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Midnight Reminiscing: ReggiexReader! PART TWO.

hey guys, here is the last part of the mini fic! Thankyou to the anon who sent in a couple of prompts, I have included one in this part! 

Summary: (Y/N) and Reggie head back to Reggie’s house.

Warnings: Sliiiiight smut, not much at all tho. Cussing.

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deliclouis  asked:

wait what was the "Louis' ankles in the 5SOS video" thing?? I don't remember this at all!

Ahhhhhh okay yay I love talking about this. So if you don’t know, the band went on their 3 month hiatus (it started just after Christmas 2013 and went through to like the end of March or something like that [though they still did stuff like film perfume ads and the ghastly you and i video]) and during that time we kept getting smacked over the head with pap photos and fan pictures of Harry off by himself in LA (usually with Jeff). 

Louis, meanwhile, was almost completely MIA but would pop up once every couple of weeks (usually in the UK and on Rovers-related business). His twitter, of course, was going full steam ahead with the whole ‘i’m in the uk of course i am oh look celebrity big brother’s on did i mention i love pizza hut’ message to placate the rest of the fandom (because obviously louis’ twitter has always been completely honest and never full of shameless promo but anyway). 

It was during the time that the louis and harry are always separated and can never ever be on the same continent narrative was being pushed really hard and other than us making some educated guesses timeline-wise we didn’t really have any concrete proof as to when Louis was in LA and when he wasn’t.

Enter 5SOS.

They posted this video on keek of them in LA in mid-January (so when Harry was there too) and you could see Louis’ vans, ankle and jeans moving in the background as well as hear his voice if you listened really carefully (Louis’ gait is fairly distinctive too so everyone flipped out it was awesome). Here’s a post from @bulletproofhalo corroborating the date (January 16th was when we first noticed but the video itself was posted on January 12th 2014).

Again, Louis was MIA often enough then that it wasn’t difficult to picture him sneaking around LA on the dl quite frequently but this was one of the few times we were like BUSTED TOMLINSON.

I actually wonder, like, basically all the time why barista au became such a thing and pizza place aus did not? Like there’s just so much you can do with pizza madness (and especially if the place delivers) that I feel like fandom is missing out

(okay I suspect the answer is that a lot more ppl writing fanfiction have probably spent a measurable amount of time in a coffee place than a pizza place)

(like, in fairness, pizza delivery person is my career at this point in time and has been for a minute so I am BIASED but I also am well aware of my personal life experiences that fit well into fandom)

my CV-

  • I’ve been delivering pizza off and on since I was 19 (I’m 32)
  • I’ve worked at several different joints, franchises of big corporate entities and somewhat more mom and pop joints


  • people return over and over to the job so that person you worked with three years ago but moved to Portland to find themselves suddenly showing back up in uniform is not even remotely shocking anymore
  • customers are just weirder. I know- customers can get pretty weird- but when you go to their actual homes where they are comfortable, they are much weirder in a sort of broader sense
  • (I’m not saying my weirdest is weirder than your weirdest, I’m just saying that people, in general, feel a lot more free to be weird at their house, if you get what I’m saying?)
  • (Like most people who are At Stores or Restaurants recognize that they are In Public and generally try to behave two notches less weird than usual) 
  • at some point you just come to terms with the fact that sex acts have been, will be, (maybe) are currently occurring in the store
  • ‘come to terms with’ may = performing sex acts in the store
  • some places have that One Guy Who Came With the Building, he’s creepy and nobody really likes him but he shows up and does his job and goes home so enh?
  • you will not be surprised if it turns out he is nefarious and has been up to no good
  • that One Guy Who Came With the Building is also probably That Guy Who Should Have Been Fired- there’s always one person who does outrageous things that should get them fired and for some reason they do not get fired
  • like eat the customers’ food instead of delivering it
  • or just, like, walk into a customer’s house?
  • shows up too stoned/drunk to cook anything and ended up sleeping it off somewhere in the store, probably on the rack where the driver bags live
  • (all REAL EXAMPLES of REAL EMPLOYEES who still have their fucking jobs) 
  • sometimes the employees will team up and band together to drive the person out of the job 
  •  the person will immediately be replaced by a very similarly useless jackass
  • there are at least two people who show up 15-40 minutes late on the regular, they are forgiven their lax approach to the concept of time by generally being good at their job
  • I know someone who was fired and re-hired in literally the same sentence.
  • “If you feel that way, I’m going to have to let you go… actually, no, I really need coverage this week, can you work tomorrow?” 
  • when you deliver pizza really late at night- I’m talking, like, 2-3 in the morning or later, you see some really weird shit
  • like, cryptid type weird shit

I mean, just, like. for your consideration. 

Fandom vs Canon Garde
  • Fandom Four: Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah
  • Canon Four: Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah Sarah
  • Fandom Five: I am an evil cannibal from the southern mountains who feasts on the dreams of young children and also I kill puppies in my spare time
  • Canon Five: Oh god I just want to live I'm sorry
  • Fandom Six: I'm a badass
  • Canon Six: I'm a badass also I like Sam's ass
  • Fandom Marina: Let it gooooooo
  • Canon Marina: I ain't takin any of yo shit Nine
  • Fandom Eight: PIZZA..............
  • Canon Eight: PIZZA............... WITH MARINA
  • Fandom Nine: Yo baby check out my abs *flexes arms* oh yeah
  • Canon Nine: I am secretly very insecure about myself and I am very awkward around the ladies. I try and blame all my problems on other people, usually Five, while generally acting like a bit of dick.

anonymous asked:

you know what i think would be really fucking cool, if julie had a one direction song playing during one of the skam scenes as a nod to all the one direction fans that came to the skam fandom lmao

• Fool’s Gold while Sana watches Yousef being his shiny self with the balloon squad and oh…. is that Noora?

• AM while the girls are laughing and telling goofy stories about their childhood in a roof at midnight, drinking wine, because they’re fancy (it doesn’t matter is the cheapest and for them everything taste like the same) and warm pizza.

• Home while evak makes dinner, Even is making the salad because “baby, we have to eat something healthy from time to time, i want to take care of you” and Isak the pasta. it’s nothing groundbreaking, it’s just them living their new life.

• Best Song Ever comes randomly on one of the boys playlist while they’re pregaming. at first everyone stop talking but nobody change the song and when Jonas start signing quietly “and we dance all night to the best song ever” it’s like the spell is broken. so seconds later everyone is screaming the lyrics, Magnus is trying to hit Zayn parts and failing miserably, Mahdi transformed the table in his own percussion and Isak thinks that maybe next time he will add Just Hold On to the pregame playlist, the boys will love it.

I am 100% tempted to get a huge coach bus, pick every single member of the wizzy fandom up at their houses and go to a con (If you’re over seas, it’s fine, i’ll drive across the ocean idc). We can rent out like an entire floor of the hotel, and cosplay our wizards and characters and eat pizza and chill and play wizzy during the late hours and take up an entire restaurant for dinner and just have a good time.

I got tagged by @ravenssama !~ I always appreciate you tagging me in these things :D Makes my day~ 

Name/nickname: Lily 

Relationship status: Single pringle and maybe ready to mingle?

Favourite colour: Errr….It’s purple….I think…. (Now that I really think about it, is it really purple?)

Last song I listened to: Wild Flower by Park Hyo Shin

Favourite TV Show: Is it bad that I don’t have TV and only really watch anime? :P 

First fandom: protector of the small by tamora pierce……. pls don’t judge me 

Hobbies: I like sleeping, reading, sketching and eating

Books that I’m currently reading: Does fanfiction count? Just kidding. I’m trying to finish the Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater…unsuccesfully

Worst thing I’ve eaten: I am generally not really a picky person, but pineapple pizza….. 

Favourite place(s): My dorm room, the cafeteria….and if we’re talking about countries, I’d have to say Japan~

Tagging: @musso-musso-black-forest, @frosty-kirkland, @miyukikookie, and @fujitaras@one-eyed-kaneki-kun, @kimobits and….I guess anyone else who wants to try this out? :D 

looking for health-accountability buddy!

okay! so starting when this semester is over (because trying to do this before then would literally kill me) I am gonna start working out and eating better and I wanna have an accountability partner buddy thing that will do it with me! we can text and stuff every day and make sure the other is doing well and making good choices and be like “okay no put the pizza down” etc. My goal is to lose weight and get more in shape so someone with a similar goal would be nice.


anonymous asked:

Please, that story is super cute but totally fake. it plays right into what the fandom was talking about... like Louis being at the SNL rehearsals and all... 1st there is the pizza man, and now this story... it's too much a coincidence that falls correctly with what the fandom was talking to be true. I tend to believe more the stories that dont seem much yk? that dont sound like quotes well made. And normally from people outside the fandom. This one knew everything... nah, not true. Cute tho

Very cute! And yeah the thing to tip me off was “the other day” like…what a crazy happenstance. I am 1% sure it happened, I mean on anon you never truly know. Cute story, nevertheless. 

I was tagged by @ughstannis thank you I haven’t gotten to do one of these in a while and I love them!

 Countries I’ve lived in: the US all my life 

Favourite fandom: Right now I’m super into overwatch and check please 

Languages you speak: English I am uncultured swine and only know the one

Favourite film of 2016: Moana, deadpool and ghostbusters are my top 3

 Last article you read: it was something on twitter about trump and his taxes 

Shuffle your music library and put your first three songs here: 

1. Symphony - Clean Bandit 2. All in my head -Fifth Harmony 3. Bamboleo - Gipsy Kings 

Last thing you bought online: does pizza count? Ummm before that it was probably clothes from my sister’s boyfriend’s clothing line 

How would your friends describe you? Hopefully kind and empathetic and caring 

How would your enemies describe you? Emotional probably I’m a cryer when I get upset or mad 

Who would you take a bullet for? My sisters and my sister boyfriend who is basically my brother 

If you had money to spare what would you buy first? A new car and a laptop I am in need of both rn 

Imma tag: @punkishposey @anarchycox @ofnyota @whoa-dameron @kingtxhalla


Kyoukai no Kanata 2013,  Nara Kintetsu Kyoto Line 2015

Did a few sporadic KyoKana location hunts on the Kitetsu-Nara line, including the Heijou Daini Shopping Center (平城第2ショッピングセンター ), Yamato-Saidaiji Station (大和西大寺駅) and Kashiharajingū-mae Station (橿原神宮前駅). 

Part of me wish I had done Heijou Daini neighbourhood sooner, since it feels like the old-school “shopping center” has seen livelier days. The hype of the anime has died down considerably, so the area is back to being peaceful and somewhat non-eventful.  More noticeably, only the pizza store and a barber store were open that day. (I think the bento store has probably shuttered).  A revival of this sleepy neighbourhood feels unlikely - there’s a new mega shopping mall being built in the vicinity just outside the main train station (Heijou Daini required a little hike further and some faith in Google maps to get there, so).

Neighbourhoods like these remind me of how much of an old soul I am, but move with the times we must, we must.

Other fandom travel musings:

[Hyouka] Hida Takayama [Hotarubi no Mori e] Kamishikimi Kumanoimasu Shrine [Digimon Tri] Odaiba [Kyoukai no Kanata] Nara [Tsuritama!] Enoshima Island I & II [Free!] Iwami, Tottori |Sydney I &II [Durarara!!] Ikebukuro| [Durarara!! X2] Ikebukuro I &II &3 [Haikyuu!!] Sendai City Gym, Miyagi [TWEWY] Shibuya

The Great Big Raven Cycle Prompt Meme Response Round-Up!

Mostly for my own edification and to make it easier for moving them to AO3, here is a collection of links to all The Raven Cycle prompts I filled for that meme. I’ve broken them up by pairing, starting with the rarest and then ending with All Of The Pynch. 

  1. Orla/Helen - Things you said with too many miles between us for polytropia (661 words)
  2. Helen/Declan - Things you said through your teeth for polytropia (815 words)
  3. Kavinsky/dream!Prokopenko - Things you said through your teeth for lisapizza (1335 words)
  4. Kavinsky/Adam - Things you said I wasn’t meant to hear for lisapizza (1187 words)
  5. Kavinsky/Adam - Things you said at the kitchen table for thefavouriteanon (1696 words)
  6. Kavinsky/Ronan - Things you said when we were the happiest we ever were for lisapizza (905 words)
  7. Gansey & Adam - Things you said when we were on top of the world for  lyndiadioyn (983 words)
  8. Ronan & Gansey - Things you said when you thought I was asleep for Anonymous (1130 words)
  9. Ronan & Blue - Things you said when you were scared for brilligspoons (704 words)
  10. Ronan & Blue - Things you said when you thought I was asleep for lisapizza (783 words)
  11. Ronan & Blue - Things you said at 1 am for jehanthepoet (845 words)
  12. Ronan & Blue - Things you didn’t say at all for unclebenjen (1615 words)
  13. Adam & Ronan & Gansey & Blue & Noah - Things you said around a campfire for lisapizza (2498 words)
  14. Adam/Ronan/Gansey/Blue - Things you said after it was over for Anonymous (1167 words)
  15. Blue/Gansey - Things you said when you were scared for lisapizza (620 words)
  16. Blue/Gansey - Things you said that I wish you hadn’t for getawaymachine (1011 words)
  17. Adam/Ronan - Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear for allthroughoursplendor (1183 words)
  18. Adam/Ronan - Things you said with too many miles between us for allthroughoursplendor (1334 words)
  19. Adam/Ronan - Things you said at 1 am for getawaymachine (1008 words)
  20. Adam/Ronan - Things you said with no space between us for allthroughoursplendor (798 words)
  21. Adam/Ronan - Things you said when you thought I was asleep for battlestarbean (925 words)
  22. Adam/Ronan - Things you said that made me feel like shit for allthroughoursplendor (1923 words)
  23. Adam/Ronan - Things you said under the stars and in the grass for pizza-for-fandom (1908 words)
  24. Adam/Ronan - Things you said too quietly for allthroughoursplendor (1476 words)
  25. Adam/Ronan - Things you said that I wish you hadn’t for allthroughoursplendor (2061 words)
  26. Adam/Ronan - Things you didn’t say at all for allthroughoursplendor (2202 words)
  27. Adam/Ronan - Things you said through your teeth for allthroughoursplendor (2002 words)

34,775 words in total. No, I don’t believe I do have a problem, why do you ask?


Gif source:  Here

Imagine being a consultant for Scotland Yard and meeting Sherlock and John when Lestrade puts the three of you together to work on a case, much to the dismay of Holmes, but after a while he starts to see how clever and wonderful you are.

——— Request for fandoms-pizza-wifi-ym13 ———

“I do believe you’re warming up to her,” John smirks as he flips his book closed upon your exit from the room, considering Sherlock hadn’t interrupted any of your suggestions in the last hour so far.

“Warming up?” Sherlock huffs, bristly still at having had Lestrade mettle in his investigative team with Watson, “My dear Watson, I assure you, I am just as frostily opposed to the idea of a third wheel as I was when starting this case.”

With a knowing look back down to his book, John hums, “Of course.”

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Longstanding debate in the MTG Tumblr Fandom: Does pineapple belong on pizza?

The biggest mistake I see people make when evaluating games is assuming everyone plays for the same reason they do. 

Life’s no different. Pineapple is wrong for pizza for me, but who am I to judge if that’s true for other people?

So I’ve recently hit 1k and I’ve decided to make my first follow forever !!

I just want to say thank you all for following me,I am so happy to be a part of the phandom(even though there is often drama),I’ve met so many amazing people on here and couldn’t be more grateful ! Love y’all to bits

*If i forget to mention someone I’m really sorry*

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alright listen up you little shits

im about to tell you some very important information here

introducing the PIZZA WAFFLE

thats right a fucking waffle made from pizza ingredients

(disclaimer: i didnt come up with the pizza waffle, but am part of the pizza fandom so i am sharing)

these are all the ingredients so this is an easy recipe (and some cooking spray or something to keep the deliciousness from sticking)

so just coat the iron and lay on some pizza crust and cheese (and be generous with the cheese, the crust gets really fluffy)

then you add another layer of crust

alright, next you just close the iron and wait for it to get golden brown

pop it out and pour the pizza sauce of your choosing and be ready to be fucking amazed

this literally took 5 min and requires no cooking experience

and its hella cheap 

Wooden Floors and Grinding Teeth

Where Connor can’t sleep because Jude won’t stop grinding his teeth

So I took on this little prompt by some fellow shippers in the fandom. I don’t think it’s exactly what was asked for but I hope it’s alright. :)  I know the title lacks originality but say what lol

He couldn’t take it anymore.

He was spending the night at the Foster’s. Jude and he had spent all night playing video games, gorging on pizza and well…..other activities.

It was now 1:00 am and Jude had long fallen asleep on Connor’s shoulder while they had been watching a movie. He had gingerly put his arms around Jude, lifting him gently and carrying him up the stairs (Connor was pretty sure Jude was underweight). Everyone one else in the house was already asleep,so after resting Jude on his bed, he had decided to turn in, trying to get comfortable on Jesus’ bed.

That was an hour ago and he could not take it anymore. He glanced over at Jude, sleeping peacefully, taunting him. He was so tired. He returned his gaze  to the ceiling that he had been burning a hole through  for the past hour. He felt almost helpless.

Suddenly the room went quiet. He froze, holding his breath, praying that the torture had come to an end. The silence lasted for approximately 1 minute before it began again. He let out a sigh of annoyance.

The grinding. For the past hour Jude had been fucking grinding his teeth and it was grinding on his nerves. He could not understand how he had never noticed this. He had slept over so many times before and not once did he ever hear Jude grinding his teeth before, sounding like a machine that wouldn’t start. Did Jude even know that he did that at night? That he sounded like that.

He had tried everything, he had tried ignoring the sound, he had tried muffling it by putting a pillow over his ear, but the sound penetrated all barriers. It was the most sinister, relentless  thing he had ever heard. He finally sat up, picking up his pillow. He loved Jude, he really did, but this was getting fucking ridiculous. He could feel his eardrums slowly dying, begging him to put them out of their misery.

He aimed at Jude’s head, hoping for a solid impact, but it merely grazed Jude’s head, falling to the floor. You would think that for a baseball player his aim would be considerably better. It was time for drastic measures he thought. This could not continue.

He jumped off the bed, softly landing on the wooden floor and made his way cautiously to Jude’s bed in the dark.

He stood over Jude, looking down at his boyfriend’s sleeping figure (he probably looked so creepy he thought, Edward Cullen kind of creepy).  He could see Jude’s jaw moving as he made the hideous noise and he sighed, resting his hand on Jude’s forehead, gently stroking back his hair.

With his hand still resting in Jude’s hair he whispered, “Jude, hey Jude.” No response. He moved his hand from Jude’s hair to his shoulder, shaking him, “Jude. Come on dude, wake up.”

Jude paused his grinding to make a disgruntled noise, his face twisting almost adorably into one of annoyance as he shrugged of Connor’s hand and turned away on his side.

Connor rolled his eyes, unconsciously stroking Jude’s arm as he contemplated what to do next. The grinding began again. He had not wanted to do this, but taking both of his hands, he firmly shoved Jude (maybe a little too firmly) and the next thing he knew there was a loud thud and Jude was no longer on his bed.

“What the…” said a voice from the floor. Connor slowly made his way to the other side of the bed, and propped on his elbows was a very pissed off looking Jude.

Well at least now he was awake.

“Hey,” Connor said shyly, giving Jude a small wave.

Jude returned it with narrowed eyes and a poisonous glare.

“How about you explain to me why I’m on the floor, because unless this is one of those shitty paranormal activity movies, I’m pretty sure you’re the one who shoved me off my bed.”

Connor slowly lowered himself to the floor in front of Jude, running his hands through his hair, “Um, I couldn’t sleep.”

Jude waited for him to continue, “And…..” he prompted.

“You’ve been kind of sounding like a dying animal for the past hour.”

He looked up at Jude, watching as his face changed from annoyance to understanding. Jude groaned, laying back on the floor, “Oh. I was grinding my teeth again was I?”

Connor nodded, resting Jude’s stretched out feet on his lap, “Yeah. It’s been keeping me up all night.”

“I’m sorry,” Jude apologized, “it doesn’t happen every night.”

“It’s fine.”Connor replied, yawning. “I mean it’s so  weird, but it’s fine.”

Jude sat back up again, “But you didn’t have to throw me off my bed, asshole,” He punched Connor’s leg.


“You could have just thrown a pillow at me.”

“I did, but I missed.”

“Some baseball player you are.”

“Now you’re just being mean.”

“You could have shaken me awake Connor.”

“That didn’t’ work either.”

Jude scoffed, leaning back on his elbows. “ I have a feeling you more than enjoyed watching me come into contact with the floor. Connor held on to Jude’s ankles, leaning forward a little, chuckling, “It was pretty funny.”

“I could have broken something.”

He laughed, “But you did not. And that is what’s important.

Jude rolled his eyes and they sat in the dark, in a comfortable silence for a few seconds, Connor looking quietly at Jude, his head tilted and eyes closed.

“Jude,” he almost whispered.


Connor’s finger stroked the skin of Jude’s ankle, “I’m sorry.”

Jude opened his eyes, a small smile on his face, “Yeah whatever. It’s okay. It’s kind of my fault anyways, though you still did not have to push me off.”

Connor was grinning now, looking at Jude playfully, “ I love you,” he singsonged.

Jude smirked, “ You think you’re so cute don’t you? “ He laughed, “I love you too.” As he said this he leaned forward and ruffled Connor’s hair.

Connor was still grinning, “Kiss?”

There faces were now just a few inches apart and Jude looked Connor dead in the eye contemplatively.

“Hmm. How about…no.” He got to a kneeling position in front of Connor, looking down at him.

Connor frowned, pouting, “Oh c’mon. Don’t be a baby.”

“Oh so I was a granny and now I’m a baby? You’re treading on thin ice Connor Stevens.”

Connor laughed, getting to his knees, now on the same level as Jude, “At some point you are going to have to let that go.”

“Never,” Jude promised.

Connor brought his face closer, “Never?” he whispered.

Jude’s breath hitched, and Connor smiled triumphantly, tilting his head, his hair brushing Jude’s forehead. He rested his hand on Jude’s neck, stroking his jaw line.

“You are so unfair,” Jude accused in a husky voice as he closed his eyes.

Connor leaned in and softly rested his lips on Jude’s, catching Jude’s bottom lip between his. Jude’s body relaxed and he sighed into the kiss, resting both hands around Connor’s neck.

Their lips moved slowly until Jude suddenly pulled away. Connor frowned, his eyes focused on Jude’s lips, “What’s wrong?” he asked distractedly, trying to lean back into Jude.

Jude skillfully avoided his advances, “I’m going to get you back. You can’t just kiss me and think it’s over.”

Connor laughed taking Jude’s face in his hands and pulling him back in, kissing the frown off of his face.

“I know. But how about you do that later?”

Jude shook his head, smiling against Connor’s lips.

“I guess that could work.”

And Connor pulled him to the floor.