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FAQ 4. Does this mean everything is a lie?

FAQ for: “5H and Camila have the same management and PR firm” post.

4. Is everything a lie? (about the girls’ relationships)

No. Just because I’m saying that the messy breakup is a purposeful PR move to fabricate drama and get headlines, that doesn’t mean that OT5 is strong and they are all super best friends behind the scenes. Realistically, I think some of the tension was real. But the key word is SOME.

I love a good OT5 moment, but I am not naive enough to believe that all Camila’s relationships in the group were perfect. Of course there was tension in the group at different points, and honestly (from an outside perspective) Camila seemed way closer to some members than others. It is incredibly hard for us to judge these things - this is mostly speculation. But I think all of us noticed some especially tense times around just over a year ago. This was at the time that the label first tried out ‘solo camila’ with IKWYDLS and behind the scenes LAND formed the band partnership without Camila. My personal opinion is that this was the time when Camila’s solo career was being planned. They started to set the separation narrative up and began the process of transitioning Camila into a solo act. If I were one of the other 4 girls and I realised that Camila had been chosen by the label to ride off of the group’s success and have the opportunity to kickstart a successful career (leaving the band’s future vulnerable), I would be pretty angry. I think this sentiment is reflected in the way that the parents aggressively stan their daughters. They were probably all trying to protect their daughter’s careers because they were worried. Even though they were all (C and some 5H parents) annoying AF, it is understandable that they were so passionate given the highly competitive environment and fucked up situation they were in. I don’t really usually like to discuss personal relationships because I am aware that it is just speculation and I may be completely wrong, but I am just putting this forward to show that I do believe that there were issues in the group. 

I think we also need to consider that we tend to only think about the business side of things when we think about possible tension in the group (because this is all we know anything about) but there could be tonnes of other stuff that has happened that explains certain members being less or more close to each other. Each girl has an individual relationship with each of the other 4 girls. That’s a lot of ships. And all over the span of 5 years whilst they are in a very fucked up environment that puts a huge strain on their mental health. This is all very complex and realistically there must have been fights and there must have been certain people who were much closer than others. NOT because they are girls. But because they are humans with complex personalities who are growing up in close quarters with each other in a high-pressured environment. Meanwhile, people were purposefully trying to pit them against each other: The public, the media and quite possibly even their own team. 

So yeh they’ve probably been through a lot. As Dinah said, ‘We’ve got a whole lot of history’ could be their soundtrack.


And this is a massive ‘however’…

All of this does not mean that the break-up narrative was real !!!!! The inevitable perceptible tension that us fans observed at some points helps to make the whole story of how Camila supposedly left fifth harmony seem more believable. From what I’ve observed, a lot of effective PR is about exploiting real life events and relationships

BUT this does not mean that the particular story they have fed us is real!! Particularly this ‘black and white’ ‘4 against 1′ narrative.

The key that gives it away is the TIMING. As I have said many a time, the story of Camila screwing them over last minute via her representatives literally just doesn’t make sense. The fact that we now know they are with the same management and publicists just confirms that this is bullshit.

The timeline they have sold us doesn’t fit with what the fans could see of the relationships in the group. Yes, we observed tension (as I said mainly at the time c’s solo career was probably being set in motion) but as time went on throughout the 7/27 era we saw some of Camila’s ships flourish. Lauren and Camila were sharing merch right up to the end basically. Another good example: on the same trip to Europe as 4H signed the trademark assignment (without Camila), we saw the famous camren kiss greeting in London. Out of principal, I do not discuss camren on this blog. But I only bring it up because (no matter whether you personally think they are just friends or more than that) two people who are not genuinely close do not greet each other with kisses in the morning and share each others clothes. Then of course there is Dinah. Good old Dinah. Caminah was seriously strong throughout 7/27 and LITERALLY RIGHT BEFORE the supposedly ‘bitter’ break-up we saw Dinah trying to get the message to us that she fucking loves Mila and supports her no matter what. We even got a tiny bit of OT5 and Normila towards the end as well. I mean come on people - the timing in their break-up story clearly doesn’t fit what the fandom knows and it is clearly aimed mainly at the general public who don’t know this stuff. It is apparent that some of C’s ships are probably not that strong, and that at some point shit went down, but we also know for sure that the ‘4 against 1′ story they are selling is not true.

To be honest, pure common sense and an understanding of how business works tells you that it would have been virtually impossible for Camila to screw everyone over by sneakily ‘going solo’ and letting everyone know last minute. This shit takes major preparation and involves a lot of people (and a lot of money). Now that we know that she had the same publicists and Maverick were also managing her solo career, we can see for sure that its all bullshit. THEY HAD THE SAME TEAM!!! It is probably true that contractually a member of a band has to give in an official month’s notice before leaving - and perhaps Roger (as her personal manager) was the one to deal with this formality. BUT seeing as she had the same publicists as 5H and Maverick were also managing her solo career… It would have literally been impossible for them ‘not to know’ about when she was beginning her solo career - THEY WERE THE ONES PLANNING IT LMAO. The labels. Maverick. Their publicists. They were all in on Camila going solo. Who else is left? Roger? Sinu lol? Camila can’t just use her personal manager to sneakily go solo - she needs her label, management firm and PR firm to make it work - all of whom are also 5H’s team. It’s just common sense.

This answer was way longer than expected, but I hope I have made it clear that that the recent discoveries do prove that the PR Breakup contained a hell of a lot of fabricated bullshit, even if there was real tension in the group. Don’t make the mistake of using tension in the group as evidence that the bitchy break-up was genuine. You are not being ‘realistic’ by using this logic: You are being misled. There may have been elements of truth in all this, but the bottom line is that the public were fed a dramatic story in order for 5H and C to gain massive publicity, sell records and eventually line the label execs’ pockets with DOLLARS.

Wake up people - This is business.

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What is your favorite floor relationship on OUAT? Floor Queen? Captain Floor? Captain Charming Floor? Which Floor relationship is OTP? (Clearly I am going to gifs of people wiping out?)

So this is so hard!  To be honest I OT3 Captain Floor Queen.

But … Best Charming Floor (or Charming River)

Best Savior Floor

Best Captain Floor

Impossible to beat this Fairest Floor

Can’t beat this Floor Queen

Special mention for the fact that Rumple never lets Belle hit the Floor.

Ask me my favorite OUAT things and I’ll answer with gifs

i love ace jughead in the comics because i think it’s really important representation and fits his comic character 

that said

i LOVE betty and jughead together in the show because i think there’s an added element of tragedy to both of them that isn’t there in the comics (and i say this as only a very casual reader of them from many many years ago so i could be wrong)

they’re both so much more than they appear to be and from the outside, they might seem like opposites - the sunny girl next door and the surly boy from the wrong side of the tracks - but the truth is, they both have jagged pieces that fit together, they both want to find the truth, they both want to be more than their parents

their platonic friendship is so so so sincerely great in the comics, but i am really really loving their mutually respectful relationship in the show even more

the way betty nurtures jughead’s writing and gives him the opportunity to write for the school newspaper, the way jughead accepts her offer even though it goes against his anti-establishment ways, the way jughead plays her movie suggestion at the last night of the drive in, the way jughead stands up for her to archie, the way they are committed to finding out the truth about jason’s murder together, even if it reveals unpleasant truths, the way they trust each other and the way they work together

this is a true partnership and it’s so great seeing the reciprocity on both sides

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hey so what are your thoughts on intj x intj romantic relationships? I am an intj and I dated another intj briefly, and it didn't work out communication wise but we were amazing platonic friends.

Honestly, I think that MBTI is only marginally more relevant to the success of a relationship than zodiac signs. It’s about healthy communication and shared worldviews, not type compatibility.

My Thoughts on FT Chapter 524

this chapter is so epic, and I just love to see those dork brothers punching each other.

(and recently, I just realized that Zeref is taller than Gray and of course,Natsu)

I am glad that Mashima-sensei decided to not showing Zeref fighting Natsu with his magic ability. this means a lot for me, and is it just me or Zeref is still care his brother? Zeref made Natsu hit tables, and he won’t attack him again. it’s very different than Silver vs Gray or even Eileen vs Erza.


Originally posted by ft-aesthetic

and Cana’s relationship with Gildarts is very precious. I am kind of that person, I actually care for my Dad, but I won’t show it so much, hahaha

but, let’s talk about this:

I think next chapter will talk about Larcade and… the rest of Spriggan 12, because they are literally is Zeref children… if not, then what word “sons” stand for? 

btw, I don’t think we will lose another character, but… maybe we will lose this manga soon… 

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I fucking called it. Everything I said the articles the her being in LA the shady fan pics confirming it. Like how is it possible for someone to legit call everything for a "real" relationship. If this don't open anyone eyes that it's possible to call out everything before it happens people should really question how legit the relationship is

exactly. i am rolling my eyes at how predictable everything is

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(1/3) I'm confused about my orientation - I always thought I'm straight - I date only men and have been in physical relationships with men only and I am attracted to some men. But, for example, when I was 12 I saw this girl and immediately imagined the two of us kissing, and felt a special something for her I couldn't quiet understand. In the past few months, I've dated some men, but haven't been in any relationship with any of them. Then, I found myself exposed to the world of gay fanfiction.

(2/3) At first, I was exposed to only m\m pairings, but lately I’ve started reading f\f pairings as well. And then, everything got really confusing, because I found myself start to fantasize not only about men but also about women (at first along with a men, but a short time after without men). Nowadays, I find myself fantasize about both genders, sexually, as the mood strikes (Sometimes only men, sometimes only women, sometimes both). I guess it makes me a bisexual, doesn’t it?

(3/3) The thing is, I’m not yet sure it really does make me a bisexual, because outside of my fantasies, when I interact with people from both races, I seek men only in a sexual way. Does it mean I’m hetero-romantic? Can it be that my whole veiw and behaivor is affected from heteronormativity? Sorry for the long ask, and thank you for taking time to answer it, I really love this blog xx

It’s very possible that heteronormativity has influenced your behavior and your understanding of your orientation. It may also be that you have a preference for men.

Take some time. Figure things out. Explore. You don’t need to be in a rush.


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I absolutely love your blog and everything to do with it from the threads to the ACOTAR/Tog stuff. I wanted to ask if you know of any girl/girl relationships in books as I am attempting to write one and I need a bit of help. (sorry if this is a bit weird) Thanks


oh god

I don’t think i do.

this needs to be remedied 

Perfect KS song

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bE4OMnvFDOU&feature=share this is “outside” by staind. I think it’s so fitting for the series in many ways. It describes bum and woos dynamic (NO I AM NOT SAYING THEY ARE IN A FUCKING ROMANTIC RELATIONSHIP…TWO PEOPLE’S INTERACTIONS WITH ONE ANOTHER CAN BE CALLED A RELATIONSHIP SO YALL CHILL…excuse me 😩) and the tone and chorus reminds me of how sangwoo may see his victims. Do you agree?

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for the top 5; your favorite s-support with vivi


uh I suppose I’ll do one for sonas and one for canon units????

Also pls keep in mind not all of these S-supports are even wRITTEN YET but are definitely been planned out lmao… so I guess I’m basing this as much on their actual SUPPORT as I am to their RELATIONSHIP after the S-support lmao…

Canon Units:

  1. Arthur, against all expectations!
  2. Benny is a close second~!
  3. Charlotte
  4. Takumi
  5. Shura
  6. And extra: the one crackship I will never recover from, Iago


I’m too indecisive to make a TOP 5, but I’ll list five
of my favourites in no specific order;

I’m gonna work on updating Goten’s profile before work and I’’ll get to all my posts afterward. Just as a quick cheat sheet though:

  • Goten is 24 by default. You should ask if you want to interact with a younger Goten.
  • Goten lives in West City with Trunks. He visits his parents’ home often, but it is not his home.
  • Goten works full time for West City Records as a producer there. He wants to open his own radio station. He has a degree in tele-communications, and a minor in musical composition. He can write his own music and play piano, and has a decent singing voice. He is responsible for a large portion of the music that plays on popular radio.
  • Goten is in a relationship with Trunks. This is a fluid constant as I am multiship. For asks that do not specify his relationship, however, it will default to that Trunks.
  • Goten has a child with Trunks. The biological mother is Chiyori and the biological father is Trunks. This was done via in vitro fertilization. Neither Chiyori nor the birth mother have any claim to the child. 
  • By default it is assumed that Chiyori is his sister. He will make references to her. Unless you have some serious issue with Gwyn, I’m not gonna budge on this cause having a sister has become a major component of his personality.
  • Goten has the same Heart Virus that killed Goku in the future verse. The form of virus has mutated so the same vaccine no longer works. Bulma is aware of this and has him on a medication that keeps is stable, but it will eventually get worse without a cure.
  • Goten has reached the third level of ascendency on his own (separate from being Gotenks). He can easily maintain and push himself to SSJ2. Nearly all of his training from age nineteen on has been done with Trunks and Vegeta, so it wouldn’t be surprising if the Sons are not aware of Goten’s increased power. 
  • Goten has trouble controlling himself as a Super Saiyan. He’s gotten better, but there are things that will still cause him to become a sadistic murder machine. Seeing Trunks hurt is probably the biggest one, followed close behind by seeing anyone in his family hurt. But– If Gohan hurt Trunks, Gohan would be the one losing his teeth.
  • When I say he turns into a sadistic murder machine, he turns into a sadistic murder machine. Goten will not hesitate to bite a chunk out of someone’s hand or arm if it gets too close to his mouth.
  • You’re a little fucked if he fuses with Trunks. Gotenks is Gogeta or Vegetto levels of power then. 
  • Finally – DO NOT UNDERESTIMATE HIM. This is both my own and Goten’s biggest pet peeve (being quite a bit more than a pet peeve for him). If you do or your character does, that’s fine, but be aware that he has SSJ3 levels of strength with no moral limits to hold him back in his Super forms. He will fuck you up.

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Hi, I've recently discovered that I'm (probably) ace and everything makes SO much sense! However, I am only 16 and have not been in a relationship before, so there is a slight possibility I may just be demisexual...And I think that one day when I'm ready I'd like to try sex and see what it's like? Is it still okay to identify as asexual? I still feel like many of the common characteristics among asexuals apply to me though. Thank you so much!

yeah man go for it if you think you’re comfortable

there are a lot of aces who enjoy sex & it doesn’t make them any less ace

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)