i am in the desert

I wish I was beautiful
Whole and smooth
The landscape of my body is marred by wars waged on my soul
I am not untouched
I have my ravines and my crevasses
My gorges and my arid deserts
I am not all fertile
I have my barrenness
That soul vacancy that echoes in the dark
Life has had its way with me
I am tattered
But I am still here.
—  iammissbuttafly 
I once described Night Vale as a friendly desert community where the sun is hot, the moon is beautiful, and mysterious lights pass overhead while we all pretend to sleep and I know it still is. I know nowhere friendlier, I know nowhere hotter. The moon is still beautiful, mysterious lights still pass overhead and Carlos, I can’t wait for every night I get to pretend to sleep next to you.
—  Welcome to Night Vale, Toast, Cecil
Me when a new promo comes out

*finishes watching new promo about 20 times in a row*

Me: Listen I know I said I was thirsty for some new promo but when I said thirsty I didn’t mean I wanted a glass of water oh no mama needs a river to dunk herself in because right now I feel like so am in the Saharan desert and I am not a cactus aka give me another 5 minute trailer or preview because I can’t deal anymore

Friend: what the hell?! who are you talking too?

Me: Never you mind, I’m so thirsty for my OTP goodness! Where is my new episode I asked so nicely what did I do to deserve this *cries*


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