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Who I Am

Rating: Everyone!

Genre: Fluff!

Word Count: 1.3K

Plot: Reader moved to the city of Boston, for her job. Her first week there she meets and handsome guy, and thing progress from there. After 3 months of dating, Y/N finally decides to tell Chris where she works.

A/N; That plot is terrible because I wrote it at midnight and was falling asleep, but had to get this finished!

Boston was an amazing city.  You had recently moved here for work, and right now you were just getting to know the city. It was beautiful. You had moved from a small town in Ohio, so even thought Massachusetts is not the biggest state, it was a big change for you. It was a big decision to decided to move and leave everything you even knew behind, but it was anew adventure for you. You tried to keep your job private,  for your safety,  and others. You had moved to Boston to work with the police, for more experience. You were single at the time, but one day when you were walking downtown, and stopped at a small coffee shop, and went in. When you were sitting at a table, reading up on different things, a stranger walked up to you. He was tall and muscular, and had brown hair and a beard. He was extremely attractive. “Hey, do you mind if I sit here?” He asked you. “Not at all” you said with a smile. “Chris” he said, reaching out his hand and shaking yours “Y/N” you said. “Do you live here?” He asked you. “Yeah, I just moved here actually, I grew up in  a small town in Ohio.” You said. You decided to avoid mentioning that you came here to work with the police. Every other guy that came up to you did the same thing, and every time you mentioned you were a cop, they suddenly lost all interest in you. “You?” You asked him. “Yeah I grew up here, I live in Los Angeles, but I live here a lot when I’m not working” you smiled and nodded your head. You and Chris continued making small talk. You started to really like this guy, but at the same time,  you were scared to fall for him, for his safety.  Being a cop and being in a relationship wasn’t easy. Most guys you had recently dated only dated you so they could say that their girlfriend was a cop. Your relationships never lasted long. But this is a new city. Nobody knew you, so you could kinda start a new path.  Make new friends. Another 20 minutes went by, and you had to go to a meeting to get to now your partners and your prescient. ‘It was nice talking to you Y/N, maybe we could go out another time?“ He asked you, nervously "that would be great!” You said. “Friday night at 6?” He asked “Sounds like a plan! See you then Chris.” You said grabbing your bag and leaving. Maybe this was going to be a good start to your new life.

You started working for the police that Wednesday. After a long day at work, you realized it was much harder to be a officer here. It was so much busier, and so much more hectic. You got home, and when you checked your phone and saw a text from Chris. “Hey, something came up, I know it’s late notice, but could you do tonight at 7 instead?” You looked at the clock that read 5:30. After a long day at work you were exhausted and weren’t sure if you wanted to go out. But you really liked this guy. So you answered him. “Sure thing! See you at 7 then!” You answered and put your phone down and headed towards the shower.

7 rolled around quicker then you thought, and before you knew it, your doorbell rang. You were about to open the door when you saw your bulletproof vest that has the word police written across the front of it, sitting right in front of the door. You picked it up and threw it as far as you could behind you, along with some other things that could give away your job. You pulled open the door. “Hey! Sorry it took so long, there we some.. things… blocking my door” you said with a smile. “Not a problem” he said with a smile. “You look beautiful by the way” he added. “Thank you” you said, you cheeks starting to glow. You and Chris went to a small restaurant downtown Boston. The more you got to know him, the more you fell in love. Then night went by way faster the you expected, and before you knew it, you were back at your doorstep, saying goodbye. “I had a really good night tonight, Chris. Thank you” You said, turning to face him. “I had a great time to Y/N, it was really nice.” You smiled when he told you that. It had been a while since you had been going on a date, and you were defiantly happy.

You and Chris had now been dating for 3 months, and you have never been happier. You learned so much about him, and hes turned out to  be a really amazing person. You learned he was an actor, for some reason you forgot that when you met him thought. The only thing you haven’t told him yet was that you were a cop. You started to feel bad that you have been dating 3 months, and you still haven’t told him. You really cared about him, and dint want him to get hurt. You wanted to tell him but you just couldn’t figure out how. You were scared he was going to leave you, because you didn’t tell him right away. You decided you were going to tell him the next time you were going to see him.

It was a long day at work today. You were super busy with other cases, and on top of all that, you had lots of paperwork to do. You definitely didn’t need that shooting case to work on, but its life. It’s what you signed up for. You walked in and threw your keys on the table beside your door. you somehow missed the fact that there we an extra pair of shoes, and another jackets hanging up when you walked in. you unbuckled your belt and let it fall to the ground with a crash, and everything spilt everywhere. Your gun slid across the floor and all the bullets following. You let out a frustrated sign, and just left it their. Your bulletproof vest joined your belt on the floor, along with your boots and jacket. You didn’t realize the Chris had heard you, ad was now standing in the kitchen entrance, starting down at your gun, with a bunch of different mixed expressions on his face. You looked up and saw him, and jumped. “Chris! Chris? Chris..” You said in three different expressions. “ Um… Whats that for?” he said pointed at your gun on the floor. You let out a huff. “ I was going to tell you.. but I didn’t really know how. I guess I was scared that you would leave me or lose any interest in me if I told you I was a cop. So yeah…. Surprise?!” You said looking at the mess you made with all your gear. it was a minute before he spoke up. “ You thought I would leave you because of where you worked? Oh no sweetheart, I would never do that” he said. You lighted up after he said that. “ I’m sorry if i made you upset that I didn’t tell you, I just didn’t want anyone to get hurt” he walked over to you and pulled you into a hug. “ You didn’t make me upset at all. it thinks is pretty cool that your  cop.” he said letting go of you, a small smile spreading across your face. “ And now I don’t have to be worried for the next time that I see bullets just laying on your kitchen table” you let out a laugh. “ Yeah, sorry about that.” You said laughing and just thinking about what his expression would have been. “ Come on, why don’t you go get cleaned up, cause I made supper. and afterwards we can watch movies all night.” You smiled to yourself thing about how lucky you were to have someone like him.

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Can you tell me abit about ghost lights? I've seen a bunch of your posts about it and I'm really interested but I don't really know much about it ;; please inform me!❤ Also you're amazing and I love your style, you're a huge inspiration! Stay golden✨

let’s see… ghost lights actually was just a short completed one shot (i call it prototype now) i did in early 2015. this is going to be a bit personal, but i feel i should add it

when i first started to take medications i had really vivid dreams. i often woke up and didn’t know where i am, and i was completely without orientation for a while after, still kinda stuck in that dream? i never dreamed of nice things, except for this one time. it was sad but also so so beautiful

the dream was like this: two boys walked down a dark forest path and the longer they walked the more they lost themselves and then… they remembered their shared past, and that they were closely connected. but not quiet human. when they returned they were so sad, as if parts of themselves were missing, but they wouldn’t really know why anymore. they just felt even closer to each other.

i just wanted to show others what i saw? so i drew it, and decided to print it. and the feedback was so positive i was overwhelmed ;; in the best way. i grew really fond of the characters, too…

so i decided to tell their whole story!! and that’s what i’ve been working on the last months. plot wise it got pretty complex and ngl i put even more stuff of my nightmares in it

it’s a story about two best friends who slowly discover more about themselves. strange things begin to happen in their life, or better said, happened all their life… and while they get closer and closer, they start to visit a place of their past in their dreams together, but would forget it once they wake up. the more they discover and actually remember the more their past comes haunting them, not only in dreams… they miiight fall in love, too. or might already be in love for a very long time. who knows! not me (it’s me). shit this is super vague sjdfhs

soo… of course i chose to tell this story as gentle as possible, but it’s not as cute as you might think even if it’s drawn by me ;; i hope to surprise you a bit with it!

i will upload the whole prototype in the next days on tapastic. and then i will begin to post completed scenes of the new, actual story which is in the making. 🌸 have some wips~

This is the New York Times photo of an active assassination scene in Ankara. That is the Russian ambassador lying dead, and the man who shot him right there.

I am just so amazed that someone was able to take this picture and get it out. I’m so used to world events and crimes being things we have no clear view of, with cable shows rolling B-roll footage of some building or car driving away.

And I’m disgusted at the way my eye automatically begins looking at the lines and lighting of the shot, like it’s a still from a movie. All the action is clear, your eyes are drawn to the important parts. Hell there’s almost a rule of thirds if you shift it all left a little. But then I remember these are real people.

This photographer was absurdly good at his job.

“I am not throwing away my shot!
Hey yo, I’m just like my country,
I’m young, scrappy and hungry,
And I’m not throwing away my shot!’‘~♪♪♪

Recently I’ve been reeeeeaaaally obsessed with Hamilton, it’s such an amazing musical! And since I can’t go to Broadway to see it, at least I have the book. (And I also feel the need to know everything about Alexander Hamilton!)

Need to share...

I feel the strong need to share with you all how incredibly awesome you are. Seriously, you are supportive, funny, caring, talented, and kind. You make my day every day, and I am so incredibly thankful for you.

This is for every one of you. If you’re reading this, I’m talking about YOU. Thank you for being you.

Also tagging just a few folks, though I know I’m forgetting so so many!

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Every door has a story which unlocks so much more than just memories. 

This was the first place I specifically looked for after having been told an amazing story of the heritage, history and ancestry of the original owners and their meanderings. Actually this place is one half of a story, as the house in front of it is intimately tied to No. 7 and its previous owners. 

I carry this story with me, unsure of what I am to do or make of this privileged information, yet certain that I must ‘use’ it in some way. I fantasize of compiling a number of ‘door stories’ which provide snap shots into the lives lived behind doors. I am so intrigued and curious about the people inside, or those who have abandoned their homes, or even those who never even lived in them, that I feel compelled to gather them in some way. 

If you have a story to tell, I am an eager to listen…. and I promise to cherish your story and to turn it into something as memorable as the narrative I would have been told. 


Mellieha, Malta 

Hamilton — My Shot  {Sentence Starters}

  • “I am not throwing away my shot!”
  • “I’m young, scrappy and hungry.”
  • “I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish.”
  • “The problem, is I got a lot of brains but no polish.”
  • “I gotta holler just to be heard.”
  • “With every word, I drop knowledge!”
  • “I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal.”
  • “Only nineteen but my mind is older.”
  • “Every burden, every disadvantage, I have learned to manage.”
  • “I walk these streets famished.”
  • “So there will be a revolution in this century.”
  • “Don’t be shocked when your history book mentions me!”
  • “I will lay down my life if it sets us free.”
  • “Eventually, you’ll see my ascendancy.”
  • “I dream of life without a monarchy.”
  • “When I fight, I make the other side panicky!”
  • “You and I. Do or die.”
  • “You keep out of trouble and you double your choices.”
  • “If you talk, you’re gonna get shot!”
  • “I think your pants look hot.”
  • “Give me a position, show me where the ammunition is!”
  • “Oh, am I talkin’ too loud?”
  • “Sometimes I get over excited, shoot off at the mouth.”
  • “I imagine death so much it feels more like a memory.”
  • “See, I never thought I’d live past twenty.”
  • “For the first time, I’m thinking past tomorrow!”

To most wonderful and amazing mom and astonishing and sexy dad. =P

But, seriously, happy birthday to these two amazing characters, as they have been a delight and a joy to write and draw to this year. ♥ They’ve been a huge source of inspiration, and I just adore the care and attention put into them.

Much love to these two~!

And yes, I will abuse the snot out of Jacob’s 40 y/o Animus shot, because that’s the only picture where he sort of smiles! I like him to be happy~!

All jokes, tears, and pain aside… I study film and TV and i MUST say that this fucking episode was unbelievably incredible

  • The script was a masterpiece. People underestimate and have no idea how HARD it is to write a coherent script and make everything flow nicely. 
  • The use of shots/camera angles/audiovisual language… was so pure and perfect. Photography and lightning MY GOD
  • The editing: holy fucK. I am literally speechless.

And once more, thanks to this stupid, amazing series I just love each day more what I do and motivate me to keep on going, always aiming for the best. Seriously, mofatt and gatiss are geniuses.


Day 47 of my 100 day Sacred Juice Fast Journey. I am almost at DAY 50!!! What a milestone coming👏🏼💫
Just grabbing my some organic juice from Heritage Health Foods.
I do wheat grass shots EVERY other day now. Amazing energy NOW!
My juice was
Ginger and Spirulina

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Day 1 of PAX AUstralia down. So this is the first time I am fully cosplaying as Soldier 76! (I’ll upload shots of the rifle later) Got to meet some really amazing people and I had sooo much fun!

A big thank you to @this-section-redacted for being my pit crew for the day! It would of been a night mare with out ya mate!

I’ll be uploading some pro shots soon. These are just a fraction of what I got on my phone.

The Future

Characters: Reader x ??? (It’s a secret! ;))

Words: 1871

Summary: Eric Kripke is filming a new show, and turns to a friend to run the hair and makeup departments. And the Reader can’t help but wonder if more than just a job will come from the opportunity.

Part 1 in The Future Series.

Oh my gosh, this is my 400th story posted!! 400 stories in less than a year. I…I am amazed, and I cannot thank you all enough. So, I figured the start of a new series would be a great way to celebrate! :) Look for part 2 in two days! I look forward to see who you all think the reader will be paired with! ;) Enjoy!

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Mandi’s One Year Song Challenge!!

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This past year has been a trip to say the least. I never thought I’d get this deep into the SPN Fanfiction writing game. But here I am: many one shots, a couple stories, several ships, a couple takeovers, and a group of new amazing friends later.

There’s a million things I can do to celebrate one year of Fanfiction writing, but I decided to host a writing challenge. Just as SPN is a huge inspiration in my life, so is music. *drumroll* I would like to introduce Mandy’s One Year Song Challenge!! YAY! As of right now I have listed 20 of my favorite songs, but I may add more...


  1. I don’t care how long it is as long it has a minimum of 500 words.
  2. Any pairing is acceptable. Reader inserts are ENCOURAGED. Also, please stick to the SPN fandom. Also any fic type is acceptable; angst, smut, fluff, etc.
  3. Please send an ASK with the song you want. DO NOT reply or reblog with your pick.
  4. YOU MUST include some of the lyrics of your song within your fic.
  5. You must also tag me and use the tag #mandissongchallenge
  6. Your submission is due by December 31st!

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Death’s Beloved - A Hannigram Fic

((I can’t believe I am finally posting this somewhere. This is the first fic I have written for this wonderful fandom - and myself - and I hope you all enjoy it! Please let me know if you find any errors, or have any comments. Right now this is just a simple stand alone one shot, but if enough readers request, I may create a sequal. 

Special thank you to @spider-viking @goddessakinator @asswhippingspoon @skeleton-wearing-a-bikini and @fataldrum for being amazing betas and offering to help me out! Sorry if I missed anyone, if I did just let me know and I’ll add you in!

Enjoy you lovely fannibals! 



        It was time. He had fought against it for so long.

Will’s eyes flicked down to his wrist, unfocused and distant they scanned over the date and times marked there.

                    August 29th 2013 – 11:58 pm. August 29th 2013 – 11:59 pm. August 30th 2013 – 12:00 am.

        He knew what the black tattoos scrawling across his wrist meant –  everyone had a similar one. The first was when you would accomplish your lifelong goal, the second when you would meet your soulmate and the third when you would die. Luckily for him, all the times on his wrist were minutes apart. As for why it was unlucky, well, no one wanted to never be able to live with their soulmate. He’d tried his hardest to make his times change. As rare as it was, there were stories of some who’d managed the feat. He’d tried everything, from praying to attempting suicide, but it was always met with the same outcome – nothing. Prayers went unanswered, and he was always found and saved before death could claim him. He’d eventually stopped trying, letting destiny carry him to his fate, numb to the pity people tossed his way.

        Will believed it was easier this way – living alone, surrounded by dogs and acres of empty land. People were distracting, what with all the pity and sorrow clouding their eyes. He didn’t need them to feel bad for him. After his third and last suicide attempt in high school, he had accepted that he would never have a life with the person he was destined to love. Instead, he poured his life and love into his passions and dreams. Fishing and writing became his escape from work, people, and the harsh reality in which he lived.

Now he stood at his front door, key halfway to the lock, eyes on his wrist. Today was the day. August twenty-ninth. The inevitable was closing in, and all he could do was heave a sigh. Finally, he shook his head in an attempt to clear it, unlocked his door, and went inside. His herd of happy dogs greeted him, causing him to remain by the door to properly say hello and goodbye to each one. It was the buzzing of his cell that eventually forced him to move, setting down his keys and pulling out his phone. Jack’s number glowed under his phone’s clock, the time mocking him as it slowly ticked away. 8:00 pm. Four hours, the voice in his head whispered. Too long. Will hit the decline button, ignoring the call. Not tonight, Jack. Of all the nights, definitely not tonight.

Despite his oncoming death, a small smile appeared on his face as he walked into his bedroom, gaze falling onto the moonlit writing desk on which rested a book. Published under a pseudonym, the book was Will’s first step in achieving his life goal to change the world and be remembered after his death. It hadn’t so much been his ego as it was fear of fading from existence that had created the goal.

But now, a sense of calm washed through him as he took a seat and slid his book from the center of the desk to the top left corner to make room for the last draft of his second and final book. He pulled it from the top drawer to his right – it was sitting carefully atop the stack of previous rough drafts. His first book had taken off, becoming a bestseller for four consecutive years, and remaining in the top five for two more. The time stamp on his wrist told him he would succeed (although it could be argued that he had already), but that his last book would be published posthumously. Aware and uncaring, of the fact he wouldn’t experience the joy of publication again, he nevertheless lost himself in a final editing session with a carefree smile. At least this book would have his real name on the cover. If you couldn’t escape your fate, you might as well embrace it. Will had learned that lesson long ago.

        As fate had decreed, when he set his pen down for the last time, final draft complete, the clock read 11:58. Deciding he had a moment to spare (and not wanting to meet his soulmate in the bedroom, of all places), he headed to the kitchen for a celebratory glass of wine.

A man appeared as his tongue touched sweet, red liquid for the first time that night. Will’s eyes widened slightly as he shakily set his glass back down on the counter, taking in the sight before him. Only slightly taller, but with an ethereal air of confidence Will could never hope (literally, now) to emulate, the man that stood before him sported an immaculate dark plaid suit and bittersweet expression with equal grace and naturalness. His silver-streaked hair had been combed back into smooth but slightly choppy swoops, and Will could catch a glimpse of piercing amber eyes from underneath their soft streaks. The man spoke first, voice warm but words sending a shiver down Will’s spine. “I am Death,” was all he said before sweeping forward to taste the unswallowed wine on Will’s blood-stained lips. The clock struck midnight as their lips met and the sweet kiss of Death stole his breath and his soul.


Will woke up to darkness blanketing the room. Rolling over in the bed, he reached out for his bedside lamp and upon finding it, flicked it on. He sat up with a yawn, then felt his eyes grow wide when he saw he wasn’t in his room. The suite sized bedroom was magnificent – Roman in taste, with white marble walls and high ceilings. Furnished with what appeared to be ludicrously expensive possessions, Will found himself awestruck by the sight before him.

        Awe gave way to confusion and surprise, which clouded his mind as he hesitantly got out of bed with the intention of exploring. He noticed the balcony doors were open to let in a warm night breeze and, drawn to the view he’d seen, he walked towards them. He hesitated when he saw a figure standing with its back to him, but when calm instead of fear seeped into his heart, he found the courage to approach the man. Will was welcomed with kind eyes and a warm smile, which he returned effortlessly (to his surprise). Still unsure of where he was and who he was with, Will tried his best to review his memories, only to find he couldn’t recall them. A hazy barrier, which was slowly ebbing away to his relief, kept them at bay for the moment.

        “You are awake. I was curious as to how long you would sleep.”

Will smiled as he gazed at the starry sky, but his brows creased when the realization came to him.

        “You’re Death… and my soulmate…” His voice trailed off in a wary whisper as the now-dubbed Death nodded. “Where is the moon, Death?” He could feel his memories slowly returning to him as he gazed out at the infinite space.

        “It has yet to die. Therefore, it cannot exist upon this plane.” Death paused a moment before continuing. “Tell me, what was it like to die?”

The soft voice snapped him back to awareness, memories flooding in, but the last thing he remembered was the kiss. His confusion manifested as sassiness as he responded. “What the hell are you talking about?”

        “You do not remember?” Death pursed his lips at his love’s choice of language, but if he disapproved, he didn’t address it.

        “I remember you kissing me and then I woke up here. Are you telling me I died, then?” Even as he asked, the answer was made evident by his blank wrist. The dates and times only left if the act had been fulfilled. He was indeed dead.

        “Contrary to the epics of old, you could not join me here unless you were dead. So, in short, yes. You died as we kissed.”

        “The kiss of Death. I could kill you for being so cliché.” Will chuckled, relaxing a bit more in Death’s presence. Of course the man he was destined to spend eternity with thrived on cliché puns.

        “Darling, I am already dead,” Death chided halfheartedly, amused by the man’s fiery spirit which, even in the realm of the dead, had brought a spark of life. He would become a powerful reaper, Death realized, and the idea pleased him greatly. A gently kiss drew him from his thoughts.

        “Care to share, love? What were you thinking about?” The pet name slid off Will’s tongue before he could catch it, but he didn’t care. After years of running, he’d finally learned fate’s plan for him – to love and be loved by this man – so why shouldn’t he start trusting in fate and in Death?

        “You.” Death smiled down at him, wrapping him in a strong and surprisingly warm embrace.

        “What about me?”

        “Your future, specifically. You have the potential to become a very powerful reaper.”

        “Oh. So now I have to work for my husband?” Will feigned annoyance, though his words carried weight.

        “Alongside, not for. I would never treat you as anything but my equal. Speaking of which – please call me Hannibal. Death is merely a title. It is not my name. And we cannot keep calling each other pet names forever. Would a first name basis not be more appropriate, Will? We are soulmates after all.”

        “U-um, yes we are soulmates. And yes, we should be, Hannibal. Now, if you would be so kind as to answer my question love, how do I become this ‘powerful reaper’?” Will smirked defiantly.

        “It is a process –  a becoming, so to speak. But it starts with the taking of your first life.” Hannibal sighed at Will’s dramatics and focused on the question instead.

        “Well, what are we waiting for?” Will smirked again as he saw the fire dance behind Hannibal’s eyes. He said nothing, and for once, nothing was the only answer Will needed.


        The bracelet around his wrist caught the moonlight as his hand shot up to grip the jaw of the man before him. He had smoke in his eyes and Death at his back as he sucked the soul from yet another victim. As a murderer of families, this soul had been condemned to Hell.

        Hannibal had been right – his love carried a spark of life within his soul, and this stopped him from being able to reap the souls of the innocent. Will’s splinter of life caused him to empathize with them until he was incapable of taking their vibrant life. Death loved this about him, and was always there to reap those that Will couldn’t – Hannibal would never force him to give up his gift.

        However, when it came to the souls condemned to Hell, Will was merciless. Often finding pleasure in stealing their spark of life, he once admitted to Hannibal that doing bad things to bad people felt good and powerful. Hannibal’s response had merely been to smile in praise.


Now, many years later, Will Graham is still remembered. His last book has become a classic, the material helping to better the world even as years progressed. But he is also remembered by a different name. Mortis Cupitus. Death’s Beloved. His presence has found its way into mythology. Stories told in the dead of night describe the man who takes vengeance on those who have sinned. Some say he is made from smoke and justice, others say he is dark matter and starlight. But despite the variations and ambiguity within each account, one fact remains constant – the bracelet around his wrist.

        As the saying goes, the charm bracelet had been a celebratory gift from Death after his love’s first kill, and Death’s Beloved adds a charm to the bracelet for every life he takes. The jingling of the charms is the only warning you get that he is there, and the flash of moonlight on the bracelet as his hand rises to your jaw is the last thing you’ll remember seeing before he sucks out your soul.

Calling out to SPN writers

So I am just catching up on Season 12 of Supernatural right now. I just finished episode 9…. and all I can think about is Mick Davies and his sexy accent and incredible eyes (seriously the man has amazing eyes)

Originally posted by endiness

Looook at those eyes *swoons* 

So what I’m looking for is Mick Davies x Reader/OFC fics!! Or Mick Fics as I called them lol 

I will be writing some of my own and I have at least three planned out, one is an Au based off a dream and will probably be a one shot. Another is a reader/ofc multi chapter fic (and it will be angsty angsty angsty) and another, a long ways off, where Lyric meets the British Men of Letters (Thos who have read the Long Way Home series, just imagine the sass lol).

So are there any Mick fics out there? Or is anyone willing to write me one?? I know everyone is all about Ketch, and he’s a damn good looking man…. but… well Mick stole my heart lol

And if anyone wants to write me a Mick fic for my birthday, I’d love it… just saying lol 

Just please spread the word and let me know if there are any Mick fics out there for me to read!!!

I will be forever grateful!!! 

Okay, but as much as we’ve been ragging on Kat about not actually being able to write one shots or drabbles, she really is. And they’re just as fabulous as the rest of her work. This is a sneak of a two page comic that was supposed to be done in time for your birthday Kat, but well, life happened. So its all drawn out and bout half way inked, so that leaves scanning and colouring.

But yeah, its based off a drabble you posted on tumblr months ago that’s still one of my favourite’s of yours, because it sums up Madara,Tobirama, Hashirama and Touka so well. Its also a lot easier to turn drabbles into comics, because its not as overwhelming (read: full of amazing epic length wonderfulness)

So happy late birthday- you CAN in fact write drabbles and one shots… sometimes… occasionally… if we don’t get to you before/after and latch on like the enablers we are :P


I feel like some (boy)groups don’t get enough attention when their everything is on that good good…… I HIGHLY suggest looking into all these guys ^^ 


History - Might Just Die / Ghost / Psycho / What Am I to You

Toppdogg - Arario / Top Dog / Follow Me / Open the Door 

Hotshot - Take a Shot / I’m a Hot Shot / Watch Out 

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Red Lipstick Marks *Steve Rogers x Reader*

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Requested by @ishipthingsimnotsupposedtoship Hi, there! First of all, I am freaking obsessed with your fanfictions, absolutely amazing! And second, I have a request: The reader lives with the avengers and one day, decides to do all of the guys’ makeup. Eventually, as she’s doing steve’s makeup, bucky or clint or tony would just yell “STEVE YOU HAVE LIPSTICK ON! LEAVE A MARK ON (Y/N), ALREADY!” lots of blushing and lots of kissing ensue ;)
Warnings: None
Admins Note: Have fun with my humour, cause this is hilarious to me but probably not to anyone else - Ro

“I am going to have way too much fun with this, aren’t I?” you asked no one in particular, you did, however, receive some displeased sighs, not that you cared but instead you giggled and smiled at the boys in front of you; Tony, Bucky and Clint, you frowned slightly.

“He’s on his way” Bucky sighed, hair pulled into a French braid, done by yourself. You had won some bet against all the boys, now you get to do all their make-up, actually, you didn’t have to do Steve’s or Bucky’s but somehow you managed to convince the two super-soldiers, well Steve because he persuaded Bucky for you. You nodded once and began setting up all the make-up bags, plus brushes and various other items.

“Shame, I didn’t miss it” Steve’s voice sounded through the Avengers living room, you sarcastically chuckled at him, he sat down next to Clint and you grinned at all the men before you “do we at least get to pick our colours?” he asked, you nodded slightly and he sighed gently.

“Well, they all do” you gestured to the others “you, however, get red, white and blue” you shrugged, pulling out fake eyelashes, Bucky groaned rather loudly as Tony just chuckled; honestly, he was the one who was complaining the least, mainly cause for interviews on Television people put slight make-up on him and he even admitted he’s jealous of guys who can rock guy-liner, AKA Bucky Barnes.

“Really, (Y/N)?” Steve asked and you nodded once, opening a bag with a small smile, you got all the stuff you needed for Clint’s look and smiled at Hawkeye who just sighed softly “you aren’t taking pictures of us, are you?” Steve asked, suddenly, different sets of various coloured eyes were all looking at you as you primed Clint’s face with some moisturiser. You simply grinned, they all groaned and slumped back in their seats.


“Bucky, stop moving otherwise the eyelash glue will go into those pretty, pink glittery, eyes”  He grumbled and then flipped off his best friend who was laughing, way too hard for someone who is next in line for the make-up armchair, you had to admit all the men so far looked rather… fabulous. Bucky was the toughest to get to have glitter eye shadow, especially, pink! His manly exterior cracked when Natasha said he would suit it; he always had a soft spot for Nat.

“This feels so weird” Bucky pointed out, fluttering his already long lashes, the intensity of the glitter pink eyeshadow, plus the cat eyeliner mixed with his now amazingly grey eyes was unbelievable and it took you a few seconds to form some a sentence at your work.

“I’m an artist, my god! Someone from Vogue or MAC needs to hire me, maybe not MAC, they aren’t vegan-friendly” Bucky and Tony chuckled, you then started to search for the perfect lipstick shade, much to Bucky’s dismay; anything but lipstick he requested but were you going to listen? Heck, no.

“I am thinking Unicorn Blood by Jeffree Star, liquid lipstick” you mutter to yourself, nodding once and grabbing the liquid lipstick, Bucky pouted as you started to coat his lips in the substance; him and Tony had been the hardest, cause of their facial hair, although, they weirdly looked the best at the moment.

Tony, you had given him red and gold cut crease, plus extremely strong highlight on his cheek bones and then a glorious nude lip, he looked perfection and was now sat watching the TV relaxing with his new look. It was a blessing to see Stark like this; he hardly complained and actually asked for the colours, it was extremely exciting to think he actually enjoyed this.

Clint had a light purple and grey smoky eye, cat eyeliner and a deep dark red lipstick, his contour was on point and he was the only guy that let you tweeze his eyebrows; Tony’s has his facial hair and head hair done by professionals, so, his were already looking ace. Bucky had refused, saying this wasn’t even his punishment and you had to agree.  

Once done, you moved away and admired the work you had done on Barnes, grinning you held up the mirror and his eyes widen slightly as you giggled; he didn’t look horrified just shocked by how own appearance, maybe he liked himself like this? That was a stretch but he did look great, not to toot your own horn.

“C’mon, Rogers, sit in the make-up chair and let me do my magic” you grinned as Bucky got up, giving you a half-hearted smile, you handed him the make-up wipes knowing he would want to take it off, Tony had taken sneaky pictures for you, cause you knew Bucky would never agree to photos. Steve sighed gently, getting up from his seat and swapping with Barnes, sitting down gently and slightly pouty but you grinned at him.

“Make me look pretty?” he joked for his own sake and everyone chuckled, you began to get to work, you quickly realised how bad this idea was; doing Steve’s makeup, especially, with your crush on him and having to be so close to his face and look into this bright, crystal-like, blue eyes and it was very distracting. 

You sighed lightly and smiled at him, beginning the work on his face, you didn’t go excessive with Steve just because you were slightly tired from dealing with the others and because the longer being this close to his face, the more nervous you were becoming.

“How come he doesn’t have the full works?” Clint asked you shrugged at him.

“Cause, I clearly do not need it, like some” Steve gave a pointed look to him and Bucky, both gasping in mock shock, yourself and Tony chuckled at their playful behaviour; Bucky had taken all the make-up off apart from the eyelashes, you would chuckle every time you look at him, he didn’t understand since he had already grown accustomed to them.

You grabbed the most vibrant red lipstick you had, unfortunately it wasn’t transferred proof, you warned Steve about this since he was wearing a light grey shirt and you didn’t want him to ruin it; not that it would matter, if he flexed the shirt would fucking tear off of him, you’ll never understand why he wears mediums… he needs large, extra-large probably!

“STEVE YOU HAVE LIPSTICK ON! LEAVE A MARK ON (Y/N), ALREADY!” Bucky yelled, you jumped and almost dropped the tube of lipstick on yourself, fumbling and blushing you looked down and started to pack up the make-up, you could almost feel everyone’s eyes on you, waiting for one of both to do something.

Steve would never kiss you, not because of who he was or made out to be but because he didn’t view you that way, you were just Natasha’s normal friend; the girl who works a normal job and happens to live with the Avengers cause her landlord upped her rent and she couldn’t pay it. He’d never view you as anything more, you liked the thought of it but it would never come to light, sure he hovers around you a lot but that’s because you have this air of “calm” or so, Bruce tells you.

Then you felt it, lips pressing to your left cheek, firmly and gentle at the same time, for some unknown reason you knew it exactly who it was; not just because Bucky and the others hooted and roared with laughter but because his lips, despite being slightly sticky with lipstick, felt how you imagined.

You looked up at Steve when he pulled away, you could feel the mark left and his lips were slightly smudged because of it, both of you were blushing like crazy and you felt the butterflies swarming around your stomach again. It was silent, weirdly silent and you gathered the guys had left, without hesitation on your part you leant up and kissed him, on the lips.

His hands cupped your face gently, your own weaving into his golden locks, you could feel him smiling into the kiss and you knew how ridiculous you’d both look with red around your mouths but at this moment you didn’t care; Steve pulled away first, only his lips started to kiss around your face, you giggled knowing he was leaving red lipstick marks across your face.

“Best decision ever was turning you all into girls” you giggled, he chuckled against your cheek and pulled away to look at you, it was extremely odd to look at Steve and take him seriously, mascara and blusher? He looked a tad stupid like this but then again, he’s always been a slight goofy.

“Yeah, don’t get used to it, well maybe with Tony” you chuckled and nodded in agreement with him, smiling slightly and pulling him by his neck to kiss his lips gently again.

(I hate and love my humour all at the same time, hopefully, you enjoyed this and I have to say… I am on such a Steve bender at the moment, god I love him, plus Chris- so if you see a lot of Steve/ Chris stuff, I am not sorry at all! - Rosalee)

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this is a complete shot in the dark and i apologise for even asking, but do you know if anyone made edits for human au dj!derek fic "the skies above are blue" by trelkez? i'm emotionally compromised by it and am just

Hey :)

OMG. This fic is amazing!!!! Sorry! The only “art” I know for this fic is this storyset Also there is a mix here if you’re interested. 

for anyone else:

The Skies Above Are Blue by  Trelkez | 95.2K

Derek is a wedding DJ. Stiles just happens to go to a lot of weddings.

* The fic ends in a good place but you don’t get the official happy ending chapter.
The Protective Boyfriend -  Markiplier Imagine

VidCon, mine and Mark’s favorite time of year. The time were we get to meet up with our other YouTube friends and meet our amazing fans. Like Mark, I am also a YouTuber, I do a little bit of everything. I do makeup tutorials, store haul videos, game play videos, and I do a monthly book club. Over the years I’ve always had a steady fan base but then I met Mark and we started dating making my channel just blow up with subscribers.

“You excited, babe?” Mark asks me looking at me as he drives us to the convention center.

“Yeah, I am,” I say to him with a smile, reaching over and grabbing his hand.

When we arrived at the convention center I felt like a little kid on Christmas and I couldn’t wait to see everyone, especially Louise and Zoella. We walked hand in hand to go check in and see what our schedules would be. I was so happy to see that I was doing a panel this year.

“Mark, I’m gonna go try and fine Zoe,” I tell Mark giving him a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay, Y/N, I’l come find you later,” he says to me with a sweet smile.

I walk around the convention center. I see new and old faces, stopping to briefly chat with most of the. Finally after a few minutes, I find Zoe with Alfie and Joe. Joe sees me first, bitting his lip while he looks at me. Okay, weird. He’s never looked at me that way before. He taps Zoe’s shoulder and points in my direction. She turns around and runs toward me. We hug each other completely happy to see one another.

“Oh my gosh, Y/N, I’m so happy to see you!” She says with a grin.

“It’s so good to see you too! I’ve missed you so much!” I say with a laugh.

“We need to do a video together at some point,” she says.

“Yes! We haven’t done one in forever,” we continue to talk to one another catching up until Alfie takes her away.

“So, Y/N, how have you been?” Joe asks walking up to me rubbing the back of his neck.

“I’ve been good, How about you?” I say trying to be polite, but in all honesty, I was getting a weird vibe off of him, one that I didn’t like.

“Yeah, I’ve been good. I saw you have a panel this yea,” he says taking a step closer to me.

“Yeah I know, I’m really excited for it,” I say smiling forgetting about the weird vibe.

“Would you maybe wanna do a video together at some point?” He asks sounding rather nervous.

“Yeah, that’d be great. We’ve never done one before and my followers have been dying for a video of us together,” I say with a giggle.

“Yeah, my fans ship us actually,” he says with a chuckle..

“Oh gosh I know,” I say but then was suddenly pulled away.

I look at who was dragging me away to see a very pissed off Mark. He leads me to one of the empty rooms in the convention center. Once inside he paces for a second trying to calm down. Why was he mad?

“What’s wrong?” I ask breaking the silence. He stops in his tracks.

“You two were flirting!” He says to me.

“Mark, we were talking about how his fans ship us. He might have been flirting with me but I wasn’t purposefully flirting with him,” I say honestly taking a step closer to him.

“Really?” He asks raising an eyebrow.

“Mark, I’m your girlfriend. You are the one who has my hear not Joe,” I say resting my hand on his chest lightly.

“Okay, good,” Mark says lightly pressing his lips on mine. “How about we go check into our hotel.”

“Okay,” I say with a giggle. We walk out of the convention center hand in hand and couldn’t help but smile at the fact that I had such a protective and loving boyfriend.