i am just a leader

i like dont think of myself as a leader but like… i just am i am literally the leader of my friends at work and there’s one guy who calls me the studio pimp cos theyre all my hoes 


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Ninjago confusion:
  • Lloyd: I just don't know...why am I the leader?
  • Jay: Hey yeah, why ARE you leader again?
  • Wu: Because he is the green ninja, and destined to lead you all.
  • Kai: Really? That's kind of weak, and I'm not just saying that because of my Red Ranger complex.
  • Cole: Honestly we've all taken the role of leader and saved the day time and time again, maybe we don't really HAVE a leader?
  • Jay: Also we were all his teachers once, now he's in charge? That's weird.
  • Wu: It is his destin-
  • Nya: Shut the fuck up old man, we're still mad at you for fighting Acronix alone!
  • Jay: Seriously, you're old and barely have powers, we're young and have SEVERAL powers...not...nearly as much as in season 1 for some reason, but its something!
  • Nya: And while we're questioning things, why can't I be Samurai X AND the water elemental? Hell, why do I have to be a ninja at all?
  • Wu: Uh, well you see-
  • Cole: And what idiotic strategy is fighting alone? There's literally over a DOZEN elemental masters in action, and you didn't call any of them, including us?
  • Skylor: Do I still have my powers or don't I? ITS CONFUSING!
  • Kai: Are we still a thing? Why haven't we pursued that?
  • Jay: What happened to my parents?
  • Kai: What happened to MY parents?
  • Moro: Why can't I come back as a ghost?
  • Garmadon: Why can't I come back period?
  • Misako: Why do the writers insist on acting like I'm in love with Wu, when it looks more like I'm his nursemaid?
  • Lloyd: How could I have even been born 10 years ago when logically my mom is just as old as you and couldn't logically bare a child?
  • Scales: Where the hell have I been?
  • Pythor: Why do I still think I can take over the world despite sucking so much?
  • Zane: If elemental powers are passed through bloodlines, how am I(a nindroid) an elemental?
  • Echo Zane: Does Zane still know I exist? Am I an elemental?
  • Pixal: Why can't Borg industries make me a new fucking body?
  • Borg: Why can't I make myself cybernetic legs like that chick in Arrow everybody hates for no good reason?
  • Master Chen: How is it I'm the most despicable and cunning villain so far, yet somehow look hilarious and stupid? Also vaguely racist.
  • Kai: And those are just SOME of the many questions we have.
  • Wu: All good questions that I will *ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ*
  • Kai: Friggin dammit, not again.

What would happen if Lance died and the rest of the team goes back to Earth to tell his family, like

-They all had a vague sense that his family was large, but w h a t (Hunk definitely already knew but he’s too sad to be telling the team these things because Lance should be doing it)

-His family already thought he was dead/missing, and the team now has to explain, no, he wasn’t dead, he was saving the universe

-Everyone is crying now

-The team feels especially bad now, because they were all worried about themselves, but none of them has ever heard Lance talking about missing his family besides Coran

-Now Coran feels bad that he never further helped Lance with this problem

-Pidge is mad at herself for always talking about her family and not thinking about how Lance had a family too

-Hunk is now realising that he had been shoving Lance away right when Lance really needed him

-Keith has hardly ever met people like this . They are telling them that Lance is dead and yet they’re still joking like Lance would and Keith can’t handle it??

-Shiro hears from Lance’s family how he was Lance’s hero and he already kind of knew, but “oh wow, I treated this kid horribly when he was just trying to impress me I am a horrible leader”

-Allura regrets pushing Lance so hard. She once nearly drove everyone into a star once just to go a home she knew was already long since destroyed, but Lance never tried to leave? And yet she still yelled at him. He honestly had more to return to than she did, but she never even considered it

(Wow, I love langst. And wow, I am bad at getting ideas down. This sounded better in my head)

Astro Insecurities

Every one of the 12 zodiac signs has a visceral uncertainty that is burrowed behind their carefully constructed camouflage. Whether they are overconfident, overprotective, overly shy, or just plain guarded, here is a list of what the zodiac is trying to hide…

Aries: What If I’m Not a Superhero? Aries feel compelled to verify their bravery with daring acts of recklessness, but the seemingly confident Ram uses heroism to hide the gnawing anxiety that maybe they will never be important enough to make a lasting impression on the world.  

Taurus: Will I Ever Have Enough? Taurus dreads the idea of destitution and emptiness, because being barren makes them feel lonely and inadequate, so the passive Bull seeks out ways to curb the inner hunger for completeness. Still, they wonder if their happiness is entirely quantifiable.

Gemini: Why Can’t I Finish What I Start?  Determined to get a broad understanding of their world, Geminis change course on a constant basis, but the Twins privately chastise themselves for their unfinished business, and ask why the finish line is so hard for them to reach.

Cancer: When Will I Feel Safe? Cancer aches for the day when he or she can overcome their shyness. Crabs hide inside their shell because in it they are out harm’s way, secretly they hope for a time when they can confidently crawl into the limelight.

Leo: Am I Just Hype? Like a good leader, Leo never lets their morale fade. Instead, the Lion covers up his or her self-doubt with boastful bragging and faithful confidence, but they wonder if underneath it all, they are just one big fat fake self-promotion.

Virgo: Can I Handle It All? Provoked to prove their worth, Virgos take on many overwhelming odd jobs and responsibilities, but the fear of failure, and of never being enough worries the Virgin, who never wants to let down the loved ones who rely on them.

Libra: Why Can’t I Say No? Libra wants total agreement between friends and family to avoid argumentative confrontations, but catering to the needs and wants of others, and attempting to appease everyone in order to gain love leaves the Scales unsure of who they really are.

Scorpio: Am I Going to Get Hurt? Scorpio wants to love and be loved unconditionally in spite of all their eclipsed emotions and dark qualities, so they arm themselves against potential threats that might pierce their defensive armor and fatally wound the naturally untrusting and self-protective Scorpions.

Sagittarius: What Am I Searching For? Sagittarius aims to amass tons of knowledge and experience, but amidst their goal chasing, Centaurs are faced with the reality of their nomadic ways. They know they are meant for something more, but for once, aren’t certain what it is.    

Capricorn: Will I Leave a Legacy? Capricorns stay quiet and concentrated on their concrete goals in hopes of building a respected empire and retiring early. Deeply desiring to contribute to the world, Goats wonder if money and materials are the things they will be remembered for.

Aquarius: Why am I so Different? The world applauds Aquarians for their distinctiveness and detachment, but it is the cause of much shame and embarrassment for Water Bearers who secretly long for a day when they won’t be considered a modern day mutant without a heart.

Pisces: Will I Always Feel Lost? Pisces tries to go with the flow in hopes of being swept away to their higher purpose and true self, but adaptability has Fish questioning whether they will find their own way in this world without the influence of others.

Enjolras is super terrible at taking care of himself. He goes to sleep late and wakes up early in order to study, finish assignments, work on any projects for the Amis, and go to class.

He only eats one meal a day too. Usually it’s not even that he forgets to eat, he just doesn’t have the time to until he’s so hungry that he just doesn’t feel it anymore. And by the time dinner rolls around, he ends up eating something like an entire pizza by himself.

It’s not even that Enjolras doesn’t know how to take care of himself, it’s that the semesters just get too busy and he’s stuck in an unhealthy spiral until breaks come around. 

Grantaire is aware of the fact that Enjolras ignores his wellbeing in favor of the work he needs to get done. However, he doesn’t realize just how bad it is until he starts dating him and sees it first hand.

The amount of times that Grantaire has seen Enjolras stare at a pile of unwashed dishes and shrug is concerning. 

  • Keith, in bed with Lance: he's probably thinking about allura. classic.
  • Lance, internally: I thought I was the team sharpshooter, but maybe i don't have a thing. Maybe Pidge was right. I am just a goofball. Not only am I not meant to be leader, I guess... I guess now I'm not even meant to be a Paladin. So maybe the best thing I can do for the team is step aside. This isn't a participation game, Lance. This is war, and you want your best soldiers on the front lines. I should just go.
  • Keith: you alright?
  • Lance, smiling: of course.
My Queen ~Bellamy Blake~ (Part 1)

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Summary: It’s Unity Day and reader has been looking forward spending some time with Bellamy, but instead he is having fun with Clarke. Reader gets jealous and gets into the fight with him. Then she goes with him, Raven, her best friend, and Jasper on the mission as the backup for Clarke and she gets hurt.

Part 2

Word count: 3741

For the first time since we came down here, I could see everyone having a good time. They finally got a chance to loosen up a little.

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; just my daily dose of jinhun :’)

in which jihun calls ‘youjin hyung, youjin hyung~’….

and youjin turns to look at him….

and jihun reaches out to touch youjin’s face with his finger because he just can’t help himself and sends me sobbing in the corner ;~;


What I like about these two screenshots of his smile is that these both happen in just one moment (TFP: Orion Pax part 3). The one above is like something is cute and it just melts his spark, it is such a gentle smile.

The second one though… That smile is like he is smiling toward his lover, there is so much depth in that, this time something doesn’t melt his spark but that smile melts our hearts.

My heart breaks for those that have been hurt and pushed away by the church. The church was designed to be a safe place; a place for broken people to come together and heal together through the love and grace of Christ. What happened to you, or what was said to you, was not right. The church can disagree with something you have done or said, but you should still be shown love, grace, and compassion, while still receiving guidance. If something happened to you as a result of a church member or leader’s actions - directly or indirectly - or you confided in a church member or leader about something that happened to you in the past and you were not treated fairly, that is not your fault. I stand with you, and I hear you. You are not alone.


to the passionate male who had never played an instrument before but can now always be seen with a guitar,

to the ambitious male who wants the band to be recognized for their musicality,

to the reliable leader that the members and the fans love so much,

to the soft-hearted one that is actually the strongest,

happy birthday, park sungjin!

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When will cat become president of united states, bc i am honestly ready. Be our new leader pls.

thank but just want to take nap and lov birb


Raphael x Reader

Requested by @onlyharryforever

“Raph!” You yelled and dived for the demon.

“(Y/N) … come on answer me.” Raphael called as he tried to get to you but you jumped back onto the roof with a chuckle.

“Seriously I’m tough, you thought an itty-bitty demon could get me?” You giggled and he rolled his eyes as Simon chuckled behind him.

“What were you thinking!” Raphael snapped and you rolled your eyes.

“Urm saving your life, seriously Raphael if I have to deal with Camille again I will eat Mundanes just to get rid of her.” You sighed dramatically and he rolled his eyes.

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Personally? I don’t agree with the Sansa QiTN theories but something that I also don’t agree with is this idea that Sansa isn’t “as Northern” as her other siblings. That may have been the original outline for her character but I think that there is enough proof to show it’s evolved beyond that. That isn’t to say that Sansa’s connection to the North isn’t at risk, but I think ultimately she will reclaim her identity as a Stark and a woman of the North.

I am always in awe of all the parallels between Arya’s and Sansa’s storylines, and the biggest one is this loss of identity. There is the chance that perhaps Sansa losing Lady early in the series means she loses her strongest tether, but remember Lady was also brought back to and buried at Winterfell, because that is where Lady, a representation of Sansa’s spirit, belongs, according to Ned. Like how Arya will be reunited with Nymeria and lead the wolf pack, I think, in a (semi-morbid i guess lol) way Sansa can also be reunited with Lady. I always wonder about Lady and how she was brought North and the line “The Lannister woman will never have /this/ skin.” Was Lady’s skin preserved somehow? Could Sansa “reclaim” this skin in the only way she can now? Lady might be gone, but we have seen in Bran’s chapters that her spirit lives on in how he can “feel” her. Idk i am interested in seeing where this goes in the books.

There seems to be this need among a lot of Stark stans that to prove they are the Starkiest Stark, they have to rule Winterfell, and I just??? don’t really agree with that. Being a Stark and being of the North to me is more than just where the characters physically are, it’s about how they choose to /be/. Even if my wolf pelt theory doesn’t come to pass lol, Sansa’s spirit still remains in the North and that is something that can’t be taken away from her no matter where her story takes her. Right now, Sansa is in a tough situation in the Vale where her morals are being put to the test but I think we can’t count out that she’ll overcome it like a Stark.