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Dean, It Hurts

Characters: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 920

Warnings: eye headaches, fluffy dean, caring dean, pain, that’s about it I guess.

Request: Can you do a Dean imagine where he takes care of his girlfriend who gets eye headaches? This happens to me all the time and the one I’m getting over was bad enough to make me cry for almost a half hour.

Author’s Note: So I might post twice a day, sometimes once if I’m working. I have a lot of fics already written. I am just waiting for them to be posted. Please, if you want to be tagged, leave an ask or message and I’ll add you! Same goes for my Series Rewrite!

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“Oh no, not this shit again.” You muttered as you got out of the bed carefully. You didn’t want to wake Dean up in the middle of the night. He just came back from a nasty ass hunt and you didn’t want to disturb him at all.

You crept out of the room and to the bathroom where your medicine was. This kind of shit happened all the time. You would get eye headaches which sounds a lot worse than you think. It is a lot worse than it sounds. You didn’t get them all the time but when you did, holy fucking hell, were you in so much pain.

Dean didn’t really know you had them because you would get them when either he wasn’t around or they weren’t that bad for you to show any pain. But you always knew when they would start and one would start right now.

You treaded into the bathroom and turned on the light. Groaning, you turned them back off. Light wasn’t good for your eyes and that means you would have to find your medicine in the dark. Light and loud noises would make your eyes throb and just make it worse.

You bumped into the counter because you couldn’t see a damn thing. The Bunker had no windows whatsoever so it was pith black, you couldn’t even see your hand in front of your face. You reached blindly out in front of you and slapped the mirror. You traced along it’s edges until you grasped the end of it and pulling it open.

There wasn’t a lot of stuff in there and only one pill bottle so you ran your hands on the shelves until you felt the familiar pill bottle. When you grabbed it, you cursed very loudly and threw it across the room. It was empty. God fucking dammit. You grasped the counter and hunched over it, closing your eyes tightly. The pain wasn’t that bad but you knew it would get worse.

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Crowley’s little girl. Part II.

Characters: Demon!Reader, Crowley, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Claire Novak, Amelia Novak

Parings: Demon!Reader x Crowley (Daughter and Father), eventually Demon!Reader x Dean/Sam Winchester, not sure yet.

You are one of Crowley’s crossroad demons, but not any demon, no.. you are his daughter. A so called Cambion. Half demon, half human. When a girl named Claire summoned you, everything changed.


“Is that a good or a bad thing?“ you asked your dad, lifting up an eyebrow.

„Well, my princess. That depends on the Winchesters.“ the king of hell replied, „the good thing is, we could blackmail them.. the bad thing.. they might try to hunt you down.“ he looked at you. „but maybe…“

„Maybe what?“ you frowned.

Crowley started to walk up and down, rubbing his chin with his fingers, „They can’t hunt you down, if you hunt them down first.“ he continued, flicking his fingers.

You felt a little shock wave, shivering through your body „What did you do, dad?“

„I gave you your teleportation skills back“ he said, putting his hands in the pockets of his black jacket. „you wanted to go out there and kill for me, now it‘s your time to prove that, my dear.“ he grinned.

You immediately understood what he meant, „I won‘t let you down, father.“ you replied, disappearing with a puff.


P.O.V. Winchesters

„Why did you do that, Claire!“ Sam said with a concerned look while getting up from the ground.

„You guys don‘t know the feel of being alone! You always had each other!“ she yelled, with watery eyes.

„That is not true, you have Jody and Alex!“ Dean told her angrily, pointing a finger at her.

„They don‘t care, because no one ever did!“ Claire responded, running away from both of them.

„But we do!“ Sam yelled after her.

Claire stomped away from them, running towards the forest. When she was out of the sight of Sam and Dean, she leaned against a tree and collapsed to the ground. A few seconds went by when she suddenly heard a familiar voice.

„Claire?“ a woman said, standing right beside her.

Claire looked up and couldn‘t believe her eyes. „Mom?“

She got up from the ground, pulling her Mom into a tight hug, both of them crying in each others arms.

„How is it possible that I am here?“ her mom asked, when at the same time they heard footsteps coming towards them.

„Claire! There you are! And.. w..“ Dean stopped prompt, when he realized that the deal had worked.

„What is happening here?“ her mom requested again.

„How about we go home and explain everything to you, Mrs. Novak.“ Sam suggested, trying to give them his best fake smile.


The bunker was just a 15 minute drive away. They got off the car, leading Claire’s Mom to the bunker. They sat down at the table, which was standing in the middle of a big room. Amelia was not new to all that, but the longer they tried to explain what happened, the more you could see how confused she got. When they told her about the deal, she interrupted the two hunters.

„Ok, I‘m sorry, but can we stop right here? I‘ve got a massive headache and need a few hours of sleep to get my thoughts back together“

Sam stood up from his chair, showing her the way to one of the spare bedrooms. The older brother made his way to the fridge, grabbing a beer and taking a seat at the table again.

He opened the bottle, took a sip and slammed the beer on the table. „Are you even aware of what you have done?“ Dean scolded Claire. „We have to call Jody.“ he took another big sip from his bottle.

„No! Please don‘t call her! She is going to kill me!“ Claire begged.

„Believe me, you rather get killed by her, than by me“ he told her, while he dialed Jodys number.


A few hours later someone knocked on the bunkers door, breaking the silence between the three of them. Sam got up to open the door, while Dean tried to ignore Claire. She probably could tell how pissed he was at her, so she just sat there in silence. The silence broke when Jody, stormed down the stairs. She had an angry look on her face. Furiously grabbing a chair and taking a seat, not saying a word. It took all of them a few minutes to calm down, before they tried to bring up a plan.

„We have to hunt her.“ Dean intended. „She has to nullify the deal.“

„Dean, it‘s Crowley‘s daughter, she isn’t just some ordinary demon! Hell, we don‘t even know if she is a normal demon!“ Sam responded with an uneasy look on his face.

„I don‘t care WHAT she is or who the hell she thinks she is. Claire is part of our family, Sam!“ Dean shouted, almost spilling his beer. „Oh, you know what? I have an idea.“ he said with a smug on his face, picking up his phone from the table.

„What are you doing, Dean?“ Sam asked.

„You‘ll see“ he replied.


P.O.V Hell

Crowley sat in his throne, his demons reporting him news from above, handing him contracts to sign, when he suddenly felt his phone buzz.

*bzzt bzzt*

„Who the hell…“ the king said, grabbing his phone from his pocket.

‘Not Moose’ was written over the display.

„What do you want?“ he answered his phone in annoyance.

„Tell your daughter to get her ass up here, we have some things to sort out.“ Dean said grumpy.

„I have no idea what you are talking about, Squirrel.“ Crowley replied calm, scratching his beard.

„I have no idea what you are talking about.., SHUT UP!“ Dean mocked. „I‘ll tell you something Crowley, you better tell your cute little girl to get her ass up here to nullify the deal or we will find a way to get down there and kill every single one of you.“

„Good luck, finding her here. She‘s already on her way.“ he said with a confident smile on his face, just as he hung up the phone „on her way to w..“ *toot toot toot*

„Stupid little humans.” 



No Heat!

Sam x Dean x Female Reader
Warnings: SMUT, language
Dom!Sam, Sub!Dean, Sub!Reader, No Wincest
Summary: No real plot. Heat goes out at motel and all three hunters share the same bed and sexiness ensues.
Word count: 2.6K

You woke up next to your lover, you could see the cold smokey puffs of air form from your breath. “Jesus, it's​ cold in here.” you groaned. “Babe,“ you placed a sleepy kiss on his neck, “Sam, did you turn the heat off last night?”
“No.” He hummed before falling right back asleep.
You moved off the bed over to the heating unit and played with the knobs a little. Nothing happened, you grabbed a flashlight on the table, and sat criss cross on the floor. You gently pried the metal electrical panel from the front of the heater. Shining the light in, you see nothing but duct and electrical tape and pile of wires.

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My Mary Jane (Tom Holland x Reader)

Prompt: Could you do an imagine with Tom Holland and its Tom getting really jealous of an old flame that comes back to visit the reader, and Tom and the reader are dating but they have a massive fight over her and her ex hanging out and he’s really protective/angsty/reallllllly hot haha

You were really excited for your best friend’s arrival. You hadn’t seen him in ages! Tom, however, wasn’t as thrilled. He kept looking over the fact that Dean is your best friend as well as your ex-boyfriend. When the bell rang you hopped up from the couch and ran to the door, flinging it open before jumping into Dean’s arms. He chuckled joyfully, wrapping his arms around your waist and twirled you around in the hallway in front of Tom’s and your apartment. Tom stood leaning against the doorframe with a jealous look on his face. “Well hello to you too, Babe,” Dean said to you as he set you on the floor again. You grinned at the pet name before grabbing his hand, pulling him into the apartment. Tom’s face sank into a frown as he closed the door behind the two of you.

After a tour of your apartment, Tom trailing behind you and Dean, you all sat down to watch a movie. “Star Wars?” Tom asked, hopefully. You looked at him with a judgemental look on your face, “Don’t you think that our guest should pick?” “Star Wars is good. I can dig Star Wars,” Dean said, trying to settle you. You popped up off the couch and got the remote before setting Star Wars up. About twenty minutes into the movie you yawned and laid your head upon Dean’s shoulder, nuzzling into his neck subconsciously. Tom huffed from his side of the couch and stood up then stormed into the other room. A text came from Tom halfway through to movie, which alerted you of his absence.

Tom: Can I invite a friend to dinner?

(Y/N): Sure! The more the merrier!

What a mistake that text had been. Tom walked through into the lounge while you and Dean were talking wearing his best navy suit. “Hey, I’m heading out to meet my friend. I’ll see you both at the restaurant,” he said before opening the door. “Tom,” you called out, “Kiss?” “Later,” he yelled before slamming the door. You shrugged and continued your conversation.

You and Dean had been sitting in the restaurant for a few minutes before Tom walked in with his friend. His friend being the one and only Zendaya. You huffed at how beautiful they looked together; Tom in his best suit and Zendaya in her gorgeous jeweled dress. Tom pulled out her chair before sitting in his, shuffling it closer to hers. Your face dropped as they both greeted you and Dean. During dinner, Zendaya laughed at Tom’s stupid little jokes and puns, placed her hand on his arm every once in awhile, and even whispered into his ear which he smiled at. It was starting to hurt. All the little gestures that made them look like a couple. The fans who came over and asked if they were dating, which they didn’t deny nor confirm. Halfway through dinner it all got a little too much and you excused yourself before quickly making your way to the women’s bathroom.

A few tears dropped down you cheeks without your consent. You wiped them away before looking into the mirror. You couldn’t compare yourself to Zendaya. He loves you, right? If he didn’t he wouldn’t have bought the apartment with you. Maybe he wanted more. Maybe you weren’t enough. Tears began cascading down your face as you thought about how happy he looked with Her. Was he happy with you? Were you worth it?

The door knocked making you check the time. You’d been in the bathroom for just over ten minutes. You cleaned yourself up quickly before opening the door to see Tom with a concerned look on his face. He took in the slightly pink lion of your face and the red eyes before asking, “now do you know how I feel?” Your jealousy became anger and your sadness went deeper. “Do I know how you feel?! I don’t fucking know, Tom, is this how you feel?! I’m sorry I put you through so much pain but couldn’t you have just told me instead of rubbing it in my face?! Just fucking dump me already if you want to go out with her!” You whisper-screamed. His face dropped when he noticed you misunderstood him. After a few seconds of silence you stormed past him, taking Tom’s favourite heels of yours off on the way to the table before grabbing your purse. “Dean, I’m so sorry that this is happening. I’m going to go, maybe we can meet up tomorrow. Have a lovely night,” you said before turning to Zendaya, “I hope you and Tom have a lovely life together.” With that said, you ran off towards the restaurant exit.

You had fallen asleep with your evening outfit on before Tom had gotten home. He smiled sadly before he slowly and gently removed your uncomfortable evening attire and placed you in your favourite pajamas. You woke up as he was pulling your shirt down. Looking up to see him brought more tears to your eyes and you faceplates into his chest. He stroked your hair and held you against him, letting you cry all you wanted. “I never wanted to break up with you, or even make you think that. I just wanted you to know how jealous I felt when you’re with Dean. He’s a nice guy, I can tell, but I can’t stop thinking about you with him. I can’t find any ways that I’m better so it hurts,” he whispered. You nodded into his chest before looking up at him and whispering, “but you’re spiderman.” He grinned and tackled you against the bed before pulling you into the spoon position. “I am spiderman,” he whispered into your ear, “and you’re my Mary-Jane.”

Someday you’ll understand.

A/N: This one will probably be a smack in the feels. The ages of Sam, Dean, & the Reader will change throughout the story. The reader is the youngest child of Mary & John. Sam doesn’t act 100% like I think Sam would actually act if he had a little sister, I think he would have totally loved it but ya know, for the story’s purpose this is how it’s gotta be. I also didn’t edit like I was gonna so if you read this before I get to edit it…my bad 😂

Dean x Sister!Reader

Sam x Sister!Reader

Originally posted by sam-and-dean-winchesters

Dean happily sat holding you in his arms. You were three days old and he couldn’t be happier to have a little sister, Sam on the other hand was disappointed that you were not a boy. He so badly wanted a little brother so that he could be just like Dean. His parents said that he’d love to have a little sister, but he had doubts

“How come you like her so much?” Four year old Sam asked Dean, “She doesn’t even do anything!”

“Neither did you when you were a baby.” Dean defended you, “Besides, you aren’t even giving her a chance. Being a big brother is all about loving your little brother or sister even if they’re being annoying, just like you are right now.”

“I am not annoying.” Sam persisted. “Y/N is.”

As if on cue you started to cry and wiggle around in Dean’s arms.

“See!” Sam exclaimed, “So annoying. I don’t wanna be an older sibling if it’s to her.”

Dean let out a sigh and rolled his eyes while re-positioning you in his arms, sometimes his brother drove him crazy. You calmed down and made a happy noise at Dean which made him smile.

“Someday you’ll understand Sammy.”

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What Makes You Beautiful

Title: What Makes You Beautiful

Paring: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,568

Warning: It might look like it’s going to get smutty but I SWEAR it’s all fluff

Request by @squirrelchester said: Girl, how about a DeanxPlus!Sized reader? That Cas anon had the right idea ;) I’m a sucker for reading a Dean and plus sized reader where he does his damndest to make her feel beautiful, because he thinks she so gorgeous. I would loveee that

A/N: Oh man, I made myself cry writing this you guys. I’ve struggled with body image issues since grade school. This was a hard topic to write about and face, but I am so glad that I did it.

All of you are beautiful just as you are. Even if you don’t like how you look. If you want to lose weight or look different, do it for yourself and because you want to be healthy. Don’t do it because you’re fitting into a size that society somehow has decided is “beautiful.”

Fuck society. Fuck the haters. You’re beautiful. End of discussion.

Originally posted by adolescentedalsorrisotriste

Finishing setting up to watch your movie Dean came to your door. “What are you doing?”

“Watching Hairspray, wanna join?”

“Better than being alone,” Dean grumbled as he came in and sat next to you on your bed. “Aw crap, this is a musical isn’t it?” Dean whined as the opening credits played.

“Suck it up Winchester,” you said tossing some popcorn in your mouth.

“Fine” Dean muttered, crossing his arms over his chest.

Of course by the time the movie was about half of the way through Mr. Aw Crap It’s a Musical was tapping his foot and humming along. Adjusting yourself on your bed you scooted down, laying on your side with your arm tucked under your head. Not being totally comfortable you started to fidget.

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Three Cheers for Five Years

This is my fic for @winchester-writes Drinking Writing Challenge! I had number 17. Blue Chair Bay Rum!

Warnings: Angst. Just the usual.

A/N: Stole the song title from Mayday Parade, but it’s not really based off the song. Guess you could spin it a little if you tried. And I know I promised Wayside Inn today but I needed to get this posted! Chapter 2 is queued for Saturday afternoon!

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Thoughts on SPN 12x19
  • Poor Kell. That suicide scene was intense, sad and well done. I think a lot of AKF’ers out there who deal with thoughts and urges like these felt that knot in their stomach.
  • Sam researching the Nephilim makes me proud. Ash was a genius, but damn, Sam! College boy is on a roll!
  • Uh-oh… Cas just came home after curfue. 
  • Okay… let me just… recap. Did Dean make Cas a fucking mixtape with his favorite Led Zeppelin tracks?!?!?!?! I’m not a Destiel shipper perse, but last time I checked boys who make mixtapes for you, want to be your bae, just sayin’…
  • You, me and Sam… We’re just better together.” *goes to the corner to cry*
  • Team Free Will! HELL YEAH!! 
  • Through out the whole mixtape scene, Dean has such a raw edge on his lowered voice *wipes the drool of my keyboard*
  • Cas? What the fuck are you doing?! You’re bailing?! Again?! And you stole the fucking COLT?!?!?!
  • The audio of that gameshow while the angels stake out the house. Chapeau, editors!
  • Uh… Dean? How does Cas know you keep the Colt under your pillow?
  • Luci is getting emotional about his missing kid. Am I a bad person for feeling for him?
  • Did Cas just Google how to fix a truck? Hihi
  • Awh… Cas feeling the baby, that’s so cu… YELLOW EYES WHAT THE HELL?!?!
  • Cas trying to keep the Winchesters out of harms way is very sweet, but oh honey… 
  • Dean throwing Cas the keys to the Impala is my new favorite thing
  • Kelly!! You don’t go stealing the Impala!!! I know you wanna die and go to heaven, but that’s just desperate!!
  • Oh poor Cas, getting his ass kicked once again. 
  • Yeey! Sam and Dean to the rescue! Nice gun reload skills there, Sam.
  • THE COLT!!! NOOOO!!! *screams louder than Dean* NOT THE COLT! I LOVED THAT GUN!!! *cries ugly*
  • Did that kid just juice Castiel up and gave him Super Saiyan strength?! Oh, this can’t be good.
  • Cas healing Dean’s broken arm now added to list of things I love about this episode.
  • No Cas… Don’t knock them out. No, Cas, don’t… Never mind…
  • Cas is different. Either he’s manipulated, or that damn Nephilim is calling the shots, but this is not the Cas I know *goes to stare at my black TV screen a little while longer*

Sam’s been watching the same infomercial for the last hour and a half, eyes red and burning from the tears that are starting to gather there but he uses the corner of his sleeve to angrily wipe them away before they have the chance to fall and clicks the tv off, bathing the cheap motel room in darkness.

There’s an aching worry in his chest and a knot in his throat. The alarm clock reads one in the morning, they should have been back by now and Sam’s quickly losing his wits. He hears the familiar rumble of the impala seconds before he sees the headlights flash bright, breaking through the blinds and he jumps to his feet and throws open the motel door.

The panic that he’d been somewhat successful at supressing now bubbles forth at the sight of Dean, slumped forward against john, his pants completely covered in blood and he rushes to his brother’s side

“Heya Sammy.” Dean says as he tries to smile at his brother but then sucks in a sharp breath at the stabbing pain that shoots through his body.

“Help me get your brother inside.” His father commands but Sam can’t seem to tear his eyes away.

“What happened?” He asks but doesnt give John time to answer. “You were supposed to protect him!” He yells out, not caring if anyone can hear them.

“Not now boy.” John commands . “Help me get your brother inside so I can tend to his wounds. He’s already lost quite a bit of blood.”

The words hit Sam like a freight train and he pushes past the anger and shoulders most of Dean’s weight as he helps his dad carry his brother inside and lay him on the bed.

He hurries himself getting hot water and fresh towels before coming back to Dean’s side. Watches as his dad uses the scissors to cut up the entire length of Dean’s jeans and pulls back the material to reveal an angry set of gashes that are still bleeding profusely. His hands are shaking as he rings a washcloth out and tries to wipe up the blood that’s running down his brother’s thigh as their father gets to work suturing up his wounds.

He’s not sure how much time goes by but every second feels like an eternity. Dean’s out cold, either from the pain or the medicine, and Sam hopes it’s the latter.

Dad’s no comfort, drinks himself stupid with a bottle of Johnny walker black and passes out in the other bed leaving Sam alone with his grief. He gently crawls into bed with his brother, easy not to jostle him, and tries to focus on anything but how completely useless he feels.

His pillow is wet with tears and he tries to quiet the sobs that are escaping from his chest but they’re violent and they threaten to break Sam apart from the inside out.

“Sammy,” He hears his brother whisper weakly against his back. A warm hand cards through his hair and he squeezes his eyes closed and takes a deep breath.

“Sammy, it’s okay.. I’m okay little brother.” He tries to soothe but it just makes the tears come harder.

“Look at me,” Dean says. “I’m fine Sam. Look at me.” And he turns around and buries his face into the crook of Dean’s neck.

He holds Sam close as he cries, hand gently rubbing his back, both calming and stirring the desperation he feels.

“Figures,” Sam says as he wipes at his tired eyes. “That you’re the one who’s hurt and you’re trying to comfort me… I’m a horrible brother.”

“No you’re not Sam.” Dean whispers against sams cheek. “Don’t say that. Besides, I’m fine. Just a scratch.”

He raises his head up, finally looking into those moss-green eyes and sighs.

“I was so scared.” He admits. “It’s just- I don’t know what I’d do if I ever lost you.”

“Hey,” Dean smiles. “You’re never gonna loose me. You’re stuck with me for life.” He adds and Sam smiles back… I love you, he thinks. “I hope so.” he says instead.


Morning brings with it a false sense of calm that’s shattered the moment he opens his eyes and looks at Dean. His face is littered with at least a dozen cratches, some more prominent than others, and his lip is busted open. There’s a quarter size bruise under his right eye and it takes him a minute to push down the urge to cry again. He grabs some chapstick from the night stand and gently applies some to his brother’s lips, careful not to hurt him. Dean opens his eyes and smiles.

“Is it time for my sponge bath Samantha?” Dean teases, eyebrows wiggling suggestively.

“Shut up jerk.” Sam says back without any real heat but can’t help the blush that colors his cheeks.

“Make me bitch.” His brother quips.

“Alright you two,” comes a familiar bark as the motel door opens.

“I’ve made arrangments for you both to stay at Bobby’s while he and I wrap this hunt up. I don’t like leaving it un-finished.”

“But dad,” Sam interrupts. “Dean’s hurt, he’s in no shape to travel.”

John runs a calloused hand down his face and sighs. He doesn’t want another fight with his youngest. “You think I don’t know that Sam? I do, but cash is low and I can’t leave you two here. I’ve no other option but to take you to Bobby’s. So, get your gear together, we leave in twenty.”

A million things he’d like say come pouring into his head but every. single.one. dies on his lips when Dean squeezes his hand softly; a silent plea to just let it go. He drops his head and grabs his bag, a quiet “ yes sir” leaving his burning tongue.


The ride to Souix falls is just as bad as he thought it would be. Dean’s in the back so he can stretch out his injured leg so that puts Sam up front with his dad. Great.

Two and a half hours later they finally arrive. Sam hops out and rushes to dean’s side, carefully helping him out of the impala, ignoring all of John’s efforts to help, and slowly makes their way inside the house where he deposits Dean comfortably on Bobby’s couch.

Bobby claps John on the back and asks if he wants a drink and as a suprise to everyone, himself included, he turns it down.

“Just wanna go ahead and get on the road.” He says, back turned to the boys and lowers his voice. “Besides, I got a feeling that boy is probably thinking up ways to murder me in my sleep.” He says and motions his eyes to where Sam is sitting at the foot of the couch, Dean’s injured leg propped up on his lap. Bobby laughs, but John’s half serious. John runs his hand across the back of his neck.

“I wish I was kidding Bobby. You should’ve seen the looks that boy gave me everytime I hit a bump or took a turn.”

“Don’t be ridiculous John” Bobby says, turning around ignoring him completely.

“Boys, there’s fresh sheets on the spare bed upstairs or you can just let the couch out if you’d rather. Also, the fridge is full, help yourself… Oh, and Sam.” He says at he stops in the door way. “I just got a new book on Celtic tree magic. If you find time, you should check it out. It’s an interesting read.”

“Thanks uncle Bobby.” They both say in unison as the door shuts leaving them in the only house that’s ever been close to being theirs.


Dean naps on and off most of the day which leaves Sam with way too much time on his hands. He aimlessly walks the halls, skims through the book Bobby recommended and scours his library for anything else that might peak his interest. He finds it hard to concentrate though, constantly listening for any signs that his brother might require his assistance. He’s hovering, he knows, but he can’t help it. He wishes there was more he could do for Dean. Wishes that it would have been him instead. But mostly he just wishes his dad would stop putting the job before them and that their life didn’t have to be so fucked up.

At four thirty Sam sighs and makes his way to the kitchen to prepare some food for them while Dean flips through the channels on the tv. A small oven fire and three episodes of Mash later and the spaghetti and garlic bread is done.

They eat in silence, enjoying a home-cooked meal for once and afterwards Sam cleans Dean up and changes his bandages.

“Well?” Dean asks. “How bad does it look?”

It’s not nearly as awful as Sam thought it was gonna be and it’s definitely not as panic induing as it was watching their father sew him up but looking at it still makes his chest ache.

“It’s healing nicely.” Sam says trying to keep all emotion out of his voice but Dean can always tell when Sam’s holding something back.

“Then why do you like you’re about to cry Sam? ” Dean asks suddenly sounding as hysterical as Sam feels. “Am I gonna lose my freaking leg?”

“No.” He half laughs, shaking his head. “It’s just been an incredibly emotional couple of days and these,” he says looking down at the angry red gashes, “are a painfully vivid reminder of how close I came to losing you.”

Dean looks at him with something unreadable in his eyes and squeezes his hand.

“I meant what I said Sammy. You’re not gonna lose me.”

“You can’t promise that Dean.” He says suddenly sounding so much older than just fourteen.

“You and me against the world little brother.” He promises.

“Always.” Sam says on cue and re-bandages his leg in silence.

Later, when he’s done washing up the dishes and the small disaster he left from eariler, he makes his way back into the living room to check on Dean.

He’s all stretched out, his right leg propped up on a stack of pillows, face scrunched up in sleep, head lax and layed back against the arm of the couch and Sam is overwhelmed with how damn beautiful he is in this unguarded moment. He walks back through the hallway to the bathroom and gets two white pain pills out of the medicine cabinet and brings them to Dean. Tips the cup gently towards his brother’s face, encouraging him to swallow them down.

“You take such good care of me Sammy.” Dean says, eyes shinning bright as he stares up at his brother, still half asleep. Sam smiles back and wipes a drop of juice off Dean’s chin.

“You ready for bed?” He asks suddenly nervous about the prospect of trying to get Dean upstairs.

“Yeah, but let’s just stay here.” He says patting the couch underneath him.

“Well, let me pull the bed out Sam insist but Dean’s having none of it. He reaches forward, hands wrapping around Sam and tries to pull him down on top of him.

He’s got the annoyed little brother routine down pat but if he’s being honest, with himself at least, he wants nothing more than to fall down into the embrace and live in that warm cocoon of Dean’s arms wrapped around him.

“I think you’ve had too many pills.” He laughs and gently moves Dean to the chair while he unfolds the bed and gets it ready.

They lay there listening to the storm that blew through about an hour ago. The October wind, howling past the window, but Sam can’t seem to care from his current position curled up against Deans chest.

It’s a peacful moment as they both drift off to sleep to the sound of each other’s steady breaths.


At some point in the early hours of morning Sam’s eyes flutter open on a sigh, toes brushing Dean’s foot as he rocks his hips slightly foward before he comes to enough to realize what he’s doing.

“I’m sorry,” he quickly says and goes to pull away from his brother but Dean gently grabs his arm and pulls him back close.

“ It’s okay,” Dean says and for a minute Sam’s brain, still hazy with sleep, doesn’t know how to react.

Dean’s warm hand comes to rest at his lower back. Fingers trailing goosebumps across the tiny strip of skin that’s peeking out from over his boxers.

“Dean?” He whispers, voice heavy with uncertainty but he can’t deny that he wants this. Even if he doesn’t entirely understand what this is.

His cheeks are burning hot as he hesitantly rocks forward, his hips grazing Dean’s un-injured thigh and he squeezes his eyes closed and does it again. And again. And again.

It doesn’t take long before his dick is dripping, soaking through the threadbare pair of boxers he’s wearing and he can’t stop the little half broken sobs from escaping his trembling lips.

Dean’s hand fists in Sam’s grey t-shirt urging him closer, simultaneously rucking his shirt up in the process. Sam shifts, trying to get better situated, and sucks in a suprised gasp as his hard prick drags against his brother’s.

“Yeah, Sammy. That’s it.” Dean says encouraging him, pulling him even closer. “Feels good baby brother. Keep going.”

“Brother.” That word sounds dirty givin the context of what they’re doing and it should feel wrong as hell but it doesn’t. Dean’s words only seem to fuel Sam on, his small hips picking up speed and the friction is great but it’s not enough.

“Dean.” He calls out but he’s not sure what he’s asking for just that he needs something more.“ Dean seems to understand completely and pushes Sam’s boxers down, quickly following suit with his own and brings their hard lengths together.

The skin to skin contact is a shock to Sam’s system, and his toes curl and the grip he has against his brother’s bicep tightens.

Dean has his hand wrapped around both of their lengths, slow drag up circling the head and then back down again, their shared precome slicking the way.

"Kiss me Sammy .” He urges and his brother complies crashing their lips together with awkard grace. It’s messy and uncoordinated but it’s perfect because it’s Sam and Dean thinks that he could die right now with the taste of Sam’s lips on his tongue and not have a single regret.

Sam’s balls pull up tight, spine tingling with the sudden rush of his orgasm. He tucks his head into the hollow of Dean’s throat and shutters as he paints his brother’s belly in white.

At the First hot splash of Sam’s come against his throbbing dick, he’s joining his brother over the edge. Both sweating and panting, each other’s name on their swollen, spit-slicked lips.


It’s quiet in the shared space between them, and neither of them speak for several minutes unsure how to start a conversation after what they just did.

“I didn’t hurt your leg did I? Sam asks a little cautious. Waiting for Dean to freak out any minute now

"No Sam, you didn’t hurt me.” He says as he slowly adjusts himself into a sitting up position.

“Not gonna freak out Sammy.” Dean says, somehow reading his brother’s mind. “But I do need to ask if… I mean, you didn’t feel forced into that did you? Cause if you did,” he begins but Sam stops him before he can finish that train of though and scoots up close so he can look into his brother’s tear-filled eyes.

“No Dean. I didn’t feel forced. I wanted to do it. If I’m being honest, I wanna do it again.” He says and hides his eyes feeling suddenly embarrassed.

“You mean that?” Dean asks. “You really want this Sam…. You want me?”

“Yeah” He says on a whisper and tentatively lowers his lips to Dean’s. It’s just a peck really, whisper-soft against Deans mouth but it’s the emotion behind it, the love that pours out from Sam with the small, simple gesture and it’s ridiculous but Dean already knows he’s never gonna get enough of this.

“No take backs Sammy.” Dean breathes into his brother’s mouth and swallows up a moan that crawls it’s way up Sam’s throat.

“No take backs.” His brother promises.


You and Bela… had a thing for each other, to say the least. You knew that she was just using you to get your brothers at the beginning, but she was so beautiful. Maybe you just wanted a distraction, so you slept with her. But it turned into more than that.

So much more than that.

“I don’t understand how you could do this to us, Y/N!” Dean angrily said, pacing back and forth. “It’s Bela fucking Talbot, and you were having sex behind our backs!”

“She’s not a bad person, Dean,” you replied. “Maybe if you just -”

The sound of Dean’s loud sigh interrupted you, as he ran his hands through his hair. “You know what? I’m about to go to hell. I don’t want to deal with this.” He kissed your head. “I don’t want to be mad at you, little sis.”

You sent your brother a tear filled smile. How am I going to deal when he’s gone?

Dean left the room to go find Sam. You wiped a tear away from your eye. Suddenly, your phone lit up.

Bela Talbot - One Voicemail

You opened the voicemail, and you were not expecting what came next.

It started out with a light sob. “Hi, Y/N.” She had obviously been crying. “God… I don’t know what to say. So I’ll… just start from the beginning.”

And she told you everything. About her parents. About the abuse. By the end of the message, you were in tears as well. 

“So, um,” Bela commented, her voice shaky, clearly having been crying. “I guess this is goodbye.” She paused. “I really did care about you, Y/N. More than I care to admit.”

It wasn’t until that moment that you realized how much you cared for Bela as well. But… it was too late.

Being Dean’s Daughter Would Include...
  • forehead kisses
  • like, lots of them
  • “Dad, can I-”
  • “No”
  • shooting for the first time with his gun
  • sneaking small bites of the pie he told you not to touch when he and Sam are on a hunt
  • ending up eating the whole pie
  • and not feeling guilty about it
  • singing in the shower when no one is home
  • Dean listening to your singing when he is home
  • not being able to go anywhere without Cas watching over you
  • him teaching you to drive the Impala, but Dean getting too nervous and tells you to switch
  • you having to drive the Impala back after a bad hunt
  • worrying about your dad every time he leaves, even if its just to the store
  • being used as leverage against dad and uncle Sam
  • complaining about how hard baby’s seats are
  • tripping over your own feet and choking on air
  • but still being so elegantly graceful on hunts
  • Dean remembering you as a toddler
  • insisting that you’re fine, but Dean knows better
  • you crying in his arms, only to make a joke and make both of you laugh
  • “Can I drive?”
  • “Am I dead?”
  • “Not yet.”
  • “Then no.”
  • being into classic rock more than Dean, which creeps Sam out
  • you going to Sam when your dad tells you ‘No.’
  • eating halloween candy together and laughing at the haunted houses
  • him giving you his gun as your first
  • always making sure you had everything he could possibly give you
  • Sam picking on your hair
  • you picking on Sam’s hair
  • “Dad, there is a case-”
  • “No.”
  • being the target of all Supernatural creatures
  • having your anti posession tattoo somewhere hidden
  • knowing how to pick a lock and hotwire a car since you were 12
  • also knowing how to lie your way out of anything
  • none of the tricks Dean taught you work on him
  • Dean always being proud of you 

“Dean: I got the beer

You: Good, just got to find some where to store it

Dean: I also found this

You: A wheel barrel

Dean: Yup, cleaned it out as best as I could

You: Ok

Sam: Michael has the stuffed peppers on the grill and needs the meat now

Michael: Alright, veggies are done, meat is done and everyone is here. Lets eat

Dean: I have been waiting for this for so long

You: I think Dean is going to cry

Dean: Am not

Sam: Yeah, think he is about to cry. Can hear it in the tone in his voice

Dean: Shut up”

Everyone at the table laugh while Dean glares. You’re happy you can do this and have the day off from hunting. Sam is relieved he can have the people he loves healthy and whole. Even for one who came out of no where. Michael is happy he can experience something out of his element, rather then watching from a far and finally have the moment to himself.


AN: It took me a while just to post the pic and had to resize it. But its finally up and its 2:47am. I had to post, even though I culd have waited until tomorrow but its the long weekend so taadaa.

Cry Wolf - Part Six

Summary: Dean loves his little sister, just as much as he loves his little brother, even if she isn’t technically his sister. But there’s a reason his Dad took her in, and it’s not purely out of the goodness of his heart. Could the girl who believes herself to be Sam’s twin really be a bomb just waiting to go off?
Words: 1470
Warnings: None really for this part… I don’t think.
AN: I am on a roll!!! Not sure how many parts are left for this series. I’ve got the next part partially written already, and about three parts planned after that… I already know how this series is going to end, it’s just a matter of getting there  XD

Constructive Criticism Welcome!!!



“Sometimes, I freaking hate werewolves,” you growled, pulling your hair free of the style you’d been wearing it in all day as you slowly meandered back to the car. Gale and Connor chuckled as you approached, both leaning against the Jeep you’d arrived in just 20 minutes ago. “They’re rude, messy, and clearly have no respect for personal property!”

The other two exchanged bemused expressions before Gale spoke up. “You know you’re included in that, right? Or have you forgotten how we picked your sorry ass up off the forest floor?” she said, standing up straight when you finally reached the car and slumped forward on the hood.

Rolling your eyes, you recalled clearly the events of that night. How they’d kept you on lockdown in one of the many cages they had for werewolves like you, until the full moon waned. How they’d then gone on to interrogate you about your past; how you turned, when you turned, how many people you’d killed… then they’d welcomed you into their pack. They weren’t about to turn away someone who had such an insight into what hunters look for when scouting for werewolves.

A lot had changed since that night. You’d changed a lot since that night.

You narrowed your eyes at her just as she tucked her dark hair behind her ear and stuck her tongue out at you playfully. “Yeah, yeah… whatever. It’s just that these guys are so…” you threw your hands up in the air with a frustrated groan, not even sure what word could best describe the intruders.

“Don’t stress, Y/N/N. We’ll catch them tomorrow” Connor said, opening his door and making to climb into the driver’s seat.

Huffing, you slid into the car, quickly followed by Gale. “Don’t even get me started on you, dumbass” you muttered, crossing your arms and staring out the window. “You don’t seem to have a grasp on how serious this whole situation is.”

Beside you, you saw him stiffen slightly before turning the ignition. Gale clearly did too, leaning forward from her position in the back to place a hand on her brother’s shoulder. “We get it, Y/N. But we can’t stress over it. We’ll catch them before they kill again, but right now we’ve got the pack to worry about” she soothed, giving you a stern look which you stubbornly ignored.

“We’ve got ages til moonrise” you muttered bitterly. “If we stay on this, then we won’t have to clean up anymore animal carcasses from the local farms, and I won’t have to keep covering up heartless human corpses.”

Neither of them replied as Connor drove down the country lane, away from the site of what could only be described as a massacre. Luckily, this time around, it was sheep, not people.

The culprits were a couple of twenty-something guys who’d taken an interest in Gale and Heather, another member of your pack, while you were having a girls’ night out at the local bar. Naturally, they were shot down, your pack had standards after all, but that had just pissed these wolves off. Over the last three weeks, four people had been killed, five farms had been raided, and one of your pack-mates had been attacked. It was just your luck that your pack had managed to piss off a couple of Purebloods.

You were practically gagging for their blood.

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Prompt #40 requested by @katymacsupernatural

“Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it.”

Dean x Reader

Words: 918 (I’m bad at drabbles oops)

You stormed into the bunker, passing Sam and Dean, who both tried to stop you. “Leave me alone. “(y/n/n), I’m sorry. Please talk to me before you go to bed.” You crumpled the paper, rolling your eyes as you tossed it into the small garbage bin kept in the corner. You dried off, and got dressed, before exiting the bathroom. You had been in the shower for an entire Smashing Pumpkins album, so it was safe to say the boys were asleep. You entered your room, putting the dirty stuff in your hamper. You hated going to bed with wet hair, so you grabbed an old flannel you stole from Dean months ago, and put on a pair of socks. The bunker was always cold, so as you made your way to the library, you were shivering, as the air cooled your skin. You entered the library, surprised to see Dean sitting on the small couch you convinced them to put in. It was your favorite place to sit and read, the boys finding you asleep there more than once.

You sighed audibly, causing Dean to look up, the soft light in the room causing shadows to dance across his features. “(Y/N)… I’m sorry.” He said softly, which caused anger to boil up inside of you. “Damnit Dean! Don’t apologize if you don’t mean it. If you were sorry, you would’ve stopped doing this by now.” You felt hot tears pool under your eyes, and you cursed under your breath, as you walked towards the chair in the corner. “(y/n), I am sorry.” He responded guilt sprinkled in his voice. You just scoffed, and sat in the chair. “Dean I really don’t feel like talking.” You tried your best to hide the fact you were crying, but he knew. He always knew. You could see the hurt on his face, could almost hear the gears turning in his head, as he tried to figure out what to say. You were done. It was time to talk about it, no matter how much it might hurt. “You can’t just kiss me and then act like it never happened. You can’t do that. It’s one thing when we’re both drunk, I can play that off. But we were both sober, Dean.”

You thought back to the end of the last hunt, You were thrown around pretty hard by a vengeful spirit, and had gotten knocked unconscious. Sam had gone to burn the remains, while you and Dean were trapped inside the house the bitch was haunting. The spirit started screaming, as she burst into flames, disappearing. Dean rushed over to you, “(Y/N/N)!” He knelt next to you, and made sure you were breathing. As you came to, he signed with relief, “Oh thank God.” He said, before something came over him. He pressed his lips against yours, before pulling away, wide eyed. “Shit…” He said simply, before helping you up. He refused to talk about it, causing you to be more hurt than angry, if you were honest with yourself.

Suddenly Dean spoke, breaking you out of your flashback. “I love you, (y/n).” His words barely audible. It took a moment to process his words, and you could see the anxiety across his face, as the seconds went on without a reply from you. “What?” You said finally, causing him to sigh. “I’m in love with you. I have been for quite some time, (y/n). You deserve so much more. I tried for so long to convince myself that I wasn’t, but I am.” His words trailed off, as you sat in thought. “Why didn’t you tell me before?” You questioned, looking up from the floor, eyes glossy. “Because I didn’t want to lose you. I couldn’t lose you.” You chuckled, causing him to look at you with a very confused look. “You wouldn’t have, you dork. Not at all.” You stood from the chair, and walked over, sitting beside him. You turned his face to look at your own, and you looked into his eyes. The mossy green was more of a dark evergreen in the low light. You could see the insecurity swimming through them. It reminded you of yourself, when you looked into the mirror.

“Dean, I love you. I have since you saved my ass last December, on the werewolf hunt. The one where you guys finally convinced me to move into the bunker with you, since we kept bumping into each other on jobs. I could barely walk for weeks, and you just continued to care for me…” His eyes filled with both sadness and warmth, as he remembered that day. He had found you on the ground, unconscious. He carried you back to the impala as Sam killed the werewolf, and you awoke in his bed, your wounds dressed. He had even tucked you in, to keep you warm. When you stirred, his eyes lit up, and he smiled at you. A real smile, the ones where his eyes crinkle, and he looks so carefree. That was when you knew.

You pressed your lips against his. A soft, sweet kiss. You broke the kiss, looking into his eyes. He pulled you close, and you cuddled into his chest. You were finally where you belonged. In the arms of the man that not only saved you from a werewolf, but saved you from yourself. He taught you that no matter how hard things got, people can still care. He taught you how to love.

Author’s Note: Not gonna lie, this one is all over the place. I tried to just keep it angsty, but I’m really bad at that, so it turned fluffy.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was talking about how he loves the cons because he loves being Daddy Winchester for a couple days and he loves meeting everyone. Then he said “And you know how I feel about those two idiots (Jared and Jensen). We’re out all night last night playing bocce and drinking beer. They just really had their shit together right from the start and still do. We were up until 2:00 am talking and they’re just awesome dudes.” His love for his boys us epic. I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Stuck With Me - Part 10

Catch Up Here

Originally posted by let-it-go-brother

Sam x Reader

Words: 1,400

A/N: We’ve reached the end my friends. Not gonna lie I’m a little sad about it. Thank you for hanging out with me these last 9 parts. I really hope you like this one. It’s a little different, it’s in Cas’ POV. Let me know what you think! (Also if you ever want to come talk to me about this series please do I kinda love it and I want to know what you think happened after this ending.)


Watching the relationship between Sam and Y/N grow was beautiful. I’ve come to learn my father has his faults, but when you watch a love like theirs it’s evident He’s the only one who could’ve created it. Y/N fit so perfectly into the Winchesters’ -and I suppose my- family so seamlessly it was as if she’d been through it all. Not that she herself is perfect. None of us are, but Y/N and Sam are perfect for each other.

In my millenia of watching the humans, I’ve come to understand that lives are made of many singular moments, most seem insignificant at the time. When woven together though, those moments, even the smallest among them make a life with unimaginable meaning. The Winchesters, perhaps more than most. After all, no other human, or any other being for that matter can claim to have saved the world several times over.

The majority of Sam and Dean’s lives has been big. Big catalyst, big monsters, big fights, even bigger losses. I believe that is why they are truly able to relish in the small, quiet moments. For too many people, those moments mean little to nothing. For the Winchesters they’re blissful.

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The Demon Within

Originally posted by lord-of-the-feels

Summary: Demon Dean is holding reader hostage. Things take an interesting turn as reader reminds Dean of the people who love him.

Word Count: ~2,000

Warnings: mild violence, imprisonment

A/N: This is the first one shot I’ve ever posted, and I’m super nervous about it, but let me know what you think!

You groaned and opened your eyes, the squeal of the metal door pulling you from sleep. Your head and your stomach both ached; food and water weren’t exactly a regular thing these days. There was light coming through the tiny window set high in the wall, but that was really the only information you had about what time it was. You’d tried to keep track of the days, but you’d lost count after only a few. It had been at least a couple weeks of this hell.

You sighed, looking up into that familiar, handsome face that was twisted into a not so familiar expression. The red jacket threw you off, too, replacing the old beat up green one he loved so much. And the hair. The hair, you could live with. He’d somehow made it even better.

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Dean: Whatever happened to ‘Live as a Team, Die as a Team?’

Jeff: It’s a sham, okay?! There’s no such thing as a team. You live and die alone.

McJones: See what you’re doing to him, Dean? Austin’s just died, and you’re making him more upset. And me too! I don’t even cry, and look at me. You’re about to make tears come out of my face.

Jeff: [yelling] Who am I supposed to build farms for? Who am I supposed to build farms for now?!

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That Kinda Girl

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Susan (OFC), Sam Winchester (mentioned)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Horrible co-worker, back talking, bitchy remarks, language, implied smut (okay maybe a tad more than that but not much.)  

Wordcount: 3352 (exact for Steph - she earned it)

A/N: So I don’t usually do requests these days, but Bev @chaos-and-the-calm67 put one up and I love her to pieces so I had to do this one for her.

Thanks a lot to @mysteriouslyme81 for being my beta on this.

Also thank you so so much to @torn-and-frayed for also betaing and helping get this just right.

It wasn’t that you hated your job. You really didn’t. You loved helping people. You loved when you could send them on their way feeling better than they did when they arrived. Still being a physical therapist was hard work and it left you aching, reminding you of muscles you had forgotten you had, at times. It wasn’t the soreness that was the worst part of the job though. It was the office receptionist Susan.

Susan was a mean spirited, short haired, chubby lady in her late 40s. No matter what you did or how well you thought you had done it, she always found a way to put you down. She always made comments about how horrible you looked, covering it in a sweet snarky remark.

“Oh Y/N. You look terrible. Are you sleeping enough?”

“Hey Y/N. Did you have a good vacation? Sun is always so rough on the hair right?”

“Y/N. That shirt is amazing. Had I been still been 20 years old I would have worn that.”

You weren’t 20. Actually you were closer to 30 now, with no husband or kids and she always made sure to remind you of that too. Not that she had either herself, but as she said some people were happiest on their own. You were not one of those people. You missed someone to come home to. You missed having someone to cuddle up to and tell about your horrible day. You dreamed of having a man in your life. Actually not just any man. You dreamed of the green eyed hunter that had rolled through town last month. He had saved your life from your werewolf ex, who had apparently been stalking you and leaving a trail of dead bodies in his wake.

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