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The first time you sleep with Sunggyu

Scenario: You and Sunggyu have been dating for a little while, and you really, really want him.
Rating: fluff with a smutty ending
Word Count: 3361

It was 6:30pm and everything was perfect. You’d changed your outfit four times already, and finally settled on a light, summery evening dress with pumps and a cream cardigan. No tights, so you’d had to spend ages waxing your legs (such an chore). You’d even painted your toenails to match the dress, a pastel blue colour. Your hair was styled just right and you were wearing that cotton scented perfume that Sunggyu told you he liked last time you’d worn it. As you stood in front of the mirror, checking your reflection for what must have been the fiftieth time in the last hour, the door buzzed and your heart fluttered. He was here!

It was date four with Sunggyu. You’d known him for a while, introduced through mutual friends at some gathering at an art gallery where you’d both been bored and hadn’t understood the art on display. A few more chance meetings and you were pretty sure you liked this guy, even if he seemed to own more cardigans than your grandmother. He was intelligent, good looking, and he had a great job. The more you go to know him, the more he made your heart beat faster, made you giggle in a very girly way, made you twist your hair in your fingers and lean in closer to hear what he was saying. Everyone saw it, and there was no surprise when he eventually asked you out.

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YOU KNOW WHAT’S DUMB. maf. epicmafia is dumb. because it makes you ship ships that you shouldn’t ship. or that you should totally ship idk because i’m so on board for akaoi bye