i am just an idea between the tape and the wall


for tdov i am doin a COMPARATIVE STUDY of myself

the first two pics are from about three years ago when i was at the end of my high school career and was grappling with the idea of being trans after years of unnamed discomfort and anxiety about my body. i was really confused and hurting and i thought the only way to validate the disconnect between my body and my brain was to split my gender experience in half. i over compensated masculinity that i thought i needed to express and i aggressively gendered any expression of femininity i showed. it was all just part of me understanding what worked and what didn’t and that DEFINITELY didn’t work but it was a huge part of me coming to grips with what it meant for me to be trans

and now! im about to graduate college, ive been working with my schools q resource center for two years, im happily agender and genderweird and basically do whatever i want. there are still surgeries i need to get and there are still walls of yellow tape between me and the world sometimes but im doin good all things considering :^)