Chuck figuring it out!!!
FINALLY Dean said to Castiel that he matters!!!! He didn’t said that what he did was stupid, reckless and etc. He said that he understands that Castiel was only trying to help!! I am so happy about that, about finally tailking about thing instaid of just distrusting each other.
I can’t even worry about Sam anymore, I just know that he’s gonna be fine.
Also Crowley and Billi!?!?!?!?!
I want to see more of Rowena next season, by now I just love her.

I don't think I can handle season 11 finale

Soo much shit went down in the last episode and if Dean dies on me I am most definitely going to cry a river, like a legit river. Also, if that bitch Amara doesn’t die I might as well cut a hoe. Is it just me that feels like that reaper Billy is going to make an a appearance in the episode because Dean could die for all we know and she made a promise to make sure that either Sam or Dean when they “die” that their souls will end up in the “Empty”. Maybe it’s the fact that I am going a bit crazy about what going to happen and that’s why I am just a tad bit scared out of mind. Anyway let’s cue the music that we all know and fear to hear for it the song of end for us till next season.

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Well WWE Superstar Y2J Chris Jericho said in an interview with WWE that he blocked WWE off of social media well Chris Jericho you forgot to block me on social media Chris… Lol… RIP to Y2J Chris Jericho’s $5,000.00 Christmas light bright dollor store fake wanna be leather jacket and Y2J Chris Jericho if you ever see this and if you have a problem with the WWE Universe posting stuff about your stupid leather jacket well go cry us a river and deal with it and after WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose beats you with in a inch of your life why don’t you do the whole WWE Universe a favor and go crawl back under your little rock for good because after WWE Extreme Rules your WWE career “Will Never Eeeeeeeevvvvvvvvveeerrrrr Be The Same… Again… And I am not just posting this to be posting this Chris Jericho no if you where right here in front of me right now I would say it right to your face because I am more of a man then you will ever be Chris Jericho because all you do is wine and complain about everything that goes wrong yeah Chris Jericho you are the best in the world but it’s not wrestling no you are the best in the world at being a freaking little cry babe ok Chris Jericho why don’t you do us a favor and grow a pair and finally become a freaking man ok Chris Jericho… @wwe @tennymatt_2012 @chrisjerichofozzy (at Carrollton, Texas)

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TFW you thought everything was fine, but you receive a panic attack inducing email from school while you’re at work and immediately call the dean. Only it’s graduation day and no one is in. And then more anxiety piles on through email. 

My desk sits in a public space, so I can’t cry. Instead I am about to gnaw my lips off and I keep trying not to make eye contact with anyone. 

I just keep reminding myself that 2 hours ago everything was FINE and it will be again. But having an anxiety attack at work is the worst and I am trying the breathing exercises and they aren’t really doing it for me today. 

And did I mention that I normally have an hour lunch on Fridays that starts at 12, only the rest of my team isn’t in right now. SO I am getting a short lunch and it hasn’t started yet. And it is after one. 

I today so much. But not as much as I will hate next week if I can’t get this fixed. Fuck fuck FUCKITY FUCK.