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i.o.i - 소나기 (downpour) english lyrics

when this rain
pours on top of my head
it will become soaked and that’ll be it
let my heart
also stay like this

so far, i am alone without you
i am too young
to get hit by this rain
i am a little afraid
i obviously know
that it will stop soon
but i still search for you

now stop
will it all stop
this rainwater
my tears also
i don’t want to shiver
in the cold of the wet rain
really someday

the rainwater that was so cold
turns into warm tears
it will eventually stream down
it’s okay
it’s just a downpour that will pass by quickly

it’s just a downpour
that will pass by
it’s that kind of feeling

i really
while meeting you
won’t let the happy memories
drown and be forgotten in the rainwater

let’s meet again
when the falling rain
is about to stop

when we smile again
let’s stay together

now stop
will it all stop
this rainwater
my tears also
i don’t want to shiver
in the cold of the wet rain
really someday

the rainwater that was so cold
turns into warm tears
it will eventually stream down
it’s okay
it’s just a downpour that will pass by quickly

i am getting soaked right now
i don’t have the strength to open an umbrella
however, we know
i will cry for a moment
i lean on the rainwater
so that you won’t see
our sad tears

we now say our goodbyes

now stop
will it all stop
this rainwater
my tears also
i don’t want to shiver
in the cold of the wet rain
really someday

the rainwater that was so cold
turns into warm tears
it will eventually stream down
it’s okay
it’s just a downpour that will pass by quickly

lyrics by seventeen woozi
rough translation by mountean

S#2: Whalien 52

Song: Whalien 52
Album: 화양연화 pt.2
Producer(s): Pdogg
Lyricist(s): Pdogg, Brother Su, “Hitman” Bang, Rap Monster, SUGA, j-hope, Slow Rabbit
i am not a professional, this is just my take on the lyrics/song, it may not be what BTS’ original intention was.

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Okay, I know, a lot of people would look at this post and think, “Why would anyone want to know about the lyrics to ‘Whalien 52′?”

From what I’ve gathered after much research, it seems that ‘Whalien 52′ is the least liked track on the album, yet the lyrics are one of the most meaningful ones out of all 8 tracks. It seems as though everyone just kind of gave up on understanding the real meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Whalien 52′, and I don’t blame them, since the lyrics to this particular song was easily overshadowed with ‘뱁새’ as well as ‘Ma City’ when 화양연화 pt.2 first came out. I thought it’d be great to shed some light onto the masterpiece that is ‘Whalien 52′; a track that Rap Monster holds dear to himself.

Before diving into the actual breakdown of the song, although many might already be aware, ‘Whalien 52′ is a song inspired by a specific species of whales, known as the 52-hertz whale. This whale, also known as the world’s loneliest whale, calls at a much higher frequency than all other species of whales, leaving it’s calls to be unheard and hence, it cannot communicate with anything other than themselves. The title of the track, ‘Whalien 52′, is a combination of the name of the whale together with the term ‘alien(ation)’, which is closely associated to the whale itself, and the song talks about how lonely this whale is. It’ll be good to watch this short video (starts at the 3:37 mark) to give yourself some more knowledge on this particular whale. Note to self, don’t watch this when you’re alone in the dark at 3 am in the morning :-).

Fun fact! Did you know BTS is credited under the 52-hertz whale wikipedia page? At first, wiki only credited Rap Monster,

But someone edited the page and now BTS is credited as a whole.

I don’t think any other kpop group has made it onto the wikipedia page for a whale before… That’s something to be proud of, right?

I’d just like to state my own theory before going right into the lyrics breakdown, because only then would things make more sense. Basically, I feel that water parallels the industry and the people who dislike their music (for the members)/society and the people related to our adolescence (for us), and the whale parallels us, the listeners of the track. The members are the ones who are speaking from experience, and are hence advising us, the 52-hertz whales, on how to get over the loneliness that we feel due to what society and what the people around us expects of us. If you don’t get what I’m saying now, you will soon as we proceed along with the lyrics.

Yeah, the most lonely creature in the world
I’m a whale
Do you wanna know my story?
I’ve never told this to anybody
Yeah, c’mon

This doesn’t hold much meaning, since it’s basically introducing the song and what the song is going to be talking about - the story of the most lonely creature in the world. This directly points to the fact that the song is based off the 52-hertz whale, and it’s nowhere near coincidence if anyone was doubting it.

In the middle of the vast ocean
One lonely whale speaks softly
The fact that no matter how much they shout, it won’t reach anyone
Makes them so gravely lonely that they quietly shut their mouths

‘The fact that no matter how much they shout, it won’t reach anyone’ refers to the fact that no matter how much the 52-hertz whale tries, it is unable to communicate with any other creature living in the sea except for themselves. Because of how it’s voice is unable to reach anyone, it ‘makes them so gravely lonely that they quietly shut their mouths’.

This is where my theory jumps in. As mentioned before, I believe the water (ocean) parallels society as well as the people who surrounds our youth, at least in the case of us. For BTS, it would parallel the industry as well as the people who do not appreciate BTS’ music, as well as those who look down on them as an idol group.

Touching on how it is for BTS first, they are basically saying that no matter how much they try to reach out to people, nobody spares them even a glance, everyone just ignores them as though they can’t hear the boys. This results in the boys feeling so lonely, and choosing to simply quietly shut their mouths, because they lose the will to continue struggling to get people to hear them/their voice. It basically translates into the fact that no matter how much bangtan tries to prove themselves, nobody sees their worth, so why bother trying so hard?

Touching on how it is for us, I think what they are trying to say is that for people at our age, at the ripe age of youth, we have many opinions/beliefs that we start to formulate for ourselves. We think differently from the generation prior to us, and hence, we try to get our inner selves out there, we try to reach people to get them to understand us, but no matter how hard we try, nothing seems to be working. Our voices just don’t seem to be able to reach anyone. It results in us feeling lonely, and in the end, we give in to the standards of society/the expectations of those that surrounds us, and we end up just shutting our mouths and going with the flow.

No matter who I was back then, now, well, I don’t care
When only one thing called loneliness remained by my side
I’ve become completely alone, a padlock full of loneliness
Some say, “bastard, you’ve become a celebrity”
Oh fuck that, yeah, well, so what, nobody
remains by my side, I’m okay like this

This part focuses only on Yoongi’s feelings, and it doesn’t have any room for other interpretations since it explicitly talks about becoming a celebrity. The first three lines talks about how severe this loneliness of his has become, and the last three lines talks about how everyone has left him and how he’s left all alone, even though he’s achieved stardom.

Now, remember how Yoongi has always talked about this - how he’s lonely and how nobody had any faith in him when he was working towards his goals. Whether it was in ‘Intro: NEVER MIND’, or throughout his mixtape, Yoongi has been open about the fact that it was a very hard and lonely road for him to have gotten to where he is today. I think from this particular part of his verse, Yoongi is trying to say that because pursuing music/becoming an idol is a path that is frowned upon by many, especially the older generation that believes only in the trodden path would you meet success, that has made him become so lonely in the first place. Throughout his journey towards BTS, towards his debut, towards his own successful musical career, no one believed in him and everyone told him he was being stupid and wasting his time pursuing something so unrealistic. It resulted in everyone leaving him due to the lack of faith, and loneliness was the only thing that remained by his side.

And so, because of this, nobody remained by his side, yet he still managed to reach the lengths he’s reached today, so ‘fuck that, yeah, well, so what, nobody remains by my side, I’m okay like this’.

These words that are easily said towards me quickly becomes a wall
Loneliness itself becomes something you can see

The words the first line refers to is probably “bastard, you’ve become a celebrity”, which I’m assuming, by ‘quickly becomes a wall’, means that it’s accumulated so much and so many people have said it to him that it’s a big enough collation to form a wall. And ‘loneliness itself becomes something you can see’ probably refers to the fact that he has sunken into a state wherein he’s so lonely, it’s clearly visible that he’s in a state of loneliness and it’s written all over him. It probably refers to how severe this loneliness is for him.

Even if my breaths are blocked
Because I’m confined in that wall
(I) head towards the surface of water above
Hey oh oh hey oh yeah

The wall mentioned here is probably still linked to Yoongi’s lyrics. The wall of negative words that pulls their spirits down is enough to surround them, to confine them, and what this part of the lyrics is trying to say is that even though all these naysayers confine the boys with walls of negativity, to block their voices away from the public, to restrain them, they will still battle it out to break free in order to reach the surface of the water above, which signifies how they are willing to fight with their willpower against all this negativity to establish themselves in the industry.

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Lonely lonely lonely whale
Singing alone like this
Even me, who’s like a lonely island
Can I shine on the outside

This one probably outlines what we, as youths, worry about as well as what BTS themselves are thinking. As ourselves, will we be able to shine brightly? Being so different from society/what people expect of us, we end up ‘singing alone like this’, which means to say that we end up drowning ourselves in our own thoughts and in our own negativity, will we, ‘who’s like a lonely island’, be able to ‘shine on the outside’?

The same goes for BTS; they have such a different approach whether it be in their music/in their identity as idols, and they’ve always sought to narrow the line between hip hop/musicians and the idol industry, which sets them apart from all other idol groups in the first place. Would people like them, who are so different from the people they see at common work spaces, who are so lonely because they are the only ones seeking to be recognized not as idols but as musicians, be able to shine bright on the outside?

Lonely lonely lonely whale
Like this, try calling once again
Until this song that doesn’t have a response
Reaches tomorrow

I think this particular part of the song is trying to say that we shouldn’t give up in making a stand of our own, and even though we have self doubts (i.e. ‘can I shine on the outside’), we shouldn’t let them hold us back from achieving what we want to achieve. We should keep working towards our goals, keep voicing ourselves out, until our voices are able to be heard by the people around us.

No more no more baby
No more no more
An endless signal, will reach someday
Everywhere, even to the other side of the earth

The repetition of ‘no more’ is probably trying to hint that we shouldn’t doubt ourselves anymore, we shouldn’t let people restrain us anymore, and we shouldn’t leave our voices unheard anymore. ‘An endless signal, will reach someday’ refers to how our voices will eventually be heard someday just as long as we persevere, and not only will it reach someday, it will reach ‘everywhere, even to the other side of the earth’. This is probably encouragement both for us and for themselves, in hopes that there will come a day when they are able to establish themselves, the same for us.

No more no more baby
No more no more
Even the whales who are far from me
Will be able to see me
Today, again, I sing

This one just means to say that one day, no matter who it is, no matter which part of the world they are at, they will be able to look at BTS and recognize them as musicians. Same goes for us, wherein one day, no matter it be someone whom we know/someone whom we don’t know, they’d be able to look at us and recognize us for our efforts and achievements.

The world will never know
How sad I am
My pain that can’t be mixed like water and oil that can’t mix
Only above the surface of the water do I
Breathe, and the interest (towards me) ends

I’m not too sure what this part is supposed to signify. Hoseok is talking about how the world will never understand their pain, nor how sad they really are.

I think this reflects how adolescent youths usually feel; they have fluctuating moods and they easily fall into a state of devastation, and they never feel that people understand them nor their pain at all. It’s so common these days to see people on social media going “nobody understands me”, and this lyric probably reflects this feeling of current youths.

The fact that pain is like water and oil that don’t mix, I think it specifies that the pain incurring reasons are very specific and there are more than one reason why it’s putting us/him in pain. I’m not really sure what this specific lyric signifies, honestly, but I thought since oil would not mix with water, it would mean two completely distinguishable substances, and hence it could potentially signify that the reasons for pain is very specific and distinguishable. Don’t quote me on this.

As for ‘only above the surface of the water do I breathe, and the interest (towards me) ends’, I think it means that only when they were able to establish themselves and get recognition, was the negative interests able to end. I mean, granted, they still get a lot of hate these days, but it’s the kind of hate you get because you are popular. In the past, they used to get called wannabes and all sorts of other names that were basically telling them to get out of the industry because with the music/an image like theirs, they won’t be able to make it big, and everyone was looking down on them. But now that they’ve achieved a certain level of success, people are slowly starting to recognize their talent and their music, unlike how it was in the past. So to me, I take it that ‘interest’ is referring to the negativity and the doubt that people had towards them, but now that they’ve reached a certain milestone, this ‘interest’ is finally coming to an end.

For us, it would just mean that only when we manage to reach success, which is the surface of the water, would the negativity towards us end. Because the minute we achieve our goals, nobody can say anything to put us down, we have something to prove to them.

A child in the lonely ocean
I want to make it known too
My value, everyday
I become sick with worry, the sticker always beneath my ear
Never end, why isn’t there an end; every time it’s hell
Even if time goes by, in the cold abyss

The first three lines are self-explanatory; it’s just Hoseok’s hopes of being able to tell people and show them his value.

Now, the next line, ‘I become sick with worry, the sticker always beneath my ear’, is talking about how struggling in this water (industry/society) is making him sick with worry. Why there’s a mention of a sticker beneath his ear is because people who have motion/sea sickness who go out to sea, needs something to prevent their motion/sea sickness from kicking in when they are out at sea. One way of preventing motion/sea sickness is to use this thing called a motion sickness patch. You stick one patch beneath your ear and it’s supposed to be able to prevent you from feeling nauseous when you’re out at sea.

So this means to say that with the struggle he’s dealing with in this wide ocean, he needs to have this patch on him in order to keep him going, in order for him to not fall sick at the end of it all and leave his efforts to waste.

‘Never end, why isn’t there an end; every time it’s hell’ refers to the fact that no matter how much he struggles, the end never seems to be near, and he’s constantly stuck in the hell that is his own worry of being unable to get himself out there. The cold abyss, also known as the abyssal zone, is a zone that remains in perpetual darkness and never receives daylight. These regions are also characterized by continuous cold and lack of nutrients. This is probably the hell he’s referring to as well. But inside this hell, neverland exists, and neverland is also known as the land of dreams. I think this means to say that within hell, he’s still able to find his own dreams and work towards them, so it’s probably trying to convey the message that even when we find ourselves caught up in negativity and everything seems bleak, there will be a gateway of light and if we work towards it, we will be able to pull ourselves out of misery and achieve what we sought to achieve in life.

But, I always think, now
Even if I sleep a shrimp’s sleep, my dreams are like that of a whale’s
The upcoming big praise will make me dance everyday
Be like me, Ye i’m swimmin’

I’m not sure what a shrimp’s sleep is supposed to signify, and the internet doesn’t seem to have any information about this reference, but it seems as though no one is sure if shrimps sleep? I did read a few posts that say that shrimps sleep while swimming, so I was thinking maybe what Hoseok was trying to say is that even though he sacrifices his sleep for working hard towards his goals (which would explain the ‘ye i’m swimmin’’), his dreams are still like that of a whale’s, which is big and which is for people to know/hear them. That is, in the case of a 52-hertz whale specifically.

‘The upcoming big praise will make me dance everyday’ probably refers to at the end of this tough journey, when he reaches his dreams, the recognition he’ll receive would make everything all worth it, and the same would apply for us. Hence, like him, we should keep on working hard to achieve our dreams, so that we would all be able to receive the big praise at the end of this tough journey.

I go towards my future
That blue beach and
Believe in my hertz
Hey oh oh hey oh yeah

I don’t think there’s much to talk about this part, it’s just talking about how we should believe in our own voices (hertz), which in other words, our own abilities and efforts and work towards our future.

My mother said the sea is blue
She said to let out your voice as far as you can
But what to do, it’s so dark and
There are only different whales
speaking entirely different words

This part has nothing much to touch on either; it’s simply Namjoon talking about how his mum was encouraging and how his mum believed in him, and that she supports him enough to want him to be able to get his voice out there and make a name for himself. But, for Namjoon, it’s hard because he’s so deep within the waters that the surface seems so far away.

The mention of ‘there are only different whales speaking entirely different words’ is probably conveying that he’s doubting himself, doubting that because he is one whale against so many other whales, he won’t be able to reach the goal he’s working towards.

I just can’t hold it ma
I want to say I love you
I want to trace back to this music sheet that’s
like a rotating song that I sing myself

I don’t think there’s much here either. At least, I have nothing to say.

This sea is too deep
Still, I’m lucky
Because even if I cry, no one would know
I’m a whalien

I think this is trying to say that within all the bad that comes with being someone who nobody is able to hear/understand, whom everybody looks down on, he still sees positivity in it all; i.e. when he cries because of how hard a time he’s going through, no one would see this weak side of his.

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And also, he’s explicitly acknowledging the fact that he’s simply different, hence the ‘I’m a whalien’ at the end of his verse.

Although this post was more of how I interpreted things to be, rather than hard, solid facts, I think through ‘Whalien 52′, BTS is expressing the struggles they have gone through as an idol group, but they also talk about the good that they see in these struggles, because at the end of it all, they would be able to say that they’ve been through rough times and the road wasn’t easy, but they still made it.

At the same time, they are trying to convey to us listeners that at any point in time, we might feel the same way as them. We might feel as though we aren’t accepted, we might feel as though nobody understands what we’re going through. They are comforting us in the sense that they are telling us that like us, they’ve gone down a road where they’ve doubted themselves and their potential, where they’ve felt as though it’s an impossible task in order to make a name for themselves in the industry, but they managed to get through it, and they know that if they could, we would be able to get through things too.

So what I’m trying to say is, ‘Whalien 52′ is a song that’s filled with countless of layers that really takes time to fully appreciate and understand. It’s not just some song about a lonely whale in the ocean, it’s a song that tells us about how bangtan looks towards the up side of things in order to get through the tough times, and that we should do the same when we’re in a time of difficulty. It’s a song that’s supposed to give us comfort and confidence, and as happy as the melody might sound, it’s actually a song with a lot of depth and you’ll only be able to appreciate it when you take the time to understand the underlying messages of the song.

At the end of it all, don’t feel like you’re being pushed aside and don’t question your self worth, because only you have the rights to label yourself worthy or not. See things in a positive light and don’t forget to always push and work hard when it comes to your dreams, and don’t let the differences between you and the people around you stop you from doing what you want to do.

It’s genuinely a beautiful message, and I hope more people would be able to listen to ‘Whalien 52′ with a different perspective from now on.

Did this post help give you a better understanding of ‘Whalien 52’? Feel free to request what songs you want to see next in our series.

Well, until the next song breakdown, bye!

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ⓒ; bts-trans and bts0222 for eng lyrics
previous song breakdown

Hey guys, I know that there’s a lot of fear right now but two teenage girls basically yelled at my husband from their car calling him a “Trump-loving cis-het bastard” and I am absolutely infuriated, especially because my husband voted for Hillary and is just as avidly anti-Trump as I am. 

Please don’t make assumptions about people. I am just glad he didn’t have our boys with him because I am already trying to raise two boys who will learn to know their privilege and use it to help others, but slinging unfounded insults at my husband won’t help. You cannot assume who someone supports just by their looks. I’m not asking you all to agree right now but just think before you go yelling at people at random.

Kindly signal boost this for me please because I feel like these girls are probably products of this website and I want to make sure people know that this kind of behavior isn’t okay from either side.

To all my writers out there, particularly fanfic writers because I am one and I’m feelin this hardcore

  • It’s okay that you haven’t written for a while, you can take breaks.
  • You can start writing again whenever you want, you don’t need an excuse.
  • If you would still like an excuse, here it is: I want you to start again, you should totally do it.
  • It’s ok if you’re out of practice, you’ll pick up traction again.
  • We’re all learners and its good to have role models, but try to be better than the writer were before, and try less to be ‘as good as’ someone else.
  • It’s alright to abandon a piece if you have no enthusiasm or passion left for it.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly dramatic.
  • It’s okay to be needlessly ridiculous.
  • Write the crackfic, write the rarepair, or write the popular pair. Write what you want to write.
  • Yes someone has probably written this scene before.
  • Write it anyway if you want to write it.
  • Yeah that trope has probably been done a million times.
  • Use it anyway if you want to use it.
  • Probably there are people who are tired of reading about that AU.
  • Write it anyway, they don’t have to read it.
  • Respect your audience, but don’t let other people dictate what you create.
  • Reblog your own work. Be proud of it. You deserve to pat yourself on the back.
  • I’m proud of you, you’re doing great.
  • Keep writing, keep making stuff. People will care. 
  • Future you will especially care.

The Amazing Tour Is Not On Fire | Dan and Phil’s Story of TATINOF

(made by two dorks on the internet, @danisnotonfire & @amazingphil)

I’ve been watching them for almost 6 years now and although I never got the chance to see them in real life, these two movies/videos really summed up everything I love about them and more. The performance was incredible (cringey but amazing) and the documentary brought tears to my eyes. Thanks to Dan & Phil for always making us constantly smile and inspired with everything you do! Also thanks to the Phandom for embracing me into this community. This is the most fun, I’ve ever had :’)!

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victor!!! on ice episode 2

okay but after episode 6 i have a kind of nuanced, multi-faceted theory on victor that i would like to address in detail. it is too complicated to merely describe so i have decided to explore the second episode from his pov to illustrate my perspective.

spoiler: my theory is that victor is gay and thirsty af

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omgchulbulipandey  asked:

I feel like Derek is the sweetest to drunk Stiles. Like once Stiles loses his inhibitions Derek loses his asshole act. So he says yes to EVERYTHING Stiles says, with zero percent snark or eye rolls. Like Stiles could go, I want a pony with your face on it and Derek would just be like, 'okay dear' but the sad part is that Sober Stiles doesn't remember any of this so he can't blackmail his boyfriend for being so mushy to his drunk self.

I am 1000% here for Derek being a pure little cinnamon roll underneath all the gruff and leather. Which, hey, let’s be real here - this is actually canon. Derek Hale talks a big game and he snarls and growls and threatens to rip your throat out but this is also….a bit of an act. Or at least, these are the kind of things Derek’s walls are built of. After all, he’s had to learn to protect himself, emotionally speaking. His first love died and the second woman he opened himself up to murdered almost his entire family. He’s an abuse victim - several times over by season 3 - and when he lost Laura, he not only lost the very last person he trusted but the very last person who loved him.

Sarcasm is Stiles’ defence and while Derek is snarky and sarcastic and is pretty much the only one who can go toe to toe with Stiles in a game of verbal tennis, we all know he is also this guy

We all know, at Derek’s core, he is cocky and arrogant. We all know he is a book nerd and likes to show off. We all know Derek Hale is, in fact, a dork. 

And the thing is, while older!Derek is emotionally closed off, is hardened and scared, his experiences having shaped and changed him, we still see glimpses off this boy and it hurts. I mean, ffs, almost ten years later and he’s still using basket balls to flirt???


And to be honest, if we do look at this scene as Derek flirting with Stiles, or at least being playful, it actually really hurts because Stiles is the only person Derek does this with. Derek “bad mouths” Stiles a lot but he also likes to play with him a little and it’s like, just for a few small moments every now and again, Derek can be himself. He can be this guy

(coincidence these scenes are also with Stiles?? *looks at the camera like I’m in the office) 

He can be the person underneath all the walls. And what is beautiful is that even though Derek likes playing with Stiles in the beginning, he does not like Stiles playing with him back. We see that several times. He’s not ready for that, it scares him and he is very wary of it. But then you get to this scene

and it’s so beautiful and makes me want to cry because


And I think, little by little, as they get closer and closer (aka Stiles going to college and “oh my god, Derek?? what are you doing here??”) Derek will let his guard down for Stiles. Will his walls go away? Of course not. But will Stiles build a goddamn stair case up those walls? Will he get to peer over and see a whole other side to Derek, a side Derek is very protective of other people seeing? I have no doubt, because what gets me about Sterek is that Derek Hale, while being someone who shuts everyone out, and understandably so, (even though all he really craves is pack and family) he lets Stiles in, bit by bit. This is why, even though their relationship in canon is never an explicit “I love you”, I don’t give a fuck because what their relationship in canon is is this whole build up of beautiful, beautiful trust. 

It’s Derek letting Stiles put his hand on his shoulder when he’s at his most vulnerable. It’s Stiles being hesitant to put his hand on Derek’s shoulder because he fucking knows Derek’s deal with being touched at this point. 

It’s Derek trusting Stiles enough to leave his baby sister with him, even though she is all he has left in this world.

It’s getting to THIS FUCKING POINT


anonymous asked:

Alec's reaction to Magnus magic was hysterical though. He was just like whoopsie, better lean sideways. I'm excited they don't show him intimidated though! Even though he probably couldn't defend himself against general magic on longer distances, right?

Anonymous said: Alec’s face in that gif when he dodges the magic though it’s like “yeah, okay, okay, I deserved that.” I’m crying.

HONESTLY LMAO he just kind of leaned to the side it was great. I’m sure Alec can defend himself just fine tbh; it’s magic, but he’s a Shadowhunter and an archer at that so long distance fighting is his specialty. Plus, he certainly knows how to duck.

Alec knows he deserved it tho for sure ajfowaj tbh I am loving that they’re already a bit like a married couple. I mean, a very powerful married couple, but still one. Like, can you imagine tho with all their powers how their bickering might go?

  • Alec drawing a silence rune on Magnus’s phone when it keeps ringing off the hook while they’re trying to make out
  • Alec’s keyboard suddenly typing WE WERE SUPPOSED TO LEAVE FOR DINNER AN HOUR AGO DARLING and he looks up and Magnus is there, casually leaning against the door frame studying his nails but Alec can see the smirk on his lips
  • Magnus plinking Alec with a little ball of magic, like the warlock version of throwing crumpled paper at someone
  • Alec glamouring a file Magnus has been going through all night so that it just says NO on all 50 pages; Magnus gets the message and comes to bed finally (Alec casually goes, How’s your research? and gets nicely pinned by a warlock for his trouble.)

I just really like the idea of the way they interact being amplified because of they’re both supernatural beings. And maybe to mortals looking in it seems a little bit startling, but to them it’s perfectly normal. Those are my favorite sort of details because these two aren’t human and I love being reminded of that. I hope we see them use their powers in petty and domestic ways alike, not just for saving the world.

You Left Me (Cassian Andor x Reader)

This was requested by tinkerbellstwin.

Before I start this off I just have to say thank you. Sincerely, thank you. I have been writing fiction since before I can remember, but I’ve never posted anything before. The fact that it’s so well received blows my mind and makes me the happiest person alive. If you have any requests, don’t hesitate to message me, and please feel free to comment on anything. You are all angels.

Okay now that you’ve all had a taste of how sappy I am, let’s get on with this.


Pairing(s): Cassian x Reader

Words: 2795 (I kind got carried away…)

Warnings: angst, fear, like two curse words, major feelings??


The first thing you feel is the cold.

Reaching out across your blankets, you feel around for Cassian. Your hand reaches the other edge of the bed without finding another body. The other body that fell asleep next to you last night. The body that had slept next to you every night, without fail, for the 7 months that your best friend had lived with you.

You shoot up, scanning the room for Cassian. His shoes are gone from the foot of your bed and his jacket is no longer hanging on your chair.

He’s gone.

There’s no note on your table, nothing to tell you where he’s gone or if he’ll come back to your room. A sick feeling settles in your gut.

You pull on your boots and thin jacket before sprinting out of your room. The halls are empty.

You beeline for the airfield, noticing immediately that Cassian’s u-wing is gone. You think through the events of the past few days. Did he say he was leaving? Did he mention a mission? Nothing rings a bell.

You head to the dining hall, trying to find Vera, a friend of yours that often works with Cassian. She’s nowhere to be found, and neither is her girlfriend, Blair. No one else seems to notice the missing faces, but they do notice your frantic behavior and unease.

“Captain, are you alright?” a nurse named Millie asks.

“I’m fine, thank you. I just seem to have misplaced Captain Andor. You haven’t seen him, have you?” you try to ask lightly.

“No, I’m afraid I haven’t. But I’ll let him know that you’re looking for him if I see him.”

You search the entire compound, but can’t seem to find him. The missing ship worries you.

That evening, you confront Mon Mothma about it. She’s in the middle of her diner. You sit down across from her, “Sorry to disturb you.” You start off, hoping that by getting into her good graces, she’ll tell you what the hell is going on.

“Don’t worry about that, Captain. What seems to be the problem?” For being our leading political figure, her composure is surprisingly easy to crack.

“Captain Cassian Andor seems to be missing, and his ship isn’t on the landing pad.” She drops her head, spearing a carrot with her fork. “I must not remember being told about a mission. Do you know where he is?”

She puts down her fork. “Need to know basis only, I’m afraid. Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to return to my diner.”

Knowing that the dining hall wasn’t the right place to make a scene, you nod and back away quietly, returning to your aimless pacing outside of your room.

Something could have happened to him. Anything could happen to him. You’re not there to watch his back. You don’t even know where he is. You chew at your thumb nail, running scenarios in your head.

You stay up well past dark, waiting for Cassian to return and tell you that everything is alright. You can’t sleep without him in the bed next to you.

The two of you had always been friends, and he didn’t know how strong your feelings were for him. He wasn’t someone that was ordinarily dense, but when it came to your feelings, he was a brick wall. There was nothing platonic about the way you thought about him, and he didn’t seem to notice. If you lost him…

You’re hands begin to shake as you realize that he left. He could have told you, and he didn’t. You can’t contain your anger as you pace your room, muttering to yourself.  

In an attempt to stop worrying and take some action, you decide to find Mon Mothma and ask again. You’re one of the best pilots in the Alliance. You have a very successful record. She can’t just deny you.

Hurrying through the halls, you try not to draw much attention to yourself. You pass everyone quickly, head down, the purpose of your mission a mystery but the presence of a purpose evident.

You reach the council room, assuming that she will be in there. You hadn’t realized that a council meeting was in session before your hand in on the knob. You pause, hearing voices.

“They should have returned before sundown. This was a basic reconnaissance mission. They should not still be in the field.” A man says. You can’t identify the owner of the voice.

“There was nothing basic about their mission, Senator.” Mon Mothma speaks up. “Jalucan is in the heart of imperial territory. I agree, they should have returned by now. But the odds of this mission failing were high. Captain Andor knew that when he agreed—“

That’s all it takes.

You burst through the doors, shouting, “You sent him to Jalucan?”

“Captain, please,” a few council members stand and attempt to subdue you.

“Get out of my way.” You push them, and end up standing in a circle of guards and council members, facing Mon Mothma. “Tell me what the mission was.” You beg, the anger laced in your tone causing a few people to take a step back.

“We sent Captain Andor and a team of 10 to Jalucan to retrieve information about the Clone armies, and statistics about weaponry and droid manufacturing.” Mothma explains.

“You sent them on a suicide mission.” You spit.

“We need the information.” A woman you can’t see speaks up.

“Why wasn’t I sent? Cassian and I could have completed that mission together. Two ships. Two teams. Better odds.”

The room is quiet.

“You are too valuable to risk on a mission like this.”

“And Captain Andor isn’t? You said you need this information? Have I not proven myself to be reliable?” you take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. “I just want to understand.”

“Someone please escort the Captain from the room.” Mon Mothma waves a hand at you and turns her back.

You’re dragged out of the room. The doors are slammed in your face and bolted.

You manage to make it back to your room before tears escape your eyes. Sobs wrack your body as you lay in bed, trying desperately to sleep. Cassian is gone. He might never come back. He’s on Jalucan of all places.

He could be dead.

Your tears eventually run dry, and you fall into a fitful sleep.

It takes three days for them to return.

You had locked yourself away, refusing summons, refusing orders, your anger fierce and unquenchable.

Lea, a young pilot, bangs on your door for the second time that day and says, “We just received word in the com tower. They’re back.”

You throw open the door and blow past her. You reach the airfield just as a crowd gathers to watch them land. The moment the ship touches the ground, the back gate opens.

A bloody Cena stumbles out of the ship. Two men carry a third between them, following her. You don’t recognize them at first, under all the dirt and blood.

It’s Cassian, suspended between Juren and Galgi, his head hanging limply. Your chest seizes up. You push through the crowd to Cassian. Shoving Galgi out of the way, you take his place supporting Cassian. “What happened?” you spit at him.

“The troopers were on us the moment we opened the doors. They knew we were coming.” Galgi huffs. “Senani went down, and the Captain went out after him. His body is in the ship.”

“Dammit Cassian.” You hiss in his ear, hoping he can hear you, “Why do you always have to play hero?” you turn back to Galgi “Did you lose anyone else?”

“Vera and Blair.” Juren answers. “We couldn’t save their bodies.”

“Did you at least get the info?” Galgi shakes his head. “Trooper stats? Blaster count? Base locations?”

“We were pinned down the moment we got there. We couldn’t get anything. We had to stop on some moon for days to avoid patrols and repair the hyperdrive. The amount of times that we almost got caught… we couldn’t retrieve any data. I’m sorry.”

Three lives, lost for nothing. You try to contain your anger, but can’t help but spit, “We have to get him to the infirmary. You can go find Mothma.”

Galgi steps away, nodding his head at me respectfully. “Yes, ma’am.”

A man you can’t name steps ahead of us, wheeling a stretcher in our path. “Here.” He says calmly. “Lay him down.” You and Juren lift Cassian up and lay him as gently as possible on the stretcher. Cassian groans in pain, the first noise you’ve heard from him.

You kiss his forehead quickly, “Stay alive.” You order, voice quiet.

The man wheels him away. A sick feeling settles in your gut as you watch him leave you again, but you know that staying with him right now will just get you kicked out. Wait a moment, you tell yourself. He’s not leaving any time soon.

You and Juren return to the ship for a moment to ensure that everyone has gotten off safely. Senani’s body has already been removed.

You try to distract yourself from running off after Cassian. It doesn’t work. He’s all you can think about.

Juren breaks the tense silence, “How did you find out about the mission?”

“Mothma. I wouldn’t leave her alone until she told me.” It comes out as a near-snarl. “What I want to know…” you turn on him, “Is why I wasn’t told in the first place.”

“The captain wanted to tell you. He tried to bargain with Mothma to bring you along. She wasn’t having any of it. She said that the two of you were a dangerous pairing. In front of everyone.” His words are jumbled and rushed. “I’m sorry. We would have been defying direct orders.”

You grit your teeth and whisper, “Dangerous pairing?”

“Something about sacrificing the mission to save each other.” Before you can turn on him, he raises both hands in surrender, “Her words, not mine.”

You storm out of the ship, past K-2, and across the airfield to where Mon Mothma was standing with Galgi. “Please excuse us for a moment.” You tell Galgi.

“Captain…” she starts, but you cut her off.

“Let me speak.” A look of resignation crosses her face, but she stays silent. “I don’t understand why you are under the impression that my work with Cassian Andor is anything but adequate. We are the most successful pairing in the Alliance. I have access to those stats. I know that for a fact. You compromised the mission by keeping us apart. Why?”

She takes a moment before explaining, “If the mission went south, I needed to ensure that one of you would be kept alive. Even if I had sent you, we would not have attained the objective.”

“Bullshit.” You snarl.

She lifts her head, looking down the bridge of her nose at me, “The ‘spirit’ that keeps you alive on the field has no place in politics. Follow your orders, or you may find yourself somewhere you’d rather not be. Now, I would advise that you spend what time you can with Captain Andor.”

You strut away from her and to the infirmary, picking up your pace to a run once out of sight.

Reaching the doorway, you see many of Cassian’s company laying on beds and getting stitched up. “He’s through there.” Millie, the nurse, points you through a set of doors.

You nod in thanks and push them open.

Cassian lays on the bed, shirtless. Large lacerations crisscross over past scars across his chest. One side of his face soaks the pillow under him in blood. An older man stands over Cassian, stitching a large cut across his collarbone. His head snaps up as you enter.

“I won’t get in your way.” You promise. “I just need to be with him. How can I help you?”

He nods once and gestures to a table in the corner. “Get me more thread. I can’t stitch all of this using the current method. I have to go traditional.”

You nod, tearing your eyes away from Cassian’s broken form and handing the man the spool.

The two of you work side by side for hours, cleaning, stitching and trying not to flinch every time Cassian groans or convulses in pain. Each time it happens, you thank the maker that he’s still alive to distract yourself from the fear that soon, he may not be.

It’s into the early hours of the morning before the man (whose name, you learn, is Abistus) tells you he’s done all he can. Cassian still hasn’t woken since you arrived.

Without asking permission, you pull a wooden chair from where it was tucked under the desk, and sit next to Cassian. Abistus rolls his eyes slightly, wishes you a goodnight, and closes the door with a click.

You let your head fall into your hands, the exhaustion and weight of life resting on your shoulders. You aren’t sure how long you sit there before you murmur, “Come on, Cassian. I can’t lose you.”

“Not planning on that.” He groans.

Your head snaps up, “Cassian?”

His eyes are dull and sunken, but open. He looks down at himself and makes a sound of disgust. You giggle slightly, Cassian’s eyes meeting yours and a small smile gracing his lips. “Is my pain funny to you?” he teases.

“No of course not. Your ‘ew’ sound is funny to me.” He laughs at that, wincing at the sudden movement.

“Don’t make me laugh. It hurts.” He whines quietly.

“Don’t make me laugh. I’m trying to be mad at you.” The smile falls from his face.

He takes a deep breath, “I couldn’t tell you. I would have been—“

“Disobeying direct orders.” You finish is sentence. “I know. Juren told me.”

You see unease in Cassian’s eyes. He hesitates before asking, “Did he… tell you anything else?”

“He told me what Mon Mothma said about us being a dangerous pairing. I confronted her about it.”

“That must have been a fun conversation.” He smiles.

“I sort of… yelled at her? A little bit?” Cassian laughs gently again. “I’m not letting that ever happen again. I’m going with you, or you aren’t going.”

“Why?” Cassian asks. “Why do you care so much? Why are you here with me? You should be mourning and helping the others.”

“I came straight here.” After yelling at our boss, you add mentally.

“But why?” his desperation is evident.

“Because I’m in love with you.” It slips out before you can stop it.

He freezes, mouth slightly open. You’re almost certain that he can hear your heartbeat from where he lays. “What?” he whispers.

“I’m in love with you.” You repeat. “I never wanted to fall in love. Not at all. But at some point you smiled and I was like holy shit, I blew It.” tears brim in your eyes. “When I woke up and you were gone, I was terrified. You left me, Cassian. You disappeared and I had to barge in on a council meeting to make enough of a scene for someone to tell me where you were. I was so scared I’d never see you again and I just…” You trail off, looking at the ground.

“Look at me.” He whispers. You look up. “I never wanted to scare you. You’re my best friend and I’ve had feelings for you since I met you, and I thought that maybe Mothma was right. That what I was feeling, the loyalty and want and love I felt for you, was dangerous.” You relax as he continues to speak. “I thought I was doing the right thing.”

“Don’t ever do that again.” Your tears fall and he reaches out a hand to brush them away.

“I promise I won’t ever leave you again.”


He falls asleep soon after that, and you rest your head on the bed, your fingers intertwined with his. Your eyes fall shut and you sleep soundly for the first time since he left.

story time

Played a few games over Overwatch last night with my mates (one was my roommate) and this one guy who my friend decided to tolerate for the evening (Lets call him B) comes along with another guy (Let’s call him M). I’ve known B for ages, sweet kid love Overwatch, so I don’t mind.

M is B’s friend and I’ve never met him before, but you know those people who just say one sentence and you can tell what kind of person they are right away? We all pop into B’s Discord, I say ‘hello’ and M is like ‘Ohhh a girl’. No. Oh no. No, no. Please no.

I decide to just flat out ignore his existence and just keep playing. To those who I haven’t played with before, I am aggressive and and swear like a mother fucking sailor, okay? It’s gross.

ANYWAY, we are getting demolished by this other team because B and M don’t seem to understand the concept of team work, but, y’know, you just gotta have fun anyway.

At one point, M and I were herded into a hall by the enemy Reaper and he ulted. M was D.Va out of her mech and I was behind M as Zenyatta. We actually survived cause I very luckily headshotted Reap’s while he had an Orb of Discord on him.

Funny thing is, M starts to brag over mic. “Oh man, I just shut down that Reaper so hard. He ulti’d and I was out of my mech suit and he still couldn’t get me, blah blah blah”. He just kept going? No one was talking, so no one was egging him on. I wanted to tell him off, but I kept quiet over mic because no one else was around to witness what happened. Plus it’s a game, so whatever. Just let the little boy brag.

And then the best thing ever happened. M bragged over match chat and tried to call the Reaper out on their ‘good effort’. The Reaper had the best comeback ever. “Actually, it was Zenyatta that shut me down.”

I legit started laughing so hard. I could hear my roommate laughing from his room too. He heard me yell about how I was the one who took the Reaper down.

I dunno who or where you are random good guy Reaps, but I hope you get some PotG’s for being honest. <3

Signature Moves

Po: belly punt

Tigress: double bitchslap

Viper: stop hitting yourself stop hitting yourself

Crane: wings of metaphor

Monkey: flailing

Mantis: gotta go fast

Oogway: take a chill pill

Shifu: f&@% you

Signature Moves (you are here!)
Signature Moves: Villain Edition
Signature Moves: Dad Edition

the signs as parks and recreation quotes
  • aries: "she's the worst person i've ever met. i want to travel the world with her."
  • taurus: “sometimes when you make an omelet you’ve gotta break a few eggs. what’s the alternative? no omelets at all? who wants to live in that kind of world? maybe birds. then all their babies would live.”
  • gemini: "i just slept seven hours, which is twice as long as i usually sleep, so i'm a little disoriented"
  • cancer: "i am not crying, okay? i’m allergic to jerks!"
  • leo: "i am big enough to admit that i am often inspired by myself."
  • virgo: "if i keep my body moving and my mind occupied at all times, i will avoid falling into a bottomless pit of despair"
  • libra: “yes, i’m a hunter… and, it’s 'you' season.”
  • scorpio: "i think i may have found a project i’d actually enjoy doing. helping these cats and dogs. they should be rewarded for not being people. i hate people."
  • sagittarius: "when life gives you lemons, you sell some of your grandma's jewelry, and you go clubbin'"
  • capricorn: "i don't even have time to tell you how wrong you are..... actually it's gonna bug me if i don't."
  • aquarius: "i’m a feminist, okay? i would never ever go to a strip club. i’ve gone on record that if i had to have a stripper’s name it would be Equality."
  • pisces: "leslie, i typed your symptoms into the thing up here and it says you could have network connectivity problems."

Grim Fandango Sentence Starters

  • I like to keep it next to where my heart used to be.
  • I need a lead on a rich, dead saint.
  • Ah, the big, golden door to mediocre management. 
  • Do I have to explain your job to you again? 
  • Oh, man. Did I come in on a Saturday again?
  • You’re not too big. The cars are just too small.
  • Hey, I got all the lip I need. I get it from you.
  • I squeezed down one of these tubes, like a pixie!
  • I have to confess… I never killed anybody.
  • You must come with me, young ones, for I am the Grim Reaper.
  • This looks nothing like Robert Frost.
  • All my friends are lonely widows and Frenchmen.
  • You smell like bacon and oppression, man.
  • Well, this isn’t the kind of progress I was hoping for.
  • Is everything okay with your eyebrows?
  • I promise to call for help at the next phone booth I walk by.
  • I just can’t bring myself to jump into the giant pit of uncleaned kitty litter.
  • I have to go. That sound makes me want to kill somebody.
  • I just locked an open door… strange, yet symbolically compelling.
  • Is there an engine that can resist the love in these hands?
  • As a rule, I never touch anything more sophisticated and delicate than myself.
  • I’m chasing a woman I met once and can’t forget.
  • You’ve got a weak attack and no follow-through.
  • Well, it’s good to know they recycle oil out here at The End of the World.
  • I knew we should have checked this side of the mountain before we walked up.
  • Okay, but if you hear a loud explosion anytime soon, the trip’s off.
  • It’s amazing how a little touch of human remains can brighten up a place.
  • Through this dark portal, an innocent man shall pass and arrive on the other side, innocent still, but colder of heart.
  • My computer gives me instant access to our database of deadbeats.
  • It’s hard to really panic while you’re wearing that little sailor suit.
  • Give me some booty and I’ll buy our way out of here.
  • Nobody knows what’s gonna happen at the end of the line, so you might as well enjoy the trip.
SLBP men and the way they strip MC san

My buddies and I were discussing about this during our girls’ talk earlier after work. So, this is what it is about… Here goes. 

Nobunaga (All: Rip it off!!!) 

Mitsuhide (Yohane: Shouldn’t Mitsu be a tad bit more agressive? The rest: He is more of a balanced mix…) 

Hideyoshi (Buddy 1: This monkey is quite a devious one. The rest: Sexy it is.) 

Mitsunari (Yohane: The classy kind. Buddy 4: Waiting for him to bed me The rest: You pedo, he is younger than MC and look how old are you?! Buddy 4: Damn you all, I am not THAT old!) 

Toshiie (All: Shy boyyyyy! Buddy 3: His will probably a little sexy. Buddy 5: Just a little?!) 

Ieyasu (All: Okay, his will be pretty sensual. Buddy 4: Why do people call him a brat?! Yohane: Yasu is a sensual one living in the body of a brat. The rest: Sounds wrong, but nah, we don’t mind!) 

Shingen (Buddy 1 and Buddy 3: This is aggressive! The rest: Shingen is a tiger, remember? Buddy 4: Eat me, Shingen! Buddy 2: Someone give her a d***o please.) 

Saizo (All: Dayumnnnnnnnn…) 

Yukimura (Yohane: World’s No. 1 Most Desired Male Virgin, fresh for consumption. Buddy 4: I can eat him. The rest: Get this woman out of here!) 

Masamune (Yohane: My man. Buddy 2: Too tame? Buddy 5: Another shy boy. But Yukimura is not even half way here! The rest: Nah, its fine, he is handsome! You will drown in his loving gaze! *incoherent squeals*) 

Shigezane (Buddy 2: He is direct and not too aggressive, me likey. Buddy 3: Fella is going to crack stupid jokes in the middle of the deed! Buddy 5: He better not!) 

Kojuro (All: PICK ME, MY LORD!!!!) 

Gif credits to: smut 101 @ tumblr, and other sources from google search. Feel free to notify me via pm if any of the gifs belongs to you, I will give proper credit for them (: 

Okay but all I can imagine

Is Even and Isak sitting somewhere at school, preferably on that windowsill that the girls were always sitting at in season 2 and Jonas and Eva used to make out at all the time in season 1.
And basically they are just being their usual dorky selves and goofing off about something super silly. Like they are arguing about pineapple on pizza or something. Is it a necessity or an abomination. At one point the argument gets so ‘heated’ that Even takes Isaks precious red SnapBack off his head and places it on his own (the right way around of course. Right after he does this Even raises his eyebrows at Isak and purses his lips as a way of saying “yep I just went there. What ya gonna do about it huh?”
Isak responds to this by rolling his eyes in annoyance but you know he’s not really annoyed, by the massive, goofy, crooked smile on his face. He then shakes his head and leans towards Even as he exclaims “you are such a loser” Even grins and leans forward quickly to peck Isak on the nose. “But I’m your loser”
Isak quickly grabs the back of Evens head before he can move his head back and pulls him back forward. He rolls his eyes again “oh don’t remind me” he says before letting their lips meet and crash together.
Soon of course they will get interrupted by Jonas or Sana or someone and just look up at them with these totally silly goofy grins on their faces. You know the kind of smile of two people completely, insanely, and intensely in love.

At Least We Have Each Other

Summary: (Y/N) has hunted with the Winchesters for many years. And then Lucifer comes into the picture. But, finally, they have a lead on where he is. They hope to kill Lucifer once and for all. Let’s just say… Plans didn’t go as expected.

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reader, (slight) Dean Winchester x Jo Harvelle

Word Count: 3736 (I am so sorry)

Warnings: Multiple character deaths, LOTS OF FEELS (Don’t say I never warned you), maybe a little OOC for Dean.

(A/N): Okay, guys. I know, this is super duper long. I’m sorry. When I first wrote it, it was almost midnight and I think I was on a role. Plus, I was crying, and ya’ll fellow writers know that feeling any kind of strong emotion doesn’t go well with writing. Well, at least not for you guys. Ya’ll have to put up with the outcomes xD. Anywho, this was pretty much my first ever ‘x Reader’ story. I had originally posted this on Wattpad like a year ago maybe, but I just decided to post it on here. What’s the harm, right? Okay, I’ll stop talking. I hope you enjoy. 

OH! And before I get cries of “COPYRIGHT THOOOO”… I know this. Most of the lines in the story belongs to Eric Kripke, the creator of this series. Understand that it needed to be this way. I’m sorry. 

Okay, so NOW on with the story.

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I really hate that people expect stim blog owners to all be this little uwu spread kindness!! uwu cheerful all the time!!! uwu people like… We’re just normal people. We get angry and we get upset and we do bad things on impulse. Stop getting mad at blog owners for being “callous” or “rude”. We’re people. Not some sort of saint. Stop expecting kindness in return for absolutely nothing.


Derp Emblem: Lost and Chrom

So uh… I know it’s been a few weeks, and I really should have more than just a filler comic to share, but I promise I have a lot more in the works! There’s at least two comics and some singles being written, and we’ll be continuing with weekly live streams either tomorrow or Saturday! It just depends on how sore I am, since I was kind of rear-ended on the way to my night class yesterday :’D I am okay though so please don’t worry about me!! Instead, look forward to all of the content we plan to give you soon!!